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Case 98: The Pillow Pyro

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On the night of October 10 1984, a fire broke out at Ole’s Home Centre in South Pasadena that claimed the lives of four victims – Ada Deal, Matthew Troidl, Carolyn Kraus and Jimmy Cetina. Glendale arson investigator John Orr suspected the blaze had been deliberately lit, but his theory was dismissed and the fire was ruled a tragic accident. ---  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched and written by Elsha McGill Additional editing by Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-98-the-pillow-pyro
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The shy nights for this episode on Europe or on our website. It was relatively quiet on the night of October, tenth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four at Ollie's home center I won. Upon where shop like hated in South Pasadena, California, only still consisted of a nineteen thousand square foot building situated in any outdoor shopping, plaza on the corner of Fairfax Avenue and State Street traffic trafficked intersection, was in the northern neighborhood of Raymond Hill. A quiet supper, With panoramic views across Pasadena and enable, cities, seeing San Marino and LOS Angeles, the store was usually busy with a constant stream of customers. Being for building gardening and time improvements, applause supplies, but on that evening, the oils were near empty as most People were home in front of the tv
eagerly waiting for the World Series baseball game between the Detroit TIGERS and San Diego Padres. To begin, around. Seven thirty p m Billy indicted deal arrived at all these with their two and a half year old, green son, Matthew Toy too. There were stopped by the store to pick up a few things and it promised Matthew that would trading to annoy screen just as soon as I finish, shopping upon entering always ADA placed Matthew into a shopping. Molly and began navigating the lodge storing Tirana. Shop, was divided into multiple departments, lined with allows the floor to ceiling shelving. abundantly stocked with tools paint electrical home ways. and other home Hardway merchandise. Bill deal gradually separated from his wife and grandson venturing towards the other side of the store at around
I p an eighteen year old, always employ a gym. Optum was nearing the front of the shop when he noted The pillar of dock smoke emanating from one of the display rags. He didn't. Notice any flames, but the smoke was quickly. Growing thicker and darker. rushed down the aisles alerting customers, and advising everyone to make their way outside full of other staff members on shift that evening to translate and apostille evacuation message to anyone lagging behind. Billy deal was on the opposite side. the building to his wife and grandson? When he first heard someone yell fire, he looked across the Store, I was shocked to say on this cloud of smoke fast approaching, He couldn't say IDA, Roy Young, Matthew, anywhere and within moments. The smoke became so thick and dark tat. He couldn't say a thing.
every time, Billy Yoda at eight, his name, the smoke filled his lungs, making it difficult for him to breathe. Billy had no choice but to make a break for the exit and desperately his wife and grandson had already made it safely outside across the other side of the store, All these employ age mocked him pass. Data deal pushing Matthew when the shopping trolley and worn They needed to leave you. Headed towards the front exit turning around the czech evader and Matthew were behind him when suddenly, the black pillar of smoke transformed into a blazing waterfall out those designed to contain fire within certain departments of the store automatically dropped down from the ceiling and the electricity Korea making, impossible to say a thing panicked. Jim Doktor loaded, the ground holding his breath and food. he's. Why I long the walls until
Finally, like I did the far exit in the back corner of the hardware apartment he burst out, sought desperately gasping for air when the cool night air hit him Jim felt the full force of what had just happened his skin blazed rule with second and third, the great burns when I touched his wounded on skin, fell off. as the far intensified inside the store The remaining employees and customers race towards the emergency exit at the back of the electrical department, the wave of fire roared behind them that momentous spade, as they ran I shall never occurred. Flash Drive is a widely regarded as one of the most dangerous and dreaded things that can occur during a fire of such magnitude.
When certain organic materials are hated to extreme temperatures. The release flammable gases that can who was an entire room to instantly burst into fight, always sent out was only three blocks away from this year. Pesa Dana fire station said the sheep in clauses surrounding parking lot, was quick to fill with fire engines desperately trying to get the blaze under control. As more firefighters arrived to attack the inferno. Billy deal frantically searched the parking lot for his wife and grants. hoping they made it out safely. Neighbouring apartment complexes were evacuated, as the billowing smoke filled it inside. A red cross. Shelter was established in the adjacent Pasadena WAR Memorial Building, where the one hundred evacuates were provided with emergency assistance in the chaos that was determined that for people
to all these employees, Carol crass in Jimmy Setina into customers were unaccounted for. Billy deal would soon learn. That is why faded and grandson Matthew, whether to customers missing the always home center, and took one hundred and twenty five LOS Angeles firefighters until midnight to get it under control. They battle dangerous conditions. Accessible When Nellie an acre aversion collapsed. Completely drafting access to the store and eliminating the possibility of entering to save anyone trapped inside the fire.
continued to burn out until the early hours of the morning, leaving nothing but a pile of ash and the The California is ranked as the U S state most prone to wildfire with two million households at extreme risk at any time The state is saying some of the most devastating fires in american history risk is highest in the state, central and southern regions, with the
the surrounds. The LOS Angeles countryside contains tough leathery leaves and It's all natural oils that are highly flammable combine this with a mediterranean climate driveway escape drought, just and vegetation as well as that, strong Santa Anna Winds, blowing from the rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada Desert- and you have the perfect recipe for disaster we are to protect residents and property of millions of dollars spent annually on the California Department of Forestry and fire protection. Still HIV thousands of fires destroyed, hundreds of thousands of acres with subs when damages in the hundreds of millions of dollars wildfires can spark from a variety of sources from lightning to power lines, These accidental causes are rightly responsible for a very low percentage of fires. The law
majority a generated by Paypal summer out from unattended campfires erratic burning. debris? glaringly discarded cigarettes. However, many more turning out to be deliberate acts of arson. Throughout the early nineteen nineties, a wave of wildfires swept through central and southern California signal. Secondly, increasing the need for stricter fire control fires. Numbered in the thousands destroying hundreds of thousands of acres and wrecking at monumental damage bills, he'll brush within within the Glendale region in the state South will widespread within to get his estimating that at least eighty percent were deliberately Lynn. a majority of the five took place within the ethical one area of Cherry Chase canyon in the sand. Refilled heels allowed cow
boasts impressive, real estate on significant blocks of land, luckily most burnt out or were contained before any significant damage occurred. The problem was endemic enough for the Glen Doubtful Department to realise higher precautions and greater resources when needed at the time local police, handled all Lawson cases for the city of Glinda. But with this right, in spite of deliberately lit flies. The fight Department wanted to develop a specialised ass, an investigation unit and appoint to full time Best together would go to that the department was looking to hire a dedicated ass, an investigator who would report the right to the head of the Fire Prevention Bureau, despotic a great career move. The position. Didn't Ghana, much interest amongst firefighters, as a standard? More luck, police work, how
There was one applicant in particular who stood out as a desirable candidate for the position and then Glenn Glendale's by Prevention unit named John Lennon. John all was a determined and tenacious man who took fire control. Incredibly seriously, After serving in the United States AIR Force, his dream what's the join, the LOS Angeles police Department the filing the entrance exam. He settled for it, job as a department store Security Guard where he thrived at detecting shoplifters, turn and to establish a respected career in any area of law enforcement or emergency services. John was accepted. into the Glendale Fire Academy in nineteen. Seventy four, where he successfully passed the training program to become a full fledged boy
