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Episode 1008 Scott Adams: Protest Theater, Why BLM Are Almost Republicans, Lancet Debunked, Rocket Launches

2020-05-31 | 🔗

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  • Planetary ownership laws
  • Alex Jones and Batman attended the protests
  • Antifa is destroying the BLM messaging
  • Democrats are a ranked victim party
  • The missing portion of George Floyd video
  • Did a Nigerian Prince conduct a HCQ study?

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Lower the blast yields it's getting late, sounds their blast shields. Lowering for perimeter security enable robots, sensors, laser cannons arm. Obviously, you were stay safe strangers out there, it's dangerous strangers are there, I say the United so dangerous out there, because the weather's nice and we ve been cooped up and people just need to get. It just needs you there and get some exercise. So we ve got protest theatre breaking out everywhere. But let's talk about the Good NEWS first, when he was a good news,
Thank you sought was that the coolest rocky launch ever I swear. Never knew a rocket launchers marked as much as I needed that rocket launch. That was the rocket launch of all rocket launchers. If you I live in a measure of as the same impact if you watch it on delayed. But knowing that so many people were watching it with sort of that the hopes, the hopes of the nation, I would say, if not the world elimination, both sort, unlike the hopes of the nation work focused on at the moment, and didn't you feel like didn't you feel like we just needed. Do something right, we meaning people in the United States. Are you and I didn't have anything to do with you and I don't get. It
RO, but do you like that? Some large entities, in this case Spacex NASA and our government, do you like that these large entities, which are american entities, did something that was so right just so right. It was beyond technology, it actually achieved. I think art I would say that about a lot of apple products. Here you could say that apple products were young technology and they were tools Were also arts, Steve Jobs made it so I think Elon Musk is certainly operating at the same level. Where I don't think he's happy with technology. I think he's happy making a product if
psyche is making art, and here is the funding. Obviously, the United States has to get pretty serious about space, both government wizen and private, wise private company, wiseacres, there's so much national defence purposes up there, but also apparently, there's just enormous wealth to be mind by whoever can get up there economically and if he loved mosque is the first one to be able to mine space
At were actually colonise space or become the primary the primary transportation in space. Do you know how rich he's gonna be? Let let me let me put it in these terms. It is not impossible that Sunday, he learned mask, will wait for it. A plan, because what are the rules about who owns a planet? If you had a private company that was the first one to get to a planet, they get to keep it. Does anyone know what the rules are for that
if you learn boss, let's say you learn: musk is ninety years old and go and strong, as is usual in the blood of young children or something. So if you stay in here, but he's ninety years old and by now is you know, he's probably a trillion they're just by the normal compounding of money and as investments, but by the age of ninety he's created such an efficient private enterprise in space. That he could actually send Iraq it out with enough technology on it to colonise planet even without people. So perhaps we could operate things from a distance. We could sense of robots, bye, bye, rocket. The robots can build some kind of a structure and they can do some geo shaping and turn turn the planet into a proper little planet that humans can sum,
they operate the, I think, honest to God. I think you must is going to be the first human to own his own planet. He might not ever be physically on that planet there's a distance, but I think he's gonna on a planet someday. I don't think you around on the moon I don't know the laws are there, but I think you can on it anyway, so that was inspiring The funniest thing that happened at the riots today- and there are quite a few. Quite a few candidates, for the funniest thing will happen, is that Did you see it Alex Jones, obviously Alice
has somehow got armoured vehicle with loudspeaker at it and it looked like it was, hammer out fitted with some kind of armor. Alex Jos drive like into the middle of the middle of the programme does your which Sylvia was adopted. It matters because all the city's protests or looking very similar, he's drives of the little that is sort of trapped in traffic with everybody else is loudspeaker. Sick people. We're all together were often saves, as the other protesters just destroy his does this strike is vehicle there, like a throne, breaks out it breaks than this. Because
It is thus that we are all on the same side. If You can say what you, what about Alex Jones? welcome you to your own intervention, all opinion, where's the valleys Jones. I varies polarizing, but there's one thing you can't take away from the man knows how to do marketing. I was the first clever ballsy marketing owners, because we're all gonna go look for their video, doubtless regional areas. Both were all together and attack. You ripping off his arm. Experience from the win marketing support his legs
it? Wasn't the only for anything, so you see the video about their value, just saw probably be going around later tonight of Savage rusted about back as the caravan just sort of follows. Batman through, All of you does it do anything. Yours have walked through the crowd and act like use actually back there. Rostov so like just Bab answer there again so about responding.
