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Episode 1014 Scott Adams PART2: The Strategy of the Protestors and Where it is Heading

2020-06-02 | 🔗

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  • Our “news” is social programming
  • Witnessed conversation of police concern over Floyd’s breathing
  • Competing autopsies
  • Democrat lives are being destroyed by their own team

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Maybe that's a good person good cause. I saw that it didn't work out, adjusted totally. I can live with that. But if they want more than one night after we knew that the writing was happening or so years, here's the pole. I did on line. So, of course it is not Terrific pole, I said, would you hire someone whose social media has been show? They were part of this week's riot looting protests, the people who said, of course, they're good people, three percent to three percent of the people who answers now. Of course, these are mostly service who, I think, seventy nine percent said. No, why risk it and eighteen percent said just show me the votes, so If you get rid of the eighteen percent, who just want to see the results
Seventy nine to three in favour of they would not hire somebody with social media. History show that they had been even in the ten t, even just than attendee at the protests. So why is the news not reporting that? What are you here there. For me right, the news is no longer the news. The news is now some kind of social programming. The news is programming you it's not! It's not just giving you news so. That's a pretty big story now. What does it mean to declare antifraud domestic terrorists? Well that the funny part about it is that the Democrats have been suckered into supporting a terrorist organisation.
Publicly so calmly, errors is one of the people are raising money for for a group that has just been declared domestic terrorist. Now, of course, if he asked calmly she'd say not raising money for honest protestors who ever real cause, but unfortunately she can distinguish between whose getting bailed out, whose anti far- and he was a good person. It was in the wrong place so in a very real sense, not even in a political sense, but in a real direct, accurate, factual sense, calmly, heiresses supporting domestic terrorists. Now Trump has managed to be in a position where
his opponents are supporting terrorist or destroying the country. Do you think he can lose election at this point? If things go the way their going and trump it becomes, the the name that is associated with the coming crackdown. Possessed me: a crackdown eventually. He almost certainly will be elected in the biggest landslide in american history, because how many Democrats are watching the carnage and watching their own lives being destroyed by their team allotted London Democrats just watch their entire lives it destroyed by their own side, and they also watched that none of the republican cities seem to be even affected. It's hard to not notice and it's hard to not notice that one team is supporting literally terrorists. Now what do you do with this
mccarthy- say that there are enough laws on the books already, that you don't need to define anybody S, domestic terrorist doesn't have any meaning, but what meaning could have it? We could give it meaning Congress can make new laws when we know how to make laws. So let's say we gave us a meaning, what kind of meaning? What kind of powers would you want? You a tribute to the domestic terrorist designation now, of course, The risk is that once once even allowed, they called domestic people terrorist. The moment you allow that you're open to abuse cousin. There might be some future group this, not so bad that gets declared terrorist organization because, as politically,
speedy, and so you could see it would be opening Pandora's box, but we also might not have any choice. In other words, the risk reward here might be that when they just have to do anyway, so what could it mean to be designated a terrorist organisation I'll give you some suggestions, thing is. I could change the sentencing, so I would argue that if somebody is responsible for the deaths of ten thousand black Americans, you should be considering the death penalty or, at the very least life in prison. So I would think, therefore anti far given that their destroying the lie,
of tens of thousands of people and that there are literally and Anti America treasonous group there's something like the death sentence or life in prison would be appropriate. Now, don't think any of these things can happen, I'm just this unjust brainstorming. What about banning phones? Protests now generally ban a phone, but you could turn him off. You could check
What about track you? Let me ask you this. I would say that I have a security interests as an American. I have a security interests and knowing who the anti five people were, or indeed knowing who is at the protests in general, because I would like to keep them away from because they would be dangerous to me. I think it's a fair statement to say that anybody who attended the protests- not anybody, that's too much, but that at the average person who attended the protest would be physically dangerous to me, because they might presume to be part of the problem. So don't I have an interest in knowing where they are and who they are the same, as I have an interest in knowing where a pedophile lives. If you can publish the address and name of a pedophile, because there's something special about that crime. That means that if there's something special about some other crime
the doors open. So we have a precedent that an unusual circumstances, the public has such an interest to know that you can violate the privacy of especially bad people such as pedophiles, because the public I think, is just like great now, since I'm literally a risk and solar many view from even being in the same room, somebody from Anti far sort of husky at this boy. Don't I have a citizen's right to know who they are and where they are and to avoid higher than hiring them. Imagine if you accidentally hired somebody from Anti far- and you didn't know it s, not good for your business- is it might not even be good for your health so say that, given that the we know the government is tracking, Oliver phones all the time, shouldn't. I have a right again. I'm just brainstorming
every idea toss out. I am well aware that the unintended consequences might be larger than the problem. So you don't need to tell me these are good ideas or bad ideas, we're just brains. So just brainstorming, some or suppose I just made a list of everybody whose phone was at the protests, which would be pretty much everybody, because I don't think too many people were there without
