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Episode 1010 Scott Adams: Tell Me About the Riots in Your Town. Mine is Heating up Now. And More. Relax!

2020-06-01 | 🔗

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  • Lost opportunity, a major tragedy
  • BLM turning on Antifa
  • Viewer questions and riot reports

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But the bump bump bump bump bone about in here. It's safe it safe here come on gather around. Nobody can catch you when you're in here. Well, there's craziness bread, down all over the place, but you don't need to worry about it. I'll tell you. Why make a note to myself out of here to tell you I owe people calling me the bald profit well I guess you don't get to make up your own, nickname I'll. Take you! I, like you, get so Erika, relax come down the rest of you, relax. Here's what you need to know. I've told you before. That is always helpful to see the world through an energy filter. Another words
look at the details of what people are doing? Don't look at the facts. Checking don't look at the reasons on the logic. Look at the energy, because the energy is very productive when the energy is moving around. That's that's where the luck goes, where the bad stuff goes, where the good stuff goes. So follow the energy, and, if you take that theory, then we should see the protesters burning out in a few days meaning that it was all this pent up, energy, just atomic energy. Largely because Leah Block towns and their energy has to go somewhere. So all that energy, it didn't just just- Peter it just was still there and I was gonna pent up and now it's being released now the point of this, You think this is the beginning of something that's gonna build and build and build. I would say, you're almost certainly wrong
if there's one thing, I willing to bet on like a lot that this has a peak and then a Peters out now between those protests in general. But I think this one is a special, the easy to predict because of all the pent up energy. You just see you come out now the bad luck of it and it was the worst locked is that George Lloyd was killed. That became the the trigger for all of us, so they're, probably, would have been any trigger, would have done it, but man that was a powerful trigger the tragedy. Of course, as we are watching us is first of all this tragedy for George Lloyd and there's a tragedy for the credibility of the place.
As one assumes that most police are perfectly good human beings and doing their job, but certainly this this group of for police officers did not make them all proud. So as a bad day in all those many ways, but man did it get worse, while the the one the one positive they could have come out of the tragic death. If you didn't even say it, that way is that, for a moment the entire country was on the same side. We all had to save it, russian of this, this video, it's obvious that some kind of crime was committed were not lawyers without in which one exactly bizarre visitors there's something deeply wrong there and it could have been this big e unifying breakthrough. Kinda thing
And then Anti far came along and then the looters, but whose fault is that? Whose fault is it the towers and he thought and there were looters well, your first impression should be well done its anti far asphalt. It is the looters salt and if you want to blame, you go further back. It's the cops fault, that's probably or your first reactions, but I would suggest that in the year twenty Twenty, when you have an issue that is so unusual and powerful as this one, unusual and everybody agreed the right way to play? This was anything but a street protests. The right way to play. It was anything but protesting in the street, because protest in the street is sort of guaranteed. Do give you exactly what you're getting
especially with all that pent up energy in the weather getting warmer, and it was just everything that you don't want. So I got to say the black lives matter, while I believe most of them are well intentioned. They they used a strategy. The convent advisable this now, once you ve seen the EU strategy doesn't work What do you do? Do you say to yourself gosh? I hope in the next time we do at night time a protest sure hope. Antiphon doesn't show up, that's not going to you don't say to yourself, I hope nobody thinks of looting cassettes, darkened and work either. So what does black lives matter? What are they do when they know they have of a strategy that is guaranteed to make things worse? What do you do. While barely black lives matter just repeats the same, the thing that
made everything worse. So at this point I would say originally they're just victim. Victims of the looters victims anti far turning. Why should a very positive thing into a bad thing at this point? There strategy is deeply deeply flawed act, they're losing more ground every minute would you not say that your empathy further cause as dramatically decreased, because the riots The answer is a few human, probably so because hard to hold to renew sausage your head without an influence at each other, and at the moment our biggest thought is why? are you doing this? Why are you having even a peaceful protest though, you know is guaranteed to destroy businesses. You know it's gonna make you look bad. You know it's gonna make anti behave badly. You know,
