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Case 90: Hoddle Street

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19-year-old Julian Knight was obsessed with war and combat from a young age. He enrolled in the Royal Military Academy of Duntroon with dreams of one day defending his country, but there was one problem – he didn’t like authority. ---  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched and written by Elsha McGill For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-90-hoddle-street
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The royal military college done true and is responsible for preparing cadets and selected candidates, the careers as commission offices, in a strategy on me- and I have to do this by promoting leadership and integrity in sparring, high ideals and the pursuit of excellence and buying stealing a sense of duty, loyalty and service to the nation, destroying soldiers, and he too, a contract that solidifies their solemn obligation to the nation that contracts states on a striking soldier who is an expert in closed combat by physically and mentally tough, compassionate and courageous, on lead by example, a straw to take the initiative. I am committed to learning and working for the tame other, leading trust, Lucy and respect for my country, my knights and the army. The rising sun he's my badge of honor, I'm in a struggling Sancho. Always
The. Julian, nor was born in open Victoria on March for nineteen sixty eight, His birth parents want ready to have children, so Baby Julian was given up for adoption Julian's, both parents than when their separate ways with his mother. Moving to South Africa, where she like a remarried married and his lived ever since what happened to Julian's birth Father is unknown when he was just ten days out. Julian was adopted by a loving couple named Ralph in Panama, annoy who were thrilled to become parents.
When they held during their arms for the first time, then he suddenly fell in love with an you son over the next few years, they adopted another two children, Sarah and Matthew, and together the five became a happy family. There were no secrets all three children knew that were adopted and fully embraced, Ralph and came out as their own parents Ralph and PAMELA not with devoted to their family and worked hard to keep a loving, warm and supportive household Ralph noise was an army education officer who taught literacy and numeracy to australian soldiers. Due to the nature of his work, he was required to move around a lot. and wherever rafts joke tugging his family fallen
Throughout the years the North family lived on multiple Ami Barracks in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore before finally settling down in love it in a suburb. Seventeen kilometers south west of noble, say Bay Day I love it. I was home to the royal Australian AIR Force Base in point cook, where Ralph landed a position in the school of languages, teaching John AIDS to strike in soldiers. This new position of the nothin, like the opportunity for more stability, which PAMELA Sores being incredibly important she had never been a big fan of the trained young life as a military famine, and now that the kids were all of school age I thought it was essential. They have a permanent, steady home young Julian was enrolled in Epsom Straight primary school class. Nature gold. He was a happy child with a mischievous edge.
he enjoyed laughing and joking around which earned him the title of class clown. But it was an old carefree and batons for Julian. There was at the school that he first encountered. Bullying it wasn't. The bullies were attracted to Julian. The problem was that when Julian saw other kids being bullied, he would step in to defend them and the naked Attention would be turned on to him. Instead, Julian idolized, his father, which foster the date fascination for the military within him. From a young age. Julian dreamed of the day he was old enough to serve as a soldier in the astronomy and army. He hung Every word that his father told him about loss in the army and learned as much as he could about the military while watching war movies, reading books, indulging in his own war games and playing with model tanks and soldiers.
It was an obsession that unites Vance, which only made things more difficult for Julian when Ralph and PAMELA not announced that we're getting a divorce. Julian was twelve years old. The children didn't take this news well, Julian Why are these father deeply in Seoul the decision to leave as the ultimate rejection round moved out, and the kids only had the chance to visit him every second weekend. until he was assigned to a new rolling camera and visits dwindled down to just a few a year. Although Julian locked, his mother, he struggled to adapt to life again his father and miss these connection to the army life Despite the absence of his father Julian, obsession with the army continued to grow. Even the family moved away from the barracks they re like added to Ramsden Street in Clifton, a suburb for The limit is not based on Mobile survey day.
At the same time, in nineteen, eighty Julian was taken out of public school. enrolled in Westbourne Grammar and independent private coeducation school. Julian's mother thought he would benefit from the change, but it had the opposite effect. Do struggling with the divorce of his parents. Julian, didn't adapt easily to Westbourne grammar The rigidity and formality of the private school system didn't sit well with him. His grades began to suffer and he failed several subjects. the only subject shouting interesting was history. He didn't get along well with the strict stages, something alpha. remember said that were intimidated. Barton. He hardly in intensity, which gave them the feeling you would burst into a violent rage? At any moment he didn't concerned about making friends and was constantly getting in trouble at one
Julian locked to teach her out of the room and laughed ass. She struggled to find her way in The occasion he set firecrackers off in the school lockers. He expressed Chris activity through drawing cartoons of extreme violence and passing them around the room for other students to look at getting a kick out of their reactions. One cartoon titled Seymour, the six million dollar, the main man It goes on a shooting rampage, killing sixteen enemies in one frame. Another panel shows the main character holding a machine gun surrounded by corpses. The only color featured is blood red. Julian scribbled, over the bullet riddled bodies. He wrote about in capital lettering. War is hell. He's antagonistic behaviour and disregard for others to join in the reputation as the school bully. He lived up to the total, constantly thinking, thoughts with younger smallest students.
