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Episode 1021 Scott Adams: Lying Statistics, Trump Poll Numbers Plummet, Democrat Strategy Debacle, Harris Versus Warren, BLM

2020-06-08 | 🔗

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  • The look on Alisyn Camerota’s face
  • Foot washing protesters and reciprocity
  • Leonydus Johnson’s thought provoking tweet
  • Van Jones, best choice for police reform leadership?
  • Democrat Mayor riot failures, election consequences?

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody style Doc Defunct, use good to see you always a pleasure. Well everybody what a great day today is what a great day. Sixty three years ago today, I came out of my mother's body, so today's my birthday yea show we celebrate with a simultaneous up. I think that would be an order and all you need to do to participate is find yourself. They cover Mugger glass, a dagger jealousies, dynamic, Anti Drug Lascaux vessel of any kind. And join me for the unparalleled pleasure, the dough.
Many of the day the thing that makes everything better, including the pandemic, including racism and leave and make your birthday better. But my, they not so my help you at all, simultaneous up go Happy birthday also to come near West and to J, F K. People who share my birthday But enough about me, let's talk about the world. Is the world still there? Alright, here's some things for you to think about. Ninety percent of the people who are killed by police are men. Is that proof of sexism go.
Now I just put that out there to cause trouble. Why is it only men who were getting killed by police proof of sexism now, when you say the scarred? No, because the men are committing the crimes. I say to you: how sexes of you to say that I just put that other articles trouble. Here's the more trouble causing statistics. Have you noticed that we use Scared calculated anything correctly, we can calculate everything correctly. We don't know how many people are gonna die from a virus. We don't know how many people died from the regular flu, We don't know what the unemployment rate really ask is either like a revised, so that our revised up from what we thought was great great news to just pretty good news. The unemployment got corrected up to sixteen point: three percent,
black black on employment is the highest and more than ten years according to come labourers latino unemployment and seventeen point six per Sandy Ike's. So as cobble errors in saying there's nothing to celebrate about, but of course nobody is celebrating the absolute number Do you think everybody was celebrating the absolute number now I think there We are celebrating the change. I think there were celebration for the direction celebration for the hoped for a future. But it's one more example of how we humans. We should just give up on numbers. We should just give up I'm trying to calculate because we always do wrong or
we do a right. The other side doesn't believe it just doesn't make any difference. If you got good numbers are bad here is more numbers, so, according to Rasmussen, and I believe, that's coming out any moment now. The. Back in the twenty. Sixteen. This was the opinion all right. So in twenty sixteen to thirty, eight percent of voters thought most black Americans were treated unfairly by the place, so is thirty, eight percent in twenty sixteen today it's fifty one percent. It went from thirty. Eight percent black Americans were treated unfairly by the police to fifty one percent during Trump's administration
What changed, what changed was it? The data did the day the change. Now how bad luck! I mean that in three years I I don't think the daily changed. I think what change was the persuasion. What you saw on television, Who is the president? You know how many stories were run over certain type. What did social media do so with What's the date of changing at all I mean I haven't even looked at the data, but I don't think it got worse between two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and nineteen did it or twenty slash twenty it didn't get worse. I mean if it did
all about, but basically it's the same, but our opinion of it completely changed. So differing opinions change because a data now now the data stayed the same and the opinions wildly changed because the persuasion. So if you don't mind, if you don't see that the data in making the indifference and persuasion make all the difference, you're watching the wrong world, so let's talk about fun stuff. Sir I've told you before that fear is the primary persuasion, persuasive force. There is nothing more persuasive period, then fear, because fear is the topic. Your concern stack if you're literally afraid at the moment you gonna take care that first,
You won't even eat first, if you're afraid. First, you take care of Fred, go hide, protect yourself, do what you need to do. Then you eat so there's nothing that competes even close to fear as a primary persuasive variable and here's what the Democrats are doing for their campaign strategy there there are calling for defending the police at exactly the same time, their Democrats and I say that more jokingly does I'm just you know, I'm doing that thing that all pundits do. I act like the one percent of the bad characters represent the whole.