Early thirties John had made a name for himself with the impassioned and sometimes unconventional approach she took towards catching residents, who recklessly of did their weight abatement responsibilities here, It's a rare breed of Firefox, he's. Real passion seem to lie with police work. during the Glendale fire Spray John. was highly regarded for his dedication to his role within the fire prevention unit, diligent and taught working always made the effort to attend and examine the scene of fires within its jurisdiction. Regardless of whether or not he was officially on duty. Who was at the side of one of the glowing dial hillside fires with John discovered, an incendiary delay device made from cigarettes and a matchbook
incendiary delay devices contraption specifically designed to start a fire while leaving enough time for the arsonists flayed the same Jones Discovery was impressive, The glinda I'll fire Department had failed to locate any evidence of us and that the hillside fires up until that point burning, Jonah began allied when it came to I'm told point of full time ass, an investigator John or was the obvious choice. John was thrilled with his motion and took on his new responsibilities with gusto, he loved the Problem solving elements that came with investigative work as it made him feel like policeman. He'd always longed to be. Nineteen, eighty two and cool in the American Fire Journal reported that since the inside Should have Glenn dials Ass, an investigation unit asking Kay
Susan Glendale, but they included at a right twenty one percent higher than the national average. This was great record some of the work John was doing and encourage came to work even harder. The job of an Austin investigator he's particularly challenging awesomest sanatorium a difficult to catch as they typically act alone and a quick to flee the scene of their crimes. Evidence that could be recovered from a crime scene, is usually destroyed in the fire. without a reliable witness or tv footage. The chances of Then the finest aspect as for him in it's a succeed in an ass, an investigation, Raul one needs. To profoundly understand the traits of an arsonist and the motivation, and behind their crimes that he's Korea John or started conducting his own,
research into the mindset and behavior of awesomeness and pyromaniacs. his credibility grew. He used his experience to educate others. His opinion became so widely respected that he had several articles published in esteem, the industry, publications and he's inside, was often requested at the scene of arson fires outside of his jurisdiction. It was seven hundred and forty five p dot m on October tenth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. When John Wall was requested to attend at the aftermath of a small gray tile for the debris Kenyatta at the Albertson's market store in Pasadena upon inspection, Ten into the fire had been intentionally started in Iraq of potato chip bags, with the The oil and flammable packaging combined to create the perfect fuel After finishing his investigation, John
his way home is rare. looking through Raymond he'll, ensure Pesa Dana, where he noticed the chaos unfolding on fairer. Seventy, where all these homes centre was ablaze, although John wasn't prepared with any of these fire fighting equipment, he stopped to offer his assistance the scene was a hive of activity as over one hundred firefighters fought the monstrous inferno. John stood back is to not disrupt these colleagues and began. Taking photos of dissent. Imagery of law, five was a useful asset for training seminars to show just how quickly, if I can expand to engulf a building South Pesa, Dana's fire chafed, Jean Marie was assuming command of the always fire when he was notified that another re tell fire was in progress at funds market, just three blocks away: the always fall required chief marries full attention so up
spotting John or Mary, asked the Glenda I lost lastly investigator to help him out by heading to Vaughan's market, to conduct an investigation on his behalf, John obliged The pony inspecting the scene at Vaughan's market he determined to if the fire had also been intentionally lead in a rack of potato chip bags The fire I really already Albertsons market I both retail fires, were contained before any serious damage occurred. The similarities and close proximity led John to suspect the cereal Lassen S was active in the area. Afterwards, John Return, to the always homes and our boys, which by morning consumed the entire building fifty, rod aided deal and her two Euro grandson Matthew, Troy, don't never made it here the rapid and relentless fire had claimed their lives. Along with the law.
of to always employees seventeen year old, high school student and talented baseball player, Jimmy Cetina She wrote married mother of two Caroline Crass investigators entered the remnants of the building to begin the difficult task of locating the bodies of the four freedoms in trying determine what caused the catastrophic blaze sergeant. At Palmer from the arson and explosives unit of the LOS Angeles County, Sheriff's department was designated to lead. The investigation The universe always employees to gain an understanding of the layout of the store and learn where the smoke could first Bank spotted One hundred and forty investigation Palmer, suspected that an electrical shorting in the building's attic was the likely source of the fire. He determined the combust.
Materials within the store had worked is powerful fuel. Turning the blaze disaster Jonas, expressed concern that sergeant Palmer's investigation was moving too fast and believed more time should be then to consider all possible causes, including arson. John spent seven hours conducting his own investigation of the same thorough examining the damage and considering. Far as possible point of origin. sergeant Palmer's conclusion, John Suspect. The fire could have originated from appall of highly combustible Polly Farm products he base. This is on several other ass and fires that have occurred in the great at LOS Angeles area. Over the past few years, given to market fires that have broken out near by on the same, not John Org,
pressed his opinion that the always fire could have been started by Syria Lassen S despite, Jonas Theory ass Palmer was leading the investigation he made. The final call much to mustard Disappointment Palmer, the fire is accidental and the case was closed. John or complained about the always investigation ruling to Dennis Foot and ask me as together from the LOS Angeles Fire Department. John Was not someone whose opinions on the matter could be easily dismissed? His career we spent conducting research into us in profiling He had a unique understanding of the mind of an arsonist which he perceived to be far more complex than that of a simple vandal.
In one article published in the American Fire Journal about the habits of serial arsonists, John wrote quote the fire becomes a friend they can relate to their fires, bring it Jim friends, admiration as heroes and self esteem like a drug addict one good school. Leads to the desire for another Johns delivered innovative insights into the motivations of cereal fire status. He's training session were popular amongst these peas, providing we will inform nation and techniques on how to identify this unique taught the perpetrator and prove conduct when inspecting scenes of suspected arson. So when John or told Dennis Foot he's belief that the always homes and ablaze could have been started, but
same Polly, philosophise that it struck throughout LOS Angeles over the past four years, foot had a little reason to doubt John suspicions. Dennis Foot was familiar with the polish farmers and fires. John was referencing as he had attend at the scene of one of them. There, found the remnants of an incendiary delight device amongst the debris, the device. Consisted of a cigarette but with three matches attached to it by a rubber band. This kind of device is designed to give the arsonist plenty of time to flay the same as the cigarette takes about fifty minister burn down before ignoring the matches and setting fire to any flammable material in the vicinity. when such a device is recovered its red. too fond of full fingerprint or any other information that can be used to what then afford the arsonists.
Few days after the always disaster and mine fire erected in the Polish Sejm section of a hardware store seventeen miles away in North Hollywood. After learning this fire Dennis Football I am increasingly intrigued by John was theory that a serial arsonist was still active in the community foot. Interested in rain Vesta guiding the all these incidents. But the buildings charred remain, had seen Spain almost completely cleared by a wrecking company two months after the tragic fire that claimed for lives another always home Santa located in nearby passive Dana had a scare of its own, a member of staff and a part. we burned incendiary device in Nepal of policing the device which system of cigarette and three matches band together with a rubber band, had been widely seemed, but failed to ignore.
