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Episode 1025 Scott Adams: Why the Protests are a Huge Success, How to Solve Racism

2020-06-12 | 🔗

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  • “White privilege” is a highly offensive phrase
  • Some things President Trump could say or try
  • Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell’s economy comments
  • What are the political leanings of Derek Chauvin?
  • Whiteboard1: Some Good News
  • Whiteboard2: Solutions

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bombs, everybody the have. You been feeling a little bit tense lily are you feeling that your world is spinning apart? Well, why do you come to the right place at the right time. Because I'm going to tell you how everything is way better than you think, it is way way better going to tell you about how everything is going to work out. Fine the well and I'm going to tell you how the country is going to come out stronger fairly quickly, but first we got to get ready, got to get ready for all the and one way to do it is with a simultaneous. Yes
and all you need is a copper bugger glass, a tanker trousers, Diana Canteen, juggler, flask of vessel of any fellow with favour liquid. Coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the doping: we have of the day the thing that makes every better from the pandemic to the company to racism. You name it It's getting better, as we said, simultaneous September that you now go yes, yes,. So we started out with a few little items here on Twitter. I was just teasing thee teasing this periscope. And if you wondered why I say you know where to find me instead of providing a does anybody know I do that
on twitter, when I tell people that I'm gonna be on periscope, I dont tell them where to find me. I just say you know where to find me and if you look at the carbon speakers I work. Do I find you or do I find you now? This, of course, is a persuasions lash marketing technique, because I'm trying to make people think that Turkey is some exclusivity about it. And there is there is a real because if you don't know where to find me, he can find me it's not thou art. All they have to do. Is Google it or ass. Somebody on twitter, but I like, a little bit hard. So I intentionally don't tell people out and find me and make them work at a little bit Now, if you can make somebody work and a little bit, then they find you the odds feel like they want to continue watching. You are much higher, so that's a little marketing trick for you,
now that wouldn't work if you weren't already popular in some way, so you wouldn't you don't wanna, make it hard to find you if you're, not if you're not desirable To find right, so you have to have something about you that makes people curious and then, in some cases you could use that trick of acting like your ex little bit hard to find. I would like to continue pointing out for anybody who has never yet said the phrase wage privilege, is, in my opinion, an insult to white people and should be banned so That's my version of the inward While I am completely on board with not using offensive terms that any group finds it serve and they lay you know. I don't use that term totally on board that one hundred percent by why that's there's no joke if somebody is,
send by a certain Fraser words. Why world what I want to use them. What how they help me, there's there's nothing for me to insult people, for and I would like to request the same. The same respect. In my opinion, the phrase white privilege implies that somebody who succeeds and their white baby didn't deserve it, which is offensive, So I can't make anybody say anything of course, your freedom of speech. You can do anything you want. But in terms of information, I think you'd be helpful through people. Do there. When I hear the term way privilege, I would imagine this is common, but you can speak for yourselves. I don't speak for anybody else,
That way, privileges offensive term just completely offensive. Now, that's not to say there is something to it. Things can be true ever fences at the same time, would you agree? Would you agree that we're not argue whether its true because things can be true and offensive? There's nothing. There's no conflict there, There are five days left in my one week challenge for somebody to explain to me in a coherent way what systemic racism is with a current example. So, as the example part, that's the fun part I've had, as we went through this yesterday, people will give you analogies historical examples that don't apply like red lining things are currently illegal. They'll tell you that there later statistical differences will say in education.
Incarceration and those things are all true, but they don't seem to get toward systemic. As I understand the word, so we're still waiting for that at the end, the week while us here's what we ve learned already. So I cannot yet conclude that it doesn't exist that there is no such thing as system. Racism. In fact, I would assume just based on living, I would assume that there are examples of it and that those examples are perfectly clear and when presented to me, even I would say, being sceptical as I am that even I would say, I ask for a good example, but with you I see that, but I'm not getting it weirdly enough. I expected there's still five days left, swallowed expect. This would not be hard for years where we know for sure. So it is
they too soon to say anything like that systemic systemic racism doesn't exist, sunlight making. That claim way too early to say that. Because there's five days left in the test, what we can say with complete certainty, though, is that people don't agree wonders and theirs a common definition. Would you say that would you say that we can say with some certainty that the idea of some racism, separate The question of whether it exists at all assumed that was I'm waiting for better explanations. But we can conclude the people don't agree when it is. If you asked, for example, it'll be all over the board. Most of them will not something that somebody else would say. Well, that's not so systemic, that's just an example of somebody Vienna racist.