Obviously the looters do not represent Democrats. Can we agree? Leaders are not representative of Democrats, even if you think it, even if you think that's true for fun. It's not true. Mathematically, but it is nonetheless true that an apolitical season, if the Democrats are producing two things simultaneously, it's not a good look one other things are producing, is a very powerful and may be successful call to deepen the police says: one thing you're doing, but other people who will be associated with the Democrats because they lean in that direction, even if they're not registered Democrats, even if they're not voting, is we're doing the violence and videos. So. We have all this video of what happens when the police are not there, which is, if I can be blunt white people being killed,
by black people. I'm not saying that that describes the world. I'm say it describes, is selected little videos There are running nonstop because those are the anecdotes we're getting so if you're doing two things simultaneously, the Democrats saying less defined the police. What all of this Issue or persuasion what what do I tell you about visual persuasion. Overwhelms other kinds of persuasions and evolve. Your senses is not as strong as fear, but the visual can be part of the fear persuasion to, of course, but the fact that its visual it's on video and it's horrible and you're, seeing people just being killed by writers and and and looters breaking store windows. You couldn't be
a weaker strategy going into the election. In fact, if you were to sit down and try to design on paper the worst campaign strategy, it would be defined the police, while simultaneously showing nonstop images of what happens when the police are now stand. Right there. I dont know that that could be worse from their side. Am I wrong highest form of persuasion And there they are creating a situation to scare you to death. Now, if you haven't seen this club, I just waited it. You have to watch it just for the reaction, its ASEAN and club, in which listen kid Colorado, his interviewing somebody named bender, who is in favour of defending the police,
Also in Colorado asked this question, which I think is on all of your minds and here's a question What is in the middle of the night, my heart, my home, is broken into. Who do I call now here's what you need to watch that question? Alison Camera, the CNN. What's the right word course host whatever's re for that host? I think and the way she words, the question is personal. That's important right because you trying to understand what what she's thinking as well as why she sang We can't read mines but how we received the communication makes you think that their thinking a certain way, even if Iraq, so she puts it in a personal. Form of a question what is in the middle of the night. My home is broken into right. This is very important
she's putting herself in the movie she's, not say what if something happens to somebody, and somebody needs to do something now. Ellison CARE said what is my home is Into she put herself in the movie now watch the response bender said Yes, I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors, and I know and myself and I know that that comes from a place of privilege. So that was the moment the Democrats lost CNN, they lost CNN.
You could watch yet to see the look Colorado's face. Now again you care really tell what people are thinking by a look on her face, but I'll tell you the impression I got to remember when I talk about persuasion. It's not about was right. Is what impression did you get in the impression I got was Allison camera dozing thinking that doesnt work for me that doesn't work for me, that's what that's what I saw interface again. I warn you, you can't read other people's minds. She may have had a completely different thought, but that's how I received it. They look like CNN was lost on that day because seriously was the event host with a good income is gonna, say.
Yeah, that's a good idea. If, if somebody's tried to breaking my front door that there's nobody to call, there's nobody and see No, not even Don Lemon is gonna. Be, is gonna get behind that if you lose, if you ve lost Don lemon well, you ve lost the election. Now, of course, the Lebanon is not going to side with your having more police, but I don't think even he could say directly and on camera. You know this would be a better world assemblies breaking into my house, and I don't have anybody to call
that would be an upgrade. I don't think he's going to say that, so I don't know how they can recover from that. But, despite all that, it turns out that latest poll numbers on Trump Vs Biden is, it Biden is just blowing away so that the difference between Biden and Trump in the national polls just widened it. Why didn't Trump just had the best week of his life and the poles? Why didn't now, when I say it's the best week of his life, I don't mean the people realize that I'm just saying I realize it cuz, he didn't get us through the pain Demek, and I think he he called the timing about right. Pushing for the opening looks like exactly the right thing. He was criticized for it.
Being tough on China looks smarter every day the economy will probably pick up. Trump is very directly involved, and at least the psychology of that I dont think trumps rather a better weak, but I also don't think it registered that way to everybody. I am not sure that. Actually, people realize what a good week this was now when I say a good week that includes the looting, because, although the president did not do something directly, the stop deluding think about the fact that brought in the National Guard that kind of stopped at the same time, am I wrong that the looting kind of went from a lot to not too much immediately upon the National Guard showing up? I think that's true. I mean it feels true, even if it's not, and if we're talking about persuasion
What feels true is right, so I think the president actually had one of the highest almost borders on gifted honestly performances with the exception just so you can just so. You know that I'm not just praising Trump for everything. I think they completely blew the messaging a lot of this stuff, everything from the pandemic messaging to the the protester, the George Floyd stuff. I don't think the messaging was good, so I'm not complementing everything he does just mindlessly. I'm telling you that if you're watching, if you watching looting on television and your choices, pro law and order guy or thee, who knows what guy? The prolonged our guy is just going to get a bump from watching prime on TV. That has nothing to do with his performance. He's just had to exist and be that guy in it.