corporal punishment was still legal in big Torreon private schools at the time. So when answering didn't help changes. Behaviour Julian was hit with a cane. the spot, regular visits to the principal's office and multiple disciplinary warnings being sent to his parents. Julian filed the curve. These negative behaviour, discipline and punishment only seemed to escalated. After three years at West born grandma, the Foreign, Austria Came in nineteen, eighty two when Julian now in your right good himself in a serious allegation. With another student, nine dodgy clock A younger Archie was also a bully who had been instructed by his father. To always finish the fine. The pay good into a senseless argument over sociable with Gee initiating a fine but pushing Julian in the chest and throwing the first punch urged by soccer knights, to hit back Julian, did
asked that sweet it actually several times until he fell into the ground when it your approached Archie stopped body, the Julian continued he jewish leg back and ferociously leaky gotcha in the head several times, resulting in nazi banking cost Million was taken to the principal's office, the corporal punishment afterwards, posted to his classmates about the costs on his hands. It was clear. the staff and west born grandma. The Julian wasn't going to be rehabilitated. He was set and found enjoyment in his aggressive and violent ways. Julian was promptly expelled from the school The clocks, Father press charges against Julian for the injuries caused to a assume the case appeared. For the children's court, where Julian was charged with assault by kicking if convicted.
it would damage his chances of entering the royal military college. He so desperately long to join. The Children's court magistrate decided that a conviction wouldn't benefit either of the boys, as both were already struggling to keep their reputations and behavior in check the child with dismissed with a simple apology deign to the appropriate punishment Now Julian was attending Detroit High School in North Vitry, a public, education school. That was much more relaxed and west born grandma, but he failed to improve he's grades continued Rob- and he found himself in trouble for smoking fighting in sitting, for carcass off in the classroom. Julian still held onto his childhood ambitions of joining the military. Exceptional that interest into an obsession. He
during debates law is a soldier imagining himself in battles where he fought against the odds dies a hero in combat were well aware of Julian's infatuation with the army, as he often The baddies go to become a soldier Daddy's interesting firearms he wore a military jacket is casual, wear and red soldiers. fortune magazine. His bedroom walls would coveting posed. Disavow me paraphernalia and stubbing newspaper clippings, featuring pictures of corpses in war torn areas. In nineteen. Eighty four Julian applied for a transfer to mobile high school so that he could partake in their army cadet program the programme of courses in radio work, not navigation, medical work and lament review engineering, That program was an entry level recruitment platform that led into the army reserves and, after that,
the Royal Military College bound train in Canberra, is part of the approval process for enrollment into Mildenhall at the sign, an agreement stating that he would obey the rules. Knowing it would impact these chances of entering the army reserves if he messed up Julian Knuckle down and avoided trouble. He was alone in seems to prefer resign company to that of ease peas. Even though many of the other students also came from broken homes and shared an interest in the army, he was particularly aggressive and overly sensitive about his family life. Julian's grades were still poor, but he managed to stay out of trouble and maintain a position in the cadets programme. Wearies for the army was further solidified. He attacked it can't stirring school holidays, wicked debts were required to learn how to fend for themselves surviving in the Bush on rations, while trapping and killing wild animals for additional food
although marks were below average Julian managed to complete year eleven and twelve in graduate, from Melbourne high at the end of nineteen. Ninety five: He participated in the school ceremonial parade to mark one hundred years of the cadet program where he potu to party relax assizes Julian proudly march in his uniform and in to his military rifle is the music of the school being played easy to book Julian, was remembered, bless his worthiness as a soldier and more the classy, outcast and mischief maker. Quite Julian, not inherit. The role of cadet unit, loony and chafed political agitation. Upon graduation Julian's first step was to enlist in the army reserve
so trained and operate alongside full time. Military personnel that participate military on a part time basis, giving them more. Ability to focus on a civilian life in Korea, and not considered his work with the reserves as a stepping stone into the full time military career he had dreamed of since childhood,. Julian served at the Prince of Wales Lot horse regiment, while also working parts on job at fast food restaurant Mcdonalds, The army reserve was enjoyable to Julian yes camps and was taught how to use a variety of weapons. Meanwhile, he's part time, jobs and Donald was not going well Julian, who was unapologetically racist was vocal about his disdain for having to work alongside and clean up after customers from Asia and the Mediterranean Europe. It would have pretend to shoot them with an imaginary gun, at school and amongst the cadets Julian
was known as a racist, often talking Candidly about his desire to kill certain races, he felt were inviting Australia to keep his parents Happy Julian agreed to attend the university while he waited vs chance to join the Royal military college. He holding a bachelor of ass, the gray at La Tribe University, where he studied modern history, french English in politics, but he jumped out of the sea, wait complaining to others that the university was quite full of walks and left either. He bees. march. Fourth, ninety six. The diabetes 18th birthday Julian applied to obtaining shooters license The form he was required to fill out was brief and basic and ass. He had no criminal history. His application was proved a month and a half later Julian or saved the license, giving him
Eagle, approval to purchase possess, carry and he's firearms. This and he could now legally carry the rule. Twenty two raffle that he's uncle had previously, given him only seventeenth birthday eager to it and his gun collection within months Julian, purchase them Osberg. Twelve gauge pomp action, chalk on internet Fourteen Norinco, semi automatic military rifle. Since, like high school Julian, tumultuous relationship with a young woman named Katie, real name although the two had been together for to ease their relationship bad on the toxic side, few but Julian's infidelity early on. Katie was one of the few people who saw Julian's emotional saw it on Malta. bull occasions. He had gotten drunk and broken down crowing to her being adopted and the agony of these parents divorce, but he could
also become hostile at the drop of a hat quickly. Switching from affectionate, too aggressive. Tiny suggested he say psychologist to do with his childhood traumas, the Julian refused. He's behaviour, always worsened when alcohol was involved after a fabric added. Ass body between guest Katie heeding the toilets for safety. Julian dragged her out and kicked her in the head. With these violent and unpredictable behaviour, Katy called the relationship off As these pot Tom Job University studies and romantic relationship broke down, so Julian's reputation in the army reserves. He was often accused of slacking off not pulling his white. being selfish and failing to relate to his peas.
