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Case 97: Rebecca Schaeffer

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When aspiring actress Rebecca Schaffer secured the second lead in a new Hollywood sitcom, My Sister Sam, it felt like all her dreams were finally coming true. As she was thrust into stardom, she learned the truth the hard way – that fame comes with a dark side. ---  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched and written by Eileen Ormsby For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-97-rebecca-schaeffer
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say the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. In nineteen eighty six young actress Rebecca Schaeffer her dream job Thousands of Hollywood hopefuls It was offered the second delayed in a new Hollywood, seek com which was to end Weekly on the ABS television network in a prime time slot to the outside World Rebecca was Complete unknown trust, sudden stardom but even though she was barely an adult she had packed. Lot into her writing use of lost so far November sixth, one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven to Father Benson, a psychologist and mother, Dana a writer and teacher Rebecca Schaeffer was a much loved. Only child
I grew up in Eugene Oregon, enjoying a comfortable childhood before, These were filled with forces, poetry, books, the outdoor and the unconditional love of her parents. when Rebecca was aged. Thirty per family moved one hundred miles north to Laurel Hearst. Affluent suburb of Vinti, chimes and winding tree lined streets in Portland, Oregon Rebecca enrolled in the late Lincoln High School descent, school simpsons create a MAC. Graining had attended a decade earlier. She accept at school, where she joined the talented and gifted program and was street in office hour, Rebecca, was often complimented for her wholesome girl, next door, natural beauty. She strove I do well at school and was deeply Due to her jewish faith, Beckett considered pursuing a career as a rebel when she was out of
I contemplated Korea as either a doctor or a lawyer but it was a chance conversation with her home town hairdresser, pretended to her of dark cuz that landed her first break Seeing the potential in Rebecca's perfect features the hairdresser, A facilitated a meeting with another of his clients, local talent, agent, Nanette Trautmann Nanette wasted no time in signing Rebecca IRAN as a climate of the Trautmann Agency and soon Rebecca shape. His sweet smile, radiated from department store, catalogs and tv commercials, convincing parents to spend up big on back to school items Although she had taken part in an occasional school play, Rebecca given any consideration told careering acting Her found her some extra work on some local tv shows. Suddenly
A whole new world was opening up to her and the idea of becoming a doctor lawyer, or rabbi was losing its ilusha when compared to the glamorous world of modeling and performing in nineteen eighty four, sixteen year old, Rebecca landed a summer internship at a late model management which meant travel to the other side of the country to spend three months in New York City she welcomed all the challenges. The big apple threw at her and soon at home. So I am in fact decided she wanted to stay to see if she could make it there as a model. his parents, weren't convinced of the Audi despot, Rebecca promise She would see out her final year of high school at an academy for aspiring actors. While she was working impassioned pleas and wore them down with sound arguments supported by the agency, which one
at the fresh young Rebecca on their books. Dinner invention had to admit their daughter had inherited their own adventurer spirits and the risk taking attitude that has seen her father put he's career on hold some use only to study it dieter in New York not wanting to stand in the way of her dreams. The shape relented and guide their daughter their blessing. Rebecca wasted, no time and by all nineteen. Eighty four: she was sharing a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan with five other aspiring models. She called parents regularly to let them know how she was doing. One day not long after she had turned seventeen years old. Rebecca was in the subway heading to an audition, ass. She sat on a bench on the platform. She the main pacing back and forth slapping a shop and screwdriver against his hand. Rebecca was wary fishing,
This another young woman in front of the man who is clearly terrified. She might David to the young woman, a total stranger and said come on. Let's go get a coffee, Rebecca, took the woman by the hand and pulled her up the stairs away from the troubled man. Upon hearing this story, Rebecca's mother, Dana felt proud of her daughters, bravery and quick thinking. I felt that it boded well for survival in this crazy world. The.
In New York, competition in the modeling industry was fees. Rebecca Schaeffer was one among an oversupply of young women struggling to find jobs at five foot. Seven inches shoes at least two inches below the minimum hot to model high fashion as club It sounds so much better on the girls who were taller she also began obsessing over her perfectly normal way. Comparing herself to the girls that graced the pages of the fashion magazines. At any time, Rebecca, could have cut her losses, packed her bags and returned to the loving embrace of her parents. but Rebecca's youthful optimism, so her determined to make the most of the opportunity she had. She got back in clause five hours a day. Three days awake in a class of twenty students and fair
If he a triple agent willing to take on a fresh young face with a strong work ethic aiming for work in film or theatrical productions. Perhaps, eventually getting to Broadway Rebecca, Additional first small part in software and easy the Manhattan project, but didn't get the wrong Instead, she landed a small but ongoing role as any bonds on the long running, ABC Daytime SOAP, opera, one life to live, Rebecca is grateful for the work but never took. Data so seriously as a career choice. Seeing the six month Rob was a awaited earned money while looking for modeling jobs. She wanted to join the ranks of the bright young models on Tain Magazine Madonna, around the cover of talk a bit boring It was really draining Brooke shields on the cover of seventeen. When her agency suggested that there might be a stronger market for some one of her heart in Tokyo, were her palace
in Britain, curves would be considered exotic. Once again, the ambitious tain didn't hesitate. Aaron's couldn't believe that their only daughter was traveling even further away to foreign lands, but Rebecca reassured them that she would be all right, Rebecca told them no matter where we are in the world. We are like a three legged stool. The saying became her families mantra Rebecca made the move to Japan in nineteen. Ninety five, but still she struggled to find work. within a year. She returned to the United States and ones, Back in New York, her raging gave her the tough truth. if she was unlikely to make it big as a model in America. However, She had earned herself a good reputation as reliable and hard working on one life to live to her
aging to Rebecca to pursue acting instead. Rebecca, begin, the gruelling job of additional and facing rejection after rejection ass, she and in a world that was arguably even more competitive and difficult to crack than modeling. She never the rejections get her down, believing that it was a numbers game and she Eventually pick up some work, Her optimism was rewarded when accosting director remembered her from the audition for the Manhattan project, and it was in enough to ask her to auditioned for Woody Allen. New film ready, I days Rebecca, got the power which was to mourn over her character to be given a name other than simply communists. Toto can the shop satirical film was fond and rewarding and soon after Rebecca landed another small part on the Stevens Buber Twilight Zone. Ask television series amazing stories,
the role was, as a magazine model come to life in the episode miscalculation, despite these Mona Successes Rebecca, dad on the vast majority of the pot she auditioned for and her modeling work with sporadic at best She tried to remain upbeat and hopeful, but the bills were mounting and her phone was cut off. she was just starting to contemplate waitressing when, in the winter of nineteen, ninety six she came to a note stuck on her door. It was from horizon asking her to urgently getting talked about testing for New Warner Brothers television series cold. My the same, The series was the best starring vehicle for PAM Dawber, an actress who and Hollywood stardom. Thanks to her long running role as Mindy to Robin Williams, Mork in the cult series, Mork and Mindy.
