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Episode 1030 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About the Red Pills Coming

2020-06-17 | 🔗

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  • Enemy of the People, continues to surprise, pure evil?
  • 95% of people aren’t good at analyzing, understanding data
  • A federal database of police misconduct
  • Hypnotized puppets and their puppet-masters
  • Expert credibility and trustworthiness
  • New, unprecedented levels of awareness, coming soon

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Bump bump on the phone for some well, how low everybody commanded him come on in time for coffee was got out and as part of the day, every single time is anybody addicted. Yet. Google haha. Well, then my plan is working. Isn't it. And if you haven't tried this Mauritania sip, let's say you ve been resisting you're thinking to yourself, I'm not gonna. Take a sip of my bed. At the same time, he does not going fall for that persuasion. Well, you're only hurt yourself because it's the best part of the day and all you need is a government the glass attacker jealousy Steiner, Kantian, jogger, flask of vessel of any kind. Fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee,
and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine another day. Can you feel it? You could start to feel a build, feel it feel it Now the simultaneous up go just as advertised got. I feel sorry for the people didn't take us up. Next time you want to get the dopamine going, I say you do it, that is a hypnosis trick. It's a benign one, meaning I'm telling you what the trick is it's good for you, which is that, if you can hair and activity with something feels good, you keep pairing. That activity was something feels good. Eventually you'll be able to just do the activity and they'll make you feel good, it's a little trick that you can use at home,
Well, the enemy in the people continues to surprise cause. You think you ve seen everything evil You know you ve lived for a while, and you said yourself probably seen everything that's evil, some form of it. But now the enemy, the people- sometimes some call them CNN right, an article in which they talk about with was Brazil. I think it is good to go harder for Hydroxyl chloroprene. I think it was Brazil, but it doesn't matter for this. This point. And here's how see then calls prescribing. I jocks. Now, if you are going to talk about medical situation in which to medical doctors. People were high, trained in the medical profession but through in another country They have decided they looked at all the data
I have decided that off label use of hydrochloric wing, which is very common, the off label part not the specific off label. But they'll use a very common thing using their. Total medical training, and their common sense at the risk management come We normal medical procedure. I would call that a case of of those doctors wanting to prescribe hydroxyl chloroprene under colonel situations when the right word be prescribe the to see a man's headline that the letter pushing it pour They literally replaced the obvious word prescribing because its doctors it's not one crazy clack doctor Tired nation of first world, nation of
highly trained medical doctors who want to prescribe it. Because they ve looked at all the data they looked at the debunked today. See. You then- and this very article neglected to mention that, The argument on the other on the other side is all debunked. All of it is completely debunked. So the fact that The then is acting like your doctor and colleagues other doctors for quackery either, you see them. Calling one doktor for quackery would you say the question of whether the zinc is part of that was little unclear. The article is well, but
You get my point, it just seems pure evil. When you have a news sort of a news organization. Making medical judgments about an entire country. Full of medical professions is one thing to call it a doctor. Quack. You know when you see that you think they'll, probably they looked into it- it's probably a doctor who might be a black but not the whole country. Country full of highly trained doctors, the other pushing a bunch of pushers, we'll just drug peddlers other country. Feels a little racist is arms So, amazingly,. I don't know how you can explain this. I haven't been cancelled yet, what's going on
Why have I not been cancelled? I mean I'm genuinely curious I think I know what's happening, I mean I can speculate. But I would remind you what I tweeted yesterday and I thought well, listen. Listen get it done. So when you just tell you what I tweeted seo close, I could get their line of being cancelled that now for context. The point is not just the council to see. If I can do it right, I'm not trying to get cancelled for some weird brand reason, because I don't think it would work well for me boy, I am also not afraid of it now. The problem is that unless you walk right up to the light of getting cancelled of going too far, You are also not useful. You can't be useful.
