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Episode 1034 Scott Adams: Tulsa Rally, Oxygen on Mars, Chinese Election Interference, Racism Strategy

2020-06-21 | 🔗

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  • Raz Simone, more complicated than reported
  • Kamala reemerges, retrained, polished by image professionals
  • Whiteboard: Equality of GOP/Dems
  • CNN Harry Enten’s robocalls hypothesis
  • AOC, China and a Tic Toc prank
  • Impressions on President Trump’s Tulsa rally

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Bump bump, bump bump bump bump doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo, everybody style for coffee was got atoms. Yes, it is, and you came to the right place and before we get going, what are we need? That's right, you need a camera. Mugger glass at anchor trousers died again to enjoy full ask a vessel of any kind. Fill it with a favourable liquid, happy fathers day. Join me now, for the dope mean the day, the thing that makes everything better and scholars.
Here. Every party here, chemistry of your body is gonna. Be countries can be great, it's the simultaneous happened and how now go? now, I'd like you to play a game with me that I call covered cancelled or dead right. That's the game is called covered, cancelled or dead. Then the way you play it is you see a celebrity trend. Twitter and you say see. Whose trembling on Twitter Justin Bieber. Because he has covered his cancelled or he's dead who's gonna gas before we check covered cancelled or dead? Let's check
Due to do Justin Bieber, oh my cancelled, will Me too action, gonna, therewith, Justin Bieber. So covered cancel the debt blade every morning. Every morning these new celebrity. They say this one could cancel your dad and then pretty good. So far The catches of covert gets older, dead, come on you're gonna, be saying this all day long and who you are if you have not watched my new version, there are serious, called how to do things like a bummer in one of the videos. To it are probably more than in the locals platform where subscribers can see them.
But I like to release a few of them publicly, just see him. She was go right now, if you think those videos are just for fun, because the the theme of this is me: try to open ordinary consumer packaging and it doesn't Well, that's the basic theme, others that there's a larger user interface pointed coming in, for some of you will see that later here's a weird thing about the road of virus. It keeps making some things better. Have you noticed that every those that occurred a virus? It may be a lot of things worse, I mean that's where all the news is, of course, but there are some things that are just definitely better.
Let me give you an example, so I told you we have outdoor doors eating their swift outdoor ceiling for the restaurants in my town. Now I dont know if they took my suggestion or are they just came up with a rather own? I do I make a suggestion through the the the biggest restaurant owners, and he was going to contact the city. So I offers because of me, but they re. My my main street now is closed down. For a restaurant hours at the restaurants bring their tables into the into the street. It becomes were like a screen, fairer atmosphere. Now the first thing that I notice was it was way better than eating endorse those weathers. Ok, it was way better so,
Although some of your obsessing about this we'll talk about so what does things is better is one of the things you hate most about restaurants number one. You're getting a bad table right. You got arrested, make all this trouble, those You were those tables where you are on the side of the table were all your look here. Is the person on the other side of the table and a wall? Are you? It is a wall and the other people, and you think yourself well that I really need to go out there tonight, I'm just looking at a wall and people like me with anywhere. But if you really your doors, everybody has a good view this year in order to serve the three sixty view. So eating our doors is better, but then the this six foot, this six foot distance thing
by the way I'm not married. I have the ring I have to bring ahead of the marriage, so I was before I get, but I'm not married yet kiss you one soon soon. I swear it's going to happen. We got delayed several times because of the cold so were were sort of were improvising as quickly as we can to figure out how to make an hour, but I digress, I love having rushworth table six feet apart, because you ain't about a restaurant is that the people near you can hear your conversation. You can hear there's so six feet apart way, better outdoors your plentiful outdoor ceiling in the industry, the scale of a very attractive street MIKE, is much The third thing I really like one of the things, my pet peeves, about restaurants. Prior,
the covered, as I would hate it when my food would come or I've had my bread or anything server withstand directly above the table or the manager would come over to talk you whenever they would talk directly above Europe. You'd know. Maybe I'm the only person has bothered by that, but I, like anybody talking above by food, I don't need to fill in the blanks so. I've usually like if I'm listening to the server the manager comes over Yo Yo were enjoying it'll, be moving by bread played over your movie, another sprays out a very nice restaurant? Thank you. Yes, we Not all the salt, I need my fork out of work. We don't need to be talking anymore. And slowly moved my food under the spray zone and now serve
comes over with a basque, and I'm thinking I like this for all the time I like this forever. Could we do more yesterday I was gonna go out to do. Some errands had just been drinking some coffee, as I often do the normally, if I'm going to grant public, I might into encounters and people, and I would probably use mouthwash or brush my teeth again discuss ETA would have coffee breath. But I started to go: do the mouthwash before I went out and I thought to myself now I don't need this word a basque surges, but the mask like well saved step, no mouthwash from go you, There are two things we know for sure, and twenty twenty fact check me. Others. There are two things. We know that we all know.
