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Episode 1000 Scott Adams: Twitter Fact Checking, Police Versus Suspects, Ballot Harvesting

2020-05-27 | 🔗

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  • Special CDC distancing guidelines for Joe Biden
  • Twitters fact-checking feature applied to President Trump
  • Yoel Roth, Twitter’s head of site integrity
  • Are Mail-in votes subject to fraud?
  • George Floyd’s death and “neck restraint”

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Bump bump bump bump Mosher directly, everybody, the mountaineer, you found it. You found the place with all the stuff happening, the good stuff and it's gonna be time for the simultaneous yeah. It's gonna be good. When this morning, at all it takes, is a cover. Margaret was David jealously candy jogger flask of vessel of any kind filler we re liquid. I like coffee and join me now for the and the dope rented a day way. I forgot my own. I forgot my own introduction join me now for the dopamine here today.
A thing makes everything better, including the damp and ethnic scale. The simultaneous happens now go ass. I can feel the freedom and the justice breaking out everywhere? So is it my imagination or receive anybody? We have you noticed this. Have you that alone, People are tweeting. That may lately noticed something happening. You know others server feels like the energy of the universe,
changing somehow or for some reason. Every day. Every time I wake up now, somebody's retweeting either an interview. I did some time ago, your book, I rode or a chapter from my book, there's something happening in the last thirty days or so it's just going crazy and try to figure out of this some kind of a shift in the zone Geiss or something somebody says you shouldn't impersonate bided is contagious. Furthermore, people doing that unparalleled pleasure. Like you, I forgot my own opening saying now. If you can tell I overslept, meaning that I'm a little bit unprepared and I have not had the requisite about of coffee, but will that stop us from having an incredible incredible periscope? Oh no! It won't unless jump.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the CDC guidelines say that we should stay six feet away from other people. Can you fact check me that six feet away from other people Am I right, but why is it that Joe Biden says that he needs to stay twelve feet away from people? Has the cdc given? special guidance to Joe Biden that sixty it is just for the of it I will get us we're gonna, throw another six. Three just for this, never because I haven't heard anybody else say twelve feet,
that's why they interview data Badge and sure enough. He was twelve feet away and I thought that that twelve feet, just for Joe Biden, congratulations and episode, one thousand people are telling me will. Apparently this is my one thousandth episode about that. I think I probably done more but wheeling, I think, we'll label them label them a thousand thousand, really at others. A thousand times is as possible. This is even possible, have done this and thousands of while so let's talk about the the twitter fact, checking And the vote harvesting so rarely do get a situation. Whether two interesting topics,
intersect. So here we have the interesting topic of the vote harvesting and that you cheating with a male in votes, allegedly, is a true or is it not true that we all talk about and that you have separately the question of twitter becoming the fact checker for facts exactly like this one to find out? What's true to it and what what could make work and make this story more interesting? If you heard the twitter has a new fact, checking feature walk and make that the most interesting story in the world, while obviously the first time you ever hear about it in action. First, let me know that has been used is against President Trump. I saw so already you've taken something that was an interesting story. Huh Twitter's going to be doing some fact checking. I wonder how that's going to work cuz and how do they decide? What's a fact? And what's not so it's already interesting,
are they decide How many other fact checks I've done, but the first I we ve heard of it happens to be the president of the United States, but it gets better. It's not just the President of the United States has actually talking about a topic that will determine the fate of the republic, which is whether our voting system is secure and fair, so it's like the biggest thing in the world in terms of stuff. You should be talking about me. We really the public needs to grapple with this question. We don't know, what's true, we don't know it's not, but we need to grapple with the question now. Here's the thing, the president's may this claim that mail in votes are subject to massive fraud. I my understanding.