these things do not even have the gas you know them. So at this point, my my embassy, which started out nailed it and probably for most of you, write you watch the video and your first reaction was your empathy, if your normal and you're here when you're a good person that all your empathy Just went to attend a tan, just pin there now The biggest opening in the world to get something done. Name. One thing: the black lives matter has suggested in terms of a policy change had named name anything that you aware of the black lives matter as put together as a a law suggestion of how things can be better God. Yet none not a damn thing,
So now only has likewise mattered squandered the maybe the best opportunity will ever have to me real progress completely lost. Now you can't have you taken, not lives, they lose that, but they never had any suggestions after all this. After all of this, not a suggestion, something wicked The two on something Congress could vote on Arab or more likely states could vote on municipalities, nothing, nothing at all. Now, if they do have something, then I would say that our new sources are failing is terribly because if black lives, better has everything that looks like us. Some suggestions, Why don't we know it? I dont see other indoors now so
what empathy am I supposed to give to black lives matter when I started as a ten and their implementing a strategy to lower. I emphasise for their cause and not only are they implementing the strategy, the pudding, A lot of effort into it too low our my empathy for their cause. They could, work, any harder at lowering my Mpas each other cause. Now here's the thing that I think they get wrong. That would be a good lesson for you because of something nobody gets wrong. It's a really really common thing to go wrong. In fact, I would say when you talk about communication and persuasion, This might be the most common thing. People go wrong and they're so wrong. This just terribly terribly wrong, and it goes like this, just as I could never fully understand what it's like to be a black
man in the United States. Of course, I can't get listen like observe that I can do it. I can, but there's no you really do to make your really know what it's like to exist as another person, but the same will be true in a drawer in rivers, there's no there's no personas different from me with a different life, will really knows what it's like to be inside my. You in my life and my mind and feel the way I feel so the So you need two thousand. Nobody really knows was another people's heads. We just sort of sometimes think we do, but were terrible at it, And there's a big problem: people forget that their persuading the other two people forget that their job is to. Persuade the other team and the way you know that I forgotten that is that they communicate and they
persuade in a way this design for their own team. People are just talking to themselves. It's the opposite suasion! So when you see when you see black lives matter protesting in the street,. Protesting in the street. Who are they talking too? Who are they talking to? Not not the people there trying to persuade their not talking to White America, because if they want to talk to White America there I've seen the protesting in the street lead to violence and they would have immediately stop it. And White America's egg good move, I'm glad you clamp down on that livestock devotee suggestions. This is the time to die. Were open to suggestions we'd like to do something when it You ever been in a situation where everybody would like to do something.
Not even the you have to talk anybody anything we'd like to do so, but he seriously we'd like to do something we'd like to help give us every suggestion just to chew. On we'll debated, I help you. I hope you persuade if, if there's a good suggestion so easily put about this. The the protesters need to figure out a language that is the language of the people they wish to persuade that is primarily white America. There is making the language which is designed to persuade themselves missing by mile missing by a mile starting in close and all they had to do was bank the game that they got by accident
Video so compelling that everybody just joined their side and then they protested, everybody joined their side and then they protested. It's like they missed the biggest opening of all time. It's it's. Me, thus the biggest tragedy, the tragedy with far bigger than the death of even one person, no matter how tragic and horrible it was the death of one person. Of course, those special because death is death, but but what this lost opportunity could have meant for civilization. I mean it was a really really big loss for the black community, especially but really everybody. But there are some signs of well, maybe a trend.
