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Episode 1019 Scott Adams: Empathy as a System, The Thing That Could Have Ended Protests, Trump’s Best Week Ever

2020-06-06 | 🔗

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  • Empathy and decision making
  • Facts don’t matter in decision making
  • Uninformed Anti-Tucker hit piece
  • CNN stock market graphic
  • Coronavirus appears to be weakening
  • BOTH anti-hydroxychloroquine studies RETRACTED
  • Likely black voters, 41% approval of President Trump

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Pump and put them they invite us style for coffee was got ends. You came to the right place. Lucky you tell you everything's, looking good work having from a dark dark time, but we're back, ladies and gentlemen and everything else for no one. Other categories are but just say there are we're coming back starting to come together now and it's gonna be good. That's gonna be really good, but first to ensure
everything goes well. What do you need year? I think you know he neither cover mugger glasses staggered when we tried again when we put my real teeth in the gay, copper mugger glass, a tanker tells us time again to injure flask of vessel of any fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dope of either the day the thing that makes everything better it fixed the pandemic. It raised the stock market made everybody live together as one well, maybe not yet. But after this up get ready join me go, I feel the racial tension decreasing
is it just my imagination? No, I think it's real well, let's talk about all the things that are happening. If you last night, I night a live stream with hotel Jesus. If you're not following you should you should just look for a Jesus H. Jesus e p and we talked about all things related to covered in all things related to the jars voices ocean and I'm getting a lot of good feedback from that things that occurs to me, you, after a conversation.
I finally realise that it is impossible for any one person by themselves, just one speaker to communicate on this topic. And the reason is there are things that I just can't say, because they would be offensive. But he can say Does your who is doing the saying makes a big difference and I think there will something in the other direction as well, so I feel as though I had this little light Baldwin on when we're talking, because if you add the two, Let us, together, we could say everything that needed to be said, but if it- but if word individually and we're not their literally at the same time. In the same conversation assumes you separate us We can both always say what we can say. No.
Maybe there's only, it only works one direction, but I assume that works both directions. So there were topics that we can cover, as do. Oh, that neither of us could talk about individually, various fascinating really, when you think about that limitation, just communicating it's not a limitation on free speech per SE is just a communication limit. That we place on each other, and here are some of the things that came out of this, and I guess I will put these sort of preliminary preliminary understandings subject to future improvement. So these are roughly getting closer to the answer. That's good enough! Kazoo progress, I think I'm very at but here's what doc about. So tat was making the point that black lives manner,
and the feelings of the the protesters. The black community in particular, is that conservatives and Republicans don't have They don't have the right feeling of the universe. Your heart toward the black community. And I thought to Myself- why they think that, because us my impression at all. You know, spend tells a time with After the right, I'm really see that and also the lack of empathy whatsoever, but you can have occurred to me that they do see it and there is an obvious The obvious reason. Why is obvious that the black, the issue of the It is mostly saying the conservative rub republic in opinion, as spoken by people on tv and in the news and stuff more so than in person.
If you are in person, you'd get a different impression that if you're talking, if you look years of these public, announcements and here's. Here's. The insights of this serious rings. True to you. The conservatives and Republicans by philosophy reject empathy. It was. Empathy is awaited, take power legitimately and other words. If you go too far in empathy you Parted, the rule of law you departed, The higher reasoning you ve departed, maybe the constitution, because There's those guiding documents tell you everything you need to do. Empathy all empathy in a political sense, not an individual sense. So my claim is that terminals and Republicans our identity
go to everyone else, rather than just identical. But political philosophy, they choose not to use empathy for decision making causes an inefficient way to make decisions. Should have empathy, but it should not be This is only by EU decision making. So in words. The constitution can say everybody gets us, shot, but that's not gonna work out for everybody. And if you said we gave you Buddy Fair shot, but it didn't work out for some people. They had bad luck or whatever was that one wrong less six there, As soon as you do that, then you don't have the same system anymore, because you can't fix everybody guess behind without making everybody equal and then the other with socialism. So I believe that what the black community, at least through our taps, opinion the other
were limited by just two people. We talk to you, we don't know everybody's value, but hotels view that the conservatives and Republicans were Harding themselves essentially because they showing the degree of empathy is clearly being requested- I would say that it is clear. Requested demanded if you will but certainly requested. We need this much empathy in order to move up in order to be productive in order to get past this. We need this much empathy and you just not giving it to us. Why not like president trouble, where's your empathy- and I was thinking about it- I thought to myself yeah. If, You didn't already know that concern Republicans or identical to everybody else in terms of empathy, if you now that in their hearts, there's no real difference.
