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Episode 1015 Scott Adams: Let’s Watch the Peaceful Protestors Have a Polite Chat With De Blasio

2020-06-03 | 🔗

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  • Riots, looting and potential solutions
  • CNN hasn’t reported murder of David Dorn
  • Biden proposes shooting people in the legs
  • Washington Post’s conflict of interest
  • Governor Cuomo calls Mayor De Blasio weak

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump hamburger everybody, or you thought you you get rid of me. No, no, it turns out. There is a new crisis. New raises new periscope have to admit that I wasn't going to go live tonight. I told you I was gonna phase out after June. First, I wasn't gonna go live tonight, but I saw on Twitter there's. Somebody was looking forward to it tonight and I thought somebody's actually looking forward to it? I carefully not do now so here I am.
So let's talk about some of the things I saw at first. While the clips were saying on the news: I've got all the news nailed up so get CNN and watching and Fox NEWS over there. So I can sort keep keep an eye on, but there was him to show any the good stuff have. You noticed that the good stuff, meaning anything this actually in the action there they're all standing behind police lines, so I thought I saw twitter that the crowd was marching towards build the blows use residence. Is that true and it's a peaceful crowded Why would a peaceful crowd need to go to build the blossoms residents right, Doesn't build the Wazir support them even more, even more than they support themselves,
Will they regard these boys, just as is the only the only thing down, speaking in town I just delay or tour of my town just drove through to see this as a damaging the local shop honours apparently don't wash the news that much because they put up the the big wood plywood over the windows. So the parts good, so they watched the news enough to know that their storefront sir, are risk, and so some of them are boarded up. Here's the funny bark which tells me they don't watch the news. They decided to be extra save so they spray painted on their own apply.
That they support a black lives matter and just very pro black lives better. So the other whole storefront is like pro black lives matter, to which I say think they ve been won. So what happens when you only watch a little better news? If you are a little bit knows news, you think I can. I just say: I'm on their side now should work now. I happened to see this immediately after watching viral video you'd season, my twitter feed from tonight. Others young white kid. He looked like baby, a college student, the roughly that age twenty is twenty, if maybe He is looking at the window of what looks to be his apartment. I think it's in New York City, but an usher in urban area. And he's watching the protesters go by and he maybe I'm no second or third floor something, and he
Look it out the window with his phone. Everything in these sums up because he's very pro protestors, he believes in their cause he's like thumbs up guys thumbs up at his ease. Fill me with his camera, as is forming one of the protesters. Hers and hurled break through the window right next to him. Breaks the window and he's like what that's what the hell and he runs back to the window, there's not yet broken any is trying to plead with the protesters who of course get here. He's just a white guy window is like your side, I am on yours sought and about the second. He said, your site, you see one of the other protesters reach back and you think you yourself, this isn't gonna be as good as I hope it is because
first protests or had a really good arm. I mean it couldn't have been there you see they have the exact window he was. He was aiming for from from the street was easy shot. There was some distance involved, and I say this other process to reach back and unthinking. Probably It goes right through the window that the guy, with the guy, with the thumbs up now look like it didn't hurt him wouldn't be laughing if you hurt, but watching watching the protesters or whoever the looters whoever, but there were they are in line with the protesters, but watch then take out one of their own. Was the funniest thing you ever see any life because- and this is point, the guy, the guy in the window was doing thumbs up. He thought that
heading with them would matter. He thought that would matter the people in my town. They also think that it matters beside their on matters. We have a big window. If you don't have a big window, you might be ok. If you have a big window, and they happen to be near by. It doesn't really matter was outside IRAN, and if you miss that you miss the show. So I was trying to think of all the things that could solve this problem. Now that. The conventional wisdom is that the only way to solve it is with massive but non violent means, meaning lots of arrests. Presence and maybe some tear gas. Maybe water, whatever they use these days, but not not deadly force.
But I don't know something else is on fire Nero City. But I don't know exactly if that's gonna work accelerated? I only came on here because I saw your tweets and. So what could possibly stop it? Well, maybe it could be this massive application of four but it seems to me the Anti FARC and simply reconstitute, as often as it wants. So There is kind like a terrorist group, it wouldn't matter if you call one of the cells in other cell tomorrow. So dont know that you could ever use non violent means to stop it because they don't care about that. None of that seems to be even even slightly info.
