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Episode 1036 Scott Adams: White-Looking Jesus, Fake News Being More Shameless Than Usual, Presidential Tweets

2020-06-23 | 🔗

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  • PolitiFact’s credibility and the “Fine People” HOAX
  • Shaun King tweets about “white European Jesus”
  • NYT despicable doxxing of blogger, Scott Alexander
  • CNN’s characterization of Russian collusion HOAX
  • Bubba Wallace NASCAR story…HOAX?
  • Project Veritas exposes Facebook’s political bias

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From bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody here today. If I'm here you should be here, we got stuff to talk about. Yes, we do, and that will happen directly after the subtlety. I know you lil giant. It's going to be a good one, now, you might wonder why I dont do the normal introduction to the simultaneous up today. There's a reason, I can't remember that's right. I read that every single time, What are the tricks? Overriding things that you can read are very different than things you read out loud. So if you're gonna write something For the purpose of reading it allowed, if you gonna be reading it. That's fine
are you gonna, memorize and say you my right. It differently, but we can enjoy the simultaneous sip right now they have a cup among its dopamine here today, The thing that makes everything better and you're getting ready for it now go so last night I was, can raise girl sleep Winding down, I was in bed and I thought to myself I'll check Twitter one more time, Here is what you should never do, if you're trying to down and go to sleep. Don't ever check twitter right before you go to sleep is a very bad sleep strategy.
So said Albert Twitter- and I see some- please make a comment this referring to the president retweeting me, which he did the day before yesterday. I thought out there still talking about assesses the day before but then I looked at the common. This doesn't seem like it's about that one. So I click on it and he had retreated me again, So, as the second rate weight in today's I'm thinking well, Or an eye prudish special. And then I saw another one: are you kidding me? He retreated me three times in today's, but it wasn't true. It was not true that I got retweeted three times in two days by the President, because it was for we will be four times in the last forty eight hours, we'll talk about those
I gotta tell you it's the weirdest experience to get retweeted by the present, because Does it simultaneously big and small at the same time? So the big part is that you, the most important politician on the planet and even if it were not just the job of the president, is also the biggest personality in the biggest job, immediate, its trump right. And so what are you when it when I tweeted Jody referred to me as interesting guy. I'm not sure if that's my forever name, yet it doesn't have the crisp insulting quality of his other nicknames So I dont know if I can call myself interesting guy. Just this needs to be a little more insulting. So maybe I can in asking for that later. Can you give me an egg day in this? Just now, little bit derogatory. I don't think I can go with this one
anyway. So that's! The big part is, as the biggest and most important personality in the world. Was apparently I caught his attention aforetime in forty eight hours, so that's the big part, the small Part is that what I am experiencing it? It's just me and my phone. Christy there's another room just like. Just me and my phone was it, the weirder combination of things, and then I woke up here. A lot of comments and other people's up. So we'll talk about those things, I tweeted yesterday that, if I ever become president seems unlikely. If I ever become president, I want to do such a good job. The news does about stuff like drinking water with two ends
walking down a ramp Tweedle about stuff. Have you noticed that the criticisms about Trump are completely off topic of his job performance? have you noticed that Avons cover subtly, because we get so drawn into each story, it's hard to to look at the larger trend. We? U get lost in the deed, but if you just rise up for a minute and look at the headlines, let me call up this is collapsing. Randomly the sea see the types of stories that are anti trump. There's something about Brianna Killer. Can France Tramp Tramp campaign official saying our dead Americans funny to you. So the best does the they could do
who there's a campaign official laughed about a joke. Ok, here's another. One. Trump takes. First, trip to the Border So that's a nothing first trip to the border and twenty twenty. Ok. How about fact checking? Holmes Mill in road fraud declaims. This shit Sir John Outline is checking trumps mail in fraud claims and as a source uses pollute effect. So he refers to political They have this little logo price in it that this shows the meter going from false the true This is really false. Is like it's on fire. It's it's a lie. So please, factors are source for CNN, an end to fact checked the president's. I thought most of my wonder how credible they are, so it
I'll check the one thing that I know what the truth is that the fine people hope And everybody who reads the transcript knows the truth. So this Was easy have to wonder what the truth is, because just written right in front of you there's no interpretation as priorities. So you should go to. Political fact. Presumably, if it's a credible outfit, It will have as little meter which it does for all of its facts, and that fact the fine people hoax. The fine people story that the allegations His present called the marching Nazis, fine people, should have a big flaming false right. If, if political factors credible That's what it would be, so I look it up for the logo and is not. There is not there. The logo, the little flaming truth or meter is
