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Episode 1018 Scott Adams: Employment, News NOT Covering Protests, Biden Hates Us and More

2020-06-05 | 🔗

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  • Dismantle police departments?
  • News coverage is an accelerant
  • MSM reporting, changes how people act
  • Prank: White women shaving heads to support BLM
  • Kamala Harris versus Rand Paul on anti-lynching bill
  • Writers and artists who struggle with critical thinking

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump morning, everybody area his great to see you it's now the second day of the golden age. People don't know were in it, but he started. Two days ago you saw the jobs report, we'll talk about all that in a minute first, what's the best part of the day right, the simultaneous And all you need is a government or a glass attacker gels resign again to inject a flask of vessel of any kind to fill it with you, look. What I like coffee. Join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dope of each of the day, the thing that makes everything bled better a cure: the pandemic. It's making employment go up and tensions.
Down join me now the simultaneous go I can feel those store, France being repaired and. People hugging all over the place. Well, let's talk about some of the things so. Eve you ve come to believe now there were all having their own little bubbles, our own different realities and still. Every time you see a stark example of living in your own little bubble. Reality. It's always and worth calling out. So yesterday afternoon I was spending some time trying to figure out a specific plan,
to help inner city black to schoolrooms buttons students, not the not thus room, but the students. So I'm literally spending my own free time. Offering my own money reputation everything To help inner city black students, just tell you the truth: And then I get on Twitter, Up twitter is like you're a racist, your racist. Up your racist bs, your racist what are non racist, look like about their wasn't one of by critics yesterday, who did anything useful for anybody, much less the blackened
So I have more to tell you about what I'm cooking up. It won't be big it'll just be a little test, but it could be interesting. Here is something that I dont think people understand as one of the biggest It was one of the biggest realisation shall ever have it ready. Here is one of the most useful re framing of reality you'll ever have you can All other people, when there the room where the EU is thoroughly in place with you? You. Control how they feel and how they act. Now until you know that you're a victim your victims, because you have no control over arriving. There. World is bad and people are bad and doing things to you and you're just a victim, but the Although you learn.
You're, the one in charge of other people feel they act. That's the moment. You're free now Your specific examples are: if the police stop you, you can control that police officer. If there's somebody was bad to your work, you can control that person. If there is room with you right, you can't control them. One person, and the way you do that is understandable, that people are imitation machines. We imitate, we pick up. What are they before a feeling in doing that. We just demonstrated so few. Into a room and you're angry, I'm angry and hence an angry What is it immediately due to all the other people in Europe makes make some tents might even make a man, let's say you're laughing and you're in a great mood, and you just come into the room with your gray mood. What's it do to the other, people puts him in a better mood
What do you do when a policeman walks up to you and you a little bit aggressive. What do you do too? The policeman you make him aggressive. No, he didn't work up to aggressive. You made an aggressive lab if you, what happened, If you walk, if a police officer stops, you You ve got your hands on the top of the wheel, showing that your respect, the police Officers, safety euro, that's what it means. When you showing you answer you keeping people safe. Exposures turn to that officer and said, officer. What can we do to data keepers? Ball, safe weapons. If the first thing you say to a policeman who walks up to you, no matter who you are or why you stopped you good morning officer? What can we do to keep us both save today how they get and go
Does that person ever get to be there. No, I mean, maybe you could tested the just see. I don't even think you need to test it if you want to not get the ship it out you by the police about controlling them? Now, if you think you can do, that is because you I have the tools and the tools are easy. The first part of the tool is to understand that you can do it. If you don't understand that, then nothing else. Matters you'll just think you can't do it. Practice it practice in a small way and watch it work just pick a situation. And go in and see if you can change the mood in the room which would of course change our people act if you don't believe it just tested your own life? It's easy gonna! and the interactions with every person
just say to yourself. I wonder if I could make this person's mood and therefore their actions change and then just change yourself and watch them follow is really is released. Do once you ve done enough times, you realize it's a real thing? then realizing is the first step. To getting out of victimhood here's here's something I need people to understand. Treated this. If you protest against people were disagreeing with you, you're protester, that's what it means right, you're protesting as people do, and you might have some really good points. Protesters most of the time have good points. I'd, say, eighty percent of the time, I agree with the protesters, no matter where they are they usually have some good points, but if you,
Protest against people who agree with you. I want to work with you. Then you're, not really your protest, because the whole protest thing Has to have something to protest against which has to be people, because you don't protested against bad luck. You don't protest. Against bad events. What would what would that new? Because it's already happened? She don't protest. About something that happened exactly the point of the poor. Does that might be the trigger. Of course, the George Floyd death was the trigger but what are you protesting against? Who exactly? is on the other side, so. It's a silly protest in the sense that everyone is willing to be productive, as we just have to ask. Just have to have a good
something you might want to test. It turns one of the things that a number of the left. Leaning cities want to test is dismantling priority funding the police department. I think I speak for everybody who is not a left, leaning democratic when I say share sheer, give it a try. Take a rather there now I mean that completely seriously, unlike probably hundred percent. If you watch us, unlike you, I think you problem, they could, in some situation, not every situation. In some situations about you could replace the police department with some other mechanism, Not every time. TAT would be a gigantic mistake it does seem lighter version.