my sister SAM. Be playing the title role of in the industry. It was on the hunt for someone to be given second billing to the more established actress playing Seems as any little sister paddy. The television produces had seen some of Rebecca Shavers auditions and thought she would fit. The bill is Patty perfectly Rebecca, jumped on applying and was tested for the part, the next day, Rebecca certainly looked the part of the flood eatin character she easily past, For a sixteen year old, even though it was nearly three years younger than her actual age,. The studio executives loved her and the chemistry she had with PAM Dawber, and so it Debate that serious, hardworking indian Bishop Rebecca was caused the play flaky impulsive paddy on my sister, SAM.
Rubber John thought. I locked to write letters he would school them in a bull point pen on pages ripped from notebooks sitting, in which. the corner of his parents house allowed him some respite from the scorching Arizona hate sums and he would send the letters other times roar emotion was too personal and he would fall them away instead. The youngest of seven children. Robert Bardo had a tough upbringing. The family would move frequently. Sometimes due to his father this job as a noncommissioned officer in the United States AIR force, but other times, trouble, seemed to follow the dysfunctional family. actually in nineteen. Ninety three body settled into a single story house in Tucson Arizona, when Robert was thirty Tucson had a high crime rate but low cost of living and was hot all year round.
Temperatures soared over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit in summer and stayed there for months on end. Hunting and fishing, where the most popular pastimes, with plenty of nearby places to do so in high school Robert was about student, but he was also a loner with no friends. Although He had no trouble achieving high marks sometimes he would write, disturbing and threatening letters to his teachers in junior high, he wrote one nature, up to three letters a day in which he spoke about ending he's. I love and hinted at killing the teacher. He saw into the letters with the names of tough guy movie characters, Scarface Dirty Harry or James Bond. School contacted his parents, but they refused to enroll him in cancelling planing. There was nothing wrong with him. Although generally well spoken and polite, there was
thing or about rubber body. That made you mean capable of maintaining a relationship with anyone neighbour. I often saw him hanging from the eaves of his parents single story house swinging into the windows. Sometimes they saw him charging into a concrete wall in his backyard. Over and over, as if hell bent on self destruction other times, he seemed to be playing hide and seek with imaginary friends. With nobody to play with Robert spent much of his time watching television and movies, where we could escape into a fantasy world, he was tonight by actors, musicians and anyone also lived their lives in the spotlight, desperately on api in school and at home, Robert yearned, to be one of the rich and famous
I thought the boy that the girls in the magazines and on the tv screen would fall in love with. Sometimes he would practice guitar in the hopes of furthering his dream of becoming a rock star When he was thirteen years old and you talk of girl, celebrity appeared on rabbits tv screen this time in the news and on talk shows instead of acting or singing The young girl by the name of Samantha, Reed Smith, seemed to be everywhere. The media was calling her America's youngest ambassador. The precocious Samantha had written to soviet leader Yuri Andropov to implore him not to let Russia go to war with the United States, She asked him to reconsider hostilities because quote made the world for us to live together in pace and not to fight, The letter was published in a soviet newspaper and the sweet simple,
of a little girl resonated with the public in both countries, Samantha received a response from Andropov inviting her and her family to visit in Russia and from there it'll go became a celebrity, whoever On one or two, whenever you Robert became infatuated with Samantha Reed Smith and disorder. To do what he did best. He write her letter, it was polite and heartfelt praising were in telling her how much he admired her brother was thrilled Say the postcard from Samantha in response. The Smith family's phone number was still listed in directories Robert. soon found it and began calling to speak to his new crush one time he got lucky when Samantha answer the phone and they had a chat. Mostly on Robert sighed, as he rambled trying to keep the conversation going
that to me this relatives always answered the fine, and when I realized it was Robert on the lawn, they asked him to stop. Calling They recalled the boy to be persistent, but never rude, just difficult to get off the phone. as Samantha STAR continued to rise, rub it felt that it Two of them had a real connection here. do that she was busier than ever as she had Paula. The same into hosting her own Disney shows and writing a book But he still tried his luck by calling again and again I made this family been naughty him from speaking with her every time The more Robert was blocked from contacting Samantha the Moors. Ass, he became in Robert's mind. He and Samantha had a relationship that other people were trying to spoil. frustrated by his inability to get in contact with her
Fourteen year old, Robert Stall, one hundred and forty dollars from his mother's purse and said, from the two thousand eight hundred mile journey to Maine It took several days and by the time he arrived, his parents had figured out what he planned to do. They contacted the main authorities and Robert was taken into custody about two blocks from Samantha's home. Being Nettie, he carried no weapons and there was no indication he planned to harm the girl. The pole Ride him off is just another love, sick pain and return. him home to his parents Robert was alighted diagnosed with depression. following what he claimed was a sustained period of abuse by one of these siblings Robert threatened to end these laws and Subsequently placed in foster care for a month, then in August. Nineteen. Ninety five Samantha Reed Smith, died in a light plane crash. At age, thirty rubber,
As I come with gray for the loss of celebrity crash and sparkled further India depression. Having hey had somehow being responsible for her death which fifteen he was briefly institutionalized due to his emotional problems lead Robert to drop out of high school. In the ninth grade, despotic shaving, consistently good marks he began working as a janitor at a fast food joint jack in the box. The work was boring and even more isolating with Father I am starts and little contact with Paypal, He's your trade into the fantasy world, where he could pretend to be part of the glamorous lives of the people he saw on the television screen became even more intense. summer of nineteen. Ninety six, Robert Commercial for a new television series, which was due to start in the fall.
cute curly head teenage girl, talking chiefly to the accuracy, recognise this Monday from Morgan Windy as the teenage spoke to the audience from the glowing television screen. Robert felt she was speaking directly to him. He was instantly infatuated by her quickness and beauty, and he couldn't wait for the new show, my sister SAM to start. As soon as she had confirmation that she had landed the role in my sister sand nineteen year old, once again packed her bags and moved across the country. This time to Hollywood. Rebecca's grandfather lived in West, LOS Angeles swear relieved that she had family nearby and she was now said, a home to make visiting much Asia.