primary branding thing they do they put it on every story. So. Restoring has that, except for the fine people oaks. Instead of telling you is true or false, they said what That's gonna show to you in context: here's the transcript. Why would they checking organization not checked the fact and the most important fact of the entire presidency. In my opinion, this most important because more than anything is was behind the imagination that the president is a obvious races Then everybody knows it and here's the evidence, because is fine people ox think about political fact, left their fact check. Off the biggest lie in politics. Didn't say it was true, didn't say, was false: they just left it off. Think about that that's the source,
Cnn uses the fact Schekem, so there, the CNN claim is that mail in ballots would not be a massive fraud opportunity. They might be debating some of the details of that, and I would mention the pretty speaking quite approximately, as we often does so you may not be true on every fact, but is there any thinking person who believes that mail in ballots are not an opportunity for fraud. I I can't even rub my head, the opposing argument. I really can't so that's weird. Here's, what also say trunk falsely accused of armour of treason,. Again. Here is one of the biggest the worst kind, This is like a fire of trumps. Job performance has nothing to do with his job,
somebody's out about Obama in a political season, and he examined it is perhaps use. Treason when really meant bad behaviour, not technically treason? This outer story again, if I run for president and become president the best you can do. Is to have your biggest critics, have nothing to say about your actual performance on the job and only talk about Europe. Reality talk about some. Unimportant things, that you said that when been wrong as I've, that's the worst they have on Trump. Are they talking about the academy, November. Third is gonna. Look like November third is gonna. Look like the kind of It's gonna be a roaring back record percentages. Which will be misleading because we're coming off low base. So
just as Obama's performance with the economy was misleading, because he too was coming lover depressed base. Everything looks good from there trouble is gonna, get those same imaginary, benefit here, gonna be able to say, hey! Look! We! the growth of viruses. Things are up experts percentage services down their screaming up about. It is so the president's can ever in the car me this coming back. I don't think people will blame him for the president, be it for the economy being depressed, but they might him for coming back. I think that will be fair because he has been pushing for to come back even that maybe greater risk for health problems, And so the economy will look good what else we got. Let's take China, how
The president did a look in terms that China Trade, while I think China's reputation is so bad that, because Trump has been tough on China in General, he's gonna. Smart because he was tough on China and it looks like his instincts about China have been completely proven. True, so that's what about ISIS. Ices is gone. Ices is completely gone Do you remember, ISIS was Your time you're worried the ices was gonna conquer, the world is gone and basically I mean at least territorially it'll never begun as an idea, I suppose, So you ve got to go down the line if you're too, if you take whatever you think you are the top five things take the top five issues. He looks pretty good.
There was a Rasmussen pole: there tat the said that something like twenty four percent of black likely voters. So it's not the entire populations, just the likely voters world Also, black Americans strongly approve of their presidency job approval to do you believe that this is Rasmussen The rest- and I think, was the most accurate Poland of the major poles The most accurate and twenty sustained and they're saying that that a quarter of black likely voters approve or struggling approve of the president's performance, do you think that's true? I think it actually just anecdotally. Of course you totally doesn't mean one
but it is my impression that you may have doubled its support in the black community and why suddenly, why would they write it? Because I think the the black community is looking into the same stuff everybody else's. Look at it. Do you think the black, merely likes crime. Now. Do you think the black Emily likes a bad economy? No, do you think the black community likes bad trade deals no. Why why wouldn't have doubled support even even against all the bad press seems like you wanted some other things so one of the things that the President retweeted was my tweet in which I was tweeting about on king. Now. You all know shown getting use these an activist
most famous ones and is- is a black This is a black activist risen activist for black issue. Now the reason I ask that is at the end- and I can't tell the story without this so when I start giving in this context, the first thing you should say is, how's that relevant to the story. I'm yours either the comments. So he is an activist for the black community. Who has the interesting distinct? of not appearing to be black. Now, I'm not that I have no idea What is DNA is right, so I'm not gonna go there and you say that the public opinion other people, look at him and say do you don't even look black holes like your black, I don't know what he is not to give you an opinion on that. I just thickets yet sir.