Likewise economy, likewise, economy going up will help trump. Likewise, the krona virus, just getting in our rearview, mirror least little bit. We'll help and cyber yet strong is weak, but his pole numbers on the weakest, and I have. I have speculated that this is the biggest practical joke in the history of politics. The Republicans are literally lying to pollsters in a massive numbers. I feel that's true. I can't prove it is just an instinct, but I feel it I also feel like it's a long time until election day, and I dont know the poles are telling us as much today as as they should, because the other pretty pretty frothy. At this point, I am so let's talk about those protestors.
Washing the feet of black lives matter leaders. I guess police were watching the feet of black religious leaders as well, not all the police or the protesters. Obviously but yours, my taken that it's pretty good cohesion, because you can't look away, get your attention and shakes the box like everything that you think about people in power of racism who thinks what does what this shakes it all up. It just makes you think, and I guess you matter excited or you put yourself in the place, but the the trick of this is: if you have enough people, there's always somebody who's will to do anything. If you have a million people, you can get somebody at the million people to do literally anything you can get them to do harm to themselves. Just anything if you have enough to eat.
So when are you watching some small number of people do something that you wouldn't do it doesn't mean anything just means that you sing a small number of people, do something you would So it doesn't have any meaning beyond the fact. There really shakes up your head. Of persuasion wise. I give it a name plus because the matter or the more upset you are about it, the better it works that is its power is power. Is then upsets you. So if I'm, if I'm just looking at it from a persuasion as a technique,. A plus disgusted you with angered you. If you can in turn away? That's what makes it work so
I wouldn't worry about it becoming a trend. You don't have to worry about. Being a trend is never going to guarantee you'll never be required and lowers be optional. So this is the power that the media has. They can take something this unusual and give it a lot of attention until you think it's some kind of a normal thing or at the beginning of a trend towards happening everywhere. It's the smallest little thing, there's some very unique people could do, but you couldn't do nobody's gonna. Ask you to do it. It just doesn't matter so both persuasion wiser with strong. Ever I swear to God almost all of our problems in society or because we can calculate percentages right. Am I wrong about that? If we can calculate percentages meaning
We knew the right nominated numerator and the right denominator. If we can always get that right, calculator right and know which one is the one that matters I don't they we'd have nearly as many problems in the world. So we can calculate anything right I'll, give you some specific so that, for example, The guy who follows me on Twitter, which is no way to describe the person cuz. The least important part of his personality is following Whether by anything else about so you other than his name is leading Idas Johnson. He may or may not be watching this periscope and he's african American, which you need to know for the purpose of the story, and he treated this. I presume you leans.
Conservative. He says for every ten thousand black people arrested for violent crimes, three or killed for every ten thousand white people arrested for violent crime for or killed. And then Lyonnais Discos, Annie, says I'm going to keep tweeting this. Until someone can explain to me how this is possible if there is truly pervasive racial bias in policing, so so is a black man, so he can to eat this. Do you know I can't new tweet that I can't weaker I'll? Have I dont have freedom of speech in a practical sense? I have read in the speech in a legal sense. I can say anything you want, but in a practical sense my life would just be worse. If I had been wandering.
This, but because the United States is black, he can to eat it, and then I can read with it. I'm ok! So I do that, but I certainly don't have freedom of speech the way black people do. Let me just say that directly. I have less freedom of speech than black people. Would you agree is that is that even controversy, because it's true the black people can say more things in public with less repercussions. Then I can start in close really now, regardless of whether I'm right or wrong, which is a separate question. There they're just all classes of things, including data
I wouldn't even be able to talk about data and public. Think about that. The I can't talk about data and public. Now I've told you before that. One of my vengeance is that I have I wasn't business where today so I'll give you the pigeon version that I have a few money, meaning that the worst thing that could happen to me as I retire and live on the money I already made, but. Because I'm still In the Workforce- and I would still like to have an actual job I like to be productive, I like do I like to crazy things that people want and pay for, and I would like to be paid for those things. Is it just works better that way So I'm, finally, that I'm becoming increasingly uncontrollable. If you have a few money you're on cancel,
But if you also care about your ongoing career you're, not you not completely on castle, because I'd still like to be a cartoonist. I would still like to be able to come on video and talk to you. I still like people to buy my books, so I'm not completely uncontrollable, but I'm getting closer because I always talking about locals. The new platform which have joined now locals is a subscription platform so and is growing.