Given that the South Pasadena always fire had officially been ruled accidental. The two always fires were not linked. On January 13th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven Ossining To guide us from all over the state made their way to Fresno city. Two hundred and twenty miles, north of LOS Angeles, California prince of arson investigators, a range of topics Relating to different aspects of law enforcement and far investigation would be covered during the three day seminar two hundred We two are ten days gathered for the event, including, arson investigators, firefighters, insurance, investigators, lawyers and Is it the police force as the Saving of the conference was under way,
employee at a nearby pharmacy Payless drugs noticed smoke, rising from a pall of sleeping bags. within moments, the display burst into flames. the store's interior was fitted with overhead sprinklers, which were quickly activated promptly. Extinguishing the blaze the following day, the Hancock Fabrics Craft store located directly across the street from less drugs experience design fire emergency Customer noticed smoke rising up in the northwest corner of the building before it erupted into violent flames quickly spread along the walls and ceiling. The store was evacuated. And shoppers and employees watched in shock as the building turned into a blazing inferno one was seriously hurt, but the shop was opened Completely destroyed:
The point of origin for the Hancock Fabrics fallout was identified as a storage bin filled with starphone pellets, typically used for stuffing I was in beanbags invest The gate is conducted, a diligent search of the remains scattered an incendiary delight device made from a partially burned cigarette, with three matches attached to it by a rubber band. As far as now, investigators pointed the link between the fires and pay less drugs and Hancock fabrics. A third I was reported to authorities. One occurred at another craft retail outlet, passive fabrics, just a block away from the previous fires. Ass, a fabrics employee noticed, burn mock scorched into the wall, behind it being filled with foam pillows, and when I looked inside
and an incendiary device made from a cigarette matches and a rubber band. That was sheer luck that the fire had anguished itself before causing any destruction, then on the final morning of the California Conference of arson investigators. A fourth fire broke out this time in the town have to worry about an hour's drive southeast of Fresno at Forty five am, Fire arose in a display of sleeping bags, said the outdoor adventure towel store surplus city, just forty five minutes later at the family, bargain center through Store So until airy, an employer noticed smoke coming from a wooden display been filled with fine pillows. The store manager quickly extinguished. The fire found at the bottom
The been was a partially burned cigarette taught the two matches and yellow no paper with a rubber band despite the similarities, the fires, Into Larry and Fresno, when not immediately linked most California, Cities are equipped with their own fire department solely responsible for handling emergencies within their designated region. Therefore, They are not made immediately aware of fires occurring in differing jurisdictions when a third central, Valley City was struck. The connection between the attacks He needs to go unnoticed after the two Larry attacks, the fight Department in Bakersfield, a city, an hour's drive south with someone to the arts and craft door craftsmen at two p m.
A staff member noticed flames flickering in a display been full of drawing materials used for making floral arrangements. The employees, prompt observation and the quick thinking of the store manager, the fire swiftly, put it up with a fire extinguisher. Bank is filled fire department. Captain Marvin Casey arrived to the cross. My sane and immediately examined the charred display been He didn't under the white powder left by the fire extinguisher. He found an incendiary divorce. A cigarette bought three matches rubber band, the partially singed shade of yellow notebook paper. There was a significant discovery, as a large section of the notebook paper was still intact wearing gloves, and using a pair of toys is Casey carefully.
Play stage pace of the device into evidence, envelopes and sealed them shot. Only thirty minutes after the cross, my boy, is the biggest filled fire department was alluded to a second emergency and yet another he caught fabric store Daphne and I heard a hissing noise coming from a display been filled with fine rabbit, batting, almost immediately to being a rapid into blue fines, which quickly spread The war and triggered the ever had sprinklers then moving Casey was in a state of disbelief when he arrived in the same too far as occurring in Bakersfield Retail craft stores within an hour of one. Another was unheard of. He believed It was too unusual to be a mere coincidence. Suspecting the spray was the work of a serial arsonist.
That wasn't until Casey spoke to investigate is in France know that he learned of the almost identical Larsen attacks that have taken place days prior in France now and on the same. into Larry DNA with age attack was exactly the same. Retail stores were targeted With the fires started by matching incendiary devices placed within highly flammable products, suggesting that all fires had been started by the same offender. Given the alleged crimes occurred over multiple California jurisdictions, the case was assigned to federal law enforcement, specifically the Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and firearms- luck, no stars in attacks there was very little evidence and no suspects said the case presented a challenge. Although several incendiary devices were recovered, the only promising
of evidence was the near intact, remains of the one found on the scene of the biggest filled cross, my fire as you Was the only one that held hopes of returning a fingerprint. incendiary divorce was sent to undergo testing. Surprisingly, a viable fingerprints, was found on one of the pieces of yellow note paper attached to the device the print was. and through the criminal database, but failed to return a match confirming the arsonist didn't, have a criminal record with the anode Fight fingerprint leading nowhere the arson invest, geisha offices from bag is filled Fresno until Larry started, focusing on whether there could be any signals, the locations of the attacks. targeted was along highway. Ninety nine, a major state highway that runs North South stretching almost The entire length of the central Valley in
the guy, is considered the likely possibility. The arsonists used hallway ninety nine as their react to wage target starting in France. Now then travelling Southwood stroking it to Larry, then Bakersfield. The sprit was made all the more remarkable given its proximity to the California Conference of arson investigators occurring in Fresno. Whether time captain loving Casey developed the theory that the arsonists may have purposely targeted the area because of the conference Hey suggested. The affair, It could be someone with a personal vendetta against the firefighter or someone with it. Bert knowledge of fires and delight devices who wanted to play the investigators for fools. He even considered the chilling possibility. The offender may have attended the conference in some capacity propelled by this theory, Casey contacted the Fresno conference facilitator and obtain them
Most of all two hundred and forty two a ten days. He cross reference, this waste against nature, ten days play Employment determining those who would have had to drive southward Dan, hallway, ninety nine, to return home from the conference passing directly through to Larry and debate is filled along the way. Knowing that ask nests, solitary creatures. He also can how many of those at ten days were traveling alone after crossing out the names of those who didn't fit. This description, only fifty five Names remained case. Presented his theory and the fifty five names to the bureau. Alcohol, tobacco and firearms team, but it was not well received. The especially since assigned to the case, where uncomfortable with the idea of viewing the well respected conference at ten days as suspected criminals and soon
I'm married in proceeding with an inquiry is Harry, was dismissed and with no other lady. The investigation hit a dead end and the case went cold. In March nineteen. Ninety nine another. an investigation conference took place in Pacific Grove, a notion a city in Monterrey, canny on California, is West Coast at ten days, looked forward to the conference, not just for the event itself, but because the wrath two Pacific Grove took travellers through areas of striking beauty, exclusive golf courses and a charming say so it attends. Many participants chose to extend their trip for a few extra day to make the most of the journey on the evening.
If not three, two days before the conference was scheduled to begin a fire broke out in the back corner of Cornet variety store in Morro Bay, a coastal one hundred and forty five miles south of Pacific Grove flames. From a ball of fire pillows before being promptly extinguished by a quick thinking, sales clerk, The following day in the city of Salinas known to him. possessed from Pacific growth, a Woolworth's father dawn. Variety store was significantly damaged by fire that it started in the stores bedding section, no further flies were reported until March noise. The day after the conference, a retail fire spray hid several towns along Conway, one, I one a major north to south postal road that links the San Francisco Bay area to the greater LOS Angeles region. The stores
I'll get it included, Pacific came improvements, costs to coast hardware and a second Cornet variety store the city of a task a day for a two hour drive south from Pacific Grove. Each of these four eyes were started within various fine, rubber and plastic products, but it then quickly, extinguished, no consistent witness reports were provide I and, and only one piece of worthwhile evidence was recovered. The charred remains of begins And the airy device found by an employee at Pacific came improvements. It consisted of a cigarette three matches and yellow note paper tied together with a rubber band.