And all you saw was their public philosophical mark and the political philosophical look. Is you don't use? Empathy to make decisions is just a bad weather, make decisions A better way is the law, the constitution, democracy, the republic. You know that the actual structures, An ever feel like I dont know that that point of view had ever been communicated before. Indeed, I don't know that I never thought of it before, because it never really came out. It was just something I knew to be true. But I do know, is relevant in some way to this conversation. So thousand a point that I made that hotels seem to I agree with that made the following analogy: that you should look to the source of the problem for your solution. I talk about that by book. Loser think one of the biggest problems people make as they say.
If, if my problem is coming from here, that's what I got effects I gotta get to fix the thing. This problem common sense right. This is my problem. That's what I got affects, except as not common sense. And we don't do that commonly and the analogy I use was lost. The problem is, is raving, can you stop the rain? You cannot? The problem is it's raining. What do you do You could even generalise it's bad weather, but the problems rave. You can't stop the rape, but we can do is go indoors. You can build a structure with a roof that stops rain buyers, an umbrella, little rain. You can wait until it stops raining, so he can
Sometimes there is a problem that, just by its nature, you care really address the problem. You can only find a good strategy that makes the problem irrelevant, and so I was making the point that if, if young black kids works strategy. Racism is still exist because people are pattern, recognition, machines and, and even if you cured all racism in all living people today, the very next baby. Was born, would be racist because of people with a pattern, recognition, brain and we're not gonna pattern recognition? That's all races! This you're pattern recognition! You have it but it's not like giving you the right pattern, because Assuming that everybody is some way, I am obviously that's, never guess so
so my analogy was: if you work on the strategy directly. That's that's a lever, that's a big lever! Any of its available. You can pull it so if you in- and I gave the specific example. I said how many twelve year old african american kids know the following is true, then, if they want to get a job, a review of fortune five hundred company and was one other person just he possible. Who is a white person with identical credentials, which one of you guess the job every time it's the black every time does about whose interviewing do you remember what us, if it's a big company.
They need to hire minority candidates and is a real problem because they knew to recruit that they have to go. Look for them and the pool of the pool of opportunity isn't as large as they would like it to be so the fortune five hundred companies or are competing for the black candidate they're, not competing for them. I can in the same way, even though the job market is tight, but I said how many twelve year old kids know that they have a total lock on a job if they stay out of jail and don't do somebody pregnant and study in school, you don't just the basics if you'd just the basics. How many know your guaranteed a good life? I mean nothing really guaranteed, but it out so close as you can get a very pretty sure things are going to work out for you in the long run, if not right away so weigh up the seem too
be an agreement on the basic point that you don't look to solve the problem, especially if it's an unsolvable problem. People have pattern, recognition, machine machines as brains. He can't solve their It's like the rain. There's always gonna, be pattern, recognition, inhuman brains there will always be rain and build a roof. In the case of your pattern, recognition brain you can find strategies to overcome it. You can make laws to make an illegal. You can teach people, you can train them. You can live by experience. You can tweak it and there's just tons of stuff. You can do strategy wise, but the reason that you're not succeeding getting rid of racism is there is now possible. It's not possible. There would require rebuilding the nature of a brain itself and again in LOS Angeles,
people being biased, I've been every form of bias is baked into every brain. You can't get rid of that, but you can make a strategy. The says are, what do you do with it how about we just admitted they're there. Why don't? We just says there all the time just work with it. So I thought was pretty productive. You should look at my twitter, feed or Hotep's to find that a lot of people say they are enjoying him. Alright, if we were a species that used facts to make decisions. There's a fact that just happened, something we all know to be a fact. They should have changed. How we see this whole George Floyd thing. Didn't. I didn't even change and a little bit. So this is what those examples Reagan you can tell yourself.
