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Episode 1024 Scott Adams: Let’s Get Me Cancelled Today

2020-06-11 | 🔗

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  • Seattle Autonomous Zone…why not?
  • Reparations
  • Living your life like a video game quest
  • Whiteboard: Systemic Racism
  • Pygmalion Effect and IQ
  • It’s insulting, racist and bullying to say “white privilege”

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Bob Bob Bob, both above hey everybody, come on in style. Frequently was got Adams. We're gonna, get me careful today. If I don't get careful today, what this is a very careful in day you'll find out. Why are what do we need to start today to make it amazing? Well simultaneous. That would be my suggestion and all you need. Is a government gurgle ass, a dagger trousers Diana guaranteeing jogger flask of vessel of any kind. Fill it with irregular liquid, her eye, like coffee jointly there for the unparalleled pleasure. The doping.
The day. The thing that makes everything better, including practically cured corona virus ending. The protests is making racial division, smaller the economy, is zooming, It's the simultaneous up, go Have you noticed that most of our problems are solved sure virus under control? It was a under control. I just mean that our hospital systems etc. Look like they're going to be able to handle it. It looks like all of our industries have figured out a way to adapt. Looks like things are coming back colonies coming back and the protests of well down. Haven't they were there any protest last night? Can anybody tell me because.
I started I stopped watch removes a little bit because it was just nonstop bad news without any nothing new to now who just the same news and was resolved more bad stuff and what what was happening so what's going on with the protests, one theory is that the The leaders are being rounded up and shut down, so it could be that law enforcement has found ways to push the right buttons do maybe TIM down on some of that could be it could be. Maybe let's talk about the Seattle Autonomous own. First of all, a lovely idea, formed an autonomous zone around my house. And I think all you need to do is just call yourself an autonomous own and suddenly, you know
laws, so I've the point of myself warlord of my own autonomous own, I dont know to call my autonomous zone. I was thinking of Scotland that taken gang. I have to do some thinking about that needs a little bit better branding. So I'm gonna make fun of these young autonomous zone because. It's a seattle, autonomous sound. I cannot make fun of it. We can. We agree, you can't give you can give a professional use. Seattle Autonomous Zone and then expect me to ignore it. That's not gonna happen, but let me say this at the same time: might be the way to move forward. In other words, not necessarily this autonomous. But the idea of testing some stuff.
You have all these people who are willing to live with each other. So they don't to live with us, really a problem, the people want to live their own way, it's a big country. Couldn't we let them tested, because I don't think they are bad intentions. In fact, we all point of the autonomous zone has good intentions. What we stop us from allowing people with good intentions. To form their own little experiments and unjust, Robin CLO Clo works. So I don't think this one. Is. It wasn't a well planned experiment because it happened, someone spontaneously completely spontaneously, so it would be a good test, but in General- and I don't think you should be taking over an existing.
For your experiment. But I would like to see what comes out of this, so I'd like to get some reporting about what's happening inside the autonomous zone. Now, probably a lot of you say funny tweet, where there is somebody in the autonomous, some teeth black lives matter person, I guess probably But a measure, but there are complaining that all of their food was eaten by the homeless. Now there is nothing funny about starvation. Alas, alas,
further. The Seattle autonomous Zone- and you are surprised if I know that there are people who are poorer than you and they ate all your food. Now I dont think anybody can starve to death because there's enough food and there's enough people who would like to give it to them, but I think there are a whole bunch of people. Who are going to have a little extra wokeness of the neck another week or two when they realize that all of the places that they get food Sorted depend on a lot of things. They don't want to exist, so the GSM surprises come. He is a little interesting factoid turns out the Biden is doing away worse than Clinton. Did it according to poles with e hispanic foot like way worse.
So? We went and had sixty one percent of the esoteric vote Whereas Biden is down to fifty eight to thirty three, so I was sixty one to twenty three, but tromp is ten points higher with Hispanics. Why is that? Well, I would say it probably is a combination of factors. One of those factors is probably that the the things that tromp was promising to do its clear he didn't do witches port fourteen million people. So if you lived in the United States- and you are afraid that candidate Trump when he was running the first time- was going to deport you, of course, you going to vote the other way or going to deport anybody that you have a special affinity for you to vote again.
