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Episode 1038 Scott Adams: I Reclaim my Freedom of Speech Today. Sorry About You Losing Yours

2020-06-25 | 🔗

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  • Biden suggested BS Logan Act against General Flynn
  • What did Obama mean by put “right people” on it?
  • “White Privilege” is a racist term
  • Hawk Newsome’s skillful phrasing
  • Coronavirus and President Trump rallies

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Bump bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on company from everybody gets worse. While people ask me Scott one, will you do the best periscope you will ever do when does happen today? Is today the best periscope Oliver? its today and before we start something we do before we get to the good part, yet the other is that so simultaneously. Look at me. I'm back. I've got my notes. I can do a right.
All you need is a copper mugger glass, a tanker jealousies, Diana Kantian, jogger flask, a vessel of any guy and fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee enjoyment now for the Dope Albania the day the thing that makes every better, including racism, clearing the pandemic, pretty much everything Scott, the simultaneous ever they happens. They'll go well. Allow me to make your day a little bit. It goes like this. Many of you have contacted me: I've only in many cases and said some version of this Scott, I'm afraid the world is released. The United States is coming up
Revolution is coming, the Marxist are gaining power. There is a racial strife and everything's then we're all gonna die some version of that and I would like to give you some perspective. Based on the fact that I am old yeah, you think that would be another many benefits of being old. Why would you be wrong? I gotta tell you. A surprising thing about. Becoming my age, I'm sixteen three! Now most surprising thing is that, while the their obvious disadvantages and everybody would know what those are physical, etc The more advantages. Then you would ever imagined at the time I just couldn't imagine
and one of them is that I've been through this before a lot of times this. This looks like it's the end of the world. I've seen this a lot. But if you re hungry, you haven't or it or if you just had been paying attention to news. Until now, you haven't Why does it seem worse this time? Why does it seem so much worse its because the media changed its business model from telling you the facts to getting? You worked up and getting you worried. So you are part of a system, social media plus the news business. Which absolutely and there's no exaggeration here nothing isolation. They be slightly hyperbolic. These are facts that are established
after Greece, the right agrees. Every researcher everything I'm going to say is one hundred percent agreed by everybody. There will be no facts which you say well, Scott questioning that part of your assumption. You walked the next thing. I say agree with completely the business model of social media and of the news is different than it used to be. It is different in the sense that they are intentionally their intent promoting content. That gets you work up. So here is the first thing you need to know. If you can just for a moment, do this exercise. This is Imagine yourself in your body rower wherever you are, you are yourself right You are yourself how you feel just feel at like look around and say I. This is me, I'm in my body in the world.
Now do this. Take your imagination rise any in literally flowed above it new mines. I see yourself gettings, our smaller as you hired. I hurried away from the earth and now You ve got some distance. In your minds. I you're, like a satellite looking down on the earth, is just this big ball of nonsense. Now, with a woman, but a distance, ask yourself this: do you think that Europeans about the news, our objective or do you think that you have been manipulated by the highest level of science we ve ever applied to manipulating the human mind? That's with social media is as well. News business becomes by testing and then retesting until they know what works and what does it from the perspective of space.
You can look down and you can see yourself. You can see yourself as part of that system And as you see yourself from above objectively now, looking yourself, you can see all the forces attacking you every time. You too, Twitter. Look at Facebook turn on the news, All those forces now they're, almost physical. See a line from those entities to you and these lines are affecting. You may have to your second by everything you're affected by bad news, good news of then successes failures. You know your affected by all of it and now the most effective. Scientifically honed, precise technology is being directed right in your brain. You can see the lines that these lines and influence now in Europe.
Donations or physical, now, it's not just a thought, is now invisible? No, no! You can see it. You see yourself, your small, you see the lines coming in from all the forces that are the ones that are programming There's something I have been saying for a while, then you heard and you understood. But you didn't really understand it until I took you to space and you got to look down and you can actually see the lines of influence now in here's. The thing that you didn't understand before your opinions. Are assigned to your opinions. Are not your own thoughts, your opinions on the biggest after the political stuff Europeans are assigned to you. That wasn't always the case.