Not to tell other people what they are. So I'm lucky to get into that argument. I will simply simply note that the most famous thing about shown king? Is that he's not black enough according to his credit, the gay and what I say now, black enough, they mean like a white guy again nothing wrong with that. I'm not saying is why know anything about his dna. I don't even have an opinion care. I literally could whereby any that, but it's important to this anecdotal story here. So he was asked about whether the depictions of Jesus who looks sort of way in european in most depictions if you thought that that needed to be changed to be more historically accurate and
let's say incorporating the assumption that Jesus was less, european, looking and probably more middle eastern looking. As was king tweeted. He said yes, I think the statues of the war. European, they claim is Jesus shown, who come down, meaning like the statues and stuff they reform. Wait, supremacy always had been in the Bible when the family of this is wanted to hide and blend in, guess where they went. Egypt, not Denmark, Tear them down so was shown kings tweet now here is fascinating psychological part of this, the fascinating part, Is that when you see this tweed isn't your first impression at the slippery slope started with one statue, and then it was lots of statues and that its and that its Yo Teddy Road, Well, then you and then
So you know it's gonna be Jesus. Is that your first impression that you started with something that wasn't that big deal was just a statue, one statue in world full of statues but there were lots of statues, and now it's my God, they're coming from my religion, that's what it feels like. Let me suggest that if this had been the first and only issue if you know. Heard about any statues there wasn't there were no protests going, If the only thing you heard of was just this point hey, why is Jesus always depicted looking European. What do you think that was actually pretty reasonable as a complaint seriously It was the only while you were Judging it as a continuation something maybe you ve got a problem with if it was just. Self isolation is actually the most reasonable is the most reasonable com.
Which is what I said when I retweeted shown getting, I thought to myself, you know, in these times of great division and stuff like this, I disagree that even a little bit, in fact, I thought that all my life when I went to Sunday School as a kid ten years old and look at it. Why Jesus look about the Middle EAST and I'm Tellin, I'm thinking how does this work? Did you get this european guy born in born in the Middle EAST, so and then they shone kings? Characterisation of it the says it's a form of white supremacy Now, if you ve been watching me for a while, you know that open, criticising anybody who uses the word waste supremacy. I personally this really not in a lot of the examples that people are using
in terms of how way people are thinking about anyway has nothing to do with that so I think most ledgers overblown, but in this particular example gotta say he's got kind of a boy here because Religion is much more important than religion and Christianity being one of the big too. I guess religions its super super important and in the world and in people's lives and sure enough. Racial identity of historical Jesus was changed to make it white like. How is that good? And somebody had come and so saying he was a Jew and they could look any number of ways. Well, I think that the desert, the fair statement thither people look all different ways, but I don't think anybody would disagree that the artistic renderings of Jesus were intent.