But once you saw that that didn't happen, and it doesn't look like he's. Gonna happen, at least in terms of forty million people. Reported? Maybe that's often people nay said. Oh I get it. It's really just about securing the border can be a little bit of that, but I say it is also a lot of it is: is that the specific population likes law and order big, surprise, he's right- turns out everybody likes law and order, on average every every black relax law and order on average every why community likes law and order on average, every hispanic community likes law and order. Average, so it could be nothing more than the hispanic mean raising the protests and just saying- and I think this trend happened before the programme
so, if the protest had any impact, it would be just a little bit of the other and accelerate, but just speculating I I would also say that the energy seems to be dissipating a little bit from the protests and remember. I predicted that even if nothing changed in terms of solutions and nothing has changed right there, there's them nothing. This, like a solution, I don't think I said that the protests which is dissipated because the energy we just get used up- and I think that's happened now in addition or other factors, one is that maybe they think they made the boy. Maybe there may be some businesses of opened and some people gotta go back to work, so is probably a whole bunch of stuff they have alternatives, etc. But I knew a dissipate insured.
You ever worry that way. People are infantilism the black population, this country, by not being honest review, you Have you ever every rather feeling like yours, you doing a bad service to the black Americans in this country, because you're, not being you just not being honest, and I don't mean being a racist, that's not what I'm talking about. Let me just be honest about the topic. Race and racism in how do you feel about it and all that and of course, if you're, a white person in the United States, you don't have freedom of speech in the way that listening other people do. Basically every other person, if your white male, you have, though the smallest amount of freedom of speech in a practical sense in a legal sense. Of course, you have a hundred percent freedom of speech, better practical sensor things you can say, as
Adult white male, the almost everybody else, could say so. We don't have the same level of freedom of speech I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that so fat. So if, if you want me to come play and I'll do that separately, I'm just describing the situation and I think that's a great ass to the black population, because how can you? How can you forward? If you get talk about something, if you gave an actual conversation in which you could say all here my facts here, your facts was fat. Right, if you can't do that, how do you solvent and. And certainly there's nothing like others, conversation happening I was watching a little bit of opera last night on her o n o w and network and she was doing this look like I guess you dollar,
virtual round table on video. Was some various leaders, I think they're, all african american leaders in the United States, and they were their talk about the situation. And one of them said something that is so soak productive and it goes like this. Yeah but don't worry, wasn't in catches name, but he was an african american gentlemen who say that if your white, you benefited from slavery, meaning that the fruits of slave that you better say that by being you don't having a history of free people, even if you were slave owner. You, if your relatives were not slaveowners You still benefited from having freedom level time, but if you were black,
person whose history was in the United States, you started from the great disadvantage so that way, people have this natural sort of systemic advantage. A systemic racism purposes and that a sort of a permanent advantage. But then he made this point that I dont think he knows how the sounds. Because you know- sometimes you say things in the cells one way when it's in your head, but without somebody receives it, because their experiences different ways received ass like ass, not the way, I meant it the way you received it. That's what happened error- because he said that if you were a white person who was poor, you still, you still owed black people because-
the people in your line, who came before we, maybe even every that people people lived and died before you were born your grandparents, grandparents, etc that because those people could have taken advantage of their freedom and made money, but that other people's relatives came through slavery and they didn't have the option of taking advantage of it because in reality that even the products of let's say, unsuccessful grandparents. If your white You still owe something to the black population today, because your parents, your great great grandparents, could have taken advantage of it and made money, but they didn't. So that was so: they when you were born even Hamley money, so they didn't, but they could have, and so therefore, that you, a poor white american you.
