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Case 99: Becky Watts

2018-11-10 | 🔗
When Bristol teenager Becky Watts failed to show up for a planned lunch date with her boyfriend and then stopped responding to text messages from her friends, they immediately suspected that something was wrong. Although it wasn’t like Becky to be out of contact for so long, there was nothing to indicate she had run away from home or met with foul play. ---  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched and written by Victoria Dieffenbacher Additional editing by Milly Raso and Elsha McGill For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-99-becky-watts
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say the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on website. Bristol is a vibrant, lively city in England Southwest Why did one hundred and sixty nine kilometers west of London blending rich maritime history with a modern, dynamic culture. The city the range of restaurants, museums, art, galleries, festivals and shopping districts, Bristol a reputation as one of the most cosmopolitan british cities outside of London beyond the turban offerings. Bristol is known for its abundance of green spaces and parks with the local community making pride in the genes echo friendly reputation, resin regarded as friendly and welcoming, with a strong sense of community spirit, making Bristol a great place to work and live.
The Bristol area has a moderate chrome right scaling on the higher rent when compared to other districts in the region, but this motion- it concerns theft and drug offences. Major violent crimes are rare, providing Bristol residents with the peace of mind that their community is safe and protected. Communal sense of security was shaken in, like February two thousand and fifteen by Facebook post originating from Bristol The post featured an image of a teenage girl with the accompanying text. Reading quote: please: share missing sixteen year old girl, please private message. If you have seen her or know anything not long, A second unsettling facebook post was appearing across fate. This one rating quote please If anyone has seen or heard from my daughter just let me know she's safe, she went missing.
Thursday February 19th, at one thousand one hundred and fifteen a dot m to meet her boyfriend into never arrived Same by any of her friends, police have started a search on really scared. I want her home within days the original face. Posts have been shared hundreds of times and the The tag find Becky was trending on twitter, thousands of lies but scattered throughout the streets of Bristol featuring too did photos if the missing teenage girl, who was making waves across social media, the fly a red, We are appealing for the public's help to find missing teenager Rebecca. What who is missing in the St George Area or Bristol. She, missing from the Crown Hill area on the morning of Thursday February 19th I her not to contact someone. If she's not returning Rebecca
there is described as a walk. Go aged sixteen about five foot, four inches of slim dude with long reddish brown, hair. She may be wearing a blue puffer style jacket. We would, Rebecca or any and who knows where she used to contact us to confirm she he's all right. Rebecca Mary was known by friends: and family is Becky, was born in still on June three. Ninety ninety eight, even her parents separated when she was just the baby Becky had us.
Actual talent for ensuring her mom and dad always maintained a friendly relationship. After her parents' separation Becky and her older brother, Daniel lived with their father, Darren Goldsworthy. Darren doted on his little girl on Becky's fourth birthday, Doterra Garden Playhouse wish you could The labyrinth, fantasy thing to tee parties for her dolls and toys. The closeness between the pair only strengthened over the years, with Darren becoming these doors. Number one supporter. When Becky entered her teens and began suffering severe bouts of low self esteem Darn would assure her she was beautiful and promised that he would always be there for her when Becky was just six months old, her father fanned alive love again with a woman The energy darn was drawn to angels warm loving persona and coined small.
their relationship came naturally with Darren, describing it as two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fit together perfectly. Angie had a son of her own from a previous relationship. Eleven year old Nathan Matthews Equally embraced the darned three children ass, her own taking on the role as a supportive stepmother others marked the dangerous alive was so immense. No one miss there. through no fault of their own Becky required. constant reassurance, love and affection uniformity, vs, which angel was quick to provide this lead Becky to develop a close bond with her stepmother and the two became best friend When Becky started primary school, her Sean is prevented. Her from leaving angel side for the next four years
And you volunteered to work as an unpaid teaches aid at the school just so she could remain close to her stepdaughter offering the little girl, comfort and support anytime. She needed it. Whenever they could in and Darren would take Becky to the Bristol Zoo and other wildlife parks sparking Becky's love of animals. This affinity, never faded. To rattle off, Becky owns several pets, including a cat, rabbit, total hamsters and a rat. Becky grew into a kind and sweet natured twelve year. Old Although her transition into high school was difficult as she was targeted
by bullies who tormented her relentlessly. In one instance, a group of other students ripped Becky's brand new jacket rod of her back. This was the last straw for Angie who confronted the school principle demanding action, but her efforts to help only made things worse for Becky. In the schoolyard a few months into the school year, Becky came home in tease crow. Went to her parents that she didn't have any friends and that nobody liked her Darren and Dmg found this hard to believe. Given that Becky was such a lovable young girl who was kind and gentle to everyone, They showed her. It would be a matter of time until the other kids sore just how wonderful she was. Unfortunately, the bullying continued getting progressively worse as the year went on.
After struggling to overcome issues with her negative body, image Becky was diagnosed with an eating disorder and social anxiety. Which led to her developing a stronger dependency on Angie, along with a fear of leaving the house. Her father referred today's as very dark times, but the family worked through it together. Darren Goldsworthy quote. Becky was bullied about her white and we almost heard when erects here, but with what of care from us and hospital indication. We were able to get out Becky back. When Becky was thirteen years old, the family faced another challenge, winning He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, this chronic If the central nervous system interferes with nerve impulses within the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves,
resulting in loss of side, balance and muscle movement, small household tasks started to present Angie a challenge, and she struggled about her daily life on the cook a meal or move around freely clutching door frames to stop their self from falling over. Becky, saw this as an opportunity to reciprocate the love and support Angie had given her throughout her life, Darren via the angel with a wheelchair and hay and Becky would take turns bringing Angie for walks and help to make her life as easy as possible spirits, but in two thousand and thirteen when Darren the energy to marry him Becky had developed, interest in fashion and decay north star
So darn endanger trusted her completely to choose the wedding, dress, bridesmaids, gowns and suits for the men. Becky chose her favorite. Color is the theme for the big day, blue. The boy aged sixteen Becky, with Darren and in a two story: terrace High on Crown Hill in St George, the district the eastern edge of Bristol City boundary The trio were regularly visited by the couples: Oda sums, Nathan and Daniel, who had since we're not been moved their Nathan and close having started a fiend of his own in Bristol. With these partner Shona. China took on the railways Andy's full time kara and would stop other. Was where these crown, who have most days to checking on her mother in law, Becky, had since moved school.
a change that made an overwhelmingly positive impact on her life She was no longer bullied and instead formed a close knit group of friends who spent lots of their spare time together. Going to the cinema, playing, video games and hanging out at one another's homes. boy to help other students who are struggling to feeding at school Becky took on a self appointed mentorship growl spending her bright talking to and giving it two others making sure. No one else ever felt his vilified and alone, as she once had. Becky commenced the relationship with seventeen year old, Luke, obediently the train, a comic any kind along torn friend. Regarded as a friendly and polite young man, Blue earned the appreciation of Becky's parents. Is he treated their daughter with respect and kindness,
Becky was sure within big groups of people, but with Luke. She felt comfortable to be outgoing and funny by February two thousand and fifteen. The young couple had marked. Therefore, month anniversary, they spend much time together as they could and wearing Reg contact when they were upon constantly sending each other text messages. at eleven eyes three. I am on February. Nineteen, two thousand fifteen Luke snowball, fine bust leading him to a new text message from Becky who he had listed in his fine contacts. As my princess. she was responding to Luke's text message from a minute earlier, where he had advised his girlfriend. He was at home the message from Becky Red Goody, followed by four key symbols: an affectionate emoji. It was immediately followed by a second message from Becky saying she
at her house. Listening to music Luke was tempted to visit Becky that morning, but ass. He had made plans to say a dentist and get a haircut. He decided to catch up with Becky later in the. afternoon at one thousand two hundred and one p dot m lucent. Becky message letting her. Now he had finished up with a dentist when Becky didn't work. Bond straight away, Blue presumed temporarily busy or distracted and will get back to him soon. Still hadn't replied as a half and a light up Blue proceeded to send her a series of follow up text going to beat to get her attention at one thousand. Two hundred and forty six p dot m a message: Becky Boy,
didn't respond. After nearly an hour passed Luke message, Becky again saying: Becky boy. Once again, his text was met with songs, Presuming his girlfriend must have been taking a nap, Luke waited and then a few I was led a message: Becky a third time hello, tat afternoon Luke went to his local barber shop to get a haircut as planned. Finishing up the appointment at around three p m. He checked is fine, but there was still nothing from Becky Luke called Becky, but the on didn't ring connecting him strike to her voice mile. He suspected her fine battery must have died at around five p m.