I've been so for several years, in fact, is the subtitle of one of my books, the facts, don't matter to decisions of course, facts matter to what actually happens, world, but they don't influence us for our decisions, which is weird. Can you think of fact would actually matter? But here's a fact I'm talking about so we watched in Buffalo as police pushed a seventy five year old white guy They pushed around guessing solemn and hurt himself mandatory and when we watch the video, we were all sort of similarly horrified because the police seemed uninterested in his well being? In other words, it has pushed into the ground. One started to look after the other policeman pull them away, it looked like somebody was calling in the empty, so they were, they were doing something for him there were not showing much Lilith like empathy.
Look like almost robots like about the way. Ok, don't helper, we'll call somebody else album. Just So there was something called a robotic and lacked humanity, but here's the thing it was a white guy. You saw a white guy being treated by police work. What leased least very video, we can see who we are tell what their thinking. Obviously, but I'm video. The way I look to us is police training, An old white guy, with a complete lack of passion, compassion, complete lack of probation. Now, if we were a fact based Species, we would say, save yourself wherever one. As I look like. Now, obviously showing a man with your knee on his neck for nine ministers.
A whole level we are different. Just pushing an old man with his head. Unlike in say those are morally equivalent right, don't don't give me that morally equivalent trap cassettes now we're we're going, I'm saying Another piece of information that you watched, police. Seemingly indifferent to his race. If what we had watched is there, the white guy comes up and resists basically resisted what the police were telling him to do. I guess they knew him to be an agitated was looking. Some trouble, but if they had said hey, why guy good job go back to protesting Kids, if they had done that They were all. We got a big problem here because they killed the black guy who's. Resist.
But the White guy they pat on the back and say, will see at the barbecue what's up with this, but that an atom they just shut the way guy and heard him and walked around it. They call you the empty, I think So maybe they should be here. It's almost like The simulation was trying to send us a hint to see if we were smart enough together, maybe you're looking at the wrong thing watch this watch. What I do this old, like I say if this tells you everything already now that this brings us to another point thirty, hilariously failed, hippies hippies in terms of a tweet thread. That's a hit tweet thread against Tucker,
and the weirdest thing about it is it didn't, lay a glove on its there was the weakest. I've ever seen in my life started. About your grandparents was as grandparents or his parents Where the company you may use the immigrant labour and by thinking to myself that's your hit, peace against Tucker is something something his parents did when he was baby. I, u can try out in that, but then they did try harder and here's what they said exactly. Drunken concur. Sawyers actual quote from tweets red against attacker. Remember this is mostly of Tucker hippies right here. Ok, the weather tweets as it is this crisis, meaning the protests and stuff
with the realities of climate change, what way through, the drive revolts against NEO liberalism, like we saw recently in France in the? U s the way to classically deal with that's your problem is usually been way for this in the? U S, waiting classically deal with such a problem has usually them to divide the working class against itself along race lines. Now this is a sentence in a hit peace. That's supposed to be against Tucker Karlsson, except, I dont think they ve ever watched his show, because on almost every single show Turco persons. Primary see him if I can save a primary theme we. So what I see the most by far is this the
Talk of a person is the number one voice. Only country against again having the elites separate the working class by race. So the thing where was, I hid against talker we're so uninformed about them. The maid The theme of his show stop dividing us by race that they thought they thought they thought. This was something to feature as a hit to say that Turkey Karlsson, is contributing to to this problem as a whole, to the number one voice in the country in terms of how many people, see them and how often he talks about it now strong beat ox about it. Is that a stop dividing us by raise its what he says all, but now was, I think, every single shell.
How could you not know that about Tucker Girls is the very thing that defines him. If you can define it. It's it's like your sexual identity, almost at least the other tv identity is stop dividing us by raise. There's nothing he's as more than that, and this is the hippies that he is contributing to it. Ok, that's a very weak Europe is anyway, you should be so lucky to have hit pieces against you that are so weak that they make. You would better here here. That then is criticising Fox news sore and normally pay too much attention to the back and forth disease. Cnn and Fox NEWS, like you, siblings, are always fighting.