Some money to rich and poor black Americans alike. Because of how much. Your grandparents, grandparents demand? them back, but rather could have taken advantage of the Freedom but Jim. What what what You'Re- is your was a reaction to that emotionally What does your reaction to that? If you are in the category of a white adults who did. Was not born with wealth which, by most of you, I promise most people were born with wealth. I was. Ordered to a lower lower income, family. Now. What does your, but what's your emotional reaction to that When you hear here. Somebody was a leader in the african american community. I think otherwise you wouldn't have been operas.
So we must have a leader, said the EU as a poor white person O rich black people, some money, because your great great grandparents didn't work hard enough and take advantage of things is not is not their fault. It's not black people's fault. The! U Gregg here and parents did succeed, then opportunity. They were free, and so they also money the poor Blackfeet, but the poor white people by this reasoning- would also money to successful enrich black people, because They didn't have that opportunity. What do you say that about fuck you about just fuck you completely about fuck you from head to toe about fuck you every The of your fucking Bobby about fuck you're a whole every particle of your being about fuck. You before you were born
And after your dad about fuck, you completely that's what I feel My reaction now does it help? Does it help that a black leader infuriated me. By making me seem as though it it's my fault that my grandparents didn't work hard enough. First of all as racist. Obviously, but Let's talk about this matter let's not, where reparations I told you, I was really a careful today. So most will go for european stock about reparation I think you would agree with the following statement. Nobody alive who could be objective right.
Like, if you said all right, we ve all agree that we should calculate some reparations for slavery. How did you calculated. Well, if you, if you hire a bunch of white people to calculate it, you're going to say while they're not going to do it right there biased. If you hired a bunch of black people to calculate it, the white people say they're, biased,. They're not going to do all right. If you heard somebody wasn't involve you still, wouldn't trust them. So care. Finally, any human beings on earth who could do the calculation because it is a ton of subjective so you couldn't really higher anybody to do it in a way that everybody would say. I yeah that's, let's credible, so as as I thought, experiment. Imagine that an advanced alien species was discovered, and one of their characteristics as they don't have any bias. This is a weird alien from another planet, and
we meet them, we interact enough and we realized they just don't have any bias, so we say: can you do us a solid favour, we'd like to calculate reparations, but just look at its world biased? We can't do it can. Can you with your complete lack of bias as a space, alien calculate the reparations Forest, and just tell one? It is because we can't do this with all of our bias and so the aliens to their sakes. Ok, just the raw data will calculators form. So So you say I. What do you need the air space aliases our ears and you need the the average income of black Americans and he say and that you say it will also get you. The average income of White Americans say have a comparison, and that would tell you where the gap is. And the space l you would say. Why would I do that?
you say well, that's why you compare your comparing how black Americans have done since slavery compare that the average you know. Maybe economic output of weight, Americans and the who were there, the oppressors or the decision So the oppressors and the space, I believe we would say that doesn't make sense. It's not even direct comparison and you'd say that's the whole point That's what we're looking at that's the whole point, the alien would say: yeah, that's the whole point. The point is that even airports. I get that But that's not what you asked me. You asked me to calculate the reparation sport, The reparations is a different comparison. If I'm going to calculate the save ii.
The the theft from the black community. If you were to measure the theft stages the slavery was another. Was you you stole the productive part of their lives and, and you used it for yourself, so you? here's the number I need I need I was average economic situation for the average black person in this country and then to compare it? I wanna compared to the average life of a black Africa, you say what they space Alien says: yeah, that's the comparison, you want to compare what would happen to the average black person if they had stayed
I'm molested in Africa and there has never been a slave trade cassettes. That's why you comparing to cause if, yes, the people who were brought to America asleep, Then their descendants are doing much worse than if they had never been brought with slavery. Then that's the amount of reparations, that's how much they lost. All the money they wouldn't made of those state of Africa? You not problems right. They were now there were no money to wipe it. So the. The space alien, if he could do the calculation without bias would save the proper comparison is what would have happened, if this crime of slavery and never occur surfing. Occurred, people would have stayed in Africa. Had happy lives in Africa.