Luke made the three kilometer trip to Becky's house on Crown Hill to check. If she was there upon arriving, Luke noticed the black of vocs. Those the fear, a cop belonging to Becky's twenty eight year old step, brother Nathan was parked in the driveway, so he knew someone was at I things girlfriend twenty one year old, shown a whore answered the front door as usual show I was at the Crown Hill address. Providing daily care for Angie when LUCA Stiff Becky was home, shone out was uncertain. Diane, with Angie, but she wasn't sure either. Neither and had seen Becky all afternoon, a quick check, Becky's bedroom, confirmed she wasn't at the house. Becky was an independent, a Niger. In Darfur and trusted wholeheartedly. so she was allowed to come and go as she pleased
while she usually told her parents where she was going and with whom. she left the house without letting anyone know this didn't movements Angie and Darren as Becky. Never should far away, and only ever hung out with Luke her close group of friends who they knew and trusted. However, the fact that He wasn't responding to text messages struck. Angie is odd, as this was out of character course I found it very unlock Becky not to be at home all being contact with him when they had made plans to made up. She never cancel their plans without telling him assuming. There must be a logical reason for Becky's lack of communication, Luke and Dmg pushed their concerns to the backs of their minds and assured themselves. She would return home soon.
Two thirty pm the following day: Friday February, twenty Becky still hadn't returned her. and wasn't unusual for Becky to dislike over two friend's place all the more likely given up with school holidays, but as the hours passed, Becky failed to show up or make contact with anyone. Darwin goals worthy was at work when he received a phone call from his wife Angie asking if he had seen or heard from his daughter several Becky, friends had gathered at their home on Crown Hill, worried that I hadn't seen or heard from Becky in over twenty four hours during check, Becky's Facebook page to save she had recently posted a status updates or upload a photo that would in tat, her whereabouts. Does she hadn't posted anything in the past twenty four hours down Old Becky's mobile, but it was still going straight to voice mail.
He left his daughter, a message asking Becky You call me back and let me know where you are thanks love. Less work and made his way home and was unlocked Becky to leave him for this without telling anyone where she was heading or when she expected to return like most teenagers. She could be moody at times and often clashed their parents. But overall she was sensible under loyal, not the taught to run off. at the girls? Were these home discussions were under way is the Becky's possible whereabouts member the Becky's. Immediate family were joined by her boyfriend, Luke and three of Becky's closest friends. The group, briefly it on Becky's behavior in the mood in the days leading up to February 19th when she abruptly stopped messaging Luganda vanished.
they all agreed that her demeanor was happy and carefree I've no indication that she intended to leave her naughty provide information to anyone as to where she could have gone. That's all of Becky's. Last no movements was established. Lucan visited Becky at home two days earlier on the night of Tuesday. This. contains. The pair hung out in Becky's bedroom fluke played video games on the tv, while Becky mucked around on his Ipad Luke left in the late evening, noting that Becky was in good spirits and there was nothing concerning about her behavior The following night of Wednesday ideas, Becky attended a party for the local Rugby Club in the Saint George Area, with her friend Adam after the party, the pair retired, to items here to watch movies and,
video games, they ordered and sheds, and fish and chips. Without recalling quote Becky saying we were just having a laugh really, as we always do Adam. Statement was corroborated by Luke, who was texting back and forth with Becky throughout that not in my messages, Becky was her normal self that funnel text to Luke was sent to three hundred and fifty two I am but simply red. I love you so much Luke didn't reply as he was asleep at the time. Becky slept the night at Adams House returning home early the next morning around eight hundred and thirty. I am February nor insane. And your work to Becky knocking loudly on the front door. She needed to be letting sawed, because our house K had jammed and the doors lock.
Becky spent the morning at home, where she recommenced texting with Luke the pair discussing plans to made up later that afternoon Becky was still home when Angel left first scheduled doctor's appointment, sometimes and eleven am. Shortly after rangy had left for they stop disappointment. Becky step brother Nathan His partner sharna into their two year old, Arrived at the goals worthy house for their retained visit. Upon entering the house. The couple did, have any interaction with Becky. I could hear music blaring from her room, giving them the impression He was at home and went straight into the lantern and turned on a children's television programme for his daughter will surely stepped into the back yard to smoke a cigarette.
Around fifteen to twenty minutes later intimately eleven. Thirty a m both nights, In short, I heard the music in Becky's room turn off not long after they heard footsteps. Dumping down the staircase, followed by the front door being slant They both assumed Becky, must have been in a bad mood and had left the house one thousand two hundred and forty five p dot m at around five p dot m. Visited the girls where the home and alerted them to Becky's lack of contact angel Captive, with the company of Nathan ensure not until Darin returned home from work, although He didn't show up the general she must have been spending the night elsewhere at around seven p dot m. Nathan Unshorn are left in danger.
Darren eventually went to bed when Becky still hadn't appeared obeying contact with anyone, but two p m the following day: concern Tate and everyone gathered at the Goldsworthy home to figure. where she might be with the term on established, darn tried calling back is fine, but once again the cool when he answered, he left another voice, smile pleading with his daughter to cool text to let everyone know she was safe. if Becky's bedroom followed hers, was acquainted. Central teenage girls room the stock, what wars where extenuated by a pink wardrobe, a cream, fluffy rock and a silver framed full length mirror. The pink window blinds were completely drawn. A double that was pushed into a farce Corner facing a television with an adjacent bedside tat
containing a collection of candles has shelving unit. Despite Becky's beloved items of make up perfume jewelry and a set of speed, It is with a shoe rack underneath neatly stocked with trainers, heels and multiple pairs of black boots. A what sure hung from a hanger its surface screwed, with handwritten messages good luck and well wishes from friends in typical Teenage fashion the room was clouded and somewhat messy, but everything appeared in its usual place. Several key items were noted is missing, including Becky's. Laptop mobile phone tub And several items of closing a blue one, the pajama outfit, a great jumper and a blue puffer style jacket.
However, the charging cables for all her take, the voices were still there, as were Becky's purse money toothbrush bags and make up kit items she would usually take if she planned to spend a significant amount of time away from the house. As His friends became increasingly distraught. Darren sent them and while he went door knocking in the area to check if any neighbors had seen Becky around. But none had no idea of her whereabouts or what to do next? Darren the police and declared his daughter- is a missing person that evening therein, these steps on nice and to help him create opposed on Facebook, Nathan, out. The message is Darren. Dictated the post. With a photo of Becky was published at five. Fifty three p m at Red play share
missing. Sixteen year old girl place private message. If you have seen her or know anything, police arrived to the goals where these home that night at Sea Thirty office is queried. Whether Becky had recently been in an argument who had an obligation with anyone. If you recall that the last time she saw, Becky Detain had been a big grumpy because her front door cave was malfunctioning but other than that she'd seemed very happy of light. She had great friends who she spent a lot of time with was dating a nice boy who treated her well, And was looking forward to studying interior design when she finished her school after no. Dancing days, house, police left the property down to worry that were brushing Becky's disappearance off as a typical, obtain runaway.
taking matters into his own hands, he made phone calls to everyone he could think of who might know where Becky had gone. Becky's biological mother. a ten year. What confirmed she hadn't seen her daughter in over three weeks, Becky's out a brother Daniel, took the news, a Becky's disappearance, hard as the day he sister was last sane coincided with his twentieth birthday. Darren was kept awake that night, with chilling thoughts that Becky may have been kidnapped. After leaving the house to meet up with Luke spurred bodies fear he called Becky's mobile phone once again. And leaving another voice message directed at anyone who might have abducted her quote. If you have my daughter, let her go or I will kill you let my daughter. go on one might go back in one piece.