Those becoming a larger percentage of my overall income. At the moment. It still the minority part of my overall income, but it's crawling pretty quickly when it reaches a point where its competitive with my income in general, meaning that, even if I lost everything else, I would still have a real job. It would just be limited to locals, which would be fine if there was a big enough community and I'm becoming increasingly on cancel, and I dont know what that does Because I have been there before, I've never been in a place where I not only have a few money, but I have a nephew job. I've never had that before. I've only have the money, not a job, that was invulnerable and I'm getting close to that. I'm getting closer and close,
to being actually invulnerable, I'm wondering if at some point out, have freedom of speech, I'm getting closer and it's kind of exciting, I would like to be able to have freedom of speech the way black Americans do the way women do women less than black Americans, but. But someday God willing. I will have freedom of speech. I dont know if that will make me speak any differently, actually don't, but its kind. Excited I got real excited the other day when I thought hey. Are you kidding me? I could actually, I could actually tweet some data. That was actually just useful, untrue. I can. I can just tweet true data and I don't have to lose by my career.
Could be good could be good away in response to the tweet. There was, of course, less interaction and, and he it is in detail in the thread which I would recommend to you and so look forward in my twitter threat. I just tweeted at this point So are you so starting with the claim that for every ten thousand black people arrested for violent crimes? Now this is the key phrase here: violent crimes, Threerd killed for every ten thousand white people arrested for it again violent crimes for kids. Of course, the big question mark is war about non violent crimes. What about what about all the people getting hassle them? Around abuse beat up humiliated, all those other bad things.
For non violent crimes. What about all that? And it s got to be part of the equation? Doesn't it? And so I don't know the answer that, but I tweeted back that that which group gets stopped and hassles most by police, because let's say these statistics are true and was taken. The violent crime will say that it was true that statistically slightly more way, people are killed. Not even slightly but more white people are killed by police than black people, but what? If black people and counter the police ten times more. What if there's just more police presence in black communities Gazeta and at least in the urban areas, can be lower income more crime comes
lower incomes. Luke's is gonna, be more police Sally effected at it. So is it the whole story that it's the percentage of people arrested for violent crimes as our whole story, because you have to look at whose getting stopped and wiser racial component. That and most Americans apparently think there is a racial component that, and it would be hard to debate. It is hard to argue that those who could really argue that I would think that race has a big impact and who gets stopped now, but which doesn't mean that the people doing the stopping erases, because apparently, there's not much difference between how black police officers and white police officers tree anybody
if black and white police officers are basically the same in how they treat people is kind of hard to find the racial component when you take that into consideration, but what the United Lena, it is argued in response to other people are questioning the totality of the. Stuff is that we need. This makes a really good rational point, and it goes like this that people being stopped for violent crimes is not the whole story, so you'd be in complete agreement that he's taking. Slice of the whole story, but he says quite reasonably that if this ratio if the racial bias was what people say it is. This is exactly where it would show up the struggle. I don't know that that's true oils,
I don't know that statistics are accurate. Does Werner statistics come from the police right? so is it possible that the police aren't good? accurately documenting who got killed for what? Maybe they mean that wouldn't be surprising, but it's an interesting point. Lee Unitas says that it would show up there and it doesn't that persuasive to you. I wouldn't say it's completely persuasive, but I would say: is it's exactly the right question? Isn't it that's exactly the right question, because we should understand that, no matter what the answer is? Even if the answer is that It was bad I'd like to understand that for sure Van Jones tweeted today, women leaders globally kicked hashtag chrome.