Becker and the show star Pandora, get it off, and maybe it Lee once they started. Fuming team invited Rebecca come and live with her and her act, a husband, more common in invitation, Rebecca gratefully accepted. Rebecca had not fallen in love, with LOS Angeles as instantly as she had with New York in New York. Everything she needed had been on her doorstep, but she fell. The alone was to spread out Rebecca lamented to her mother that she missed being able to order chinese food at three am, however, her new job kept her and everyone on set took the inexperienced teenager under their wing. The cost became Rebecca second family and she would follow crew around the set when she wasn't required. Asking intelligent questions curious to know what they were doing. She liked to know how everyone feeding and wanted to another.
And all the jobs that went into making a television show. Quality of my sister SAM went to air on October sixth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six in the plum to onslaught of Mondays. At eight hundred and thirty p, DOT M scheduled between two of the most popular shows on the CBS lineup Kate Allie today into Newhall. The show was typical, sitcom, fair, applied any ambitious, subtype photographer, who was living an orderly life in San Francisco when out of the blue, her freedom The toy wearing youngest sister, Paddy landed on her doorstep. petty had been living with her aunt and uncle in Oregon since the death of her parents, but when they try to I tried her electric get off for a clearer net and some Benny Goodman records. She tracked down her sister in the big city. navigating this new relationship, the chalk and cheese.
Do I proceeded to turn each other's lives upside down whilst giving each other valuable life lessons the sisters were joined by the usual cost of wacky and stereotypical sitcom sidekicks despots warm reviews in the press, the cheesy sweet natured. Come of generation gap. Humor struck a chord with the american viewing public. Becker and PAM had great chemistry and Rebecca played her character such charm and infectious swayed nature be Venus. The many view is assumed that the actress was much the same way Rebecca is Paddy was a one. A baby start with good intentions, but who was always getting into scrapes much to the annoyance of the October. sensible san body if Hrc Hour episode, everything would get resolved and bring the sisters closer together. It was a queen
essential. Lady sitcom, full of big palms, choice, fashion and wise cracking characters. The popularity of the show revolved paint job his career and shot Rebecca Schaeffer. into Bailey Celebrity fine. She was enough. Four stories about my sister SAM and her pitcher would pop up in a different, celebrity magazine every week. Cbs put Rebecca to work cross promoting and in November she rubbed up and braved the Toronto winter, to co host the canadian part of the nineteen eighty six, all American Thanksgiving Parade. She Charm Turco hosts. proved to have ass, Attila D and ability to add live whilst dutifully promoting the various sponsors of the network. Once my sister SAM had been on air for a few weeks Rebecca another aspect of stardom female started, trickling in
on the whole by Warner, brothers or horizon. The letters was waiting gushing, mostly from young girl, who aspire to be like her Rebecca, was determined to read and respond to every single one. Sixteen year old, Robert body weight it eagerly for my sister SAM to stop and was ready. These video tape recorder efforts debut on October, seeps nineteen. Eighty six in train by Rebecca Schaefer, sweet smile and designing personality of her character. Robert was Immediately smitten by the youngest star, Rebecca, was beautiful, wholesome modest and in Robert's mind attainable.
After he watched the premier episode live, he watched it again on type. He then looked up the tv going to find out when re paid was scheduled and he watched those two with age you viewing robots enchantment with Rebecca, Schaeffer grew: he went to the store and flipped through magazines, looking for articles about her and took in every detail. He decided he would wrought Rebecca Letter and let her know how I feel about her. Nothing too intense, just telling her how pretty and nor she was, and how happy and made him to watch her. Robert wrote one letter than another. and another. There were long rambling letters in blue ballpoint where he poured his heart out to her. Love tat. She was so fresh and Denison a sweet girl next door tab.
that is one of the stall at that used sex appeal to get attention. He believed they could be friends if only they could make Robert fell Rebecca's character Patty with somebody who would really understand him. Petty was sixteen the same age as him and played guitar just like he did He was sure that Rebecca was much the same as the character she played, as he wrote to Rebecca Robert felt himself beginning to fall in love with her. He was careful not to overstep the step along his letters, though, because he didn't A scare off his lead, What gushing and adoring designed to make her feel good? The ones but when a bit too far, he put to one side without sending keeping them for himself terrain when he was lonely. After the success of my sister SAM was Angelo.
Said suddenly become a far more exciting place for Rebecca Schaefer, her stuff, That is meant she was invited to premiers and parties snapped, bought parity and showered with give spot brains who hoped she would be photographed wearing their clothes or using their products. Most of Rebecca's time was spent at the Burbank studios, where her co stars and the crew on the set became her closest friends in between takes. She stretch out on alone at the Warner Brothers Alot known as the ranch. She treated everyone with the same warmth Emma and respect from ahead of the studio to the lightest production system. When it came to her work, she was the ultimate professional Although she loved to living with her CO star PAM do about Rebecca, dependent spirit led her to cry behind of her own. She,
moved into a small apartment in the Hollywood Hills where she was afraid, dancer in the kitchen and practice yoga any time of day or not and began to expand her social circle. In early nineteen, eighty seven a friend set her up on a blind date with an emerging young, screenwriter and director. It was broad seal billings very last day of film school and he was distracted when he agreed to go on a date with the actress for years. His junior for the day Brad, escorted Rebecca to a screening of student faces, he was providing himself for agreeing to the set up at a time when things were so hectic: but that old dissolved away. When are you open to the door to the beautiful brunette Friday? Was a majorly smitten with Rebecca and soon fell for the wicked sense of humor that tempted for serious thought he understood and so
what had Rebecca S, commitment to her work and her maturity meant that the four year age gap was barely noticeable. Brandon was Rebecca S first, we'll boyfriend, but she wouldn't allow the new romance to get in the way of her work. Spent so much time on set said would often visit and sit with PAM Dawber husband mark where the two would watch the women perform. In March nineteen, ninety seven A long held a dream of Rebecca was realised when she was chosen to be the cover. Go for seventeen magazine, the leading magazine for teenage girls in America. It was one of the most coveted modeling gigs in the country and meant recognition. that Rebecca with somebody to watch. Although she was now a television star, Rebecca was not one for the stereotypical Hollywood lost doll
and her adherence to her jewish faith and was never snapped by the paparazzi and compromising photographs, preferring quiet nights at home. And simple way outdoor trips on the weekends or visits home to Oregon. My sister SAM, continued to write well and the car we're delighted to be told that the show had been renewed for a second season. Robin Bardo videotaped. The Thanksgiving Day parade in which Rebecca Schaefer Guess presented along with them, episode of mice is the same. He also tracked down Rebecca his appearance in the television series, amazing stories and added that today's vote collection, He scoured magazines and newspapers for any mention of Rebecca and if he couldn't steal them, it would use, is make a paycheck to buy them and carry out the articles and peaches
He even got a copy of seventeen magazine, which was targeted. Two girls because Rebecca was on the cover, He read so much about Rebecca that he felt lucky knew her to Robert Rebecca was not a stranger and he folded any so that one day that would be together Unsure of the best address to reach her rabbits, and letters to the studio, Lotta Warner brothers and to Rebecca. since in New York and Washington was. He did receive responses, classy photos of Stalin, sometimes with a signature on them, then he received a photograph of Rebecca with a pay. Symbol went a hot. That said, with love from her.