I will kill anyone who hurts my daughter. I promise you I will get to you and when I do you're dead. The following morning of Saturday February, twenty one Darns initial facebook post requesting hoped to find Becky had been share over eight hundred times he quickly created a follow up post. That read quote. Place if anyone has seen or heard from our daughter. Just let me know she is safe. missing. On Thursday February. Nineteen at eleven fifteen am to meet her boyfriend. And it never arrived. She has They seen by any of her friends police have started a search on really scared. Now I want her home.
As the disappearance of Becky Watts, gained national attention across social media. A team of eight detective showed up to the goals where the home to begin an official search for the teenager, has Becky hadn't accessed her phone or contacted friends or family. Since the morning of her, appearance. Detective chief inspector rigid, a cone instinctively believe this wasn't just a case of amiss, behaving tain. He had a strong suspicion. Becky had met with fair play. Nevertheless, one fillet started publicizing the case on Sunday February. Twenty two, the focus was on promoting Becky's disappearance and encouraging locals to be on the lookout Opposed to suggesting the sixteen year old was in any danger
at a social media campaign using Becky's fighter, along with the hashtag find Becky police emphasised. The fact that it was out of character for Becky not to be in contact with food your family, adding that she might be wearing a blue pop star jacket. The one noticed missing from her bedroom. The press conference was held, the die on Monday February. Twenty three Darren go Worthy was asked to appeal directly to his daughter on it And she had run away and whisky to return home due to the police, and maybe your attention backs watching this please come so much for why resting weaken before anything at the MAR just come in. You said you were friends, Roger
That would only favours just tell the police number one or one just Breyer unsafe, Darren broke down and was unable to continue so Becky's grandmother Pat took over. Bags is not now, and you can see it is broken man, please just don't wanna come home, yet just just someone else, fangled tat, some one, and if you want, if you a bit worried about coming back If all these jalapenos come and stay with me for a few days, you're gonna cost payment to you when you're so loved Can you believe that you ready ass an importer it's come home or whoever is sheltering her. Do the right thing: Lincoln Detective Chief Inspector Richard a card wrapped up the car
Prince says its one. You seawater Becky noted any trouble we're ok, said about you well being, and we just want. Make sure that your okay, if you can call home one of friends or phone us the place or model one just confirm whether you are less data. Hey. You can have worked through any issues that might be facing I'll ask anyone. He won't have any information about where Rebecca is to come forward and took to us after the press coverage as Darren agreed to an interview with Jack FM a popular Bristol radio station? He told the host of the show quote Becky's, very shy and timid notary and ass, Inter closest friends, but anyone outside of that and she wouldn't be able to talk to them. As I have. All the police she can't even go up to a till in a shop
She couldn't even ask for a bus ticket. She would rather walk thing, get on a bus and ask the Java third ticket. This is how shy and reserved cheese, so this just doesn't add up members of Becky's family organised, a public search, Orient Bristow, Saint George Area, where more than one hundred locals volunteer their assistance, volunteers separated into smaller groups and sent in different directions to cover as much ground as possible heeding out overwrite doesn't flies as they when those closest Becky, including members of her immediate family and friendship. Circle, were questioned at length by police, but again nothing was gained to suggest Becky's whereabouts. Her run on movements, chat logs text messages, phone records, And social media accounts were checked, but nothing suspicious or helpful arose.
The last time Becky had access to Facebook account was on the morning of her disappearance and it hadn't been touched. Since the last text messages sent from her phone we're the ones to Luke and another friend, just after eleven. I am on Thursday February nineteen, with no sign of Becky five different police jurists. Since, when now involved in the investigation, shaft wiles, Wheelchair Devon and Como with Bristol police at the helm. they were assisted by search and missing persons, experts from the national primate and see college of policing and very if national missing persons organizations during the course of the search to police, dive, tames count three pawns in nearby parks and nature reserves, twenties. Buildings were rented three hundred and twenty eight houses were door, not three hundred background. India, outhouses researched
and another one hundred areas of the city were inspected at one point Over five hundred offices were actively involved, in that case, making the search to find Becky Watts, the largest missing person case in the county's history, but still The police were no closer to finding any sign of the teenager. The online police campaign promoting Becky: what's disappearance, had reached more than two million people across the world? Gaining noble attention for the case. Yet, despite all efforts, Becky remain missing. Meanwhile, forensic investigators examining the goals were these crown property picked up something of note in Becky's bedroom, although near impossible to see with the naked eye, forensic testing detected red staining
on the architrave relating into Becky's bedroom disdaining appeared in spite of Lord Patten's a different hearts. Some low some wise taught and some showed a hot fanned within this tiny was a set of red fingerprints The initial testing confirmed the substance was human blood, but it would take time to determine who we are, and the fingerprints belonged to analysis of the blood spatter revealed. The pattern was consistent with a struggle having taken place in the vicinity of Becky's bedroom. However,. That is out of step brother Nathan, Matthews and he's the long term partner shown or who had been in the house with Becky on the morning of her disappearance and didn't. during an altercation take place. on the door frame, belongs to Becky Watts,
seemed highly unlikely. The sixteen year old simply walked out of her family home. On the light morning of Thursday February, nineteen. I am Randy in this is day or the found The bomb us the most comfortable socks and the history of feet so trouble. We sought and donated millions of pairs to sell and donate a lot of socks. We became obsessed with comfort we reinvented the sought from the ground up adding comfort innovations along the way it work. People tried them love. And told their friends about them. Helping us sell and donate millions of pairs. Try them now at Bombas DOT, com, slash comfy and get twenty percent off your first order. That's b, o m B, a s dot com, slash comfy,. Nathan Matthews ensure know who is a cancer Thursday February. Nineteen two thousand fifteen match the word for word for detective chief inspector rigid, a kind
The couple's identical stories drew his immediate suspicions quote, there were really consistent in their accounts. However, the detective sort of my brain was that they fit together really conveniently and namely even the best witnesses will provide accounts that are incorrect. in the initial stages of the investigation into Becky, Watts, disappearance and and shawna morass the participating police interviews. But efforts to meet with the couple were delayed as they were consistently unavailable. one. Such requests happened on Monday February. Twenty three four days into the search for Becky shown declined to me with police explaining her and Nathan had made dinner plans with her mother soon. As mother LISA was surprised when her daughter called her out of the blue to organise a visit that day arriving at her
Property in me, with nation, within the hour by the fifth day of the investigation, the police were no longer willing to wait for Nathan and its cooperation to detective ass, the boat visited cotton mills lying in the Boston, he'll district of Bristol, knocking on the front door of cancelling the terrorists. flat where Nathan and shown a lived with their two year old child. When night,
Answer the door: he looked noticeably tired and pale with doc circles framing. He saw us yet upon reading the detectives he picked up and was welcoming until give inviting the offices in so on before they entered. He apologized for the state of his house from the outside. Their property. Looked completely normal. The mixed red breakin docked in the two story flat had a native twenty exterior. However, the interior was starkly different story inside the detective constables were confronted,
a disgusting sane of squalor and filth, accompanied by a strong stench of cat vases Nathan and his his could could only be described as of of hoarders, with room room filled from floor to ceiling with junk random pieces of furniture, broken electrical items, toys dirty dishes boxes, take takeaway food containers. efforts to enter through the front door were hindered by belongings, including a prime toys, a two foot tall, fridge plastic bags and a cat Craig. Detective Constable song, Wallace quote it hard to envisage a family living comfortably at the address due to the volume of clutter scattered around the house or don't believe the dance stairs could have been used. There was no way to sit. no way to gain access to the kitchen facilities. Nathan explained the clodagh
due to his habit of bringing home discarded items. He believed he could fix up to use or so, however, he never bothered to repair anything. Strewn. Among he's over woman collection of useless junk were empty soda Ganz cat food, teens, yoga containers and other household trap. while the Paul of unwashed dishes, why ignored in the kitchen sink inclined. He had recently been diagnosed with Barbara, my Algeria, a disease that affects the nervous system introduced the pain in various parts of the body rendering him unable to hold a full time job, he worked part time as a delivery driver for a local chinese restaurant, but hadn't taken a shift in recent days. His partner shown a whole was raising the couples to your own daughter was also earning an income as the full time care of a Nathan's mother, Angie