his enthusiasm and draw the army. Those around him felt he did possessed the discipline or the physical fitness levels required for a career in the military. so it came as a surprise to everyone winning ninety. Ninety six, after going through a rigorous selection process, Julian was accepted to join the Royal Military college. Don true Julian was ecstatic he's long dream was finally coming true. The royal military college downturn better known simply as done is stage Sammy Training Facility located full kilometers that sort of astray these capital camera. It was officially opened as a military college. In June nineteen eleven by the governor General the first class of cadets, were rushed through the college at the commencement of World WAR, one
general. Sir Ian Hamilton, commander of the Mediterranean expeditionary force, stated aged untrue and educated officer was worth his weight in gold cadets receive training in later ship tactics, military history, military law, corporate governance and weapon systems. The intent of course, aims to test the cadets physically and mentally. Graduation is not guaranteed Don truth is demanding and many new recruits contact the pressure on go. I wall within the first few weeks of training while many others never complete the course in January nineteen. Eighty. Ninety seven, ten year old Julian, nor travelled the camera. Where are you going the forty five squadron of Kokiden company at dawn. True, he was one of twelve. Today. in his platoon and if any, five new cadets all up there.
five new recruits was selected out of more than four hundred applicants, which gave me give them a solid feeling of a late season believing they were the best the country had to offer. Bluff had done true, was fast to kick into gear and jewels, the days were quickly filled up with morning, parades fitness training, firearms, training, lectures and cleaning. There was a lot to take in and a lot to adapt. Especially given the amount of teamwork involved for some Like Julian food always been didn't come easily given the group, unity and cooperation is essential in the army. Julian To secure his place in the group by lying to his piece about, excuse, accomplishments and abilities, he told up. As a rainbow top soldier after the fictional character, Sylvester Stallone in the film of the same name in reality,
The others it downturn saw Julian as a scrawny pockmarked wimp, who only you did power when holding a gun, Julie, desperately wanted to live up to the image of his successful father, but he had a on his shoulder, he couldn't shake off. Julian's facade didn't take along long to crack. In What time he's lack of dedication and resentment towards authority began to shine through within months of entering downturn. He had wrapped up a long list of offences these rights from small offences like falling asleep in clause too serious. fences slug being absent without Lave and having a civilian fame out one Don trim grounds he showed. No respect for the rules that apply to someone appease ranking, and was known to swear, spit and purposely? so by policies regarding the length of his hair and the way he dressed, he would slip through alarms
Light noisy out drinking cambric pops instead of study, Bio tests and a lack of confidence and awareness during fuelled exercises. He repay ITALY got into altercations with civilians whilst outside base, usually, while intoxicated. As far as his position in the army, when he had the motivation, but that was about it- as someone who had never responded well to being told what to do rules and retains the army did nothing but enrage and frustrate Julian, essentially The very opposite of the focused, dedicated and respectful recruit the army was looking for he was the runt of TVS unit and struggled the bond These peers, who took their positions in the military with great pride one cadet, He felt no desire to Dorothy Julian, as he would for other soldiers.
Do you striving Defence Force Academy and Royal military college? Have a history of allegations of housing and brutality amongst the younger cadets known as Ass. The delegation, these accidents, did it serious criminal behavior, and he go unreported were denied entirely by officials. at the most serious end of the spectrum, reported axis Ass, the delegation include ripe beatings, sodomy burning grinding force in something of toxic sucks. This is sexual humiliation and other acts of violence. but less serious rituals of degradation and abuse of power are most common. during Julian's, first few months at downturn, he experienced bastard authorization first hand, whose targeted, by order cadets for he's a lack of conformity. In wanting
since he was made to stuff an entire piece of toast slathered in peanut butter into his mouth at once, making it difficult to breathe, chew or swallow, the rat, he was made to serve food, the peace by getting on all fours carrying plates on his back and crawling across the floor. At times he was also Baden Syn. Good, that's flushed, chaotic Julian, aiming to break down he's bravado and crack is disrespectful attitude and insubordination, however, and had the opposite effect. fuelling Julian's resentment towards authority and his refusal to obey. Tensions reached boiling point four Julian, during annoyed at the private, been nor club in camera, He had recently been in trouble for being absent without Lave and had been instructed not too late. The academy grants.