My understanding is that the reason that it was given the fact checking label it wasn't removed a just label it with a link. So you go see what their version of the truth is, and so so they ve level. This thing and do you think there is any chance the browsers wrong about this, because. Because what are the odds? There's no cheating with male imbalance. Now, I'm kind of really confused by it, because this is a question of
much shielding, because is anyone on the planet who could stand here until you to your face. You know, there's never done a problem with a male enveloped through there's never been one case in which somebody filled one out for an elderly person. This never happened. There's never been the case here, Somebody picked one up to help. You deliver it and then, when they saw the Euro certain democratic demographic group, I did too just throw away because, a likelihood you voted for the the other candidate, the one they don't want to when I wonder, as ever happened to you. Think everybody. Ever thrown away, one male envelop ballot. There's somebody else give them to deliver. Do you think that's ever happened even once? Well, of course, I mean, of course, has happened,
at least once in all the millions and millions of people now, of course happening just once, wouldn't change the election. In all likelihood, it just one vote change that one time with that one mail in mail in ballot but how many votes do you need to change? Before its true statement, the male imbalance have a little extra risk. Would Raby enough, maybe not would the three thousand enough. Let's say we can now and of course, there's no way to know this, but let's say we can know for sure just pick a number that three thousand votes, had been changed across the entire country and a national election. Maybe there are spread out endeavour ways, but three thousand and without the improbable, maybe
maybe not as it depends entirely where they are too. They changed the election or not whether three million over three hundred thousand about thirty thousand about how about five thousand. But therein exactly these wing state. How in the world could you possibly judge it? not true that there would be dealing with was melons. Let me tell you how I would do it. Here's how I would do it if I were a big old cheater. If I were gonna break the law, it would go like this. I would just be organised. My neighborhood. And say look here. We got some people, we can help all you elderly avoid the covert and we'll get it your mail imbalance, so will we knock on the door and we'll pick up your balance and then I would just throw away all the ballots from people that I could
statistically assume we're going to vote the other. The way I don't want them to vote the throwaway at that. Can you imagine an easier way to cheat. Here. These things in my hand instead, of carrying them over to the mailbox. Well, nobody is looking I'll carry them over dumpster. Where nobody's looking did I get away with it. Can I get away with this crime? Carry a bag of garbage to the dumpster? How often do people get arrested for carrying a bag of garbage to the dumbstruck? It's sort of the perfect crime? So fort
winter. To fact check that as false. I think I need a little more information about that. Don't you think, don't you think you need a little more information about that, because if somebody has a counter argument that such an obvious way to treat would to cheat would not be used when, in fact, we have historical examples where cheating happens were pretty much. However, you can it happens all the time. So what would be the only way to make this story more interesting? Well, suppose, hypothetically suppose that the person in charge of twitters- let's say the Heather site, Integrity suppose he had a history of twinning antitrust things.
Because that's the only way the story could be more interesting and certainly twitter would never have in charge of their head of sight integrity. The person in charge of fact checking. They certainly would not put in charge of that. Somebody who had a documented history of tweeting Anti Trump staff were they in they wouldn't do that. Would they ok? They did that. Apparently now I don't know if this is true, so was lisp request. Mark on the fact checking this, but allegedly there's a gentleman named Yoll Roth, who, according to Fox NEWS he both you could tell what NEWS Unita which news I'm reading by the words they used to describe the people in the news so that they say he boasts
He's boasting, but but he says less to say he says we will say yes boasting that is in charge of developing enforcing twitter rules, boasting loves the fact that the news will just put in those little those little words. They have just all Laver of bias, and now he he doesn't simply state that he is the in charge of developing and enforcing twitters rules. If you read it and the Fox NEWS he's boasting of two people boast about their job I think you just say what you job is both the time I mean it's not like. He is he's, not the governor. I believe you just saying his job, which everybody does not boasting so I'll start by defending them from from that claim,
boasting so years, some of the things that Mr Roth said about sharp well, where the courts or he's previously referred to trumpet his team ass quote: actual Nazis actual Nazis K, so there's there's a fair and balanced, fair and balanced. The guy he's. Also tweeted quote: we fly over those states that voted for a racist tangerine for a reason Not only does it think that Europe has a racist tangerine, but the attacker terrible the country's worthless- and this is a charge here,
Jeffrey, allegedly, I'm not even sure it's even the right guy raised, maybe maybe he's got a boss, was really a charge Udo. Yes, I wouldn't I wouldn't even assume that this is totally is responsibility. I but that's a news that we're dealing with he couldn't you couldn't possibly be a worse joyous. Getting so I'm sure he's gonna do his job and our questioning whether he knows how to do is his twitter job, but that is for the future