And they would have answered lifestyle. Compare that to what one it is now an that's your difference of Iraq. No, I'm just saying that if you were good at comparing things, that's the comparison you'd make now Obviously you reckon making a policy based on that comparison, because nobody could accept that comparison right. I guess so. So this is exactly the sort of conversation you can't have without getting cancelled. Somebody in commerce essay up your cancelled. Exactly what do you do? You think? That's cancellation city, I'm just getting started! You wanna carefully, whether an export I haven't gotten to the good part.
There's a question for you: how long should I waited Do something first before you cancel, I'm gonna do some other suffers. Have you seen using the news? A bunch of allegedly racist statues are being toppled. I guess a statue of Christopher Columbus was toppled and some other statues or topple because they have their statues. Basically, two races Columbus was a gigantic racist. It before you cancelled, I just work for full context: women, I'm fully and fully in favour of giving those statues. Why, in the world in the world. Would you have racist statues? It just doesn't make sense. I get I get that its historical, but so is Hitler Hitler
historical. Does. Germany have a lot of Hitler statues? I'm completely with the black community completely with the protesters who want to get rid of the statues now. Do it differently, I'd probably move them to museums, something that I would handle it differently. I don't think and destroy them physically or maybe I put a plaque say this guy was a racist, but we didn't wanna take down the statute as its history. I think the protesters have a point. I wouldn't him with the weather, helium here's a question for you. There is a new kind of discrimination that just started. I love you ve experienced, yet
So I am aware of one person who is a trump supporter who declined to hire a black person recently, not because they were prejudice, Sosa troubles reporter who is not a raises? Who declined to hire a black person, for a job recently, just something I heard about personally, and the reason it was. This wasn't racism. It was the fear that the black person would be uncomfortable with them. In other words, there is a fear that the average black person in the United States would so dislike a trump supporter that, if you hired A black person- and you are known to be a charm supporter it would, it would be a problem for you so is like a whole brand new kind of racism they got created because the old time was
I don't want to hire somebody cause, I don't think they can do the job. What that was a little bit part of this decision? There was an part of this the said can't do the job. We're just wasn't part of thinking. It was purely that the that the attitudes of the public have been so whipped up at the moment that it was somebody you didn't want to take the chance of spending. Time was somebody you, my hate them might actually is, I think there were racist. Imagine it is like a whole new brand think so and that's a real story of a black person who didn't get a job, not through no fault Through no fault of their own didn't get a job,
I didn't see that cover that's a whole new form of racism. So that's no good. I cannot wait for that, whatever the soon to figure out that they need systems to eat. And I knows nothing that is a job. It does seem to me that this autonomous. We should let it run that I mean that seriously. Let it run until Everybody involved with it has a very solid idea of what worked in London. Didn't work. Because I got a feeling- there's a whole bunch of people- somebody said this online and this little little velvet off Angelo holds a whole? Imagine a whole category of people who grew up with video games like fortnight. What do all video games having common, not really early softening?