So what else can you do? You can way there? If you waded out, though I would imagine they would just pick town after town after town and get rid of him, but You know I always say that life is not a slippery slope. The things only slip until there's a counterforce and there's always a counterforce. So. Waiting for is a counter force. Now it could be that the counter forces the- U S, military it could be. But of course I do need speaks in coordination with the locals. But it could be that we just send in lots of scary looking soldiers again violently and the show of forces enough, but I don't think it would be when they just plan another another. Later in a different place
So I don't see that working either swat woodwork. You can imagine some charismatic leader on the left talking people down, can't you no. You can't be kept thinking about it all. There's nobody on the left. Who would have the ability and the willingness to talk them out of it and just say, hey, even Oprah? I don't think I could do it at this point. Beyond all of that, so they can't we talk, then of it. Then they and the care be convinced with non lethal force and because I'm on a public social network, I am certainly not going to advocate violence. So let me say that as clearly as possible, I dont advocate violence, but predicting violence is different.
And I believe that all problems go until people decide to take whatever steps are necessary to solve it and that's probably going to be violent. I guess option so again about promoting violence, predicting another few ways that this could go, the the lowest Loss of life would be to kill one person in spectacular fashion. What are they? That's gonna happen right. Don't promoted just saying that that could work. You can imagine, for example, a vigilante sniper. Imagine a vigilantly sniper who just takes out looters, but nobody else. If a vigilantes sniper again. I hope this does not happen, but you have to assume
The violence is down the road. There's gonna be a violent response. We don't know nature would take, but we hope takes the nature if it takes any and all you'd, rather than taking the violent nature at all. If there has to happen because of the other ways just can't work there, just systemically their impossible to work because the other side as a response everything. So if violence is the only solution in the end, you wanted to be the smallest amount. What would be the smallest amount probably a sniper, ideally a sniper who has never caught now. Here's
the weird part about this. If you remember there was once a some citizens neighbour, whose just killing people randomly years ago, it was like the biggest problem in the country like it practically shut down the country, because people didn't want to go anywhere because it was actually some crazy sniper on the loose but this year is a big problem. You don't wanna crazy sniper animals, but here's where thing is Michael Knolls said his video. I figures this morning. He said who knew that protests will cure corona virus way, who knew that And the weird thing is that it really did Take one disaster didn't really cure it, but you know I mean in the jokes and secured it and
I saw a report of his verve idea that tourism pipe bombs hidden for if for use later tonight at one of the locations now what s true there were piper bombs. Do you think, does pay bombs were we meant to kill, whoever they wanted to kill, or only meant to blow up a building. If there are multiple pie bombs, a bunch of innocent protesters are gonna, get killed just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, because it stands to reason you have enough people enough pipe bombs. Innocent people get killed. Now that could be the wake up call. It could be that there is an accident by some of the bad actors,
kill to many of the people who were marching with them and then they just changes the narrative instantly, so that would be a much larger loss of life. So you hope that when this happened, of course or any of the ones I have lost life, what else could do it in his long terror attack could get it done again that promoting an islamic terror attack? Obviously, but if his Lama terrorists said oh, this is the perfect time to attack, because there are so many people in one place and others police their interests or the perfect place. If it happened, the open doesn't it would solve the protests. So it would be this weird situation of of like one yeah one horrible thing could solve the other horrible thing, but then you get us all. The next horrible thing and you can only solve, with another horrible thing so is aware.
Dimension, wherein were only horrible? Things are solutions, but they create their own problems. I daresay I note the death counties so far from the protests. Do you know the death camp. The dusky out, I only I know of two african american men who were killed. One and no, and then the security guard somewhere else. So we know that at least two.
Black men work and died while protesters were protesting. What because we all agree now, let me ask you: this: are the protesters protesting for justice? I haven't heard that I dont think the protesters are protesting for justice there. You can say that, of course, but when you talk about the other three cops and they need them to be arrested and tried, or there will be no peace. I dont think they're asking for justice because it asking for justice. It would look more like this all right. If you're not going to charge these guys, you need to explain why I mean it really needs to be good, but if it's explained the evidence is available to the public and the public sees it and they say to themselves. I really want those are the three cups to be charged
but I also wouldn't want to be charged with evidence this week. If it were me so- It looks like there's a set up here. Where the only thing that can fix and unfair- let's say, justice, slash police system, is another unfair justice, slash police system in which people, in this case the three cups we're not charge, and they gave us a speculative because we don't know all the evidence, but just work with me through the thinking of this. It looks like the only thing that would stop the protesters is to arrest people, We would not arrest, if not for the protests, meaning people for whom the evidence is too weak to bring our successful case, even if you think they're they're up to no good or they did something bad