All the cadets were livid when I spotted Julian out at the club on a Saturday night yet again, disobeying and disrespecting orders. Sergeant major fill a brain was particularly wrought up about Julian's presence at the club. At the noise sergeant rate approach Julian and demanded he leave the Julian refused things got hated and fought back here, in southern multiple blows to the head from sergeant rage and another cadet who got involved afterwards, Julian was kicked out of the nautilus. He went to a nearby public toilet block and clean the blood of his face instead of return, to don true. As he had been told, he re entered the nor club. Sergeant great stood with his back against the bar talking to a group of first Class cadets Julian, took a north out of his pocket. approach sergeant raid and swiftly stabbed him twice,
in the right side of his face sergeant, Sustained to day bless racial, nay, he. Julian was admitted to the surgical ward of Camera hospital for an accidental self inflicted gushing insane Sergeant range wings were non life threatening and he fully recovered Upon his release from hospital Julian, Was charged with three offences: malicious, wounding assault, occasioning, actual bodily harm and assault. He was given two options Suspension from the army until the court hearing or resign from down train. Given the stabbing incident, and he saw performance at the college where had recently been ranked at the bottom end of his claws. Julian resigned from done train it officially and abruptly ended his lifelong dream of combat and becoming a war hero as of July
For nineteen ninety seven, Julian night was no longer a member of the australian army. Shuddered angry and disappointed Julian left camera and returned to normal Not expecting her son, the avenue back into the family home on Ramstein straight people are not attend. Millions out bedroom into a living room. He had to sleep on the floor on an old fashioned mattress, his belongings pact, away in boxes. He's all group of friends didn't want much to do with him, nor did his ex girlfriend Katie over the following ways, Julian struggled to find a job fitted skills in road in a security costs, Only to find out most security companies wanted their employees to be at least twenty five years old. Julian was just nineteen
He had no money and already some cool seven green for Holden Toronto. He had purchased the greatly exceed the car, which was his pride and joy, but was now having mechanical issues Julian decided he was going to sell the car, but knew it would be difficult due to the condition that whizzing. to make ends meet. He took a mundane job as a stolen and driver for clothing company, which he hoped would only temporary until he could figure out his next step He also decided to reach out and contact these birth mother, the diesel It is when unanswered. on the morning of Sunday August. Ninth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven Julie, woke up, Sadie and hung over the night before he found out. His ex girlfriend was having a house party that he wasn't invited to upset Julian's then the nor drinking alcohol to none the sting of rejection,
Ariane, midday, he dragged himself out of bed and across tat through his grandmothers house. In all these fields there was gathering to celebrate his mom's birthday from earlier that wake. Julian stayed until around four p m, before driving these fifteen year old sister home the gearbox in his car, had been malfunctioning and on his way home had jammed entirely getting stuck in second gear. his chances of selling the car. When the agenda does it have to and a way to pay for repairs. Slowly and with great effort, He managed to get the car home to Ramsden straight inside, changed into jeans and a Navy blue jacket before to the Royal hotel in Clifton Hill, which was his regular drinking. All missing beer off to be invented. The bossed off into logos, daddy's car troubles, blush outside of the army, he's break up, which Katy
and how she had been ignoring him since his return to Melbourne Julian stayed at the hotel until around eight p m, having somewhere between eight and fifteen bees over the course of the evening by the time you left bartenders. did, he seemed a little depressed but been appeal unaffected by the alcohol after the pub Julian wartime to Ramstein straight his mother, that behind watching a movie on Tv Julian, Sixteen year old brother was staying the night at his grandmother's house in in headed, upstairs and entities mothers bedroom reaching under the bed. He pulled out a box where he kept these three guns, the twenty two caliber Ruger Rifle a twelve gauge shop. Pump action shotgun in an envelope semi automatic military rifle
He then went to his mother's cupboard where he stories ammunition. He collected ray ten round writers. Magazines for the rigour, the belt of twin five rounds of ammunition for the shotgun and one sixty round magazine for the M Rifle I did all three guns and slipped a single bullet into his pocket labelling. It is suicide bullet slinging the importing ivory shoulda Julian carried the twenty two and the shot gun and went back down stairs It was approximately nine hundred and twenty one p dot m when heavily armed Julian, not stuck at Abby's House team Idiot Lee to cough running in a westerly direction down the quiet tree lined rams been straight moving towards huddle straight.