So far away from the line of cancellation that you're not saying anything useful, very true, you know that the closer you get to cancelled is the closer you get to making a difference and the closer you get to actually getting people to engage to say our that's. What you're saying pretty rugged- and I hear you but was still with that use some some difficult opinions and, in some cases, some difficult truth to the two degree that we can figure out. What is true so here's what I tweeted and has not yet cancelled me yet number one. No one can point to an example of systemic Greece's, except against weights and Asian Americans like an education, for example, upper level college. Upper level. Education number two resisting arrest is the only thing they can get. You killed by cops. Mean that alone should be cancelled, and then this is the photos
reparations would be negative if you calculated them correctly every one of those should be cancelled by thank you puddings. Tell them together, maybe less, cancel in a weird, Why? Because I think these are three points. Nobody really wants to have a conversation about. You know what I mean. And everybody was watched me for even a little bit. The length of time. Probably doesn't want to get into a public conversation. With these three points and my wrong- do you think, there's anybody who actually has watched me. I'm not talk about some loose, never but somebody who is actually watched me for a little while do you think they'll want to get in the conversation in public about these three points think so, I think that's the only thing, that's keeping me from being cancelled because the active
cancelling me would raise my profile I'll think that's a good play. I think I'm vaguely ignored, which is Larry. So what do you do when you are being ignored wrap it up a little bit. Don't you just go, I put up a little bit, so there three statements. Gabby close to cancelling but apparently I didn't make it all the way there. No, I dont know if there's some kind of you knows paradox come happening here where I can always. I can always be halfway closer, but I could ever reach cancellation we're going to find out. Because let me read my threat from this morning. I posted my read just about the same time make I went, live So most of you haven't seen it, but let me hitherto in the order than they are that I did this right now, it's a long thread, and normally I wouldn't get them. I wouldn't want to just read stuff to get them on video, but I think it's worth it.
So I started this way said today is the last day of my seven. They challenge to provide a current example of stomach racism in America, knowing They, yet just conceptual takes when I say conceptual tanks, I mean the p describing a situation in which it could nor is happening but describing it Is not exactly what I asked for what they are or as an example, meaning here's Bob. Bob was discriminated against. Here's my Evans, and he was discriminated against because the system is raises. Some working that clean example years Bob here's what happened. Here's, how the system screwed Bob and they would not have screw, had he been white. But let me continue
I know you think he had and your thinking to Lee you think you two things are probably gonna get to. Resources are now saying that nobody has met the challenges. Here's the years who came closest and so on to do in my thread. One of you is a racist people in a non racist system creates systemic racism. For example, The justice system is colorblind by intention. Less waste designed supposed mostly but not by outcome, and I think we all agree that if you look at the outcome, the others there's a big racial disparity and they'll come, but studies kit, slate that variable to find out. The reason for different outcomes is assumed to be racism, but studies can isolate that variable. You can isolate that variable.
The assumption is not active. Races be actively racist, it is rather a whole bunch of people who probably don't know the racist. This is the assumption. Directing their that way anyway, through unconscious bias. Do you think that that can be isolated and credibly determined by studies that somebody has an unconscious yes by looking, I think, maybe you could do it in a controlled clinical setting but I don't think there's any chance that you couldn't do it in the wild. You can't isolate millions of people's unconscious bias. In the wild, when you have so many other variables. Let me let me Mention the most obvious one: do you think that everybody who goes through there the same extenuating circumstances, the same Demeter the same approach to it. Same quality of so called.
Worthy of lawyers. Probably not, I mean there are lots of things that are going to be different on top of whatever intentional or whatever. Subconscious biased reason, of course, we know, there's subconscious bias in or people so and then I can do So here I am assuming that the outcomes would look, would look racial. And here we have a new problem, if quote look at the data is an argument for anything. Why are we having mass protests about police, killing black citizens and a higher rate than other groups when the day. Says otherwise. I continue if you think the data says police are killing black citizens and a higher rate than other groups. It is because you good, analyzing things which puts you in good time,
but they with ninety five percent of the public, and I think that's fair if in the same way that ninety five, Some of us would not be good, Eliza legal situation we're not lawyers right, not lawyers ninety five percent of us, would not be especially good at diagnosing the complicated medical situation because we're not doctors or our doctors. So of course ninety five percent of us or not another thing that ninety five percent of us do- that is looking at data and figuring out what it really means and not being misled. If you trained doing that like a dog, were. Lawyers lawyer is for their professions, your wife. Think you can do it by ninety five percent of the public can't
And yet we're making all of our decisions based on data when ninety five percent of the public can do that they can. They can't use data. Don't know hell just like you're, not a lawyer, you're, not a doctor. They haven't been trained is not a reasonable expectation that the public, understand. Data lessens the simpler simplest thing, and this isn't there there actually levels of complex. So that is said, maybe five percent of the public knows the numbers you see in the media are tangibly, all and gaps misleading, for example, if you think it means something that a higher percentage of the black population is killed by police. You were in the ninety. Five percent were being duped by data that is misleading.