Creative ways you could do that. Let me give an example: you had far more connected was a neighborhood watch, more more security more more serious. Willing to get directly involved. You could imagine some combination of things where the citizens in some ways, replace some things that police were doing and thus not that's crazy, Actually, that's. It sounds crazy. When you first, we hear it. Oh, there's, rioting and looting and crime was scared of the place where he deserves praise when you first here and it's got to be crazy, probably from most places and most situations and crazy, because the criminals of course would take advantage. But I think I think it's worth at least worth exploring a situation
We replace police with some other mechanism, so this is a community of values. More than community need connections, he need organization, he need some kind of technical I say give it a try, give it a try. What I wouldn't do is dismantle police and all the major cities next week that wouldn't be a good idea. Some users vigilantes There might actually be a vigilantly answer to it. Who knows maybe vigilante part of the solution in some special cases. So I'm gonna became be consistent and say if there's anything that can be tested small- and this is a perfect example if you could find, just the right size, the salesman a city and just ass. It you'd have come up with a pretty country plan, I'm not talking about
dismantling the police and see what happens I'm talking about having a real plan for something there replace some aspects of the please try now only on border that I just wouldn't I wouldn't big all at once. I probably wouldn't do it in Minneapolis first seems like us all over the big place, If everybody is on the same side, what exactly are the protesters protest in sulphur? If everybody agrees, I think Anybody who disagrees with the idea that we should be talking about some specific solutions to reduce the Actual unperceived cause perception matters for these things to redeem. The actual unperceived police abuse everybody's up,
I think if everybody's opens a conversation and there's still lots of protesting it's kind of turned into a protest against white people by white people. Mostly, am I wrong feels like the protest? Is a protest again white people, largely by other white people who were testing the awfulness of white people looks like that, We're not talking about specific things but we can change with the police then what are we therefore just sort of turned into this gigantic. Why people are bad and they should stop being bad thing. So that's what it looks like it turned into. I don't think that was the point.
I did another thing that would get me cancelled, probably pretty soon, and I tweeted that stuff from that persuasion perspective only so we're only talk about the tools of persuasion The phrase black lives matter is one of the biggest branding mistakes. I've ever seen. Probably in all of history, A thing black lives matter as a. A rallying cry Maybe the biggest mistake and persuasion that I've ever seen that the size of it is immense If you don't see why you get us, at in the moment when I tell you Soon, as I tell you, gonna to slap yourself a mad and and you're to say- oh my god, you're right, you're ready you're goes Why is your goal? Just a man just a matter, I think, aim high.