the fund. I became Roberts. Most treasured possession proved to him that their attraction was mutual. The day he received it. He wrote in his story club. I would like to become famous to impress her Robert taped Rebecca photographer to the walls of his room along with pictures of her. He carefully cut from magazines. He kept the articles, namely tucked away type of photos that he stored safely in a drawer. Soon, his room became a shrine to Rebecca, with barely a spot Many small left uncovered in his heart felt letters. Brother would quite John Lenin, and also right song lyrics of his eye. He told her back. Yeah sensitive, he was assuring shoring hurrying one letter quite on harmless. You could hurt me
He told her how one at the side of my sister same, in which her character yearned for the life of a celebrity, particularly resonated with him. I know what you mean he write to her. His letters were filled with hope of a friendship and hinted that who is interested in more rubber waited patiently for Rebecca to respond to him. After a brief vacation, when the first season of my sister SAM Right, Rebecca Shea. I returned to the studio and continued to spend all of her time on set her work remained her top priority. And her relationship with boyfriend Bradshaw billing suffered as a result. Eventually, the pair decided to split those things between the two remained amicable. Rebecca is fan. Mail was near delivered to her in sacks forwarded to her off to deal
Wait it out any that were rude or offensive Rebecca who wanted to respond personally to wage one, but it was becoming difficult and she had doing less. The hope of a Hollywood fan mail service to ensure Well that H, Ueda got some sort of reply. Usually a mass produced photo with her printed autograph. Rebecca, still received every pace and would try to. respond personally, whenever she could She had a number of stock phrases that she would scroll across the postcard sized publicity shots. Sometimes she would draw hearts or pay symbols. She. bonded to one rambling letter with quote yours. one of the nicest letters offer saved the standard, response, she wrote to fans who took the time to write long letters, even though she didn't have time to read them properly.
Rebecca had become used to Paypal, recognising her and occasionally stopping her in the straight for a chat or nordic graph, sometimes means would try and visit her on the set, but the security nearly always turned them away. In the street I usually didn't bother her with the details. Rebecca dated. Occasionally she was most they alone are to would just soon it at home. Practising go the whole writing poetry then attend a nightclub opening or film premier that ye she moved from Hollywood Hills to North Switzer revenue. rate of nineteen forties era, spacious apartments and sunny courtyards in a quiet neighborhood near the Fairfax District in West Hollywood. The area had a cool, slightly edgy vibe and a mix of he'd been trendy restaurants and quickly shops. There was popular with the industry's up and comments
HU, a comfortable but didn't have the irish thing comes required to live in neighbouring Beverly hills. One of Rebecca S. Neighbours was a handsome chisel jaw, one a Bay Acta whose credit. So, Randy amounted to a feature: sporting Pringles TV, commercial and the sub standard, slasher horror, flake, a young man named Brad Pitt. Rebecca's new apartment was in a small, Tudor style Apartment block the entrance The glass security door on the ground floor, where visitors would press the button of the apartment they wanted and enhanced themselves, buyer in a calm before being buzz din. Rebecca's parents were happy with the move to an area. are they considered safer than the one she had lived in previously.
When Robert bought, I received a new photo of Rebecca in the mail. This one was truly special. She had taken the time to personally right to let him know that she treasure is light. Is she had written? Quite yours is one of the nicest letters offer say: Robert wondered, which letter it had been that elicited the personal response as he had written so many. excited that their relationship had gone to another level, that Rebecca acknowledged their connection and that maybe she was falling in love with him as he had with her. Everyone who came into contact with Robert Good and evil about how amazing Rebecca was, and they all knew The boy had a celebrity crush the border on obsessive in the summer of nineteen, ninety seven
I decided to visit Rebecca said that he could tell her how we felt in person he found Cheapest, greyhound bus ticket for the ten hour journey to California spent the money he had saved from his janitor job on a huge, Teddy Bear and the largest bouquet of flowers he could afford. On June, who Robert nineties way to the one about the studios in bank secure Gods were used to finance arriving at the gates, hoping to meet with their idols, and many of them came bearing gifts. Still, it was an unusual sought to see a teenage boy bustle up to the gate, clutching a ridiculous five foot high Teddy Bear and a huge bunch of flowers When Robert asked to say Rebecca Schaeffer, it was like a lovesick puppy, nervous, but full of hope Although the security guards felt sorry for him, rules were rules,
Fans were not allowed on the lot, while actors were working and Robert was turned away, desperate to be ready in rubbish the security guards. The handwritten note he received from Rebecca and assure them that she would want the same, but they stayed firm. The wounded and upset Robert later. I saw the studio in the shadow of the Arctic Warner Brothers Border Taylor, trying to catch a glimpse of Rebecca, only to be told he missed her when he walked across the street, the boy something to drink. Later. He went on a mission to the Hollywood Hills wondering the winding straits on the lookout for any apartments that matched the description Rebecca had given In an interview with seventeen magazine. Able to find her out of money and needing to turned a work Robert Relax
and we went back home to our resign on people bought at the studio with telephone calls, insisting he be allowed to speak to Rebecca, but they never put him through Brother wondered if Rebecca was becoming arrogant too important to speak to her fans or The studio was simply not passing on he's messages. A month later, brother written And to the Warner Brothers studios with a knife concealed in a bag, the security, It's recognized him as the annoying fan, who was fixated on Rebecca Schaeffer and again they refused to let him in Robert was so persistent that the gods scolded him to the office of their boss. John F anger, the security chief of Warner brothers. Ago, demanded an explanation Robert launched into it. how's, about how much he loved Rebecca Schaefer and that each
I just wanted to give her the Teddy Bear and flowers, but the security guards had stood in his way. Why? the security chief. How far he had come to see her. Egg is heart, went out to the love sick fin to struck him, intelligent and polite, but also overly intense, Though the tale needed a bit of tough love, but all I needed to be far away from Rebecca, here. The chief is good at Robert off the premises and personally drive him back to his rundown Hollywood noto in the car. Had a heart to heart, talking which egg firmly told Robert that it was Tom. He returned to our research on a girl. I drove it to forget about the actress go home and Towards his own Bojangles felt he had done the right thing. Thinking the kid just needed someone to talk to later.