unlike the officers to an upstairs bedroom, pushing pass the mattress that lay hunched over the stairs. The bedroom was piled high with all sorts of Plata the walkway to the bed, Finally, clear area with enough remaining space for the three to stand together and talk a toaster kettle and condiments set on one side of the double bed and makeshift kitchen is the real one. inaccessible, should always inside the bedroom sitting on the bed bit interacted very little with the detectives. nice and repeated his version of events on the light morning of Thursday February. One thousand nine hundred and eighty was certain Becky left the girls where they at shortly after hey Insurance or arrived, but mainly did not saying or interacting with her. In the short time all three were inside the detectives one. Through Nathan unshorn his home, tired by Nathan, who allowed them to say each room
positions were piled on tables and chairs tearing over there But they never guided through narrow pathways between the junk. Eventually, they reached the only door in the house that we shut it led into the bathroom detective constable. Solomon Wallis, quite was that in one or two fate it was cleaner than the rest of the house, the boss, room window was open. The actual both itself was clear. There was nothing or on the sides at all. The bath was clean feeling the head of the investigative spotlight, the cagey and uncooperative Nathan Matthews and shown a whore suddenly volunteered to participate in formal policing of ease on Friday we worry twenty seven, the ITA Diet Becky's disappearance. The couple with
Right it into different in view rooms and questioned at length about the missing tain I spoke of his relationship with his youngest stepsister. Explore That was civil and bonded, occasionally by venting about problems in their lives, but weren't, particularly close, I take a friends on Facebook It wasn't always this way. The step siblings were close when they were much younger When Nathan's mother Angie moved in with her new beau Darren Goldsworthy, she didn't want to uproot, song from the area, he was settled in so he mainly living with his grandmother the separation. Nathan was. Though traded as a key member of the family, and regarded as the big brother to Daniel and Becky. What he'd visit regularly and as the oldest he would off. escort his youngest step siblings to an advance playground.
We didn't learn to speak clearly until she was three years old, with the first fully formed, word to come out of her mouth being Nathan. Although Nathan was regarded as a normal, well adjusted child others. he gradually changed as he grew older. Becoming a loner with a short temper at age, thirteen he joined the army, cadet and went on to have an active role in the army reserves he's late, teens and early twenties It was during these later years, when the relationship between Becky and Nathan began to sour daring goals always sensed. There was an underlying tension between his daughter and stepson as divide varieties. Attention. As such the steps you blinks clashed quite often Nathan would snapper Becky for carelessly, leaving things lying around the house that he's mother goodbye. and surely Tribeca. He also drew issue with Becky's aiding disorder believing
She used it as a means to manipulate energy for sympathy and attention. He considered Becky selfie, and target jealousy towards her for what he perceived to be a spoiled upbringing in comparison to his own taste, She didn't escalate beyond the common sibling rivalry, the work to cause distance between the once close pear when asked. If he had helped search step. Sister Nathan responded quote I haven't actually gone out to search, know, obviously have gone out to the shop. But I haven't seen her on the way nobody thanks to notify us of. What's going on it's one of those things. You've got got away. He doesn't talk to me about her life. The thing she does the day before Becky missing. She went out and didn't let my mom know where she was. Nathan couldn't recall when you last spoke to Becky, adding,
It had been more than six months since the two waving exchanged text messages unlocked Partner shown a whole was far more positive in describing her relationship with Becky. Although the two went. The tv lowly close sugar admitted that she was finding Becky's disappearance quite hard. The girls had become What family, both standing by Angie, saw during her wedding to Darren, serving as bridesmaids in the blue gown selected by Becky. Although shown I just got, Becky is a nice girl, she held similar opinions tonight and that the teenager was spoiled and selfish It was behavior shown a resented as she carried the scars of a broken home, and so Becky is ungrateful for her privileged upbringing. Along with her seven siblings, Sean had grown up in foster care living with six different foster families throughout her childhood. Before returned.
to the custody of her mother at age, thirteen she began a relationship with Nathan Matthews one year later, moving out when she was seventeen years old and soon losing touch with her mother over an argument regarding a car. Should I had a reputation for being dishonest with friends when she large, shamelessly about having cancer and being pregnant after she left school should have started adding to become a child care system. The quit the training when she felt pregnant for real China was through when presented with the opportunity to become injuries. Fulton Kara, as it would have tell her to be paid for work she had been doing previously for free. However, His presence wasn't always welcomed at the Goldsworthy home. The couple used
here is a refuge of sorts eating or the food, and often asking for money. Darn filled the coupled took advantage of their hospitality and that surely had started to slacken in her care giving duties for energy when Nathan refused fond full time, employment, darn suspected it wasn't fibromyalgia, they kept his steps are out of work, but instead of laziness and a vicious jealous, drake them and he wanted to keep an eye on shown her at all times, Our and had disapproved of nice and ensuring a relationship from its inception Nathan mission. You're, not when he was twenty one years old and she was only forty eight, which wasn't the first time Nathan showed a fixation for under age girls. When Nathan was known then he drove up to the family home with several young girls in the back of his car
Two no older than twelve years old. Durham was furious and ordered Nathan to drop the goes home immediately. years later, when night in ensuring had a child. Together, their critics came to accept their relationship. Penetrate shown a lot family, but there is still something unpleasant about the two. All Nathan ensure are usually visited, the goals where the higher, almost every day they had mysteriously kept their distance since Becky's disappearance. When family members organised together together. The handicap missing person flies around the town, Nathan. Ensuring were nowhere to be seen. Suspicions about Nathan ensure not continued to rise, but up until this point, There was no evidence to directly linked them or anyone else to Becky's disappearance. It was ass, though the guy
had simply vanished into thin air. But then the forensic test results of the blood, spatter and bloody fingerprints found on the dole frame leading into Becky's bedroom came through. The blood was confirmed to belong to Becky wants the fingerprint belonged to her step brother Nathan, math, He's on Saturday February, twenty eight two thousand and fifteen Nathan Matthews ensured who were located at a residential property in the suburbs of South made in Bristol North. The home belonging to Shawn. His mother LISA police entered the house, they found nights and playing a video. On a war method, television detective Constable Rob Dolan swiftly place tonight and under arrest for the kidnapping of Becky Watts. Darwin immediately told Nathan on NATO
to take an urgent interview with you. The basis of this is to find Becky Watts. Tell me where Becky is. Darwin, then bombarded Nathan with more questions. Can you help us with where Becky is? Do you know if Becky safe? Can you help us find out if Becky is safe. Nathan responded to each question with no comment. Unwilling to assist police Nathan was immediately taken the pathway police station in Bristol
Shown a whole was also placed under arrest on suspicion of kidnapping when asked if she knew Becky's whereabouts. Shoulder responded, know when asked if Becky with safe, shorter applaud. I don't know when asked if she could help the police find out if Becky was safe shown, as stated, I dont know how to. Upon Nathan and as his arrest, the search to find Becky Watts continued. The statement issued by Becky's father, Darren and unsteadily,
the rangy stated that were aware of the arrest, but finding that door that remains their highest priority down. Goldsworthy quote Rebecca, is still nothing send. We continue to hurt that you will be found safe and unharmed, but we will prepare ourselves for the worst police appealed for witnesses to come forward, who may have seen Nathan Matthews Black, a bloxels to fear a car between the critical time of Thursday. nineteen and Monday February 20th three detectives arrived to Nathan Matthews and showing a horse property on cutting mill lane how company, but a team of forensic investigators together. They sifted, through the overwhelming clutter, hoping to find any piece of information that could lead them to finding Becky
Down covered multiple items of interest, including black carpet, lining from the boot of Nathan's car, which was found stuffed inside a cook in the bathroom. to stun guns were sitting on a glass top table on the left hand, side of the living room items which could not be legally possessed without lawful authority. The wet
were capable of delivering a shock of over eight thousand vaults age. Without leaving a mark, a promising piece of evidence was found upstairs when traces of blood were detected and immediately sent a wife attesting against Becky. What's dna impeccably claim bathtub in the upstairs bathroom continued to rise suspicions of authorities that the same standing out like a source thumb in the other was filthy flat upon entering the bathroom. The top was position against the roadside wool glistening what and empty. Yet the rest of the room was crammed with more of the same jumped the field, the rest of the house, including a quicker and mock away with bags, clubs, dirty dishes and rubbish pawed. On top.