So this is something that the left knows something about the right knows in every independent nos two things see if you agree with both of them. Number one. The only sensible way to make decisions is by, the other data and listening to the experts. As one thing we now look at the data gathered The experts. The second thing we know in twenty twenty all data is shattered, the experts alike, so we ve actually ass. A society we agreed at the following process is the only thing we agree of you can look at the data you gotta listen to the experts and the data is all wrong and the experts are live with both of those things and yet, I agree that this is a system that we're all gonna live under Fortunately I don't have a better system that if I had
better system. I would be recommending it too. I don't think magic is better, sends them and only guessing the better send them but you certainly have to watch out for the data the experts these days are now the big of course, was the rally last night to you may have noticed this little. Did that I'll, just tosses out here not important in any way very small, trivial. Little fact: dont bother yourself with it, because it was Lhasa NEWS last night about president's shrubs use of words That's the importance of not this minor little story here. Are Europeans These craft is found oxygen Mars. What what oxygen on Mars? Now, of course, if this is like most others stories
Ninety nine percent of stories, the sound a little bit like this, you know what I mean some stories that sound like other stories but are indifferent and all the details this one about Mars, I'm gonna put this in the category of things that later turned out to be bullshit. That doesn't mean it but have I mentioned that in twenty twenty all the data shit and all the experts on line, so that your context for the story- hey, we spotted oxygen bars because some green glow whenever to which I say to myself or or there's no ox Mars, and you just foolish yet just just
What that out there. The other possibility that ninety nine percent likely so I wouldn't count oxygen bars, but that's the story. There is a fascinating story about southern district of New York prosecutor who is looking into Julie, Oddy and some Trump associates, you see there fired, equipped or trouble fired and more bar did or Trump tool bar to fire and more bar setting fire him and transcend ok or trouble. No one bar fired him or Barton know anything about it and showed fired him or possibly he just quit and bar thought he was fired, but trouble said he was fired, but possibly there's oxygen on Mars. So I don't have any interest in the story was alive.
I can try to think they keep talking about the and sooner or later, I'm gonna get interested nope I've lost all interest in all lawyers lawyers stories. How many times have we heard, There's a thing with a lawyer. This will be the end of trump. How many times over that damn story it's over details arose different There's always a lawyer as the end trump. Sometimes there are two lawyers, and this will be the end he's finished now, because I've got a store this girl lawyer, that sea and so, I'm sure this story about the prosecutor is the end of tribe, because fired. Allegedly, for being good his job, but that was
easily these spun by bar as being banned as job. So there's nothing here, but it's a story here is an interesting dear that Russia's Simone, the alleged War, Lord of the autonomous zone- Is neither a warlord nor a member of the autonomous zone. If you were watching only right, oriented new sources, did you say that rather Simone so he's a guy? and he's got the he's got the the weapons that using the weapons and he seems to be a sort of handling security in the autumn. So I was looking at is is web, and that is where this is twitter feed,
and he answered somebody early on. Maybe we could go so he answered somebody any clarified. He said he's not he's not autonomous, believes that a member of the autonomous own he's an american citizen. So what asked to describe himself? Well, you wasn't ass. He just volunteered that he doesn't doesn't identify with the autonomous zone protesters here the identifies with America just think about it. Just think about that. He says explicitly and publicly no identify with America, I'm just how nope. It's really different than what you ve been told is now just because he said it doesn't leave is true. That's that's everything we know about the world, but is sort of looks like. Maybe that is actually the case, these a little bit more thoughtful