If you wouldn't charge regular people, a regular circumstances with evidence this week? If we do go ahead and charge these three cups for the purpose of social, social cohesion. We will have used really a gigantic injustice again justice, meaning using our legal system in a consistent way. That's not the kind of justice that people are thinking of this more revenge E. That's that's! The justice Thank you, but if you're being consistent trading, everybody the same under the law, those three people probably would not be charged, if not for this situation, so if they do get charged and that's the only way to defuse this,
it will be one of the greatest tragedies in american justice under the assumption that there is a reason they weren't charged in the first place? We, heard the argument, so I'm getting out of myself a little bit, they might get charged. And it might come out later that there was such a good reason that we have heard nothing. Where's ever evidence we haven't heard not reason we have heard but evidence Lucy, but so far the the peaceful protesters of have killed several people. And injured fifty people, The White House, so you'd have to say that their credibility is soaring. Zero wish at this point, when you murder hornets somebody suggesting the murder, the murder ornaments. Our only solution, not a bad idea,
there's a theoretical, a number of murder hornets, there were clear any city street. And then maybe the Hornets die anyway, because they don't have much to eat in the city. You know the fun, not the funny thing, but the the frustrating this is the reason is not already solved, obviously reasons not our Solved that nobody knows a solution, nobody knows what We new ones. Will you do it. So whatever the solution is, the problem can be ugly and
Be really amazed. There's not a lot of DES tonight. Speaking DES again, we're not hoping that happens just in case any by his wandering about that. So it looks like the protesters are overdue. Willie wilfully ignore the curfew which guarantees that the looters cabin behind them Isabel S, a cover and they'll outnumber the police. So the CNN is is reporting the terrifying people marching with the leaders and the domestic yes, do you think that fine people can ever be marching with losers in domestic terrorists, because in this case, are actually marching with them? In the case of the Charlottesville, us will find people hoax. The fine people were actually marching, they were just showed up. Citizens showed up Cup said you can't be here that he heard even more so
didn't know, but they didn't get to do much protesting. So I swear, I thought: I imagine that, but I turned on CNN and I think they were trying to blame it on right wing way. Supremacists, that's really happening right in my imagining the CNN is joined to put this right wing operatives. That is just the craziest thing ever now. It could be that there are a number of outside people, but If there were many far right agitators there be certainly surprised very surprised.
Barely trumps disapproval level hit an all time high for any president. Ever so he's got that record the most disapproval of president ever now. I think you ve heard a number of people say this- that this situation has lost a lot of support. I've been very critical of it as well, but it's not that this will be judged. By things that have happened yet. So let me say that again how history and voters judge what's going on with the protest will be Hurley, based on things that haven't happened yet David Doran is the african american gentleman who got murdered is that is that correct, David Dorn? There's there's some social media action around the fact that CNN won't report it at all.
How would you like to be workers CNN and know that is widely reported that african american man was killed, during looting. That came with these protests and they're not reporting it. How would you like to work for that network and know that a black man got murdered, but because he was a policeman that didn't get reported or he was a security guard? I think how could you work for that? work and you wouldn't you be like updating your page, every minute say. Ok, I know working for a network that tells real news, because people work thereby believe that, unlike I know they're gonna report, this refresher screen and nope. What do you do how do you explain that away? just say I guess that's not the new. I don't know rationalizing.
Joe Biden had a good solution for training. The please do have less violent or less fatal interactions. His ideas, It should be trained to wing a suspect in the leg. That's the suspect is coming at them with a knife. So So that's Joe Biden, Sir very constructive suggestion will retrain the police to be leg shooters, I'm thinking they would have to. They might have to change out some of the targets at the target range because a legs a little smaller than a torso so you're gonna wanna, you don't wanna, put like just a leg up there, so should be maybe just a leg and afoot, and I will be your target. Of course, one issue you dont want to cripple somebody for life, so to go the target range and practice shooting round the perimeter of the leg. Just see a wagon
Joe Biden thinks that that's perfectly practical plan and I think it could be I think that your mocking him too quickly, because you're, probably thinking yourself, Skype its kind, a hard He had a leg of somebody who is running at you with a knife and wing them made Go for the torso is a bigger target, but I think you thinking in terms of actual tactics, if you're trying to hit the edge of somebody's leg, was running at you with a knife. You dont want to aim at the edge because I wouldn't give you enough margin for error just a little bit off the left. You miss entirely. So if you tried to shoot somebody in the legs and come out you you want to aim for their balls. Because if you didn't for the balls, little bit off, left or right. Don't you get a little late.
If you have to be a really good shot way, get the balls, and that will that will certainly slowing down and my understanding of medical literature is it that will make them less aggressive in the future. The Joe Biden Plan for a shooting protesters in the leg which really the aim for the balls, because you don't want that. You don't want a mess on the left or the right is a pretty good suggestion. I think that good work. I can remember if I talked about this this morning, but it was blowing my mind so say it again. So just It also says you know: owns not only Amazon but the Washington Post. Washington post, I assume, like most left, leaning, antitrust publications. Might be a little bit forgiving too.