finally, what do a lot of popular video games have in common. They have common the idea of fighting people Until you control territory right, Lot of video games are about your clear in space controlling terror So you have all these people who grew up in the video made who just great auto this autonomous own. Essentially like a video game, they they just there. The real life like a video? You know they picked up, things will take it use on the street like rocks and they got energy. People who would bring them water and food, and so they played it like a quest in which they were trying to do somebody's. Today, let's was only also in and then it became a proper videogame. But what
the thing that all video games haven't common they're, not they're, not true to life. Meaning that in a video game, nobody has to go to the bathroom you came, nobody has a bathroom the only to eat or sleep. So the basics of life. There are now coming there. They are confronted with, maybe for the first time in the least in this form there being confronted with the fact that these repressive systems, that's what the ones they want to tear down then. Don't tear down so easily because the? U turn down you end up with whatever is going to happen in the autism in the autonomous one calling on ozone cassettes Cardio Lucia around here. I was gonna forecast Vision ready. So I tweeted this yesterday and I was
in provocative, but for a good purpose, because I'd really like to understand this. And I do this- what is the right amount of time to wait for an example? The key word here is an example of systemic racism before discarding it as an illusion. Pretty provocative goes just Even bring up the even the notion, possible the systemic racism. Based on an illusion is pretty races soundly, isn't it pretty provocative But I'm not saying it doesn't exist, I'm saying the opposite is this is a call for examples, because We have this weird situation in which part of the country seems to have this very solid idea of this thing called systemic racism at least half of the country. I don't know the actual percentages. Bull is just say, happened there from conversation
another half of the country does not have any What that means, I mean legitimately not being difficult. Not being argumentative. They literally actually genuine they don't know what it means and so the this problem in the country, if you're, just looking at the news headlines in the protests and stuff and the racial division is etc. Where the biggest issues in the country and the at least a solid half of us and I'm in this half we're looking at it say, I'd like to fix that What are whatever it is. It's making half of the countries are not I'd like to fix that. If I can understand your position, I'm just a fixed like to fix anything's broken. If I can fix some, for you, let me fix, but I don't know it is. And so I asked this question: to try to provoke people to do a better job of explaining it.
Because one possibility is that this is not being communicated well right, So it would be this really gigantic problem as a little been invisible to some people in the public and more of a little bit of invisible to me so they if they communicate better, especially with examples that I can get on board. That is a ok. Ok, I didn't get that. We know what these three or four examples. This will help me recognize it on my own, You ve, given me for good examples. Now I'll be able to see a new one just cause. I have that pattern in my hand. Ok, here's a new situation, but now I recognise and thus also systemic but at the moment I have no idea what it is like a week randomly said all give it away. So when one day. I want to tell you how people have done in explaining to me what systemic racism is. Should we go to the Windward Islands
we must put the ironic waiver. Here's what I have learned so far about what the visually answers you get when he asked what is systemic racism People like to give you an analogy, and they say let me explain why systemic racism in this country is here's an analogy, and then I say, stop stop Why are you giving me an analogy? Is stomach racism. Its everywhere give me an example just point to so years. Here's some right here Why are you giving me an analogy for something? That's, a widespread is everywhere. Can't you just look at it and say earnest your disk up. There is a problem, example is happening in your life right now you just blind to a casino way privilege I just one example:
If somebody gives you an analogy instead of an example, does if you think that they know what it is, because it makes me think they dont know what it is Otherwise they would say here does look right here, not an analogy. The other thing they do is give you and the example well back in two hundred years ago and all say, ok, but are we talking about that? I get the point that there is a ripple effect through history, so we're on the same page with the the ripple effect from slavery to the present. But if you're talking about historical examples, why why? Are you talking about historical examples of it? Because the problem is now right is if its wider, and it's everywhere give me an example. This happening right now, so
anybody gives you an analogy. Oranges and historical example. Makes me think they don't know what it is or that it doesn't really exist because those not the ways. You would answer a question about something that is pervasive. And everywhere and always present. You also see people make assumptions then IQ test. You see references to original sin, which is reference to slavery as being the original sin, and that This original sin has sort of pervaded into the present. To which I say: ok, I buy that concept. I buy the concept that slavery was a gigantic sin. If you want to call the original sin, the big sin them, I'm, ok, we'll all that
as big as soon as you can get, and I also agree that as a ripple through history, so now show me an example: But this is another example. This is again another call to history. The other is that you get him and most commonly, and I think everyone have you seen this right. The word salad. There's some kind of the long paragraph as an answer to show me some. You show me the example of these systemic racism. You get apparent, graph with large words and jargon in it, and you read it you'll say I don't even know what that means right now. What if I told you is go When you see a word salad answer to something, it always means the same thing. Is you seeing from different people
If one person always gave you a word, salad answered basically a bunch of big jargon: words that don't mean anything you say others some role with a person, but if lots of people do what's it mean and their different everybody's word solid paragraph is different from next, but it's a widespread thing that happens. What's that cognitive dissonance, this world is cognitive, dissonance, is most easily identified by word silent when you win, traps, somebody in their argument to the point where it is clear that they have lost the argument and there's nothing there. There were still respond because people don't like to give up, but the risk I won't make any sense, even their sentences and but they'll think they did. That's a big telephone calls this is what you get is a laundry list of what I call ordinary racism now.