That leaves no there's no were debate on whether or not racism exists So we're so waiting on that so see. Other goes. Have you seen the theatres, new viral video going round about quota viruses, hydrochloric clean and vitamin c and layers and theres many of you have seen by now and in future an interview with one at least the part I saw was one very charismatic nurse I think she's a nurse based on the context. Now I say charismatic because that's a big part of what makes us video so viral, the the person who is doing the talking and being interviewed the person we assume as a nurse she's, not she's, not wearing their clothes.
I think there is a follow up to confirm she's a nurse anyway. She's saying, among other things were claim is that then to later misuse is killing people were primed to think that's true. She says I jocks chloric. We, I think whizzing basically works every time, meaning that in her in her experience, every person, who's gonna as lived that doesn't mean it's true. Right so very important doesn't mean is true, but there is a video of wonders saying that she seen lots and lots of people come through tissue The area with a girl, a virus- we don't know which hospital but court Thy drugs clerk works. Basically, every time in the narrow sense of keeping you from dying. That is now a clinical study,
here's what I would say about that. I don't find a credible gay and I think that you could easily be fooled by the because the the nurse in the video is being interviewed is insanely charismatic. As in you wonder why she's not working in the movie business. So, there's something a little too perfect about her in this context, she's just a little bit too good on camera. So so that bar makes me think Baby is getting more attention that it would just for the details, but secondly, I just don't see the statistical scientific weight behind. It is purely anecdotal, and it feels like it agrees too much with what a lot of people would want to hear
so here here's, my bottom line in this, I'm not gonna, say that any of it is wrong because I don't know you could be it we'll be there. Everything she says is completely accurate and actually she comes off is being shaken, off as being honest, which is different from being right, the gay, so my my human will say My my reading of her as a human being physician, sincere. And my reading of her as a human is that she is telling the truth ass. She understands so I think she's credible in that sense, but she is also not tell you. Scientific studies is anecdotal, so I would, I would just put this film.
I didn't and say I just don't trust any the scientific conclusions, especially when she talked about vitamin c. I just felt like. Maybe she had to a little bit further than her anecdotal experience would take her so just just be careful that one it's interesting and I would recommend it then you watch it. If you see it, but just have a little scepticism. Other. Over the past. What would trump do, or should we do in this current situation, You are the president. What would you do given all the protests and the temperature of the company country? Sarah how'd you handle it. Would you do a big speech. Bringing the world together. I think most people, if they think the president, should do anything they think he should do some guy. The big unifying
Here's my opinion of that. It will only make things worse. Should the president, Make a unifying speech kind has to write, The job of the president is sort of have to do that. If you don't do, if you don't even try, much repress them, so they presently has to make. More than one probably, and I think there is a plan for one coming some kind of a unifying speech, but I don't think there's any. She has that won't make things worse deal. Nothing, the president can say that won't just give his critics new new ammunition because- CNN doesn't need much what was the one they were doing today
So here's under the present said recently the sea and then found a criticism with so the presence of this quote we have to work together to confront bigotry. And prejudice wherever they appear so far, so good right. What could you complain about that work together, confront bigotry and prejudice wherever they appear, so far, but will make no progress and he'll know wounds by falsely Enabling the tens of millions of decent Americans as racist or bigots Trump set so see it pulls out and in criticizes him for saying that we should not be bigots, unprejudiced, that's what he said. Don't be a big it in any way, don't be a beginning. Its black people Don't be a big it against Republicans, just don't be a big it and see.
Cause. I know as a gigantic criticism of how Babby is for not from wording it right. Did he not word this right now? He did he wanted a perfectly cuz. He included everyone. You said no bigotry, no prejudice We should work together to get rid of it and by the way we should get rid of all, not just most of it, Scared of Oliver, including bigotry against Republicans, basically So is there any chance that if the president did a perfect speech that it would be regarded as a perfect speech now now, even this week. I think three or four times CNN is repeated the fine people hoax other Charlottesville, as if the President praised NEO Nazis, which didn't happen, the opposite happened. He condemned
So if you think that saying the right things can help, you haven't been paying attention, Saying the right things will help at all. It will make things worse now. Yes, do it anyway, because you know that you basically of too bad choices, say nothing. That's really bad say something. Still bad, but not as bad as saying nothing. So those are the choices that these more people are giving. The president two ways to lose. I don't think he likes so instead of two ways to lose about somebody else? How about instead of two ways lose. We give him a more productive path. Let me suggest this. Suppose the president came out, and you know he has to say all the right things about coming together. That won't work, but he has to say them.