to build a credible system. For fact checking you probably wouldn't want that guy, you called half of the people of the country, races and said the mill. The country's fourth could thus be better. Come on. Come on. This story could not be more perfectly crafted for our entertainment. It really could suggest this is just as perfect as it could be so just to make it better. I was in my mind when I heard about the effect checking on the president's tweet. In my mind, there was a little recording their started playing in the record. I was gonna bug me forever until the real world served it up and within hours, with an hour's, the real world served up the little recording that was in my head. I swear I'm living in the simulation
and here's what it looks like it looked like it. Look like Joe Pollack, bright bar having an extended article about all the people in the media and on Twitter, who have referred to the fine people hoax as real in other words, calling out all the people who need to be fact checked for the fine people hoax. That was exactly the little courting there was going through my head, which was a if twitter is gonna fact Jack. I got a fact worm. I gotta factor on past them a needless run. One fact fast them what they think about that fine people, oaks I'll see if I can get a little label on that have. First, you can see where this is going. The the fine people oaks is clearly fake news. So clearly that needs that the fact check
to do is linked to the transcript does even require linking to a different article. You can literally just linked to the transcript fact checked. So here's the question the next time, somebody on CNN or otherwise lose a blue checker. Let's say mentions that the fine people hoax, the hopes being that the president called NEO Nazis, fine people, which is the opposite of what happened, will lag in fact yet and if it doesn't work,
people get to do what. What would you do? What would I do? What would anybody do if we see that come out of another blue checks, mouth and doesn't effect, but how about this Europe was less vacant more interesting, you ready one. If it does, you didn't see that common Lydia, what if it does get factual, I'm just think about it. What if they actually fact Jackson said yeah the fine people is not in fact here's the transcript, what it, what if they did, because it's not impossible is it now. I dont think that Turkey to go back in time and reliable tweets. This variety happened, but we would
this waiting now because somebody's gonna twitter hoax, they always do I'm as one of the most commonly tweeted oaks and all the internet. So what's gonna happen because I think you- and I were pointed out should happen again. I am pretty sure that you or I or maybe some combination of us, we'll pointed out to Twitter, something maybe needs a little label. So I think you could all see where this is going, which is there's just no way that this could be enforced, because twitter wouldn't be able to do anything but slap liar labels on pretty much everything see you pretty much either have to do none or all of it, but it's hard to do some
in this. I tried to do some and they dont do it in a way that everybody thinks is unbiased. What's gonna happen, what's gonna happen well. That is why this is so dark interesting, while the president is threatening the to be some kind of antitrust action, and I wonder to myself. I wonder if I wonder if that would work Because there are competing social media platforms and the EU can argue that this long as there's facebook and Twitter,
People have a way to get their message out there not completely closed off. So I'd be an interesting court case. The aim just the existence of competition. Is that enough or deserve to be the right kind. Exactly so we might see the seems to be the others question that they factor about the cheating with the bill in votes, don't you sense kind of a loser attitude there from the GEO B. I feel as though the Republicans are just taking as a loser position on this male in votes. Mean by that is As always the Democrats can cheap is there. Some law says if we do mail in votes, only the demo
rats were allowed to cheat that some kind of law. I don't know about, because it seems to me that the GEO pay is pretty darn good at noon. Stuff like that historically now we're talking about the the people, not the you're, not the federal people, but at the local level. Do you think that the Democrats can out cheat than the Republicans? I thank you bob if you're gonna do mail in votes. If mail in votes other thing, the Republican should mobilise the entire republican base to do Bella. Obviously now not illegally. That would be against the law. They should not illegally. Do any Bela harvesting with any shenanigans
no malarkey, but on the other hand they care police everything. I mean it's not like. The smell, like the president, could watch every person in every every precinct pick up thick up the ballots. You can't police everything, but if you feel more comfortable, if the Republicans are picking up the ballots than this, the Democrats, saying. What are you about he's gonna do with these valets parts are known by the g opium gonna. Just let the Democrats play this game because it feels like is male. Imbalances are going to be the standard, the GEO p? Is gonna wait in pretty hard to cheat like crazy, so I feel like the the Republicans or maybe you play this role
It could be that you're not allowed to say in public Kailash cheat as much as the other side, and I am certainly not saying that either just to be clear. I am not suggesting that any policy in an election that would be very bad and you should go to jail if you get caught, cheating, election. So don't do that. All I'm saying is the opportunity to cheat. Isn't it actually the same size for both parties. It could be that the best way to make mail in votes go away if you wanted to, if you wanted to just strategically would be to embrace it. What would the Democrats think about mail in votes tomorrow? If today, every Republican, stay said you know guys you're right, you're, right the scope of the male in votes about that you now with we decided we looked into.