So there is vital about each other's coverage and I will pay too much attention to accept. Sometimes it's fun, but this once this was a pretty good criticism. It so bad that is funny laughing, because this bad about laughing at the content, there's a difference. Yeah laughing, something because it so inappropriate doesn't mean you laughing at the inappropriate part you're laughing, because someone inappropriate ok, that's an important distinction. I guess hawk savvy. They showed a graphic farewell. The stock market does. Every time a black person is killed. This is so bad that this money right like- I don't know how to how this gotta tv-
Well, then I didn't believe at once. He saying today they show the actual graphic showed precisely stock market went up after a milky was assassinated. After the death of Rodney king of the death of Michael Brown and the death of George Floyd in each of those cases, stockbroker went up and thickened. Ok, I get that it might be true, but the fact that is true. I don't know if that's a good enough reason to put that on the screen I don't know what you thinking when you put the screen, but was let's just say that wasn't your fine this day. Again, I'm not level, of course, at the death of anybody laughing at the ridiculous. This there's somebody somebody gave the green light to that graphic energy
We can't take that seriously because I a means there's no bad, intense intention, yeah, no matter which way the criticism is going generally among those in favour of this wasn't bad intention, but while it was a blind spot there So now we are hearing more information. The other three cops? They were involved in the George Floyd Incident. And to other more brand new police northumbrians right, the two or are brand new were, Certainly relying on show opinion on what to do if you are if you were a juror- and somebody said These guys are rockies a brand new look the veteran of nineteen years chauvelin detail,
what to do, and indeed that's the conversation that was reported this, and I believe that cookies were asking Jovan? Why should we do and he was telling me what to do and it turns out told them. What do wrong caused the death of the sky? The totality of the events did then I guess the third witnesses cooperating now do the math you ve got. To were rookies, and probably that's gonna be good enough for the jury to get them off or to guess. I'm gonna reduced thing that doesn't make anybody happy and then the third is cooperating. It also that means a reduced sentence or reduce Georgians. Some like that. So you might have the three supporting please
already in a legal situation. Where is unlikely that don't get any kind of a serious penalty and then, as I talk to you before, I think shoguns defence forget about what you think it think about it. Morally forget about for the moment just for this conversation, why you think about it as a human being and how a registered with you from a purely legal strategy perspective, I think chauvinist definitely going to get off. I think off. Workshops are gonna, get off. So if you're not getting ready for the next wave of this need to so I'm is already already, then you can just put on your calendar this point the second set of disruptions. So that's bad Peter. I think
tromp had maybe one of the best weeks of his life, but I know that it'll be recognised as such, but one of the things that it was right for Trump, so the the jobs of as you know, the jobs origin way better than I expected, and even though we're coming off a low. Obeys. So anything looks good coming off other the low base. You were unhappy about it, unambiguously good news, except that apparently was not good news for black unemployment, which didn't go up as quickly so so, that's no good, but in terms of jobs and general they went up and you you one assumes that if everything is heading in the right direction, everybody gets done, long, eventually, surgeon,
great that's good for tromp, but it also at the same time, the Covert DAS just fell off a cliff. Why? Why did covert des suddenly just plummet weed? No yet, but the serious floating round are that the virus might be weakening and just say the another layer of land. Here, information wise it was only maybe Forty, eight hours ago, the I propose is the idea that the weakest that the virus might be weakening, and at least on social media people said there's no evidence of that. I was people who know what you're talking about and I thought there's no evidence. We probably would have seen it by now. If there was evidence is, was weakening but as of the news yesterday, some experts were saying: that's probably what's happening, there are probably is weakening and the thinking is.
That viruses tend to weaken, because if they stronger there would kill you and then they couldn't spread as easily, because your dead, so you're not walking rounds. So the idea is that viruses generally will weaken over time because they can spread faster if their weaker you'll carry them laundered and spread them as the theory, a mushroom and publicly buying the cause and effect of that being a clean cause and effect. But there's thought the virus may have weakened. On top of that, and I haven't heard many people say it directly. At least this week we heard a lot of it before Vitamin d is just gotta, be in this story somewhere. I because one the ways that it would look to you as the virus was weakening, is if everybody just went out and got some fun. Could be there just the good whether everyone else I've got some son.
And then it looked like the virus was weaker because but we're getting not getting as many sentence violently. Could be something about the summer this, the heat it could be. The humility could be the vitamin d that you get from. This could be the weakening, but whatever it is Trump was on this add or one, if it just goes away, you ve never how how badly tromp was marked for, say that we are the virus. When you go away and it looks like the things that made the most difference, in addition to the masks, I guess and probably in addition to learn how to use the ventilators in a less deadly way. I think that was part of the story, but
weren't, we all shocked, suddenly appears son that the virus, one from a civilization, ending problem to hey where's, that virus haven't. I Fourthly, although the President Father would happen sooner, maybe now I'm not even sure he thought it would happen sooner. I think you did say summer didn't Didn't you say something like is my just go away? We're watching it It has gone away and indeed there might be a second wave of doesn't go away, but is remarkable how close to his prediction that sets the New York went near extending one from hundreds of deaths down to forty two and I think the day before his euro.