But then I suppose he emphasized coming together and data interest in her has ever done that before. Has any leader said: look we can't do a thing until we agree on the data. So, let's agree on the data was put. Bunch of work into gathering as much data as we can about institutional systemic racism. Regular racism cops mistreating anybody. Every cop incident, let's get the let's get the earth this, the let's get the city. Let's let study. This thing and here's? Why that's important? I think if we agreed on the data The problem would go away. No no right away, but at least if he had the same data everybody would be on the same page. The problem is most of them.
Others in life almost all of our political problems through all because the data is bad, when I say that data is bad. I mean what I say. The did make a note simply said something Euro will get back to the date. It's bad for climate science, the data is bad for the economy. The date is bad for racism. The data is bad for who the police are stopping. Basically every big issue. The date is that right. You think of anything that Republicans and Democrats disagree, in which we also agree on the data. I don't know there might be one, maybe maybe abortion cuz, I think an abortion. We agree on the data, but then then people disagree on whether it's a good.
So? What I would say in general, if you look at the things that are most in the headlines recently, is because we can agree on the data, so the present make any headway by say. Look lesson. Start where the start where we all agree is anybody out there who doesn't think we need to better understand the data when it comes to. Raise your hand if you don't want better data. Nobody raises around see find at least this tiny little thing that you all agree of. We need better data, we should put it all in one place or a body could look at it will be on the same page, so it one thing president could do that. I don't think we'll get push back, study it and make sure that there are some real effort and muslim and money behind really understand the in. In all of its complexity.
There's one thing the president could do: he could say, as I've been saying right, This is problem. We should do everything we can do to reduce it. You have to say that everybody agrees with that, but. You have to also be realistic, where a certain type of people, we have pattern, recognition brains, you never really, gonna get rid of it, so you should, in addition to trying to step down or table down to the smallest thing, they never going to be zero, but you want to get a small, that's good, but in addition, there a tire liedenbrock collected area, which learning how to deal with it. Ideally you'd want to have none, but you can't get there. I mean, realistically, you can't really get there now all the way to know racism where humans just knock. It happened, but you can develop strategies that make it so irrelevant
you. Barely NOS one of the strategies, for example, is just having a better idea that it was saying young black person to know that corporate Amerika, what's style strategically. If you develop the skills stack that aimed toward a corporate job area, your odds of successor basically a hundred percent. So when you still have racism, probably in your daily life. Probably. But what is Stop your career nope your career would do great racism isn't going to stop your career. If you have the right strategy, if you have a talent stack that there weren't, so the president couldn't tell people to work on strategy and there's a lot that can be done there. He could also emphasise something: I'm gonna be talking about the minutes. A testing mother words
the president doesn't have to say this is a good idea, and this is a bad idea. The president can say we got a big country. Let's tests stuff, let's just see what works, who would We are opposed to testing something's small. Just try try a town with no, please just drive, so try, police, plus some other change cry, mostly police, believe also funded. Some other things just try some stuff whose, against that Oh, if all goes well beyond Tucker girls in tonight, if you She bore me, I guess there's been moved to cancel topper for all all the usual reasons that the left, his anybody,
and I guess we're getting some success in getting some of his advertisers too, to pull back so far. Fox news is backing and, as far as I know, now Either going on talkers show at the moment when he is the focus of the entire countries with the left, not an entire country, but the left's entire focus of cancellation is talker to go on. A show you simply do not show would be supportive, of course, to garnish out at the very moment the white hot fire of cancellations on him is, of course careers. Was either on my part, which is what makes it attractive to me. I don't know what's wrong with me. I swear to God. Alone was role with paper
Sometimes you need a little danger in your life. Just of your life dear rather feeling. You really can't go through life with no danger. But everybody s, room, preferred kind of danger and not a big fan of extreme sports and physical danger. Because, if you get the wrong here, you're in big trouble, but I kind of like social danger not every kind and all the time, but then there are things that are just so tantalizing and the that thought of that I would increase my chance of being cancelled just by going on Shell show that the ceiling for me I was gonna, go because I'm turning down most things the summer most most invitations to go on chosen. Do interviews, I'm gonna start turning down just because I have things to do as soon as I realized, the talker is the focus of all this cancellation energy. I thought to myself.