I recently asked me: leaders across the board blew it has a fax stake, endemic, etc, and then he linked to the story on that now Was I also to say that women leaders did a good job and male leaders did not, because I don't feel like what we needed was more sexism cause. I'm pretty sure that you can't document that their gender is what made them more successful. One of the successful female leaders New Zealand, I don't wanna, be unkind to New Zealand, and I dont want to be unkind. Instead, the leader who is a woman
who apparently is leading a country that claims to have actually eliminated grown virus spread good, but it needs to be said. It's in Ireland is an island and it could be that once again, humans are bad calculating percentages. And do you think it's fair or accurate or helpful to say that women beat the krona virus? But male leaders blew it to me that feels like just sexism, because I don't think you can make their claim based on the data
Here's was ironic about this literally the day before I was thinking to myself. Who is the only person who would have enough credibility to fix the time to do something constructive about the protests and and race relations in this country and maybe come up with something practical that we could work on, come up with some specific proposals, wicked toss around see what we can do. I thought or Van Jones Van Jones is probably one of the few people in the world who can ways is bilingual, meaning that you can talk the black people. He can talk the waves,
He knows what they mean. I don't know how many people there are in the whole world who have credibility, ability to communicate, have the interest, as you have the attitude, the history that the history of success, especially with prison reform. I mean really come up with come up with one of the person on the planet. Who would be more perfect for being in the middle of this in getting a fixed now in the comments of the same Conway Candia as a force of nature, and one of the most productive ones you'll ever say, and enlargement socially as well as economically productive, but I dont know that Canada is the right one to dig in and get into some details about how to fix policing, icy s economy, as, moreover, almost a spiritual kind of a leader not not nuts and bolts yours,
my policy kindly the leader, and if you want to get down into some real practical stuff, I'm Thinkin Van Jones I'm Thinkin Van Jones would be the best choice I can think of. Can you think of a better one unlucky, your comments to see if anyone suggest anybody Larry Elder would be to associated with the right
Really need somebody who is more associated with the left, but knows how to work with a right and a really just sort of comes down to Van Jones. Soil begets in the game, but my friendly advice with affection to Van Jones does, I think, is one of the most productive people in the country. Right now. I don't think the sexes analysis. We would probably didn't either years my favorite story. They didn't get many retreats now the fact that this didn't get many retreats compared to everything else. I tweeted today
tells me that the message is not getting through or it's getting through and has been rejected, I am now going to tell you something that will be one of the most important things will ever hear. Indeed it so important it could, and racism are just let their hang in there. For a moment, I'm gonna give you a suggestion of persuasion, suggestion that so powerful. It could completely end racism spreading claim, isn't it? Let me tell you the story. Buffalo teenager eighteen years old who is african American, which is important to the story after Buffalo was hit by the looting guess who is colossal over the streets. And those eighteen year old gentleman decides
Just as own ground, with a broom and start sweeping the streets, they spend ten hours cleaning the street by himself just one guy by himself and a broom cleaning the street. What do you think happened? Have you ever heard of the power of reciprocity? I talk about this in its document and rights in the book influenced by Chill Dini. So it's been studied. This is not some new hp candidates. Let's, let's all get along kind of thing, it's studied and scientifically true that if you just give somebody something and ask nothing in return, the odds of them being flexible with you in the future and wanting to work with you and do good things for you that you didn't ask for goes through the roof.
Now I dont know the reciprocity works everywhere. All the same, there could be a cultural element to it, but I can tell you, as your representative white person, that. And again I assume it works with everybody. But I can only speak to the group that I have the most information about. Among white people reciprocity is like a friggin nuclear weapon. We cannot ignore it. We can't, if you do something good for me. I just gotta return the favor. I got two and I'll be and if I could have found a way to do it right away, it won't bother. For years years. Literally, a bother me for years. If I can't pay back a kindness. So what happened to the eighteen year old, african american Guy, who just so ass in the streets and said you now would be a better world. If I just swept up this glass.
Spent ten hours doing if you ve ever swept for ten hours, because I have not ten hours left swept for hours and it's hard after the first few hours. Here's what happened! One gentlemen gave him a car. I think a Mustang is a classic. One was a few years old cars because each active social media, I gave him the car and found that he said he was saving up to get a car, so somebody just gave him a Mustang. Now, here's the fun part of the story is late. Mother had. The same car, and so it wasn't just a car. It was like really meaningful programming, the simulation kind of a car of all.
I in the world, he was given as a gift the car that had the most meaning. That was it. He gets a car and then somebody years our story, and they say what physical without car insurance, so somebody bottom insurance. So we made a brand new, not a brand new as a use, both a classic Mustang, maybe better than a new car, depending on what kind of cars like and then somebody papers, college education. They give my car car insurance and they paid for college because he spend ten hours sweeping the streets and asking for nothing. My cat is visiting if you see a tale go by
He asked for nothing and it got a car car insurance and a free education. Now, how often does this work. Well, it doesn't work like that too often, like you're, not gonna, get a card college education just for helping people out, but the concept of reciprocity will work every what our way people doing to try to me. The world better you watching the protests, the white people are watching the feed, a black lives matter, people and and the leaders of black churches. Why are they doing it?. Well, who knows he carefully see in their minds?
