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Episode 1027 Scott Adams PART1: I Solve Police Racism in Terms of Killing, Talk About Deadly Force.

2020-06-14 | 🔗

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  • President Trump, slippery shoes and a slippery ramp
  • Christian preacher choked out in Antifastan
  • CNN’s despicable fanning the flames of racism
  • Conservative view on criminals…regardless of race
  • Whiteboard1: Plan to Eliminate Police Racism (Killings)
  • Whiteboard2: Low Information Voter Test

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on everybody good morning money in London to see all of you gather around mercury ever beverages, your receptacles ready, which receptacles? Are you saying? What kind of receptacle should you put your morning? Beverage in well, don't take a chance. You want to use one of these things, maybe a couple mugger, a glass at anchor channels or Stiva Canteen jirga, flask, a vessel of any time filler with you
liquid. I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine here in the day, the thing that makes everything and better including triple crises, race, crises, pandemics, economic crises, we don't care one step and all that won't go away, go better already a little bit better by the way. If any of you try this experiment, turnoff all of your screens and walk outside is different. Well, let me show you the difference between looking at any of my screens I'll use my phone as an example,
Turning my phone off and going outside first I'd like to give you my impression of just walking outside, without way screens bump bump, bump bump bump, on nice day, summers common, Papa whoop of a blue. Ok, that's me just walkie outside without any of my screens and now ACT play me looking at any of my screens this month, you see, what's in the news,
in sea, and so I suggest that if you are feeling a little bit attention, little bit of stress are you worried about the future may be turned off these things than jacked into the party. Your brain causes you to be excited and stressed out. Maybe put that aside a little bit just little. You'll feel that let's talk about the news when these the end
your team. Last week and elsewhere, we could give half a million dollars to. I think some cause that would help with black lives matter to end racial discrimination and come down the racial problems in this country a million dollars from Wendy's pregnant, unrelated news protesters, burn only when these last night. So I guess that didn't work out another news. Trump is seventy four today seventy four years, which is way too old to be pressed, must thus be honest. The fact that we even consider candidates who will be over seventy wonder serving as president just not good- that's just not managing of your country really isn't, but I got to say
tromp one, fair and square against, because who we recognised so there's that you saw the video the Trump critics are trying to turn this into something so Trump gave. It came his speech yesterday and then a military personally helped him down a ramp, after his speech now ass, he was going down the ramp. He was moving very carefully as if there's something wrong, and so, of course, his critics figure that the something wrong was Trump there must be something wrong with them. He can't walk bubble. However, let me give you some context just to throw in there.
I dont know why he was watching the way he was walking ass. It appeared on camera, but I will give you this context. If you're wearing a suit and you're the president- and you have all the money in the world, the odds of your shoes be newish is pretty hot. I dont think the present where's old war shoes propaganda. Quite a few, bears an almost certainly on the newer side of things news. Whose are slippery new shoes are slippers. And so are ramps room, Sir Slippery, If you are a certain age and you guys slippery shoes and you walk in there slippery ramp, you walk. Exactly when the way the president did and if you're smart, you ve got somebody actually holding your arm, because the odds of you going down are pretty good. Pretty good. It doesn't matter who you are figures, slippery issues on a slippery ramp.