I'd like to be right in the middle of that. What is wrong with me? There wrong because I want to be in the middle of that because I want it. I want to feel that fire focused on me for a little while just to feel something. It's a weird thing about humans that we We need to quit the first time ever. This was my philosophy instructor in college. I talked about how, if you have a loose to see that when you kid you going to lose if you wiggle around it hurts what do you do all day? Long if you have a loose to, you wiggle it around and it hurts. You boy going around it hurts and there's no, nothing good comes from it, but it's one of those things that sometimes you can't you just can't help yourself. You go toward pain. I don't know what this is about people anyway, so I'll that I don't know the exact time cuz and it could change the
have you been watching me for a while. You know when I go on book tours I get booked on things, and I don't like to tell you too far in advance: does those things get changed half the time they get changed so often that you can ever guaranteed. Here's some other things that the enemy of the people is telling. You asserted, I guess the the FED chairman Drone Powell, his remarks made the market go down. Yes, and by the way you should always expect. There's gonna be a five percent pull back any time. The market goes up as much as it has there's really much a guarantee that they'll be like a five percent pull back at least once probably more than once. Today it's some of the people
was halved but usually spoke more, that this is normal stuff? I wouldn't worry about it all. So the reporting that the Federal Reserve Chairman said that. What everyone already knew so according to see them. Is what everyone already knew so ask yourself. This is what you already knew, that the global economy is in a bad place and there won't be a quick rebound now. What did I do Are you about the psychology of economics? Now it is true that the world economy took a big hit, so as we do all know that, but when they hear the head of the federal reserve- and you tell people that there won't be a quick rebound, what does quickening why do you know that you don't really know that. What would be more helpful is to be what Trump is, which is a cheerleader.
Because nobody knows if it's gonna be good or bad or how quickly it will rebound. Nobody knows. So. If you don't know, the only smart and responsible thing to say is could be quicker than you think it could be because the cell optimism that actually feels it is what makes it actually capable of working. So I would say that the Federal Reserve Chair. I would call that in the error cuz, given that he can't predict he shouldn't and he can't predict how quickly the rebound will happen. He can't nobody can it's just predictable, so to make predictions about something, that's unpredictable and it's a prediction that hurts the outcome. Let's just a mistake now Trump also can predict, because no we can now. Nobody knows where things are going with the economy is just true. All the time with everybody, but trouble plays it smart
If you dont know where the economy is going in Europe, leader had a than that of the National Reserve. You know or the fat I mean, of course is a leader of source. You should talk it optimistic terms, even if you're not sure, does that's what leadership? Is this just a mistake in my opinion, and I think if, if trump we're, call out Powell that I would agree? That's just the air. This is not doing a good job. You should be more optimistic. Here is something that I wish I thought of myself. You know the the carpet was his name? Whenever the cop who killed George Floyd as. Was pointed out by a governor Urbana what's on twitter, and he said this he called a murder, a cop, which I think is funny that the cap has his own tag. Now, did.
Up? Have a social media, history or voting record I feel like if he was a big trump or Maggie Guy CNN would have told us feels like a dog barking. So from Sherlock Holmes. The dog that doesn't bark also tells you something because it means was nobody in that area. Otherwise, the dog barked. So the dog this now barking is that's a level suspicious. That we have heard anything about the politics of this police officers accused When was the last time somebody was accused of murdering a black man, we didn't immediately find out his political leanings and watching the comments as blow your mind is that people are going all by God that such a good boy is missing is very missing.
Is. We don't know the politics of the cop. Do you assume that use a trump supporter cause? You probably did India if you're a racist, you probably did but I didn't I didn't assume in one way or another and author gave a thought of it, weirdly enough. Surprisingly, I don't think you never came across my my skeptical portal. Brain but is a really good question. Wouldn't you like to know you Political leanings, just a little bit, I thank you now I love to know when do you love to hear that list? It turns out. He isn't tromp supporter how happy
Would you be if I had not late, because that's how the system is supposed to work right if it turns out, is a trump supporter and I'm guessing he's not, but if it turned out that way, wouldn't you be impressed if that didn't leak, all the way through the trial. I'd be really impressed things the chance, that's going to happen, but that's the way it's supposed to work. So maybe maybe we're saying something really good happening here, which is a cyst. Working on the west supposed to work without leaks, but I doubt it, but I doubt it. I'm wondering if the job of ambassador to the autonomous Zone in Seattle has been taking, because I think I would be an excellent ambassador. So I'd like to put my
the ring I hear the autonomous zone is being described as more like a block party atmosphere by the governor, of course, others, including see there the terrorist atmosphere, with a warlord the warlord, of course, that's probably overstatement of his actual roles, but. The funniest thing about the the autonomous own. Is that immediately needed an armed police force or if you don't think that they go gray, that they need and armed security force this this rap? Rise, even if you think they don't agree they needed, they do agree that the guy with the guns is the security force right. So I think that. Just learned that if you have an area that doesn't have guns this one guy with a gun to take over the area. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the people with guns
Our kinder running the the autonomous zone because, as the people who don't have the guns, Get into, let's say, a major disagreement with the people who have the guns, which way do you think it's gonna go who's, gonna win! The gun Or the no guns so I think there is a lesson being learned there. Let me tell you why. I think everything. Let me tell you what I think the protests have been successful and things are better than you think. Number one. I give the government's handling of the protests in April US. That's not what you think is: don't you think you're that every every part of the government messed up. You think the mayor's blew it. Do you think the president should the more involve what's up with those governors
right, because we're fathom nonstop diet of our politicians messed up in euros, watching your favorite new source and each new sources, Peggy, indifferent politicians, but the Seamless, overall, is all the politicians are doing everything wrong overtime. Basically, that was the coverage. Let me tell you the opposite view, and why would give all the politicians for a mayor all the way through a plaster, we're talking about how they handled the looting of the protests. I'm not talking about other policies, so this is applause for all their performance is now lay plus, rather things a sad or anything like that. Just the outcome. What would have done the best steel come from.