Dont trust me about the data. I continue in my thread. Good call! You shouldn't you, should anybody trust me about my interpretation of any data any day? Now? Oh, no! You shouldn't trust Why would you trust me now? I am very experienced. I did for a living. I was I was Financial analysts Economics degrees them ba, better than most people, rising data, but We call myself an expert, I would say I'm probably in a five percent banana exports, but here is why you shouldn't trust me because we live in a world where nobody is credit about anything really. Every one of your five year, major institution in this country, from medical to government, by the actual live. All I do. Is they ve all
I too recently there's no such thing as credibility anymore. You did You need to try to find a way to you, Sir, said What is true and what is on your own, because you can't trust anybody else so, I wouldn't. I wouldn't ask somebody on the left to trust, be abundantly data, so I said don't trust me about the data good call, you shouldn't trust the left, leaning people who are experts, analyzing data and statistics as fair. I try the people on your own team who were experts- at this I'm trying to be an expert in something expert trust, your own exports, because all sorted out for you then I said they are all hiding, meaning the experts on the left. Here's a dog, not barking where's. That dog,
having this big national conversation about what the data shows. Do you remember seeing all the data experts left explain in all. The data on television or in newspaper articles Well, you might have seen them in the context where they get to speak without being challenged, you might have seen a left, leaning person give it, method, interview to a left, leaning data expert, but does that useful? Now, that's just the left talking to itself. So, as I know, professional data were statistics expert on left or helping us sort out the data. Why why Why is it that the most you, full and obvious people to be in the conversation are completely missing. I can find the lots of idiots. I can fire, Who claim to undress
data but down there are not experts still claim to the experts. I can find every kind of person in the world and those protests. I can find em. The person in the world talking anti you're in their opinion, blogging making videos, but you know who I don't see. A data and statistics expert on the left talking about the stuff that the riots in the protests are about. Where other, and if they only talk to other people on the left, you still wouldn't have something so. What I said. Why don't you see them? I follow up in the thread and say Fucking know why they would be king, by their own team. If they told the truth, don't believe me again, good call. We live in a world where no one is credible, so let me offer a test of my claim. Dont trust me testify. Self here's the test.
Find me the most credible and left leaning data, slash statistics expert put there in a long form, interview long form as important. We need to get enough back and forth to exhaust the topic, with a well informed, rightly. Interviewer? On the topic of police violence. Let's say Ben Shapiro just to put his name to it. So, let's say Ben Shapiro form interview which he does well better than just anybody and and put their best and having just talk now, so we can learn something and then I say this will not happen and you know it won't ask yourself why Why won't the most obvious thing happened? What's the most obvious thing,
somebody on the right, who is captain of the data who is- well informed having along form interview with somebody and left. Who actually is an expert and would speak to the data. You'll, never see it. Why? Why will you never see the one thing? The sale useful thing. You can't even if told me both Scott, their other useful things. No, there are no are You don't want to see the left off into the left. You learn from that You don't want to see the right talking to the right. What are you gonna? Learn from that? and he also don't want to see the right talking, the left in a two minute. Giving interview where they just both spears and talking points and time's up organisms There is literally one and only one way, to get to a better level of understanding both left and right. You gotta poacher, you gotta, your champions of the field. At the same time,
she has been Shapiro why you would be my first recruit. As somebody who were to have enough broad, standing of the situation and the data to have an intelligent, long form interview, never going to see it. And then I can tell you you know that executive order, trunk just sign that creates a national database of police misconduct, half the countries and for a big surprise if the data is deemed credible. Of course, that's a big if people. The data disagrees to be fair, thus surprise could go either way, I know which way to go, if you in August and we should be rather point where you, maybe we just need to be others for a change. For being honest, Maybe when we collect the data and do a better job of it, people on the right are gonna, be shocked, as in Poland,
Cow didn't rejoicings were their bad. How can we help because If there is one thing that I say over and over again that nobody believes on left, I don't think it. I don't think you're black you can believe is it just seems unbelievable. There's nothing the white people liked better than helping none. We, like it better than food will the Berlin guns that we like guns, A lot of people, the right love guns now, Left a burning all social things, but in terms of talking about it, I like to associate with the right discuss I can better people, the writer nicer to me. Nobody in the right writers ever occasionally or even tried. So I just some more comfortable with people who are good. People were willing to Except me for wireless lives in Libya, which I think is a fair deal.