hot Austria forms part of a large urban hallway that runs for three and a half kilometers from the suburbs of Clifton Hill to Richmond. Where then turns into pawnbroker located less than five kilometres from moments survey day pollution. It is one of Melbourne's major thoroughfares connecting north and south servicing thousands of cars every single day. action of hotel straight at the western end of Ramsden string is Four lane arterial main road busy with a constant, stream of traffic. On Sunday not cause flaw up and down hotel straight carrying people live from wakened, get away. relaxing Sunday, outings inner city activities and work. It was no different than a lot of Sunday August. Ninth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven Miss Julie, I under and emerged on the eastern edge of straight of thunder. Offense
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One of the first bullets struck, the windscreen of a car carrying Allen jewelry and his girlfriend Monica Vitelli, leaving a hole in the center. The couple initially thought the car had been struck by a rock, as that will pelted with more bullets. The realization of what was actually happening became terrifyingly clear Allen, shouted at his girlfriend to duck down Monica sliding her say: shooting herself behind the dashboard Allen struggled to steer the car away from the onslaught boss, keeping his own head lowered and out of the shooters lawn of sot gunshots continued to hit the passenger side of the car causing the windows. The smash, broken glass struck, Allen on the side of his neck, allow his left the desperate to find cover Allen turned to the car away from the openness of the road and into a nearby mogul service station. Barely one hundred meters away, he raced inside yelling at the staff that I'd been shot at and to call police staff ushered customers and passes boy inside hastily flicking off the building lights. As the group docked in the darkness away from the windows sergeant. Graham lodge and Andy's partner senior constable Betty Roberts had spent that Sunday afternoon investigating two unrelated firearm incidents in the Northcote police station. That was around nine thirty pm when the pair heard the crack of gunfire in the distance or by now several drivers had been fired upon whilst travelling along Hadow straight. Some of these drivers came across a police car nearby and they stopped to report what had happened. The day after I made the call provided a shot at doctor, Jay as police rushed to the same persons in and around Hoddle straight heard, what they thought to be small explosions like fireworks, unaware a gunman was indiscriminately firing upon anyone who crossed his path. Cars approach, the area with little concern only to be bombarded with bullets from the unseen gunman drove his desperately steed out of the line of fire, some managed to Florida and Hollow straight and out of danger. Many others suddenly got as far as the Mobile service station, where Alan Jury and Monica Vitelli had taken sanctuary over the following minutes. A long line of cars had gathered there. The passenger saw the beach was littered with bullet holes, drivers and passengers emerged, shaken and confused. Some were wounded. They took cover within the service station waiting for police to arrive. The gunfire was too close for comfort, but none were willing to risk heading back out onto auto straight to try and get to a safer location.
Twenty four year old Vesna, not Costco, and her boyfriend is Zorin. We're returning home from a party that would dropping in separate cars Zoran following behind Besna. There route took them straight down huddle straight as they vehicles need the ramps and straight intersection. Business windscreens suddenly shut it. Sending shop bikes of glass into the car having a day what happened she pulled either in part before getting out to investigate Zoran stop these car to save it has not resolved K. Suddenly, a burst of thirteen gunshots peace through sovereigns, windscreen business stood exposed on the street Tom to react. Six bullets penetrated her body,
Zoran, who had received less rations to his hands and pellet wings to the side of his head fell out of the car and rice to her. He bent over business body frantic and hopeless as his girlfriend a light dying in front of him use of casualties on hollow straight, reached police that were fast in verging on the area with sovereigns, whiling, blue and red lights. Flashing. As that are the same, greeted by a volley of gunfire during a battle for the situation here want the bay now shot on the label. The
twenty seven year old, Englishman Robert Mitchell, was returning home from dinner with friends, as he dragged down hollow straight. He spotted cars, parked off to the side and a woman wounded on the ground. It looked as though a vehicle accident had occurred, while perhaps the woman had been hit by a car Robert pulled over to offer his assistance within seconds of getting out of the car he fell to the ground. The bullet struck him killed him instantly around the same time. Twenty one year old, Jane a puppy on a road her car to a stop close by having noticed the injured bodies strewn across the roadway Gina got out of her car to help as she crossed Tuttle Street. She was struck by two bullets: the large hole in the left side of her body later described by police as being similar to a shock attack victim the sound of gunfire smashed glass, screeching brakes, car horns and screaming rung out through the surrounding suburbs. The chaos caught the attention of twenty six year old, John Mascot and his friend paid Academy, who were at a friend's place on nearby Turnbull Street, a neighbor told them someone was here, saw a shooting and that he just called the police, John and Peter decided to say what was going on as thy rage. Todo straight, they met a third man, stave what Steve worked at the nearby leisure center and thought. The initial sounds of gunfire with children throwing pebbles onto the building's roof. When he went outside to investigate, he witnessed the gunman firing on passes bar staple wound, the other men of the danger and the trio cautiously crossed the street, approaching the bodies of Vesna Gina and Robert as they got close. The gunfire recommenced John Musket was struck six times in the left. Shoulder chest head neck and Roddy paid economy was hit in the right arm chest and though both men fell to the ground state. What managed to avoid the bullets taking shelter behind a tree about five meters away? The firing stopped state thought the shooter a the fled or had run out of bullets. He crept out from behind the tree and immediately rushed to help John and pado the flesh of two raffles being discharged at the same time sparked in the distance stave was shot in the head and chest. Despite their injuries, both three men were still alive, lying helpless in the wide open expanse of huddle straight the fifty three year old, Dusan, fledged sneak traveled south on Hadow straight on his way to work at the Carlton bury his brand. Sigma sedan was struck by two bullets. One lodged itself in the back seat behind the driver's side door. The other struck Dusen, ending his life, not far behind Kevin Farmer drove his twenty three year old wife, Tracey Skinner, in their eight month old son, Dan Huddle straight oblivious to the destruction now a heading into their baby son was dressed for bed and nestled in his mother's lap. On the passenger said the couple,