Extensive Chemical analysis of the tub White pops wall. Tiles, blondes and door failed to reveal any trace of Becky Watts Day, and I it was clear that tub and surrounding tall outside recently been scrubbed using hosh disinfectants with drain cleaner, pull down the parts hidden inside a cupboard investigators found several crumpled recites dated Friday February. Twenty two die off, Debakey, allegedly left her home and. appeared one we're safe from local home improvement, retail store, Bain Q totalled eighty eight pounds and listed the sale of forums goggles face. Mosques gloves and a circular saw cctv. Foot. Egypt. And from being Q showed Nathan, Matthews entered the store alone at around twelve fifty p m, dressed completely in black.
these way to the power to allow where he casually paste in front of a shock of inspecting several lightens before, eventually settling on my colleague, the brain circular saw when then went to purchase the autumn at scanned at a higher cost than he anticipated and he queried the process with the shop assistant Remarking that he needed the palace or that day, Nathan disregarded the expense aid for the autumn in full and left his second or say dated Saturday February, twenty one, the after the circular saw, was purchased, came from a local as the supermarket and listed various items totalling. Ninety eight pounds, including rubber, gloves, Blake and three roles of cling film. Cctv footage recovered from the supermarket showed Nathan making the purchase, but he wasn't alone this time.
He was accompanied by Shona court on Cctv again, the next day, Sunday February, twenty two this time entering can't retail chain naughty naughty paste or where they could just a reinforced rubbish bags, doctype various cleaning products and a heavy duty sponge. After these discoveries were made policing, warm tonight in Matthews and shown a whore that were now being held under arrest on suspicion of the murder of Becky Watts. Despite efforts to encourage the pair to start talking, they both remained tight. Lipped. Investigators hinted, they had uncovered some important evidence in the couple's home, hoping to pressure the accused into talking. When Nathan was informed that traces of blood had been found in his arm, he appeared rattled.
He immediately asked if it had been feared upstairs and investigators confirmed it had tests It's later revealed, this blood was unrelated to the Becky Watts case, but the mere mention of it. caused an immediate change in Nathan, Matthews Demeanor, detective chafing the rigid, a cone club, I think it probably fell He was battling against a rising tide, and actually he could feel the evident starting to come on top. It was
wanting to weigh quite heavily eventually the pressure mounted until it finally became too much to bear and Nathan Matthews broke on March two, two thousand and fifteen twelve days after Becky's disappearance, Nathan Matthews dictated a written statement in the presence of his lawyer detailing his version of the events that took place inside the Goldsworthy home on Thursday February. Nineteen. two thousand and fifteen Nathan, Matthews quote I Nathan Charles Matthews date of birth, not have nineteen ninety seven, except that I am responsible for the death of Rebecca Watts, On the nineteenth of February two thousand and fifteen, I attended increased hill with my girlfriend shown a whole aging
Brian Hill is where my mother lives, with Darren Goldsworthy Rebecca Watts also lived there. Sure now he's my mother's Register Kara. So we regularly go to the house to help with housework and other hope. My mother needs although we usually went there on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, we did also Go there on other days, on Thursday Nineteenth February, part of the In fact, going around was to return a team to my grandmother. My grandmother was due to take my mother to a medical appointment and bring it back in. I had. A large bag has done divorce, handcuffs type and mosque. I have developed an idea to scare Rebecca about kidnapping her. I wanted to kidnap me to take her a lesson of the that she was selfish and behavior towards my mother was a risk to her health when we,
two hundred and eighteen cranhill. We let ourselves in with a k my mother had left in the recycling box upon in the property we all went to the front room. A few minutes off arriving arriving Shauna said she wanted a cigarette and went into the garden. All went to the boot of my car and took out a bag which contained the other items are took. Everything upstairs landing, I think, are then took the items you out of the bag before knocking on Rebecca store. She replied what we'll hello and I said, can I see you a minute for similar words Rebecca? and opened the door on wearing a mosque in which order things happened immediately after she came to the door, but I used the autumns. I had to subdue Rebecca. During a short struggle, my mask slipped and Rebecca was able to say my face. This caused made a penny
and strangled her when she was partially in the back I collected the items I used put them Becca into the bag and zipped up the bag. I also took her phone tablet and a laptop together with shoes, some clothes, and a duvet cover from the spare room in a separate bag. I took everything. Downstairs and put it into the boot of my car back in the house. I waited too he shorter than slammed the front door shut. For going to the front room. I checked the show When I was not in that room, the rest, the diet that has goes if it would normally. If we were there, we leave in about seven p dot m the rest of the evening. Pastas you. but I cannot remember exactly what we did. After shown, I went to bed and sleep
did a wall and went out to the car and brought the bags into the house the following day we went after eighteen crown heel, and I tried to behave as normal. A troika it is normal that I could, when we returned. Fourteen cotton mill lane It was shown to go to sleep this time. I collected the bag with Rebecca s body and placed it in the bath. In order to stop shown on using the bathroom the following morning, applauded drain cleaner down the toilet I could tell Shawna it was blocked again. That's all that would off and get blocked, and when that happened on you showing it would not go into the bathroom while so I locked the door My memory of the days that followed is not perfect, so I'm not sure dial, returns to fourteen cardinal Lane having left showing her at my mother's, but I think it was this Saturday when,
back to fourteen continental Lane or tried to dispose of the body by cutting it up with a circular, saw initially. up the body parts and took them back down stairs and hit them. I'm not sure how many days later, but on it, The day I took the body, the sore and other items to Non Barton Court Barton Hill and placed them in a garden shed. I took them to this addressed with two other people. What did not tell them what was in the bags and box, and I said I would collect them in a few days. Both of these people are men, but I do not want to name them I have chosen to give my account by means of a written statement, because leave. Believe I have mental health and learning difficulties that make it difficult for me to say it out loud, also find it difficult to, express that detail in this accounting spoken words. I would like to
the more the noise to date, have been motivated in part by wished to avoid the pain and disappointment days, admissions would cause to my partner and family this date, It was written by my solicitor, but it has been read by me and I can confirm that it is an accurate account Should I did not know anything about my causing the death of Rebecca all my attempt to dispose of and hide the body had she nine she would have reported me to the police. Apart from this statement, I will exercise my right to silence, Following his confession, Nathan Matthews was formally charged with the murder of his step. Sister Becky. What After Nathan confessed police, denying Barton Court in Boston Hill, where Nathan stated
he had taken back its body, none Barton Court is: a double story: red brick terrorists, home on the western edge of Bristol NET Embark police. created by twenty nine year old Man, Donovan Demetrius, who revealed the property, was owned by twin brother car. He pay me it, offers his entry with a cursory surgeon interior confirming no one else was present. Petty. I adore at the rear of the home, let out to a small, concrete courtyard encased in at all timber fence. The courtyard whisper ass containing nothing but a barbecue justice in Matthew said describing his confession. A garden said, was situated at the rear of the property alive, square, timber structure, full of belongings, its windows covered. upon entering the shed invested
I just noticed several black garbage bags, a blue plastic box, Iraq Sack and four suitcases pod on top of one another against the wall, The largest suitcase closest to the shed door was packed with a number of tightly wrapped parcels covered in clingfilm and plastic bags. After opening package, the size of a rugby ball and unwrapping the multiple layers of clingfilm that banded together in the were horrified to discover what it contained. It was human right hand. The fist, clenched and severed at the wrist, the fingernails varnished in red. Now, a polish detective Chief Inspector Richard, a cone quote the nature of the fond is horrific and shocking. I have never dealt with anything like this and it will stay with
me through my service. It will stay with me throughout my life The contents of the remaining suitcases revealed further dismembered body parts. The rucksack counter and a twelve and a half centimeter know if contaminated with blood and hair, along with a pair of scissors, two screwdrivers handcuffs blood, stained safety, goggles two face masks: a pink spotted shower curtain and two bottles of drain cleaner, inside a different suit case was a macalister. Bringing the circular saw method with blood and tear a laptop tablet and pieces of a broken. I found were found inside plastic shopping bags that we're not a closed. a black carry a bag contained, make up two pairs women's shoes, black ankle boots and pink slippers,
with other items of women's clothing, a faux leather jacket, a blue checkered shirt and a blue puffer style jacket. The human remains were transported to a nearby more tree where forensic pathologist had the difficult task of performing and post mortem. The body parts had been wrapped site tightly that the plastic had a priest, having a fact and some of their remains, had been packed with kitchen sound and kitty little further working to preserve them. Dna extracted from the boy. He was compared to samples previously taken from Becky. What's toothbrush, there remains. were confirmed to belong to the sixteen year old, with the blood and hair on the circular. Sore and weapons also established to be Becky's,
the other possessions fanned with her remains, including the technology devices make up and clothing also belongs to the ten. According to the powerful adjusts report, the likely cause a Becky what's death was suffocation, injuries. her face were consistent with this funding is it appeared, someone had held their hand over her nose and met with considerable force.