Of course, they go from a pay phone at the bus station on his way out of town, thanking him for the chat until him. He would take his advice, however, The incident was unsettling enough that the head of Security informed the show's production company that Rebecca Schaeffer had a fan who seemed a little haywire,
Yeah with Mickey these two per six deal, you can go to fillet a fish. You can go to crispy chicken sandwiches. You can go to spicy crispy chicken sandwiches, but one thing you can't go: you can't go wrong when you get to Mickey D's faves for just six dollars, get the fillet of fish crispy chicken sandwich for spicy crispy chicken sandwich any two for six dollars, plus any size. Sprite. Just a dollar prices and participation may vary single item at regular price cannot be combined with any other offer or proper meal. Sprite is a registered trademark of the Coca COLA Company, if the production company told Rebecca Schaeffer about rubber, but it didn't Much of an impact on her, She may have told friends in passing about an overly persistent fan. but it wasn't something that the actor sing to dwell upon. it was too busy dealing with a sudden change of fortune in working life
the second half of nineteen ninety seven was not as great for Rebecca as the first half had been the Woody Allen Film she had worked on radio days came out and it seems had been cut. There remained only the briefest glimpse of her in the background, an even greater blow came with the announcement of a scheduling change for my sister SAM. But then the prime Monday evening, time slot. The second season of the sea com would play on Saturday evenings up against the facts of life. a well entrenched and hugely popular show aimed at a similar demographic. The new season started on October three nineteen, eighty seven opening tool smaller audience than the first phase and had enjoyed The next few weeks, writings, to a level so dismal the boy November. The net. I put the show on hiatus while they decided what to do with it.
The cast and crew of mosses to SAM would deeply disappointed. But the show remained in production. Ball decisions were made about its future. In this time the maintenance maintain to a trademark optimism and work ethic, giving the wrong Patio full attention, she still enjoyed personal popularity and recognition and was invited back to coerce the CBS Thanksgiving Parade for the second year running this torn from Detroit Michigan The axe came down in early nineteen, eighty eight and mercy, the same was officially cancelled by Serbia S after episode, ten of season to leaving of remaining episodes on aid. Rebecca Schaeffer was officially out of a job. deflated by his encounter with the security guards at the window. Brothers love relet thought I had trodden
forget about Rebecca Schaeffer, he removed the photographs that adorned his bedroom walls, but didn't throw them away. forgetting about Rebecca, didn't stop Robert from yawning for the celebrity lost all always burning wish to have a fair. Miss and beautiful girlfriend rubber. turned his attention to pop singers, who we thought might be more receptive to him as he was an aspiring musician himself. Pop sensations, Debbie, Gibson and Tiffany was soon on Roberts writer. He can see. Madonna, but then data to be too old. He started writing letters to the pop stars, but none wrote back. He went to a Tiffany concert but noted the heavy security and There was no chance of getting anywhere near Contain eighty eight Robert made the trip in New York City in the hope of Meeting Debbie Gibson. He was again rebuffed
by security guards and unsuccessful in his attempts to mate with his new crush, while he was there rubber is it a spot where marked David Chapman had gone down to one of rubber to form a battle being member John Lennon? Robert, had read a book about the murder and learned that chap Was the son of an air force serviceman just like him and felt lost in the world? Also just like him. rubber found himself relating to a guy. He had previously despised the killing one of his music heroes Mark Chap had been obsessed with a book catcher in the rye, by J D, Selinger and had ripped
Please set off the woods that the book inspired him to carry out the assassination rubber bought a copy of the book for himself trying to determine how it at night. If I did Chapman to kill Lennon, he read it twice, but still couldn't figure it out. Back on rubber borrows erratic behaviour led to some brushes with the law over the next year. was arrested three times on domestic violence and disorderly conduct charges in one, the incidents his brother. old non long. One after Hay and Robert had a dispute over the living room tv which escalated. Into violence both were arrested and his brother maintained that Robert had gone crazy. Robert was never formally convicted for any charges, but after pleading contest after the third arrest,
but was sentenced to an unsupervised cancelling programme, but he never in road and nobody ever followed up on it. Rebecca Schaefer had captivated millions playing the Euro precipice Patty. In my ceased, the sand and, unlike the rest of the cost, she was still very young while The cancellation of her tv show was disappointing. It had certainly not put an end to her career. Rebecca recommenced the reins auditions for film television and theatre. She taught friends that she still harbour dreams of being in a shakespearean play for making the light from tv star to serious film actors. As always, auditions, more often than not ended in disappointment, but at least His name was on the radar with casting agents.
the roles she auditioned for wearing big films from top Hollywood produces, however, she was Quite right for the pot, or someone else was just that bit more suited to it. Rebecca was brief. Considered for the later, although Vivian Ward in romantic comedy pretty woman but was deigned to goes with too much youthful sweetness to be taken seriously for the character Julia Roberts, who eventually landed there all, was only nine days older than Rebecca. The came across. Small wildly Rebecca you that one of the biggest risks for an actor who appeared every week on a popular tv show was the people not say that act. There is any one but the character they play in an attempt To shed the petty association and avoid being taught cost Should Again, to make subtle changes to her appearance that made her look more sophisticated.