but a decent car stopped in the middle of hollow straight, as well as the the cars packed off to the side bodies lay around them, they didn't. Much time to assess the situation before their own car was polluted, with gunfire Tracy quickly, loaded baby between her legs to protect him. A three await bullet made. Contact with the car smashing the passenger side window in heating Tracy directly. In the face and spent the car to the mobile service station further down the road? He screamed
he's killed my wife, my wife is dead, I'll kill the bastard I'll kill the bastard. The twenty one year old, Kenneth Stanton was on his Kawasaki motorcycle on his way to work night shift at Australia Post as he sped down huddle straight. He was struck by a bullet knocking him off his book. Kenneth was seriously injured, but still alive, as he cried out for help. A flurry of bullets were sent in his direction. Ending his life. By now, Julian, not shooting spray had been going on for an agonizing fifteen minutes. Police and paramedics press forward, despite being shot at on, saw it at this stage. They didn't know how many active gunman wearing the area where exactly they were or how many victims they had amassed. Police radio was a loud and frightening mass of sirens gunfire and panicked officers a tree on the right, the right temperature, I'm adding nearby
the blocking traffic along nearby coins parade son Graham Lottchen and senior constable Betty Roberts strive towards ha straight The headlights on high beam illuminated a man carrying a gun across his chest. The officers thought he was a plainclothes detective yet searching for the shooter from their divisional van. The officers watched as the man jumped the fence near the railway when he spotted the police vein. The gunman Bay lined down the tracks towards the officers when he closed in. He crouched down held up a rifle and fired five times that document the shooter quickly disappeared into the dark, surrounds sergeant March and told senior constable rubbish to use this as an opportunity to escape to safety
sergeant, Lodge and got out of the police car and ran along the straight in his exacting motion to make him a difficult target to shoot boss gaining the shadows for the gunman police impair medics, reached the mobile service station on hotel straight there they discovered the body of young mother, Tracy Skinner trees growing a treasure. I tell you: what shall I go back to the police Helicopter appeared over the Clifton Hill area scanning the residential streets below with a blinding spotlight as they bullets flew past the helicopter from the unseen shoot on the first few shots missed, but then one here,
my head on and I think I got them. I don't like it. ten p dot m usually Quiet, narrow streets of Clifton Hill and surrounds were a flurry of action. Police cars sped as officers sprinted through yards and alleys with weapons raised the frantic search constable colon chambers ran into the gunman who had taken a position on the end of the Coins Parade bridge which spanned Mary Craig Constable chambers was shot in the torso just above his right, hip and quickly we'll cover under his police car, the helicopter hovering above said, it's brought lights on the gunman causing him to find his rifle back in return,
after being hit three times and sustaining damage to the engine. The helicopter was forced to land, they got it on the night we have to put down it. I've always damage at approximately ten. Thirty p m less than forty five minutes since the shooting begin a possible signing of the gunman knee Quaint straight and Russia present in north bits. Roy was radio to Constable John Della hunting. Della hunting arrived to the area alongside a second responding in it. Constable Ralph Lockman did come from the rustle. Strict police headquarters John Delahunt. He quote We could hear the police helicopter nearby and we could hear more shots and the helicopter came up on the radio saying they being hit and remember, saying to Ralph Jeez place is coming this way,
We were standing outside the car because we didn't want to sit in the car and they a target and then spare me and said very those, and I would just say this figure running across the road on Russia's present fearing they might lose sight of the suspect. The offices got into a divisional van and gave Chase Della hunting fish tail. The van and came to a grinding halt cornering the shooter. In a way the cars headlights illuminated the gunman through open. The fire on the police, car sharing And with bullets constable Della hunting quote. I started to open the door and that's when he started shooting he just opened fire, and that's when I felt the impact to the side of my head behind
I was still in my hand. The labour had been shuddered and- and I saw some blood on my hand and you always have bounced out of the car and the shots just kept on coming. The bullets were going straight through the car along side of Ralph. I went straight to the ground and started crawling to get to the back of the car. I could feel the flicks of the bullet going over my head and I went to the side of the car and stood up and then fired back and all I could say was the flash of thought on helium because it all went coin. and why not?. You be abandoned. About how about it,
Julian Nora, was now add of Emma crouched down behind a low brick wall. He searched frantically for the suicide bullet. He had talked safely away in the pocket of his James, but he couldn't find it. The single bullet fired by Constable John Della hunting swept past him without a means to take these. I love and with police closing in Julian was living he's lost on fantasy. He was about to die and combat in his own deluded blaze of glory. Yet when confronted by the realisation he was about to die Julian, not realized, he didn't want to go through with it He hastily threw down his empty and fourteen rifle and came out from behind the brick wall hands raised in the air. He begged don't shoot an unarmed, don't shoot
constable. John DE la handy quote. I couldn't believe how pathetic he looked. He was just a skinny, pathetic person who was begging us not to kill him. That was the thing that got me the most about him. Is that here he is, he was scared. He was frightened. He was screaming and pleading don't shoot me, and yet he had just murdered seven people and shot dozens more or less Julian not had fired about one hundred and twenty five rounds of ammunition at fifty people in town
Nineteen people were injured and seven were killed: Vesna Makowski Robert Mitchell, Gina, puppy, Anu, John Musket, Dusan, Fledge, Nick Tracey Skinner and Kenneth Stanton, the constable Ralph Lockman forced the gunman onto the ground. The police were convinced there were multiple gunman said. I was screaming at him to tell them where his accomplices were when he said there were no others. They slammed him under the bonnet of the police, car handcuffed him and called for backup. It wasn't long before more police arrived by car and on foot as the gunman like handcuffed on the ground, he told the police, his name Julian know it He had military training and
and Align detective sing, a customer, rigid, Macintosh stepped forward and tall Julian. He was under arrest for murder at this include a police station. The age at which Julian nor gaieties full confession, shocked. Everyone Julian answered, questions openly and honestly, responding with sterling calm. He consent two requests for blood samples and swabs checking for firearm residue detect sing constable, rigid, Mackintosh, remarked interviewing Julian, was locked dealing with this spoiled child rather than a hardened criminal Active Saint constable, Graham can't had a similar impression of Julian Quote It was as if we were talking to someone who is very immature. Incredibly, self centered, who is playing out a fantasy and had no one to standing. Ok for its consequences.