Because you know I don't know anybody once black people simply to matter lay people were not black would, rather that they fraught that they thrive. Wouldn't you like to see your black neighbours, your black friends, your blacker workers, not just matter for God's sakes matter, that is the lowest goal over receive everybody said, and I think. He already matter so setting a goal. This low and honestly it's already been exceeded. There's nobody really thinks of black people. Don't matter! That's! That's! Not a real thing I mean I've, never seen it by you, for who, at that point of view, have yours. Anybody you that point of view literally never met anybody with black people, don't matter is even the thing, so
suasion wise, again nobody's gonna? Nobody should take this as advice. I'm not black gig. Inside you heads, don't don't want to imagine. I could appreciate your situation. I think that's its disrespectful frankly, to think that you can know what anybody else's thinking. It works both ways, but just four percent Perspective, so it's not even political, it's not even now, it was not. I think it's just persuasion, just as a tool. You couldn't have picked a worst solution, it's just the worst one. I've ever seen. Each issue so love, so I tell you that a sort of persuasion lesson they won't change anything for what's happening
The virtual news blackout continues on its a total blackout on real coverage of the bad events cuz. We know there was some scuffles and some problems with the protest, but they're completely not being covered by the mainstream news. I don't know that. That's a bad, so I'm not going to criticise that because it looks like it. People have realised that the news coverage is an accelerant and we don't need an accelerate. On Sunday, let's already burning so fast, it might be too hard to control. So Here's that the news business has been some kind of a otter off its independent. Independently. They all decided, I don't know they talked about it. I don't know The government asked them because that would my guess, if I had to guess what's going on but I'll have to, but I will.
I'm gonna guess the maybe the government said a news business. Please cover the news, but Beware that why you focus on is what is driving emotions so is one thing to say here: stats three people get got injured last night, etc status dont really drive emotions, but there is still the news that we still need to know so give us the information the things you show the visuals of the things you running clips, the things you you're opinion people too, about incessantly that becomes the active part of the news. That's what drives people to protest to feel bad to be raised, you're not raises those things are driving people
it's obvious, that they've stopped doing it and they stopped doing it at the same time, both the left and the right and here's the interesting thing about that. It's a complete recognition that the news can cause direction think about the news would not have suddenly stopped covering the news, meaning that the worst part of the protests, the violent, they wouldn't have done that. A sleigh knew that the maid of the news changes how people act. So it's it's service, stark. Mission, that they know their brainwashing the masses and they were or to pull back. And the brainwashing because they gone too far. That's exactly what happened. The news business realised that the brainwashing had gone too far and they pulled back.
Think about the it's. You live in a brainwash society in which european pray All of the opinions of the public are assigned to them by the media. They watch. If you don't believe that opinions are assigned to people have a conversation with a person see if you can find a person who has an opinion that they didn't get from some media source Good luck! All of our opinions. Coincidentally, just match some media source that happens to be a preferred media source. If you think that's a coincidence, then you probably think, is also coincidence that people have the same religion as their parents. Mostly. Is it because people grew up and look at their parents, choice of religion and themselves? You know I've looked at all the options and my parents now I'm just do what they did.
I am glad that my parents got the right religion and yet all over the world, people are saying the same things in coming to different conclusions, not because you ve thought about it. That's not how work, although some for some people, it's true but for re eighty percent of the world they didn't really do research. They just accepted what was handed to. Youtube Jake Paul, if you don't know him very famous Youtube or has been charged with care. Trespass on unlawful assembly, so he was one of the protesters and followed the looters into a mall in Scottsdale, Arizona and yeah. I guess he's taking video from inside them all say is being charge. What do you think that Do you think a Youtube over who is now looting himself, but
follow looters em and he was certainly someplace that the path We would not have one or two B. Should it be I say yes, I see us I don't know if you ve heard, but there's a movement were the the women who are. Wearing black lives matter, not necessarily black women, but you're. The the protesters. In general to shake their heads. So there's for the women to shake their heads to show their solidarity with black lives matter. Of course, this is a prank they started and fortune or something says it's just a total prank made by people have the right
But stick saxon hammers execs observers. You follow him on Youtube as well or wherever he has been issued about your worries broadcasting from these days, but Maybe but he tweets, I strongly support the entirely organic billboard for a black lives, better movement, and he left us now following suit should be shamed, so especially the political pranks tourism. I always appreciate all right you're, something as you might imagine, because the protests and the George Floyd tragic death that the topic of this lynching legislation. Anti lynching legislation is come up, so I guess Corey, Booker and Commerce are pushing that ran Paul reinforced