Picked up rose in a couple of made for tv movies, so if I throw out of time and drama voyage Tara, the Achille Lauro affair. She was able to satisfy some of her wonder, lost with a voyage of terror in which we work. with Hollywood, Legend, Bert, Lancaster and EVA Moray site, and got to travel to wages for the filming. Rebecca break into a major motion. Movie pitcher came when she was caused the place Adra a spoiled doddering pull back. EL satire scenes from there I struggle in Beverly Hills. The part was small. we're impressed by Rebecca's acting skills, considered a sweetheart to work with. It was a buzz around Rebecca Schaeffer. and her name was on the lips of some of Hollywood's most prominent executives. The twenty
erode, was an up and coming actress in Hollywood and want to watch. Although rubber Bardo had tried to forget Rebecca Schaefer and replace her without a famous women None of these new celebrity crushes ever quite lived up to the sweet, innocent, Rebecca. She was no longer on tv, but that was still occasional tv appearances on talk, shows and interviews in magazines in the She would talk about the rules that she had in forthcoming. Films and Robert noted them carefully any story, so we can be sure to see them ass soon, ass, they came here. He was one of the first. ticket to saints from the class struggle in Beverly Hills when it was released in May one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine as a comedy and he looked forward to Rebecca
crossing her role as a lackey but swayed wholesome teenager. What he saw shocking to the core. The film was edgier than he expected a dark satire and party of soap, operas in the film Rebecca, had a love saying in which he appeared in bed with her coastal Re Shockey based was mild. The sex was clearly implied. Robert innocent image of Rebecca was shattered. He felt she was just like all the others, a quote: Hollywood whore prepared to sleep her way to the top deeply disturbed rubber. When, And right to Rebecca again, his letters took on a more menacing time in one he called her quote: Miss Nudity two shoes.
Nineteen Rebecca was working steadily, but Had to land a role that put her in the spotlight lock my sister SAM, rekindled, her relationship with Brad silberling in the early part of the year and has a two was suing exclusive. The couple celebrated the release of scenes from the class struggle in Beverly Hills, which was popular with both critics in the public and Brad, would sums whose visit Rebecca on the set of the new film. She was working on the end of innocence when they one working day spent their dates with simple hung, cooked moves or cut off on a catch with Rebecca CAT Catherine named after Catherine. Had the couple started discussing the possibility of getting
Rebecca had been brought up to have a social conscience when still at school, she helped her Father child psychologist, Dhaka, Benson Schaefer teach a class for develop mentally disabled. youngsters Cause was thursdays charm. A charity at risk teens and young adults. She donated her and her high profile becoming a spokesperson for the organization and helping out when she could. When she missed the signing event for the charity. Because of filming commitments, she made a personal appeal, and set a girl shelter for the girls, excitedly crowded around two. I should go may sound autographs for all of them, His popularity had not waned despondent, longer being irregular fixture on people's television sets. Two sacks of unanswered female, sat on her lounge room for waiting for Rebecca
a long enough break in her schedule to get around to them. Robert Bartos obsession with Rebecca Schaeffer was re ignited, but it was different now he still loved her, but he believed in new photographs Rebecca, had lost some of her useful sweetness and was looking older and harder. He presume that it's because she was sleeping around and he believed she should be punished for her immorality process. I did that he had failed on his many attempts to made or speak to Rebecca rub it turned to stories of other celebrity stalkers for hints about how they managed to get close to their targets. The people magazine, article provided inspiration, tell the story of raging bull actress, Theresa Saldana, who would Milly Bang building, a frenzied stabbing attack by scottish drifter, author Jackson in nineteen. Eighty two
Jackson had hired a private investigator to get the phone number of the actress's mother, whom he then tricked into giving up, sat down his address Brother bought, I pulled out the yellow pages called the first property investigator listed for Tucson. I investigated they told him they could find anyone, but it would cost at least two hundred and fifty dollars Robert Russell through his mega possessions. Looking for things, you could pull in or sell the next day he sold two guitars about twenty compact discs and an amplifier which provided him with enough money to pay the property investor Gaita have enough left over for a greyhound bus ticket to LOS Angeles on June one nineteen, nine Robert.
said the door of aims at the gate is putting a folder containing several letters and a closer photograph of smiling Rebecca Schaefer. The X Aid to the investigator, the Rebecca was an old friend with whom he had corresponded in the past, but they had lost touch when she moved here ass He wanted her new address, so we could send her a gift presented as an ordinary teenager who held down a job and had lived with his parents in the address in the area for several years. More importantly, he had two hundred and fifty dollars in cash ready to pay for a job that would take a few phone calls in the cost. A couple
box. The investigator happily accepted, rub it as a client and promised him the information as soon as possible, but rather didn't know, was that anyone in California could ring the Department of motor vehicles and for a nominal fake, get someone's drove his license details, including their address. He could have done it himself and saved the two hundred and fifty dollars if he had known the sea She left the office the investigator, putting a call to contact in order to analyse the ways we got Rebecca Shavers current address. I investigators, provided then your client with the information and the simple business transaction was settled. At the beginning of July, Rebecca Shavers agent code with news that could once again change the young woman's life.
legendary Hollywood director, Francis for Cobler, when it heard a word dish and for the third instalment of the Godfather trilogy the part. Mary Corleone favorite daughter of the head, the mafia family and a pivotal role in the godfather part. Three Fold Coppola had considered multiple actresses, including Julia Roberts and Madonna, but hey believe Rebecca Schaefer was the one who was right In the pot, it was the sort of role that could catapult the twenty one year old out of the Baylis and writing to avi. Celebrity fame. Working with one of the most famous directors in the world would open up endless possibilities for a young actress. After he received Rebecca shape, his address from the private investigator Robert Bardo had another stop tonight at nineteen. He was too young to lake.
purchase a firearm in Arizona where the legal age limit was twenty one. Robert enlisted, the help of his older brother EDGAR. The two young men entered Johnson's firearms and breast. The guns on display rubber pointed out a three fifty seven Magnum and told the salesman knows the one he wanted. although it should have been obvious, the Hampton, was being purchased for the underwrite Robert and thus another go purchase. This, Spain allowed a good boy with no questions asked. Robert write, a letter to his sister in Tennessee, in whom he sometimes confided
I told her of his love for Rebecca Schaeffer, adding quote if I can have her. No one can. On July, fifteen Robert Bardo was disturbed by the noise of a party across the street. His neighbors were holding a fifteenth birthday party for their daughter, Robert marched over the road screaming and swearing telling the party I was to go back to Mexico. When I failed to respond, he screamed if you guys shut up, I'm going to get my three hundred and fifty seven magnum and shoot you that Noah rub it true, a diagram of Rebecca Schaeffer's buddy in the box spots, where he plans to shoot her He listens to music by RES Rock band U2, specifically the song exit, the second to last song on the band's one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven album the Joshua Tree.