That's a pretty big job, so he's gotta go in for him and it s because they cover DES plummeted at exactly the same time. The things were reopening it's gonna make Trump look like wait for it, wait for it. The coincidental timing of the cove id ferocity falling off. At the same time, the Trump was pushing to reopen because it was time is going to make it look like his instincts are Frankie amazing, amazing. In retrospect, you won't get a credit in the short run well, don't do that. But when you look back on this thing, you're gonna look at trumps timing for because he was pushing thing
open up a little bit earlier, pushing pushing pushing his instinct on that is gonna, look dead on in retrospect how about his instinct for closing travel dead on data rank? He closed travel when when people experts were saying: don't do it, he did about Hydroxyl Chloroprene either he was pushing ass a clerk clean? As you know,
then there were two studies, they came out, the said: no, no, no, you fool Hydroxyl Chloric. We will kill these covert patients so deadly. We did some studies and found out it didn't help a bit, but it sure killed people. In some cases there were two studies. Both of them have been retracted, both studies, which were the basis for marking trunk. For what two months. How much is even marked for less two months for this hydroxyl Chloroprene viciously and a lot of that marking, if not all of it, Almost all of it was based on two studies that were withdrawn for being bogus. In fact, the database that both of them used apparently is just some stuff that some guy made up feathers. The credibility of the data
so you can have a much better wig, then surprise good job numbers, I mean what what makes Trump happier seriously. Is there anything the next tromp happier than good employment numbers good, relatively speaking,. So you got jobs he time timed, the back toward thing to perfection to perfection. His instinct on this was reckon awesome. I dont know they will ever get credit for that, because we just don't do that. We just don't give credit for that sort of thing you'll, just because the entire science, I think, And then here's my opinion about the protests It's easy to imagine that the protests are some sign of racism getting
worse or whatever. As saying to the hotel Jesus. Yesterday I was saying the picture as I say, their way, more away, people marching formation, we quality. Then there are black people. If you tell me that this country is in trouble, Because there are more white people marching for the end of racism than there are black people I say: there's something wrong with your eyes. Use your eyes just look at the crowd, the one that's a lot of people marching against racism. That's good! Now, find somebody who is opposed to their message. Nobody there's nobody on the other side is one of the biggest protest in this country. Nobody on the other side- and this is just a message that just tell me
We also said bill. Mitchell was right now build Mitchell. Wasn't right. We don't have time for that, but I can't let them go. I think the eventual is claiming that the virus was not dangerous and it was no more than that. He wasn't right about that and nobody knew if it would stop, and nobody knows- stop being so. I'm not I'm not gonna. Give you bill. Messer was right back to trumps good week.
I would say that race relations in this country are at an all time best this week. That's right! That's a shocking claim is that in my opinion- and I am quite serious about this- and I am quite confident that actually another design question about a race relations in the United States have reached an all time best this week today, today, I'd say: there's somebody accusing me of virtue signalling, because if that's about me, you gotta give
cuz. I don't do that. I just don't have any value in it, so we're seeing it all this bad news, but actually it's great news and of course we shook the box on this economy to the point where there's no question, it's going to come back stronger because there's so much more to work with it, we're rethinking everything from scratch going to be amazing, so Trump had one of the best weeks ever. I don't know that people will know that the public will notice that Oh others, one of the little good piece of news for a trump derive dry forget to mention this yeah. I forgot to mention. If you didn't see, it throws a pool of likely black voters Forty one and forty one preserve them approve of president trumps performance.