To look like a european, I'm not saying it's impossible that somebody could look a certain way and is different from the other people, but I think you will agree that they intended to make him european Don't you feel that that's a safe statement, I mean I'm not a historian but feels like that safe right I think shown was right. I will be happy to. Criticism in places where it He is wrong, Why can't we just agree with him when he's right? It was fascinating about this is, if you taken the context away you it's a year in those very good boy. Maybe maybe should do something about No, I'm not! I'm not a believer settled, snubbed I'm not in this fight, all whichever way goes is fine. I think I think everybody suggested sieges
that's the way they want to write like like a Jesus, be exactly the Jesus. You wanna see why can't black people have lacked Jesus? Why can't yeah, like Canada, the Chinese have chinese Jesus. Because he is Jesus right. Not exactly fitting into a fitting into a little box? There's only one of them so what it, whatever, whatever believers wanna, do it Jesus that would be their business here is a horrible little story, all right so what's interesting about that, is that the President retweeted my comment, which was in which also agreeing the common was, I said from just one twenty twenty, because if the this come after Jesus there. The end of the election, now that Sean King thing probably will just stop with the one to it, but
as if you will, then it becomes a thing- even if I agree with it being here, the whole thing that they should be discussed? It is the end of the election is there anybody would disagree with that that if this Jesus thing became more of an issue that is more than just a tweet. It would be the end of the election, so President Trump retweeted To see how clever that is this, clever. It is for the president to retreat, because it is for as it was just as a tweet is just a blue check. Tweeted, something that has been said before, not much to it. Because the president, we did not only my comment that it would. That would basically be the election. But he also treated the borrower agreed, was shown king think about it. He did
comment about it, you just waited so the The fact that you would want to boost that signal because it's good for his campaign is pretty clever. I gotta say that was A well chosen, retweet guess: if that gets bigger the elections over Here's a back towards more trunk to reduce in it. There was an up. All in the story something the New York Times dead, there's one of the most despicable things sings you'll ever see in any entity. Especially a news business, so the New York Times does, to do a story about a fairly famous blogger. Who conceals is real identity and he blog under the name. Scott Alexander, but that was please middle and his first, the middle name, so is:
real lasting. He keeps secret because he he's a psychiatry and he doesn't warriors blogging, which can be a little more controversial to bleed into a real work. He could give. Fires is his clients, whatever problems so they are time, says they wanted. They contact them to do a story about his blogging. Now I've taught them Scott Alexander's blood before is one of the most brilliant and insightful things you ve ever seen like ever. That's a pretty big statement right. But it is what most insightful smart fresh, You ve never seen before I've courted him before one of the most interesting thinkers in the world. Really and very well informed. The New York Times, of course, was due story that, because you so influential in so good at it, but they did I did they were gonna darksome there we're gonna do the complimentary story about
because I guess the angle was. He got a lot of stuff right about Parana virus before the experts did, so it's gonna be a complimentary story about how we get things right before the experts were and he's an influential great blog, And their policy is that they reveal real names and, of course, he asked them not to, said nurse or policy. We have to reveal real name's. Now this They were going to write a positive story and is Roy his life intentionally Knowing there were doing it because it's just and policy just through policy to use really here we can't we can't make an exception, because it's just our policy and I dont know if there is, they did or they're going to I don't know the status of this. I can't tell if
but what was caused him to do was to delete is entire blog, not just a blog post, but the entire history of blog one of the most valuable contributions to civilization and he deleted it? You get the backup zones not gone forever, but you deleted it and and wrote about it now. I couldn't I hate the New York Times more than I do right now is just evil. There is really any other way to spend this. If your time that the New York Times as a rule- and they just can't break that rule well. Ok, but it's an evil rule. Do you know had a rule, Heller, rule two. They were very
good rules, we wish you didn't, have them so near times. Why don't you take your rules and shoved them so far up your fucking evil, it is that we can see it in your eyes You shouldn't even be able to stay in business after something like this, because It's one thing to do something: I suddenly a very forgiving about accidents. Is one thing to have a different opinion, I accept different opinions. Is one thing to be political. It's one thing to be hyperbolic is one thing to fail. The fact checking lots of ways the bad behavior but doc? a guy that you actually like in your writing. Story. Because of how much is added to the world and you know you gonna destroy his life by revealing him. That is so fucking evil. That I can't even wrap around it.
Raising and by the way, the skies and political there's, nothing politically he's literally just a helpful. Voice in the world as it in their destroying is all fucking life. I was worse than that because, as patients will suffer, is a psychologist with a big group of patients. Do you think that we'll be unaffected by this. Now now they will be affected. Fucking, evil. The other thing that President tweeted was just an article. I retreat was it the presently the only bolster to show Trump winning the state of Michigan. In other words, he he hasn't distinction. For accuracy and twice sixteen. Basically has a projection is completely different than the major poles.
Seen. Another major poles are showing bite winning by very large margins and the guy who is the most accurate pollster on other state basis, at least for that some of the key states. Says that his Poland, using a little different methodology, which has been more accurate in the past, shows its neck and neck its neck and neck, and He suggests that there might be more shy, Trump supporters than twenty. Sixteen that's right, its neck and neck, and there might be twice as many shy. Supporters who are not admitting who they're going to vote for then twenty sixteen, So the present retreated that, because obviously schoolroom. So I say trump temporary, hold workers, visas from foreign countries,
This is a topic I don't know a lot about what I don't understand why the Tec workers are being treated differently than there comes a workers. I could see wanting to keep employment good in this country if there were tapes jobs that Americans could do and wanted to do, but in the Tec World, Bring bringing people in from other countries, let's say, was a India If you bring in an engineer from India, does that subtract. From America or add to India or add to America Have we ever met any any technical people from India. There, really God, Nothing that, as a general statement that every person India's Technical I'm sorry that I met a lot of technical experts who were born ended in India.