Now do? I know that the ramp was slippery. Nope, do not I can tell you that I've given lots of speeches on stages Sometimes there were ramps. Sometimes I do navigator ramp was slippery. User. Do you know how I walk just like tromp, you take steps there like one inch like so you don't take big steps, you take. The smallest happy can and just try to stay over yourself because you think you're going down, especially of people. Watch it. So I would say that learnt nothing, but I would extend that point to this. Video lies. No, you said yourself, oh yeah. I know that video can be manipulated, none other, I'm not talking about manipulated interior, I'm tired,
the ordinary video. He was The ordinary video lies basically every time now. Why do I say that I dont mean that relies intentionally. I mean that All video leaves out stuff and the stuff it leaves out could easily be as important as what do you see, for example, the video the president walking down the ramp, What was shown was the present having some concern walking down a Arap. Video showed that very clearly. What did it? Not show you, Why didn't show you issues? It didn't show you the bottom of issues to see. If there are new it slippery, it didn't show you the you see. You get an idea if they'd modified it happening,
ripping stuff on it, because if there was some kind of a rug under ramp or a mat in which it was not slippery, all you say to use of algae. That's that's good context. So now I really do have to wonder why he was walking, went away. The video doesn't show you what the president was wearing under his suit. Probably a lot of armour body armor, these in public so he's got unusual body waiting new seventy four years old, these out a rap is probably slippery. How much of that did you see the video? Basically, none important variables working within the video likewise, I would say that every video that you see about every topic is a lie is lie. They should be your first assumption. Our first assumption at the moment is, if you see something on video
video for God's sakes, you see it out. Video is just like your there, so your first instinct is well. If I look It is right on video. The odd being misleading are wrong or what was your first instinct? If you see it with your own eyes on video, your instinct is well, it could be misleading. Could they what I'm looking right at it? I'm going to say top of my head. Ninety five percent chance that what I'm saying is the correct, an Acura story. Ninety five percent chance: do you know what the real number is. I don't either, but I'm going to put a gas on it. The real number of the times that you'd see a video, less limited to videos. There are national topics
Talking about a video of your kids birthday party, that might be perfectly accurate, I'm talking about any video there's caused a national conversation. I'm talking about the important once the ones are really move the news. What percentage of them do, you think are accurate now accurate, wouldn't. That gives you enough of this story? They don't need anything else. There is nothing left out, there's no context as important there's nothing after the video entered the mattered and there's nothing before it happens that mattered. So how often under that, under that scenario, how often is the video that you see a big national events? How often is it accurate? I would say closer to one April the time that would be my guess, because there is a rule and play this very counter, intuitive
and the rule is that the reason that of the news is because it shocking what back something shocking What makes something shocking is that it should happen, is a violation of expectations in a very major way. We're a violation of was right or proper or, worse should happen, nessler them now In any case, whether there is a video or no video- and I just with spos- you just heard this- you dont know if there's a video, you don't know what evidence is involved, but there's a claim, an essay shocking claim. That's all you know something that doesn't off happen or should happen or should never happen in the world? Is operating right is reported to have happened? How often does it turned out that its true and the answer is almost? Never you don't realize that.
As you get caught up in the details of things, and there are so many things that do turn out just the way he thought the? U dont, noticed this special category, one the first time I read about this he's blew my head off because once you ve heard about it, you see it everywhere. The special category is that you hear a story that a man better dog plus wrong right, dogfights, a man- that's not so unusual, but a man base a dog. Well, that's the news, how often when you find out all the details about the story about the man who committed dog, many times out of all the times that has happened. Does the story turned out to be exactly what you thought there was a man. There was a dog that man better dog and the answer is close to zero close to zero.
So the moment you hear a story like that man, better dog. Your instincts should be close to zero. That is true, but in fact your instinct is the exact opposite. Is you still even people who know the fake news is mass we hear pervasive. Even people like that. You still think the news is probably true. Ninety five percent of the time, it's just that, The reflex here really turn it off, because it comes from sources that by their design, are meant to look credible. So I'm gonna extend them point about anything. That's is unusual story of the type of man by stock. There is video, shows a man biting dog, its.