a little bit more complicated than the right leaning reporting hasn't became Saunders? Gonna pointed out their little bugging. You had. I dont know what the deal is within and I'm not endorsing Are you always a good guy? We should be. We should be comfortable with every day that weapons to two people from the trunk of his car. We don't know what that is, and somebody did get shot recently and thus a less connected anyway. It's probably not be. We got questions so that more unanswered questions and there I answered, but I'll just put that bug in your mind there he's a little more complicated, maybe in a good way than you think, Don't just I'll. Just ask you to reserve judgment. But the whole rather situation we know a lot more,
I endorse it, not endorsing atheists. Do you say there's something here. We need to know more about it. I don't think you ve been well served by your new sources. They are part of the story, is that if you saw this, it was horrible, so somebody get shot, ended up dying. They blood out in the autonomous, don't know the details But the barracks from outside the zone showed up with their ambulances. They stopped at the sort of the border, but nobody was stopping them from coming in. So we saw the videos into the open road. There were no protesters. In fact there was somebody from the order what own begging there. To come all the way and that there were other
radios waiting for, I guess, police thinkers police approval to go into the zone. Now they decided not to until it was too late or they didn't forget. I think I think they broke away from the body. We take. It is actually an other details of my have that last point role, but the point is that they intentionally waited wall, that guy was bleeding and they decided that it was too dangerous to go in, even though there was no. Idiot obvious threat where they were on the border before they would in that there will be much discussion. There will be much discussion about whether those medical per animals. Were
say not doing their duty by not accepting the extra danger, which of course, I think everybody would agree there. Some danger of Boeing in those other now much, but they did not accept that extra danger because they did not feel it was a secure. The eleven bleed out there? How much of that was political? Do you think? Do you think that ever was telling them not to go in there. Wasn't there decision really suppose they could have violated orders, but then they get fired. Do you think that the people who told them not to go in were concerned only about their safety.
Or do you think that they use the guy bleeding EL as a political, Poland? They just let him die to make a point because they didn't make a buoyant and nationalists the point they were too big, but they did make a point. And the point is the sort of his own isn't isn't function doesn't work, you can keep you alive and so silly I'm seeing the cabinets, somebody's calling them cowards. I don't think that's what was going on. My guess is that the people in the air, the ambulances were in a tough situation, but I dont think was stopped. Them was fear. I doubt I dont I seek to my. I guess, I'm biased, because if I feel like people do that job I mean, if you can be an emergency
medical person. I just don't know if physical fear is a big part of your life because you ve, you must have overcome that somehow even to just do your job, so I don't know that they're afraid I do now and orders not to go in and they decided to follow the orders now thereof. But you have to ask yourself: does the medics help or hurt the situation in the long run, because by not going in that, it makes the point that you got away this thing down? They did it by, like somebody die. Perhaps that might have saved lives. They may have saved future lies by letting a few die. Maybe that weighs Adele Vassar. Who knows how to score that one, but
Tragic, either way just about two years ago, the summer I sat in the president's oval office and this is what they will tell you just because it makes the President look smart. So I don't think he would mind if I told you this one little two bit from the conference, and that was that he predicted two years ago, the president to me personally, the Biden would be the novelty pretty good right, these are two years before happened. President tribes instincts and lots of other people picked by Miss wells. It wasn't that surprises. But I think by two years ago- and he was right- ok see you after you that that bit of inside and instinct I can. I can personally vouch for his confident protection that it will be vital
right. Now I sat there and I said there would be cobblers they'll think about two years ago. Where was cobler She was not even in the primary shit, so that was a pretty bold call that I picked We are one politician of big swarm and she's made it apparently all the way to the vice presidential finals. But what s interesting is that when she dropped out of the approach of the race for it to be the top spot, I continued with my prediction and said that she would reimbursed retrained. This is the important bar. I said that she would be retrained by the top level professionals in the country, other people were really really good at it this year.