All these protests pillars are. The best outcome is that the police did not kill anybody else who didn't deserve. It wasn't wasn't part of something is legitimate, so the fact so here the things that I think you should look for for the again the dog not marking the entire. Protests in my opinion, were a giant provocation from the police another where's the police, the National Guard, the president, all the politicians were being pushed to overreact, would you agree that a major risk slash even goal of some percentage of the protesters? all of them clearly, but some percentage in the protesters wanted, a provocation and they wanted an overreaction. Would you sell? That's true? Did
any of the governments, give them an overreaction. No, they really didn't so like a whole bunch. I guess stores of police and see and secret service at the way, were injured and some of them badly injured, terrible injuries. We're talking about head injuries, lots of them with all of that, over reaction anywhere, no overreaction anywhere, not in the city not well mostly was in the cities, but not anywhere. A plus, if we you know we're done rather could still be some some bad stuff happening, but we ve got pretty far into this. We're a lot closer to the end of least the street protests, part of it than where the beginning, and I don't think we messed up at all
This is one of the greatest success stories I've ever seen I mean I am so impressed by the restraint of everyone else. Not only did the The Americans in this country not take out their weapons, they bought weapons. They cleaned up they loaded weapons? the even the protesters arm themselves, weapons use that use the guts. You see you'll see anybody shootin a protest and here's the airport. You didn't see, even though the protesters arm themselves and use that use the guts? you see people doing a lot of things for the for the cameras. Your people had guns hold guns, but for the most part where the most armed country in the world- and we chose not to
It is remarkable level the I don't think will ever be fully appreciated. One of the most remarkable human accomplishments is it. We just went through the last couple of weeks. Not done yet was looking good. I think we did something close to impossible, really so applause, because I think there was a strategy to anything Strategy was perfect, The strategy was to listen. I think that happened, things, the entire country. Listen, no question about and drain the energy other slowly, because think there was an understanding that there was an energy problem just too much pent up energy years of you know grievances,
There are real and I dont want to make the mistake of some in giving somebody the chance to misinterpret this. The protests didn't happen because it was warm. It didn't happen because of the corona virus. It didn't happen because of the lockdown. It did having just because of the video it needed all of those things, including the other, the history and and the grievances that are built up, all of it had happened, the way it did What's it happened by far the best strategy was to just hold hold hold, hold, hold, hold hold, hold. There's. No second part of the strategy is just a whole strategy, and just rain the energy out of it while respecting it, respecting its very important, because I think the entire country respects at least the point
the entire countries, at least on the page that near we all the value of George who had killed. I think every person of every type had a horrified action in a weird way brought the country together at least LISA Limited question, limited question of whether that was bounds, and so a plus every every government, every mayor in the presence of the United States, good job. There was a perfect. Now now nothing is perfect, but man really I think that we have reached a deeper understanding, we're not there yet lot of work to be done, as I said, understanding what the system, racism. Nothing is in a way that why people can know what what the hell you ve been talking about would be a big step, there, but it looks like there is real interesting getting there.