Also a lie, not every time now to preserve the time for really close, really close to one hundred percent of the time. So your first to some motion today, every video you see from today on because no you ve learned this, sir, from from this day forward no matter how obvious the video is endless say again we're limit, leaving it to things that were so shy, They needed on the news. Your first reaction should d- probably not true and ineffective, probably should be in the ninety percent range plus, but in fact we we have a society that operates on the opposite assumption, and this is what we got. So what you get is exactly what you see in this should be getting much worse, because now that it is clear that you can
There is a misleading video to make any point you want. What are the odds are to be more misleading videos in the atmosphere on represent a hundred percent, so you should be seeing in the next few months, just a blizzard of misleading that Most of them will be lies now the weird thing, These lies if I can call them that, is it I can even lie in the right direction and what I mean by that is the video could be completely misleading and give you the opposite conclusion from what you should have concluded, but it could also be completely misleading and lead you to a conclusion. Correct just by coincidence, so it could be that everything is on. The video is just total, be ass, but by coincidence, the bad impression you got was all
when drew so that could happen. So it is a very confusing situation. Speaking of news that gets correctly Prepare apologized for Fox NEWS showing an offensive graphic I talked about this before, but the apologies worth noting the graphic showed how the stock market reacts based on different tragedies, including your famous in the news shootings of black people, including a milky way. Now, of course, most of you have probably exactly the same reaction that I have
I sought, which was this is even real. Did somebody think that was ok to put on tv turns out? It was real, it was real. They really put that on tv now. I would not call that a man biting the dog, weird situation, because weird inoffensive graphics on the news are pretty common, pretty common, so that doesn't fit into so unusual that you shouldn't believe it. But here's what's I liked about the story, if I could add some positively so brought bear, I guess was I do show that we show gave an apology was unequivocal, unequivocal, meaning you is just a complete equality. Complete mistake, sorry fixed I give Brett Bear
hey plus and Fox NEWS as well. Again I remind you that my standard for judging people is the following, and I recommend to you all. I do not judge people by their mistakes, because if you didn't you gonna hate everybody right. Have you judge people by their mistakes whose left really I mean I need to be Jesus? But you know the light he who is without seven cast the first stone. The rings. True in my world shovel show me the perfect people. You can't So judging people by their mistakes were, of course, in the sense of the legal system, you still have to judge them. You have to have a It works, but in terms of non legal issues of just offence, if
somebody apologizes this cleanly and I think it was within forty eight hours I use. That is my standard for quick enough. I say a plus so far plans based on the standard which I apply, which had applied everybody everybody's the same on the standard, a perfect clean and clear apology, no ambiguity, no excuses, a plus, I would like to see lot more of that in the world. A big apologies and general. I'm not big apologizing. Just because you offended somebody. But this case the apology is very clear. This was a mistake. We see into didn't, see it at first, but we see it and apologizing for an actual mistake, always acceptable in my work
apologizing for somebody's opinion of why you did ass a little different. You don't always have to apologize just because someone else was offended, but if you can see it too, once they pointed out man, I see it to apologize, that's my advice. Facebook fired, I love this story. I always feel good stories voted for you today. Also. Solve racism in policing, some do that today, a little bit later, that's worth waiting for we'll go to the wayward for So Facebook fired and employ because employees criticise another employ. Twitter for not having a statement of support for black lives matter to documentation and open source project. So let me say this to mark Zuckerberg and.
Yeah? I, like many people, have been critical of Facebook. I've got lots of bad things about Facebook right. We all have. We all have our criticisms as a company is where the great companies of all time, Zuckerberg himself say what you will about. I know you ve got your opinions. As I see it as an entrepreneur he's pretty damn good, I mean really really really good and I think there is general agreement. Those eichelberger is just really really gotta stuff, you others, it's not. An accident of Facebook is big.
And so they fire the employer complained as opposed to firing. Of course, I would make sense gazillion play with them. He wait for an employer publicly criticised now. Is a facebook employ so Facebook employee criticise the facebook employing fired for it and I say good job Facebook. I wasn't expecting Facebook to be the one they drew. The live like what's too far, you figure that it would be, the conservatives were pushing back at whatever this. Your creeping change in society is that, if it gets too far, it will be the last say that conservative wall of resistance that stops it if it can be stopped at all but it looks like Facebook just said thus far enough. You can, if you compare
giving about another employee who isn't complaining enough you're, just a dick. That was no longer about the issue. That's about you big, dick to another employ and if you're gonna be a dick to another, employ your asses fired Facebook, Facebook gotta be fair, Criticise them all the time, but they got this right. We get that right. Is you? there's something right Another funny story, a weird way, is an anti for Stand Chris, Preacher somehow got into the mix. Larry snuck in somehow started preaching some
stuff and then like what he was saying. I think he was maybe not pro anti for enough, and so a group of Antigua grab the preacher put him in a chuckle with chokehold unless they put the charcoal burner and negotiating a huge choking me. I can't breathe, so I'm not making fun of George Floyd that that part is beyond way beyond Eddie anybody? Joking about that, I'm only joking about anti for stand and this creature guy giving choked, because if there's one thing either one part of it
is watching. Antivirus didn't realize that they're gonna have to recreate everything that they hated in order to exist, though just recreate systems or a problem, so they ve already got a wall, they built a racist war, on day they built a racist police force and eight another putting people and choke holds for four violate freedom of speech. And I guess your programme now. And they segregated even started Jim Crow Laws, Jim Crow laws and their public garden. Anyway, and again, I tweeted this yesterday and I didn't get very many retreats and I, as these two feelings about the year, the people in anti for stand
on one hand, is completely unacceptable there taking other people's property. Here we have a system that allows a random chaos. You have to have some kind of control for the first society to work I've got a long list of my complaints right, but it's not all complaints. I can't shake the fact that I have a natural affection for rebels. People who just can't stand the system. People are gonna break the system. Now is one thing: if you do the criminal right, if you just the criminal, I know him too much sympathy for you, but if you're, if you're here, of all thinking is that you're not trying to hurt anybody per se? You just have a different idea of how the world should run. Sarah, even if it's the wrong idea, there's something about rebel energy than I just like I like it.