actually had the stones, so, Randal actually had the stones to publicly pose a lynching bill during a razor red ribbon, maybe she'll red room a little bit. I've told you, I have told you the thing I like best about ran Paul is it rainfall does care what you think. He really doesn't care. What you think is just gonna. Do What do you think's is consistent with his his philosophy, but but watch I am the only person opposing and I'm lynching bill during a race rocket. It takes the gods,
because nobody in the world is going to take him nobody's gonna. Take his arguments seriously. If you notice argument areas because it doesn't matter, is in nobody's gonna, listen to it anyway, I think your argument has something to do with the fact that the law already has plenty of plenty of penalties. If you like somebody, you're gonna, be punished pretty hard, the US, maybe you don't need like extra Lex round that. So this is point I'm not agree or disagree with the USA is hilariously. You would think he would have the guts to make that point unprincipled during in these times, but here's the bigger story so gobble Aeroscope her moment Young shed a moment ass. She spoke apparently passionately against rambles point of view, but here's the interesting
so a long time ago. I wonder how many months ago this was I made, The following weird protection. The cobbler As one of the worst public speakers, I've ever seen mean she's. The worst campaigner, just talking impromptu in public, is just terrible and IP acted there when she dropped the rays, she would not only come back as a vice presidential pick by Biden But there will be another element to it and that she would be coached. To being really good and what happened can suddenly. Sort of suddenly like. If you watch american idol, you watch these people who don't have any professionalism per se, but they have some talent and singing, and then the coaches and the professionals. Work with the show start working with the ones were going to make it to the top ten and the top ten start getting. Better looking and they just improve
like we're really quickly, Raw talent, but then they got coached by really good professionals, and you see this dramatic change. They become just better. Looking more charisma, just everything's, better happens, kind of suddenly and I predict That would happen to come. Let us that she would get World class coaching and that there would be this fairly quick improvement, and I think you could see it in her response yesterday. So I watched it with the sound off. Which is a really good thing to do with the sound off it looks like she cured. Oliver jumping US problems. For those of you who are watching she used to do this. Jumpy shoulder thing should be talking and she'd be like you should be Her body language was all nervous and I'm confident- and it was just basically mass
and then I watched her with the sound off yesterday really good. I was really good she wants. DE minors in terms are just the list The visual part of her speaking everything from her style to the clothes she wears to her body, language and all of it just one to a plus. They went to a plus, really quickly, so yeah. Now we haven't seen if you stop the snickering, send somebody suddenly comments she does the thing where she laughs nervously. Now it could be that it was the topic that There are serious decision and have a nervous laughed issues. It look like It was really in the moment, urine and cheaper. No, she was. She was having a big big moment in her car.
So she maybe didn't have the opportunity to give a lead around jokes. It just wasn't a time when anybody would do that so. We don't know she's cure that bottle. She has for the same reason. It looks like a professionals involved. Yes, we're gonna talk about employment was like about that now so The employment level unexpectedly was pretty good. Pretty good compared to our people, thought it would be so it turns out there. We added jobs, what we the jobs. Things actually looked up. Last week I told you it was the golden age. The violence from the protest practically gone disagreement about. This is not much relies on the same team if we could just stop marching and have some ideas to play with.
And the economy we economy, look in wrong stock markets up so we have this weird situation where it looks like the end of the world, and things have ever been better. Things have never been better like the under the world. Now, whereas I think that things are never better, Obviously the economy was better a few months ago and stuff like that, but this. Situation were ill has never been better because just breaking everything, breaking all of our old assumptions, breaking a lot of economic models. It's gonna unleash a lot of good stuff because we had to shape the box before. We could really makes a big change looks like that's happening. So Joe Biden said that attention percent of Americans are quote, not very good people, so I think,
put that approximately fifty million people other fifty miles people. Joe Biden, things never again, the New York Times turned on him for that really be the president of the whole country and say that fifty million of sawdust luck, especially if I'm in that the gray eyes. So here's what I tweeted, I said Joe Biden- wants to be the president of all Americans, not just the fifty million People like me, who says by are not very good people on the planet I'd buy will train, please don't shoot me in the leg and that feels like a step in the right direction. If I can walk. So I don't know if this will make any difference. It feels like the kind of thing that moves elections.