so should I always be able to look at the list was Zambia to hire. Somebody should now be able to check them against the list of people attended. Now I could ask questions and say why did you attend? They might say I was shocked by the murder of a of a black man. I just wanted to show my show my participation and you might say good enough. I agree with that you're on your onboard. Maybe I may be up to you, but I do think that the employer is oh, that information for health and safety reasons, because I think you can identify somebody's actually anti far if you're talking to it, probably isn't that hard to identify anti far if you're looking for it
You know if you know to look for so I will just put that out there, the the phones of all the people at the protests we could easily identify where, where they were and when now you can also do it a clever way, which is you can say, there's a public health information because there's a polish public health need because of virus. Would you let? Would you not like to know if you're coming in physical contact with anybody? You came in physical contact with thousands of protesters I think you have a legitimate right to know if somebody intentionally put themselves in a highly infectious situation for your own health. I think you have a right to know that
Is it likely that any these things will happen? I say now not likely what if domestic terrorists lose their right to privacy, just the way foreign tourists do foreign terrorist, don't have any american privacy rights, but suppose this domestic terrorist just for a mental experiment, suppose they lost their rights of privacy as well as their phones were track, their social media was was tracked, etc. When that happened just brainstorm suppose we did too plastic terrorists. The same thing we do to foreign tourists, which is disrupt their economic network. There are literally go fuck accounts for terrorists. What that's right there are public go. Fuck me accounts for Anti fa, who are
Maastricht heiress, what do we allow? That Certainly there is something we do with the finances. Something with a penalty is something with privacy and identification. I don't think any of them who will be identified if you could identify them, certainly employers, no, not the hire them. So, let's bring that now outside the news business is I think violating a public trust, and this is both the left and the right. I think both the left and right or violating a public trust, but not reporting that the true statistics of crime so that they sort of let us stay out there that the black people are killed at a higher rate by cops, allowing that to be believed by the public is such an aggregation of responsibility that I would think the F tc could pull their licences.
The emphasis here whenever, whoever that must be somebody who could pull some kind of a licence for that kind of bad behaviour, because the public is required to know that these probe protesters are dangerous both in terms of virus and terms of just around them? Their terrorists and the people marched with them, of course, are supportive of terrorists. By definition, they don't have to mean their supportive doesn't mean that our intention is to be supportive, but they are and they made that choice So we're- and I said it before- where my data projections we ve got a million estimates for what's gonna happen with global warming. We saw all these estimates if who's gonna die from the corona virus. We have estimates and data in grass for every frickin thing under the sun, the only one that matters today, the only one that matters is this graph of how many black people anti far or killing, because if
If the news were reporting that fact, or even just talking about the question, imagined ASEAN and had a pale discussion and less, I got picked up by the other news ended discussion. One like this! Well, we ve run the numbers. I wouldn't you know, there's some there's some dispute about the estimates because are always there always are, but in general terms it looks like anti fire will kill tens of thousands of black Americans through their destruction of economic resources and and, of course, make races and much much worse. I mean you can measure that with poles, so where's that and then, of course, these people will never get jobs once their identified and eventually will be able to identify them all one where the other, whereas the news reporting those basic facts position the basic facts that would reduce the temperature and help things. Does
would discourage people from continuing to do these things, but the news is kind of actively encouraging it. I would say yet: Larry Elder has has been one of the. Probably one of the only honest voices in this. This whole situation because he's a black man is a conservative, so he's capable here he's got this service safe position where he can say things that are true. I think we ve got to the point that the only people who can tell the truth in public. Black conservatives think about the fatal blow your mind when you think about a little longer, the only
who were allowed even allowed to tell the truth in public or black concerns, because they can say things waken service cancer and the other side is just lying so about that all right. Let me just check my notes and see if I missed anything exciting and we ve got police shootings in LAS Vegas Doug, DJ, Doktor fund juice reminds me: he's a Vegas resin that police were actually targeted. Last night police were targeted. Shot last night: now, how much longer are we willing to go? Oh yeah, jestingly, Peterson's, another truth, teller, very, very interesting and very interesting man. Jesse leave heaters,
most interesting. People spend a little time with them either of you. When I was on a bookstore. There is something about that. Guy that that is really he's got that x factor is just got something going on. I love that guy, you can do so as a ones can tell the truth. Although she gets she gets, allows social blow backroom right, so Missis Goodenough, because I'm a black conservative and you can tell the truth. Clinton is import today. For what Scott can you find the laws on shooting terrorists, while I dont think we're gonna see any laws that would allow domestic terrorists to be shot? I think you can rule that out estimate is that eight to ten innocent people are dead from the riots. That's the sum!
