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Episode 1032 Scott Adams: Why Your Vote is Irrelevant This Time, My Musical Debut, Evil Triangles, Baby Memes, Supreme Court

2020-06-19 | 🔗

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  • President Trump’s Tulsa rally
  • Supreme Court credibility
  • Perfect prank, “Todler” meme, @CarpeDonktum
  • Akira The Don puts my words to music
  • Kamala’s bill to make Juneteenth a national holiday
  • Brian Stelter’s accidentally funny Dr. Fauci tweet 

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Bob Bob Bob Bob, a bonfire, hey everybody style for coffee was got items. I appeal to ignore this probably races symbol or my shirt. I haven't check the news today, but if triangles can be racist, I'm pretty sure Jack works, their necks we're coming for you, Jack works. Well, if you like to enjoy today's coffee was got atoms. What do you think you need to do it here? That's right, coffee or a beverage of your choice is all you need. Is sick upper bugger glass, attacker trousers dive against each other, a flask of vessel of any kind, fellow with your favorite liquid alike
enjoying me now for the unparalleled pleasure there Romania, the day the thing that makes everything better, it's called the simultaneous upon the happens now go. So a Sunday is, the news is funnier than other days when I wake up to a day of nothing but funny news. That's all funny today I'm pretty sure this somewhere in the world are tragedies in deaths, but the news no longer cares about that. Stuff works. To the racist babies, stuff and and more fun, So here are some things that are not covered in the news today say by protesting in
actually is going on with the coverage of the protests. Did they stop and if they stopped? Is that news, or are they just plan there for the weekends, because it's easier to do my weekends. So I guess Heather there are plans for violent, take people to show up at the Trump rally and told her. How do you think that's gonna? Go I've got a feeling. Tulsa is going to be pretty lit now. One of the things that really tough for the entire trumpeters is that every time you see footage on television of Democrats destroying the world and then you're gonna juxtapose, that to the president in front of a pact stadium
of law abiding citizens, I'm starting to wonder if binding, even these rather anymore, I will talk about the poles and a little bit, but how I have. Is anybody get their side elected if their team was to show Non, stop violence as the alternative to Trump? Basically, I mean you could say that happening. It's Times was not the alternative, but it's gonna feel like it. It's going to feel like two teams: setting your water setting your business on fire and the other team is trying to make America great again or whatever it's going to be a tough one, and it makes me wonder if the networks are going to have to not cover it. How I see it under the cover this gives us they show it
it's just go to the all. Bad visually it'll be just devastated, and I think that the public's say the public's flexibility or understanding in terms of protest and violence, started out very flexible, because everybody was shocked about George Floyd. And if you saw somebody acting out because of that, you would, yourself. Well, I wish they wouldn't, but I cant get it. You know you sort of understood at least you're, even if you will dollar. You could say you can see that could happen. But the longer it goes. The less credible the here the protesters are. Especially since there were lots of suggestions that have been floated and everybody seems to be taking them seriously. So that should be
there, but one won't stop the protests and tells her. I would expect a good deal of violence when that happens. Unfortunately, So I put up a little poll on Twitter just before I got that there were still hundreds of responses. And I asked this question. Knowing that all digital trails or discoverable that you can who's your job and your family for supporting tribe. Would you Ella pollster, if you plan to vote for a troop of course, Caesar highly unscientific poles, but they are the only thing you can really tell with twitter ball is: does there exists a lot of people who have us an you can't, even really, though it is more or less because that buttons unscientific You tell us a lot of them. I mean that we come across very clearly.
Boy by ratio of about two to one. Last I checked to people said they would not talk to the poster for everyone. The wood. Two people said they would either lie to bolster or give them an answer for every one that would now. You may say yourself, scouts Ascot, there's been pulling, ever love of law? We have the same problem here in twenty sixteen trouble, popular than Oda, it's not. The same is not even close to the same as twenty six. In twenty six team. Did you think you are sure job for being a Trump supporter. I mean I'm sure people dead, but probably wasn't the top there you and worrying about right at the moment in twenty twenty, it might be the top. Thank you
about their maybe people all over the country who are saying. Oh God, help somebody didn't see that tweet I did two years ago I can could get so at the moment. The fears What what have I told you use the most motivating persuasion bar none. Nothing is more persuasive than this. One thing fear fear. Fear is always the most persuasive, because you have to protect yourself first before you can do anything. You can eat if you think you're gonna get killed runway so so, given that a real fear, this is not. I pathetically there isn't.
