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Case 96: The Toy Box (Part 1)

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[Part 1 of 3] On March 22 1999, Sierra County police were dispatched to conduct a welfare check at a property in Hot Springs Landing, a small suburban community in the New Mexico town of Elephant Butte. Along the way, they ran into a visibly shaken witness who reported seeing a naked woman covered in blood running down the road with a chain clearly visible around her neck. ---  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched and written by Victoria Dieffenbacher Additional editing by Milly Raso and Elsha McGill  For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-96-the-toy-box-part-1
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the suggested phone numbers for confidential support place said the shine aids for this episode on your app or on our website, It was three hundred and twenty two p dot m on March twenty two one thousand nine hundred and nineteen on Wednesday I cannot nor one. One emergency central dispatch received a call from a local residential number. The operator answered. All they could hear on the other end of the line was a muffled commotion. Blocking altercation was take. in place. Nothing distinguishable was said soon hung up. Since Something was wrong. The nor one one operator phoned the number back minutes later and a woman answered Channing fostered irritated the woman apologized, for making the initial call brushing it off as a mistake she insisted. Everything was fine before abroad, Hanging up
after the second call, the nine one one operator felt the situation was a little off wanting to make sure everything was Kay the operate already I'd through the local police. They requested an officer conduct a welfare check of the property from where the phone calls were made. Sierra any deputy David than, except that the task The phone number was listed under the address five one: three bass road in hot springs, landing a small the burden community located on the northeastern costs, but the New Mexico, TAN elephant. situated near the southwestern corner of New Mexico. State elephant It is a small and quiet desert township, with population of just over one thousand people detained. Mostly attracts retirees people looking to settle and slow down amongst the space, sun and serenity. Breast
Hence, in visitors, a lock a drawn to the relaxing like lifestyle offered by the ten due to its proximity to Elephant Butte like necessary, The townships eastern edge spread, at the thirty six thousand acres. With more than two hundred miles of shoreline, the lake is a MECCA We outdoor recreational activity from camping and picnicking to fishing boating and water sports. During warmer holiday seasons. The like attracts upwards of one hundred thousand visitors to its shores. It's the eighty fourth largest man made lake in the United States and cross. At the Rio Grande River, which forms part of the board separating the. U S from Mexico, Elephant Butte, like laws within Elephant Butte State Park, the largest they park in New Mexico. The pocket maintaining Nova, saying by park, offices, luck, Christie, Jesse and Morocco landfill.
the afternoon of March. Twenty two to Jesse and landfill were at the State Box office. Getting through a routine uneventful day has three o clock. Past He started to notice increasing chatter of local police radio when heard mention of a best road address, thereon, locked. As part of their employment. With the state park staff were often residential properties around town to lay sitting readily low prices best Road was an area where Pox employees lived. taking advantage of the cheap rent, Believing the situation may involve one of their colleagues offices. The gas into landfill, decided to attend the address to safe. They could offer assistance to Deputy Austin the drawer, north from the state Parks office to best road only took a few minutes, as the pair approached the same. Course sort of a green card pulled over to the side of the road, a woman
was standing nearby by waiting around frantically. The gassy and Lanford slowed their vehicle to a stop. The woman was visibly rattled and them. She had just witnessed a naked woman covered in blood. Come running down the road. A chain clearly visible around her neck. The office's scanned, the immediate area, but the naked woman, described was nowhere to be seen. Aware that more officers were on their way. And Lanford ordered the witness to stay put. I couldn't wait around. They needed to continue onwards to the location of the emergency, call five on three bass: road best road is located in hot springs, landing a small suburban community can thing of mobile homes, learning dirt roads named after fish park, catfish trap and bass,
Sporadic desert shrubbery provided little shade to front loans which can see it mostly, of course sand and patches of dry wild grass. framing the eastern edge of the community, the shoreline of Elephant Butte like and further out the arid black endless horizon of dusty grasslands and cracked earth. If the New Mexico Desert. The gas in landfill were the first to arrive at five one. Three best road map, like others in the area, the proper. Was unremarkable missing story: double wide mobile home with water. exterior walls and a flat corrugated iron roof. A makeshift shed was attached to one side and pause of junk I'll boats and said
it was semi truck. Trailers were scattered around the messy grounds, a chain link fence frame to the front of the property, with a small metal plate attached. That warned. Beware of the dog Propped up on the front line was a large wooden sign. A red David pay. You re the. Offices de gaseous landfill approached the house at five one: three bass road with curiosity, conch, read to the earlier radio communication from normal one dispatch
there were no signs of a commotion or altercation at the address. There was quiet and nobody appeared to be home. not to the front door when unanswered and did nothing stood within. The pair decided to wait for Deputy Austin to arrive before advancing any further in the main Another call was received at Sierra counties: nine hundred one emergency central dispatch, the naked with a train around her neck, had been spotted again this time running. The spring went boulevard, a remote road, long, withdraw shrubbery, desert vegetation and the odd home the woman attempted to wife, Dan and getting to passing cause, but frightened drove his quickly, lock the doors and sped away, Local residents, Doris, was driving home after doing some grocery shopping when she spotted the naked women running along the road DORA slightest stated quite.