They ordinary. I dont mean it's not bad. I mean it's a common code, common common racism would be you, you try to get an apartment and you turned out for being black just raised. I don't think that's systemic risk That's just racism, you go in to get a job and your employer doesn't give you the job, because your black, that's that's systemic racism. Is it. Feels like just regular racism. I didn't need another were so This is another issue, get you some examples of ordinary racism, which is not even the same topic, because we know what ordinary racism, as the question is, what the systemic
and then there's another category, which is bad statistics. For example, somebody will say well, look at the number of black people were killed by police there. It is just look at my statistics and then I say that's actually just bad statistics. We don't need to get into that. You already know that if you will hear the number stopped by police more more why people are killed now. There certainly is a statistical difference in outcomes, but There are also lots of poor way people, so If you're gonna say their systemic racism and as proven by the outcomes that that's a tough argument to make, what do I do about it change the outcomes. I think everybody wants better welcomes if we knew how to do it. So here's here's warrior. There are six days.
My seven day, a challenge to explain was systemic racism is or or the default after seven days will be able to assume this not real, and then it's it's a major. Population now, with this, be the one thing that people are hallucinating bout now, if you following me for a while. You know that I think that just about everything in the public conversation is a hallucination. This isn't the one thing that would be the hallucination interest, common occurrence. Somebody says that crime and poverty are caused by low. Like you,
I was doing some reading on that and it turns out that the IQ story is actually not nearly as clean as you think you would be meaning we don't know what causes IQ in why anybody has in the end, we do know that it can be changed a great deal. So we know, for example, that I these have risen over time and that doesn't make any sense like. Why would I accuse be higher than they were two hundred years ago? Does make sense? Because that, but they are, and we also know that you, if you take somebody from one group who has traditionally low I q and are adopted by somebody who s traditionally high iq, adopted young enough. Those kids have iqs. So there's this big body of work, this is I use or are so influenced by also by expectations I ve ever heard of
What's it called the Pygmalion effect, the pig malian effect which is there I guess the experiment. Was they two kids randomly said some of them were gifted so kids, who are not necessarily gifted we're just told they were so their teachers at all. Well, we ve done if as a extra smart person and then made the measure their task force at the end of the year and all the people who were told there were smart got better grades. So it works really well with kids, it's a hypnosis track. Actually the people become what they expect to become. The! U you manage your life to their thing, you think is true. So if you're simply to tell people you you're going to be great mother, for example, from my youngest age, told me that I was unusually smart and then
I would be unusually successful from four years old, probably add to that effect. They probably Probably because somebody tells you you're, smart enough, you'll start acting like a small person, does you'll say. Well, I guess I'd go to college. I guess I do a job that being smart makes a difference, so you can very much be programme. By other people, anywhere environment, so the whole, so the whole iq and poverty question is really complicated, but one of the things that we can't pick out of that, apparently I just looked at some of the sum of the studies. Yesterday. One of the things you can't sort out is a genetic component, and
Is there an interesting? You think that that would be the most obvious thing that you can sort out, but when you start really digging into the details of a disorder disappears now doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Just means is identified, so that's different. So let me summarizes again: I'm not saying that systemic racism doesn't exist. So if you hear that that's the wrong message, I'm saying as clearly as possible, I hope so we can explain it to me in the next week. Because if I can't nobody can explain to me without using one of these things, which is not an explanation or even clothes, I'm just looking, for example, is it
and get examples, and I only get these things at the other seven days. I will conclude that it is a hallucination, meaning that it's a common, believes that justice and true, in a way that you can do something about it. Now, I think the EU. It is certainly true that there are differences in outcomes. Their differences and help people are treated, they're all kinds of differences, and you could easily make you case that that's what you're talking about. But if that's what it is. Let me. But I don't know which of these things can be fixed. If you don't have an example, yeah I hears my last cancel ballpoint. I think they should remain pretty well you a lot about white privilege and What do you think that I am a big believer in? Is that each group,
be they women, be they black, be they white, be the Asian, be they whatever whatever group here in either every group does the right or should have the right to say that I have a constitutional right, but it seems Proper and good and good for the world is the standard could apply to everybody and the standard is this: if there are particular words or phrases that you find offensive. Or a category of people. You should be able to point that out and discourage people from using those words. Obviously the inward Now there was a time when I was young, very young, I would say to myself: ok, I get why we should use the word its insulting its offensive, but who can only what words to use I'm a free person in a free country.