Forty one percent a blacklist of likely black voters, forty one percent approve of the president's performance for Inter Rasmussen. Now, as I said, this do somebody and that their first response, you know the first response. Well, as Rasmussen Rasmussen, that's not reliable, to which I say on Trump related stuff. I'm pretty sure there were the best. I think they smoked everybody. Then they correct me if I'm wrong, but the entire time Rasmussen was the only pull the head, accurate numbers about Trump. That's the said he was in the hunt the whole time. So
I wouldn't discount them in a year. Of course, everything depends on the questions asked, but why? If we, let me just put this hypothetical answer: what? If what? If why people are not as racist as we assumed and what, if this is just an if you don't have to accept a yet just do what? If what? If why people are not as racist as assumed and what a black what don't like crime, maybe that, unlike crime, maybe they like good academies. Maybe this forty one percent is exactly what you would think it would be. If I had to guess where would black approval of the press be like. If I never seen any pole,
presumably anything or a guest somewhere in this range, forty to sixty percent. That's where I would guess, because so I'm kidding, of course, because it is obvious that there are plenty of way people who are not racist in any problematic way. I think everybody's everybody's by us all the time, but I don't think most people. Racist in any actionable problematic way, no matter their ethnicity, and I also think that, generally speaking, every every category of people. Would prefer less crime than more crime, as a sort of is ready group of people who wants more crime, no course that.
I see what else we are growing, I think we're doing well. I do think that the president has not nailed his messaging with all this George Floyd stuff and yesterday was a good example of it. Everybody is getting out of the present. Because he said George laugh again of laughing because it her band is not about laughingly people laughing. Just how bad this is said. George void would be looking down and think he was a great because employment, employment had improved deployment numbers.
Regular myself, there's probably a better way to say that had to be a better way to say that. But again I go back to my earlier comments when I was talking to put up Jesus that Republicans by philosophy. Don't do really so yeah? The Republicans will give you the required minimum amount of empathy, but if they go
beyond that. The move, change their political philosophy and they don't do that and their political philosophy is. I'm not gonna give you power because you complained the most. I'm not gonna give you power because you are the biggest victim. I'm not gonna give you power because you heard the most I'm not gonna give you power, because I feel bad for you leave those are not a workable system. So so again, while it is objectively true that the president's messaging on the whole protests and racial division etc feels to me completely lacking as well. If I'm being honest, I could find a hundred ways that kind of India but requiring it were expecting it to be better. I think another Republican put it on a better job, so I'll say that directly, it's not just because his conservative, not just because he's republic
he just delete a home run on this. This bad. I would say at that that that time a bad he struck out now I like to be consistent and say unforgiving of everybody's mistakes if their adjusting tweaking and learning from this area, judging people from the stakes is just a bad. When live, you should judge them by how they deal with their mistakes. So the president getting lots of pushed back for saying that church Lloyd would be happy looking down at these good employment numbers
Let's see if he can adjust and improve that message, if he does is the standard I would apply to him be the same own plight apply to anybody else. Doesn't matter your political party, I would say if you, if you struck out and then you adjusted and then you got a nice face, set on next Abatte you're, all good you're, all good, I see. I see people calling out the whole export. Yet there was a there was a hoax element this and which, in which the context was left out, and I think that's what you're prompted me in the comments. So if leave out. The context is sounds more assorted, says more, Then it was with the full context- goods Don't worry with me on that that the eclipse
being shown about his comments when their shortened, which is the trick, the the illegitimate fake news uses all that if you short net it takes out the contacts which would, and you all agree with their right. But you did make comments which left him open to this interpretation, and I would call that friend for anybody has been trained in media stuff. That's just an error, so it could be true that they built a hoax on top of his error, but it doesn't take the airway. It was a snare some. He says he didn't say it. Ok, wired! Now you if you say he didn't say it in that context. That's true, but he did say that George,
what would be looking down and be happy about how things are well things again: that's not a hoax right! You actually say that he didn't say that this kind of interesting is a parcel. So well a lot of you think. That's a hoax. Let's find it. Let's find out, and so you you're the claim of by the people who watches and it seems quite consistent- is that the fallen for a hoax and there he did not say that George Floyd was looking down. C4 confined Because I don't think you're criticising me for what you think you are now looking down, it was happy seo quickly find there.