Soon. After these events, a fire was reported. A twenty minute drive south in San Luis Obispo. At the potty exchange of retail, store, selling gifts, decorations and party supplies displays was far more destructive completely destroying the building investigators suspected the fire had been deliberately laid inside a pall of packing material when word of the central coast, fire spray spread throughout the Austin Invest. the geisha community. Captain Marvin Casey couldn't believe what he was hearing. He immediately noticed the similarities between the current spray and to the central valley spray from two years prior with life. With deliberately late inside retail stores in Fresno to Larry and Bakersfield. Both sides grace occurred within the vicinity of Ennasin Investigation Conference, Gleaning Casey to return his original theory that the perpetrator
I have been an intended, yet both discreetly Casey contacted the Pacific. Grove conference organizes to request a list of all attending, He then cross reference that against the list of the Fresno conference at ten days and nights the name's down until Langley ten remained belonging to persons who had attended both events. Casey than contacted the Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and firearms, and once again presented here, Read that the cereal Lassen S could be targeting the conference participants or being valve with the events in some capacity. Yet just locking in nineteen. Ninety seven, he speculation was not met with enthusiasm. However, with no other promising lades for the central coast. Fires bury the bureau.
What grade to quietly run the fingerprint obtained from the incendiary device found at the nineteen eighty seven Bakersfield craft, not file against the fingerprints of the ten participants on Casey's list. as each of Casey's tense aspects where public safety, employees, their fingerprints were stored on fall in a separate database, is of a standard employment requirement. Once again, the fingerprint comparison returned zero matches its own. remaining a mystery. Still, having no evidence to back it up, Casey's theory was dismissed for the second time. In late June of nineteen ninety another Austin Investigation Convention was holding Fresno Glenda.
dedicated ass, investigator John or usually looked forward. Today's events has a chance to share his knowledge and network with colleagues, but he had a lot of work on his plate as he had recently been promoted to fire captain. a position well learned. After scoring ninety eight percent on the written exam Johnson his partner Don Diego to attend the conference in his place, while here down. The forwarding Lando was one of the hottest joyous summers Glenda had experienced in a long time and Strong winds were keeping everyone on high alert. Several separately. Lit fires had recently broken out amongst the foothills and the Ossining. investigation unit wasn't having luck identifying any suspects. John or wanted to remain in Glendale. In case there were any developments in the case. On June, twenty seven, the temperature soared
above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit with winds, blowing five miles per hour, it was the kind of day firefighters dread. Where the elements, a line and a fire disaster same Diminute, had three twenty four p m: the and I'll fire Department received an alert that a brush fire was making its way up. The hill need north, but do go road, England, dials college hills, neighbourhood for engines, rice to the same, but the conditions with two already The fire was already blazing out of control. By the time they arrived, flames were jumping from roof of one. He asked to the next making their way up the hillside as the smoke became so heavy. It was impossible to see through due to the weather conditions and overgrowth of dry brush the fire moved
faster than most members of the fire department had ever seen before, with flames rapidly sweeping up before crossing the Glendale Freeway. Firefox is from every jurisdiction. In the same Gabriel Valley rushed to the same their engines blocking every straight. As smoking dashing case. The scar. Sovereigns India horns echoed through the area as police established barricades and tried to keep frantic residents at a safe distance. of children and pets were yield by distressed witnesses, watching as helicopters circled above dropping gallons of water onto the infernal as firefighters, desperately tackled the Flames John or wasted. No time kick starting its investigation into the causes, the blaze straight away. He followed the charred path of the fire to locate the point of Origin When he identified the fire starting point, he barracks
the area is a crime scene based on the Berne patents it appeared, the fire had been set, Added at the bottom of a ravine, where the wind quickly drew the flames up, the hill. By the time the winds finally died down and firefighters extinguished, the blaze, the College Hill's voice had completely destroyed forty six homes damaged twenty others and caused fifty million dollars in damage. given the extent of the fires. It was a miracle that nobody had been killed or seriously injured. The lack of any significant discoveries at the same was not unusual for a fire of this magnitude, but without a breakthrough. This would be a tough case to crack. John or spoke about his investigations to the press during which
revealed, insider information about the fires, point of origin. This action drew wire from his colleagues who wish to trade that information sensitively. They were concerned, the publicly revealing intimate days house of the crime would allow the arsonist that the authorities were onto them. a detective from the Glendale Police Department joined John or in Dore knocking the apartment building across from the fires point of origin to question potential witnesses. one resident reported seeing a five for ten dark haired man in cocky pants standing across the street before the brush fires began. This description was noted, but didn't lead anywhere.
And telephone tip line was established for anyone who had any information, but nothing of great use came through by August the cool to dry up entirely with no legs and no evidence. It seems highly unlikely that the person responsible for starting the college hills fires would ever be identified. As there was no shortage of other fires under investigation, Glenn, dial laughing unit had no choice but to focus its attention on other, more pressing matters. Jonas, handed the job of enabling locals over declined, Glendale police and ended his active RO in the investigation. His partner wasn't happy with this decision. The John dismiss these concerns, stating he had too much paperwork to focus on
Adamant the asking unit should continue and in depth investigation Jones Partner brought they sought to the chief, but eventually, as with many suspected asking cases, the college yours fire was shelved. Amongst the many unsolved case files. A few months after the college, yours catastrophe, a series of. Nineteen arson attacks overwhelmed the LOS Angeles area occurring between December nineteen, ninety and March nineteen- ninety one most fires, and during the middle of the day, within retail stores. In Paul's of her, Lay combustible materials, including blankets, kilos, fine and plastic products. Several buildings were destroyed with the US in attacks, wrapping up a significant damage bill and putting many employees
Asia of work. The remains of incendiary devices consisting of cigarette bots matches rubber band and a yellow. No paper was found on the scene at several of the fires. This ass and spray was unprecedented in LOS Angeles. Multiple attacks had occurred within the same and there had even been two attacks within one hour witnesses reported seeing people of varying descriptions on the same before the blazes broke, but none of the descriptions were consistent and no suspects could be identified. This of arson attacks was so extreme that a task force was formed to focus solely on the case named the Pillow Party taskforce after the offenders proclivity for starting fires within displays of pillows and foam.
the task force assembled a group of investigators from the Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and firearms. The LOS Angeles Fire Department, and other local agencies to brief them on the recent spate of arson attacks and the perpetrators Emma why was distributed to the meeting at ten days, which wasted seventeen of the LOS Angeles fires believed to be started by the pillow pyro, along with a detailed discussion, not the arsonists signature, incendiary divorce. During the meeting. It was brought to the task force's attention that a series of similar attacks had taken place in central California, back in nineteen, ninety, seven and nineteen. Ninety nine. In France now to Larry Bakersfield Moreau by Salinas a task Darrow and seen the waste, a baseball the emotion signature device for these attacks, matched the elusive pillow Paro to take the task
I was informed that are traceable, that one identified fingerprint had been recovered from an incendiary device found at one of the biggest field stores eager to follow these laid the pillow power. I taskforce made its way to Bakersfield to mate. With captain mousing seed the investigator, who originally discovered the incendiary device at the bakers filled craft, my fire in nineteen. Eighty seven. Marvin Casey relayed he's longstanding theory to the task force that the arsonists may have been in a ten day at the Fresno and Pacific Grove Asking conventions, but, like others before them, the pillar power. I taskforce wasn't buying it The idea had been proven to be without merit when the fingerprint taken from the incendiary device failed to match with any of the ten names on Casey's potential suspect list. However,.