That's when I saw the change on her and the blood Was just running around in circles at first, I thought. someone was chasing her, but. Say anyone she had blood on her face. It was quite a shock She didn't say anything she did make any noise at all. She just looked wild. but the time police officers arrived at the area and searched for the woman. She was nowhere to be seen. As report spread of the strange happenings around hot springs, landing deputy than a raft to five one: three bass road. Where offices, the guests, landfill waiting. They informed the deputy that it has appeared empty. It was unusual, considering the normal one call was made there only minutes earlier, as the trio discussed there. Next step
Sierra canny Sheriff Terry boys arrived on the same. The four Office is decided to split up, contains and circle. The property h entering the buildings were separate doors quickly. He carefully that cleared the house taking each room for persons who may need assistance. However, no one was inside the Missus is reconvened in the living room. A dreary lived in space, full of mess and clodagh Heavily curtained windows offered little law against the dated striped wallpaper and dark timber furnishings. The room was cramped and lack the warmth of comfort. Tucked away in a corner was out of place. Bed paces of green glass was scattered across its surface and a broken lamp lay on the floor me. The mattress were stained with blood, as was the copper below and a bloody yours.
Was spotted on the floor next to the bed. It was clear Alan Struggle had taken place there recently and that someone had been badly injured. Immediately observable above the bed with chains and hooks hanging from sliding still rods operated by a system of pulleys. They also I found a box resembling a coffin pushed against the wall with shackles inside perhaps most disturbing were the chains with padlocks extending from the four corners of the bed. The attending officers were struck with the unnerving possibility that someone might have been restrained their hanging from Hey boards on the wall, where a variety of sinister looking handmade devices made from shop, scrap metals. In another room of the house to change hung from the ceiling shoulder with the pot.
inside this room was another bed as well as a dresser. The tops of the dress was clouded with many menacing objects on display. Plies scissors clips harnesses muscles and sex toys. Graphic images of hard core pornography was stuck to the wars. Unsure exactly what they had discovered, the four officers went back outside. I had found inside. The house was, unlike anything negative assain before, as I speak, delighted over what might have happened. Yet another call was made to know I'm on one. This time a female caller told the operator, quiet I'm calling for a young lady that ran into my house. She said She's just being right, she's gotta chain on her Someone right away this, ladies naked
as the main holding her for three days. Responding to these call Eric any deputy paid about what awaits drive down the cracked asphalt strip of hot springs, landing road. As he's lakes with searching the best ride. Property just made his away, but widow It spotted an elderly man standing at the front of her home waving him down. The man introduced himself as Donald he told by with a wits that a young naked woman with a chain around her neck had barged into his house a short while ago, desperately pleading for help. The woman frightened and bleeding Donald, wife, Darlene immediately contacted emergency services and was currently inside tending to the woman, has We await Cindy's partner approach, the couples mobile home, the woman rush at the front door towards them. She was Willie distressed. A pink rob was dry.
over her bruised scratched and bloody body, and a metal color clamped otherwise, with a padlock was visible around her neck, a chain appeared to be about five feet. Long was attached to the color dragging behind her The woman screamed out to the offices, God let them get me. She revealed her name. Cynthia veal since your explained the days earlier she'd been kidnapped by a man and a woman. They took her to their house where they. Changed her up inside and refuse to let her go. She was repeatedly, raped and tortured by her captors Cynthia, didn't need the address where she was home. did she ever get a good look at the exterior of the property she was only ever kept inside away from the windows Cynthia referred to her male captors, Dave pointing to the
sending police officer's uniform. She remarked he was one of them. She referred to her female captors, Cindy with confidence, the client. If she saw her cap is again, she could easily identify them. Cynthia was rushed to Sierra Vista Hospital for immediate treatment. With the Nation she had so far provided to police. The dots were starting to connect between age, saying in hot springs, landing. It appeared Cynthia Vega abandoned prison at five hundred and thirteen best road for several days To escape, she. entered along neighbouring roads where she was spotted by multiple witnesses before taking refuge in the House of Donald and Darlene elsewhere, state Parks office, a bar and Wilson was finishing.