So somebody's can be really surprised when this database. This misconduct gets up and populated to the point where if ever guess where we could trust it. Which way the surprises gonna go, but don't we need to know that now what's funny about this is I think Trump is calling pupils bluff by calling for a national databases, police misconduct. How do you read that. The only way to read that is, he doesn't think the data that we have is telling the truth right. You wouldn't ask for better data. If you thought you had good in that just stance reason. He used is challenging the data and I think that's fair, because There's any disagreement on the data while they're just makes things worse. So that's, of course, the smartest best thing that could be done, which will be called by his critics. Not enough
Not enough. I continue in my friend and say: cancel culture has forced why people to lie to black peoples for self preservation. No solutions are possible when debate is effectively outlawed. May not the law but effectively in a lot of data, birds are in hiding call the problem when you can't talk honestly because you'd be cancelled,. And you can't even ask your ex first away and How in the world when the world, so get more provocative as we go here. I say we are now experiencing mass protest over an issue. The data can find in a context, continuous race relations, improvement every year has been better and And started out on the same side after seeing the video,
and more white people than black people protest it? You can't get. Four agreement than that so, how do we get my tweet continues? we get to this absurd point in which the country is being ripped apart by agreements were being ripped apart by agreement The men, the things we disagree on our trivial and we're all willing to. Let me know to run those things to ground, but the big picture, as that Whatever we saw that George Floyd thing that she has got to stop, whatever that was your wouldn't let the legally sorted out I am of the view that you never really know everything's going, especially in the beginning. But whatever there she was, that's gonna. Stop nobody disagrees with her.
Right so we ve got massive protests over agreement. How do you get to such an absurd situation. Well, I continue. The biggest red pill in the world the realisation that your opinions on politics assigned to you by people? know how to make you believe you made up your own mind. There's, probably some should attic propensity for conservatism or liberalism, but not the policy details you're, not not the specific. What do you do about it detail Most of you know, I'm a trained hypnotist in around about techniques of persuasion is I felt her the crew People in the country is predicated on something real and important effects. Racism. But the way we are acting on. It comes from external persuasion,. The way were acting on. It is irrational,
remember, were largely in agreement. What do you do when you are in agreement Adele you talk about the solutions you workin out. Gaps and votes were not doing that or anything like that. So Obviously whatever's happening is divorced, from data and reason what caused it, what cause so many people to leave the field of reason When they had largely one what they were trying to win so that I I said I don't see a public trying to find solutions that people are less suggesting solutions. But watch how those solutions are not accepted, so, if you say to yourself, people are trying to find solutions that keeps suggesting solutions. Somebody suggests This legislation trumpeted these executive order. Black lives matter as list lost, suggestions, of course, Scott they're trying to fix it. Neither not know that,
now you would see us trying to agree on the data if you were trying to fix it, you would see people say all present interim period. Active order, that's good stuff. Can we talk, some other stuff? We accept where you want on that we'd like to see more, you think you'll see that oh no, no, you can see more proper fights. You say that its fighting Even when they agree and even one one of the purposes of others, can we talk about this with this work, for you know, butterfly. That's just what you do when somebody offers you a concession, as you have a puppet fight with them, because you're so rational So here's what I said we'll public trying to find solutions. What I see as hypnotized puppets, fighting other hypnotized puppets while the puppet masters cash, their checks. And though I don't blame George Soros, this is
about money, influence, suppose something far more powerful. Then I concluded this way you are you ready for the truth, but you will be not there yet, but you will be so its common, its cover, some of the biggest red bills in the world. Now, when I talk about this some people wondered they talk about a discreet event that you know about the euro. Oh yes, coming now not a discreet event. What's happening, is, there are a number of discreet events which looks like their independent events and are. But collectively they're starting to form a tapestry their taxes, They will be your new understanding of reality.
You are having to a higher level of awareness. Not all of you at the same rate, and some of you won't make it at all- it's an individual journey but on average, on average, by the end of this year: twenty twenty ironically twenty. Twenty the same, the same same numbers we used to describe perfect vision. In twenty twenty. The year of perfect vision,. The entire world just lost all their their credibility and experts? That's part of it that's not all but losing your belief that the experts are on your side and telling you the truth is really important to get to the next level and that bar is complete.