Real fear that you can lose everything, your friends, your job etc. So I dont think we ve ever had appalling situation that was this rife with possible mischief our office mischief. So much is in a South South brands. Where's the other thing that changed for four years ago, were you as aware as you are now, of course you were aware, but there's a difference between knowing something is true sort of intellectually and having it just force to the front, Will you brain Cassie anything else, that's really different in both cases you know it was the case there's There's no new information and I'll tell you I'm talk about moment, but there is a difference between just knowing is true and
saving your overwhelm your brain you'll act differently in those two cases and what we ve watched for the last four years, especially with the Russia collusion stuff, is that absolutely no digital trail is safe, no database care be hacked, no server care, be hacked and we ve seen plea willingness of people to share and docks people, so the things that are really different. You always knew the government can find out anything right. You do they could fuck. You fuck you do that on some level they might be collecting all of your digital data, etc, but it wasn't front of mind But if you turn on the tv and every single day, there's a new story of somebody's email text message. Real data got hacked every frickin day. The knowledge that used to be just something you knew.
Now, lighting up your whole brain, like your brain, is on fire with the idea that there is no privacy for digital communication is There is no privacy, the only private. I said this before the only pride see there will have in the future is being boring if you're boring. Nobody wants look at your stuff anyway, so being boring is literally the only protection. You'll have the Yukon you'll feel confident about that is always nobody cares about EU. There will look in your stuff, but even then, of course they would. I ve got a question for you. Has the Supreme Court just turned it popularity, pole and I'll you. This question, because I No really follow the Supreme Court. Just follow the headlines when they buy,
Can somebody you know something answer this question: when was the last time the Supreme Court had a ruling that went against popular opinion. Let's say, let's say part: our opinion had to be at least sire having terrible algae problems. One with endless save for the purposes of this, that that popular opinion had to be at least fifty five percent in favour of whatever position However, the topic is doesn't, but when was the last time the Supreme Court voted against the public majority say. I know because I feel like I feel, like you stopped happening.
I am not entirely sure matters honestly, I actually don't actually don't think matters, so he says Rovers Wade. I doubt that's true could be proud verse for that occasion here? You have to go back pretty far. Somebody's is the travel ban know about that others. Some questions. There might be some that were lesser issues that people were to worked up about and then maybe in those cases the court feel safe to go against it, but I feel like there's some kind of weird self preservation happening with the Supreme Court, while all of our institutions have lost their credibility, I feel like the Supreme Court
I'd be trying to get. This is migrated. So remember I was warned you, you can't know what people in thanking you just can't. They can tell you and they may or may not be tell you the truth, but you can't know what strangers are. Thinking is just another thing and but we we can speculate, there's something this. The nation scratch your answer. I got some questions, so he says Obamacare obscene lots of examples go by, but but let me just put this proposition author. The Supreme Court might need to maintain its credibility even more importantly than getting a decision right. Would you agree that to eat off your chief justice or the numbers this spring
when your priorities be that the most important thing is to maintain the credibility of the court itself independent of what the actual decisions, because I feel like that, as the priority, meaning that if I heard that was their priority, I would say oh yeah, don't you think about it. It probably does need to be the priority, because the way that the court, can maintain. Its credibility is, of course, going with IE the majority, that's probably better than going with the minority right. If, if, if the court decided with the minority of the public, I dont know it last got it. It's gotta be with the public. They at least often enough on the big stuff, that the public says. Oh, I don't like all
We are decisions by the usual year with the public. So now that's not how the public should think right. The public should not judge the credibility of the court by whether it agrees with what they would have done as the worst way to judge them, but are we do because we're not very sophisticated overall, and so we look at the court, we say: well, it disagreed with me three or four times. I guess they're not crumble, that's exactly what you think. You would think that they had no value at all if they did their job perfectly followed the constitution for the law and just just interpreted that law. If it did agree with European in you'd, say they were credible.
So I've got a feeling that the court is always balancing these two competing and very very important issues, because, as the Supreme Court lost its credibility below, let's say some there's, probably some hypothetical support level beyond which the institute, trouble, I think they ve gotta stay above the line. Now and then they may, after you nudge decision towards keeping their own credibility if it's an old clothes We are not suggesting that they do their consciously, but I would if I were the Supreme Court, I would say quite recently I don't think there's aid reasonable about this. I would say you know the worst thing that can happen is to lose the trust of the public in the Supreme Court cases. Court. They end up being the Tiber acre for a lot of stuff. If you lose,
if you lose all your credibility here, there's always criticism, but if you lose all of credibility and you're. The thai breaker. That's pretty dangerous is dangerous, because what do you do if you don't have that ultimate credible typewriter? So if I were on the Supreme Court, I would sometimes do things just to remain credible, even if it wasn't exactly where I think the law is pointing because it is the greater good. I think. The case to be made for the eye provocatively tweeted the other day that in this election the upcoming election year vote all matter, then here's what I mean by that is that this is something we can predict with complete, certainly waking. We know with complete, certainly that's it will be allegations of vote rigging.