people work in his office and was almost ready to go home for the day when he heard chatter river, the police, radio, about a naked women running through the streets of potential right and an idea. Some bass road. Realizing the situation unfolding involve the state parks, property Wilson decided to forego heading home and headed straight hot springs, landing to find out what was going on on his way. Officer Wilson spotted a cream colored Toyota Motor Home traveling in the opposite direction, down Rock Canyon road. As the RV approached Wilson, caught sight of the male driver and his female passenger. though he didn't know. The couple well Wilson recognise. The man as a colleague from the state parks and mechanic named David Parker Ray, David Parker Ray, had believed in Elephant Butte. Since nineteen. Ninety three. It was well locked within the local community can
did friendly and approachable re was the kind of guy, who was always happy to do favors for others. sitting beside him in the motor home was his partner, Cindy Hendy. Officer Wilson casually waved at the couple as their vehicle passed by when Wilson reached the crime scene at five. One three bass road. He quickly learned it was David Parker, raise property. stories were emerging of alleged abduction, imprisonment and ripe. Realising he had only just recently cross parts with Ryan Hindi as they drive away from the area Wilson suspected. The couple were in the process of making an escape. Following Wilson's directions, police car sped Apple were last sighted Rock Canyon road. Any three and a half mile stretch they cut through Elephant Butte and moved northerly into the rural desert outskirts assumed
David Paca, Re Cindy Handy were flying into the expansive New Mexico Desert, but were confident that couldn't have travelled far in the lumbering motor home. With lots, flashing and sirens wailing police descended on Rock Canyon, road from all directions. Office, Our and Wilson had gotten as far as nearby Springfield Boulevard when he was surprised across parts again with David Paca, Rice Motor home. It was noticed being out words into the desert, as expected, but strangely appear to be homeward bound. Wilson performed a swift? U turn and caught up behind the Ave he signal for them liver. The obvious slowed moved to the side of the road and came to a stop Other officers arrived and surrounded the motor home David
a re was awarded via lads Baker to step out of the vehicle he owed back saying this wasn't necessary. The police repeated data made the obvious. I swung open. Fifty nine year old, David Parker Ray emerged. He skin wrinkled and tan from the desert. Sun Ibushi Blunt mustache hung out here, has upper lip and these thin white colored hair with slicked back the moment. Race fake hit the ground. It was knocked down and caught cut it down and forced into the rear seat of a white. Police car raise partner thirty nine year old, Cindy Handy emerged. Next, the slim blonde woman was covered in her own blood, which wept from a date gash above her left. She too was quickly, restrained and discarded straight to hospital.
David Parker RE was taken to reach a dark Hoover Boat Safety Training centre located in Elephant Butte Lake State Park Training center was closer and better equipped than local police stations for Elephant Butte. Small population Violent crimes involving kidnapping, rape and torture were incredibly atypical. Drug and property crimes were standard, violent crimes did occur, but most were common assault Understanding this highly unusual and sensitive case required the resources of a larger, more experienced policing department, Sierra County sheriff. Terry boys called in assistance from New Mexico State police. You Mexicans state police criminal, investigator Wesley La Cuesta, arrived at the training center at around five. Fifty five that evening, after being.
Briefed on the situation request the road that no one was to interview David Parker Ray until he first spoke with the alleged victim Cynthia Vale. Twenty two year old, Cynthia Veal had been Sierra Vista Hospital, since four p, still in shock moreover, Deal Cynthia repeated the mantra I'm safe here, I'm safe here as nurses traded, her starving she was given food but promptly threw it back up. Her body was covered in cats and bruises and Kate withdrawing blood. A thorough examination was carried out to determine the extent of our injuries and a right kid was administered during these tests. Sincere burg, dance, sobbing saying. Why me, why me? Why did they do that? To me,
Oh Cynthia's, injuries were external and none were considered. Life threatening it was clear. The metal color around her neck was causing a great emotional distress without the two, If necessary, to remove it hospital staff summoned a maintenance worker who arrived at the ward with a pair of bulk carriers, the padlock securing the divorce together was caught as soon as the color fell from her neck Cynthia, through and across the room. Relieved to be free from the color Cynthia seemed is settled down. But her calm state was temporary when she spotted Cindy Hendy being escorted into the hospital by police for treatment of her head wound. Cynthia started to panic. She cried out that her, don't let her in. She see it. For me. As well as the head injury handy,
We also had a card on her right ring finger in several. The ones across her legs, as medical staff traded her and he told them. She had been hidden the head with a lamp, none of her injuries with serious and when she was treated police led handy out of the hospital before she left hand. He pointed to Cynthia Veil and said quote that go should be checked because the beaches Heroin Hindi was then taken to the training center Renaud, often Butte Lake State Park, her partner, David Parker Ray, was already being detained. Once Cynthia Veal had been assessed by doctors and her injuries, traded police proceeded interview her about her abduction when she spoke to police. She was from about her drug use.
And openly admitted to using heroin in the two days prior to her doctrine. Her on drugs was a result of a traumatic childhood that included the loss of her mother to him. Cynthia was very close since her mother's death, Cynthia had been a strange from her remaining family members staying in shape, my toes and paying. Why is a sex worker? sometime between ten, a dot m and eleven, a dot m on March 29th, one thousand eight hundred and ninety nine. Restaurant in our home city of ambiguity in central New Mexico, as she crossed throw parking lot of how the cookies main strip of central level she ran into a male acquaintance, pointed out, a motor home that was parked nearby and explained a man inside was interested in her services needing money, Cynthia nodded and headed towards the vehicle.