And the really good they ve started companies. Some of the biggest companies and the country earliest people were born in India started the biggest countries, not not necessarily just worker visa people. But my understanding of economics is the more people who have that kind of skill, the better, the more the better. Because there's an unlimited demand, there is no, to the number of people who have money and would like to do is start up of some kind and the main thing this preventing them from doing their start up is that they can find it a technical person to do the technical staff. Is the number one problem you play The number one problem first start ups is getting money right is actually not in my opinion, somebody might disagree. The number one problem is finding technical talent. If used get that right, you can usually get money too.
So I dont understand this, but I also having heard the full argument and it's a temporary restriction will see if that becomes permanent through the end of the year. I want to read how CNN currently characterizing the Russia Collusion Coup against the President. So that's my characterisation that the russian collusion hawks was essentially a coup, move, the president's less away, I would call them so CNN, of course, you would said yourself. Well, they were certainly hugely embarrassed by covering it as if it were true for two years, whatever only to find out the entire thing was was just oaks and made up and the president didn't do anything wrong and it was bad actors in the government and Sarah exact
the opposite of what she meant and reported for two years so what do they say gas. We should got the wrong. No, this is either deciding. This is an opinion. Peace doesn't matter who it's under the sun, CNN Com and here's their characterisation of that I just gotta ready the sentence. Salary While quote was on this, conduct relating to the russian investigations has been uncovered is just the first part of the sentence. Some misconduct. Yeah they're. There has been some misconduct little bit, hardly worth mentioning. I you don't really details but to some misconduct related to the russian vessels, Lisbon covered here and several former FBI officials have been cheated. Further handling of certain aspects of the probe, chided They ve been cheated.
See them does not say that the F B, I did very, very bad things as part of what seem to be a larger plot to remove the president was legally elected, no They say this: several former FBI officials have been treated had been treated. I don't know where you come up with the word chided. Could you come up? with a softer a word to criticise somebody. We see if I can use these this word Joseph girls, girls, Who was the nazi propagandist? A number of people have cheated him for for some of the things he did Joseph gotta Goebbels. He was jaded. Try a little about. How'd men killed millions people, that's one witness at I mean if you are
continued. They always murmured billions of people, but pure CNN. You may say: Hoji limit has been chided before us on the things you didn't office, while using power. Say: let's talk about the bubble, Wallace NEWS Story, so the news, if you can call it that, is that a rare NASCAR driver who african American barely there are not many of them, but bubbles, claims that there was a noose hanging in the garage that new heed. The part of the gradual his car was again. And there was concern racist acts and the NASCAR it will go beyond really supported and which, which was good. Now? I said to myself on day one.
How many of you remember can back me up on this, because a big What I do is I make predictions based on persuasion and thereby checklist. Right? Have I told you that you have to check your product predictions, because otherwise you have no idea? you have no idea How well you understand the world, you don't know how your in the world works. Unless you make predictions and then check aid. What was the first thing? I said when I heard about the bubble, Wallace NEWS story in the comments what was the first thing I said, where's the picture right I told you that if there's no picture it's a hoax, We live in a world where were bristling with camera equipment, every single person, every one of you has a camera, With an arms reach, probably your phone right
you're telling me that people saw african hoax aims, That is our news. Hanging in the garage of a black NASCAR driver and nobody took out a phone really. Nobody took antiphon so that so let me ask you this whoever's told you at the beginning of a story that, if you haven't seen the photo already is probably fake. Now I have to say probably because if this is, if this turns out to be a real story, let me be the first to say its appalling yeah. That's it. Attended a ten. It's like a cross burning on your long. We all condemn it. There's no, no hesitation, no equivocation horrible horrible act if it's true, but within a photo so to any three race stories like this turned out to be
false according to what was returning. Actually two out of three was research, so the odds are there any of these stories of sixty seven percent chance of being false? If you dont know, if you don't know for sure, and he can't check it out yourself- that's the filter you should put on well would be terrible if it's true, but there's a wanted. Regions is true, so there's been some of your saying in the comments already. Some people look into it and it turns out that there are photos and even live video, which is much harder to defend its possible, but could do but is harder theirs. The Earl of those same garage with that with a pole, rope for the grudge doors or a rope, hangs down and you grab it and you pull it to raise and lower the garage. I have exactly that utility garage wherever rope I pull do you know it makes it easier.