Ah spores figured. It was worth running the fingerprints through the criminal database for a second time in case the offender had seen Spain Boston for another crime and now had a criminal record. This time the print with scant through the LOS Angeles, canny sheriffs, the palm and laboratory use, The LOS Angeles Hall of Justice, computer which not only held the fingerprints of criminals, but also the of all county or enforcement officers, including anyone who ever applied for a job in war enforcement. The extensive database was much more comprehensive than the ones used previously. I thought, with major improvements in fingerprint matching technology, the chance of finding a match, Was far more likely than before, but the task force wasn't holding its breath. A few days later, the killer, pyrite taskforce received a call from the lab. They will
warned that their ass, an investigator is needed to be more careful when handling evidence attack me I just tried to run the fingerprint through the database only to discover that it belonged to a member of the Glendale Fire Department appeared. A contamination had occurred during investigations. Luckily, the result the incendiary device being handled without proper precautions, the fingerprint belongs. The highly regarded Austin investigator. Marvin Casey revealed that John or had not entered the Bakersfield, saying in any official capacity. This rule out the possibility that John touched the incendiary device during the initial investigation process in another twist, Casey's thoroughly analyze the list of ten potential suspects having attended by the nineteen eighty
Seven California conference of asking investigators in Fresno and, contain. Eighty nine conference held in Pacific Grove. Noise workplace was England Glendale the city nor Central LOS Angeles and his family home with Sid do I live in the neighboring suburb of Eagle Rock. Its location stemmed from hallways one eye, one and ninety nine, the rats Marvin Casey concluded the arsenal traveled. When heeding the targets. Within the allocated time frames, there was Luckily, John would have driven these hallways to and from both conferences, Also known that he took him by the trips alone. This revelation was additionally surprising, as was partial fingerprint on the incendiary device, had actually been Hasta against his employer print shade backing ninety ninety nine. However, the technician filed
The connection Judah limitations in fingerprint technology at the torn disport conducting complex in this he was limited to using a form of manual testing that involved visually. Comparing the samples in didn't notice, The similarities between prince, besides saw with light a bacon seated a grave human error Vesta guide his paws, this the full weight of what that were considering some kid incendiary divorce, hadn't been mishandled by John or it belonged to join. All and now a best fiends affirmation your husband brags that he recorded two hundred thousand steps in the last month, but you you're at level three thousand eight hundred thirty, two on best fiends
It deserves that bragging right now, with overseas thousand brain. Boosting challenging levels bragging never felt so easy so download Spain's free from the app store or Google play today. That's friends without the are best feats The regulation that the pillar poorer could be a well respected, ass, an investigator and fire captain whose an increase really sensitive break through and the task force. The tread extremely carefully to ensure the information remains strictly confidential. In case, one was innocent. those who were privileged to the information in a deep state of shock at the possibility that the alleged arsonist was John or a man I admired, esteemed member of the firefighting community who dedicated his life to catching fire bugs and keeping the community safe.
Many of them had attended these training seminars and fancies insight into the minds and behaviors of pyrite maniacs to be invaluable. John was widely regarded, very special ability to discover evidence had asked and sought that other qualified fire officials we're unable to detect colleagues reported that John had always been fast at determining the cause of a fire often Ok incendiary devices with AIDS. When a fall, I was blazing John Wood, it's the way appear at the sane and was sometimes the first responders at all. I supposed to know what to say John Present advise even when he was off duty upon reflection, Jones, unique skills and peculiarities also spotlight again there's someone to view with suspicion. Nevertheless, without evidence, the task
course knew there was every chance speculation against John. Nor could boil down to me coincidences for them below par, I task force, but then a fine. This aspect was one thing, but putting up, full scale investigation into place and making an arrest was a different challenge altogether: given the severity of the accusations against the coronal, do you know what it's attorney's office became involved to establish a complete chain of evidence to build the most compelling case possible process in California and far official for committing the very crimes who was hired to prevent was made criminal case and had to ensure the investigation was meticulous one's fingerprint on the incendiary device was incriminating. The attorneys office needed a lot more evidence to prove he was absolutely responsible for the man of fires. He was being accused of starting.
The print only linked him to the nineteen. Ninety seven crossed my firing in Bakersfield, but the signature Remo meant he could have been responsible for a countless number of arson attacks including the racing outbreak in LOS Angeles, the Central Leesburg in nineteen, eighty seven and the central coast expert in nineteen. Ninety nine U S: attorney's office arranged a confidential mating with John always immediate superior. The Taliban shave Christopher Gray, the bright they need studies. Prized housing investigator was now the focus of the pillow Paro Investigation, the her knees off his wound, the chief that there were still a lot of work to be done to build their case and that an arrest was still quite some time awaiting while he refused to believe the allegations at first chief guard Agreed to provide whatever assistance he could include obtaining Coolio shades and find records from the Glen Dial Fire Department,
gray also informed the attorney's office that John or planned to attend a five day. Training course on peace offers a safety in seeing the ways of despair at the end of the month. piece of information, was of great interest to the attorney's office as the fact that John Be attending a multi day, training course presented a golden opportunity to help build their case. If history was anything to go by, this was when the pillow I was most likely to strike. On the morning of April, twenty eight nineteen ninety one the day before the training course was scheduled to begin. Drive to Ward San Luis Obispo roughly midway between LOS Angeles and San Francisco.
He was unaware that a tracking device had been placed under need these car or the fact he was being tired by six. A violence cause a fixed wing aircraft and a team of undercover agents. This violence vehicles couldn't keep sight of him for long is John hit the freeway a bright next spade, despite he's recklessly fast Driving Joe, nor made his way towards his hotel, the tracking device, revealing he made no suspicious stops along the way, the following night An undercover agent followed John into Thrifty, drugstore insane the ways a baseball and watched as he purchased. What appeared to be a pack of cigarettes when John left, the snow, The agency dinner find himself to this. I was clerk and obtained a receipt for Jones purchase the receipt confirmed that John had bought two packs of Mowbray light cigarettes. This was a promising piece of evidence, as the taskforce knew that John was not
smoke. The taskforce maintained strong surveillance of Jones actions over the following days, convinced they would catch their suspect in the act, but their surprise. Surprise. The rest of the training course went by the audience, Yet undercover agents confirmed the John didn't take a cigarette break at any point. During the five day training course and no cigarette boss were found in his hotel room suggesting the Mowbray lots was stealing Jones possession. this violence team with certain John, would use the cigarettes to create his signature in in theory, delay device to you says he made his way home to wiggle rock.
And his patient was high on the phone and warning of the training seminars, then, as John Approach, these vehicle to attend his last day of training, something called his attention. Prickling sense of panic overwhelmed the surveillance dame as they watched John squat down at the rear these car to inspect something underneath the intent of the tracking device. The surveillance team had attached had become visible and their suspected spotted it. Initially furious at themselves for not concealing the device more thoroughly. The surveillance teams. Anger quickly turned to astonishment ass, John or sing really disregarded the discovery he Simply climbed into his car and drove off the wielded. The team discreetly follow John to his destination
the same wasted, Bisbee Obispo Police Department, as soon as John left, the police station to members of the pillow pirate taskforce, It didn't identify themselves to the on duty, police, lieutenant. They were relieved to learn that John had misidentified their tracking device telling the lieutenant he believed was trapped underneath his car, the lieutenant and offered to call the bomb disposal squad to investigate the John simply asked for directions to the closest explosives disposal range. He explained that as a fireman. He understood these kinds of threats and could take care of it itself, the range was only two miles away, so the task force had to think quick They called the range and spoke to the bomb sergeant on Judy hastily filling men on their situation and requesting that he play along with Johns theory that their tracking device was indeed a bomb.