You do not believe any experts adding more? You still have to listen to the other lots of situations where listening the extra This better than guessing, but you don't have the same trust. It would have had, even if you hear all the extra I agree You hear all the experts agree. What does that mean in twenty twenty? Nothing, it doesn't mean I used to use meal, If you are that all the experts agreed weren't you really sure that was true, maybe not every time, but didn't you say yourself. Well all the experts agree probably eighty or ninety percent likely to be true, not anymore, I don't know if it was ever true. I suspect it was never true that the experts were right. Eighty to ninety percent of the time
You certainly don't believe it anymore. Now? What do you believe? Well, that's the part. The still come. Together and by the end of this year, Almost all of you now everybody's individual. Almost all of you will have reached a new. Of awareness. That's actually unprecedented. Now what or feel like and what that will look like. Still little- but I know I mean that all point of a higher level of awareness, as if, if you could see it from where you were at it wouldn't exists? The whole point of it. Is to move to a higher level of awareness and that's the big red pill. What's coming, it's a whole bunch of small things that collectively ur gonna sum up to a new view. Of your entire understanding of reality and your place within it.
So that was what you were expecting internet. Wasn't Steve the abandoned, say something that just fascinated me and this gets back to sort of like the feeling about the year, the feeling and help the simulation? The idea that we live in a computer simulation, we're, not real in an original sense. Were real software, but in their view of things, but not real, as the creators who made this offer now. Here's one is one of those situations makes just makes me think you know, I don't think it's true in the wound and say it, but it just feels like we live in a programmed. Movie Khazars, so many things that happen: the fit Storyline or a narrative is just Harder and harder to ignore that your first assumption should be, as is nothing but a coincidence and confirmation by
and I wouldn't tell you it's more than that. But when you say it is still interesting, so I'm gonna call it I'll stay abandoned made this observation that George Floyd, We know from the coroner report, corona virus, and he also sentinel in his system, now There's a separate conversation about how much those mattered to the outcome, What are the odds? The George Floyd would have two things from China in a system, and there are both bad up this coincidence does not feel like the simulation is winking at you, like the biggest trigger point. Maybe there we ve ever seen as in terms of a single issue, single event that less than nine minutes,
change the world. What are the odds with a single moment? The changed everything? At the same time they were experiencing a pandemic caused by China at the same time. Well, economic dislocation also caused by China. What are the odds that that person, who is the flashpoint for everything had in his body, to most visible variables of China's, is completely evil one coincidence? Now it's not a meaningful, it might not be meaningful in terms explaining what happened. Sort of an unknown We say that having sentinel in your body on top of however other drugs on top of police, on your chest and on your neck on top of any excitation from the situation on top of
yeah, whatever underlying health conditions, lot of variables involved. But what did the US? A sentinel would be one of them I think these simulation is winking And tell you that hey everybody everybody there's another level Another level tell you what it is, because, even if I did it's too soon, you have to be ready, the other, the foundation has to be bored before you can enjoy the net level of awareness. Tell you what it is, but wink wink wrinkling. So. Somebody says I have, and I will not wear a mask, so is Anybody who has been watching my periscopes while alive,
Armed about some of my books being upside down on the shelf behind me whenever you noticed that time ago. One of the box was upside down then later was right side up. But then the middle book was upside down. Yesterday I got a message from suddenly said. If I may to live upside down book. It is thus giving triggered. Can you can you, but the wind Bigley, book right side up? So I say yes, because somebody asked me for something like that, of course I'm going to, but I had to turn the other book upside down Because it worse yet many of you noticed well now that I've emitted that those doing it intentionally now, of course, that is an example of persuasion, and I did it so that I can call it later
So I was was was that if any of you noticed it, aid. You spend some time wondering about it. That's all it was supposed to do. It was most make you pause and wonder because the more attention. You give me no matter Because what is positive attention, even negative attention, sometimes Is it is sort of a bonding process so the more you think about somebody, the more important they seem, the more likely you're gonna check their content out the next time you see it now
so this is a simple technique of using something that's intentionally wrong. To draw your attention. Now. I've talked about in the past must have you heard it? I wrote about it and when Bigley as well, that the president's tweets, often ever misspelling, for example, recently, instead of stopped, he you typed stooped, it's gotta be stooped. Now I dont think that he makes that kindly mistake intentionally so Like my situation, where I intentionally turned a book upside down to great mistake, I don't believe that the mistakes you see in the president's tweets our intention here, just typos they're, just typos. Maybe it's a fact wrong. I mean it's just normal stuff, but he doesn't delete them.