It's paste of information contradicted Nathan, Matthews confession in which he claimed to have strangled Becky to death. This discrepancy indicated his version of events were not entirely truthful. Becky was sustained more than forty defensive wounds across her body indicating she had put up a fought during the attack. There were fifteen stab wounds inflicted post mortem and an attempt had also been made to drain her body of fluid. There were no signs of sexual injury. In his confession, nation Matthews refused to name the two men he claimed help him move the lug each containing Becky's remains and belonging to the garden shed at the rear of Non Barton court. However, it didn't long for investigators to identify Nathan's accomplices.
a nod of Monday February, twenty three, two thousand and fifteen four days after Becky Watts was murdered Twenty nine year old, called the matrix was eddies workplace situated in the town of filtering five miles north of Bristol City Centre. Shortly before midnight, com received a phone call from Nathan Matthews who needed some autumn's transported and stored desperate for Help Nathan was willing to pay ten thousand pounds to get the job done. After the core call approach to twenty three year old colleague, James Ireland, and often him half of the jobs windfall in exchange for his assistance, James agreed, as he was always came, to make some quick cash. At twelve, twenty nine am the pair left working James, is Ford, Fiesta and drive towards as a general property in south made where they picked up Nathan Matthews and shown a whole.
James Ireland had never met the couple before and had little interaction with them during the drive other than asking for directions to their home. The group arrived a cotton mill Lane James was left alone in the car the others. Gotta call and Nathan had a discussion before telling James to go back to work and exchange he's car for a Van James did is requested Obtaining the white work Van and returning to Nathan's house at around one thirty, I am the autumns and wanted to transport. The cows house included several heavy suitcases like garbage bags and a blue plastic box. Nathan wouldn't reveal what they contain and gave the other strict instructions not to look inside. It took the three men, approximately twenty five minutes to load the items into the van.
Carl and James initially suspected the heavy bags contained stolen electrical goods or something similar, but upon feeling that the bags held something soft they assumed that were filled with drugs. As they made, the shore drive to cause Barton Court property, the veins movements were quoted on local cctv, traffic cameras. When the trail arrived to no one button called it took them two trips to load the bags into the kitchen. Before relocating them to the garden shed at the rear of the property. would call and James returned to work whether we're overheard gloating about the money they had just made. The next day Nathan returned to Carl's house with a rock sack Seeing it in the shed with his other belongings, he talk all. He would return within a few days to collect the goods.
After helping Nathan, Matthews move the luggage call and James were at work. When a colleague noted the pair were acting oddly and was seen having a secretive conversation, very next day called the matrix and James all and were arrested in relation to the Motor Becky was charged with assisting an offender text messages between call and is twenty three year old, girlfriend Jaded Parsons, confirmed that she too knew about the job Nathan Matthews had hired a boyfriend to complete. Jane and encouraged called store the items for Nathan saying they could use the subsequent payment for a house. Deposit luck, call and James Jane and assumed the bags and something illegal but maintained having absolutely no knowledge of the true content. due to having knowledge of the act,
it was also arrested for assisting an offender, as was calls twin brother, Donovan, Demetrius. Also resided at the bottom court property. Donovan's work. Colleagues recalled the man looked, visibly tired and was now visibly reserved after arriving for work on February twenty four, the day after Nathan's bags, A re like to the bottom court shed Donovan his manager. He didn't get much sleep the night before, because he was helping his brother with something. Despite Nathan, Matthews adamant claims that he acted alone in committing Becky's murder, investigate were convinced shown a whole played a part shouldering Did she was completely oblivious to the fact that Nathan killed Becky her story? Hadn't changed choosing the backyard smoking a cigarette.
She maintained having no idea that Becky's body was in the boot of Nathan's car cars. The couple drive home that not or that night and had dismembered Becky's body in their upstairs bathroom. showing a claims to have gone to bed early on the not that Becky's body parts were moved. The bottom court, however, she Deidre call Nathan Talkin to friends by a car at so at that Noah, James, Ireland, who assisted in re like hating, the bags containing Becky, what's remains said otherwise. Waning shown. I was present when the bags were loaded into the Van according to Shona Becky constantly, but had never done anything to suggest he wanted to hurt her He had a violent and aggressive temperament at times and could get wound up very quickly, but only ever took his. Strange yet on China had never crossed her mind that nothing could be capable of killing someone.
Sure and painted a dark picture of her relationship with nice in revealing that a boyfriend had total control of every aspect of her love entreated her a child, a real jealous type Nathan was increasingly paranoid, the shorn of wanted to go out to made other men he wouldn't Let her leave the house without him when asked what their future hold chaloner admitted? There was still a part of her that cared for Nathan, but those feelings of tenderness had seen Spain replaced with anger and disgust. Oh sure continued to deny any knowledge or involvement with Becky's murder investigate is recover deleted. Facebook conversation that indicated she was being deceptive two months before Becky's murder,
in private message shown on Facebook. Instructing her to bring through pretty school goes back to the house for him shorter. Her quiet allow well yeah I'll, just kidnap them from school later that same day shown Assent Nathan, a message to tell him. She just saw a prick better, go and quote almost knocked her out to bring her home Ella Well, Nathan, What twenty second glider saying don't you all know me to a page shown a responded, laughing my fucking ass off yeah I'll just get back in to when I saw her, then Tom trouble her too well, I take Ella, well sure find the facebook messages were intended as a joke, but her involvement with
What's murder was further solidified when the two face masks, fanned with Becky's remains, were forensically tested. The inside edges of both face. Mosques contained Nathan's dna, but one more school so contained the dna of another person shorter. Sean is DNA was also found on a not a garbage bag taken from one of the suitcases containing Becky's body, implying she had handled at some point also fanned with Becky's remains, was a teacher that didn't belong to the team night testing revealed that it had been worn by Shona with forensic Evelyn, now, linking shown a directly to Becky's remains open. in charge of kidnapping was upgraded to murder, both shorter.