Upon Jones arrival the bomb, sergeant removed the track and a lot about it. As requested. saying it was a harmless, fake explosive, probably put there by hooligan kids in the area for achieved through. The sergeant ashore John, the divorce, couldn't hurt a fly but advised he would be. He descended through to the training Institute for Confirmation Jonah grade, but oddly before he left the range he stopped to take a few photos of the devil including a tracking number listed on it, which linked back to the Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and firearms. This action suggests he didn't bother, lie about the bomb and perhaps suspected it The tracker role along adjusting his behaviour accordingly, he then returned. to his car and attended the final training session as planned. Any exe lactation that John, would act had faded by the afternoon as his wife
to join him in seeing the wasted peace by nevertheless, the task force. The violence on the holiday Inn couple live in the following two days, but nothing suspicious occurred. The sting operation reached its disappointing conclusion. When John and his wife made an unadventrous journey home to wake rock. Having failed to Boston John or is there cereal ass next, the pillow par I surveillance, Tame went home. The faded. their efforts had been sabotaged by the misplaced tracker and it seemed Luckily, John was now aware he was being watched Ireland continued in going dial the Jones notoriously Andrews and unpredictable driving habits made him difficult to follow. Since the pillar part taskforce administer
Placed there hasn't been a single ass, an attempt at any rate house door within most Angeles canny. The taskforce check the daily five reports, diligently hoping to find something they could link this aspect too but nothing new came through at a loss, those considered whether they should make an arrest me are based on the little evidence they had in the So it was enough to build a case for the nineteen eighty seven retail fires that was started in Fresno to Larry and debate is filled As they deliberated over that next step, the taskforce managed to Tina. Recent mug short of John all, the LOS Angeles Fire Department, put out a funny request for members the fire investigators regional struck, ten of which was a member to have headshot taken for publication purposes. John happily posed for the camera. His photo.
I was then used in a photo line up and presented to a variety of witnesses from the multiple Lawson crime scenes with several points Out John Wars, photograph and identifying aim is either a customer, or is being on location shortly before a fire broke out knowing this development, the pillar par. I taskforce was given permission to install a tell attract divorcing Jonas Car, the state of the tracking device used cutting edge technology and it wasn't, widely known about within the law enforcement community. So that was no wife, a job to be aware or suspicious of it. The next time he's carbon pudding for regular servicing. The unobtrusive device was fitted onto Jones Dashboard, where it couldn't be accidentally spotted had provoked. The task force with a real time record of these cars movements in fifteen minutes intervals. In the meantime, a years worth of
pull out shades provided by the Glen Dial Fire Department were examined, the records confirmed John, had been unaccounted for, or working alone during every day that a suspected pillar part fire record. by October nineteen. Ninety one, the process Does wearing motion to get a federal grand jury to hand down an indictment to fully charge for the nineteen ninety seven Central Valley for Asbury? In the meantime, the US attorney's office for securing his words of Jonah was able rob property for when an eventual arrest was made, having been in Form to the John was in the process of rotting a novel members of the pillar. Pirate Passports were shocked to learn that Jones Novel told the story of a firefighter who Serial arsonist, the manuscript was naked,
and John was in the final stages of sending it to literary agents for paid feedback. Jones novel Toto, two points of origin told the story of arrogance, a firefighter in serial arsonist in the LOS Angeles area to become sexually aroused when starting fires he's Kool aid ass. An investigative feel line tree is desperate to catch the cereal arsonist terrorizing, their community. throughout his investigation line. Trace does erasing that the perpetrator could be a fellow firefighter along with explicit and often violence, sexual com, and the manuscript contained a detailed descriptions about the very fires the pillar Paro Task force was investigating when the hospitals compared the fictional movements of points of origin character, characterised styles to the real life course,
John all was suspected of the similarities between fact and fiction. Barely distinguishable. Those men were firefighters, smokers and are used in incendiary delight divorce, designed to give them ten to fifteen minutes getaway time they both start. the fires in hardware stores, fabric stores and other retail stores within STAR and other highly combustible products. Some hitting multiple targets within a short timeframe, astonishingly both men also started fires, while our travelling to and from an awesome conference held in France now when describing our installs. Right quite He was alone I intend to cure. His fires gave you the much needed attention that he craved. He was, after all, the
anyone who knew how the fire started to earn the smoke was for causing his heart rate to Quicken and his breathing to come in shallow gasps he was trying to control his outward appearance and look new To anyone around him. Although John all presented points of origin as a work of fiction, it was impulse both for the task force not to read the manuscript as a confession. The similarities with just two uncanny. but the contents of a fictional novel could not be proven as an admission of guilt or use This concrete evidence of a real life current regardless the manuscript was picked the pot for any information that could be useful to the investing Asian, including the potential motivation behind John, was alleged actions by November twenty two nineteen
and he won, Juno had been under surveillance for approximately seven months when a fire broke out on the set of a television show. At Warner. Brothers studios in Burbank after the fire was extinguished, the city of Burbank Les Dawson investigator Captain Steve Patterson don't Joan offer advice, oblivious to the fact His mental was the main suspect in a major rousing case. Captain Patterson had only been working as an investigator for eighteen months and wanted the issue dense and know how of someone more experienced Johns and he just so happened to be in the area and would be right that help with the investigation. Going to give clear directions to the location of the fire Palestinians TAT a great to make joint outside the studio and personally escort him through the massive lot to the damaged television set. Addison
Why? At the Meda point for ten minutes, but John filed the show when Patterson returned to the scene of the fire, he was surprised and somewhat confused to find John already there, regardless Patterson was happy to have the whole After the two investigators examined the same, they agreed the fire was a result of arson. they tell device in Jones. Vigo only regarded his movements in fifteen minutes intervals, so it didn't recordings whereabouts. At all times. It's done I didn't place, John at Warner Brothers studio when the blaze broke, but it did put him in the general vicinity, making it the first Genoa could be placed at since the pill. Ipara task force had been established shortly after two p dot m the following day: full movie.