Both the left and the right degree. So far so far away on the same page, there's a hundred percent chance, the both of you then the right, no matter what the outcome of the election independent of the outcome The left and right will have examples, or at least allegations of election temporary election suppressing the votes of black photos, for example. Now, whether or not these are good examples, whether or not they really happened, whether another true or not, doesn't matter, they will he believed do. Are you with me so far, though, when the Republicans have whatever allegations you know, they're gonna have the Republicans will think what is probably true and it might be true, visibly based on anecdotes and specific stories Could well be true, you know the left will have their anecdotes and stories bilbil. The point two things
you know, the left were completely believe it just like the right completely believes our side and pretty much everything so we're. Gonna have the situation where there's a guaranteed question about the result. Probably, we ve had the sort of complaint every election from the beginning of time. Probably there is never an intellectual and national election in which there is an elite. Somebody say it was rig, or at least somebody's pointing out the problem pretty much universal and we always get by right seems like it does Stop the system Lobo complaining that there will live with the result anyway, Does overall, the system is credible. Americans do pretty much trust the voting system, even though its got all these irregularities. That's what it used to be. I think that's the case.
Here's what changed the ability of the the press, the media, the manipulators behind the Kurds, the ability to ramp up people's emotions. Is that super weapon, ized level even way beyond were wasn't twenty. Sixteen. I would say that we ve we ve advanced. A lot really a lot in our ability to set people's brains on fire and make them matter excited or afraid or anxious or greedy yourself, And so what we're going to go into is a situation where a hundred percent chance that the left will feel less say that they lose they lose. Let's say: tromp gets elected hypothetically. What will the left to say? They'll say the vote was rigged, of course, because the poles will say it couldn't have happened. You see where this
the poles will say is now possible, so if Trump Wins- and there is widespread, allegations are always will be of election tampering. What would the left do? They ll say the now. This is again a safe production. Why. They already staged ago? Several, in fact, its non stop coup stuff you're the impeachment was a coup d. The Russia collusion stuff was a coup attempt lead, Any further amendments. Stuff is a coup all of these another. This alleged bullshit books about what really happened in the room with job there. All coup attempts they're all cooings they're, just in many cases, completely legal. Just because I call it a coup.
Consumers illegal they're, just using every lever every, but every mechanism, just there there through the kitchen sink at it to take him out of office without the benefit of a vote, Now, to use the word coup to mean removing a president in any mechanism other than just a normal vote, So will there be a coup is released, a coup attempt, you have trouble, wins the election and I'll say the answer is a hundred percent. There is really no yes, I would where does anybody even disagree with that and I don't see any Imagine anybody would disagree with that statement.
That we don't know what it would look like. It could be another massive fake news story. I could be like the Russia collusion where the british government runs in operation against the United States and we blame it on Russia. I didn't say that just ignore that last sentence didn't happen. Go on with your business, nothing to see here, It could be something like that could be completely different, but one thing that it might be is violent. Now, where's the the protesters are doing this giant test run to see. If you can flood the streets with people and make a difference, barely? Does it works the other willing to burn down the whole country? So Trump will be an interesting situation, which is if he asked to use?
worse to to stop a coup which won't look like a comb and just look like demonstrators calling him a racist thou, the interesting side, but I think that's where we're having so in all likelihood, so my my current estimates are under percent chance. The trouble be real less something big changes between now and election day. Well, something big change between now and election. Of course, I well are you kidding me something big will change next week and the week after week after so these guys predictions were kindly useless because their straight line predictions in a world that can go straight line,
The world doesn't know how to going to streamline, and then I predicted that if Trump as elected there's a fifty percent chance that the coup will succeed, I think there is a fifty percent. She s at the russian collusion thing or the the ukrainian thing or some other thing could have succeeded. I think there is a good fifty percent chance just and got their way. One of the funniest stories is so carpet item today, Meme video, showing some footage of a toddler. I think they might have been three years old. I can't. Ages, orchids and but there sort of barely can walk kind of dollars what was white. One was black, they were, they were best friends there hugging on the sidewalk and then they happily go running down the street
Now a carbon anthem did which was brilliant. Is he showed showed that in reverse order with the clips without the part where the kids are obviously best friends hugging each other? love each other instead shows running down the street, but because the little black toddler had started first it it could be interpreted as if the little white toddlers chasing the blacklist, save you didn't see them hugging. Just before that. Now the funny part is that so carpet item adds a fake Kyra. You know that the words at them. Under the screen to make it look like it's a CNN report and that the Cairo says you White Way baby, why races baby chases black baby recently and here's the funny part. I've told you this before the vote
Two prank is one that only the victim of the franc can't tell us a prank. That's what makes a joke really good. It's one thing, just a mark. People in the ears of funny picture area, a sort of one dimensional, but if you can come up with a perfect prank only the subject of the brig can't tell us a prank and the reason is they can't tell parity from reality. And if you could find somebody who literally cannot tell the difference between reality and parity than you do, a prank, that's a parity, and they just can't tell, but everybody else can tell deserted in the same way? So when I watched it, I I honestly I could even imagine how anybody would think this was true. Is so obviously not true, then I just register
Joe. Can I laughed at him? I would guarantee that close to one hundred percent of term supporters and Fox NEWS watchers Look at that view and immediately immediately go ha ha, it's a joke, probably represent, but the New York Times and see an end and all the factory had to fact jacket for their audience, I'll betcha. There was not one conservative publication. The fact check that, because they are the after effects check this statement so years by state They're probably was no conservative publication that even the didn't even occur to them to fact jacket. Why would they. Because they don't think anybody wouldn't be confused by it. Of course, they cover the story of the others factor here.