number. I think that's worth reporting, but the big number is what the economic devastation will do, so I'm gonna be advocating that we see those numbers just in the interests of knowing the whole story. Yet we we want to know the whole story. We want to know how many black people antivirus killed. Now. I was thinking that may be the only if, if he shouted came the sound and think what does he added you pass this my best guess is likely corona virus their something's, where the energy itself just dissipates after time. So it could be that, after a certain amount of destruction, the energy just dissipates now be cool, but there are certainly smart people such as Rudy Giuliani, who understand, crime and criminal mines and thus worthing who say that
long as the criminals keep getting away with it. The looting in particular, especially the gang looting, which is what makes it safe. They lewd in such large numbers at the police wisely just stepped back, because there's nothing. You can do so outnumber and you don't want people to get hurt over merchandise, so the looters have come up with a business model that we don't have any response to cause. If you don't actually killed them, why would they stop? Can she can't arrest them
Even if you rested a few, so many would not be arrested, it would still be a good risk reward. So right now the business model of the looters is the superior business. While they just come in large numbers that use social media, they get some stuff, they go home. There was no real risk to them, except, of course, the told destruction of the economy which will catch up with them a venture, but the police don't have response that. So, if you're trying to say I, so where does this go one way? Is it please get better tools Maybe they prevent things early and they just figure out to be more clever, more effective, that's certainly! that will happen, meaning that there is no doubt that the police will become more effective and which will bring in new tools? We don't north area, but we don't have to be effective. Suppose that doesn't work. Suppose the business model of the looters just is so good that it goes from store, distorted store as just ever
night and once they have robbed your town, they just pick a new town until all the tones or robbed to nothing. What would stop them because, as working as long as it works, why would you stop donut people do things that work? The only thing I can think of and now imagine imagine if they started shooting people at work, getting tough on protesters. Eventually, a black person would be killed by a policeman. What happens if one black person, no matter what they were doing, no matter the situation? If one black person gets killed by one police officer, even justified, what's gonna happen, the whole the whole city.
We'll just go up in flames now you can argue that it should and and blah blah blah. But it would you know it would. So I got a feeling that the only way this ends is by taking out anti far in whatever way that can happen. So Anti falls the weak link, meaning that the black people are not going to sport anti far. Why would they cause antivirus literally killing them by tens of thousands right now? You know you'll take while for the DAS, but what they're doing guarantees the death of tens of thousands of african Americans. So I would think the black community would be perfectly happy if the young, if the government just one tough on Anti far, because that would take enough of the energy and of the situation that maybe, if that makes your other tools more effective when she got it, you gotta remove energy from from the situation and that's the weakest link.
So I would say: Antiphon weak link, gotta go after that hard and then see. If you have enough tools to deal with whatever's left, let's see legally can the f b I treat the anti file like the Unabomber, Mcveigh or serial killers. I would think so. I would think so. The difference being the immediacy of the actual crime wire, their George Floyd inspired protest in Europe on a bit baffling somebody says: well, let me explain that to you
it's not about George Lloyd. It's really not, and the european protests prove that, which is not to say that there are lots of protesters were therefore for that explicit reason: George deployed there are plenty of them, but that's not what's causing the problem. It is not the genuine good intention. People who want to protest against discriminate and and racism they're, not the problem you we could have them marching all day long March with em, it's the looters and the anti for, of course. So Europe has plenty of potential looters plenty of potential aunt if they had their own locked down, they ve What's a young people, if you ve got lots of young people with too much energy, especially males, they need to go break stuff. Unfortunately, if we can be sexist for a moment, young males, every type, nothing reason,
here but young males of every type everywhere in the world. If they don't have anything productive to do I go to work. You're gonna war, they gonna break stuff. It's is built into the model. They don't have any there's too much energy there and it's not always productive energy, so somebody says restitution. That means, but I can tell you that reparations is over as it as a topic. You know I I had been supportive of reparations as at least a conversation. My idea that was not to give cash payments in any way, but maybe target improving education in some way, as as the form of reparations and other words, giving african American some kind of advantage for funding some kind of
college experience a sort of reparations now announcing? That was a good idea. I was just sort of trying to brainstorm defined if there was anything any. A weird combination of ideas that would get something like reparations, but would not be odious to the political right. I never came up with one Only I never got close, but I was willing to. I was well