Emerging almost like a different candidates, stronger, more confident, more capable of communicating, saying the right things, never they're all things that sort of thing, and that has happened. That's happened. If you ve watched her from last month, she's a completely different Kennedy, she's changed her look. She has fixed her body language because she used to talk like jumpy her her shoulder move when she started and then just looked on confident she started after a lifetime of that activity. In the last month she stopped her entire body language thing that you could do that if you practice, but it's a guarantee there were some external sources and look you gotta get your body under control sending the wrong signal. G ass. The other thing was her uncovered and laugh she laughed and euro jobs at her
and if you saw her laughing and answering about in the debate, she said there was just a debate than she laughed. It was more of a confident laugh. Another he was laughing at her own joke confidently. She was laughing at the person who asked the job for being so silly. That's a whole different, laugh and it works. Here's the excellent she did so yesterday she treated this. Couple hours tweets. I was raised to know the big black visa. You are capable of doing anything that if we are committed, if we're deepen faith, we can do anything but requires resilience and most of all, love of self, and it's a wonderful thing now that is almost a pure republican.
Tweet, isn't it? The republic in point of view, is the only thing stopping you as yourself. We took care of making the laws fair. As far as we can. You know these lesson tweaking but least of paper. Their fair. So the things, although you back, is your own motivation in your own effort. Euro life choices is very republican and soda. Couple era is out of nowhere. She was prompted to say it has volunteered the most republican statement you ve ever heard. Now she can still. You say that there is a victim thing going on as well, so she doesn't have to abandon that but notice she's triangulated, that's the Clinton strategy.
Triangulation, in other words, she starting to move toward the center, where everybody can agree to talk about this actually dogma. Now discordant rightward, who said this before and I figured in a better way to presented, I think that's worth doing. About the shadows here, so the GOP of the Democrats have different views of what equality should or or is, This is a generalization doesn't apply to any one person right, so just in general, the Republicans think that. If you have equality of rights and equality of opportunity, while you're done the rest is up to you Once we know the laws equal on paper, it's up to you, workin it in general. Right again, these are grossly
Relations, the Democrats or a little more focused outcomes which is hey yeah yeah, I see on paper. It looks good, but our outcomes are differ so that that something must be fixed. We can figure out how to get the old better. Whatever there, And these are hard resolve at my suggestion is that the useful middle ground, the trade relations place, that the place that a national candidate confide agreement, both left and right, is equality of strategies. What I mean by that that's what I mean as a white person in America, do I have enough strategies for success. We answered yes, yes as away personal American, I have plenty of strategies for success. Stana jailed, oh, do drugs! You go to a good school,
That's because if I do those things over my way pursued America sooner or later, I can get a job and I can be a mix of then mix up working. This was a blackened and do I have the same strategies. Or different strategies. As long as I have a plentiful strategies for success, does it matter if their exactly the same as someone else's strategies? Not so much So much for example, if I said, I'm gonna give you a hundred dollars in the region to my right pocket and give it to you. Do you care? If I say I will do my right pocket and were left pocket? Doesn't matter you just you got your hundred dollars and he didn't do anything. You're either way there are legal. So I would say that if one group has a good basket of strategies, all of them were perfectly acceptable, but their different from somebody else
basket and strategies. I would say that you have a quality of strategy. So long as both baskets are full of good strategies, I don't have any limitations compared to the other basket. If you're a black person in America, can you do you have the option it might be higher because of the safe here in an inner city, you have different pressures. But you still can not. Do drugs pay attention and school your schools worse, perhaps go to college, get a collar scholarship seafood lack, you haven't you ever extra. An extra strategy is more likely to be able to get a college scholarship. If you get the college degree or it could be, anything could be Trade, Europe learning a trade does have to be college once you're ready for the workforce. Do you have a strategy for getting a job and our big old rate racist disk
today the world- and the answer is yes. Yes, unlike the white person strategy, which is obvious, go get a job, there's nothing really stopping black people may have some racism. Depending on the situation. There could be some racism that they have to overcome, but They also have a strategy that way people don't have which is being black. You can go to any fortune, five the company, and I really mean that any pretty much longer present of every fortune. Five hundred company take your college degree and say I'd like to get a job and they will hire you practically before you get the sentence and your mouth because great pressure to improve diversity. So if you go in, there was some skills they can use its. Yes, yes, They also need to make sure that they ve got enough diversity in senior management. So they can overlook you of your black or are they going to do