I have real interest in getting there by the way you I don't do this through jokes. Do it because I have real interest, I would like to understand the black experience better. I would like them to understand my experience better. It's all good, so I would say that the amount of focus that was put on the question of racism April ass, if I'm gonna, get. If I'm good, read the protesters, forgetting attention, a plus, there's nothing you can. You can take that away from a right. But how about getting something done? This practical I and among I and many other people have noted accurately that there's no unified set of requests, and I said that it would be a mistake to try to offer things because any negotiating with yourself, that's a term of art, for negotiating is considered a mistake is in negotiating mistake to say
Are you asking me for anything particular? But what are they Have you a million dollars and then there's no response? Here's the mistake! Ok! Ok! you didn't response by million dollars and you are not asking for any particular bell about two million? That's the mistake You never negotiate with yourself. If you don't get a counter offer you stop, you walk away possess another negotiation, so since the protest was semi spontaneous some, I organised least in small small cells. I guess you could call amino groups Lucy it doesn't have a unified leadership, and so it didn't have the capability of saying: ok, here's our ten stuff, ten, ten things but Eve
though I criticise that as not good negotiating look what's happening. If, I'm being honest, is working because you see new legislation being proposed quite seriously Rand Paul just came out on Twitter. I think he's actually sponsoring some or co sponsoring some legislation. So exactly is involved, but he's supporting it for getting rid of a no, not words. No, I didn't even know about no, not words. You know that was a thing right. Did you know, no not words Worthing. Well, if you were following a specific case of racial injustice as as many people believe, to be. You knew about it in that one case, but I think, Some of us are getting this new understanding about was is what's that? What's I know not
it? Does you and I have never experienced and know not warrant, but apparently it can be deadly if your black morceau them new other groups were so that is the concern again. If we had better data, we would know what is what is true. But that's the concern now and that's just ran Paul ran Paul. He is more so with the right, of course, but the last. They also have a number of legislative things goes into system. So I forget everything this I'm calmly heiresses list, but there they all looked pretty good. To me, no expert, I can't tell you exactly what you do and do not need in this realm, but I looked at her list of stuff on it with things like training, national standards for cops, and there were things like the or build a better database for police incidents, and I looked at the less this
reasonable. I would want here, though, the experts away and others things, because I'm not. But as a citizen, I look at the list and I think reasonable, quite reasonable, now the whole defend the police, lateral thinking and think that to Syria, really you, unless you you're Biden, say I'm going to from the police integrity seriously. I think differently, please, is turning into trumps plan of funding the police fully. But also there might be some other things that are worth funding, because when we protest who say defend the police. It's not so much that they need them to be defended is just a conceptual thing to say that their money could be may be more productive in these other areas of
concern, if it turns out that weapons is, the police are mostly funded, except in some places where their experimentally that's bad. If it turns out that some things that should have been funded got funded, we'll see could be good? Do I'm actually completely in favour of the autonomous zoom? I know I make fun of it, because it is just such a perfect fodder. For humor I mean it's got for God's sakes study a charismatic wrapper who has become a warlord and, of course, when we say warlord, that's a little bit for humorous purpose, he does have guns and he doesn't be handling security. Warlord is just as funny term for it, but it those hilarious and funny and can last for ever, because they don't have a structure to support them.
I would say that we can learn something from this. I think that the that the end the end product of this is working learn something that what I say we, I don't mean you and I don't mean me: I've been the protesters. I mean the protesters wiggle learn something from it. Do you think they can have some fun, because right now is the sort of fun but they do have to worry about security, have started in fighting because they don't have a common enemy anymore. The common enemy was the police. So remember, the governments did this brilliant.
And I would say that even the Seattle governor is playing this brilliantly. You know thanks idea, I can say that all that every one of you disagrees with our statement, the the governor from Washington is playing a brilliantly she's, described it as closer to a block party than than terrorism. I think she's three quarters right right, she's, more right and wrong. I would say base and the pictures, I've seen issues more right and wrong, but whether or not its fully a block party or there's something to worry about. Also, I think the way she is trying to frame it is perfection she's framing this peaceful which helps you treated? That way, which will let the energy just dissipated so going in their hard with any kind of force. Huge mistake huge
I take no eventually, they might need to send in some kind of uniformed force to mark up, but I don't think the protest can last that long, meaning need food there they're, not gonna wanna stay there. They want to go home to you know: they're gonna have to go home to see their pets and stuff let the energy die out and see what you learn, and I think people learn that right, rubbing, their owner running, grown autonomous ozma, so easy may be useful say that the protests led to reopening the country faster. Most of you would agree right because a sort of Meda joke of the thought that we should leave the house the protesters made a mockery of the whole crowd. A virus
medical recommendation, no part of it was lock because the virus was starting to wind down we're getting smarter about how to treat it and ventilators Lester so some of those locked, but I think you will agree that the protests hasten the economic reopening. In a way, this irreversible we're not gonna, go back to lock up, which is not so I've been. There was another genetic consequence and I think that the country will be once we ve gone through all of this- has less to do with the protests and more to do with just good news, because we shook the box and basically everything that girl in energy and disruption in the country full of entrepreneurs should, in leash just amazing amounts of progress? Now, let me tell you how we can solve all this raises a problem. If we wanted to solve problems, but we don't you know me
when I say we I mean not, everyone, you buy to solve a problem I might want to solve the problem, but the leadership of groups that are less active. They don't necessarily want to solve the problem. Because in politics, if you solve the problem, we have to find another job right. So politicians Though always want to solve problems, sometimes it benefits them to keep that problem running a little bit. Likewise, the leaders of every kind of provocative groups, so the light Bishop ship, maybe out of sync with people their leading, my one solutions, leadership, it's a little less lesser but imagine if you well the word: no leadership, and all you wanted to do was solve problems. What would that look like given their people are very different views the world? How could use.