The violence they were saying. Just assuming is a coincidence, the Jeff Baisers Amazon just is watch, on television and his news In his reporting, the complete destruction of Amazon's competitors, Amazon just watched and reported on all of its competition being destroyed, so I dont give you investment advice. You really really should not take investment advice for me. I'm just gonna tell you this, because this part of the story, not investment advice, When the riot started and I saw the anti fire was targeting store. France, I took every
dollar of cash. I had bought Amazon stock, which I also bought at the bottom of the of the crisis, the crowd of IRA crisis. I'm not saying a proud of it and then again in recommending it, because tomorrow, by one stock, is never a good idea, just jump But I ll be an amount that money that I can afford to lose, and I thought I Amazon's gonna pull this off, I think he Amazon. Is actually going to destroy all retail business on earth, and it's just gonna look like they were reporting on it. I think he's gonna pull this. It will be the greatest move of any entrepreneur ever pure evil, of course, but now what is it.
I'm only being a little bit hyper hyperbolic here in the sense that he is actually making money by watching all of his competitors being destroyed. Cuz he's got to use, got the Washington post yeah. I don't think it was a plan that would be going too far. It is going too far to say was a plan, but one wonders how hard the Washington Post is going to try to stop it. Given that If they stop it, their parent company makes a lot less money. Now of course use. There are good people, so they're they're, conscious intentions would all be right. I believe that's true, I think, there's anybody working for the Washington Post, maybe if you feel the opinion peace.
People, but, generally speaking, there is nobody. There is bad intentions, so I don't think they plan to be part of an evil plot to destroy retail businesses and enrich Amazon. What is happening I then asked to be there I'm sure, but that's happening, and could this conflict of interest, which is the most extreme conflict I've ever seen. Let me ask you this. Have you ever seen more conflict of interests than that? That's about the most conflict of interest. You ever. Are you puzzled that the stock market is reaching new highs, even as America's burning. Are you puzzled by why the complete decimation of retail store?
in urban areas is not even bothering the stock market a little bit. Does that make sense to. Did you ever little theory in your head? Why watching on the news, the complete destruction of retail and restaurants, and basically everything in urban areas that that's on the ground floor and the stock markets up. How do you explain that Have you thought about that? That's really sort of a puzzle, so I bet Thinking about that today and I have some speculation- and I think I know what's going on- but only to us out a few ideas. One idea is that the stock market is now a safe place to put money in another.
Words. If you look at all the places that you could park your body to be safe, you can put it in the bank or now our banks, the safest place for money, not over a certain amount, how about buying gold, is worked out a number of times, but with did currency in Bitcoin and China's got their own digital currency gold always gonna be the place you wanna go to for safety, maybe maybe not, but what about the stock market and the United States? I think that investors are using the strategy that that I took on back in two thousand.
Nine, when the economy, when the toilet and it looked like everything- was just going to be over? That's my door dash, so I get them solely. The point is that we must make sure there's no solution to any other waiting for me, a good So what our stocks, so the point is that it could be that investors are thinking the following. If, if the, if the you start market goes down, in other words,. The economy in general. It doesnt matter where you money is you're, just you're just in trouble. So it could be that You start market has been so resilient for so long that it just looks like the safest place to put money so used to be a dangerous place. But now injures rates are basically zero when problem next
Difference inches racers zero, so there's no place else to put money, that's both safe and could make little interest in stuff. So that's the other. The other possibility is even more shocking and let me just just run by you. Retail stores are unnecessary could be take, for example, an ordinary brand store, can't they saw much as I want online. I'm not sure the stores even make money, because eventually the eventually the The landlord it's all of the profits of the retail, the every kind of a retail store front it's gonna- be marginally profitable at best, so one of them things that might have happened is that smart investors, the people to drive the markets, the most.
They may have said to themselves. We didn't lose anything because that's what the markets kind, the saying, the market is kind of saying that every one of those store France, didn't if economic value, I may be wrong, so they Lots of economic value in terms of giving people jobs, but I dont know that they were profitable in the stock market. Doesn't care so much if the retail worker last job, but they were certainly care if profits go up or down for the for the parent company. So this just speculating, but it's kind of a puzzle, Weathers Martin, so resilient, I'm glad it is apparently Cuomo is smack Talkin de Palacio for being weak. Weakness apparently, is not working and we will find out tonight how far this goes. So my
Production is the ultimate we violence is going to happen. You don't want it to happen, but probably the only way we get to the other side. You hoped that the violence does not come from the police. If the violence came from our military? It would go down a lot better. Wouldn't it the police kill eluder, just worse, does about what the situation is. It's just worse If a? U S, military person takes a router. What are you gonna do? What do you do? If the? U S military, takes an eluder because they say let's say they brandished a weapon and came Adam and or something what you get I feel like the: U S. Military has so much credibility that people would just be would live with it. I think I think they just live with it.
So it could be that the military would need to show some tragic, tragic toughness. Let's say something that you wouldn't want anybody to do, but my hat. That's all I got for now. That's all I got for now and I'll talk to you in the morning.
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