Or when the forces of manipulation were weak. We did not at the science to know how to do it so perfectly, and only. You had a little bit of freedom because you were not being controlled by external forces and so much of course she always had illegitimate media throughout history, but it wasn't that big a force. Maybe you don't even think about these things, so. Here's what you need to know that There are real problems in the world, but have always been the real
comes in the world now as enormous as you think they are are actually quite small by historical perspective, as biggest as is protests across the country. Corroded virus, the economy. These are real problems, absolutely one hundred percent real problems that are really just this big. There were some of the smallest problems in the history of humankind, You are experiencing the best of times that the media has told you are the worst that what I said the best times. I don't mean that the current few months, which are difficult by any standards, the other there is a real problems but they're not real problems that are real big compared with the civilization has handle
in the past. Imagine if you will the sixties and young people here who were a gigantic part of the population said revolution. I grew up time of revolution when I was young, we Do we not me so much, but young people aren't I or throw the government, and you had Nixon, who is a criminal leave. Had Kennedy was assassinated, maybe by the mafia. You know really know. There's ever better time in our history? If you include the civil rights marches, all the violence again with that these are way bigger problems, a bigger bombs in the way you can test this, for yourself is, is look at the way people are talking about them, they're, not talking about a solution, so much know they're talking about it in political terms,
You know these are not real problems in the way that are being presented. The real problems, in the sense that they are problems are, then they should be solved, police brutality, etc. Real problems do need to be solved, but they're not nearly as big as you think there, and by historical perspectives, kind it easy. Kind of if I were to let's say, go to another planet mean another civil, nation than they would say. Hey tell us about your problems there on earth, but give us sort of historical context and say: well. You know you got your. You get your mass starvation throughout history in the wars and the nuclear bomb. Following people. World were one world were too and then the alien would say our. I you're scaring me those those release and big problems. You say you getting. I haven't gotten start
we gather korean war that we want the Vietnam for no good reason. We went to a rack, killed a million people who, for reasons we don't know, and the aliens as man you get me a depressed fast forward to the future. Like is still that bad. This is still the bad and now, of course, you been hypnotized back on earth. So here's how? U S or is it that bad? Are you kidding me in twenty two? money is so bad people are destroying statues and the alien says I'm a little confused. Only about world wars and nuclear bombs and and now you're talking about a statue being two faced. Not really the same. Now. I know that some of your things got scared. Scatter, naive. Are you? Do you not know that this is a clever plan by the Marxist, the more sister controlling black lives, better, the marxist controlling anti far
they're doing you think it's just some statues of Scots got what you don't realize this step, one unnecessary plan. It's all been scripted and planned. That goes like this. First We will suppress your free speech, then we will get rid of all yours symbols that make you what you think you were once with dismantle, all of your symbolism, many or hope and you're free speech- Then we move to the next level of control. Maybe maybe when was the last time something sounded like that really happened. When was the last time anything this even vaguely like that. You know talking about right, just sort of Big sort of like that I've ever really play them about never about never
are you worried about gun confiscation. We just sold the most guns that I've ever been sold in the history of humankind and the last three months do you know the biggest conversation among civilians who don't have guns is when they're gonna get their gun. I don't know anybody who doesn't have a gun who, in the last three months didn't say, I'm gonna get a gun. Nobody. I haven't heard a single person who was gunless, You didn't say: I'm gonna give me a gun now I'm gonna go so we are very bad at predicting where things are gonna go. But the big point is things are not nearly as bad as you think,
here's a little red pill for you. I tweeted the only reason we don't treat social media as a national mental health crisis. You will agree right. Social media has created a national mental health crisis that statement even a little bit controversial. It's not as when you say that science pretty much back, set up a hundred percent. I don't even think there's any descent. I doubt anybody on left or anybody on the right. Anybody educated anybody, an uneducated, would disagree with the statement. Social Media is a national mental health crisis, but why don't we change the way you know? I will treat it that way, because the things we think are important in the way we think about them is controlled.
By social media social media attention not to worry about social media, destroying your mental health. Now I don't say that that then I'll tell you that what they do is either consciously or unconsciously it's the effect of the system is those not the biggest issue we're talking about services, Germany, nineteen Thirty's, Germany. Nineteen theories had so many differences that that analogy is rejected and by the way, If you have to go to that, if you have to go to the Hitler analogy to debunk my point, you ve already lost that rule. The rule is a hundred percent solid.
If you're only argument is a nazi analogy, you have self immolated. You ve lost your argument before you started I was asked and twitter today to comment Joe Biden, decency theme. So I guess Joe Biden is shorter. Branding his campaign is one based on decency in words of that type and here's my taken that nobody wants these decency is the sort of thing you say in public- is there anything you care about? If you put report Microphone in my face and you put a camera on me and say Scott, be on national television. Tell us some things, you think are important
I'll, look right and care, and also, I think we need to restore decency in America, and then he turned the camera can I go home and Christina says it? I've never do talk about decency before that. Like one of our top priorities, I haven't thought about that. Once in my entire life now So if I woke up and said either decency would be good. Somebody's using Hong Kong is an example of the slippery slope nope. How come was doomed on the day that they signed their original agreement with? great Britain to be on time, because the agreement itself said that it will return to China. Hunger and never had a chance. There's nothing like Hong Kong had no chance.
Of permanently being independent, because the geography and power there, wasn't anything that could have stopped that from happening, and while we can, we can not like it. We also cannot stop it. I say that to Joe decency angle doesn't have any, motion all lever in, so it's it's just sort of their arrival it's the sort of thing you would say. If you just don't want to cause any trouble, Joe say something that just is easy to understand. And then people will not mark you for too much, because it's just sort of basic, but it wont, get anybody excited in any way whatsoever. What would that be? Miracles could return to decency narrate. Doesn't close them. Nothing as as an opinion could be it.