You are really good luck. Does they really need you to succeed? The answer is that it will give you a really hard luck, baby pick you above other people, even if they don't say that, because it helps senior management to promote black employees because it makes them look at me. Look at me, I I guess and diversity here so I believe that children especially need to be taught that all those strategies might be different. Although racism is pervasive, universal and no matter what you do about it, you can get rid of all of it. It's just sort of baked into her are human experience. You can try as far as you can, but if you're talking about what is equal, one is fair. What is it? What is a standard by which we should measure how well we're doing as a society? I would
Are you that if everybody has strategies for success that that's a bad as far as you can get the other, thereby be an idealized level of fairness that you'd like to accomplish that maybe just impossible, but the best you can get in the real world is evolving, path, they're, just different bats. So if double Harris, to take an approach like us, they luck, racism exists, everybody agrees will do all we can will tweak. These systems will try to get more control over the judicial system in particular, but the real thing you're strategy listless get a strategy for successful
the schools whatever and by the way, if I had to, if I had to pick one source of racism like if you look at all the things you would need to fix to reduce less a racial outcomes. Are you done in that same racism? He could say racial outcomes so that black students, you can do better value, improve that every person can do better. Rather you prove that if you could take take it out one problem: what would it be? Let's say one thing you can fix: what would it be? Here's my vote, the teachers unions, I'm not an expert in this field, but from what I can see, the existence of the teachers unions makes
racism possible and promotes it, because you can't fix the schools unless she s choice in some competition. My understanding is that black lives matter and Republicans agree on the following point would be nice to have better schools. Were black people.
That this is where Republicans and black lives matter are on the same page. Wouldn't it be nice to have better schools for black people for everybody, of course, the Republicans would you say everybody, but don't you think Republicans won't better schools for black kids and they do. How do you get there with teachers, unions in place? You can't each camp. There is no path, while teachers unions exist in their current form, there's no path. You can't get to an improved school because you can't get competition. You can't fire bad teachers, you can't you don't have school choice, you know you're, not gonna, be able to use the use. These
say religious school or private, school or any other school, even if they could afford it scares, and they don't exist so that there is an obvious strategy for a rap for making things better, which is to break the break. The teachers, unions, coarser, has its problems,
there is a will talk about these speeches. There there's a Pandit see it Harry entered. Who believes that the rumoured believes that their shining jobs, supporters and at the poles are not picking them up so Harry entered rights is spinning pieces then say that that can't be the case. It can't be true that republicans are lying to bolsters, because the way their polled is with robots calls
so there's not a human being and Harry added insult the guy, but I dont know how to do this. I don't have to talk about this. Without insulting is intelligence. He thinks that because you gave your political opinion, tour Robo call that you're talking to a machine, so you wouldn't have any problems with your privacy harry. I will. Really embarrassing to put that opinion in public, because that Robo call those your phone number and it knows what answers you gave by pushing keep Andrew every than it and that's all in a database. You don't think a human has access to the database.
How can you be? How can you be so unaware of the world to think that? Because a computer is collecting information that humans do have access to it so I can think of a republic. Would you would trust a robot whither personal information, a robot Cubs Dear Dorothy, hey of a robot. Can you tell me your medical information, legal aid? Getting that's private. Luckily tell you my medical information The Roma are. Your doors, has now got even the person, a machine you can tell me, then the Republican says really. If I tell you that I saw a privacy, because your machine and the robber says yeah yeah, I would like you, then the Republican
goes into his gun. Safe takes out the biggest weapons, can blows and also of the robot, because is obviously an evil robot, and I think it would be a justify killing. So black bided is eleven point said these robot calls, maybe maybe You know, I don't think you can rule out the Biden than is actually had might actually when the election good ever. So here is the biggest story the day that will be treated as the smallest story of the day. It might grow over time. As Joel Pollack pointed out both by tweet in bright Bart,
when he wrote about it. What we saw last, I was you notice that the rally crowd was not that big and, of course the campaigns job give even tried to say, though maybe it was because protesters tried to keep people out, but it wasn't that the protesters did do do little interest. During that didn't have anything to do with the final camped. So what was it? The did? Well, air sea and some of the Democrats are, growing, as they say crowing that there are quite happy that they believe there was a tick tock prig, though the words users of Tiktok, Got together and they alone campaign to rsvp to the rally but not planning to actually go.