But I think the Washington Post, then the New York Times I don't know how many people on the left fact Jack this thing, but just stop and pause for a moment that There were enough people on the left who thought it. We believe always way for this, who thought it would be perfectly believable this and then would run a story. A video of two toddlers chasing each other one she's in the other. I call the one toddler racist. Maybe now
Their audience apparently thinks that's possible, which is reckon hilarious. So of course, I gotta pull that the bigger got label by twitter for be misleading. Perfect. It get the track, checked everywhere, perfect, it got tweeted by the President perfect. It became a national story, And it was short and YO sometimes means can go a little bit too long. That's my only complaint about the political means I like em short. This was just the right length, perfect, and part of the reason I think there are complaining so much about it is that it was really powerful visually when you, when you watch Thea the two kids hugging, the you can just feel their joy,
These are two little kids or really genuinely happy to see each other. I mean they're really like each other and. We immediately remind you that. That's how you started like you immediately go to your baby self and say air. There probably wasn't. I don remember it right, but they're, probably as the time that I, but even tell the difference between black people and white people I didn't even those important just it wasn't. A variable. But he looks different. Somehow. Why was I gotta pick out that one difference did occur to me, that was my friend Bob so
So is really powerful powerful. The way it works on your mind, so this isn't just a funny. Meme, it's hilarious, Warcraft disarray size got the president's attention got national news. Gotta controversy about it, got removed from a lot of places. Man. You can't you care here a longer long, Baldwin that so, what I will elevated to masterpiece status. If they were giving awards for means. This would be regarded me word for twenty twenty. So congratulations to Carpenter.
By the way, if you not watching curbing items career, how it sort of evolved from the first selection is really fun to watch, because he as well as many others, are just putting together their talent stacks and just watching, come together, just just front watch integration. Speaking of and speaking of mess to pieces this next, this next thing I'm going to tell you, is maybe the hardest thing I've ever tried to communicate. I spent I spent probably thirty minutes last night train to come. It was a tweet on this topic and in the end I sort of gave up Some things that, by their weird nature, can be explained by some people in other words, is something you can explain easily, but I can't hear you
situation you ve probably seen twitter a cure. The dawn is username is at Ok, I are eighty. Eighty deal in and he makes music one of the things he is made and there is little clip these released disease taken by the audio from my periscopes and he's taken selected clips from audio, especially of the periscopes there. Now political so that there's nothing political in the music. But when I talk about the user interface for reality, for example, any put it to music. Now, here's why I couldn't compose the tweet, because I need more time to talk about it like I'm going to do now. If I just told you there's somebody who's music, you are not familiar with necessarily had put my
what are you from my periscope to music? What will be your first impression of how good that would be necessary? right. Would thy leaders at your assumption. You first. Assumption would be. I don't know if I want to listen to that, maybe for curiosity, but it's not going to be like art or music right, but it doesn't make any sense. You're going to be surprised. That is the part that I couldn't tell when I listen to it. It actually just blew me way, but I couldn't tell if it's because I was listening to my own voice because they go powerful. That would be to hear yourself talking to yourself in a way you weren't, expecting you don't know, what's gonna come because the order other and their presentation was new to me as well. Even those my words It was someone new to is the way was composed. I wasn't sure yes,
What was happening is I was just having a personal experience that would not be in any way generalised to other people, so I tweeted doubt say His little abandoned as possible, because I couldn't describe. And I want to see what the comments were out- people really like people really like it, I was trying to figure out why. I'll take my best crack and you using the popularity of mash ups, where you'll have a lesser wrapper, be doing some kind of rap a part of this then maybe reorder. Somebody would come in and do more musically around the musical terms by I'm talking about she'd have somebody on a completely different style, wrapper style mixed with somebody who is more classically singer and so
That's better. I don't know why I got it. I thought about it for a long time like. Why is this ban when you put to completely thing different things together? Doesnt quite makes sense, but it is neither listen. I can that's better. I don't know I don't think there's something to do with in that case, you're waiting for the part you're waiting for that might be some anticipation about an arrow Davidson context. Contrast, it makes us makes it a thing. But when I listen to this, what here's my best guess about, why had an effect on me? As you know, trained hypnotist and a very exciting? communicator. So when you hear my words, they turned carry more weight than an untrained communicator. So if you said
Health is just somebody talking and they put music. You wouldn't be this because even when I hear myself. Sometimes I play back my periscopes, you see if I can learn anything to improve them. What I'm playing back my own periscopes unite. Ire. I see the density in them that I didn't know I had when I and so what I was doing it. I wasn't aware of it, but I wanna watch it. I can watch it like a spectator and I'll think. While it's pretty dense, But also I realise that I'm using massively in I don't even do it cautiously, the techniques of hypnosis, so Well, that's what I don't think that was his intention to maker hypnosis, slash musical product.