I should be able to use any word I want. I want to use that word. I find the defensive do, but I should have the right and you know that serve a young person. This argument. As you get a little more. Worldly and you understand how things work a little bit better, you become a little will say less rigid, And you say to yourself: I get it. The whole point is the live happily among each other. That's that's the big picture. The big picture is now some technical right. You have in the constitution that doesn't mean anything to you, the right to use one specific word big deal. Yes. I do not have actual freedom to use. That one word does that affect my life. Now it does not leave in the slightest bit. So if you want, if the goal is to just live together and not be, if you ve got a word that offend you are unaware. Use that word.
Certainly like to know, I would like you to tell me what that word is. So black people very clear on this point very consistently and word it's off the table unless you're a member of the community coal or that a hundred percent cool But I like their standards, applied everybody now, of course, if you, if you're jewish, if you're is manic, you ever he's got to the word or words. They are not these words. You can these words, but please just just understand how I feel when you use these other civilians, we call for that now. I would like to extend that thought praise white privilege. I I think he's racist and bullying.
I do understand the other people dont, think that I also don't care that other people have a different opinion of what the word means or house, My point is that this is my category may white person in America, so This is just a phrase that I find deeply offensive and here's why you say why privilege you're telling me I didn't work what I got. Now. Is that what you mean? Do you intend to save them? maybe a little bit, maybe not, I don't care. I don't care what you intended possess, no part of it right would would if you are blocked, Would you care than a white person have good intentions when they use the inward? No, you don't care about their intentions. You just don't want the word to be
used just wanted in the atmosphere, totally call makes perfect sense to me, I'm with you a hundred percent and I ask you in return black americans- Don't use the word white privilege election? you want me to like you less, because that's what it does it makes me feel bullied. It makes me feel. Respected and it makes any accomplishments that I might have seemed diminished. I was born without the benefits of wealth or connections, and my parents didn't go to college. Both them fail, degrading and high school.
My impression of my life is that I worked for what I got and I worked very hard. I worked pretty much. I work, seventies, weak and always have most of my life. I'd say: I've worked seven days a week and I did it because I wanted to build something make something accomplish something when anybody tells me that white privilege is any part of my experience. I feel Boyd, I feel diminished. I feel insulted ever want to hear it again. So it's the w word so I will completely respect any other groups answers for what words to use the pronoun stuff is a little. You know that the pronoun stuff, I think this is
category and I don't even have an opinion on that. I just don't care one where another, while I know, Let me throw their lunatics lobby beacon system. But where pronoun preference I'm happy to use. I've never had a problem with a law and now it is, it is a problem if somebody accidently uses the wrong when they get in trouble. I don't like that. I don't want anybody to get in trouble for accidently using their own programme, but if somebody s preference, call me him or her. I don't care. Why would again I'm happy to in a social world I'm happy to give people what they want? The next unhappy I would be incomplete. The slightest. This is where I disagree with. Well, not sure I do disagree because
If it became a legal requirement, if you're gonna jail for it or something or lose your job, I don't agree with that and the pronoun stuff. But I do. I do agree that to be a good person, somebody s preference when I use. All right, more wages ring round the term way privilege somebody says in the comments as well as more in terms of you might be hearing a more on tv yeah just as or more white people. So so I don't doubt that more way, people are using way privilege Somebody says you also have educational privilege I do, but I had to work pretty hard to get. It saves spaces so by giving it the council today. What do you think
We'll say so. This is why I started the locals account. You can see, there's all these topics, that there are things that you can say on Twitter, SAM periscope another's another level that you just say this to stuff. You can't talk honestly about the game not with any bad intentions, not because you're raises another. That is their whole categories. The issues is not allowed to talk about Bubu. Wiser now, after me Y know, affirmative action in sport. I wonder about that. If, if you're Asian American D ever look at