So, we're just gonna say they are going and then the campaign was we sold a million tickets or a million are as Vps, but that was all fake. That was a tick tock prank they started Ball and it grew into a big thing, so Elsie was laughing and marking the Republicans and the term campaign last night by tweed ha ha ha. You fools the clever, clever tightrope users, the citizens, the youngest citizens who she told them- the zoo, burst young people and Tiktok. They organise this care bathe. They tracked you and they made your rally of failure. Hoppa is that the story is there anything, I think, maybe a detail that could be added to that story. That would make
the difference different. Is there anything maybe missing from her tweet? Well, Tiktok is a chinese company who. Controls. The algorithm intact well picked up guess decide what their Alzheimer rhythm is. Both controls tiktok chinese government, because they control and each I use company that they have an interesting if they didn't care, they wouldn't control. But since Tiktok is a gigantic social media company with a gigantic influence potential, that would be a case where you could know with with certainty that the chinese government has some control over the tick tock.
Now let me ask you this: if you are familiar with Tik Tok, you know it's mostly people doing funny little singing and dancing videos. You know that that's ninety nine percent of any other the age is sort of the twelve year old. Your sword, the core age a little bit older, but twelve is probably that the real point- can you remember in Europe You were memory of your entire life dear where the other time, that twelve year olds were really interested in politics, to the extent that they would care one rally in Tulsa and that they would care so much about politics, these twelve year old Americans, because you know you twelve year old american girls
these mostly girls, twelve year old american girls. What they really care about is politics and the issue they care about. The most is the number of people who attended a Trump rally in tells him cause. That's the sort of thing they care about when their twelve deep believe that do you believe that the that the size of this viral campaign was driven entirely by organic interest of twelve year old girls in politics that we think they do? You believe that this happened organically. It's possible, but it would be the first time ever that twelve year old girls got deeply involved in politics. I would say the odds that this happened organically are pretty close to zero, which means the right in front of us and by the way, since the the rally
proud size has been front page news, so there's. Nobody who could argue that the story of how many people attended the rally doesn't have an effect on our political system. You couldn't plain, nobody. Nobody reasonable could say well that didn't have an influence on the campaign and with such a small thing, Well, it is a small thing. Could bear it all the other things, but It is nonetheless true that that we, we watched right front of ourselves, the chinese government changing the new cycle of how we report the biggest political decision of our lifetimes wraps. So here's the thing if Tik Tok is still legal in the United States next week. Your government is flagging
worthless. So I dont know their tik will be banned in the United States, but still alive in a week? The The United States is just not doing the job. I mean this. Such an obvious foreign interference and I'll even go further? suppose you can imagine they, since you can't prove the chinese government, did anything here. There's no smoking gun them. We don't have access to the algorithm, even if you couldn't prove it was prince. What's the difference, you still have to shut it down, because China could have done. Whether or not they actually did it in this case. Completely irrelevant to the question of shutting down. This case shows on that they could have done. All they have to do is boosts the algorithm so that more
we saw the saw the boss, that's it how many people, how many people do you think, would organically see a political posts. Tik Tok. Do you think that's the kind of posts that goes viral, hey guess, say something about politics and tiktok they'll go viral while some of them are but that feels like a new phenomenon like maybe there's somebody behind the curtain, who say there's not much political out here, but more than make these big. So. I don't know: there's there's no initiators of this boy. Tik Tok has to be closed down ass, to be closed down, Because what we saw last night was worse than Russia. Collusion was even alleged.