All that rope just take a guess. What would make it a little easier to grant the rope yet you blew loop on the end and their actual videos from November November of that same garage, Roger Number, four. With the rope from the thing hanging down there in miniature, the size of a hand, not the sizeable neck, not decide. Something like could go over, but more like the size of something you put your hand through, that was news like at the bar. Now. If I hadn't seemed and video, because somebody was just filming back in November and urges filming the car and they grow by it. And you see the you see the thing
You down and is obviously just a pole rope for the grudge now somebody cut it off allegedly so that there are no photos that you could take now, because it was cut off back in November. You could you can see it the register a poor. So that's the biggest one of the biggest stories in the country.
You're. So obviously debug once you see the video, but how many people see the video? What percentage of the camp of the country do? You think will ever know that was that as fake? Well, let's look at say, CNN because see neither story seems to have disappeared from the front page, just checking check again. Well, let me do certain seasons and see if they ve got any kind of story.
This news story, scissors updates, Nope stories seems to have disappeared. I just did a search and citizens page in the story is needed there. It doesn't exist as any kind of a story in search less. They come up in the wrong order or sea it is there. But I came up in the wrong order. Just quickly look at it and see if it since its dimensions, even the possibility that the videos of this in the past blah blah people looking into it, strengthens our resolve. So horrible thing, He said to raise Papa, it's a despicable lack. This will not break me
and by the way somebody pointed out that the garages in question have these. Multi billion dollar cars and tools, and of course they have video you know they are video because it's like super expensive equipment and all these groups so there's video of all so we're gonna, know for sure I would now say what if any video cameras may have been recorded, that's track so the official woes If there was video recording. Why would you not say that? Is it for security purposes? No school? Somebody looked at the video and they know that. There's nothing. There's nothing there. People are enraged. Ok, the sick person who perpetrated it must be found and expose. Yeah, so CNN does not, any reference to the fact that their existence,
on Youtube, which shows that in November, as a simple deal, do you think that they are released, mention that other outlets are treating it differently. So this is the world you live and where in the world is presented to you as complete thick so give credit to the last refuge that I think did the most thorough job of shown photographs before and after an debunking, but are there other sources flat, but then Last refuge seems to that all over. It. That's about all I want to talk about today. Some views on my ring out to say again just for the purposes of completeness, I was supposed to get married with Christina in May.
Quota virus delay that, and we rescheduled and reschedule than we were trying to figure out honeymoon they move Wedding Dayton. Finally, we decided that we would just call ourselves married. What we will actually get married within the next thirty days. Probably but we decided that the government doesn't get to decide if we're married. You know what I mean. It's one thing to say: ok, there's a process, everybody has the same process. You have to go through these things and then you're married my that, if as easy, if its traditional the bride wants, We want our wine do, namely that stuff, but if the government is prevented me from getting married because the others grown embarrassing issues harder?
I mean it took us a long time just to get the paperwork to get the license because nothing's easy here, you can't go to the office in person. You can do things in the mail and theirs website, but it doesn't look like it worked, so I'm not really sure if again through, then you have to get a person. Takes it in person down there for you and signs it's like they bid it unnecessarily complicated. But does anyone know why the ceremony matters the ceremony matter? Just because you have a witness I mean I can get. I can get a witness to sign. The document does need to be a ceremony. So here's the point here is my point. I don't believe we government gets to tell me if I'm married, the eurogroup they would you agree that the government is not in control of whether I am married, a married. That's it So it's not the government's decision, no water opinion when things
back to normal, since we can do, the ceremony will do so well wrap up the details. But don't tell me, I'm not married, I'm just not legally married. Somebody says why at get married just days as domestic partners, while there are lots of reasons, But one of them, a lot of it, has to do with the level of commitment here you showing to each other's but lot of it is financial right, because you you wanna Europe, committed yourself, and you have to know that there is a financial year safety for both of you, etc, so that partial common sense you have to have to get taking care of the other part is just This thing in the world that requires labels yeah the optics of it is exactly as somebody saying the ability to say somebody is my wife is really convenient, is really easy is clean,
It says everything you need to say all those other words for it, and this is my domestic partner. Just this seems to minimize the other person, and it just takes something away from it. So, of course, is considered decision, but there are some just advantages to it. Just makes everything would be cleaner and recruit system about Papa freed up. Of course. Yes, green up has just pretty much standard standard business. If you my age and you have as its essence.