If Joe Biden serious about returning to decency, you think you'd be speaking. A little bit more about destruction of public property, looting and violence in general, but I fear that we hear hear him. Being against decency. Less is directed, of course, as political rival. Speaking of Joe Biden. Those little news item: you did you catch it, Small news item yesterday that currently this, smoking gun has been found, that is one of the key architects of a coup against the legally elected president of the United States. President Trump, oh yeah, that's a little the news, Now any news like this is subject to re evaluation, and it's all wrong. Forty eight hours later,
so I remind you that, but at the moment it seems that a Peter struck memo. Suggests that a bite it was the first one to float the idea of using the Logan ACT against. Wrongly accused General Flynn. Now it certainly note now, does I mean it's true? Well, you can't know that the note accurately accurately, presented, the actual meeting so there's always added uncertainty by you're gonna boy. That efforts are now you're gonna treat like it was true. And, given that we all understand the local neck is transparent, bullshit
By the way I would like to introduce a term today there. There are lots of excuses for things in rationales for things that you might call bullshit but the Logan ACT, as a means of getting out general Flynn might be the bull shittiest thing that anybody ever came up with an world. There is bullshit and then there's bullshit and then there's whatever would be the bull serious thing. Anybody can ever think of or do and I will be using the thoroughly unconstitutional, hasn't been tested, but is clearly of constitutional law. The idea that an american citizen, especially one whose whose in the incoming administration can have a conversation with a number of another country,
So whoever came up with the idea of the Logan ACT as there as it away at Flynn is clearly the leave. The personal kicked off the go when you say I would say the Biden has been identified now as the co conspirator, with Obama of the goat, no will that ever be american history. Let me ask you this, who writes history? Well, you think history is written by the winners. Then that's true in any international sense. If a country beats. Another country in war than the winning country gets right, the history, but what about history? This disputed within the country. This has nothing to do with another country. Do you think history will show that, based on strong note that weak?
determine the robot and biting conspire to use a transparently bogus bullshit is excuse the Logan ACT which, by the way, there's nobody who thinks that's real thing in terms of something that should be or could be. You know something there. Somebody would go to jail for and it's true, and this is also in than the Hendrick NO from struck a bomb said. Make sure you use the right. People was sadly. What's it mean when the president says to subordinate make sure you use the right people, because if he meant use your best, people. Seems like you said that can't his mind, I know were words
involved in mind reading here, because its necessarily important, because the intentions of the people are the whole story, if you don't understand their intentions than you do understand what happened because things accidentally happened were it was a coup against the United States elected president. There was a big differences, but kill. My brain cannot conceive of why you would use the phrase. Use the right people and what you meant was use your best people. Do you have to say right people if you mean use user eighty. The best people doesn't really seem, like a phrase used, doesn't know again carried his mind, can't read his mind, but the way this will be received. Is that we have the smoking gun. It seems now completely clear
Man Biden use the power of the government to try to take our political rival and, in this context, taking amount would be literally a coup against it. States now, based on what we know today and again, this could change tomorrow. Could change tomorrow. Tomorrow we might find out. Oh, he writes notes and make stuff up here. Maybe we find another struck doubt that is so clearly fake that it makes us when work less credible. Anything can happen right. So every conclusion preliminary in today's world and then it's also revealed that call me thought the call with Kisyak flints call with Kisyak was fine. So, given these three data points by them, Logan ACT. Call me saying that phone call is fine, in other words, no, no, obviously no crime
and Obama saying use the right people instead of use highly qualified people or the eighteen were the best in. I would say that if you wrote, the history of the United States is should say The above all by the administration committed This is essentially an active treason under the under the cover of law. So I would call an act of treason, but under the cover of laws, are not technically not tackling or history is the right word whatever it is when you overthrew the country, your own country, But let me ask you this: do you think the history books war record that? Because I think that's the truth. It it gets confirmed that everything we It is actually what happened. The history books will never right back. That will never be your history and you can watch it.