Because everything I do is sort of infused with persuasion that the low clips of my voice- you don't forget about them. Musically they just activated, part of your brain, and so what you're feeling is that the text is activated one part of your brain while the music is activating another and is to part of your brain that you just don't activate at the same time and that's why it has a weird effect on you cuz you haven't had those two simultaneously activated. It's not the same issues here. Somebody talk because again, I've infused with without trying. I it with love more weight than normal words is just because a training and technique anybody you robins, would do the same thing without trial. So I recommended at the same time,
Just don't know how to describe it, because it's just like it entails scouts speaks perfectly. That's a callback too. I told you the story when I lost my voice for three and a half years, and I literally couldn't communicate at least I can make noise, but I couldn't make full sentences and stuff, and my affirmation of the time was that I would speak perfectly now. I dont speak perfectly acres perfect as a standard. You can't really achieve but nonetheless it is true that my voice- A work of art- that's music; now I can, tell if he enhanced my voice or voice just edited out anything that was weak sounding but it does sound better than my normal voice. I don't know how he did that there might be some digital magic about that,
he might have auto tuned? Possibly if you listen to it, is there someplace smart enough to know that my voice was, although tuned or even a little bit, but their does seem to be a little more character in my voice. Then what I normally here, if I just played it back, could be a moment my imagination so anew the S suicide Spotify. So You can look for the single, the single is called. It feels like it works, so look or a cure, the dawn, a K. I are a val d, o n, and that should pop up with your google. Purchase and there's all album coming that I haven't heard yet but impressive Amy Club which are so two is dropping out of the running to be vice presidential back because she thinks that binding should pick a woman of color
So throwing Elizabeth worn under the bus at the same time, because you are a seasoned political observer. What do you make of the story that Amy Closure withdrew withdrew from consideration to be the vice presidential back? What does it mean that she withdrew and in withdrawing said, that she's sports, a woman of color? Let me read between the lines the choices already made. Do you think Emmi but gives up I'll think so, maybe maybe but there's nothing about her vibe or they things I've seen about her I have actually very positive. Very pause overall opinion of an email, closure and absence of beginning. Although-
they want anything she had the charisma cited as she's she's wanting in charisma, but, as you know, I'm not sure you can fix charisma. But in terms of being a serious capable? highest level politician. I was so she was very good she certainly smart enough to know that if the selection have already been made, the smartest thing she could do is act as though the selection had not already been made. And then drop out by recommending a person of Color Biden presume. ITALY has already picked Cobble Harrison. Everybody knows it, then, when he does Baker, people, because they are that's exactly what Amy closure advised him to do. She wins so The words she already know she lost the race to be vice. President is obvious to me. She already knows that's over.