He listened to the lyrics that sang of heavy pistols and invading love, and he became convinced. You too was telling him what he needed to do. Robert Right Rebecca another letter before booking a ticket on another, not greyhound bus before he left Robin apologize to his neighbor fairies, threatening outburst. He packed these copy of catcher in the rye and Andy's gun and left to board the bus. On the evening of Monday July, seventeen Rebecca Schaefer hosted a gathering for her grandfather. Seventy first birthday. It was not going to be alive,
finish is our grandfather was rarely out for a big knot, but, even more importantly, Rebecca had to be fresh for an eleven edition. The following morning for the godfather part, three Rebecca's parents called from Oregon to ensure he passed on their birthday wishes and to wish her luck than the audition. They ended the cool, as they always did, H, towing, the other. I love you at seven p, DOT M thought I bordered announcing our greyhound bus in Tucson Band for LOS Angeles. After a restless, not the bus arrived to union station in life. in the early hours of Tuesday morning July, eighteen, rubber, didn't pack a change of clothes, So when the bus arrived to allay is yellow shirt was crazed and his hair disheveled.
The terminal was some way from the address the investigator had given him and he couldn't afford a cab, but Robert was adept at public transport and had been to well. I enough times to know the bus routes he jumped on a city. Bus headed west Robin arrived at North Switzer Avenue and made his way along the sunny trade law industry to Rebecca address the what building looked like a child. Imagine and rub it wasn't sure he had the right place. He read into the Manila Father. He was carrying and pulled out the photograph the Rebecca had sought to him rather began accosting passes by trusting the photograph of Rebecca under their noses and asking if they knew where the woman in the pitcher lived after being ignored. Robert trusted, he had the right address after all and pressed on the buzzer to Rebecca shave, his apartment.
Rebecca Schaefer woke early on the morning of Tuesday July. Eighteen, there was the day of the biggest edition of her career. So far, the script for the godfather part three would be delivered to her apartments, sometimes that morning, couriered over by the studio shortly before her audition, as was customary for major films. As luck would have, it The intercourse to Rebecca Apartment building was broken and she would have to go downstairs to answer the door that led to the street while she waited. She called her boyfriend brought to ask him about the new screenplay. He had been hired to rot bread. Didn't pick up so she left a message on his answering machine
when Robert body sounded the buzzer to Rebecca S apartment. He didn't know the machine was busted and that Rebecca would appear in person at the glass security due to grating. When she appeared dost octane blurted out that he was a number one fan whilst holding up the sound photograph he had of her Rebecca small. Currently, commented that it was clever of him to find out where she lived, but it wasn't appropriate for him to come to her house. I appreciate you coming, but please don't return she requested. As she shook his hand. Please take care. She said before closing the door
Rebecca returned to her apartment to shower and get ready the phone rang and she's by briefly to bride, who had returned her coal and wanted to wish him luck for the audition, knowing how important it was to her Rebecca addition. Outfit was, namely lay down on the bed ready for her to change into just before going to her mating. Brother Robert, I walked away from Rebecca Schaeffer's apartment block, shaken
And disarm without lovely she had been to him realising he had maiden since boarding pass the night before he retreated to a nearby Dinah genes, restaurant on Beverly Boulevard, where he ordered onion rings and a chase cake. He pulled out the copy of catcher in the raw and wondered again about Chapman calmly rating it at a cafe table just like the one. He was that after shooting John Lennon, he rang his sister in Tennessee and when she answered he, I quote on the block. In a half away from Rebecca Shave, his house, he told her, he was on a mission to stop Rebecca forsaking, her innocent image and becoming a quote for an accounting screen whole. But he didn't say what that mission would entail. As he finished his meal Robin felt. A cassette tape
the photo that he had meant to give to Rebecca it contained samples of his music songs that he had written about her and which he had meant to give her. Along with the last letter he had written, he had been too flustered by the encounter and had forgotten to do Rebecca had told Robert not to come back, but he needed her to hear easily ericsson, rabies words rub it decided to return to Rebecca S, apartment. at ten fifteen. I am. He rang the buzzer too his apartment for the second time moments later Rebecca, repeat, repeated the door in her bathrobe
Upon realizing, it was Robert disturbing her once again she greeted her teeth and glared at him. She said he came to my door again. You're wasting my time reaching into the Manila photo rubber replied. I forgot to give you this, but instead of pulling out he's got said. Take he pulled out three. Fifty seven magnum stepping forward Roma Crap, Rebecca Forum says she couldn't slammed the door shot or move away, Rebecca his eyes. Widened has rubber pointed the hang down at a chest. His finger was already squeezing the trigger, as she screamed why why, as Rebecca crumpled to the ground on the doorstep, rather briefly consider turning the gun on himself and falling on top of her instead,
He ran discarding the gun, his yellow shirt and his copy of catcher in the rye nearby Rebecca's neighbors startled by the screams and the sound of gunfire fans Rebecca lying on her back in the doorway, the patch of blood spreading across her chest, neighbors called emergency services and as they waited for the ambulance, one neighbor pressed towels into her wound, hoping to stop the bleeding. An ambulance rushed Rebecca to a hospital, but within thirty minutes of her arrival, Rebecca Schiff had passed away. When news of Rebecca slaying hit, the press, Robert Body, ceased contacted a friend in the Tennessee highway patrol to tell them.
She was sure that her little brother was the copper. Her friend contacted LOS Angeles police and by two I am authorities had a name of a problem suspect, but no one be wearing. what they believing he may have returned home. The LAPD notified police in Arizona players. Morning to Sun TV news reporter James Waiter, ever a report on his part.