Besides, God Squad Detectives ass Julian to recant his movements. That day, when asked why he decided to get home and grabbing guns and ammunition. Julian answered that he wanted to say what it was: locked kill, someone people that is soon as he killed. Some on the special operations group would arrive and finish him off. Julian revealed, his initial desire was to be killed either Daddy Bain thinking for years about what it would be like to kill and Bay killed. As a military man He said his plan was to keep shooting until he ran out of ammunition, at which point he would end Andy's loss in the blaze of glory moment, he'd fantasize since childhood active senior constable, Graham Kent quote the biggest part of it was around him warning to experience, combat and wanting to know what it was like to kill people and wanting to get into what he called the Theatre of war, where he
being combat the problem with that explanation of his is that it doesn't stack up because he was shooting at unarmed people. Civilians and the moment he was confronted with armed allays, who did via one shot at him. He made it. Lee gave up Although he never appeared to be affected by alcohol. Julian claimed the shooting would never have happened if he hadn't been drinking that noise as he lost all control when he consumed alcohol and had terrible temper, Julian agreed to participate in a recorded reenactment of the Nazi events, need the homicide squad detectives back to hot Austrey Davy. of many of these victims remained in situ as Julian walk in handcuffs I can't remember exactly, but I think was here that our first prompt, what did you do? It This is where I started. Shooting
we are standing or nailing kneeling which direction we should that direction what love shooting at area there? Where did you go. is the edges the bushes here promptly. At the edge of the weather bushes study, did you? Do they continued foreign flowers and then, when you're shooting at those sure that the pipe on him low. He who tend towards the film. Julian nor revealed that, during the period when police were hunting for him, he stopped behind a trade to smoke. A cigarette deception gave detectives the belief that Julian, nor was not lost in some sort of mental break, but was fully aware of what it is doing in this situation.
He was in. There was the way in which Julian explained killing can have Stanton gave detectives disturbing inside into his thought process, Kenneth with How does he traveled down hollow straight on his motorcycle? Although Kanak was here, he didn't die instantly. Julian noise, quite I let off another three rounds or hit him and he started screaming and he hit the ground and he was still scream. So I didn't want to go. you mean any more agony, so I let off other ants until he stopped screaming. when asked whether he had any feelings of regret over the death she had caused, Julian's response was: I regret that it had debates civilians, and I regret that always captured rather than killed. Survivors, family members of the victims and witnesses were spared a trial
when Julian pled guilty to seven counts of murder and forty nine counts of attempted murder, he had accepted a plea bargain agreeing to play guilt in exchange for the possibility of parole after serving twenty seven years. Julian has been assessed by multiple psychiatrists in and specialists, who found no sign of mental illness. it was noted, he suffered unhealed trauma from his childhood was influenced by stress factors, fueled by alcohol, had a high level of immaturity and low self esteem. So a closer to grade that, while some degree of dissociation had occurred, Julie never lost touch with reality. It was we the Julian's desire to live up to the image he had of himself as a soldier boy war hero was the main factor that DR, whose behavior on November
ten nineteen. Eighty eight Julian appeared at the moment Supreme Court to receive his sentencing Justice- George ample quiet. On August nine nineteen, ninety seven, you were responsible. one of the worst massacres in australian history. As a result, which seven people died in nineteen were injured. Many more were fortunate to escape death or injury, as you indiscriminately fired I, but one hundred grams of ammunition from three weapons at passing motorists and at the police as they try to apprehend you the Is that what you did blowing your background? Your fragile? and disordered personality and ultimately in your inability to cope with the accumulate in a precious and stresses which operated on you. This happened went on to sentence Julian, nor to seven lost sentences for the seven cancer murder in ten years imprisonment. The age can of attempted murder having to taking
account Julian's play do justice handle sentenced him. Serve the minimum term of twenty seven years before being eligible for parole. twenty seven years, works out at three point. Eighty five years for each motor. Imprison. Julian was a relatively peaceful in light behind bars. She completed a bachelor of arts and multiple type qualifications Duration is in every day and night. He stood up all kinds of trouble for the big Torreon legal system. Over the years he attempted to take legal action for a range of appeals, most of which and absolutely no basis and with destined to fail. field. That in May to a participating in tertiary education behind bars, should be eligible to receive our study. A monetary payment. Given the students by these striving government.