Worse. You saw the the facebook adds that the Russians did like complete amateur amateur. Our had no effect than anything I can guarantee, but this did this actually James the new cycle. In real time you watched it, you washed it there's nothing else to ask those there's no further. No further investigation is to be done. You know that they could have done it, so, even if they didn't it's too big a risk, so I wouldn't be surprised if Tiktok gets shut down by the end of the week. Next week, I would be surprised the biggest shadow in London and I
Tell you that if we go all the way up to the election, Tik Tok you're, still legal in the early days from doesn't deserve to get elected some, let me say it as clearly as possible if Tiktok doesn't get shut down before election day. I don't care. If job wins, it means not doing the basic job of the president if he lets that continue to be a problem this old need isolates or use the agencies. Would you agreed by the way when you say that just so basic to the job that, if he's, if he can get that done, I'd look as somebody else yet begun. So look at that. The alternatives, if the guy who's in the position doesn't do something that basic. Let's talk about, we did other speeches self and unless you care about light first take and I tweeted
but then I delete my tweet is that it looked like a disaster, so the first fifteen minutes, seven or so I was I was just thinking. This is the worst reality he should. It looks like he's trying not to win That was my first impression of yours, other things, and I saw that he said stuff like the these- are already he was feeling CNN. So my specific complaint is that it seemed like the entire speech was just to give CNN material to criticise them about stealthy. Just didn't need to be said. You just wasn't. This wasn't help again, but it could hurt. That was my first impression I'll tell ya that change, and so he thought, the flu being the Chinese flew. I think you said the count flew flew, so you know that's gonna, be called racist. He said,
The word outbreak, one of some bad outbreak, comes and even signal to us that he knows. He's thus was to use that word that are used that, after a signal these thus posted. He of course supported statues which people will interpret as racist. Even if it isn't user the thugs that he knows, people will interpret as racist, even though it is it. So he didn't. We talked about his supporters would fight better if it came to a year if it came to a civil war that the Republicans would win. Khazar better fighters, basically in the second amending budget, is important, because the protesters which makes see them think he is talk about shooting people. So of course, yet I don't think he mentioned June. Didn't you didn't mention and unify words. The attire
Although the visuals were transporters back tightly together and not very wary masks and frankly, looking like idiots, let let me say that as clearly as possible, the visual of it in the middle of a pandemic, seeing prows in crowds and browse picture after picture of trump supporters standing shoulder to shoulder without Basques, it does not make them look like idiots says, just a terrible look, I kind of expected that the president would not being wearing the mask but that the the purchase That would be strongly encouraged to whether some of that some of them had a benevolent. So I would say that the if I'm not sure how that played with Republicans by
as is the republic is generally like speech, you're, probably more like that. The not but even trump himself referred to the first part of his speech is not up to us. The standard you wanted to do He actually criticized the quality of his oldest speech while he was giving it and he was accurate, which made me laugh so so that's a faraway like about him like that there are some that lack of a filter is very appealing, even though it has lost all kinds of problems associated with its just appealing to some types of people. I would include myself, Here's what you did right out, other things said jokingly or not. He said that all the testing mix it with like there's more infections, that's bad for job, so he said he told his team to slow down the testing. Big
it makes me look bad now see it chose to interpret that as liberal like he actually meant that to his credit crystal ESA, so lesser, who is on CNN in one of those multi person panel shots what they want. Then he said, if you send an explicitly well, over use completely serious about that. In other words, at least crystal is a recognised that when the president says things like this, you should always take them as liberal, but the other paneless chose to, because that makes us. But just knowing the press Elizabeth like I don't know that that serious is helpful, because you know that even CNN, as got out a little bit a question whether he was joking by them. He was joking and that he also said that he talked of the Republicans of the plane, covering over some of the other politicians there,
talking about might be better to let the city's burn so look good for job. But most of all God did he really say that did it did he say the Republicans are talking about letting the city's burn, because it be good politically today really say that but people also realise, because he also said that if the cities- allowed him to. He could stop the problems and allow our be that descended the military, but the starboard, our so he's very that? The reason that he's holding off is because the Democrat mayors are not letting it if they asked he would come into its, problem, so here's my overall dick what I referred first heard the first few things that I knew would be appreciated.
I wrote them down and checked and soon, as was done. Yes, every point that you pulled out, the you'd do when he said it is like their associated headline. There is another one issue of every one of them was there. It wasn't merely as bad as I thought it would be. I looked at the headlines last night and there was a very to use the word racist. What's up with that, he he fed them tension, race, baling ideas. What is that the other one was the one they told you. What are you thinking? because there was little to on the nose he actually said. To use the word obray that events of reference, in fact, that it would be trouble and that he used it so If you look at all the things he said that
Normally other people would put in the context of racism. I didn't see it as strongly as I fancy. I was gonna play it because, if you look at all these things they really more easily fall into being offensive and free speech. So I think the president has carved out a strong position which he refuses to give an inch on, which is free speech, which is a gigantic issue for his base and watching him not bow even a little bit to political pressure about.