You can watch it in real time cause you're alive now. How long will it take for the history of this period to be written? sort of being written as you're alive. So you get to watch the history books being written now, just to be clear, there will certainly be published books that make the same statements that I just made, but there will be books. Don't make that statement or say it's bs riper willing. But what will we teach in schools? Will? What will high school kids learn? What will college students learn Will they learn what I just told you nope, not even a slight chance, in my opinion, that the learner, I was like about the bubble Wallis who, in my opinion, it gets cooler every day
So I very positive opinion about bubble. Wallace only limited to the few things I know about him. So I don't. I don't like to endorse anybody's complete does BO, God knows what he'll be and what else he's ever done in his life. Who knows if I like that but we know is very successful athlete we know he's very charismatic, and we know that he was old, essentially, because somebody very credible told him this was hanging there and he believed it believing I mean that such a small mistake, I'm not even sure you call it a mistake, really it was a big impact, but as mistakes go I mean that such a small mistake, I'm not even sure you call it a mistake really, but here's is I told you before he issued a statement about this. I told you of former should take to be perfect and I think he had it
So his actual statement is about is perfect, as you can and you can play in this, and it is almost identical to what I said should before now. I don't think that anybody listen to me and therefore that's why they did it. This is a fairly standard thing that a good pr, a good Pierre agency, will guide you to. This purpose Firstly, well done so here's the statement on. Let me tell you what's good about it, so off by saying it's been emotional. Few days now so, First Foley's pacing, you. Because some sort of an emotional few days you been feeling when you heard it, Maybe you go or emotional, so he's pay yeah he's emotional, your emotional good form so he's pacing the awning space as first off, first off first off, he says first off so he's
angling, here's, the important part. I want to say how pleased I am that the investigation revealed that this wasn't what we feared it was. He wrote a one saying, my team S garden the FBI for acting swiftly and treating this a real threat to see what he did. He emphasised that the important thing is how people risk hundred because it was so well intentioned and really perfect. You know, I'd have to complement, nest So, even though NASCAR you, you could say, made a mistake and you'd be right. This is obviously mistake They kind of still came out looking pretty good meaning, NASCAR. I thought.
Presented themselves to the world in a very positive way by backing one of their people. Now here you could argue that their rights are being politically correct, etc, but it didn't really play that way. It played more like sincere people who actually care about this and they care about their teammates. They care about their sport and actually felt what they did. So I think it was also I saw your so then he goes out and here's the magic for this war says think will gladly take a little embarrassment sea area framed it. He framed his role in it perfectly perfectly. He did not. He did not say, and we basically you just say, here's how to frame me.
Frame is near silly. Basically, he said I think I will gladly take a little embarrassment over what the alternatives could have been so good, that's good, because Because he frames a as these two choices, little embarrassment or it could have been this bad. Now there is a third choice right. A third choices made some kind of a bone ended mistake. But the way framed. It was a little embarrassment. That's really good! Really, good communication really good persuasion. Whoever whoever advised him- and this is obviously the work of professionals that smart, Wallace appears to be cause, he looks. It looks like a smart guy. Just baselines interviews can come up with this. This is not something
then actually comes up with a. They really really had some background in this. This is professional work, instant, Well, then, he says make no mistake, though: some we'll try. This should not detract from the shore of unity. We had the Monday and the progress rebate. Is sport to be me for welcoming environment for all. Yes, perfectly done, congratulations to bubble Wallace! My guess is that his despite this, I think that his reputation and brand will come out ahead.
Because the way Hamilton, apparently general flanking flew, can sue the Department of Justice because his proper, if his prosecution is continuing to be shown in bad faith in it, looks like the recent ruling by the appeals court demonstrates that the prosecution wasn't bad faith. Neither there's enough objective evidence. They can actually see the Department of Justice to get is six plus million dollars back? How much do you want him to do that? A lot so veto? let's talk about, come flew so the latest little entails. Media is to try to big comes, so like a super races thing, of course,
to make sound raises. You would have to leave out the following obvious fact, which I feel I can speak too as a white person. So as Azure Lucy spokesperson for all white people, I just appointed myself. You know like it. But here's what you need to know. I have never met a wise person who thought council, Kung, fu, the actual sportive kung fu was anything but kind of awesome. A real is ready, is rarely white person who thinks that the actual practice of come true is anything but out of awesome. It's just a positive thing. Like karate, does anybody ever bad opinion of karate know? How Judo Jujitsu,.
You any negative feelings about. No, not at all. So what I hear Kung fu, I just have a plan I thought about it and the fact that its associated with its is origins creation, isn't it in countries? Does that make me think less of a country? In fact, working from two to China invent Kung fu? Where do I will have the wrong country? Probably that would be typical of me. I'm not informed on my kung fu, but given that country is concerned, nothing but positive, Literally, you can find a negative opinion about come foe and is associated with a certain part of the world. Is Origin, doesn't that also make that kind of apposite? thing for where I come from came from so
You can try to turn that into herbaceous thing, but at the very least, Kung FU would have to be a bad thing to be racist, otherwise, is justly it's a provocative way to call attention, as the president does to the oars So, as I pin my tweet today, I've decided to reclaim free speech. Now, as you notice noticed, freedom of speech has been arrowed narrowed by what other, who telling you is polite or appropriate to say and. I have always been words that you wanted to stay away from, for example, the inward personally, I find that word offensive, and so I dont like you know how I can get out of my mouth like it's. It's, though the worst of all words in the entire angle. Language. I think
I can say the safely is literally the worst word in the english language, so If you look, if you was a roll back to tape to a few years ago- and you say Scott, do you find yourself oppressed because way people can use the inward, and I would say- oh no Zaga big ask that is that, like really inconveniencing you that you can use the worst word in the whole reckon language the most inside demeaning worst word ever now. It's no big deal now. Does that reduce my freedom of speech? Yes, in any practical sense in a government legal sense, but in effect, who says that word and your freedom to use it in place. Society is effectively removed, but you don't really miss right in our willingness to several doesn't bother
but then more and more things get added. In the realm of things. You can talk about shrinks and drinks and drinks. Some point. You have to say to yourself: ok, that's firm enough. Because remember, I will tell you that the slippery slope isn't real, because eventually there'll be a counterforce that pops up here. It is so one small example of the counterforce So here's something I tweeted today, which I'm not allowed to say. That's why I I'm going to reclaim their space now unlikely, push all the way back. Do I need to The onward there's no other word that can work three now and that can be jerk. I haven't. I have no interest to defending people whatsoever and there's nothing. I don't get it
Why would I do so without wanting to offend anybody and wanting to be helpful, which I always am I tweeted, this white privileges of races, The term. In my opinion, anyone who uses it is either a racist and eighty or national but rich privilege isn't thing. Obviously, rich people have privileged. So so that's my statement now I would say that maybe we can I would have been canceled for saying this and I think only one troll is come after me. So far I just wanted in down, but to me personally the term white privilege- and I think a lot of you would have the same effect as nothing but racist, because what it does is it's basically, a throat has poor white people.