Ass Cynthia approached the toy tomato home. She glanced at the mail Rob S sitting behind the wheel. He was older with wrinkled attained skin and distinctive bushy mustache. He motioned for her to come inside when Cynthia rented the main got straight to the point. He spoke in a friendly manner. As the pair discussed the price he would pay to engage. Cynthia in sex work later Cynthia would come to learn. The man's name was dive. once they came to an agreement. David Parker I started the engine and stayed out of the parking lot moments later right took out a police badge and flushed Cynthia telling her he was an undercover police officer and that she was, under arrest for soliciting for Cynthia had time to properly assess the situation. Cindy
emerged from behind the curtain on between the front in re compartment of the motor home, carrying a pair of handcuffs. Certain. The pair were not real police officers. Cynthia, desperately thrashed away whilst handy tried to hang cover city. A screen disliked If she could in the hopes someone would hear the Motor Home halted, Bryce stood and quickly clamped to one of the cuffs to Cynthia's wrists. Before forcing her to the back of the vehicle as Ray attempted to handcuff Cynthia to a pipe. She continued to fight and scream, Andy grabbed. A cattle prod pointed toward Cynthia and threatened to use it if she didn't settled down and comply with no other options. Cynthia did ass, she was told, and her captain restrained her to the pot re returned to the driver's seat and the vehicle took off again with handy in the passenger, say next to him locked
in the back of the Motor Home Cynthia continued to wrestle with her restraints, she heard a faint squeaking and noticed that was coming from the pop she was attached to the screws. Joining the pot to the floor were loose with great effort she carefully and quietly twist. The screws until that came out allowing her to slip away from the pipe. for Cynthia was able to consider her next move. The motorhome came to an abrupt stop at a traffic light. The unexpected of course, Cynthia to slam into the wall of the vehicle, alerting her captors to the fact she was Now, unrestrained Hindi quickly, retrieved the cattle prod and directed at Cynthia, forcing her again
two Ebay she and Ray stripped Cynthia Naked, removing the woman's black and brown PU leather jacket, white shirt, Blue Jeans, black jacket, shorts and white tennis shoes. They handcuffed Cynthia to a more secure part of the vehicle and stopped duct tape. By the mouth. The drive to their destination was long and unfamiliar spending. The entire trip restrained on the floor Cynthia was unable to say out the window to take notice of any distinguishable landmarks. She had Why do you wear that were going but knew from the long drive that was far from home During their one, stop to get gas Cynthia was threatened with a gun. Candy warned her. If you scream I'll kill you the vehicle didn't stop again until it reached its final death,
the nation. By now they had travelled over one hundred and fifty miles south from where Cynthia was adopted in the upper kirkhi. To raise here see no often do when the beagle stopped. Cynthia's ankles was shackled and she was once again warned not to scream The vehicle had been parked close to the front door to raise. One Cynthia was quickly forced inside barely catching a glimpse of her foreign desert surrounds. Once inside the house, Cynthia was led down a hallway to a dark and uninviting living room with dreary brown, striped wallpaper. A bed was tucked in a corner.
it was lost amongst the mega belongings cause of junk and trash, worn furniture and a tv set and Metal COLA was quickly clamped her aunt Cynthia his neck. It was big and strong, a five foot chain led from the collar and it's end, was padlocked to a bracket on the wall above the bed. Cynthia was then forced to lie down on the mattress, as her limbs were restrained by chains attached to the beds four corners. She was then blindfolded and gagged, unable to say anything. Cynthia heard the click of a tape, recorder, button and audiotape began to play the type of faded, raised, distinct, voice. Cynthia recalled hearing the words you have been selected or something
Similar rights voice was calm and steady as though he was writing from a scripted stage. As the tape continued his matter of fact, I gradually became more up. They sometimes even giddy. Confused and terrified. Cynthia could barely pay attention to the words railways. The recording dry and on and on for what felt like forever she would lie to refer to this type is her introduction, which nerve rated every horrifying thing that was going to be done to her at the hands of their captors. She RA cold quite the way he talked but didn't feel like this was his first time it was like he knew what he was doing. He told me. I was never going to see my family again. He told me he would kill me like the others.
Although she would never be able to remember exactly minute by minute occurrences during her captivity. Cynthia would never forget what was done to her at gunpoint. She was forced to endure acts of citizens and torture. She was led through the house to a room where whips medical instruments and other torture devices were out on display. Cynthia was strung up my change, which hung from the ceiling and was further sexually assaulted and tortured, and all motor was rigged up attached to Cynthia via cables, and he used to administer electric shocks to her body. The shocks was so powerful and painful that she'd often lose consciousness as a result. Throughout her ordeal, Rachel photographs of her to Cape is perverted mementoes.
When she was not being tormented, Cynthia was kept in the living room where she was chained to the bed by her arms legs and neck sitting. Nearby were re and handy who casually watched television She was given only one serving of food to keep her going, but not enough to help her gather any energy or strength. Cynthia record re, showing her photographs of other women bound and tortured. It seemed clear to Cynthia that she was not David, Parker Ray's first prisoner on the morning of March twenty two, the third day of her captivity, Cynthia awoke and caught sight of ray wearing what she interpreted to be a police officer's uniform
In reality, it was raised state ox uniform, which bore a resemblance in similarities. Today is worn by local law enforcement, remembering the police, bad. She had flashed during her adoption and unsettling thought crossed. Cynthia is more than one of her cap. There was an officer of the law before he left for work right out Cynthia. He had a surprise for her once he returned home that afternoon he was going to take her windows toil box. There was not the first time Cynthia heard of the toy box, but she had yet to learn what it was in red two, she ever heard him dimension at the night before believing Cynthia was too exhausted to escape re removed, the change that were restraining, her arms and legs to the bed. This allowed her to stretch and move to an extent.
