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Casefile Presents: The Bakersfield Three

2023-11-07 | 🔗
When three friends disappeared or were murdered within a 30-day period in a California town, an investigation began that would ultimately unearth dark secrets and revelations no one was prepared for. Written and reported by award-winning investigative crime reporter Olivia LaVoice. All 15 episodes of The Bakersfield Three are available to stream right now, wherever you get your podcasts. Listen here:  Website - https://casefilepresents.com/the-bakersfield-three Apple Podcasts - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-bakersfield-three/id1713527997 Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/2c1Qap8SSElRakXKUdFprZ
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The wish you could smell. This add deal because if you You'd be smelling mcdonald's prize right now, and they smell, like donald fries. Deals, are good one dollar good the exact violet double make chicken or small prize and get another one for only one dollar prices can participate. My very valid for item a people or less or value can be combined with any other offer or combo meal. when two friends go missing back to back and impotent In their disappearances, a third friend is murdered. Their mothers are the first to find connections between the three cases- a law, with a local crime. Rapporteur, they begin investigation that unearthed heartbreaking revelations which no one was prepared for, This is the story behind the bakersfield three delay
just original podcast from case file presence This series is the culmination of five years of reporting research and, interviews by award winning journalist olivia low voice, the to go missing was mica. days later, MIKE his friend James was murdered while leaving the home of a local doktor. Two weeks after that, bailey disappeared, either the mothers of mica James and bailey vowed to stop at nothing to uncover the truth about what happened to their children bud I'm answers were more wicked than anyone could have ever imagined, threatening but they re all the mothers fight the justice and destroy their powerful bond. The bakers filled three features gluesome interviews with key players as crucial events unfolded. Listen
as will also hear audio from police interrogations. Jailhouse phone calls an explosive trial and more This is like a no story. You ve ever heard before the entire beggars filled. Three series is vital: the ball now listen to all fifteen episodes of the bakersfield three. Wherever you get your podcasts now stay tuned to hear the trailer. The first to go missing was mica, are noted, your mouth added to my house, there's a woman that won't stop coming in my house. That is your name, my name, but you might get your mind ch two weeks. after his disappearance, his James, was murdered. He was scared, Because he knew he shot him in two weeks after that therefrom baileys
seemingly vanished. She is legitimately messing like gone off the face of this earth. Pastry people knew each other and they're all either. At this point, debt are missing there are three mothers began connecting the dots we had no proof of any, I think we just knew they were gone. God this is bigger than we thought it was. What was it. covered was more devastating than anyone could have ever imagined thought that their interests normal american couple knowing the type of under world that they were living in and the things that they doing them. A very polite and well mannered, nothing you before you the boy dinner, it's one of them times in my crew, where and warned hey, you don't want to dig too deep on this one kidnap, torture, murder and ultimately dismemberment
and in a very great neighbourhood and beautiful homes, nice people. That kind of stuff doesn't happen here. Oh yes, it does better talk connected to the ground, guns and re everything else. There is something big about about. What's going on, there's something something crazy about this case- you I wouldn't chop up money by my boy is leg I need to, Do everything that he tells me to do, and I need to do it now and I need to do it fast, because we don't I'm next, I'm trying to beat a good person. Okay, I want to be a good christian girl. I should get a good percentage of the convert. All button asked to come clean about it, Everything just some money tell me who they are and we will go get them all good. Do I will dick, and I will find them. I can't find it older one last time,
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