The best thing she could salvage from this is to predict or advise or suggest the thing. This already happened. Because you're not gonna be wrong. If you suggest something this already happened and I'm sure they can lead us has been selected at this point that I think it change she could be selected. I don't think that would be the first time a vice presidential pick. You got altered at the last minute, but at the moment it looks like it's like she's back. You're something where's did today, which reminded me of Trump. I've told you before that. I think her advisors are now the world class type when she was running just as a candidate in the papers. She was a hot mass and
of her messaging, her body language, her her own, confident, laugh. It was just a mass and all that just suddenly changed and even her strategy, a thought was weak, but even strategies better. So I will tell you that the trumpet picks up free money. They use that as an analogy free buddy, meaning trouble do the thing that is all upside, no downside and for some reason nobody else thought to do it. It was just right there. It is obvious that just re here pick up the free money. Anybody anybody! So that's why Herriston she's planning to introduce a builder declares June teeth a national holiday. Now your first question should be why her did nobody else thinking that is
if President Trump has suggested this first to make June teeth a national holiday. I dont know if there's any resistance from Republicans I haven't heard of any uttered off. There would be but I would consider this under the condition that molecules, would generally support. There's not enough assocation, I haven't seen any opinions, but I would say that in this case, that's true and if we say here is introduces a mistake its past, especially because we knew that the mood of the country you maybe just sales I would say that would be an error on the president's part. It would be an error because he didn't do it. I mean if this thing is gonna get past. The president should have done. That was just free money. It doesn't get past the now. I know why you didn't do it right, so I will wait to see if it gets best what the fuck
Does she saw the free money and picked it up. Tells me that maybe Democrats. Together the way inside our aid worker? We want to help the future ticket, so the rest of us will just back up. Let Harris go forward, get the attention. Free money. So whoever is advising Harris. You are now aliens, my friends, you are an alien. You know how much I have marked her for her laugh, your subconscious laugh self. Conscious, laugh. There's a video in which forget whose interviewing her and the question they asked is: how could she be potentially is, or while Aachen, she Sport Biden or even being consideration as of each was when she was so savage to him at the debate.
Now that that's gonna be the big question right, you know everybody s, cobblers, better prosecution, background and they're gonna ask her about throwing bided under the bus as being a racist. Obviously not add that'll be the question, so you know she prepared for the question and even though I believe she has now the highest level advisers who would have given her the right answer, and so the question is there as she just starts laughing, because it's so ridiculous, but she's laughing at her own answer and she goes. It was a debate and then she laughs and then she says a debate and laughs the more she goes. It was scheduled debate. We were. A bathing, because that's what you do when you debate and then she laughed again, but here's what different
laugh, didn't look like the old laugh effects through laugh. Which I wasn't even sure could be done. I thought maybe could be done, but I think she fixed it because this was not a self conscious, laugh. It was a confident laugh. She was so confident, rightly so, because our answer was a home run. The correct answer is it: was a debate follow up and it wasn't debate one woman ads in detail to the answer. It was a debate. Can you go deeper? Yes, it was a debate and laugh everytime. You can't beat that you could not beat that for a perfect way to handle that situation. Laugh and cholera debate never go deeper period and the story.
Should not say proven the story. I Martha it's too easy, says in your brain and then just comes out than the one. It comes out glass which ended so watching her go from a self conscious, nervous, looking laugh to laugh that is so confident she won't even stop doing it in public life. She just laughed and call debate. You yourself said debate. Little linear. Remind you, because I know this can happen when I say good things: any female politician, somebody. How much will always say those men who it is all you have a crush on hurry. You love her all you have such a you know you want to. You want to be with her uncle to block anybody who does this doesn't add anything.
Brain smelter, you all know him CNN and one of the funniest tweets accidently. He said the doktor fashion, Diagnosing an american problem quote this is from Fouche, you there's a combination, and if science bias that people are. Reasons. That sometimes are you know, inconceivable an understandable they just don't believe science, ITALY, they dont, believe authority. Well, is there anything that could have, happened in the last last twelve months or so anything that would make the public less trusting of experts and authority and science and am my brain now. Anybody can anybody thinking,
leaving an example of some time that the experts were not exactly right. I'm coming a blank, I got nothin. Now recall my earlier story about carbon atoms meme the reason that work As I see and literally cannot tell the difference between parity and reality,. Because they deal with so much fake news. The fake news, a sort of the the hybrid of parity in reality, like look so similar, so bright, Spelter tweeted, this
Maybe like it wasn't a joke, you light like the rest of the country would laugh at this loud. You killed me this. You can read this and not laugh, but I dont think Brien's Delta knew they half of the country would laugh at allowed because his network has been feeding is a non stop that of fake news from experts. Everyone of the experts who lied to us or got things wrong was featured on CNN every one of them. Everyone will often so, I mean this is parody in reality. Merging again here's the funniest comment in a tweet that I've seen While I have to warn you that I have a very low brows sense of humor
So this was an lowbrow humor. This actually can clever that may be left. So I'm doing this cartoon must have you seen it called the robots renew. And I thought most of them behind a subscription wall, the locals platform? So if you want to see all of them, especially the edgier ones, and I dont parent what're, you see them by being a subscriber locals a low, see us and you can see the link in my.