Scanner that a dirty and dishevelled man was running into free way, traffic in what looked like a suicidal game of chicken grabbing. He's cameramen, waiter, attended the sane and saw a young man behaving a radically, perhaps drunk or stone, but definitely disoriented. When police apprehended the man waiter describe these manner and the look on his face has reminiscent of Vincent than Austria is a betrayal of the tortured and unstable character. Profit Leonard Alliance in the film full metal jacket with his head, how low and his eyes locked up would in a blank terrifying stare upon his arrest
Robert Bardo was passive and polite to everyone. He tell believes he thought he deserved door because Rebecca was dead. He told them where they could find his gun, shirt and he's copy of catcher in the raw tossed onto a roof of a re, have centre in an alley way right. Knee Rebecca S, home. Robert Bardo was charged with the murder of Rebecca Schaeffer. He was nineteen years old. Robert Bardo had no hope of posting the million dollar bail and Was remanded in custody in the sensitive nature of two white very strong, he agreed The way is right to be heard by a jury and opted for a bench trial before a judge, a lie in return for the state not seeking the death penalty, robots attorney, employed, many preacher,
I'll tactics to have the case, throw NEA and was newly successful in having his extradition to California declared unlawful but ultimately file. Such antics delayed the commencement of the troll until October naughty naughty one more than two years after the murder. That trial Roberts attorney argued that he was not guilty by reason of insanity. Defence defense arranged arranged Robert to be interviewed by a psychiatric to specialized in celebrity stalkers, and that doctor declared Robin Schizophrenic is Jonas, led him to shoot Rebecca Schaeffer. The defence painted a picture of a mentally or child who had been neglected, boys, parents, the mental health system and the courts.
He's the boy applied, the video recording of his own account of the shooting Robert Hung, his head and prestige clenched fists, ivories ease on the type Rubato said. Quite she had this kid voice sounded like Little brat hole. Something said I was wiping. I told him. Why think I told him no matter what I thought. That was a very callous thing to say to a fan. You know but grab the door down still in the bag, but grab it by the trio I'll come around and Coppell and she's locked screaming screaming. Why and it's locked
I got the Robert sat motionless through most of the trial, but sprang to life when new to song exit was played in court is part of the defense case. Robert claimed, the lyrics had told him that he should shoot Rebecca as the song played through the loudspeakers. He grinned bobbed to the music rock in his chair, drummed, his hands on his leg and smiling melt. The. It is the weighing heavy. The defence argued that there was no doubt the robber body had killed Rebecca Schaefer, but that he should I be found guilty of second degree murder, which would mean a sentence of around eight ease, the Funny said that Robert had returned to Rebecca his apartment in order to give her the Cosette type and a letter enter diamond,
Not her on impulse when she had been married to him several witnesses, including studio, security. Chafed John ECHO and the private investors who said Robert. The actresses address testified that rubber scented is intelligent and lucid. After three weeks of listening to testimony on both sides, the superior court judge rejected. Defence argument, a Robert was too mentally ill to pray. Meditate, murder, rubber body was convicted of first the Gray MOTA, with special circumstance of lying in white, which meant a mandatory sentence of laws with no chance of parole.
As body was being escorted out of the court room, Rebecca mother, Dana he's Didion quote: have a wonderful time in jail, Rebecca boyfriend, broad sibling added. Quite your cowardice is going to haunt you for the rest of your life. Hundreds of moon is attended. The funeral for Rebecca Show it's held at a cemetery in Portland Oregon, her casket was adorned with what blue and purple flowers boyfriend, Brad sibling broke down in tears, calling Rebecca or a sparkling so whom he had hoped to marry. Her father Benson said of his only child. I Rebecca borough, always thinking of you, we will always
and give you Rebecca shape, is death reverberated around Hollywood. Until then, entertainer in the spotlight. We're told that the occasional unhinged fan was to be expected in their lawn at work, and there was little that they could do about it. After the death of the young rising star, Hollywood was determined that something had to be done about it. Rebecca mood, I became the catalyst for creation of delay, pay days, threat management unit, which was the United States. First learn Foresman, muted, specifically specializing in stalking cases soon after in ninety ninety California, past America's first anti stalking law making certain patents threatening behaviour a criminal offence. A law was also passed that restricted the department of motor vehicles from releasing the home address of individuals on its data base.
The law has since provided recourse for celebrity, such as Madonna, Michael J, Fox, Jerry, Ryan and David. Let him in. Ali would studios beginning gauging threat management experts in scrutinised the fan mail directed at their stalls. More carefully he deemed unusually obsessive were passed on to the police. Experts agreed that obsessive declarations of love were usually more dangerous than threatening communications. the role destined for Rebecca of Mary Corleone in the godfather part threatening seemed to be cursed after ribbon, his death when owner RADA was cost but had to pull out on doctor's orders of the suffering from exhaustion and their respective tree infection. Having just finished making three film is back to back.
frantic for a last minute replacement Francis Ford Coppola cast his own daughter Sophia The film never reached the success or admiration of its record breaking award winning predecessors with Sophia's acting performance, criticised by some. Rebecca Schaefer's parents became active and vocal advocates for gun control becoming It is in Oregon's gun control movement worked hard on the gun bills. Lobbying for the Brady Bill an ACT of Congress that mandated federal background checks on people wishing to buy a firearm and imposed a five day waiting period on purchases Benson Schaefer said quite getting involved with the gun control. Is you helped us to focus our anger. In two thousand seventeen Dana Shaffer aged seventy four premier,
A one woman show dedicated to her daughter, called you in MID air elegy for a daughter in Dana held nothing back he walked the audience through the painful ordeal of losing her only child, including getting the news Washington, LOS Angeles, visiting the morgue attending the high profile trial into lighter, seeking therapy the show also featured tender moments of lighthearted humor, very much a reflection of the joy and spirit of Rebecca herself and the positivity she radiated. On the day after Rebecca Shavers murder, the grating pair.
set on the floor of her LOS Angeles apartment and began sifting through the two sacks of unread female that they thought I'd previously moved to one so I'm hoping to get around to it lighter they found two letters: one cent in nineteen, ninety six and the other in nineteen, eighty, seven but
with a name, Robert Bardo Pale and shaking Benson and Dennis Schaefer, read both letters searching for anything that would give them answers, but the teenage author is Missy. He brought in contain during the vague rambling prose that detailed, his adoration and worship of their daughter, Rebecca the and now a best fiends affirmation,
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