You're right. There's no way you can energy with his melon votes. So you ve won the argument. We ve decided that We will go with your year process and we'll just email and votes, because they're so darn, fair. Ok, Democrats are you? Are you ok with that Uk Godless go because I think the days of the Republicans embraced mail in voting it would be over and one that I think it would be over so anyway,. So those are funds stories. What else we got going on here, I will take a very unfair, pillar opinion. Are you ready for this? You come here for the unpopular opinions
What I say is unpopular, I mean you, don't like it on the left. You probably won't like it on the right and goes like. This we're all watching this, like disgusting story of the I was been, the police officer, who put his knee on the neck of the african american gentlemen. Person who was on the grounds that you suspect who is under police control, was complaining that he couldn't breathe. It was in vain and he just died. The guy just kept his knee and the guy's neck and he just died like while people are just standing there now in terms of the horrible illness of this story, that sort of ten
that's that's a turn in the term for horrible news, but I would like to send a message to my african american fellow phelim. Bessys raises not race. Assessing sexist, oh now, say Fellowcitizens Gazette Sexist right would see was the term that would replace fellowcitizens. There would be no. Secondly, why why, whatever their journeys to my african american citizens, my teammates people on my side I say I am horrified by this book cures.
What do you need to know why people want to kill a guy? The cop out this aspect why people are not happy with that wake up. Do you know what you wrote that wakes up did to my brand like to me personally, he messed up my brand. That's a white cap that made me as a waste tourism with like a fuckin idiot. Like the latter that make you feel if you, if you happen to be it, was a white male just just to keep it a specific as possible, so that cop, whose others video doing this horrible thing is a way
Adult male, if you are also an adult white male, how the fuck do you feel about that right? So if the black citizens of this country are our was enraged by that, first of all, yeah yeah, you should be. Secondly, the one thing you can trust is the white men are gonna fly this motherfucker he's guilty of fraud, does he live help us is now my side, this guy, this guy's gonna Fuckin, fried by white people, just give us a minute. Ok, just take a pause, my my black friends, my african american citizens, you're pissed We are to write, he didn't help me he's not making
I live any better, so just give a little time what the system work. I'm pretty sure why people are going to fry this guy one way or the other of fry bidding they'll be consequences, not necessarily execution, but I think I'd let the system go with this one, because if you think you can find a white person who thinks it's, okay, to like I don't just kill a guy, was in custody and not and not in any danger of hurting anybody good luck. You're not gonna, find anyway. People agree with that. How about we just and the same fucking side for change. Can we do that? Can we be on the same side? I mean really serious, who is on the other fucking side of this? Nobody? If there was ever, if ever there was a cause, they should bring us together. It should be this now. You want to controversy,
you're part of the next four you might not like as much goes like this there is some report that he resisted arrest, which is a separate question from what happened after use controlled by the cops once he was completely control. There is no excuse for what happened and nothing ice age will change that no excuse for but I'm just gonna tell you my personal opinion. We don't I was here resisted arrest us just part of the story and carefully trust they thing at this point, but I'm going you my personal opinion, I no longer have empathy for anybody who resists arrest. That's it. People who resisted arrest- I just don't, have any empathy for them now. In this case, I don't know if this guy did that's reported, so I think we should wait and see. I assume the way and looked the police looked like then.