I was asked earlier this morning when I thought of trumps new campaign- commercial, if you haven't seen out, there's new Trump campaign, commercial, which is very respectful to George Floyd. Says every right word about bringing together in uniting and all that. So it's a trump commercial. They hit every right note for that. The political move, the mood of the country etc won't moves the dial a bit, because there's no no Democrats, gonna watch that commercial viewed watch the first five seconds any say about Gaza. Job, so I dont know if political adds make any difference except the base and I'll take it changes the bases mind because there's nothing new from the base. This sort of where everybody already was so.
I think political commercials in this climate make any difference, but Joe Biden saying the fifty million people are not very good that could change in election that can move the needle. I did. I do think that Hitler is deplorable comments at the very least, increased increased people showing up on the conservative side. New York City witnessed zero confirm desk from krona virus on Wednesday zero deaths from Cronan virus Wednesday Lot lot. I've got questions. Is that possible. How is that possible? So there's something going on there. We dont quota. Stand, and then why say we? I don't think anybody understands,
how in the world is corroded virus sort of stopping did something happened, jumps on tv now, woozy see. What's he said, I'm guessing. You said something about the protests or or he's doing some, prime time, you don't see the problem in Minnesota now at all, not even a little bit. You take a look at TAT, a great city ages to all catch up with them. I. So we don't know what's going on with these cover DES, but two days ago I told you it was the beginning of the golden age the virus disappearing. I don't know why commonly common back all the protesters and the country,
on the same side, we're on same side, just realize it gets something, go up, We saw the video of the old man who got pushed down by the police fuck it fuck it. Do you care about the old man who got pushed down by the police because he was resisting the place, I care about I don't care even a little bit about. The old man got pushed down by the police because he is resisting please now it's terrible that he got hurt like I have empathy for anybody who got hurt, but I can't care about anybody who opposes the police, when they know they're gonna, get there asked if the police kick your ass, because you're going on their face. I just don't care about you, don't care about you at all. Don't don't ask me to
but obviously I care about Ebay use just abused by the police who did nothing to bring it. Of course I care about that another I guess, wanna Democrats or talking about tramp of mighty, reject the election as Jake Novak points out their one Democrats were saying the Trump might not accepted the results of the election, Sir broadcasting that they are not going to accept. That's what Jake says- and I agree that there are broadcasting that they don't plan to accept the result of the election. So I do say that there is real talk going on. I don't think he's gonna turn into real action. I opened but there is real talk about an actual physical insurrection by the Democrats. Does I think, that's
He has gone from just talk to actual planning, but I don't expect it to be executed. Does if it were executed. Well utterly unnecessary. The sentence it wouldn't work out. Well, can we just leave it at this? after the people love the second amendment. If the country were overthrown with an insurrection stock at a go well for the future. Wanted to go? Well, you just listen being widely marked by people who care understand things. By that I mean artists. Writers so I was amusing. A lot of my followers on twitter by tweeting the people were criticising me that day and by the way, was all of them.
Everyone who criticise me yesterday, I tweeted them with the same comment. I looked at their profile. And there were writers or artists everyone and that the others. My running joke that writers and artists can follow critical thinking and so on They were encountered me that Understand what I'm saying they misinterpreted and then they get mad at their misinterpretation. So it's very consistent. I don't have. I'll. Have economists have engineers who are coming after me would just insults now there are plenty of economists and engineers and lawyers who disagree with a fact or something else reason the logic of using, and they usually just say those things of this fact is wrong. Here's a link, you did the math wrong. That sort of thing, that's fine, but the ones who come after me personally, all artists, writers and artists and usually
So is there not quite that successful, which I think is part of the part of the problem, So today, what they're doing is. I wrote a long thread the other day about how the Joker movie is actually strong, persuasion, and you could have you- can easily see that the Joker Movie caused a pattern in people's minds that increase the light they would act like the Joker. Now that Turned by writers and artists into Scott Things, the only thing that caused the protest is the Joker movie and therefore I'm a racist. Now, that's pretty far What I was saying pretty far from what I was saying. We don't live in a one variable world. I dont believe People were a peace, loving and had no no inclinations or no already primed emotions. I just
The Joker movie is an under appreciated. Variable In a world of lots of variables, it's not like the Joker movies more important than watch the video of George Floyd being killed by a cop. I didn't say that you're so so for the writers and artists. They have to turn what I say that makes sense into something weird and ridiculous, and then there's this this awful publication called the Mary Sue. I think we're we're writers gonna die let's go to whole article and hit piece of me today. If you haven't experienced what it's like to have hit pieces written on you on a regular basis, you really shouldn't somebody said: did Elon Musk cut his own hair? That would be hilarious if you did
so, when Minneapolis said that they were going to with the exact phrases dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a transfer, the new model of public safety. I dont think you should take as literally given rid of place, it's a little more nuanced and there it is, when they talk about replacing it with a transformative new model of public safety, it doesn't mean that doesn't involve police. It could be in just a new system in which the police operate differently.