Violent when they were the the comic covered marking the claims in the John Bonham Book and the essence of the comic was it. The robot was written news and he reported that the book says that the present Trump was taking a shit on the resolute desk wall. Asking questions about looking the moon. Now it's funny because the golden book is so ridiculous and so filled with obvious lies least obvious to me that there is nothing that you couldn't
It would be the main so so so I said that he was sitting on the resolute desk. We'll ask me about looking the moon and here's a comment. I got from an unstoppable chuck testimony from supporter. He says: that's it I baked desk shedding into the cake. When I voted for the guy laughing for two days I baked cake now I baked desk shooting into the cake when I voted for the guy so perfect. Because again, the reason this funny is because, if you're CNN you ever see, then you read this cover. You wouldn't know you're joking
you actually wouldn't know he was joking. If your brain start to look at this and say, I think they would vote for him if he should on the resolute dusk. I feel a word Well, so we also when the news, here's a tweet by President Trump. Let's see if you can see the fourth, this tweet now. I think the president does a lot you sort of he broadcasts or he he suggests where things are going before the disease, These are sort of testing limit value of yours. I think this is a test balloon so trouble tweeted. It was not ambassador lay howitzers later it was ambassador lay fault yesterday in committee. In that process
I didn't make myself clear that the U S is, Thirdly, does maintain policy option? various conditions of a complete decoupling from China. Thank you, the press, just tweeted. There were keeping open the option under various conditions, of a complete decoupling from China. Do you see that news other neither the front pages. It's the biggest news last fifty years. Here's what I think the president is has been so rightly embarrassed by China's unwillingness to be a good negotiating partner, and I
the president gave them every opportunity to be friends which is exactly the right way to do it. I don't think the president should have gone hard at China should never have used the word decoupling. Never the president's never should have used the word decoupling in a in the sense of maybe it's an option, two years ago, if he had some two years ago, our urban wall, that's crazy, you negotiating with them, we don't know if it's gonna work out. We have maybe the work out. Maybe you can get something done, it will be hard, but maybe can be done. So you certainly wouldn't say: decoupling. Two years ago you go in with friend friend friend you're. My friend presence I respect you and then you see what you can do now. What was what was the net effect of the president's completely smart strategic original approach?
is, if you can get it, if you can get something done this friends, that's always going to be the first choice right. First choice always didn't work, not only did not work, but China does look like it was serious, but it looks like use their displaying him now. He has more options, because now that he is he's completely drain and the options of them being good players and responsible and you're good world citizens. So now, you just put on the table give us we fucking word or go die, which is what does tweets and they have to read between the lines But let me read it to you and then all little read between the lines. As we say,
In the U S certainly does maintain the policy options under various conditions of a complete decoupling from China under various conditions. Do you not the various condition? Is give us what we need or go fucking die. Where decoupling, it's no longer and negotiation people. Now it's an ultimatum he's funding in the form of your diplomatic talk. Well, if you do this will do this, but is now an ultimatum. He just put decoupling on the table and China if you're listening China, I think you are listening and one of the questions you might be having China, because I'm pretty sure they have people who monitor,
most of the political talk in the United States are enough. They watch maybe in particular, but let's say they do. China, you're probably wondering is that a bluff with the present actually decoupled from China. I mean, I know it's something that people say on Twitter. But the president just use that word asleep. He Well, let me say to you as clearly as I possibly can: China Nope Nope zero percent chance he's bluffing zero There is no difference if you think he's bluffing about decoupling you're, wrong, you're fuckin wrong. This is real. Of course it depends, like you says, on various conditions go so China can always offer concessions and and and take decoupling off the table. They have an option.
But is pretty clear that they don't have any intention of doing that. Would you say it's pretty clear that they're just gonna push and take advantage anywhere? They can, and you can't really do business with somebody who has that strategic your attitude, you can't do business with somebody. You only wants to screw you and is looking for every opening to do it s. Just not somebody can do business with she have to decouple if you're, if you're, dealing with something like that, so yeah, the president doesn't tweet. This Alessi means that these acts
these areas, China, that when you don't give us what we want- and you want you won't. You know you want he's gonna decouple. Then it will be the greatest thing that ever happened to this country, because China has been dragging us down for a long time to forty percent of our manufacturing or we're getting back. We're gonna. Take it back China, you got problems there, your problems,
Let's see John Bolton bombshell is that going to John Bold and who is a mind. Reader of you knew this, but the but John Bolton among his many qualities can read the inner thoughts of the president. I can't do it, maybe you get but John Bull and can, and he wrote a whole book about his mind. Reading of the president's inner intentions and here's what he found there. He made a bombshell claim his book, the President Trump he wanted to do good things for the country, but only for his own selfish purposes, you are the president was trying to get a good trade deal with China. She asked to get elected, I know
You know this is almost ass bad. Is it like a store selling? You a product, and they say it's good for you. They say you like the product and it will have advantages and solve your problem. That's what they say when they sell you things. But I have a suspicion that store, sell things for selfish purposes is really not about the customers. I hate to tell you that cause you're people, you buy things from probably they say this will be good for you. I think you'll be happy. If you buy this, if you have this car, you can enjoy it of starting to think that's not why they do it. I feel like people don't sell things for your benefit. It's almost like
there's some kind of selfish thing. They're trying to did it. Do they make money somehow buy, sell your stuff instead of just doing a four year about. If I am confused, I capitalism and politics too, because, according to John Bonham, their people that we have elected completely unknowingly We thought we were electing good people, but I'm shocked. There are people in the government who do things in public that are good for the public, but not for us. It's not for us is for themselves. Bastards.