Attitude, meaning there is a little extra look like the poor. The copyright is near. The guy's neck may have had some prior situation. The need that soon more right to him than it should have. So I'm gonna go on record and say anybody who resists arrest and then gets killed care. I don't care, I just don't fucking care about anybody who gets killed, resisting arrest and unlike a change that did it if he resisted arrest and you get killed. Don't fucking complained to me: I don't care how nice you were the day before I don't care how good you grades were care out. Much of family loves you,
It's a tragedy, not even talking about the specific latest situation, generalizing, just generalizing. If you resist arrest and you get killed, don't look to me for sympathy all at all. If you care fuckin get through and arrest without fighting the pleas of getting yourself killed, I mean that's just can't be my problem. It just can't be my problem, That's your problem. You got a fucking killed because he resisted arrest. That said, the guy was under control? The police know there's just no excuse for what we saw. A video now occurred I'll give you this general caution. Here's a general caution.
Even videotape. This is clear as this one where you say to yourself. Stop, there's no really doubt was happening in the video tape. Just remember you see the lot of video tape in which you also thought there was no doubt what was happening and the video only to learn that it was completely misleading. Now I can't imagine how this would be misleading amidst again, look pretty clear, but remember this year's. This goes the cords and probably will you can you can learn anything? You could be amazingly surprised about what you learn about this situation, but that said, the video seems very clear. I'd be surprise, somebody says so
reboot liquor, I'm sure that makes complete sense to whoever blocking a bootlegger others such a thing as wrongful imprisonment. Sure cops are brutal to resistors, regardless of the skin color. We think that is true. But why is it? Do we have video of of police killing why you suspects by this pudding they're putting their neon there now.
Well, I'm learning by text that neck restrains are authorized by the police when suspects, resist arrest to that will be the cops defence of the trial, especially if the soon Commander authorized it, so there can be a situation in which a necklace day would be authorized. We don't know the details of this case, but that could be the defence than a necklace rate will be authorized if there was some resisting arrest that would on. So that's a good point. So to my earlier point you bite me me.
When, inevitably there will be a trial, I'm sure you may be amazed that this isn't quite exactly what you thought it was. Somebody says that a real cop, I think so somebody says the Karen story in the park. Changed. Quite a bit. Did it here. I said this last night, but I'll say it again: the the the african american man, who is the bird watcher the park with that current situation and the dog you all know the story I just love that guy's that guy's attitude that she was punished too much for the situation. That is such that in such a productive, good citizen, you kind of framing of that, and I would like- and I suggest that this last night I think that the
Christian Cooper a perfect getting to the story. I must say you should do it it's his life and you do it every once, but a perfect way to put a bonus to make the world a better place. Instead, just leaving you with this negative tasted announced you could make the world replace, I feel I Christian Cooper might be the kind of guy who gets this could make this happen. Just call call the woman's employer and say look. I think she needs a second chance and let's not make this life ending situation, and he could make a change your life, the direction of her life with a phone call- and I hope is visa- he's inspires. Do that
I doubt it, but I wish you would write the officer in question committed careers suicide. He certainly did neck restraints seamen torture. Here I don't even understand the neck restraint if you ve got somebody on the ground. And, presumably by then he was handcuffed if he wasn't already handcuffed. Why not so if somebody is on your back you're you're you're, your handcuff behind your back how in the world the real risk, because you can't get up and get your hands so there's a lot of it
waiting to do. I can see why somebody would use a neck restraint if it was still the heat of the moment like. If that's, if that's the first thing you did to get control of somebody, I can see that, but once you had control them and you had other officers around, isn't he immediately handcuffed behind his back and then you have all the control you need. So I guess we have lots of questions about it. Right, that's all I got for now. Yes, he already denounced the firing, the the Autobahn birdwatching I did- and I thought that was that was just goods being good citizen. So I appreciate that I'd. That's all I got out and I will see you tonight.
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