Yeah and then the artist as somebody's reminding me in the comments. The artist will attack me for just being a cartoonist, but they never checked my other body of work. At this point cartoons as small as part of what I do somebody says, I want more hit pieces, they're kind of fun, I have to admit Scott says: artists aren't logical. They certainly are not. The rule that doesn't mean there can't be artists who also have built their talent stack. As I have been an economist and business person. Noticed and some other things. So there can be artists who also do those things and they would be perfectly capable of critical thinking bought.
Not a single non artists came out me yesterday coincidence, you design. Could the rioters be made to clean up the damage for alive publication, meaning to shame them so that we see them cleaning stuff up? I'm not a big fan shaming people when you punish him down up several points. Let's see how much black Lisbon Matter has made for me: what's good holy cow, the other start. Work is really up. What would you do if you were marching to dismantle privilege and why privilege and the elites and the more he marched the more the stock market-
I mean why, well, how do you feel about that. How would you feel that you're trying to dismantle the system of the elites and you're making them richer as you as you protest, because that's what's happening. Scott is an artist yeah. So for those who don't follow the point, let me just say it one more time: cuz, there are some artists on here. So another restive. You already understand this, so the Actually, I've explain is because there are also some artists watching the live stream and there are confused now I know most of you get. It goes like this being an artist by itself doesn't make you better critical thinking being an artist only might make you bad critical thinking, because
learned if you're an artist and also the lawyer, you might be good at it. If you're an artist and also an engineer, you Workin tech yourself, Four developer used to solving problems and using critical thinking, you probably have those skills. But if you're only an artist, you don't and here's the tough bore. You also don't know that you don't have the skill, because we all think were lodged. But until you seen what it really means to learn how to think critically like reading my book, loser. Think we'd get until you actually see them do a properly the first time. You really do
know how bad you are cuz, it's not common sense. Critical thinking is not common sense, their their worlds apart and people who think they have common sense incorrectly thing. Well, then, I also have critical thinking and they don't they're just different Somebody says I'm a friend and web developer. Are you an engine? or an artist you're, both good talent, stack. What's the slaughter bitter well get out. The slaughter. Beater was funny concept. That was the idea of, if you were to say nothing changed after today, who, when the election, but of course its origin He was idea because by the way the times when I, when I gave you the slaughter meter, if you remember this times that I say this is
it would be if nothing changes, but something always changes. Because you knew there were big things come on, you just don't know what they were known. It was new big things are covered. I also know more big things become in some of the big things. I know about Some of them- I don't know about so but I tell you big things are recover. Here's here's! How you should interpret that. I do know some. I do know about some of them. There's some really fun ship covered, so just just understand that the slaughter meter today is sort of worthless and is just for fun. Cuz, there's so much that's going to change between now and election day and it, and some of us could be really big- that it's going to be fun. So the slaughter meter is about three hundred percent today. Why
while the conservatives one every argument. This week there. On every argument. All of everyone the only thing that could be better for the President is if Ruth Better Ginsburg died this week and action. Actually that wouldn't work closely the I think Democrats would stall, so the stall pass the elect So at this point no between now and election day, I don't think there's any chance of any Supreme Court Cease being filled But my point us, so let me drop that point. Let me let me just make the larger point that gun control is dead, obviously, I also conservatives have completely won on the issue of guns being necessary because the biggest the biggest complaint about guns
said the government has guns. That's all you need your citizens. Don need guns cause. You got your police, you got the army up, you got the Gulf protecting you, but now that we know the government won't protect us and, and they will aggressively not protect us under certain sectors. Situations It's obviously you need a gun now, it's kind of obvious now, certainly nothing's obvious to everybody at the same time, but in terms of the direction of that argument, that direction just went so far right, meaning that the right is winning. The argument is just off the table. What about reparations This was reparations. We don't have to talk about reparations. It just happened because the