So I tweeted this joke that I knew at least one third of the people wouldn't think it was a joke. Sewed I've got here, Nicholas Fuentes and and and no grippers are tweeting at me, and but I think I think I think Nicholas went is, I think, he's smart enough to know is a joke. I am not sure that other people have quick or on yet there was a joke, but here is my tweet Watching the anti far fuck up the black lives movement inside the black lives matter. Protests makes may spit, makes me think, like those matter has a point about white people. Now, if you can't tell that's just what the hell is wrong with you, Are we really now? The reason is, funny at all is because there is some truth in it. But of course, The gall jokes acts like
something with a little bit of choose to some kind of universal truth, which of course is not what makes a joke your brain is trying to do is try to reconcile them it's a little bit true, but it's not this sort of generally true soon after wrestle with a little bit. That's what makes a funny that's what triggers the laugh. Reflex there's almost makes sense, but doesn't so remember, that's the whole point of origin there's an almost make sense, but it doesn't so it is true. The anti fraud is messing up. Why should ban a very clean and effective black lives matter message because their video, the video made it made a very possible for black lives matter to really gain a lot in terms of empathy and
standing political clout, maybe get some things, change, maybe get a movement they make. The difference there were all these things that could have easily you come out of this and I think anti is the one breaking the windows right now. I've seen it give videos of black lives matter activist yelling at these white anti far people who were breaking up their messing up property. Black lives matter released ones on these specific, very homes. You know it's not like it's capturing everybody's opinion. These are just some individual videos, but anecdotally there enough black lives matter, those who are saying. That's not why we're we're not to be looting on camera. That's working against your against your programme. So because Anti far has somehow
somehow identify, has sold black lives matter on the aid. Others around the same team, but Maybe I don't understand these two organisations well enough and you couldn't you can correct the others. So fact check me on this. Would you now say it's true that black lives matter? I would like to build something. In other words, they like to build businesses for the black community. They like to build some economic, secure, Thirdly, they like to build better opportunity, build a better life. They like to build something specifically right, no see black lives matter saying we want to make somebody else less happy. I think they want to build something for a group. They ve got some friction year in terms of how societies organise that's their view, as other
we're trying to that all dead. Now these are all good, but everybody on the rise, and you think everybody in the last of the UN in favour that. Why is that not a good thing? Certainly the writers in favour There's nobody on the political right who is not all for the black community buildings, public buildings of the year and more than more than ever before, all in favour It's completely genuine when the press brags about bringing down black of employment. Let's go will we real and I'm not sure that nobody knows that there is a genuine pro helping everybody do better. So you ve got that, but then anti far comes in and they mess up that clean message, because the message was so clean this time because of the video well, maybe not as clean, preserves and move it
but a minute, but for a while there. Everybody was on the same team and the People were trying to build something. I think everybody else was Are we in favour that nobody was against it? Why would you be against it and then anti Pakistan and I'm not sure, they're trying to build something? There are literally tried to destroy them. Our class to get to the opera glass to destroy them? Am I wrong about the empty, far- is actually trying to break the entire system. But since they can sorted out we get to the elite they're doing it by destroying the foundation, which is the black community, for example,. So I'm pretty sure the anti far is the natural enemy of black lives matter, and I dont know that black lives matter has figured it out.
The other thing, this weird em. It's almost so incredible. That is. I would commend my mouth and unwanted them sound like its reality. Berger say it anyway than that fuel allies of black lives, batter Republicans, their natural allies began, as the Republicans have a very simple system, I say it all the time. If you follow the constitution, who with us, you follow the law. Work, try take care. You family, boom. You're done you good your hundred percent, everything that the Republicans liken, respect and they'll help you get a job, the help you succeed and the like it that the level we do it, the like it, the brag about it, the tell them
friends. They helped you get a job, so I think there may be some turning. Point happening because I think flies manner is looking at the people. They thought with our allies, but where the black community is trying to build something. These supposed allies and anti far literally trying to destroy those very things, the exact things that other people one bill, because that's how they get the whole system to crumble. I think a lesser misunderstanding. Everybody subject. I think that I'm saying that accurately so there may be those weird turning boy where Here's what you take if, if president trouble said tomorrow, look Tell me what needs to be done chemist
ideas about this police killing people situation does gimme some ideas and then see what the federal government could do. Maybe nuthin maybe something. So if the president just said you know, let me see in a way. That would be helpful, but you have to be specific. Tell me what I can do is funding more by police body cams, because maybe I can do that. So the president has this gigantic. Opening to be the adult in the room and the one who says in others, only one person listening to black lives matter right now is me and here's what I can do for you, but I also offer. Because you are the blackberry is saying as clearly as possible. You can even here from Charlemagne, the God saying it as clearly as possible.