Nice inward decently, charged with preventing burial of a corpse perverting the course of public justice and possessing a prohibited weapon relating to the two stun guns found in there. public reaction to the news of Nathan, Matthews and shown a horse arrest for the murder of Becky Watts was hated. Abuse was towards the couple on online forums. We members of the Bristol community, expressed anger over the amount of money, time and resources used during the search for Becky. When nice, had known exactly where her body was all alone in India. Pouring of grief, the people of Bristol left flowers, Teddy, bears and sympathy cards at the front gate of the goals worthy home and a name Becky Pistols angel.
Members of the Bristol Public show their support for Becky's family by holding an online fundraising campaign for the teenagers funeral, ensuring better you got the farewell she deserved on April, seventeen two thousand and fifteen His short life was remembered during a funeral service held at St Ambrose church. The same church Where she had organised the wedding of her parents Darren and Angie just two years earlier, Becky's family stipulated that. The space celebration of the teenagers loft- quite no parent, relative or friend, would expect to lose a loved one. At such a tender age, Becky had so much to look for. The two and love to share with all that were close. Indeed, her her death has touched the hearts of so many people. It is because
If your current support that we know that day will be a fitting tribute to a much loved daughter, granddaughter sister, nice and friend over five hundred mourners arrived to the church, to pay tribute to Becky far exceeding the building's capacity. police closed down the surrounding straits, allowing crowds to encircled the church exterior and listen to the service via loudspeaker. Many mourners as war teachers favouring an image of Becky, smiling face together. They threw pink roses towards the horse drawn carriage that transported Becky's. What color which was carried into the church by loved ones to the Leona Lewis Ballad footprints in the sand. A large floral Orangemen amassed outside the church featuring dozens of pink roses during the service Reverend David James told the congregation quite.
Becky has been restored into the heart of the community where she belongs. It is not a good boy, heartfelt tribute to his daughter down. Goldsworthy's stated Quote Becky his. The huge avoiding our lives and touched the heart of the nation We all love you so much as you look down from Heaven just look at what your short life has achieved A bad for a shy go he will forever be in our hearts and thoughts rest in Peace Angel of Bristol. The service ended with Becky's grandfather, jungles worthy singing, the ballot somewhere from the musical West Side story as guests
we're, leaving the church, Becky's father released a single White Dove Becky was laid to rest pinnated glittery black headstone, with azure blue chippings, that featured her image encircled by the words crystals angel. The trial against the Nathan Matthews and shown a war for the murder of Becky Watts commenced at the start of October, two thousand fifteen seven months after the teenagers, death, Peggy, Sue, What is wrong to call at wearing blue ribbons, pin tenacious to honour the memory. Although Nathan had confessed to unlawful killing, he pled not guilty to the
just kidnap and murder. Maintaining his story. The Becky's death had been an accident. He plodded guilty to the remaining charges against him. Perverting the course of justice possessing a prohibited weapon and preventing the lawful bear love a course shown. A war, on the other hand, pleaded not guilty toward challenges using witness accounts, court testimonies and a native Matthews chilling confession. Becky's final moments were taste together for the jury On the morning of Thursday February, nineteen, two thousand and fifteen Angie Goldsworthy to Cranhill House at around eleven a dot m to attend at doctors, appointment leaving Becky, I'm alone. During his absence Nathan, Matthews and shown a whore arrived to the property and to let themselves in using a spare Kay.
The pair arrived armed with a kidnap kit, that included masks handcuffs to stun guns tape and numerous weapons. The exact details of what unfolded next may never be known. What is known is that Becky was set upon in her bedroom at or soon after eleven or three, I am the Tom. She abruptly ceased responding to text messages from friends, injury, sustained indicated she resisted the attack with her raw deal ending when it was subsequently suffocated to death. After Becky's murder, Nathan admitted to re entering he stepsister bedroom and placing her mobile phone laptop tablet. Some make up and clothes into a black bag which he kept to give the allusion to others that the train had simply packed up and left.
Call the time Angie Return time from had doctor's appointment at around one thousand two hundred and forty five p dot M Becky's buddy had already been bundled into a suitcase installed in the boot of Nathan's car. When Becky's boyfriend Luke Over visited the that afternoon, looking for his girlfriend, he was by showing a whore who find concern over Becky sudden disappearance. Luke was unaware that Becky's, who offers body with just a few fade away. Although Nathan maintained he acted alone evidence Was also a participant, An online transactions proved shown. I had purchased the to stun guns a month prior to Becky's MOTA, strongly indicating the couple planned. The attack in advance.
before the couple arrived at the goals wedding home, they stopped at a Tesco, Express convenience store to purchase batteries. The same talk used in the stun guns Sean is dna and traces of her make up what detected on the interior lining of one of the face. Mosques found with Becky's body her own long interactions with nice and revealed the pair shared a sexual, interesting petite young teenage girls, similar to Becky and often fantasized, about adopting a girl for their own pleasure. as concerns rose, other Becky's whereabouts, nice and ensure When a casualty watched television at the girls worthy home later that nor the couple drive back their home on cotton mill line ordered from China, is taking off a dinner foot through channels on the television and played monopoly lock. It was any normal noise. The day after Becky's murder night and
his employer to say he needed to take time off due to car trouble over the following today's Nathan purchased the tools required to dismember Becky's body, proceeding to do so in the bathroom levies house, after Packaging Becky's remains Nathan meticulously scrapped the bathtub regarding towels claim to hide the evidence and remove all traces of Becky's DNA. This type of day claim was towards the soldiers in the Uk Army Reserve, of which Nathan was previously. A member soldiers were torn away, decontamination and were required to clean an area until it was spotless those next door neighbor testify to over hearing lots of activity coming from Nathan. Ensuring is flat during this time, which was unusual for the typically quiet couple
the neighbourhood running up and down stairs banging slamming doors, scraping furniture being moved and a suitcase being road across a wooden floor. Nice and then contacted CALL Demetrius, offering him up to help re located in store the luggage, which held the bases of Bacchus body. hanging. He didn't know the true contents of the bags and boxes calling said the help of James Ireland and the tree I use the word ban to transport. Becky's remains to cause backyard garden, shed. Nathan intended to keep their remains in the shed until he could think of a better way to dispose of them. Quite I tried to think of a plan, drive them out to sea or something, but I didn't know.
As Nathan contemplated how he was going to dispose of Becky's remains, he assisted. He stepped father in creating a facebook posed to raise awareness of these steps. Sisters, disappearance. All the while, knowing exactly where she was. An emotional Nathan Matthews, took the stand admitting that he planned to kidnap Becky as a plot to scare and teach her a lesson for being spoiled and selfish. He only intended to render her unconscious, but in trying to do so, accidently killed her when he realized Becky was not breeding and had no pulse. He panicked and hid her body out of shape.
When asked how he went about dismembering Becky's body night and said quote, I just did it, I tried not to look. I did it and I was just surreal. That's the only way I can explain it always just doing what I had to do to protect everybody else, stop them finding out that she's gone the defence argued that the crime was fuelled out of sibling hatred and jealousy, which went against the prosecutions document that the crime was sexually motivated to solidify By his case, prosecution Loya William massively presented Nathan's computer, on which, They sound covered evidence that Nathan accessed pornography Milly every day, a mature If the videos figured out actresses, posing as teenage girls, he had also bookmark websites, the page, the word team, all up
police found two hundred and thirty six sadistic images and two hundred and twenty one pornographic videos on Nathan's laptop just hours before. Motor Nathan watched seventeen minute video totalled virgin, Tain gets right D, known house in one particular saying the ripest toward the girls hands together placed a hand over her mouth and slaughter in the face, it's mostly argued, the same bore striking similarities to Nathan's attack on Becky, suggesting he used. The video was the inspiration prior to Becky's murder. Nathan had also been speaking to a sixteen year old girl on Facebook. The private messages between the pair making it clear that he had a sexual interest in her.