The color still remained around her neck, keeping her chained family to the wall. Right left for work, leaving Cynthia sincere alone with Cindy Andy without re around there was another vengeful die and handy spent. Most of the time watching television at around three p m, the women was startled by the sound of the house phone ringing Hindi answered the goal. Placing the case to Cynthia is restraints down on a coffee table, as the conversation continued Hendry spoke is on Cynthia lessened until she wandered out of the room completely and into the kitchen. Cynthia got sought the case on the coffee table. Andy distracted by the phone conversation had carelessly forgotten about them when she walked away
The after days of torture, with very little food Cynthia was physically weak. It took all of her remaining strength to stretch her body towards the coffee table and twist her foot around one of it's legs after simply making contact. She pulled the able to water is quietly as possible once it was close enough. Cynthia grabbed the case. Fearful handy, would re appear at any moment, Cynthia slide down and thought. Three about her next move. ignoring the temptation to begin unlocking her neck or string. Cheese instead focused on pushing the coffee table, original place, this way when Andy returned She wouldn't immediately notice that the table had been moved and that India had obtained the case.
Of nervous energy, Cynthia used her leg to maneuver the table back to where it had been, but as her was still out stretched He suddenly entered the room catching scene during the act with the case. In her hand, furious Hindi rushed at Cynthia. dropping the phone on the mattress issue launched when Cynthia few to let go of the case. Handy grabbed a nearby lamp and used to build sincere across the house smashing. The lamp into pieces impact should have been enough to impair Cynthia, The pain was masked by the surge of adrenaline pumping through her veins during the scuffle Cynthia managed to reach out and grab the phone that India dropped on the mattress quickly darling. Nor long one the emergency born operator answered, but handicap. Watch the phone away and terminated the call in
great moment of distraction Cynthia Sore and opportunity. She. Dan and grabbed a nor speak that was lying near the bed slush. It across the back of him. These head. The impact was percent handing into an immediate days is blood, the poor from me open wound using the case. The equipment quickly, locked the padlock that was securing her collar chained to the wall when the padlock on and fell Cynthia stumbled their fate and rushed out of the house the colors chain dragging behind her ass. She ran naked and covered in blood. She headed out into the unfamiliar, surrounds, completely disoriented, the With sand of the desert landscape scraped, the bottoms of her bare fade as she bolted dragging next train along behind her motorists passed her boy,
locking their doors and accelerating away ass. She screamed for them to stop desperate for help sit here, at every property she ran to, but they appeared empty when she finally spotted a double wide mobile home with lights on and it's front door open. She sprinted in screaming for help Sixty Year old Darlene was startled by the intruder Cynthia. Darwin not to let them get her Darling lighter described, Cynthia's physical stay, quiet, her wrist look like hamburger meat. She had beautiful long brown hair and it was all matted with blood he's dirty all over her breasts were black and blue. There were bruises all over her arms and legs. Darlings, husband, Donald, had only just returned home from his job at the Post office
He was in the bedroom when he heard someone barging into their home when he went to. Investigate. He saw Cynthia, who was traumatized and could barely speak, she desperately asked Donald to remove the color from around her neck, but realising the seriousness of the situation. Donald photo was a job best left for the police as he retreated a bath, to cover the frightened woman, darling, quickly called nine one, one whilst waiting for the police to arrive Cynthia had under the kitchen table fearing her captors would enter the house at any moment and find her article wisdom. Easiest way to make your space look beautiful. This direct to consumer company combines the curation of a boutique furniture store with the comfort and simplicity of shopping on
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is offering listeners of case file fifty dollars off your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more go to article dot com, slash case file, the discount will automatically be applied at checkout. That's article dot com, slash case file to get fifty dollars off. Your first Purchase of one hundred dollars or more Criminal investigator Wesley Le Cuesta listened intently to Cynthia Veal story, Although her, if you go deal, seemed to appalling to be true, there was No doubt from the puncture wind cuts, bruises and burn marks across her body TAT Cynthia had been violently tortured at the hands of David Parker Ray and Cindy Hendy After completing his interview with Cynthia, That made his way to the training center in Elephant Butte Lake State Park, where David Parker
Cindy Handy were being held. The couple were separated and kept indifferent brooms, which were under constant God by police. Their clothing had been seized. Testing Brain Hindi explained their side of the story to authorities. They admitted no ducting Cynthia avail against her will Bizarre reason they claim it was for Cynthia's, I'm good They knew she was a heroine at it and wanted to help. Keep her addiction Tell police they brought Cynthia to their home and trained her up only to get it through the massive be part of the heroin withdrawal process. When Cynthia escaped him called rioters workplace to tell him right off Colleagues, he had an emergency at home and abruptly left work before we shift ended. He didn't explain what kind of emergency it was re rush time to pick up handy and the couple
the search of the local area fishing pier that was, another pool dive around Springfield Boulevard and taken into custody information provided by Cynthia as well. The scene offices had witnessed the Rice House told a different story: by three in handy with charged with one can of kidnapping one can of assault one can of criminal sexual penetration and two conspiracy, though both conspiracy, the allegations once the charges were laid that will move. To the Sierra Candy Detention Centre and refused answer any more questions. The crime scene team had been standing at the front of five hundred and thirteen best road for hours waiting in into patient first search warrant to be issued bus thirty p m March, twenty three the warrant was approved and investigate is headed in, however, not in full
and the property was too dark for a thorough search to be conducted. The search had to be postponed until daybreak the following morning march. Twenty four, The morning rain Hindi had made their first good appearance whether bonds were set at one million dollars, age payable in cash only it was an impossible amount for the pair to pay, ensuring that reminding custody wildest to their home was conducted descent, needed to be undertaken with diligence, as this was Precedented case. Investigator They couldn't afford to be careless. Before a single thing was touched or examined the details each of the half lay out was made, whilst photographers Nvidia Growth is moved through meticulously documenting every inch the double wide mobile home late to David Parker RE was clouded and on kept it faded away.