That they're gonna go were the deal is best, in the basically have declared free agency. They declared free agency. They ve actually said we would be willing to trade trade parties. If you could make us and offer the sounds good, and I would think that the president could do exactly that. He could make an offer. That sounds good, so you may others where situation where these protests are going to turn into the black community. Saying was the most pragmatic thing we could do if you just want to be practical and actually just make results. Most practical thing he did was pair with the Republicans Para, the Republicans
the Democratic Party in terms of being sorted victim party is no longer. I don't think it's a optimum place for the black voters, because, if victim class is what the Democrats are all about, the trouble is that they have You categories ahead of you. If you black, because there are more women than there are black people just in general, demographically so because women are also sort of a victim class. There always gulliby little bit ahead of any other class. Justice is the greatest number, and then we hide them. It seems like just because the trend of politics etc, it seems like the year. The hispanic vote is more important to the Democrats for the future anyway than the black work. So if
a black Democrat your your rank, just got knocked down to third place. If you join the Republicans, it's it's. Sixty million die for first play. Because the republican point of view is american. Yes, it's a tie. A tie. Your ire are exactly equal, so a sort of the republican point of view is lot easier to play, the rules on the right and then people would be more helpful. I think, as opposed to try to destroy your black on business with the molotov cap cocktail, which I would call now awful, maybe they'll be a realisation that
so what are we gonna hear there? I told you that we will eventually see that missing video George Lloyd's, tragic and ending few minutes. Because remember we we Thirdly, we had a video early on in the arrest sequence and we Had a video of five minutes but their home? all thing in between was missing and what and what did I tell you- I told you the somebody didn't want you to see it. Now we ve seen some of it, but I There are still some message. The part we ve seen is a little bit too cleverly ambiguous So let me say this other video lies right if you just
it s a little bit of video, you can completely reverse what has seen. We saw the Covington kids duration. You see that with enough situations, you know that, as a general truth is really was a edited even a little bit, it can completely reverse what you saw. We have not yet seen the Already out of the stop from beginning through death, there is still a piece missing: here's, what's really sketchy about. The peace were seen. The sea the star when there's something happening inside the cop car vacancy cops from both sides and based on their feet. You can see that there is something like a struggle going on inside the back seat of the cop car. That it looks like that that there must be some kind of physical struggle with George Flight and then
There you see them accept around the corner and then they end up by the bumper by you're. Looking from the other view see you can just tell that that's where they are because he happening so here's what still missing what happened just before the altercation in the top car. Why is it that we would see this video then starts is starts exactly when its ambiguous, because because what the tweet that I saw with somebody who who imagined that it was a video, I say. Imagine because you can't tell he imagined I was happening inside the car that you can't see it all. There's no visibility really in the car. But you know there's some kind of altercation going on there because of the legs on the outside.
So one person imagines that that was the police breeding up George Floyd, just beating him up now. Is that possible? Yes, anything is possible. But could it be that there was something else going on somebody had suggested? I think even suggested that he had sense. The above clusterfuck back when he was young towards turnovers is final words there. Now if he was close to fall back, The might a bad, maybe some kind of a panic situation in the back of the car. It could have been missed, interpreted as resisting arrest when I ve been more of a panic. Maybe I'm just say that we don't know. What's what rule in or what to rule out, we still have a black hole of young of none information there. I would ask you to be really careful when you see that new video from the new angle.
Because, as missing probably the most important part, saying that the most important part, the missing part. Somebody doesn't want you to see because it might change your mind. Something now could change your mind in the wrong way mean aid could be misleading, so it's possible that some he doesn't want you to see it because, as misleading you care a level that would be a legitimate reason. All the back. You know if you thought I was going to cause a race right and it was misleading. A reasonable person might might decide in this whole debate But another reason to hold back is that you want to mislead without We don't know ass, a video, and we don't know why they're holding back. We assume that the whole video exists, because of if it doesn't
But there's probably something that happened right before they put him in the car. There would suggest where the bad behavior where it where this Once of events started, I guess and then maybe we give you some greater understanding of the situation. That said, there is no excuse for killing the guy who's once is once he's down on the ground. So so there's no like questions need to be answered there The weirdest thing about these protests is that the whole point of the protests against the police- at least that's the trigger for it, as I said, Anti Father for their own reasons and their not being especially helpful to black lives matter. But given Let the trigger for it at least black lives matters. Main issue is the police.