Just about divorce and division of assets. No, don't worry, I'm adult! I live in the real world. I know all the I know all the risks in we do. What we we needed to do did project fair test drop, a new video about that. Let's look at it! Don't go away, go, go away! The best part of this periscope, just happened so remember. I told you last week that there will be some major red pills, and I said, is not one story: it's gonna be like a quilt. And which nobody squares of the the quilt which rule will be dropping from the sky and
What are these squares? May have just dropped was a with say, Facebook project very tense and see what comes project further as Expose CN seen in Facebook. Since the noon the open sea were project virtuous has grown budgets. Furtiveness ways is now coming up. I was like this is the dune there. I will talk about tomorrow,
but can look it up a story through its daily color as project virtues, video shows Facebook, Ten moderators discussing censoring conservatives reveals quote exception given to Don Lemon freight speech. So Let me when we play it for you, have you not heard it? Will you play for you? You don't have to see the faces. Are all sort of semi conceals.
Let me give you, as you say, be bred war breeze than I am scared. Any trouble than anybody could give me for bringing some stupid anyway. I think the truth is more powerful than any India to stick. It was a bit insatiable of its support for this. It is clear that its content, because it's it's very progressive companies very mega Zack Mcelroy came the project, their task because of what he saw at his job at Facebook in TAT before him. He saw and film
evidence of structural and cultural bias inside Facebook discriminating against Republicans and conservatives. Macaroni story raises serious doubts about the under oath testimony. Facebook C, o mark work to Congress, claimed Facebook has no political bias. What percentage of the flag posts in these civic harassment, Hugh as it's called, were report conservative. Stark contrast between Republicans versus Democrats and that you, I saw upwards of seventy five to eighty percent of the person that you were from republican pages. Politicians, journalists and pages that support. The president or supported conservative. What that tell you about Spoke slash cognisance algorithm here. Well, certainly, the algorithm is not human.
But it had to be made by a human. So far- Seventy five to eighty percent of the posts to be targeting Workers, because I but somebody had to design their algorithm so really somebody this book. Some people on capital hell expressed interest in this ratio that you speak of. Are you willing to potentially to fire on, arose that three quarter, so the push these off land were in one political direction. To the best of my aren't you inability to me the shop online is one of the biggest issues facing us in the lead up to the twenty one election. Well, In so far as I was not somebody who was working Behind the scenes on policy, but rather as Who was enforcing policy. I saw everybody around me and I saw myself a little bit of comparing thought
in order to really are not very many conservatives here and because Not very many. Conservatives are little think there are very many people sticking up for the voice of conservatives at a company that handles all the accompany the handles. The flow of conversations basically be a large portion of the discourse online and we are essentially in charge of what get said and what gets stifled invention the election, and they can talk a little bit more about your concerns.
Hence the facebook meddling were being involved in the twenty election. Well, we know publicly and as someone even for our software from there, we saw plenty you, we ve seen plenty of statements from Mark Zuckerberg publicly about how they don't want to meddle in the election. They want to give everybody free the platform for really speak freely, but we know that privately, they have very different opinions and we ve seen that with the previous facebook story that you guys published- and I have no doubt that what he said publicly is not what he needs to do privately
Let's go to the trophy cartoon. This one here is something that you do a little longer than I thought I was gonna be, but I will call your attention to it and say you should watch it because today by today might be a lot different than you thought I was gonna be so I think, you'll find out what this video I haven't, seen it all, but can be fun day. I that's a four day I'll talk to you tomorrow,.
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