Of it. Here's my taken. I would say that if you look at the political left in the political right that they focus in different places, this part I've told you before, which is the lead. Seems to focus on the end state they'd like equal justice and equal pay and no bigotry and free of caring for college, now. They also believe that there are systems that need to be in place to get there, but they focus on the end state so. The emphasis is on getting to this unit more equal or more moral. I would say the political right also like all this stuff, but doesn't have again it instead so you know we don't have again all that stuff. You can talk about it all day long, but nobody knows how to get there in a way that the math works in the country would accept,
so instead the best we can do is have these systems that are equal for everybody as best we can do it so because you have to tweak these things to make sure that equal overtime, but the constitutional laws and educational system of the family process and even mentoring, and throwing that, in their cassettes, important so the USA. These assistance, but again both the left and the right. They both have goals, and they both think that you do the system to get. There is just a difference and emphasis, There's more emphasis on goals on this side and more emphasis on processing systems, with less emphasis on the outcomes, because who can guarantee you and how come nobody can guarantee you and how come, but we can work really hard to make sure that everybody's got the same rules the same game. So, given this situation, I would use all well if there were no politics
were no leaders, studies this would be really easy to solve. If there were no political leaders, I mean really easy. Because there's no problem here in the first place. Here's why solution is really easy number one, you agree on the aspirations was call them goals. Is there any Is there anybody on the right who, if it were free, will not want everybody to have healthcare is free like it's not free, but imagine imagine if you know there were magic was a magic exists, hey magic exists and you go to a Republican, hey, we just discovered the magic exists and we can give everybody healthcare for free? Are you in israeli Republican? He would say no. No.
No it's magic in snuck in across many things, can cost anybody anything and there's no downside. I dont want other people to have healthcare said. Nobody said nobody right if it were ray everybody be on the same page. So, given that you ve got these two points of I think we could agree on the aspirations there's no Republican. Who would not agree if, though, if we had a way to get there, we don't, but if we had a way to get there unlike all the stuff, so you can agree The aspirations, no problem, I think you get there. You could also agree on the metrics? Another words one. Measuring to know if you ve got a point,
and what are you measuring to know if what you're doing is working well, that would be easy. A decent anybody would disagree on the concept of of coming together over what you're measuring to know. If it works, I think you could make you can get together and that that's not a problem. Then he then hear support this through the heart making a be testing more carbon. Now Amy testing is literally just testing something small see if it works over work. She do more of that and if it doesn't work you try something else, and then you just keep testing, but it's a continuous, testing situation. Why do I like the autonomous zone in Seattle? Because it's a test is we're. Gonna learn something about the Euro zone. We don't know lot but were definitely gonna, learn something. Now it's not the kind of aid to be testing them talking about, because if you do a right you planted so it could be more lasting.
Your best job of planning and these Seattle Autonomous OWN was not planned and therefore doesn't them these structure to support it So we kind of no risk of end up the long run it's gonna be dismantled but we're gonna learn a lot, and I think that genuinely it's gotta be useful. And then what you learn, something for you, testing your revise your systems so suppose, Suppose we get an idea from this autonomous own, and somebody says you know the biggest problem. Is you didn't plan and also that belong to somebody else. That's a pretty big problem that so in that they have occupied that belong, two other people. So that's a problem. So a supposedly said, hey. Maybe
We just need to systems within one country. Would it be a problem for you, you personally, would you have a problem? If somebody said hey, we found some private funding, and we found some land for sale, we'd like to build a little experiment. Here in the middle of IDA. How does matter where just find some friendly place so To build this thing, we'll try the experiment for a few years with private money, we're gonna, try and no cops. So that's part of these, but no police we'll try to build a place. That's really inexpensive, so you don't have to be. Where an and wool makes your advice, trained and educated will have some kind of healthcare, so, in other words, we're just test something similar. Whatever we learn from that will become the next test, or maybe legislation so.