Nathan's grandmother testified that he's mental health has deteriorated radically in the previous two years and his dislike for Becky increased. During that time, Nathan's defence lawyer Adam vetoing him a great that Wall Nathan's plan to kidnap Becky had indeed been ridiculous and absurd. His plan never included when it came to shown a whole the prosecution prison. to the video which was access. Don't shorn is mobile phone on the day of Bacchus murder. The video which we searched for on Youtube was a parody of a Disney song from the Popular movie frozen titled. Do you want to build a snowman? the parody version shown or watched was titled. Do you want to hide a body. according to shoulder. The fact that she watched the video on the day Becky was murdered was a coincidence.
She claimed to have only access that to make Nathan laugh, insisting she had no idea. He had just killed, Becky. In his closing statements, prosecution Loya William massively described shown as claim of ignoring the Nathan's crimes as a ridiculous concept. She was in the house when Becky was killed in the carrying Becky's body and at home when Becky's body was in her bathtub, they said, shewn displayed a cool called collected facade that in no way made her look like a little girl lost. In her policing view types, she answered questions concerning Becky's welfare, chiefly sometimes eagerly. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Sure no is compared to Lady Macbeth. The master
and in Shakespeare, s famous play who provokes her husband to commit murder for her own personal gain, mostly said. The famous law for Macbeth applaud the shorter Bay locking innocent flower, but a serpent beneath as the night in math use masterly pointed out that the confessed killer, Lloyd, repeatedly, arguing Nathan's actions were full of hatred. That he's death was not an accident or adoption gone wrong. It was cold, blooded, murder,. The concluded on November eleven, two thousand and fifteen into the jury retired, to consider five weeks worth of evidence to reach a verdict After just over three hours of deliberation, the jury declared a Nathan Matthews guilty of the murder of Becky was shown a whole was founded, not guilty of murder the guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.
sentencing occurred on November thirty, two thousand and fifteen, during which Becky Watts parents heart wrenching victim impact statements, feeling deeply loved their daughter had been and how treasure We heard a had changed their laws. Nathan bent forward keeping his head down during the Statements will shoulder, remained seated, upright staring straight ahead: father during those worthy said quote,. We will never understand why this happened, but we. I believe we would just disposable pawns in a plot born out of hatred, jealousy and greed. The heartless cold and calculating perpetrators of this despicable act of evil can never be forgotten or forgiven. This act of violence, sent shock waves through not only our family but the whole country and further afield. The bitch,
We feel these insurmountable. It would much kinder to have killed us all that they have to cope with the aftermath of this crime. Not only did they cruelly robbed Becky of her life. They also took her dignity in death, when I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I see Becky Death over and over again or see what they did to my child why he her cry out. What are you doing then? I feel terror. She realizes they're not going to stop and she is about to die. I feel her heart rising. I say all this and I am powerless to help her. all too frequently high awake, drenched in sweat and physically shaking Becky was so small and fragile. She never stood a chance. There's no man can see my every thought. Like advanced cancer,
They hold my days and a terrorist. My night. This is the reality of what transpired that day, a legacy The EU cannot escape at this time I pray that the law and justice will go hand in hand and the sentence will fit act of murder and butchery. Becky's biological mother tenure Watts spoke of being haunted by images of her daughters of little rest in the monetary with a bandage covering the horrific cut marks quote Every day has been a living nightmare and as if that wasn't bad enough for some reason my daughter, was not only murdered but she was mutilated and cut into paces. It's the first of all, horror movies, but this is real. This is my child. based on evidence presented at trial justice, James Dingeman,
The deal edged kidnapping and subsequent murder of Becky Watts had been sexually motivated plan focused raided by both Nathan Matthews, ensuring a whole with shown. A pandering to Nathan's perversions and acting he subordinate He did not accept shown his claims of ignorance stating she was either the unlucky s most annoying person in the world or clearly she knew what was going on. Just as dangerous noted the couples the state of their own family has particularly cruel and unusual, he's always world with teeth, and these voice broke his. He spoke of Becky's family, quiet. I should like to pay public tribute to the family of Becky for the dignified way in which they have conducted themselves hearing. The evidence during the trial has been difficult for anyone, but it is plain, It has been an immense burden for the family.
King into account that Nathan, nor should I had shown any remorse for their actions and both still refuse to speak truthfully about what really happened: Becky just as dangerous sentence, Nathan Matthews to a mandatory lost sentence with a minimum term, a third Three years shown a whole was sentenced to seventeen years in prison. Subsequent appeals have been rejected. Call Demetrius and Jaden Parsons the couple who Nathan Matthew Store, Becky's body parts in the garden chaired on thought. In court birthplace, guilty to assisting an offender judge New forward accepted the couples France that I did not know what Nathan suitcases contained quite. He, both New Nathan Matthews beneath it
you could have imagined that he was capable of the levels of depravity to which he descended Unwittingly, agreed to the hoarding of the body of Rebecca Watts and objects connected to her abduction, killing and dismemberment. you will notice, headed by money, engines That you were assisting Matthews to hide items which he believed were linked to a relevant offense. Those who assist defenders in ignorance of the offence that has been committed, take a risk and the punishment that follows must reflect the offence that has been committed: CALL Demetrius was sentenced to two years prison and in Parsons to sixteen months for their involvement with the crime James, Ireland, the man who helped call Demetrius moved the suitcases and calls twin brother Donovan Demetrius, who Certainly, at the bottom, core property pleaded not guilty to assisting an offender.
They both claim to know involvement in the Koran and where, actually found not guilty and cleared of all charges. the trial the Bristol community continued to show their support for Becky Watts and her family. A lamp post was placed in one of Becky's favorite places. Saint George part. to pay tribute to her memory. Every time that lit up an apple tree was The Meadowvale community center And a memorial bench was placed in plumbers, you close to her home. Lastly, a mural was painted, featuring Becky's name in bold lettering, the top half of the text painted pink the bottom blue. Angie Goldsworthy's health deteriorated following the tragedy. Has the that her own son was responsible for her beloved step toward his death took its tall. Despite this, she hoped
They summon the courage to confront Nathan, imprison and find out the truth of what exactly happened. On February, nineteen two thousand his day quote I want to know why it happened. I just want to say that he feels guilty I want to know that he understands what he's done not only to Becky but to me as well. I want him to know that he's destroyed my life and that soon I'll be dead. Dora broken hearted, Laskin. Why I'll tell him Never forgive him for what he's done This will be the last time he ever set eyes on his mother. The last time I say my son, the last and to look into his eyes. I think I love you but I'm not really sure now he's done. What he's done, but I'm still his mother
and his dying wish is to be buried next to Becky to go. She raised as her daughter quote. I want to be buried with Becky, the beautiful girl. My son took away from US we were inseparable from the time she was a baby. She felt safe in my arms. Darren. Goldsworthy continues to suffer from nightmares of the pain and terror. His daughter, endured during her final moments, Without nice certainty, her death was at the hands of both Nathan Matthews and shown a war he keeps the door The Becky's out bedroom locked to ensure everything inside remains exactly as it was the day. She that's one less memorial to e sign. My daughter. darn fondly re visit time, videos of Becky
including one where the two go head to head in the atomic curry challenge in the footage, Becky bravely holds up a fork bearing incredibly spicy curry after a few Hesitant nibbles, she begins looking down the meal telling her dad with a smile that it's easy as her face does threaten and break out with sweat. In a tribute to her daughter, Tanya Watch said quite like to say a big. Thank you to everyone who took my beautiful angel into their hearts. I felt unable to say anything about Becky until now is the sense of loss and paying pain is overwhelming, but throughout this time I have been so touched and comforted by how people, many of whom, a complete strangers have taken the time to express their condolences or feel Becky's presents
around me. I know that she is up in Heaven with many and grant me and other people that loved her Thank you to all those people who helped search for Becky angel returns to us, each other one. Last time I is it pace and can now have the maybe that she deserves. I am determined. to focus on happy memories of Becky has a beautiful baby and gorgeous go, I have been going through old photographs and she a beaming small in all of them. This is She should be remembered for heavy
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