Luck and apologise for that, because I know you'd like me to write when you like me to apologise. That position say anything positive about the about the lawless rebels who taking over anti for them. I agree to the whole list of what's wrong with that. The whole list every cheque book there's another gun. The list that I disagree with you about the bad part, but I just sort of like rebels. I don't want to hide it because I feel, like I just be lying to you. If I hear that. Then I'll go further and say that, although antivirus them by itself may not be the most productive use of energy we're gonna, learn a lot and if the only thing they came out of this is hey, let's try the same experiment, but in a more appropriate place, some place where they ve planned a better someplace, where the only people there are. The people want to be there someplace, where they have been taken over.
Is Lander property or anything like that. So I think there is a way for the energy to be children to something that I would be fully supportive of which has people just won't. Try something new now trying to change the entire country, because some small group of people have an idea about that. Well, maybe it's impractical but trying it in a community and then finally get it works or what works and what doesn't and then extending their learning to other community use or maybe, in twenty years, a whole countries. As you know, these experiments works so well. Let's just change. Our whole system could happen wooden rule it out. So. I am supportive in a weird emotional way wall. I agree with you. A hundred percent the law and order must be restored. Eventually, I wouldn't worry about it because I think we're learning something just by one.
In a week or two thousand and make that much difference to anybody. I know you want me to talk about the new video of racial brooks. Who was the man? kill that, when these by police and I'm gonna make a general comment about, so I'm only get it urgently. So it's not about this incident is not about black people. It's not about race, general comments. I don't care about anybody. I don't care of their ethnicity, not relevant care about anybody who fights with a police officer and gets killed. I don't I just don't care about them. Now, that's different from saying everybody did the right thing. It's different from saying the police did exactly what they should have done.
From saying maybe there's a better system where this can never happen, I'm up for all those conversations, but I will not care. You can't make me care about somebody who wrestled with a cop and got his s shop, No CNN reporting this as this poor me, I was getting ready to celebrate with his daughter birthday. Ok, everybody's human everybody's got a human side, but that feels like trying to whip up Ray. Division. So there see that headline looks like nothing but an attempt and make an attempt to make people more racist. Meaning make people hate each other for raise so seasons, despicable that there were treated their way. I also agree that person who was killed.
It would be in the line of crime or anything else. There still human beings and still have been fully valued as human beings, no exceptions to that. But how much I care personally about any person why black or anything else who gets killed by a cop? after wrestling with the cab I mean they were actually on the ground and that as the it looked like, the cop at least one of them might have been injured, would like use limping, and I don't know I'm going to save all my sympathy for other people
You know who I care more about a lot more, a black kid who couldn't get lunch today. I care about that. I care about black kid who couldn't get lunch care about their lot. Do I care about a guy who wrestled with the police and got his ass shot? Zero, zero fox? I don't care about that. Even a little bit Maybe there's nothing you can do it made me care about them so and then, on top of that, my other larger issue is stop making me look like an idiot by debating anecdotes, I refuse to be an anecdote idiot.