Some signs of maybe a shift. It comes in the form of multiple anecdotes been following if you're not following miles, John he's got the best feed on all the various videos from the protests. Some look you one now there which there was a obviously some anti, far protester guy who started to break up with a hammer. Trudged break up some concrete curb to make bricks that people could throw things. You don't get projectiles and the peaceful protesters tat
him and handed him over to the place now to some of the protesters most of them. I think the pipe the peaceful ones were white and they tackled what I'm guessing was away. Guy I love masculine, but that's my desk. Yes and the other. Also there was at least one black guy helping to resolutely cetera. So, at least in one place the peaceful protestors who literally took physical action against anti for physical action that they tackle them. They tackle them and they drive them to the place, but it wasn't just one. Do you know if you follow sports, you may know a basketball player named John Smith. Fairly use and delay, and I think it was protester of some sort messed with his vehicle. Now, if you want to have a bad day mess with a vehicle of somebody who doesn't look that big until they get out of their vehicle
there's a video of J R Smith, who did I imagine he plays in the NBA, I dont know his height, but he plays in the NBA. Is a big guy and he's just he's just building the piss out of this. This guy was bow have his eyes. He was not happy about this guy messing with his car, I was a guy, you beat up anti far or black lives matter. I couldn't couldn't see much amused, getting beaten so badly. You couldn't. We could even tell you anything about him, but here is that sort of story where you, where you see the USA, the peace we'll segment of the protesters, the peaceful segment of black lives matter, the peaceful people who are supporting them, I'm gonna turn on Anti far I see now maybe four or five videos and which the black lives matter. People the peaceful activists
shouting down the anti four people were not black and saying: hey you getting us in trouble, one of them was graffiti, So it looks like two young females I have an asian I can tell it. Matters to the story were group getting something and rising. Our lives matter and they were even black and the the black woman who was suddenly was black lives matter, released marshy, whether they were going to blame for this so she's Yellin Adam, who do you think's, giving a blamed four spray painting black lives matter on public property is not going to be anti fa,
I'm gonna get blamed. So I don't know if these were outside agitators, but was a Susan rice. Susan right now says that she suspects Russia's behind this Russia, really so that's funny, but I wouldn't expected next, maybe day or so. I predicted this yesterday as I do take about forty eight hours for a black lives matter to turn to turn on the anti far end were. Let me just pulled out there. If it black lives matter. Wants to turn on anti far they're gonna have a lot of friends. Tat is limited to a conversations together. I told you that. If you want to communicate and persuade you have to speak in, the
in the language of the people you're trying to persuade, if you imagine that the people you're trying to persuade our say conservatives, because if you can If you can persuade conservatives, You ve already got a lot of people on the left. Then you'd really have a lot of people and you can get things done. So if you wanna, if lack lies matter wants to persuade conserved, is the best way. It is. This. Is your shut down anti fraud because you know you can do it? You know you can shut down Attica. I wouldn't be easy, but you know you can do it. If you want conservatives the love you shut down anti far, if you want to conserve lives to care less and less about you every day, keep testing in the street. While we have video of of hard working business owners, many of the minorities have in their lives, destroyed by your careless and ridiculous strategy of protesting in the street
during a pandemic, which of course is vice looters and anti. So it's breezy. If you want, if you want an ally, the conservatives are empty anti far so, I have to do, is we as I antivirus and even allowed friend, suddenly. So that's the strategy. I look at the sea. What else is going on here is crazy town. So it seems to me this week that, thanks to anti up primarily democratic lost every argument they ve ever made. This is like a big claim right, the because of anti fathers. Weak Democrats just lost all the arguments I ve ever made, for example,
How do you feel about the second amendment is weak? Do you think you're gonna give up your gun. You can forget about gun control, because the visuals are so pro gun ownership. That you couldn't do anything more powerful for convincing peopled by extra guns. My guess is that gun sales or through the roof right now and if they're not, I don't know why. So I'm going control their losing badly because they made the best commercially leprosy forgot. Ownership said about income. Inequality has their argument for income inequality. Do you know how much I care about in income inequality when the people were complaining burning their own small businesses, people of the people within their community.
We do not have a lot of money, their small businesses, how much Does that do I have for you come in equality when anti far and likewise matter are actively destroying lives through their actions. Anyway, actively destroying business, How can people none none? I have no sympathy for it. Because of the way is being handled. I have empathy for it is said and done that, but their actions so discredit the entire argument about reparations. How's that Well, I wouldn't bring up reparations this week. I don't think, Oh dear winning, argument this week, I think you can put that one to bed about tat. The sailor. What others arguments about lost this week they haven't lost abortion does