The bedroom, a smaller second bedroom, a living space kitchen, an author, Clothing, worn by Cynthia Vale on the day of her abduction, was found in the master bedroom in her white shirt, Blue jeans and white tennis, shoes Amongst rice belongings, To guide is discovered, four hundred and one unique articles that did not appear to be property belonging to weigh the David, Paca RE or Cindy Handy These belongings included a large collection of women's jewelry, clothing and other accessories. The twenty fourth foot long. Why windowless semi truck trial is set at the rear of the property as steel reinforced, the double deadbolt sealed the door shut, Requiring the services of a locksmith to open it that way, locksmiths in Elephant Butte Circle at the brink, wanting in from the nearby logic, town of truth or consequences.
The town's only Locksmith arrived on the scene at nine. Forty five am and unlocked the door. Hanging on one interior wall was a sign that Red Satan's den the next to it read the bondage room, but this was the David Parker Ray would refer to as his toy box. the first thing office. A sore upon entry was a hand made motorized black reclining chair situated. In the center of the trailer. it was similar and designed to the top of chair used for Gonna go logical examinations except unlocked the medical chair. It was based on this one had several unique additions: middle stirrup. Electrodes and several red nylon straps were attached and the chew was on top of attract, allowing it to slide backwards and forwards. Walls and shelves were adorned with a chilling collection of torture instruments which include.
HU, the branding Owen, clamps leather belt paddles seemed paper, saw blades, NATO's searching cups, whips and forceps. Items used to incapacitate, such as ammonia pills, bottle of chloroform and syringes were also discovered. A large variety of sex toys were strewn about made of different materials, wood, metal, latex and plastic. equipment used to restrain or detain such as harnesses chains, handcuffs, pulleys and ropes, were hung throughout products fuck, lubricant, baby oil body lotion, lipstick, mouthwash, perfume and shampoo were also discovered. several books on anatomy and witchcraft responded spotted, as were many pornographic magazines, a cop bulletin, board fence.
the photographs and illustrations about all females being tortured, assigned, Bob read the lure of Satanism, which was a theme that carried elsewhere. on display nearby were to replica skulls one with three candidates. On top a long black road with a red cape and a Barbie doll trapped in chains. A list of instructions explained how to use motorized machine to inflict damage the breasts. These instructions ended with the following morning. Quite this process is very painful and due to the constant motion, the We will not just to the pain The operation, the subject will remain in extremely painful duress. A television hung on the war where the foot of the chair with a video camera set up on a tripod me boy. It's when's pointed towards the chair.
A fifteen inch motorized to do- was attached to a large generator featuring three switches. Basa lot and probe. a large aluminium drool pulled open to reveal a six foot long caught similar to that and in a more. Investigators also came across the clipboard containing a list of names. The interior of the trailer had been raped to be completely soundproof. Meaning those outside could not hear what was going on inside note, found on the wall, contained a list of warnings to ensure his victims remained captive. A red like a kind of mantra. Quite Bremen
A woman would do or say anything to get loose. There will kick scratch of money, but Yo Beg scream, run off a sex threaten lie. White fur opportunity Standard excuses and sob stories: menstruating pregnant venereal disease, AIDS, sick kids, with babysitter have to work a sick baby, a sick parent claustrophobia missed by a husband or friend bad heart can't miss school. Don't let her get to you if she was worth time.
she's worth keeping and she must be subjected to hypnosis before the woman can be safely released. Never trust a change captive upon inspecting the contents of the trailer local police were quick to realise this situation was completely. Their debts, they simply didn't have the resources or expertise required to investigate the FBI according to assist and evidence. at the same was sent to the FBI. Crime labs for testing as the comprehensive search, continued and police waited for the labourers The assistance was also requested from the FBI's behavioral science unit, because Cindy Handy had started talking. Cindy Andy's life was one of chaos.
Born in Seattle, Washington, on February six, nineteen sixty nine. She was abused by a step father from a young age when she finding her mother about the abuse, her stepfather denied the accusations, and hence these mother took upon his sword. deeming daughter a lawyer, things didn't get any better fishing be handy and by age, twelve she was kicked out of the family home struggling to make it on her own I mean broiled in a series of abusive relationships. Given her circumstances, Hendy herself adopted a violent nature and lacked empathy for those around her Partners and friends, remarked Cindy was all muscle, despotic only one hundred and five pounds, chickadee We paid out women who were twice assize. Beating up men was an improbable meda. Many of her boyfriend's were into hard drugs
and it wasn't long before Hindi became a user herself by age. Sixteen Hindi was pregnant with their first child a boy over the following years. She had two more children, both daughters, all three children had different fathers in nor to ninety seven Cindy goading trouble with the law. Attempting the sole cocaine to an undercover police officer has thirty seven year old Andy was ordered to attend a drug cancelling course. Despite knowing her refusal would result in jail time. She skipped town, leaving Washington State and making away down to New Mexico, She decided to settle in the town of truth or consequences, five miles southwest of Elephant Butte didn't take long before Hindi found herself in trouble with local authorities in truth or consequences.