Who is fire department. Captain Gary side, though, was dropping down the foot Ill Freeway England, dial saddle was one of the few people who knew John or was the suspect of the pillow Paro Investigation and spotted the man as they pulled up saw at one another at an intersection the to acknowledge each other, with a beep of their homes before turning their separate ways. although it seemed unlikely John, would attempt anything knowing Slidell had witnessed him in the area. So I do. It was stunned when just fifteen minutes after observing Jones vehicle to and self a column of smoke appeared in the school followed by another. Just minutes later,. Two separate brush brushfires had broken out in nearby neighborhoods.
in Glendale and another in one minute drive away in the city of locking you out of Flint Ridge. John was a voice broadcast over the emergency dispatch, radio, informing all listening departments that he was heading to the Glendale, firefighters, at the locking La Canada Flintridge Scene, was surprised when John or repeat moments later, having announced his position at the other fire saying after the fires were extinguished and ass, an investigative philosophy injure the sheriffs Department determined that both fires were deliberately. He believed the possible that one was used as a diversionary tactic, to allow the other more time to burn before firefighters arrived. it wasn't necessarily John always present at the Warner Brothers Studios, Glendale, dial and locking Yadda fling reach Flintridge fires. That was unusual. He wasn't an investigator. After all, what did raise suspicions
was the she stayed in which John arrived to wage like Asian, giving the impression he was one step ahead of dispatches and fire grooves, coupled with the fact he was trapdoor witnessed in proximity of the scene of the crime moments prior to or following the attacks. The US attorney's office became increasingly nervous until now was only being accused of starting retail fires, but they couldn't rule out the possibility that he had escalated to outdoor door fires Where the damage had higher potential to be truly catastrophic, they need to make an arrest before John Wall more lives at risk. On the early morning of December four nineteen, ninety one John Hall walked towards his car on his eagle. Rock property, when he was startled by multiple voices shouting at him to put his hands in the air attained.
Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and firearms officers from the LOS Angeles police Department members of the LOS Angeles Fire Department, arson unit swiftly, encircled him and was arrested immediately and taken to the LOS Angeles police departments, nor face division, fearing a viewing John the nordic, any involvement with any arson attacks. The strangely asked how many fingerprints they had found. Thar searches were conducted of journalists, home car and office. Several It is of interest but fanned, including cigarettes matches rather bans, yellow no paper and a copy of the pillow power I fly that had been distributed by the task force, For those in video is of some of the fires, general was accused of starting were also found. Some forty Jason Fade
The properties prior to them being damaged by fire, so he had before and after shots. Insisted, he had a genuine reason for possessing these items, which were all used for training purposes. He would use the cigarettes matches and paper to show students Lawson S can create an incendiary device out of common objects. The phone in video footage were used to show how quickly fire can spread. According to John, It was a mere coincidence that some of the locations featured in these videos were lighted said a lot. He maintained he only filmed them for educational purposes to exhibit properties. That presented a fire. Has it when we debate monopolization what men so discovered amongst Jones Belongings, where the photos of the tracking device he had spotted under his vehicle in similar ways. A busy, along with a posted, no
finding. The bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms tracking number, incriminating of all, were copies of letters. John had sent to literary agents to accompany his points of origin. Manuscript that contain strictly classified details about Austin investigations that John or had no way of knowing about without some level of involvement in the crimes. In one letter, John Road monopolies effect is based The follows the pattern of an actual arsonist that has been sitting cereal five. In California. Over the past eight years, he has not been identified or apprehended and probably will not be in the near future as in the real case, the arsonist in my novel is a firefighter. He explained that an arsenal to not only stays close by but sometimes
And participates in the discovery and extinguishment of their fire. In another letter John revealed he was suspect in an ongoing arson investigation. Adding At one point, he even found a tracking device attached to his car John ended this letter with the comment by the way, I'm not the arsonist the. When the task force notified John Call eggs if he's arrest, a friend and Fellow Wollaston investigator, suggested I look into the deadly one thousand nine hundred and eighty four far at all these home center in South Pasadena, according to the source, John had been obsessed with the guys for years and still maintained. He always had been deliberately lit. The fact that the inferno had been deemed an accident was an ongoing.
of annoyance. For John. Upon hearing this information. Special, agent Michael Natasha, who had worked tirelessly on the pillow pyro case was reminded of a chapter in points of origin wage on road. A fire at a location named cows hardware store during the fictional fire at kills fought people died in the info, Including a little boy named Matthew in the novel, the often investigators and too stupid to realize the fire was deliberately lit A real all these homes and a file for people died, including a two year old boy named Matthew,. and the fire was rude and accident assistant. U S attorneys Walter Brown and stepping stone would like to say that the cows fire written in order novel mirrored the fire at all. These quote to the point of being MECCA
John always points of origin, manuscript was meticulously examined for other real life. Parallels and many more of the books. Fictional fires were linked to real incidents, for which the pillow poorer was not yet a suspect when Coolio Shakespeare inspect John or had been off duty or working alone during every one of those flies. The task force started receiving. Fine calls from firefighters and ass, an investigative throughout California who believed John or could be linked to wave and more unresolved cases. These included the Glinda brushfires of the early nineteen eightys, which would only increase Doktor John started working for the region's fire department. Even Donnie ADA John always investigation partner suspected something was in quite right with these colleagues yoga
Sandra Jones. This interest in pursuing an in depth investigation into the nineteen ninety college, using Fahrenheit, peculiar children, had publicly declared the catastrophic ill starred fallout was the work of an arsonist, but then abruptly shoved Without conducting a worthwhile investigation, given the extent of the blaze which destroyed many times in the area. Yeager push to John to continue exploring the case, but John shut down the idea. This seemingly coincided with a witness informed police. The shapes bought at a suspicious man in the area moments prior to the blaze who, in hindsight, matched the physical description of Jonas. The exact number of fires started by the pillow pyro was unknown and the list of potential attacks grew by the day. But on July, twenty one nineteen, ninety two
went on trial in the United States District Court for the nineteen ninety seven central Valley, fire spray that began in Fresno what was charged with five counts of arson to in Fresno NO doing Bakersfield and one until airy. At the conclusion of the trial, the jury at a John or guilty of three. Cannot the craftsmen and Hancock fabric fires in Bakersfield entered family bargain fire into Larry. Due to a lack of evidence, he was quitted of all charges for the two Fresno fires upon sentencing on November to ninety ninety two Johns. play for leniency was read out to the court, but he made
and these innocence quote Europa. My life has been dedicated to the fire service and law enforcement forever. Twenty two years I have personally been trapped by fire and smoke on three occasions, are no the panic, the terror and the helplessness that even a well equipped professional firefighter can experience as a fire advances on control or know how those witnesses fill my heart went out them. Don't wish that kind of experience on anyone and feel helpless and frustrated because the person responsible remains of large, I have for fires, performed rescues and carried the bodies of men. Women and children who have died as a result of fire and smoke.
Presiding judge, Wagner, responded club. The evidence was substantial. You were guilty of age, a base cans and what I must say to you as a sworn nor enforcement officer is that the proof feel guilt then establishes that you betrayed the highest trust that was placed in you to protect the public from there are. You have described John all was sentenced to ten years in prison for each camp to run. consecutively, it was also awarded to pay restitution of two hundred and twenty five thousand nine hundred and seventy one dollars to the victims of those three fires. The central Valley court proceedings now can play the pillar. Pyrite task force was. Z, putting together the next case against all he was charged with eight further counts of arson
the three that occurred in a task Adair during the Pacific Grove asking conference in nineteen, ninety, nine and five. LOS Angeles retail spray of light nineteen naughty and early. Ninety one by this point Jones Loya convinced these coins, Offering a plea deal was in his best interest. He recommended that John played guilty to the three a task derive when no significant damage had occurred, And therefore, no civil liability expenses would be applied in exchange for these guilty plea. The attorney would request that the five LOS Angeles fire charges be dropped. however, Jones attorney also advised these clients that the district attorney's office was conducting an investigation. Into the naughty naughty college, hills, fire and the deadly, always sent a blaze of nineteen. Eighty four hoping to build a case against John.