The boss, now I'm not a poor white person, not anymore, I used to be used to be a poor way person but elsewhere in education. So I wasn't disadvantaged anyway. I had a way to get money. So just being clear about that, so certainly being educated is an advantage being tollison avenge good, looking healthy, healthy is an advantage where you're born who your parents are not being a gigantic. Now mental health problems. We have a world full of advantages. If you gotta pull out my if you're gonna pull out one of them and say oh, this is a special one. That's the bad one! Here you can see that special advantage, even if you imagine exists, so let me be as clear as possible. White privilege is not imaginary.
But everybody has a little bit of privilege for different things. There is also black privilege what would be an example of black privilege or freedom of speech. Black people have freedom of speech in a way that way. People simply doubt nobody even theirs. I don't think there's even a black person who disagree with that statement is objectively clear, the black people have more freedom of speech, so everything- and I don't find myself complaining about it too much like it's. It's just something you notice, but it does really affect your life too. Much so gather few things you can say that I couldn't say how much does that affect my life? Not all there is no big deal. So do I hear that told people get paid more gazettes established beyond any doubt
Do I care yeah yeah? I care because does an advantage I have. I wish it is about handsome p, All strong people healthy people, people Parents were also theirs billion tons of advantages, picking out, there's one privilege or one advantage, that you're being white doesn't matter his true or false, there's just racist. It is racist two's to talk about. Why privilege in exactly the way as racist, to talk about a high crime rate in the black community? Why do why people cross the road they say if they see ten black useless, eight twenty something's coming the other direction and you don't know what the deal is Tsar raises
Every group has the room, privilege and was justly Why? Don't you say? There's lots of privileges, find you find your advantage and talk about that. So I no longer acknowledge the category of black problems. There. Just problems in and by the way had Lattimer, I think ear. You push me over the agendas Deal deal know ed at Lattimer on Twitter I use african American, but he he doesn't by into was saying he's not drink and all the Kuwait. So when you see his advice, unless mostly what is is twitter feed is about the sort of blunt truth advice from his perspective. First, all his advice is typically brilliant, some of the best. Most most usable functional,
it a frame, a reality that you'll ever say so is really important and, and he treated the other day. I will have the exact we'd, but this is the essence of it was that you put your problems are special, so this this is add, saying your price our especial- and I wish I had the exact quote, but he said something like no matter what you problem with no matter what your problem is theirs, but in the world who has, as I say, fuck problem and and and fix that no matter what your problem is. Somebody said the problem and fixed it. Now, that's just the most useful wait to see the world they will ever know. Then that's almost
That's almost recording that runs in my head, all the time and always has, since I was a kid which is yeah, you got problems in our special and somebody has had your fucking problem before and they solved it so about that about. Maybe you figure out how to solve your problem. So that's my new frame on this no longer going to have a conversation about fixing black problems, but I'll have lots of conversations above fixing poor people's problems. Just people are poor. If, if anybody wants to have a conversation and actually having deeply involved in this hold this category cuz, I think one of us needs to go is lowering the cost of a good life from Howard thing to give energy to your phone bill.
All that stuff, affordable, so there's somebody you didn't get a great start in life can still get into a good life and then build from there. The word. If you handle all your basic living requirements, low income? Well, then, maybe you can take some classes. Maybe you can work on building your skills get to the next level so. If you want to work on the problem of how to poor people of any type, you write rise up. I'm all over that acknowledging, of course that as a percentage, that would be far more helpful for black people than others just because of the way the percentages work, but I won't talk about brought black problems anymore now. Could I have said that a week ago,. No, we can go. That would be considered racist We have that it will be considered racist today. So I expect all get some global
but what I'm doing is what some of you can't do. You couldn't have been. That quote, because you would you're fired So the things that I'm gonna be saying in the next few weeks are almost entirely things that would give every one of you fired. You don't need to retweet me. Can you don't even need to follow me in It's gonna be dangerous to follow. You might wanna unfollow me and just check my twitter feed if your interested, so I wouldn't necessarily think it's a good idea to follow me in the coming weeks, but fears that we use what you need. Yours is a larger picture. I do not have any negative intentions not trying to hurt anybody not trying to hurt anybody, I'm not even taking sides.
