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Episode 1013 Scott Adams: Chinese Fentanyl Was in George Floyd. Explains Everything.

2020-06-01 | 🔗

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  • George Floyd had fentanyl and meth in his system and his heart stopped

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Bump bump soon, just in case you get enough for me today. There is new breaking news that I think Hagen put some context on. That will help you out. So I'm just gonna do a quick little topic. The coroner's report, the autopsy report on George Floyd for us all that the president will urge on my phone So we've got a curfew here tonight, so the president is going to send in the military if necessary and they're going to dominate the streets as they say so tonight could be interesting, but here's here's what we found out today, The the autopsy says that George Floyd was intoxicated with the Sentinel Sentinel Sentinel,
now what I saw. The video of the tragic death of George Floyd. I'm going to tell you something I haven't said in public. I thought it was a fentanyl overdose. That was actually the first thing. I thought when I saw it and the reason I thought that is, that his lights, just sort of went out and there's there's a very important thing. You need to know about fentanyl, and this will occur pretty much everything well, two things you need to know. What is it you saw, the you saw, the police seem to be fighting with him in the back seat of the car and the EU is acting irrationally people unspent at all connect. Pretty irrationally. So he wasn't really in his right mind. So you probably had to be physically restrained because are probably wasn't any amount of talking to him. That would have helped if you ve ever dealt with somebody, who's lose really stone done. I'm sentinel! You can't really
he's in with them. That's not a thing you have to actually physically control them. Physically. Every every part of it after physically control them. Unfortunately, I've been in this situation. So there's nothing like talking to them. They can work. Nothing is just like there's a wild animal. Add you trying to control it like a liar, something through that there's no human. Conversation that will do anything for you under those conditions. Now, even though he was talking in saying things, they made sense that doesn't mean that he would have listen to things. It made sense, very different, here's everything you need to know it, and this is something I learned when I found out about hence in old us that if you're an experienced the sentinel user, you know how to send the chair in case you pass out because if you pass out in your head falls forward like this.
You will die because the sentinel, not you out and following forward, if you do a wrong, will close off your breathing and unlike a person who is drunk or on other drugs, you won't wake up. So you'll cut off your own breathing by being the wrong position and you'll just die, because you won't wake up on faint sentinel, so I understand that the experience users will find a place that they're leaving back. So if they pass out there there Airways will be open and if you were, if you are in the right position, your odds of dying from Sentinel actually go way now: thou on top of the sentinel. There were three cops. And one was on his neck now. The thing that never quite made sense is that it just didn't seem like the cop was aware that he was killing him
The never really made sense did it, and that would make sense if the cops knew he was intoxicated on something bad. They obviously knew that, but he wouldn't have known that that pressure, that here, I'm speculating a little bit. He wouldn't have known what kind of pressure would kill somebody if they're on fentanyl, so if, for example, he passed down from the fentanyl and the cop kept his knee on them that could have easily killed them because it wouldn't have been any instinct or just natural reflex to to try to get air. So when George Lloyd was fighting for air and complaining, he was probably fine.
But the moment you pass sound, which probably was the sentinel, then he could no longer control, whether is his neck was opened and closed and that might have an app and others just speculation and non medical and not a medical doctor the only thing I'm adding to the conversation, The only thing about into the conversation is that the position of the neck plus sentinel is deadly. If you didn't know the debt, the sentinel kills you largely because the position of your neck than you
Then that would be confusing. So when I watched it when I watch did it did it did look like you did. That was actually my first thought, but I didn't want to say that an respect, obviously, but now that we have confirmation using the system along with a math apparently so he says, if you can talk, you could breathe, that's correct so so, when he was talking, he had not yet lost
control of his breathing. So what does this mean? That one thing you means is that there will be people who say the fence and I'll kill them and therefore not the cops will never know that, because the the most likely scenario is that it was a combination but here's. The problem here is the problem. If there was much sentinel in the system- and I don't know how much but ass- if there was enough- he's gonna get off, so the cop is gonna, be he's gonna get off, because all the defence has to do is say. How do you know wasn't offence in all by itself? Right, that's the end of the story,
Chinese friends at all killed fifty thousand people this year in the United States alone, and every one of them died exactly the way George Floyd did whither without any they died, the exact same way with or without anybody's neon them. So the defence is just gonna say there was vented Allenham and those it that's it that's the end of the case, so that doesn't mean that he is innocent, and I say that I am saying that, from a legal perspective in terms of guilt beyond reasonable doubt not a chance, if he really had any ice poses the sentinel in him with some trace amount, is getting better how much there was, but if it was some trace amounts, maybe the him they can say it didn't matter.
But if there is a good amount, like you just had some that's that's it. I went where they give you that little update, so we should follow the news about necks Somebody says methods well, would have the same problem, but but follow the news about neck position and sentinel, and you can learn something. That's off now.
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