Speak like a kind of like it, even though I was like out I'll say that don't say that at the same time, the other part, my brain was saying. I like the fact that he is he's protecting the space, meaning that he is. He is absolutely adamant about the right to offend people about anything. He was the right to be a. At his ease fight for it that right accrues to his base. I think, by association, in the sense that if he doesn't get cancelled, that does that some kind of now there were no unify words, lotta people on both sides. I will I was getting a missed opportunity but on the other hand, on the other hand, as we watch the Democrats self relate
In other words, the autonomous zone is all bad news for Democrats. I would think the outgoing trouble seems like its accruing to Democrats the the year that the Democrats in the middle seemed to be losing ground to the left This is the weirdest election, because the best campaign strategy for both bided an trump it's not campaign, is that we're bided is definitely advantaged by not campaigning, but so is drop. I think trouble just ass the wave and just just let the dearest play the news. Lotta people have criticised for not being more vocal about the the protesters.
Where's, the destruction, etc. If he had been more vocal, it would have been called racist. He did say all the right things about you, George Floyd, etc, and he did do an executive order on police. Please processes so use yo paying attention. He was acting, he was saying the right things, but one sees that the basics- maybe just not talking. This- is best care based strategy. That would be surprising if it were not,
recommending, but overall I would say that the presidency gave a speech much like is less much like other speeches. I don't think it will make a dent and will not lose many votes. It will not gain a believe. Oh it's, but here might be the one thing that we took away from it. That might be the one thing that was the most persuasive ready for years, the one most persuasive thing they came out of it. What trump dead in front of the our world instead utterly? He was ever an hour or whatever was whatever design was he? He did a one hour presentation that there isn't one person
entire world who believes biting could have done that. Nobody, there's no Democrat and there's no Republican, who believes bided could have simply even performed the waitress dead. Forget about what he said. The performance tromp was clearly mentally all their use at the top of his game even made fun of yours. Low start at the usual practice government, a practice with rallies and stuff because of the time off. I think that will fix it. I think you'll be better everytime, you does it the the slaughter of leader is probably, is probably about fifty fifty right now so as blow on represent, but is also going to be moving all over the place between now and the like
he was very funny. I think he had his funniest jokes when he talked about the re up in the air. The excellent presentation, ugly, Waterglass and using is one that is. Stuff, so jars applying to his base. I think it was very successful in terms of the left. The protests interferes loud. Protest seem to fizzled yeah. He was pretty funny. I have a good laugh over some of this stuff and I was watching the fact Chequered Dale, as they did in fact, checker so trouble claimed that the last ten years, the ramp he's order of your ran down that if they showed the last bar the ramp, they would see that there's nothing wrong with Trump.
Then it was obviously the rail but because the last part he ran now. Of course, he didn't the hedges didn't happen. If you look at the video, there was no running down, the rep did happen, but immediately after ease off the ramp. He did show little spring in this step and I remember seeing that even before, eventually, I thought all that little spring, this step is, I think, you sick, everybody watching there's nothing wrong with me that a shrimp and when I watched it, that's exactly what I thought. That little he did a little like a skip at the end when he got off. Clearly showing that he had full control of his body and its legs. It was just the ramp. So what deal fact checks? It says no less ten feet that ramp. He is not running and he said he was running
That's just not true, but if you watch the video you see you get to the under the ramp. Do like little like skip thing. You could say: ok! Well, he did DE did exaggerate the under the ramp thing, but it is also obvious that the news lie because he's fine, very obviously, there's nothing wrong with this is Andrew. He wore. I was very curious what the two ends on the way. Glass was because we see the door before he beholds over two hands and his explanation was he's trying to keep a drip from his tie because it looks bad if you get like a little drew up on your tie, so ties with the usual I thought that is so weird I think it's true I think it was so weird that it would be hard not to believe that they use the second aim to keep a rip off. I I don't know that you would make that up
would be the weirdest lay in the world to make up sources. I heard I thought well. That is just so weird. That's probably true are that's all I got for now. I will. I will talk to you later.
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