We'll all day, sir, is the guardian trump condemned. George Floyd is present but its economy. Of course he didn't say that we suggest yours voice, happy about yours, job, rumours that does the Saudis either the headlines or hopes and equal justice under the law must mean the soothing remarriage and receive equal treatment in every encounter with law enforcement, regardless of race, color gender agree. They have to receive fair trade
There is a good Gunter from forest, but they have to receive it everywhere. Super happened last week when he had let that happen alone was closely Georgia's looking down right now and say this, a great things happening for a country is a great day for him. It's a great day, for everybody is a great day for everybody does a great great day in terms of it's really what our constitution we arrive at a country is all about reopening you're totally right. There was a hoax it was a hoax. You're right, I got taken by the headlines, I have I'd never heard I'd. Never the full quote. But I had seen so many somebody quotes
I heard so many clothes there. I thought he had said that it was about the good economy. The George Lloyd was looking down, none of that actually happened. Report, graven, retracted, so comments or a little behind their server I played it, so I will do so you just go on. I was challenged for saying that the president's blew the communications about George Floyd by saying that I would be happy that the economy was picking up, which is where was reported, This never happened is a complete hawks was anxiously. I so I stand corrected can can those of you who say Scott ever say, you're wrong? Can you make a mental note, I don't want. I don't want to hear from anybody on this periscope ever again using. You can never say, Scott
ever say when you're wrong, I'm saying right now to be more wrong. Now. Let me ask you this Am I embarrassed that I was this wrong in public nope, nope. You really did bill this, this part of your talents, staff. If you learn to not be embarrassed by being this wrong, I mean those is wrong Obviously, this is wrong, as you could be, and you just you just watch me: do it right and proper, And utterly and feel a little bit embarrassed because What is my standard? The standard I told you just minutes ago is mistakes are normal, Therefore, I don't judge him. I don't judge your mistake, but I also don't judge my own, which is very important. I don't judge my own mistakes. I do judge how I dealt with them
in this way. In this case, the were dealt with it, as I look your predecessor Back to the original data, I listen to it found But I was wrong and thereby admitted it clearly, that's how you deal with a mistake. Now that everybody did that you'd. Happy with everybody you wouldn't the boy knew them for their mistakes. She'd say: what would you do about it? Would you do that by them there's nothing there having better. You can train a young person that then the other young people teenagers. Especially when you make every mistake, you possibly make, but it's almost their job description to make every and see if they can learn anything and one of the best messages you say is unlikely to dwell on the mistake. Would you do about it? How did you learn something from it? I get a question for you
Is there anybody out there who was a was a significant following on social media? who is also a conservative and found that their social media has exploded in the last week. Is anybody is any values? I will say a Trump supporter noticed that your social media traffic just exploded in the last five basis The reason I ask you is because that's what happened to mine some, the number of the number of people who are signing up on twitter suddenly just Windsor the the room, So I'm just here my numbers here, so I use an ethical, social blade. The tells you how many people following you each day out of your signing up each day, so you tell if you pay here, people based on way.
So my normal number of people that get I'm just looking through the history like yeah. Two hundred five hundred two hundred five hundred and then suddenly. The last day of May. Seven other sexually them. Fourteen hundred thirty four hundred eighteen hundred fourteen hundred under yesterday so subtle ages. Through the roof. Same time my tweets are performing just way better than usual, just ordinary tweets. There wouldn't normally go viral or getting fifteen hundred, so I wanted to see if it is some looking at your answers now concern just catching up saying. Yes or no and me somebody said they ve heard this while I'm saying asses, ok, so those asking if its Botz, I don't know something
band services bigger. No, I know some already platforms. You're a good! That's why? But I haven't been extra good this week or something that is not something I did this. We now the president did retweet me again right about the beginning of this traffic, but I don't think that retweet in the past, so the president has retreated me in the past and it didn't make much difference in my social media. You think it would be really doesn't.
Drew breeze you now, I'm back and talk about drew breeze, because it's such a small error is just an athlete who said something they made him apologize apologize matter. This is not a story, a caravan somebody says they were accused of being me, no retreats make it grow, so it could be just those tweeting well this week, because I. The truth is okay, so it looks like we're alone knows, and some yeses, which would suggest that there is nothing that some obvious trend I was just wondering about the tramp tramp retweeted me when I had a tweet the said that some of the protesters we're fine people or something
So he says on very popular in Russia said you are. Are you in Russia? And you know that because I do actually have a number of russian followers on more than. Somebody says more conservative stuff is showing up on Twitter. Well, I guess I'm what I'm asking if there were some change that had been noticed, and I'm not sure we can say that based on these replies right, that's like after today- and I will see you later.
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