Jones lawyer, warned him against taking the play deal. If there was any chance that such an inquiry had momentum. John vehemently maintained. He had no involvement with those fires and there was up no evidence to prove otherwise Shorty's attorney telling him that I had nothing to feed. the. U S, attorney's office, a great to the play due on the candy, and that John plead guilty to at least one of the LOS Angeles, retail fives, hoping to say. walk from losing their house John took the deal. May 12th. One thousand nine hundred and ninety three John Wall play too guilty to three counts of Boston that caused the least damage of the lot to in Atascadero and twenty one in Wauseon. He was sentenced to ninety six months imprisonment for each count to be served
Aren't we, alongside these thirty year, sentence for the Central Valley Fives during the extensive investigation into John always potential crimes. It was discovered that the number of brushfires, nickel and dime wended surround said skyrocketed into the hundreds since John started work with the regions, fire department. Investigators believe to join all was responsible for majority of fires in the Glen dial region over the past decade as suspicion, supported by the statistic that ass in five in the area had dropped by the ninety percent. Since his arrest. on November, twenty one nineteen. Ninety four, the district attorney presented at twenty five can't indictment against John Lennon or to allow single, is granted Jewry
In relation to the north, a ninety four all these times sent a blaze charge to join with one count of arson and full cans of murder. For the deaths of, I did deal Matthew, Troy to Carolyn Cros and two genius. It's a no John was also charged with one count of Boston for the nineteen ninety one Warner Brothers studio at four hundred and sixteen Cancer Boston destroyed in the nineteen ninety college, hills, fire and three counts of Austin for brush fires that destroy times in Glendale and lock in the outer flint, bridge in nineteen. Ninety one. did murder charges John or was now facing the death penalty. The trial began four years later cruel, ninety naughty after John, or had already spent seven years in prison. The prosecution presented, K evidence, including the three hundred and fifty page points of origin manuscripts.
One hundred and ten videos and Dorothy I made by John at dozens of fires, communications with more enforcement authorities. the letters to literary agents that John authored and Testimony I for one hundred witnesses the fact that John had pledged guilty to three other fires that used the same ammo and signature in in theory divorce was strongly used against him. the points of origin. Manuscript was only intended to form a small part of the prosecution's case. Attorneys argued provided clear evidence of motive during trial. Sections of the manuscript were read aloud, with a particular focus on a chapter where the main character of Erin Styles places the slow burning, incendiary device made from a cigarette and rubber band into polyurethane foam cushions in chaos. Hardware store the resulting fire
it kills several employees and customers, including a woman and her toddler. Grandson named Matthew. The prosecution revealed overt and disturbing similarities between the sane and the real life. All these homes Senate file, in his novel, John or described to the cows hardware store said quite the last thing she heard was a tremendous roar as the fire burned through the roof and vented to the outside the smoke momentarily lifted, but was then replaced by solid fire as the entire contents of the annex exploded into flames. They lost
that's where of eight hundred the gray hate they see their threats closed the prosecution told the jury that John or intentionally lit the fires in the potato chips, isles, advance market and damage and market shortly before the always home sent a fire to create a diversion. Ten minutes after the always fire started John or who was off duty at the time. appeared on the scene with a camera around his neck and began taking photos of the blaze attending now assumed he was documenting the fire to reference in a future seminar, but upon reflection, it was likely. John, was collecting the mentors of his crime. The day. After the always plays John told a family, Amber of one of the victims that the fire was
sort of arson started from an incendiary device placed inside Polly Farm products. This was despite sergeant Jack, Palmer's ruling that the fire was accidental and caused by an electrical fall. The pro occasion. Reference to this against the next served from the points of origin manuscript, which stated quote. Aaron wanted the cows fire to be cool arson. He loved the inadvertent attention either from the newspaper coverage and hated it when he wasn't properly recognized the deaths were blooded out of his mind. It wasn't his fault. Just stupid people acting as stupid people do on June, Twenty six, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. The jury found a John Leonard or guilty of four counts of first degree, murder and dual remaining Austin charges.
Excluding the Warner Brothers studio fire due to a lack of evidence in her victim impact statement, Kimberly, the daughter of a deal and mother of two year old, Matthew, Trudeau, who were both tragically killed in the all these blaze stated quote. I frequently feel like the way a cat looks if you hold it by the scruff of the neck in mid air with arms and legs, everything going everywhere, and it is trying to get some kind of perk But it can because when I lost my mom, I lost the person who has told me. hands when I learned to walk unless the person who put the veil on my head, when I got married, the one person that I probably would have and two who could understand and mothers the loss of a child was my mom, but she wasn't dead. A comfort me. And in losing my child, I have lived with that guilt and the shame of it every single day.
because I know how Friday was of dying in that horrible place, he thought Mummy, would come and save him, because that's what mommies do and I never came. During the closing argument in favour of giving John or the death penalty, prosecution, Loya Signor Plenary said quite. He was ass. Much a killer is someone who shoots their victims face to face. Only how John or did it was with so much more terror and deception. Under the guise of being the protector of good John ALL, was in fact the perpetrator revival. Under California State LAW, the decision to record The death penalty must be unanimous, every member of the jury voting in favour. In September. Nineteen. Ninety eight, the jury spared
Noise laugh when they were deadlocked. Eighty four in favor of sentencing him to death John always, instead sentenced to four consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole for the murders, evaded, deal, Matthew, Tribal, Jimmy Attainable and Caroline Krause in addition to twenty one needs for the fires that damaged or destroyed dozens of times around Glenn Dial, In handing down the maximum sentence, Judge Robert Perry said quote: the enormity of the defendant's crimes should not be understated. He embarked on a campaign. Of setting out and find that is remarkable in the number of fires he said and in the expert way he set them after the sentencing prosecuting attorney mark a brow said quote the lesson that this case teaches us is that no one should
Above suspicion, when it comes to criminal activity, there were many instances where other investigators felt that something wasn't right and for a long period of time overlooked it because of his position in fire service. John or is currently serving his life sentence in California State prison where he made and his innocence, including for the fires he played guilty to. He claims to have accepted the peace only because he was emotionally and financially drained and wanted to save these fly And the embarrassment and stress of another trial in regards to his points of origin, Manuscript John maintains the story is entirely a work of fiction. FBI. Criminal profile, as have deign to John, ought to be one of the worst American Syria, lessening of the twentieth century. With someone
enforcement officials, believing he could be responsible for in excess of two thousand fires over a thirty year period,. John was actions. Behaviour and writings have been used for real Into the fire fighter, arsonist phenomenon, a model that has attracted considerable public interest in racing ease according to a to z, Sixteen report from the National Volunteer Fire Council as a one hundred and five What are arrested for ferocity annually, Replacing behavior has been linked to a variety of motivated, such as hero complexes, boredom attention seeking financial gain excitement and, in some cases, sexual gratification.
the unfortunate actions of days rare criminal, few threatened to tarnish the positive reputation that respected, courageous, firefighters and fire service. Ladys have carefully crafted for centuries. When fly for his first begin service, they take an oath of office differs among jurisdictions with many using a poem of unknown origin commonly referred to as the fireman's pledge the emotional Pledge state a promise concerned for others, a willingness to help all those who make a promise courage, courage to face and conquer my fees, courage to share and endure the ordeal of those who made me promise strength, strength of hot the bare, whatever burdens might be placed upon me, strength of body to deliver to safety, all those placed within like
I promised the wisdom to lead the compassion to comfort and to the love to serve unselfishly. Whenever I am cod,
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