It's all I'm saying is I'm done with white privilege as being something I will accept as play conversation. This just not like conversation today has no place in like discourse. If you want to say there is rich person privilege, I will agree, yeah you're talking about me now do I have privileged. Hell, yes, are you frickin giving me do you know how much extra privilege you get when you rich as Flacket amazing? You should try. It is true. You should do whatever you can t get it, because it's so good. You won't believe it so gathers ridge privilege, And I will do whatever I can. That makes sense for my skill set, etc to help poor people. Whatever they look like to get what I got, I would like poor people to get what I got extra freedom. He was an extra freedom.
I think I can help you, that's why I wrote the book failed, almost everything and still window, C on Twitter literally every day people refer to that book and say I will change their life. How they learned had an stack skills at Eu Systems instead of goals, pretty simple stuff But just those simple refraining allowed them to build their life. Substantial and usually a year or two fairly quick results. So I would love those sorts of useful tools to be more widely available to people who need it.
Whoever they may be, but talking about black problems, is just being a sucker to the manipulation of social media and people were jockeying for power and the political process, and I declare myself free person. I declare myself a free person, I'm free, I don't have to I don't have to frame The way you tell me to frame it, I don't care that ignoring not ignoring it, because statistically there's something there and your real ripples from slavery is all real. It's just not special. That's the difference. The problem is real. It's just not special. So is it my imagination, whereas Facebook just turn
into a digital photo album run by bigots. Why does Facebook stay in business? There? Ask yourself that, because a sort of weird at this point as the Facebook is this can take Lee successful Profitable business and it's nothing but a digital photo album run by bigots that doesn't make any sense does and you have to ask yourself: why is this happening in the answers? Candid dark? I use that word intentionally. There there's something very dark happening than that allows Facebook even to big business and you're a few things number one. It is a psychological manipulation, app the point of sale of Facebook in terms of what it is doing to you, the user is it's almost like farming,
It's almost like you, don't use a public who uses Facebook or, like the livestock you and they're, giving you a little little a shot of this little left, your growth hormones and stuff. So, basically, you know you're. Just this experimental livestock and Facebook feeds you all. This logical manipulation, and then they can measure. How worked up about this? When got somebody really angry, this is making a really angry? Let's promote them. Now that we know this makes people angry will put that in front of the algorithm. So the first thing that's pure evil about Facebook is that it is a cycle psychological manipulation. Business model and by the way I don't think
Nobody would argue that characterisation, there are people within the company who would agree with that. But that's objectively observable e, true that psychological manipulation is the primary thing. They do. But then there is the business model selling advertising. You her. The advertising doesnt work now doesn't some special cases, but for most people, just sort of doesnt work now. I know that because I've advertise law, the stuff different things from from books. Restaurants, do everything, and so I've seen your facebook adds being used the lot I've never seen them work. No once now
Do you think that the people who buy the adds? No, it doesn't work while the people, by the at least, that the biggest ones, the ones that have the most money in one's a matter, the most are not the people like me who, by an ad intestinal, lesser, think we're talking about a big corporation. We'll make a big corporate by the way this done is to be an ad agency and the air. Agency makes money by getting a company to buy the biggest amount of effort. Because the more advertising they buy them. For the agency can charge closer involved in it in the bigger deal. So the agency, as an incentive to lie and manipulate the corporate leaders who do the buys.
Do they have the power and the technique and the persuasive ability these are at agencies literally trained to psychologically manipulate people. That is their skills. They learned that they only get to work at a topic at agency because they have the skills to manipulate mines and those people with those skills Come in and sell their service do some facebook person is in charge of buying ads. And they say this is the greatest stuff in the world. It will make you a star and by the way, you probably don't need to be told this, but Facebook employ. If you are in charge of a really big budget, you'd, probably get paid for you might get promoted for being somebody who is in charge of the big budget. People Because important so Facebook employed that I'm selling the service do you know that
Your career will be better. The more you buy possess the bigger budget So I'm gonna give you some bullshit that's a true, and you don't believe it about how well advertisements work. You gonna take them that bullshit You don't believe, but you're going to sell it to your boss, because if he buys the bullshit, that's no good went through two filters and he thinks this advertisements gonna work or she thinks his advertisements go. Work notice how inclusive. Then your career will be better, so what's happening as you're, seeing the advertisements which basically doesn't work, except in some specific cases, a specific case would be, for example, in new product there's somebody didn't know existed.