It is a recipe for us the play, because if you're watching that in your black will say your black leader in some way, people said, can we wash your feet on camera? You said yes, and it happened. How do you feel do you say suckers use suckers that change nothing. You might try to feel that way. You might try to feel like these stupid white people. They don't know that this doesn't work but sure or humiliate them I'll, let them wash my feet. I don't know what you're thinking intellectually, but got tell you. It probably worked because reciprocity doesn't ever not work, it works every time. So should if it's the the black lives matter, people wanted equality
There is a way for laying highway with no traffic together, it's called reciprocity, but Couldn't you use a reciprocity strategy if you were was say still suffering in your opinion, from the effects of slavery it. If you still felt oppressed today,. It was the the legacy of slavery, and you know all this all the bad you, Jim Crow laws and everything in history if that's. What's on your mind, and that's all defining a worldview, How in the world, could you ever use reciprocity as a tool? It just doesn't feel like giving something. Is there solution when the problem is people talk too much right
you. The slavery is somebody taking too much from much your easier, very liberty here life here, your safety, everything slavery is taking Everything from you, so how do you get from that mindset, something that still rippling through history, how they give him that mindset to the most productive and reliable persuasion technique in the world reciprocity? Well, I would look at an eighteen year old, Buffalo team, who did that He actually did that he was born into the same world. You're born into slavery is still a historical fact in his world right this eighteen year old was not born into a world where slavery had never happened. Nope, he was not into a world where a black people are treated in exactly the same as white people nope. He wasn't born into the world
wasn't born into a world where everything's, fair nope- born into a world where racism doesn't exist. Nope. He had every obstacle in the world against him every obstacle in the world against him and he fixed it with a broom, a broom. He changed his life with a broom
in ten hours and if you had asked me at a time scale, do think this is a good idea. Will this work, I would have said now, we will work, could change life might even changed the world. I doubt it because I you know I don't just healthy- is realistic to find too many people that have as much on the ball as eighty year old ass this eighteen year old is just operating at a different level. If, if this guy doesn't run, her office Sunday. It would be a crime, because this is this is the guy. You need to be in charge. I vote for this guy he's. Years old- and I already has my vote for President Frankly-. So you see what else come down the road
by them and his vice presidential pick. Some smart people are saying its narrow down to Elizabeth, worn or Kamel Harris. So I did a little twitter pole to find out how you thought about it, and a Harris was the winner of the unscientific twitter bowl with almost seventy percent of the vote. So it's sort of a two two one left side, so two hundred and twenty one of probably mostly pro trump people who voted in my unscientific twitter poll, two thousand two hundred and fourteen Harris was the straw. Candidate, stronger meaning the one that would help by most. I grew that completely some people complain,
said no no way because calmly Harris was a prosecutor and she is more associated with putting black people in jail than she is associated with defending the place, which is the popular thing for Democrats, but I would argue, this, then if your Democrats and you worried about scaring Republicans with too much of the defined the police stuff and I think, binds not gonna go fully, he might flirt with defending the police, but he's not envy and eliminate the police guy. I don't think I think I Harris's actually perfect for that, because she's straddles she said both worlds like nobody else. You can think of you want somebody. Who's got one foot in the world of the police, the same law enforcement world
does? But you also want the other foot to be with the protesters with black lives matter, clearly progressive somebody who can see both sides how many people have that she actually is exactly the right person she's, not even approximately the right person. She is exactly the right person. Could you want somebody who can see Bolsa?
you're not gonna, get to the end without a few leaders. Who can do that now? I don't. I don't think she is necessarily the unifying leader that we need, but she has what you did for vice president. I think it's a slender I so we could be surprised by some candidates. We didn't know of. We just was even more perfect, but at this point I say at least fifty percent chance. It's camel hair us, but I would say it there's a hundred percent chance. It's not Elizabeth warm, so there could be some still surprises. I checked my my predicted bets so where I gotta, though the dairy market actually done stuff. Now all my best, sir, are many months old. So there's nothing that I bet recently. Everything is: twenty nineteen, maybe early twenty twenty and our money.