And the fact that he doesn't delete them and simply just retweeted with the correct words is tell you something: it's a decision. Would Barack Obama leave a typo in a tweet. Would Barack Obama leave a typo in a tweet if he could just delete it. There's somebody report, or somebody was pointed out runaway right in the first five minutes after a presidential tweed, probably sixty seconds into into the tweet Somebody's gonna tell the President ups, you gotta table. Barack Obama would fix it because he'd one look professional he'd want to present himself as a person whose cares about the details now would be his it was brand president Trump Woods.
A typo and say quite reasonably, this type of who make people look at this tweet. The typo, even though, is an accident added something it's an addition, not its attraction it's an addition, because what he wants when he sends a tweet is your attention. Why would he tweet if he does why the pay attention to remember that fascinating tweet that Barack Obama sent. No, you don't. Rocco Obama never sent a tweet they use. Remember in fact, You probably remember for five minutes when you every sought how many tweets of present terms Do you remember at least the conceptually nothing exact words, probably a lot coffee, for example, just pick one. Probably a lot so the president is operating at a higher level of awareness. This is what I told you in twenty fifth.
Is what I noticed immediately about him he's. Reading of persuasion level, which means that He tells the fact that the fact checkers now, that fact is not right. Does he know it's not a fact. He knows it doesnt matter. He knows it. Doesn't matter, that's what you need to understand. He know it doesn't matter as long as the facts, his alleging arduous, Really useful meaning he's persuading you quite obviously and transparently toward a policy or a situation which he can do, I have all of its benefits. There's nothing really hidden about that, and so, if even if he uses a fact that doesnt pass the fact check. And it s called out all the smart people, operating at a lower level of awareness, say what's wrong with you.
Are you crazy? Are you stupid? Why are we not correcting these obvious mistakes and the reason is Trump operates? at a higher level of awareness. If you hit him, it's hard to here, is really hard to hear if you haven for a whole big part of white people, don't understand why you does what he does. It scares them to death. Because when you see somebody powerful and what's more powerful than the presidency, This is a very powerful you dont know why they're doing what they're doing? How is that not scary? Really, how could you not beast scared. By watching the most powerful person in your world, if you're in America doing things that don't make sense to you scared right. So you can completely understand why half of that half of the countries their Harrison fire then
don't know why it does what it does. And the reason is us: he know What matters- and he knows what's bullshit. If you said me is drunk the very best medical national in the world. I'd say: probably not it's not something you studied. If you say, is trouble Spurred on any one of us, of detailed technical topics. I would say no, nor does he claimed to be experts on those detailed technical topics. But there is one thing: the trouble is an expert on. Don't even think his critics would disagree, he knows bullshit, he lives it. Recent who produces it. He manages it. He spots it. He changes it, he creates it. He knows, bullshit
and he can smell a mile away. That's that hunch thing when the president closed the reports when all of the experts said none too soon to soon we know have data. What was the operating on a hunch? what's another way to describe the same situation, he smelled bullshit he's smelled the bullshit the entire world he could smell bullshit from fucking whew hung China, that's how goodies smelt bullshit. So Consider that when you see the president's executive order, prominently asked for a national databases and police misconduct What that saying is he knows the data that people are using to make decisions,
their use in the wrong data and that they are trapped in a delusion he's trapped in a delusion, somebody saying who is this guy Well welcome. Whoever ass to who I am, you should read when, as your introduction to the answer to that question. So say what you well about the President's myself: MIKE Servage said the other day that that he thinks the Trump has lost a step with age, but he's not in complete breakdown like brightness. Of course, there's a big difference now agree that I think, if you're being fair, has Trump law the step with age and say: yes, I would say: yes, I will say I've lost a step with age as well. Now
one of the things that people don't realize until they become a certain age? Is that there's a compensation strategy? meaning that all people lose certain modalities, but they gain other abilities and they use. That They have gained to compensate for the ones they know, they're losing and so. I dont worry automatically that was somebody relieved amid seventies, who is looks like that was a little bit of a step because, doesnt tell you the whole story, because they ve got things go alone. They ve got trusted advisers. They ve got a lifetime of colleagues bullshit. They estimates. On capabilities slackened, compensate for the loss of a snap. So we but his fair to call it out. It is fair to call it out when, what I was saying, that Hillary Clinton looked unhealthy before she collapsed and was carried away and dragged into a car
I've been saying that for months because it looked at it just look that way to me. When I say that Joe Biden appears to have lost his mental disabilities far far beyond the point where he should have any job really so maybe seven eleven I'd say that, because that's just an observation, I'm trying to be objective that is not based on politics is just what I see Likewise, I think I would be a liar were a hypocrite if I were to call out as much damaged it that it looks to me like Trump has lost the step. But again we have to look at the big picture. I think he's also gain A lot in terms of the capability of how to be a by Mr President, I would say that his top advisers on the most important things are extraordinary.