in January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. After an arrest for driving lost, intoxicated candy was sentenced to thirty days jail with six months. Probation and fifty hours of community service as part of her sentencing. She was also awarded to attend a course for drink driving offenders. A month later, Hindi was arrested again this time or assaulting a member of her household. but these charges were later dropped when she agreed to attend anger management classes to get her behavior under control. Andy was, to perform. Her court mandated fifty hours of community service at Elephant Butte State Park where she met state parks, employee David Parker Ray who was a chance encounter for the pair, and they hit it off immediately. Many nights were spent drinking and socializing at Elephant Butte local watering hole, the blue water saloon, where the pig
to know each other. Well,. Handy in RE, Bhopal, opposite Hindi was an extra work, there's a re was introverted, but the too soon Scattered they had one thing in common, both with scientists, the robbing pleasure and sexual gratification from inflicting pain and humiliation on others The shared interest was enough to draw the pair together and they soon became a couple. by January. One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine Hindi hit moved into rice. I am at five hundred and thirteen Bassett road they'd only been a couple for right months when they found themselves under arrest for Cynthia Veals abduction. Two days after her arrest, Cindy Hendy broke her silence and agreed to be formally interviewed. During her interview,
did to knowing that David Parker Right was a dangerous and deadly man. He had along criminal history and hadn't sped her any of the details. Earlier on, in their relationship, Ray had told de about a time he was questioned by the FBI in relation to the disappearance and murder of several women. Ray was living in fence like New Mexico, a most, in a rural area with a population of less than fifty people, which didn't consist of much other than a few ranch's have fence like David Parker, Ray and farmland, where he harvested crops and raised cattle one day, the FBI, hiding the visit. They wanted to speak to ray about accusations of his involvement with slavery, ring and murder they had Save the tip off that Ray had been adopting women mostly of mexican descent and was then selling them off his slice, though
no evidence to support the allegation. The FBI investigation didn't progress further beyond this initial line of questioning. Right brag dandy that he was able to talk. Is why you out of it, implying he was guilty of the current. After dodging the F b, I raid lived a transient life, constantly re like hiding and never staying in one place for long wherever he went. He continued his brutal attacks on women using a fight police badge to trap is victims. Right view of women was no secret to handy, he believed he owned women and that they existed purely to serve him when he talked about killing women. He referred to them as packages. Andy record when right out her about his first alleged better right
twenty years old at the time and living in Berlin, New Mexico, the town he grew up in Right out handy that he adopted a schoolgirl and taught her to a tree where he proceeded to rape, her baker and finally, strangle heard a death. Rain joined the experience immensely. He told handy He had been so aroused that he knew from that moment. He would continue to torture and kill women. According to handy rice, elected he's victims based on whether their physical appearance match these top, he preferred large breasted women that, for the most part, were rather of Orient or will Mexicans descent.
Specifically he targeted sex workers, believing they were less likely to be reported is missing. Sometimes he would put make up on his victims to make them look more desirable before he tortured them. In total re confessed a handy that he killed over thirty people during a forty year span, including men and women of his alleged murders, eighteen, a good within New Mexico Sierra County, but he also claim to have left undiscovered victims in other dumping.
In Texas, New Mexico, and I resign or re never revealed the supposed location of his dumping grants to handy, but she didn't know he was incredibly careful not to leave any objects on the bodies of these victims, such as distinctive jewelry, your clothing, anything that could lighter identify them in one story. Right client. He brought a short oriental looking go with black hair into his funhouse, referring to his torture trial. When our inside re pulled out a gun, I ended at the back of her head and pulled the trigger. The girl didn't die instantly. Sir RE shot her again
Twice their body in the back of his truck and disposed of her at one of these dumping grounds. In another story, Bray told handy that he was disposing the body of another one of his victims. When the body started to protrude a foul smell, he dumped the body in a ravine and tried to cover up the out about kicking dirt on top of it. After he left the scene, he decided that he wanted to keep the girl's skull as a memento, but when he returned, a big red dog was standing on top of the pile of dirt. Wright took this as a bad omen and quickly fled the scene leaving the boat. untouched re spoke of kidnapping murder. Some often that handy had become day sensitized to his words and didn't take much notice of what he was saying. She told the investigators quote and went in one ear and out the other.