The weirdest thing this coming out of this so far, and fact check me if I'm wrong. Are we not seeing the police in lots of them insidious being both restrained and really professional and quite effective, is that were bite, police, shooting, Tirana, I can see that. But what do you say that there are actually doing a pretty darn good job? So if the protests were supposed to put pressure on the police, the weird thing happened is made all the protesters looked like bad people, because the looting. Now, let me say as clearly as I can, the percentage of protesters who actively looting I imagined, was very small. To present. Maybe two percent of the protesters deluding or defacing property. But the way these things work. It ends up smearing the entire operation, so the pros
customers are getting the reputation completely smeared by the two percent looting and what not throwing bricks but the police. I look and really strong If national restrained, I haven't seen anything yet there should have been a lot of a lot of exempt of it, but I haven't seen anything yet. This does strikes me as YO outrageous police behaviour. Now, of course, their allotted. Cameras. There is a lot of reasons beyond your best behavior, but it's a tough situation, really tough situation. I do not envy the the police were There- and I have to ask you this question- I wonder if things would have been better with none because it was the anti far people breaking windows. I think which mostly attracts the place then once the police are there.
Black lives matter who is mostly Agraea police. Now a whole new reason to be angry, because the right there looking threatening so it looks like black list. Matter, is the big loser in this, because accidentally mood the police look really professional. Why black lives. Look really bad because of these two percent of the anti far causing trouble. Well, I'm sure, though, be examples of police behaving badly as well, but will also be there. A lot of people involved can expect everybody's. Do a good job Somebody says another umbrella agent was spotted at the White House Protests yeah. I saw some pictures. Who knows how relay are people with umbrella?
and they seem to have with wires the kind the secret service would have to have a earpiece bladder even of those pictures and real could have been easily Photoshop tourism. The left is breathlessly saying, is not anti far its proud voice. Oh good luck with that. I think the number of conspiracy theories it's good will grow out of this will be just amazing the guy was hit with a brick true, as black lives matter, denounced the looting? Well, I've seen videos of organizers yelling at the looters quite aggressively. So the only thing we know is that individual black lives matter.
Very aggressively tried to stop the bad behavior, but there's so much like you. Do it's not armed, How did they get all their black elsewhere so fast? What are you talking about Anti father? They ve had them for a long time. See then says they don't know the bad protesters. Are there there definitely some people there who are there to cause trouble and they came in from other places. So I don't know how will find all those people who came in from other places, but. So camel I was at the White House protests today. I wish I wish it would just go ahead and name camel heiresses, as vice president choice, because all this waiting is killing me
yeah videos or popping up all over twitter of black lives matter. Condemning anti fa. I've seen three of them. I think so. Farms expect more. Somebody says, look up, Michael Malice, tweet. I tell you if you're not watching Michael. Mrs twitter feed this week you really missing a shell every now and then having those, though be people are gonna tweeting, but I'll just have like a World class Grammy winning week. I think, like analysis, everyone knows Grammy winning tweeting weeks, serbian stitches with a few tweets already this week so I forgot to mention so, in other words, that big Lancet article saying that
Ben studies showing that drugs are working was dangerous. I killed more people than the saved Then the World Health Organization, the very dependable world health organization, decided to young. Stop all the stuff all the time, everywhere in the world of hijacks clerical. It now turns out that let's at article looks like it's being essentially debunked by Lancet itself. They found a bunch of problems after the fact. So even Lancet is, is your recanting basically saying in say there there's not enough information to make a determination. So in other words, the study doesn't tell you anything and now lancet say that, but more interesting way I use. Rather, we do this,
You should read about how this study was put together, as you think the steel dossier was about, bullshit you gotta red others. Let it was less interest. Was the article was in the lancet, so wasn't lancet, small, but apparently all the data. Came from basically one company, the purported They got the data from all the different hospitals, but ever but he's smart who knew enough about the situation, looks but what they had and said. I don't think you I could do that legacy possible that they would have the data they said they have. We did a little deeper and it's a company of five people doing a little deeper, but is really just one guy doing a little deeper as one guy. They didn't exist before February this, basically, basically the entity
It came up with the study used, a source of data, the source of which is bow as credible the nigerian prince asking you for body to help and gay his fortune and then the bankers hands is how Larry Non credible, meaning theirs You read about it in so just look at my twitter feed. If you read the details, but a doktor looked into it and and and found there's just no, the ability to it so the World Health Organization once again, then the wrong thing. Now, if your checking my record against the World Health Organization, I'm up to what six and now every time I disagreed with the World Health Organization, open, I've been proven, correct,
I'm not saying medical expert. I make no such claim. I am simply pointing out that if you were to compare our track records, I have done far far superior in medical recommendations, and the World Health Organization. Do you know who else has been more accurate than the World Health Organization MAGIC, able coin flip monkey with a dark MIKE Servage, I didn't mean to say, make servage directly after monkey with the dark. Simply these entities rescue trump. Basically, everybody in the world of the world, organization is literally the least credible health organisation and the world. What are you?
what do you call the most irrelevant medical organization who perfect slight dissimulation just wanted them to be? who does that's what you call irrelevant things hated, About the relevant person, who course now, nobody's heard of irrelevant things who I I. Without worse. I that's all for now. I will talk to you in the morning you nowhere.
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