The most important things being how we deal with other countries and our economy. In my opinion, those at the top priorities. His advisers in those categories, MIKE Pump, Ale excellent Stevenson, excellent Peter Navarro, excellent. Three top advisers. Those are plus advisers, at least as far as I can tell, right, you you never really now, because you get tough on the outside What we can see those are three of the top best most qualified and so far have functioned really at the highest level. So far very impressively I would say so. Do you care the trump the seventy four and he was a little bit sharper at fifty five yeah. You should care about that, but you have to see it in context.
And I will reiterate we should not have presidents were over. Seventy has just bad idea. Just adding a risk to something that you didn't needed an at chatteris to. But here we are. We have two choices of candidates over seven days after I have to pick the one you like. We must talk about common areas. It feels like every day somebody smart is right. An opinion, be saying: well, it's gotta be common errors. They come down to us to now, I don't know how we can ignore the fact that this is blatant racism, because, if a job requirement the vice presidency in this case, if the job requirement has a guaranteed racial component and a guaranteed, I think guaranteed of jet
component. I dont know if you can call their anything by racism. Now get why? But I understand why, by doing it and all even go further, if I were by Not do it too. I would do it when you, if you're Byron,. They were trying to get elected as long as is being transparent about its racism, but it's give him some credit for being transparent by it is telling the country look gonna be a racist in this decision. Does not there's no other word for it, If you're requiring a race for a job you're racist, There's no other way to shade that right, I would only be insulted if anybody disagreed with that, it is explicit racism by the cleanest. Most obvious definition, nothing more racist than your race
will determine whether you are eligible for a job in government, now, others, not a legal requirement, but Biden said it explicitly. And let me say if I were you were new situation, is actually a good play. It was not dumb. It's the smartest reasonable thing I can do and it has a good intention. The good intention is to make the country feel comfortable. That is I presented. I think there is anything wrong with the intention. Nothing wrong with the intention we got a loan slide and say. Well, tension is obviously good. Even if your Republican, even the republican and even you say that's totally racist requiring a race for a job. What else is just right,
But even the Republicans, I think, if you talk to them privately, would say by years who is well intentioned, you may not think it's a good idea. You might not like we bags by you'd, have to admit: can we just a net? is well intentioned, it's good strategy to be elected as well, but I was eighty ban tension to whatsoever, so we do expect the camel. We'll be back now. Let me ask you this. As you are tapestry of the big red pills starts to come together and You're here saying that you're seeing the the patches of the the tapestry individually, here's another patch just throw this Throw this into your thinking when yours to see a larger truth revealed over the coming months. About when I told you.
A common areas would be the view back to be the real present because bindings brain think about how long ago I told you that think about me tell you that Trump would be president in twenty fifteen, publicly and loudly think about how loudly and publicly and repeatedly I told you that the least likely person in the world, according to everybody else, was gonna. You're an ex president, I told you the camel Harris would be effectively the candidate after she dropped out of the fuckin race. Think about that now. Stoka change could be Susan. In the end could be things we don't know were happening behind the scenes public something they found down about common areas that we don't know that takes account of the running. But at the moment.
Would you agree that at the moment, if he were to pick today, it looks like it would become. Lairs at the moment you, all agree the camel errors? would be, if not Andy, one voice resume the most influential person and effectively the president beyond the present. What do you agree? I thought you didn't agree when I first said that did you. So I want you to know. I just want you to put that fact that I called this so far in advance that it approaches magic and I did twice because calling Trump for President I'm not other people didn't also thank you would be present. I wasn't the one person in the world, But I want you to keep those two facts in your head that how far in advance I saw those things developing.