We all agree that the problem is what happened one day in one place ever that the big conversation, even if that's a tragedy, even if it's your crime, that's not what the conversations about it's about the larger issue of your pervasive, dont show me ETA goats. If that's your argument. If The argument is the big picture show me the data of the big picture, and take all the electorate's away, because the anecdote do nothing but make it worse I would argue, however, that the George Floyd thing did one very useful thing for society, which is made us really talk about an issue that we are having trouble talking about and there's a very interesting thing happening right now
right now, which is that you know the first several days, because everything was so wrong for summer days after the George Floyd tragedy, Emotions were so raw that I think by general common sense and decency, the anybody. You had a dissenting opinion on that just said, and I think you have to have some appreciation for this. I think everybody should approve The following statement: there were a lot of people who had dissenting opinions right away about their opinion of what we could or could not know about that situation based on the video those people with dissenting opinions, just out of a sense of decency and also self preservation, I'm sure held off and just said: let's list stepped back and we're not gonna be. Would I
we quibbling the details on this one like this. One isn't the one for debate. This is the one we all felt the same way the detail. All the legality of the technicalities of it. That's gonna come later. Those will matter a lot. But what we saw was a shared experience and I think that, I've never seen so much a unity on anything in the United States, which was the first you're hours and days after it? The people with dissenting opinions just kept them to themselves, and I think that that was again ass. The dog does embarks on notices. So much you don't notice what doesn't happen, but this was a giant getting things didn't happen, meaning that a lot of well meaning people said. Okay, I see it. You know I'd heard it institutes,
they excite heard the argument, maybe at a different sense of the statistics, but I didn't feel it. I can hear the complaints from the black community about police abuse. I hear it bout of feel it, and then you watch the video and now it's different. Now you hear it, but she also feel it like. You can feel it just it's almost like you, because you just there. It was part of your almost your experience, even though the video you'll give use distance didn't feel. Distance didn't feel like much of a distance in all when you re watching it felt like you are inside the video who's that powerful. So I would like to
shout out to the people who held off the people out. Just simple human decency said at the moment this is not. This is not for fighting. This is not the debate moment. This is a moment for something else, so they stood back, however, There is a time and a place for everything, the brave people who were waiting and include people like SAM Harris who I think risked his entire life and career by doing a public asset which he simply talked about the data and the statistics and tried to put this in context in the most rational, whether you can and will probably be cancelled for it. I don't know he has been the act, but was pretty provocative without being bad intentions, and without anything that I heard it was wrong there isn t the and later, but that wasn't the topic of it.
And then I was just listening to a bench appear on yesterday and then Shapiro was also. Finally, I think He too, like everybody else, just out of a sense of decency, just held off a little bit but now he is just starting to ramp up into full speed. This is one of those situations where you need a full Shapiro. You know I mean you know. Ben Shapiro operating at twenty five percent power, because, as you want, you wanna Ben Shapiro- that's that's full throated got that yesterday. I don't know how much he said before that and I'm sure he's been leading up to this by this boy, he's just Tell you the truth, as he sees it. Again, we're all seeing her own truth, but he's a strong voice so you ve gotta, assume heroes who tell you deal in very, what's the just
honest and well meaning, but provocative as hell, even even though its I was well meaning, and now she bureaus in the fight against those who do people who just rest their entire lives to make this better. They did they both what I say their life while literally their life, because I think you could be in physical danger. You could be in physical danger for even having the opinions. They have expressed in public, even though well meaning and based on facts and rational. Does matter. Does matter. Yeah talkers a little bit of a different category, because I think he's playing to an audience a little bit more. So if you were to compare Tuckers Presentation
a little more, let's say right, leaning, whereas I would say that SAM era. Is now right, leaning, let all, but he makes a similar case. He just doesn't do with a right, leaning bent- and, I would say the bench bureaus take you would expect it to be leaving right, but you don't see that much of it I mean. There's reference to family, of course, but do you take that out was otherwise adjusts statistics so, and I've been trying to speak honestly, this topic, but, of course it is harder and harder, but I'm going to be a little bit more following their lead. If you will, if we assume that are taking leadership position on the question- and I think obviously are. Then I will follow their leadership and you
in the same direction just been trying to be a little more honest about a topic that is hard to be honest, about shouted, move that little bit then we'll do that stated a minute Here is an illusion that I think is hurting the world, see if you think this is an illusion. Conservatives dont care about other conservatives who breaks the law now One voted this way. If you earn a story in the news about day, black American New broke the law and the police kill them in the process of trying to catch up with, say there was some rules
and then there was an identical story of a white tromp supporter who is also a criminal broke. The law resisted arrest, police killed two identical stories: black and white conservative. If your black, what do you think conservatives think about those two stories? What's your opinion, because you probably think I'm just guessing actually up opens in terms of a question so, rather than make it a statement, because I know how facts to back it up operand form of a question if you're a future member of the black community in America, do you think conservatives would see those two identical situations, the same where they see a trump supporter who broke the law? Resisted arrest got killed the same as if a
black democrats. Do exactly the same thing. Would conservative see them the same and the answer is not just yes but hell? Yes, why would he even yes they're stupid question? It's hell! Yes right! It's not even yet is yes squared? Yes, I was a thousand. How many times can I say? Yes, those are flocking identical to conservatives, identical.