you see that many people running round acting poorly and you don't like to yourself. We need more people. You don't think that says is looking sir. That's pretty much that the entire left has discredited itself to the point. Where is ridiculous and another changes everybody's mind doesn't work that way. Did you see the video of the woman who is running away with a cheesecake? How many of you saw the cheesecake video if he had. I have seen the cheesecake video. You have to see my twitter feed these several tweets down there, but it happened today and there's a antiphon looking person woman. It was like a raincoat as she's gotta, cheesecake and the articles that local news story the says that the cheese. Factory was looted and then
there's a woman walking with just a full cheesecake out through to two, and so I had my own caption to the video I said quote: all capitalist must die. But if I'm being honest there cheesecake is exceptional. Data. So that is how ridiculous it is now. Let me ask you: what is it the anti far wants. What does anti far want? Don't idea, Neither do I deserve far all want the same thing. I don't think so. I think they're breakin stuff for fun, Some of them? I think some of them are indifferent lifestyle. We window there because people abandoned Anti five said that directly. The deadline for sort of the lifestyle and the thrill,
Some of them might think it's going to help in some weird way. I don't know, but what do they want other than to destroy black lives? so they can't fire is working directly to destroy black lives and everybody else's life. It looks like and they are the common enemies. So if Black America wants to team up with White America, we ve got a common enemy called Anti. No anti is attacking my town tonight at no dimension are probably not so my town is under attack. Tonight local shopping, mall may or may not go up in flames. Today I don't know, but I think when you attack the sun,
verbs there's a little extra risk now could turn out to be a peaceful protest. Who knows, but I dont think you plan a peaceful protest at them. Oh, no. You plan looting at them all so are expected. In my Little EAST Bay town in northern California. There will be something like at least attempts are losing one other thing was that people don't quite appreciate about the suburbs is we're heavily armed. We are I saw one of the Argo organizers saying it would be safe because there are so few mega people around here. Ok, ok, then, maybe, as a percentage there, that many that's true. But they are really well armed. Just just justly, may people there? I know personally in my town
enough armoury to desert I regard this up. We are really well armed. Now I don't know, there's gotta make any difference anybody's get to use it. But if you're gonna tell me where where's are most likely to be a lethal event, I think my towns pretty close to the top of the list, because you, How can we get lost in the crowd that easily and the US are running into somebody armed and my town is pretty good. The number of people in my town, whoever firearm in their car Spurrier, I spree- I so I think those who maybe dont known firearms and run the left probably operate in a world where there are no anybody wants. Gun in the suburbs. They might not even know anybody, but
Lotta Gunther guns. So there's that, yes, it looks like anti far. If I guess I mean the odds of a mass casualty a pretty high, but I think most of the most of the people who will be in that event will be eighty far. If you know it, so I think there will be a mass casualty event, but it won't be anti far closer, yet I think it will be if there is one that will be in the direction of fewer empty, far protesters if you're not a dream and recommending it not recommending it Papa doesn't happen. I'm just saying it's about a fifty percent
chance at this point I'd say fifty percent there's somebody says pleasant voice have errors, you know you're pleasant and though you have a pleasant is bristling with us all, wrathful, it's true and ever the people who think that it is not. They better keep their protest. Got a peaceful, because it's a pretty heavily armed place here. I'll take some calls, This is really very having in the protest where they are, but he have any eyewitness accounts, but you can ask me anything I'll just take some. Collars sues around and see if Benjamin wants to talk Benjamin, can you hear me when I catch people off guard ready to talk Benjamin.
As he has his Newton wouldn't take. Somebody who just signed on cars are almost certainly going to be ready, Dave. Dave David, you they're good, to have a question for me or the other report. Now I don't have report, but I do have a question. I've been meaning to ask you for quite some time. Do you think that USA, Slash tromp should by Taiwan at Say, ten thousand an acre? Now Taiwan's Taiwan has the Hong Kong problem, which is that the geography just doesn't work. Taiwan will someday be part, a giant. I think you might be it a hundred years, but I think China just as infinite patience when it comes to that topic. And I just don't know, there's any other way you can go now it might be. A hundred years. China will be a democracy,
and then Taiwan's as well. Why not? You know you could imagine it, but I don't think, there's any any there's no way. We can away with that without causing way more problems than it solves. It would only be. I use one billion. What will be cheap, but none terms are what causes the long some good idea. I like I liked it out of the box. I like they're out of the box. Thinking right, somebody says Scott is my Oprah that gets you the invite guest. Can you hear me I hear the head: the gavel worry Riah report from your town.