And they needed, like our didn't existence in those limited cases, it can be useful. So that's that's! Their business model is its key people selling bullshit to people who want to believe it's true, because that will be good for their career if they act like its trip. So there you That's facebook, and now we know from the there was another undercover video this time again by James O Keefe and project version once again. We are seeing that the people who manage the Facebook algorithms others are literally races. There are literally racists and
heard under their own words. They are there not hiding it pretty much. Just hate wait transporters. So that's a business. It just doesn't need to exist. Robert Johnson, the Black entertainment television founder- these must be a millionaire. You said in an interview with Fox NEWS: this just made me laugh if you want to know what kind of mental model makes you a billionaire. This is so don't think they're just in terms the cut. The comment is kind of funny. Think of it in terms of that's why he is a millionaire This is why he's a billion there is this type of thinking and he says Johns.
Said that those who are destroying statues across the country quote have them they can assumption that black people are sitting reckoned shearing I'm saying. Oh, my god. Look at these white people. We're doing something so important to us their taking, the statue of a civil war general who fought for the south now I could not love their better because really do think that there are black people sitting round saying. Thank you way. People are taking their low statues. We thought we had some problems to solve, I think you ve taken a vital element. We thought we want to make more money and have more freedom and less discrimination, but we didn't know there. What we needed was for white people to knock down statues of egg is ridiculous and to watch the way robber, Johnson, just social
thankfully just took the piss out of the whole thing and summarised clearly you can see and just as little quote, you can see there is a failure, This mindset anywhere you you're going to have some kind of success swedish reporting, that the cities that had the big black lives matter, protests seeing any Cromer virus spikes, all we're so surprised. Are you surprised that, when people march for what Buzzfeed would would support as a good cause and, of course, less racism is a good cause and less police brutality is
because that, when you marsh written cause, the corona virus doesn't touch you now they ve got to reasons. Of course. Maybe it's because a sound doors maybe- and this is the funny part say- maybe it's because the the protesters were wearing masks and they showed a picture of a bunch of protesters wearing masks, and I said to myself: I see a lot of pictures distance. I didn't see a lot of asks. There were definitely mask. Maybe forty percent would be resident of how many had mask thirty forty percent, I guess advance which, when you look at it, there were some where they had a lot of masks and, of course, an hour. If you wanna see the future, let me predict the future black lives.
Protesters do not spread corona virus, but wait, wait, there's some new information coming in about the future. Yes, Trump rallies do create corona virus hotspots. Europe, I think we're gonna find other now could be sold. True, the thing you care rule out, as is also true, because when you pack people tightly together, inside the building and they don't have any masks which would be a rally.
And their yelling. We should be like a choir if the troll rallies do not cause spike in corona virus. I'm gonna be amazed, but the truth is even if it didn't. I think it would still be the news. So let me say that again clearly, I've known no medical doctor, but everything we ve heard so far, especially that, like a choir, seen together, is guaranteed to spread the corona virus. If any of them have it, because it's the year that being closed for a long time and exhaling a lot and singing so the tribe rallies are almost designed to create our spots. I mean you couldn't come up with a better way to do it and, let me say is as bluntly is possible because I ever whenever I get painted into the corner of saying it looks like I'm agreeing with everything
from does I don't agree with everything from does indeed, Having no watched the the rallies I would have to either a bad idea, very bad. In fact, it makes trumps supporters look stupid. Honestly, it just makes them look stupid. Now I dont think transporters you stupid, don't that's not what I'm saying, I'm saying that the look of it, is a really bad luck. Honestly, what I watched the rallies different feeling that I've ever had before I used to watch them is just entered in Lagos, pray entertaining and linen size. I crowd so a lot of energy. That's all! I think The last two I thought I thought that look stupid. I'm not saying the people are stupid. I'm saying that the idea of packing, Berlin together without masks and then run
continuous footage of those people is the worst possible. Look really that some people are saying yes, but freedom, absolutely yeah. If you weren't, look like it's, a bunch of people were really very concerned about freedom even more than the health. That's what you got right if your priority was freedom, it probably looked terrific to you, but if you're trying to convince it to somebody who has not already on your team, Probably the best way to do it, and you didn't see that much energy and rally, so it's not getting the benefit, the thought. So, in my opinion, the rally if, the present held more rallies. I think you would just be a mistake. I think it would work against his interests frankly, matches me organisms, making some news. You know, I know hawk in these likewise matter in New York,
and what I was talking to I to see if we can find some solutions like specific things that we could recommend we got a little bit of who better progress and making a list of things that we can actually do I think some of those are being were considered in the TIM Scott Bill in the consular calmly, Harris Bill, etc. So so the net bubbled up, not necessarily because of us, but but there was just good ideas and I I broke my contact with hawk because he he needed for his purposes to be more provocative than I was willing to be associated with another words. You use more willing to go away, people, racist and suggest India.