to embarrass myself by that conversation here again lack of Vigo is useful because, as a conversation that you get a lot of trouble, you get a lot of trouble telling conservatives they should at least engage in the conversation of reparations. That's not a comfortable place today. Of course, I don't care. However, as I promised you yesterday, if there was another night of looting, because the protesters are so uncaring, the protesters are so uncaring that they would create a situation that guarantees this death and looting I said that I would abandon the african american community in terms of helping, so so today that goes into effect, so I would say that the first thing has a reparations or off the table. These are the reparations. Let me say that again, this is the reparations, the cost. The economic costs of this will be far greater than whatever checks could ever be
four reparations. I mean I would look to an economist. Actually do me the math, but I think we just had the reparations the these are the reparations because it so expensive to build back these businesses and recover that our imagine we're talking something in the trillion dollar range. Just from these riots, probably Chile and I can't imagine that reparations- would have ever reached a trillion dollars, so some said at Lattimer can help with that. Does nothing to help with reparations or done reparations are our historical fact. There nothing else to talk about the future. That conversation is completely gone,
and likewise I I just can't have any empathy. I would say that, while it is true is always good to start with us now actually go I'm trying to control my temper in this morning, because I don't think it's good to have too much temper. So I'm gonna bring my temperature down and then I'm going to make a criticism of black lives matter. Compare this compare the slogan black lives matter too. I have a dream. I have a dream is just perfect persuasion in every way everybody likes it. There's nothing to dislike. Doesnt coil doesn't cause a fight. Nothing like that. When I hear black lives matter. Does that feel like I have a dream? Does black lives matter feel like the same message as Martin Luther King, that everybody should be equal, we're heading in that direction?
Nobody disagrees. Let's get there together, verses black lives matter, because what are you here when you hear black lives matter, I'll, tell you what I hear a year. The white white lifestyle matter now is that what you're saying no they're not saying that we are now saying that at all. But what I hear when you hear, Why are you here? I have a dream: do have deserves sound anything like this negative. For anybody know it's is explicitly positive for everyone, and indeed Martin Luther King included everyone when he talked about it, everybody white and black? You know you can rise to whatever level he explicitly included everybody as being valuable. That is why Martin Luther King has a holiday and black.
I've matter doesn't even have a leader deliverance black lives matter. The the phrase black lives matter is destructive is destructive to civilization. I had a dream: is productive in the euro merely talking about persuasion? So if you knew too few new, these periscopes on persuasion level, the is black lives matter, makes things worse, because what do white people say when they hear it all eyes matter what a black people say when they hear all lives matter, you know, Taking seriously, I ain't you now now Are you for bringing up a problem that wasn't problem? No, I, you black lives matter? Is a divisive, divisive identity.
Divisive. Now I don't know that it was meant to be. I don't think that by far down said, when you give them, let me come up with a good divisive slogan, but they came up with one. In fact it might be possibly the worst slogan of all time. Maybe because of the destruction is going to cause. So I think black lives matter as a slogan probably will kill lots of black people. I think it will be Anti productive because it creates division which Greece more racism, which creates everything back
It black lives matter simply rebranded as all lives matter. They wouldn't be any riots his sword, the over. If black lives matter, Rube rebranded themselves as all lives, better I'd be marching de marching. But if you want to make it about yourself, I think you have every right to do that, because every group gets to take care of its community every right to do that. Don't have a complete with a long, I'm just giving you persuasion advice not giving you your life and lies. Not tell you what you think, I'm not tell you what you should think nothing like that. Everybody gets to make their own decisions in this world. I'm only tell you that if you wanted to be effective, you need to be effective.
With white people, because otherwise you're just talking to yourself and black lives matter, is a message from black people to black people when white people here it is divisive. If you wanna be divisive, just start some protests, the you know we're going, bring anti fought and looters, and let us film all that so that we can make racism much much worse, because that's what happened so I would say that black lives matter is a failed destructive organization with good intentions, good intentions for the vast majority of people who were associated or good intentions, but execution solid, fail. That's for today will see how this plays out and
told you that I wasn't gonna do evening, periscopes anymore, because the krona virus shut down was winding down. But then I got a curfew. Last, even where I live. I live unlike the safe place in the world. Even I had a curfew, frickin curfew. I broke the curfew, of course, unlike the pay attention to a curfew in my town, but it's not like there's a risk round here, but the fact that there was a curfew makes me think. Maybe I shouldn't evening periscopes gladdened decided yet people give very angry when you say all lives matter so divisive slogan. That's all for now! I'll talk to you later
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