Yeah, so I'm in SALT Lake and we had had a little butter rioting. We went on what is called relational you down at night curfew curfew, they put us on her view, brown. I think what a car got to put on fire, and that was like it. Maybe a couple when a few windows broke in reserve protesting at the news is reporting that rioting who's been well than the police are doing a fantastic job, good you're. What are the odds that we would come from a cosy locked down immediately into a riot curfew like that that the rioters ruin the only thing that we had gone for us, which is finally, we can go outside a little bit and then
Mostly, you know, bullets and bricks of Lyon, mostly bricks. Thanks for the uptake of yeah lighting, the right the writers didn't realize that they came for about a state to come to basically Mormon Switzerland. I mean we are where we are also ridiculous. Lee S. Food Mormons, are prepared a move that about you yourself, and a little bit suspicious of government. We are always well armed. Well, that's what I'm gonna go during the ten times longer go right right, your state takes, look right seems, like you safely, today about? Our dash watch me mispronouncing
name. I would ask you there was that was. It was not even close to the right pronunciation of uniting. Act actually did actually knew, did it better than my parents. I'm them lie the youngest child might of my parents and they ran out of all the names even where I come from. Even from where I M, not a usual name. I feel like they were sitting around in there like our. I lost the collection of attitudes and slow and you, like his parents, were sitting round based on your story and saying
we ve gotten a kiss with names, we're just added names. How about about? Have we done about day? Then they just sort of triangulate onwards and not make it funny that Mcnutt beg you find. Your name is having fun. Sorry, you got disconnected. Let me see if you got back, I will try your gather. She did John back on day ago, we'll try again. Let's try this again other when it was your question and your report yeah, yeah my report. I have been lockdown and my little apartment in Midtown Manhattan here for more than three for months now, and am I was so excited watching the news they all these things are going on all over american big cities and I go for a walk, I'm in
I don't like house gets older. We lost him again well, when you take somebody else and the sea of Michael's connections good Or maybe not make doesn't seem to be connecting. Let's try someone else, not exactly sure or why there somebody that don't work. The low color can hear me I want to tell you: I really enjoy I wanna so caught the guy winners daughter in Minnesota in the glass eels daughter, had both been arrested. What kind of repercussions are gonna happen arrested for what?
the Basel daughters arrested, poor, well she's out with the protesters yeah. I think of the protesters will probably get off we're. Just warnings are tickets or whatever it is. I don't think this society cares do much. Punishing some protesters again little hand, it's more about crowd control, I think than really punishing them. So I would guess nothing narrowly asking about the pull cancer but the ethics idea, the governor and the Basel. Well, actually, the objects are fine, because aren't they left leaning in the end is the protesters were protests, against police brutality and they were with black lives matter? I think it's all good from the left a measure that I wonder now get right. Thank you. I, like you,
Let's see you as regards here skill to EL, or is it alley. Hello Valley earlier Alia, early Ali I'll, let you have a question or report gas. So what I would like to address is the fact that President Trump actually does invaded the intifada as a terrorist threat. Here, how do we go from there? Well, apparently, that doesn't mean anything accorded the experts have way them and they said that, if your daughter, For our group, the it doesn't mean anything to designate a: U S, a as a terrorist group users, no, there's no formal anything that goes with that issues, words, but if they were foreign or the whole set of you know
things you do because of it, but domestically I dont other means anything. So I guess the present have to figure out what it means. Finding things present well to figure out what means, and maybe they need some new legislation or something, but we can get there. I mean, I think we could wicked make it more of a thing than this, so I it's a good step that he gets Lee here. He's directional correct on this, so being directly correct as the first step. Maybe we get the details letter later so, but thanks rigour, we lost our connection, but let's talk to Can because he has no dog, I can carry their can disappeared. A hundred something about talking to be the most people disconnect
I will see you in the coals. Connection works. Mccall can hear me, I do have a question and were empty for reports. I have both actually so I went to the Boston Protests today. I haven't been there since, like the sun's gone down, but it was very well populated now. Is there but didn't seem violent? What is good about some of the police on the sand? They weren't please to be there, but We lost the connection, you don't. I think it is. I think that people were not on wifi, lose the collection. So if you're not on wifi, you should probably not tried to join as a guest is, I think, that's. I think it's the irregular saw connection is causing everybody does fall apart.
Marks, gonna wifi connection year mark their mark mark is not here. What oh, what am I won for three? Lately it can do better. Let's try Joe now Joe to make this work?
Jos, Joe their Joe Joe, all, this is that in our Jim, the other question and or anti far report and what yeah I just like, Nicole right ahead of me, I too am in Boston and over the last out, starting to get a little more. The last couple and I've been quiet but extend to get a little more out of control. Now the most have seen is burning a police closer by the crowds again pretty every right about now that I'm secular, quick things I got into listening to you over the last few months, because I was home to the core of it. Yet I become a really big fan, but do you think it would be
It appeared the president addressed the nation at some point, maybe the help that is all well. You know I've been thinking a lot about that question, because I've seen a lot of his supporters almost begging for late last night. I'm not sure you did it do it in the middle of the night last night and here's my Concern here really bad at this is the one thing I'm gonna say unambiguously he's better this, which is just the right words without the ill my press finding the one thing they can take out of context that make it turn it into a racist dog whistle. So he may have calculated, as is advisers, man as well. They say anything at all would make it worse and he might be right about that. Because when he sends a tweet, he can say unambiguously yeah you're your approach.