trillions of dollars. We lost in these protests are far more than reparations. Would a ban on the same topic is blue? closed matters wanted to spend their reparations this way too Sort of put it all in one basket and say: yes, let's make a native, let's make a few weeks ago, protesting in whatever comes out of that they had the option. That's the way they went so reparations is off. The table you. Ve got the President United States agreeing immediately and aggressively with the black community about the the police. Action against George Floyd now looks pretty good. You ve got the corona virus that appears to be solved. Z and the other countries do a better job to do really mean,
we're going to say, look at look at those. We look at some other country look at South Korea, but I think we really compare ourselves to them. Nor should we so I think we can see that were passed grown virus. You see the economy's zooming even may be better than the President promise you it's just all good, it's all good, but from today's perspective it just looks scary and bad, because the way the news frames things, but I think I dont think were close to or even having toward any kind of a permanent, and change of government or some kind of an insurrection that matters. If you were to add up all of the protesters, would it be a million subtler we put. That is the question
If you added together all the protests and all the places yesterday in America? Would it be over a million might be? But by point is There were three hundred and seventy million people in the country a million people marching is a lot and could change laws could change the way we think about things could be productive, we'll see, but it doesn't over. While the government were not we're not anywhere in that realm. Somebody also with lasting Floyd died after pepper spray. That would be weird, I don't love that's up, such as those of seven hundred and fifty points will bill bar redo release. The anti far communication
I don't know, I think it depends on what else is in there or if it gives away any of our secrets. The camera lies on the scale of the protests that is correct, If there's one thing you should understand is the video lies and video lies every time. Never used to say used to be That a picture doesn't lie then came Photoshop now pictures do lie, in fact, Instagram is nothing but pictures line like there's a multi billion dollar social media service. There's nothing but pictures live, it's called Instagram and you could argue the Facebook is nothing but pay. There's line because we only shower happy times, which is a big all along about who we are. I am here's my look at my vacation, total lies because they leave out the rest of your life by video.
A bigger liar reform video is the biggest liar of all. Let me give you one example can't really tell how hard the police officer was placing his knee on the neck of George Floyd. You ve got the you ve got the the coroner report says, face was scarred, but you dont know if that happened, because the knee or it happen when they got him down, etc. Right, so my point is that the video, Is mostly lie, but we don't treat it that way and it's not. I don't mean that video in particular, I mean pretty much all Let me put a number of I would say this: a you see something with your own eyes and you're there and you can see the whole context. You know who's behind the car and everything else you can be right most of the time maybe,
the time your impression of what happened, would be correct. But I'm gonna give you this number. I would say the video of a real event. Will misleading in an important way. Eighty percent of the time. So the number you should have in your head, as if you see a new video of some horrible thing that happened. Your mind, you should be sent to yourself there's an eighty percent chance that this is misleading, spout right, just observational, thou. Eighty videos or misleading. Did you see the one where it look like the the cop was pointing one of those rubber bullets things directly at protestors who had a child on on his back with, like you, yours, either pointing That's the guy or the or even the kid and you look at this around these. I won't follows: don't lie this cup was pointing this rubber.
Gun right in the face of the sky was standing right in front of them, except that they weren't you next to each other. The UK kindly tell if you look at it. That there were beside each other, and that were the case, was aiming was to the site. Who's. The guy at some other target, is just the angle of the egg. The picture made. It look like yours, pointing at directly in somebody's face But if you just look at a little bit more, you can see the people a little bit closer he's just pointing to the other side of them as something else. So you're artists enemies are going to misrepresent what I said They always do all right. That's all I got for now. Let's go see, what else is new today is going to be fun, it's going to be a lot of fun things moving the right direction, just doesn't look like it yet will talk to you soon.
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