If you had no politicians, it will be easy to merge these because they are two halves of the whole. Having goals without good systems is useless, because you can't get to your goal. Having systems with no aspirations or no end state that you're trying to get to. Borders are moral, that's not the intention. I mean there's nobody on the right who is trying to do anything immoral. Nobody thinks it that way, but if you have processes that don't have a pretty distinct and stated mind, that's better for everybody if you're having towards something good, what are you doing? You have to add these together to have everything, so, if we didn't have leaders, we will just add those things together. We would agree we don't know as much as we think we know about everything, so we would just test them. Something
next time communism will work. I tell you, it hasn't ever been tried. So everybody who takes a good idea and then exaggerates it into a stupid one to make a point, is really just surrendering. So so whoever said that, you just surrendered your point, because if you have to take a good suggestion and turn it into something stupid, just to criticise it than you,
accepted that there wasn't enough to criticise the idea itself, so I dont believe anybody suggestion communist. I haven't heard our suggestion: averred socialism, if you think that the same again same problem, if you ve used surrendered if you're gonna call communism and socialism the same thing will you ve surrendered? Does if you care, criticise socialism on its own without turning it into some other thing called communism, so you can criticise it while you you ve, surrendered, you ve said: there's nothing to criticise with Social otherwise you would just criticise it. You will have to turn it into something else. People give me examples of other countries that have already tried things again. Let me say this as clearly as possible. If somebody wanted to try something injustice, smoking.
And it wasn't your money. Why would you object. I know you say you don't think the experiment would work if it will say it's too heavily socialist. I hear you but you also hear the other people think it might write so All that I need to convince you is that there are people have different opinions, that's all if, if people have different opinions and it can be tested and it doesn't cost you anything- you personally, no risk Wanna one out U S has never had that socialism, the? U S is a socialist country. We have lots of socialism. We just do a new specific way, Are you talking about chairs with top her tonight,
Well, I don't know yet so the way the process usually works is so people go on tv allowed, such as myself know this process. So sometime today, a producer for Tucker Show will probably contact me and say the topics we won't talk about. Are you maybe three questions now, even if
You talk about the topic. The host will usually changed the questions. So so, even if I know the questions- and let's is pretty rare- to be asked exactly that question- usually either the the more talented posts are gonna put their own spin on the question, which is fine, so you can ever be completely prepared, gives you don't know what the hell is this gonna? U know improvise also that list of less say three things that you might talk about them. The shell guess revise every hour until the shell, typically khazar, always looking at the hottest news say: ok, ok, we'll drop this third one. Could something just happen will throw that on top,
but the other two are still there and then, by the time we get to the show. Who knows the other. So much happened in one day that you don't know. Let me just make sure I get all my points. O Microsoft, just announced will not sell facial recognition, tat technology to the police. How did you get away with that? How in the world how do you get away with just denying selling something to the place if it's a tool and what exactly does facial recognition do that are so evil we're gonna be talking a lot more about them, I'll tell you why. So I have an announcement in that in that zone, then I'll be talking to you about later so way. For that,
Right, I think I hit all my outlets, the statues. Completely in favour of getting rid of all the racist statues. I told you that before I'd get rid of Columbus get rid of all the slaveowners, I get rid of all the confederate generals. Now I know you disagree and irish So I want you to know that if you would like to keep all those statues and the reason that you'd like to keep him is that you understand that the offence and people, but you think they have historical value and that in that context can be maintained, that's a very respectable of it, but it is nonetheless the fact that something like half in the country's offended by forbade they're, just decorations,
declarations or offending a quarter of your guess or have you guess you don't need a better reason, locker that luckily reasons through the logic of it in the constitution by rights. The laws are not going to talk about the details in it. If half the country's offended by it and it's basically DEC asian, because industries in the history books, you know- I don't know anybody learned history from a statue in my home- I've. I've never goes well, I didn't go to school, but I did a tour of statues, so I got the same education I wouldn't worry about losing history vision was the decoration doesn't work that way yet Columbus was a huge racist is one of the biggest ones, and if you don't know that just just Google, it maybe lotta people, don't understand that basically Columbus was
Basically it were you. It wasn't far off from Hitler, literally, if you, if you google, it you'll, find out yourself. So I think that I think it's healthy for a country to reboot refresh, and I don't think there is anything wrong with looking at our historical soldiers and therefore context and if we don't want to promote people who were half awesome and half horrible. We don't have to why bother. So so I say here somebody wants to protect the statues and handled indefinitely. I completely respect that. I just think. Martin. This is this. Is this? Is the policy decision? Let me put it in. Let me put it in personal terms as a policy decision
I'm not really that interested as a personal decision of a citizen who lives in the country. I personally choose not to offend other citizens of my country, deeply affect them over something, that's not important to me so that that's like a personal decision in terms of policy while they get some free speech and bigger things and, frankly, I'm not that interested. But if you want to know what I think about it personally, I wouldn't use. I wouldn't offend anybody for no reason. That's me, that's all for me, and I will talk to you tomorrow.
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