He appealed against the denial of request for for computer and the denial of his request for the prison to sell a cigarettes. More ludicrously, he lodged a complaint to the equal opportunity. an alleged discrimination against his political beliefs after prison officers numerous articles associated with the Ku Klux Klan for me. So. but two thousand and sixteen Julian had it The two large forty legal actions, only ten of which preceded the court. The victorian attorney general then took him to court to declare him. Vexatious litigant for life. This means he has to say permission from the court before taking any new legal action in the future in Ghana, Judgment Justice Jack far said quote MR nor its applicant, since frequently baseless. Take up scheme
judicial resources and mean that other non vexatious laid a delayed in accessing justice, Jake psychologists, professor pole, melon, assessed Julian and conclude he received satisfaction head of causing trouble by me in two thousand and fourteen Julian Knight had served twenty seven year sentence and was eligible to apply for parole. in a highly controversial move in order to prevent him from gaining peril. The victorian purposefully, amended. The corrections act Did the board from ordering not release on parole and less satisfied, amongst other things, that no action imminent danger of dying, actually incapacitated, and that, as a result, he no longer has the physical ability to do harm to any person. Put simply the
was altered, so Julian not will never be released unless he's on his death bed. as part of his original play deal Julian agree, not to rising court. Any mention of the bullying and pass the delegation he'd enjoyed, while at the Royal Military college done true when Wayne's chance of parole was squashed. He decided This meant he was no longer banned by the stipulations of his plea. Bargain. in two thousand and fourteen Julian launched the legal action against the Commonwealth ever the alleged abuse he suffered as it get that downturn. He also also applied, for safety is a victim of crime in the icy t, magistrates, court, statute of limitations had passed, meaning no had to seek an extension to have his case heard the socially Justice must have a great that no, it was clearly distressed by his experiences, a downturn but rejected he's application for an extension.
Noting his habitual litigation in the past and the fact that he clearly gained satisfaction from legal proceedings whilst imprison Julian, not and an apology letter to victims of these massacres. However, it was clear. The letter was lesson attempt to bring closure to the bloodshed, but two he's frustrations and not receiving peril. Quite I offer my sincerest apologies to my victims and to all victorians given the enormity of my crimes that doesn't amount to much does it. What else can I do? huddle straight shootings were despicable, cowardly and senseless. There would not have community as a war society. Thirty, he's a pass in the hollow straight shootings, and I am far from being the immature disturbed, desperate teenager who committed them if
being been granted parole in two thousand fourteen. I would have very quickly faded into obscurity and I would have ended in the days leading a quiet, simple life devoted community service instead the future, holds nothing but endless legal battles. I didn't want this. If the blame lies anywhere at last, Corrections Victoria in successive victorian state governments. If they intended to replace me. I should have made this plane. Thirty years ago, Porto straight survive is rejected. Knots apology is self serving stave. What shot by Julian as he rushed to help other victims stated. The appeal She was a fraud and labelled, he teaches crowd boy, not as fake quote Nothing, he could say would have a show me that he felt remorse or sorrow or anything like that are sold. First person get shot and also shoot another person after that
was calculating and what he did. He wanted to be Australia's. Most notorious mass murderer. This is a sentiment shared by those who have been incarcerated with joy and the gods who watched every according to them. Julian would brag about his status as a mask killer. Sydney morning Herald journalist, TEST Lawrence spoke with Julian during his imprisonment. his shooting had since inspired copycat, months after hollow straight. In December, nineteen. Eighty seven, Melvin resident, Frank Vukovich, walking to the israeli Post offices on quaint straight carrying a sore off and one carbon Tat resulted in I'd fatalities. Serious injuries and his own death. He fell from the eleventh Floor Window Straight the light a Wall street. This killing would come to be known by the straight. It occurred on the quaint straight massacre
the search of Frank VIC of Ex Room revealed. He kept a newspaper clippings about the hollow straight shooting, with elections underlined in red. in spite of frank vicar, big, with disdain the front your raisins he considered VIC vacant amateur. He knew nothing about guns and remarked that it was a fly. He had killed as many as he did It was clear the journalist test Lawrence that Julian was expressing a saving jealousy at the ex killings and sing Genuinely upset that the quaint straight debt Tele was one higher than his own senseless slaughter. It was as if shooting sprays were competition to Julian one based on victim count. This came to the forefront again in nineteen ninety six, when prison televisions, despite news of yet another shooting Mexico, this one in port author Tasmania, notwithstanding
leaving the room irritation in the God Julian, she cared and was photos from MOTO straight and showing other inmates about receiving a smaller sentence than the Russell Straight bombers, even though he killed more people Julian would nicknamed himself the noise RADA told a fellow prisoner on going to do it again. They know no deny Reuters back. Comment was overheard by God, as well as the prison warden and can phone the other inmate In another conversation about mass killing night spoke about the best ways to create maximum casualties. In two thousand and one the public, wherever to learn that Julian took a course on military strategy and weapon systems whilst inside prison. The backlash resulted in a review of the inmate education system. A year,
in two thousand to nor did a stinging solitary confinement when knives and maps of the prison were found any so in isn't Julian wrote a manifesto of his recollections of the shooting he wrote Knights were written after I mentally gone over that noise and sought myself back into that frame of mind, Writing his short, sharp and breathless. Had no further insight into what Julian decided to go out and kill that noise The soldier who trained with Julian at the Royal military college downturn stated after the massacre quote. Trouble was Julian, was looking for a war, He was always saying he wished. One would start in Australia He started his own war. The thing is he for Turkey Oh, it's bore, didn't he Cb straight is no war zone.
It was a terrible thing. Don't you believe all that shit? He tells you about the army training you to kill. I know he says he went into a killing mode that and that Shit The last thing downturn does is teach you that sort of thing that wasn't killing That was murder the might teach us to kill, but it doesn't They just murder the
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