Plea or directly that maybe violence could be productive and those are the thoughts and I really want to be associated with so I broke contact with him, but he's making museum, and I want to break out something he said because I think it needs them interpretation to do so, he said quote, this country doesn't give us what we want in terms of fixing systemic racism, etc. If this country doesn't give us what we want then we will burn down the system and replace it. Newsome responded all right and I could be speaking figuratively. I could be speaking literally it's a matter of interpretation
like let's, be very real and observe the history, the sixties, Bubba away. He makes good points. The violence has been productive and a part of american fabric and including gun ownership, and why are we so often black people have guns and Sarah, so those are actually some good and interesting, contextual points, but your support. I wanted to point out that he who says that will burn down the system and replace it and then he says all right and I could be speaking figure to leave and I could be speaking literally it's a matter of interpretation now who says something and thence, very that sentence. They tell you that you can. You can interpret it in two different ways. Does that, because normally, when you communicate, don't you tell people what you mean? Here's how I do it well there
Ways to interpret this, I want to be clear that this is the way I'm saying it. Isn't that the way you communicate if we want people to actually really understand what thinking and others too, is to see it. But I'll tell you This is the way I see it and I'm communicating it this way. I'm not talking about that other way to see it, but did a completely unexpected thing, No, you know if you, if you think this is gonna, be a criticism you're on your own page. This is gonna, be a compliment to. No I've told you, I'm gonna be consistent about this. Regardless of whether somebody has a political opinions, and I do if they employ skill. I'm gonna call in El Paso
I think you need to learn the skill part, and then you can apply to your own moral and ethical world, but this was very skilful. It looks like you just a weird sentence, but is really skilful and he also years why HAWK is talking to two separate audiences and he found a way to talk to them simultaneously, which I've never seen you he needs to talk to his radical base in a way the suggestions on board with actual violence, light burning stuff down because they need to hear now. My reading his mind now he told me that you told me that directly he told me that he needs to be more radical or he would lose his base direct language on that there's no interpretation, was this language in which you says: burn down the system. Does that speak to his face? Yes very well,
and how do they interpret it? They say, looks like burning down. Stuff was on the day, looks like a little bit of violence. Hawk, is in favour of so, that's how they would interpret it later if he's challenged, and he will be, by way of people he'll say: hey, you could take this as figurative and I said that what I said- and I said you could take- this- is figurative so taken as figurative and then why people who don't like his message world, they have their own opinion, but there are going to anyway, but the white people who are sort of boarding black lives matter, but don't want to think their part of anything violent do have the option of interpreted as fingers. Another words. He found a way to talk to the sea, anti farming and the white protestors who were siding with black lives matter. He found,
when you talk to them at the same time, he was seeing essentially the opposite, a thing to black lives matter, any any pulled it off. He actually pull because everybody recesses just go see. What they want to see, and I ve never seen anybody say directly, he goes it's a matter of interpretation. He actually That right into the original statement you ve firstly before, if, if you imagined that this was a good idea- and you were not trained in this, you would say: that's not a good idea as a good idea to say two things that are up. And so you can interpret it anyway, you what? How is that? Not the worst idea, the world, here's what you, MRS Haug, is good at this he's. Goodness you dont know how smart he is. I do I spend enough time talking to him that he is really-
and he does understand this stuff and It is not an accident. The fact that he found a wages where a circle that would have thought, wasn't even a thing. He pulled it off now supporting his message or anything like that. Don't take it like that. I'm just saying skill was pretty good skill right. If you thought there was going to be a fair election, I don't think there's any chance that now you can see that twitter is starting to kick off. It's the voices that are programme, so. Ryan, cuss, here's, a cow got lock yesterday to be that was the last straw, your copy downtown and you also get permanently block, but between those two. I think that that's no kind of trade-
Spirit what's going on before I want to send. While you know, maybe this is confirmation by us, because they always had a reason for anybody who got filtered are blocked. Words are, there was always a reason and if they ve got guidelines so with officials, loans there's a reason. You can't necessarily think that's any kind of larger political act. But as we see the specific examples, they start to form a pattern is pretty clear so that the standards or seem to be enforced in one way, but not another, and it does look like these standards are being used as an excuse, a convenient way to kick off The voices that are effective, so watch for people who were effective to be kicked off will see a legos.
I think I have covered most my most important points. Just let me check my notes here among yourselves. Yes, I think you did so that's all now I did go over. I do have an account on parlor. Parlor is the tiny competitor to twitter The problem with parlor is, I think it's just going to be. Conservatives go there. If it turns out to be the conservative twitter, then you're just going to have a left, leaning, twitter and right, leaning, twin We will have a different name and all it does is divide us, so I have very mixed opinions about parlour. I don't think it makes sense unless you also keep your twitter account, but you ll get to make your own decisions, so I would do it in addition to Twitter, but I wouldn't do it instead of
unless you really trying to make a statement of some sort sweater. Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, is too important to hear your business life for most of you. If it is not important EU business life and do what you will all right, that's it for today hope you enjoyed it and I'll talk to you tomorrow. I'm somebody stung me, the parlor is is pronounced. Parlay, that's true, I hope a statue, but it might be talking.
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