What I see developing right now is even cool. That's the big red, the big change in our awareness this happening. So if you believed In the old world, the old reality you still living, but its old, and it's like an old parachute shoes and still comfortable, but eventually you're gonna get new shoes. That's come and you are thinking yourself well. I think I live in a rational world where you rational things happened. What rational world allowed you to camel hair ass would be would be the person. Was a rational or was that understanding how persuasion works, Well, I would argue that I used to persuasion filter to predicted.
If you use some other filter, and it didn't predict that I take you back to my most fundamental statement about how you should deal with your reality. If you have a filter on life, in other words the broad view or the way you're saying things continues to make you happy and it continues to predict least happier than you would be otherwise and continues to predict accurately. Well, that's a pretty good worldview and might be false might not actually be accurate picture. Reality, but if it makes you happy and accurately predicts what's going to happen next in the environment might be as good as you can do, because we have different filters differ movies. If yours is workin unlocking to talk inanimate, in fact, I'm try. Yours is working, and I say that about religion and not a believer personally, but as
observe people without filter on reality, no matter which religion it is. You notice that the majority people seem to be quite happy about it and it gives them a structure and a world view that is, in my opinion, far more good than bad yea other religious extremists? But that's feels like more of an excuse for whatever they wanted to do anyway. So. So he says: identity politics predicted it identity, politics predicted that that they would have started with that. The identity politics predicted that binding I've got this far, so there had to be somebody else, the predicted it would become labourers says little more complicated than that. But yes, identity politics is, is certain
would have signalled there's somebody like calmly Harris would be in the final mix So I think identity politics would have accurately predicted what the primaries look like right, because you had pretty good reports location, women and minorities in the primaries. It would not have predicted Joe Biden so there's something else going on here is something else is part. I claim some some vision on all right. Right. Somebody says she was always the choice. I think that's true. Some say, is not popular with the black population. So it's a bad prediction let me ask you this, given the current protests, the current situation and the enemy
People consistently tell you the trappers or racist, it doesn't matter it doesn't matter of common Harris is popular with black. Doesn't matter at all They're gonna vote the same way anyway, because our voting against trap. Cobbler assembly is to exist and not be tromp. That's good nobody's gonna care about them, did you predicted Van Jones comments on Trumps Crime Initiative I haven't seen his comments. Trumps, chrome initiative. So since I haven't seen it, I can predicted. Even those already happened right you say that Van Jones says that he didn't go far enough. Let me look it up. Tell me in the comments, if that's all My my gases Evangeline said Stepan
direction didn't go far enough Jones. What was it the initiative? Did you say or was it the policing? There was more about the police I may be on the wrong topic yourself. So this is the first headline step in the right direction with how'd. I do. What what did I predict that? you don't know that I didn't see this before so, if, if you're, if you're skeptical, out I'll tell you again something that you can always depend on with me Now you might not trusted, but under the same anyway, if I tell you directly I am not lying about this. Not like that.
I've never in my life said something that directly. That was just lie. I don't think I could now if there's some sometime, you see me, you think I've left now part of the story or something that may be true. I wouldn't do it intentionally, but I could leave out something but I'm not a look right now. Changes and just like and I'm telling you I did not see any news whatsoever about the Jones. In fact, I didn't even check the newspaper page. Actually I did. I did open a page, but didn't you missed. An opportunity was to political. Started off with a lot of unity, the moved into politics and created starts to people fight about it's a powerful step
Van Joneses, the speech and given a high rating, but the executive order is a step in the right direction. So how do I do that can you interview in culture, I don't know if that's the right combination, mirth again. Alter is one of the most talented writers in America may be the most. You know I'm just using the top five Matt Taibbi I put in that category, but they're she's. Just one of the. Finest writers I've ever seen. I don't agree with Oliver opinions, but that's what makes a fun I just don't think we're right light It would be fun and I would certainly enjoy it I don't know if the audience needs us to talk that doesn't feel I'd rather talk to Charlotte The God.
How much would you like to see me in an interview, doesnt matter which way goes him interviewing me, but the conversation. How much would you like See me in a conversation with a Charlemagne, the God to derive a hole in the fabric of reality. I don't think that'll happen, but I think you didn't joint. That would be a better combination so much for today. I will talk to you later.
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