So there's nothing new and I've got six bets. All six of them are right, except that only four of them. I think Here's why I say there all correct bats. Only three or four of them are going to pay. One of my best was they come layers would get the top ticket nomination. That will not happen because Biden already got it, but we also agree that if she's the vice presidential pick it will be like she's. The presidential candidate Sancho lose my bed unprotected, because they're gonna be technical about that. They they tell you in advance what the standard isn't it wouldn't meet our standards. So we will lose the bet at the same time that I wonder that so I think it was either six ounces
might have been five and six. So one of the best one is that the nominee would be over. Seventy so does Biden. One of the ones I one is that we lost the battle that we Democrats word nominate a woman. But again you ve come layers, as vice president and people see harassment, the ticket I kind of one the bat, even though I have to pay out about and lucid so anyway, I think think garrison. Gonna give birth they're all I got for now just checking the make so here's something I tweeted. Yes, where this pin for one. And even an Coulter like that
So I got over eleven thousand retreats now in given the size of my twitter following a really good viral tweet for me would be about fifteen hundred retreats. So this is approximately its approaching ten times it probably will get to ten times more than my a good normal viral. Tweet, so that means that this is hitting accord with people way way beyond normal tweets, and here is what is missing so I said I can't respect a protest. I do. I always respect the people, of course, but you can disrespect activities. I care respect a protest as these qualities number one, no specific suggestions on what to change Defending the places into specific data is not allowed into the debate, because it's not. You're not really allowed to look at the data right,
sending opinions, no matter how respectful and well meaning are not allowed to, you could not have a dissenting opinion, even if your respectful and even if your data is on your side and even if your well meaning not allowed and number for the protests as a low regard for public safety, and I think that's true. So I don't know, I don't know how to participate. In a debate in which you can't talk about the data, you can have a different opinion. There is no real suggestions and they're not having the concerned with public well being
What's that part of the reason that I think the protesters so big and that again nobody seems to want to say this out loud, but I will it's because the weather is good and there are no alternatives for something to do. Imagine if this was just a regular summer and people had their summer vacations planned kids were going to camps and he now you're just busy busy running round, and you can go to clubs and bars. You could go out to restaurants here at the beach and you ve got all these other things. You can do how big with protests me now you like to believe they did the same size right because what's more important, goin to the beach or protesting to try to improve life than
reduce racism, so you're you're lost the logical mine says. While they ve been the same size skins is so important compared to going to the beach. Have you met people. If you ve got that money. Human beings, a lot of those people who would go to the beach they want to go into the beach doesn't mean that the that the issue is any less, certainly not saying that, and you say if you look at the size of the crowd, it's completely misleading because I just didn't have anything else to do. There was outdoors. You can live out, so I think we're being food not only by selective images on our tv, we're being fooled because were we ignore the alternatives? The alternative is to do something else, and it didn't exist. It's a perfect! I for a protest, weathers good.
Nothing else to do. I don't even think to protest, would be this big. If there were an August doesn't be too hot mean that alone will be a factor. You just described Florida. Do you think, it'll matter that people are saying that democratic mayors all failed did? Do you think that that's gonna mattered? Anything I will show you won't. I really do I love to see some kind of a city will say: consultants like Bain consultants or people like that. I'd love to see them put together. A city rescue service society contracted service. And he would say to some big consulting company Mackenzie. Just me. Oh somebody, who's got a lot of smart people, a say.
You have an election in our city and if we, if we choose this by referendum, then you're gonna come in for two years and two years as IRAN here, but two years will bring in professional consultants who have a package of yeah they figured out how to do things, what works and what doesn't and they'll come in, and villages to implement. These changes will run for two years and then the consultants will have to leave no matter how well they do other. They don't live here. They're, not elected gotta, leave after two years and then we'll try to show positions with regular elected people to keep the momentum going. Do you think anybody would use it? Would anybody use a city rescue service, let it be like a government and a box, a cam to government the just comes in for two years and then they have to live.
You know what no two ways about it. I wouldn't worry about no consultants taking over a city and staying. I don't feel like that's a big risk. I feel like they'd, want to make their money and move to another city Yeah and maybe you appoint a city manager to implement things, but that manager would be more of an implementing anyway. Pork is a problem that is correct. Then I think that the professional consultants would be. Susceptible to the park cuz, they would be highly paid on day one they wouldn't have to take bribes cuz. They have good job all right. That's all for now, and I will talk to you later- have a great day.
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