We can be a and say you now not enough asian workings playing in the NBA either. Why some wires something's, fair and something that I think the US would be, there's nothing stopping them. They have all the year. Nobody is nobody's discriminating against anybody. Asian American in the NBA, everybody has the same trial. So I guess I would be fair Uplifting positive vibes, if I gave you any probably didn't, but maybe Unita. I think you need some uplifting positive vibes. While your son look are we just did
As the World Bank, as well as the United States, for those of you who are Americans, watches, look what we just did we just. We just beat the crowded virus, which doesn't mean it's over lots. More people die, but we did beat it in terms of it destroying civilization. It's not gonna destroy legislation is just not, we will take losses? We were more for our losses, but we beat the corona virus we beat. It is one of the biggest challenges of
of modern civilization, which was beat it. We should be the hell out about the economy. Are we coming back we'll come back? We're gonna come back harder because we shook the box, and now we have all these new opportunities come out because we're looking at things differently in the things we can do that we can do regulations that will be cotton things Lee things will just be more flexible, About that about this, all the protests and the conversations about race, we kind of needed to do this. Didn't we do you think, as that is the economic devastation, is as bad as the retail destruction. All the innocent people,
As things we, I dont minimize that these are genuine tragedies, but sometimes you just have to get things out of your system. Nokia, sometimes you just need to scream at the sky. Sometimes you data punch a wall. Sometimes you need to break something again. Not justifying any destruction- and you say, is human nature, When you're here enjoy your emotions. We some level you gonna come out in some form or another, either good or bad. I feel as though they just need to come out. I think I just needed to move out of the shadows and get the light alone it, and that is the only thing that comes out of this- is that everybody involved in conversation get smarter about it.
When that big it imagine if just the only thing they came out of this is everybody got smarter, nor the words you learned was the stomach. Racism is still waiting for that lesson, but let's say we get that that will be pretty get suppose we learn what the real statistics before police killings? Suppose we all learned the same statistics, because right now we think we're on different pages disposal. Came together and said. Ah, ok, those are the statistics we should look at. That would be a big deal, a really big deal if we could just agree on the statistics and we're locked closer to that than we ever happen, simple
because it's the conversation now, you know what it's not the main topic in the news you can, you feel, hid it with your two men in appearance of abundant goes way, and you never have to talk about it again. Another two minutes later from another pundit, you can kind of it. You can just sort of ignore all the the racial problems, if you just getting it in two minutes, hits every few days, but when it becomes the major theme of the country where you cannot ignore it, should we ignore it. I don't think so. Obviously is a big problem in at least in the mind and experience of lots of american selection that should bother. You issued bother you that bothers other people. If, if you don't get that you have not brought into society, we are social creatures issued bother. You.
Than other people are bothered, even if you think they shouldn't be bothered issues still bother you that they are bothered. You should care about that. You should do something about if you can rise lesson produce. Good news is that, where the conversation about race, I think is going to be- aid to a level we ve never seen before, and it might might include some honesty that we haven't dealt with before, and let me let me give you the ultimate November to say so tomorrow you have all racism and how the left and the right can come together. They'll be away, poured lesson for tomorrow and that's all
for to day. I hope somebody will explain to me. Systemic racism does actually do well understand it's not like a strategy or something is not a rhetorical strategy. I actually want to know general only completely. I want to know what it is. I want to know examples like to be a little spot. It myself. When I see it can't do yet. Let's move there, we'll take it from there and I'll see you tomorrow
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