Well, the embryo has a new plan for getting back to games to interesting features of this. One, of course, is that they will have in a crowd, and it looks cipher there looking to pipe in artificial crowd noise, maybe from a video game or something. So this is a real planet. They ve got artificial crowd, noise and it looks like they're just go to sample and over top of the game. Now I am not in favour of that. I would recommend it. I didn't think you'd probably do it quickly, a an app worse. Some about where the people working at home can actually cheer at home. If you watch the game on tv and you go yea, that urea goes into your folder whatever device you using it,
summed up with all the other people who were your chanting income and then nobody, here's your specific voice. It just gets summed up as crowd noise and presented in real time. Would there be a delay by being lag? That could be a problem, as you do need instance. Instead, noise. I think you could do without the delay. Probably here. Or at least with so much so, I would like to see real crowd noise. As from you, living rooms, summed up into crowd. Noise about would actually be cool, but
if you are a game and you knew that there was a guy with a button. It was just put pushing the the cheering button. Every time there was a basket. How quickly will that bother you now? It might not bother you because you watch if you ve watched sitcoms forever. They have the laugh track and you seems to work now. Seinfeld famously did not have a laugh tracked. Another side felled famously did not have a laugh track. Nor do movie is back when funny movies were being made under. Nonetheless, funny movie was made, but backward movies are funny. Of course, movie doesn't have a laughter, see you don't need one, but it's definitely true that has been tested and for some segment of the population for some kind of content. It doesn't help the scripted half our companies and tv, but those are dying out so and I think the laughter
might be part of why there were less popular talk about free money. Here's one their drug did. He was asked about calling counterattack and if he should get his job back now, you're all remember the story. He called the the people who were kneeling and disrespect and the flag in trumps opinion. He thought there all bastards, no sons of bitches, all sons of bitches, which of course was interpreted as racist, which it wasn't cause, I'm pretty sure sons of bitches covering every flavour, but trouble said these things happening should get a job if, if he's still good, so you didn't have an opinion on his skills. But he said,
I think a team should Irian. That was exactly the right answer, because President Trump is what kind of president what kind of president. Mr President, Trump jobs is the jobs present. If you ask the jobs, president, hey, should this black guy, I'm just as a black guy, because that's the context of the story show this black. I get a job. What should the jobs President say, there's only one right answer: yup if he's qualified up under now, there's nothing to do with his disagreement kneeling, but to separate the question of should Cabinet get a job you're the jobs Fuckin president.
If he had said the captain, it should not get a job does it disagrees with the the kneeling I dont know if I could have supported this precedent. Because you know what I want. I want people to have jobs, cavern acre, not I've been pro cap annexes the beginning, but dear displeasure. I will reiterate that risk is I'm talking about being pro cap ethnic means not necessarily agreeing with all of its political point. Or even the way that it I'm just saying that he was effective. He said to be the real deal, you never see. Him are obviously still on point. Our message, he seems genuinely seems passionate is a cause there has reopened.
I like him as a patriot. Obviously I like him as a rebel. I like him as a patriot, really follow football. Don't care about is is athletic abilities, but I agree with the present absolutely. If he's qualified for the job, he should absolutely get a job very much and in fact I think it would be good for the game. I would watch. I think I'd watch a cap ethnic game. Even if I don't watch football cause, I'm gonna be curious. How will go So you don't have to like him personally under no impersonally, I'm just saying that as a protester as patriots, my like it, even if you disabuse other details, Let's see what else we are going on here, make sure didn't miss anything causes all so terribly important,
now that the union love I Nazis triangles or Nazi. That's all you need to know. That's like an ill people who say he's not a good quarterback. Who knows I'll talk to you tomorrow.
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