Because there's one standard, did you follow the law? Did you follow the constitution? Did you yourself do some dumb ass thing? They got you shot, not my problem, not my problem. I think that that would be the conservative view. I think that the black population believes that conservatives would favour a conservative who isn't exactly the same situation. If you changed this when these situate and you just replace reassured Brooks the person who was killed if you should replace them with a white guy. Do I give a fuck about that White Guy, not any not even a little? I do not care about that white guy. In fact, that white guys like making me look bad right, because everybody thinks that I'm responsible for everything that anyway personally
there's no, how it works like you're, all responsible for anything that anybody does was any commonality with you, even if you ve never met them. I hate african White Guy, I'm glad the police gunned down in case you were wondering what I think about the white guys. No love, no affection! No, no fox! I don't! I don't give a fuck about the white guy who got shot by police if he wrestled with them, and certainly now can extend that carrying to any other group. So I just think that useful tuna for contacts there is the question What should the police do if the suspect runs. What is the law allow the police to do if a suspect runs, because if you
Please can shoot a suspect who is running and this aspect is capable of out running them, which I would think would be many suspects in a lot of the people get stopped. Oftener young unhealthy, the police officer stops them is often your burdened with a quick, this body and typically not nearly as healthy or as fast as a young twenty something person of any any race who get stopped? One is: what is the rule four one, a police officer can do if they can't catch him on foot and the cash Europe. So if I, if I start by the police for any crime, let's say I was wanted for robbing a.
We'll sales wanted for murder, but I don't have a weapon on me, so there's no weapon on me and I been stopped under suspicion of murder. The police say: hey, put up your hands and turn round and then I do this. I put my hands and then I turn round, and that is wrong. I just run I'm not a risk. I have no weapon right, so this rug. Can they shoot me because I'm sixty three years old and I think they can catch me honestly? I don't think they can catch me even though my age I'll bet, I can run the boys most of not every cop right, twentysomething euro, top is gonna catch me, but give me a forty five year old up with full police gear on him. I can run So should I do that
I just now run him every time because you can have a system based on that. So I just have a question about it was now. Obviously if the person running away was a serial killer, and you appreciate about that, you could probably kill him because you're saving society, if as a terrorist- and you pretty sure about that, you could probably kill. If he's run the way, if he just shall somebody he still has a governess, he's running away. We thoroughly kill. There is also situations where you can certainly shoe somebody in the back. I think the Moroccan about that seeing lots in those going by, but in which question you're here so. Let me suggest the following: the police should always have a body can or at the very least they should have a camera and when they stopped Bobby before that person turns to run away, you should take a picture,
if you have somebody's picture that, especially if you have you their car with license plate, You know who they are. If you ever. Genocide, somebody either by taking their picture goes later. You could do facial recognition on that score. A picture or a license plate or looking at their ideas. Probably tells you they are in this specific case where you know the identity. You have somebody is running away and they're. Not. Risk. Should I've be good enough if you know who they are It is so. This is in the form of a question, because I think you'd have really work and police for enforcement. The better sense, if that's a good or a bad idea, but what's different, is you can now take a picture somebody and identify, maybe not on the spot, but you could serve leaving
they are from their picture. If you can, I done if I somebody, can you force them to come in to the police department and give themselves Maybe in the old days you couldn't in the new days. Close down their entire life in words, will say the police no, that you ran away and they have their name. So the first they do. Is they send you an alert on your phone? The police have a warrant out for you come in or your phone service will be turned off like woe next day, he don't come in Your phone service will now be limited. You cannot use the internet, your phone service is now limited. You can't text you make a regular phone call and call known one one. That's it you're next message comes in
you were your your name has been given to all retailers, see can't anything comes in Europe. Credit has been ruined. You can't deal ever beheld a get alone. You'll never be. Renew your license. You'll ever built by insurance you'll, never be able to get married on a gun legal. Again. You'll never be able to have the rights of the citizen and we're going to track you forever, because If not you, since you now surrendered we're going to track your phone everywhere,
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