Was a your looting is ruin The air, the memory of George Floyd and that's nice clean and easy to understand, and you know his side but the moment he starts free styling and you know he would freestyle. Opens up that possibility. He uses the word so here too many times way, yet he does the was the thing they caused. A fence, Lee when the looting stars, the shooting stars language, which I doubt you say given racial terms, but any these things allow them to find something to grab onto his weak it there's. So I don't know if that's, why he's not doing it, because it still is job right we would have by now.
It still is job and I dont know if it's I dont consider a good enough that use just tweeted said: he'd do a few things, so I'm with you something needs to be said, but I guarantee it will make it worse, sort of a bad situation where he has to do it, but it's gonna make it worse. They just you know I will, but now my certainly might at the other possibility. Is there something else brewing, something that's really taking a lot of his time. Then I don't think I don't think so. I think it's there, the riots very war could be there's something international growing. That's really really big. Yeah and leave eight he'd be just maybe absorbed by that, but still I would be with the critics who say it still is job Badal. It doesn't matter what the reasons are
It still is job so that at the moment it seems to be missing in action. I agree with you. I get your comment. Yeah I've been wondering about that when the president's killer makes some kind of an address, but you're just isn't what not what he's optimized for you so good at other things, but that's just not that I guess then worthless, try another on Austria and yet I MAC save Jeddah MAC is here.
Hello, general mercury. There again do you question indoor Antipater report. I actually have a question. I just was wondering if you could speak a little bit about how you think the direction of the economy is heading, because I've been seeing a lotta material about hyperinflation in the near future within the next ten years, and I was wondering if it was going to And even sooner since, all this has happened the past week. Well, I've got a degree in economics, an mba I'll tell you everything I know about that question Nobody knows the answer that question the the people were predict anything. Ten years now you could discuss that entirely because no nobody
to a ten year economic protection, even on one variable, such as as inflation just can't be done, nobody's ever done. Nobody ever will do it's just too many complications, so I would never worry about a ten year economic prediction too. Many adjustments and changes will happen before before any that happens. That said, we printed digitally. Anyway trillions of dollars under normal circumstances. That would immediately cause inflation, because people would have more money but the same amount of goods. So we would bid the price up and people to raise prices and they could get it because people had more money but in this rare situation, where there is no demand because of the cuban situation, you can actually print trillions of dollars and it won't immediately emphasis, not immediately. It won't immediately cause inflation because people care raise prices there, like if they get any customers. When
when times are struggling line now, so nobody knows how long it would take to get demand up to the point where we have too much money for the amount of demand or more products, whatever so it probably won't happen in a few years and then, of course, we don't have to print anymore. Between now and then because we have enough money in the system. Presumably so there is at least some possibility that this will all work out, and I give my love to give this example, which is everybody smart in economic and finance everybody. A hundred percent of exports would have told you, the UK have strong growth, inflation basically disappearing, those can happen at the same time, and then trumpet did it, he did it now, as you did a personally
he was the president when it happened and is now suppose they even be physically mathematically that the physics of the economics just don't make any Sense, so with something with somebody that basic element that is incredibly basic and the experts set. It couldn't be done was what about the most basic question? How can we pay back our debt? Well, nobody knows believe it. Nobody knows we don't know how much we weakened service. We don't know how much it big get always still be fine Nobody knows at all is completely unknowable, so people have opinions, but definitely nobody knows so a measure that gives you any comfort, but I would say, is we probably have lots of flexibility? Is your tweet things, an engineer things and
patch things up as we go, we turned out, he had re think my forces were attacked. Sorry desert delight my sources with the sand that were printing a lot of money now due to help with the unemployment and then when the insurance rights go up, they now have to somehow print more money and in that's gonna caused the Khyber inflate the duchess went out. Well is as long as you call me is crippled, meaning that demand is low. You can sort of print a lot
Bobby Drilling, then trillions, so I will say that nobody knows, but it certainly say your friends point is well in the category of things. You should consider a probably now something need to worry about runaway. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you have got to think. I'm going to ended about here. I think it's a terribly tragic Dave. Where the black community in this country, at this day I'll make the offer and I've been making for several years, actually the same offer? If there are any specific, changes the laws or policies that they can suggest. That would make the situation better. Let me help I'd be happy to help help you persuade and that's all I got for now, and I will talk to you tomorrow.
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