In the early nineteen nineties, David Parker Ray moved to Elephant Butte, where he took a job as a mechanic for the state Park job afforded him a lot of damage, on which handy explained he filled constructing restraint and torture devices to use against these victims. the implements were made from various pieces of junkie accumulated And were designed to restrain, constrain and causing measurable pain to those who use the moon. One. Such device was cold and they spread all which was used to forcefully pry and told open the uses legs if they tried to close their legs. That would be cut by sparks. This device have been spotted by offices at five hundred and thirteen best road on the day since he revealed Another device shaped luck. The number right was used to constrain breast
Pray also made sparked glove featuring raises on each fingertip. He dumped it, the Freddy Krueger Glove tinkering, with junk and putting things together with tools was part of rice job, so he's disturbing hobby didn't raise any suspicions. As for Hindus, involvement in raise alleged crimes, she confessed to participating to an extent she admitted to assisting Ray in the abduction, imprisonment and torture of some of these victims. In February that year, a month before the abduction of Cynthia Video He help re capture, a woman. She referred to only as Angela after angel as imprisonment Insisted re released, the woman are alive on the side of a highway.
Hindi also told investigators that Ray had an obsession with taking photographs of easy victims during their torture, which he kept as mementos. This statement, matched information provided by Cynthia Vale, who previously told police that, during her captivity, Bray had taken. as of her and had also shine her images featuring other restrained women. We Andy now, corroborating Cynthia story, the likelihood that Ray had more victims was further solidified, other Hindi said Ray would always burn slightest. The lightest photo collection after a certain period of time, which ruled out the possibility that investigators could use them to identify raised other victims, in addition to the
grass, and he explained that re also kept. What he referred to as physiological forms days forms documented a physical description of each of these victims, including their hot white age and other distinguishing features. Despite her shocking revelations, Hendy made, it We that she had never actually witnessed any of David Parker Ray's alleged murders, take place and that she, couldn't provide any evidence to prove that had ever occurred to you. The nation she was providing was based purely on stories, Ray had told her and the conclusion of Erin of you, investigators asked handy if she had anything else, you wanted to add she responded quote. You might want to dig up. The back yard
David Parker, Ray declined. The offer to be interviewed instead as waited draw prison. it's intercepted letters that he wrote to friends and family members and made copies to assist police with their investigation. One letter was addressed to David Baca, Rice, sister, Peggy and another for his son David Open to guide his question to both Peggy and David on March, twenty seven, this statement. a detailed insight into the history of this secretive and sadistic man born in Berlin, New Mexico in nineteen thirty nine David Parker Ray was the first chart of several hundred Nettie Ray It was in her money is family, went by Alcoholic and abusive patriarch, when, I was ten years old. His parents divorced.
And here you and his youngest sister Peggy was sent to live with their grandparents on a ranch in nearby mountaineer when they grow. The passed away, bluff at the ranch became strict and the children were often neglected. the grandfather was a tough disciplinarian and failure to follow these rules resulted in physical punishment. school. The awkward and shy re was often a target for bullies as an inch You a team he turned to drugs and alcohol to cope. Ray Harvard an affinity for all things, mechanical, so after finishing possible good job is in order and the canning Brain enlisted in the United States military and was deployed to Korea at the age of twenty one. His mechanical skills were put to good use and he earned a reputation for being out with a fix anything from watches to heavy machinery
after four years of military service re, was honourable discharge discharged and returned home to the United States. He married several times over the years, but none of them lasted during one of these early marriages Ray had a son whom he named after himself, David Junior, his daughter Glenda arrived a short time later and she was given the nickname, Jesse. after leaving the military regime moved to welcome home where he attended a technical school to study aircraft mechanics later he moved To advocate and then on to Alaska, where he worked, fixing loyal problems for a short period of time. he continued to roam around before settling in Elephant Butte in nineteen. Ninety three, there Ryan
good reputation through his work as a mechanism for the state pox, one colleague described to David Parker re as quite the natives, cleanest politest person. You could ever want to when Ray was arrested for kidnapping and assault he's boss and coworkers Tom believing demand they admire, it could be capable of the crimes for which he was being accused. Grace boss was so convinced of innocent, then he even put re unpaid leave. Whilst he was awaiting trial. when Re Sister Peggy spoke to authorities. She was quicker to accept the allegations He D meeting there were signs throughout rice love that supported the claims being made against him. She, in order to him during her youth when she stumbled upon rice, collection of photographs and sketches which depicted images of bondage and sadomasochism
when Peggy confronted right about the pitches he confessed. The only way he could enjoy sex was boy inflicting pain on his partner. Right was just fourteen years old. At the time, The glider in their lives Peggy received a phone or from right enquiring about the erect. All these function, drugged via girl. He wanted No, if it could help him, have a normal relationship one where he didn't have to hurt others in order to obtain arousal Despite these incidents, Peggy defended her brother and drew issue with these patrols in the media. As a monster rice, Son David Open, spoke candidly, to investigators about his relationship with his father. The two would not close David being raised by his grandmother and had very little interaction with his father over the years Inclusion of easing of you, David over, was asked whether he would
willing to tell authorities if his father made any sort of confession to him. David broke down in tears, and he answered that. He didn't know if he could turn on his father and giving criminal information to investigators. although he couldn't provide intimate details about his father's life, David alerted investigators, to a number of other places. His father had lived that authorities weren't, aware of You Cindy handiest claims that David Bachar Ray was a prolific. Serial killer were true his exact whereabouts over the years was pivotal if there was any hope of finding his other alleged victims. By now, investigators were convinced. Cynthia veil was not raise only victim district attorney, run Lopez, told the media quote it's one of Those crimes, things that just gives you that feeling that this something else out there. This,
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