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Episode 1042 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About All the Bad People and Funny People

2020-06-29 | 🔗

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  • Dumping on Lena Dunham’s success
  • Skin color mandates agreement with BLM?
  • Life success is strategy, not skin color
  • St. Louis gun-toting home owners
  • Daily Beast hit piece on Van Jones
  • Cognitively impaired Biden and cognitive dissonance

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump. Do you don't I discovered the other day? you can use your digital system. Should you have one I will not use the name of the digital assistant, but it's a l e x, a I don't want, don't want to wake mine up, but apparently you can just tell it to play the podcast by the name of this, this coffee with Scott at and it just starts playing- I tell you- it is so much like the future. I'm just standing in my kitchen and somebody sent me a message saying that, were they really does that work I said a l e exile play
He was got atoms apple podcast boom started playing the latest episode kind of cool Somebody so someone else was killed in chop. I haven't heard that but we're going to do something that will get this morning going us right. Yeah come up. I know some of Europe shared and all you need is a couple: Mugger Glass, a handkerchief users, dynamic, anti intergroup flask of vessel of any kind. Fill it with your favorite liquid coffee and join me now for the dopamine here the day the thing makes Everything better, it's called simultaneously and it happens now. So I can tell you how we're
it is to be me today- is one of those days. The thing they specifically makes it weird to be me as I do. With the news and that I wake up and then the news is about me and like our crap, the news is about me again I welcome this morning to Omar was telling me hey, yard. Delbert is treading on twitter. Now the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning. If the first thing you see is that delivers Trending or your own name is trending necessarily a good news? It say it up
you dont automatically say hey. This is terrific. I'm trending. The first thing you think is shit. I'm either cancelled Covin or dead. As I like to play. Whenever I see anybody else, trending I say they cancelled. They have governed the dead, Support Dilber was surely this morning and what happened is one of the traps that I had said had sprung now, if you're not me, you don't think in terms of setting traps on twitter. It's probably just my own, my own sick My own sick hobby. I guess is that sometimes I like to just put a tweet out there. They just sits there offered in the comments, not even a tweet just to come, I'll put it out there and I'll just think. Well, as we can come back to me, So what I did was I'd say,
yesterday that Lena Dunham was trending. Leader Dunham was trending because, in our world is twenty twenty she's. I guess she's, not minority enough. She she's a little too white. A little too connected to rich people at the turns out, especially Hollywood connections, She was trending for not deserving her success. How would you like to work? How would you like to trend on twitter and find out that the recent Eu Trending is that black people don't You deserve your success. She has wakes up in the morning is like, what's going on today check Twitter? Hey, I'm trending I wonder why.
This, because nobody thinks I deserved my success bomber of stocks, So the thing they got me triggered yesterday and this whole dovetailed into why I'm trending today. Is there an african american gentleman who is based on his profile? Assuming that really is the person in his profile and he tweeted, about essentially about leader, dumb dunams white privilege. This point was that the black people don't have the white privilege she did because apparently she got her tv deal with nothing, but one page right up of a general concept, and then she had she had a tv
now so so black people were awakened and saying things such as I studied film manoeuvred many manuscripts, I have much lots experience, but I dont get to get my own tv show, because I some of them on the back of a napkin. Basically- and I was connected in Ali word. In my roses were rich and inside you just walk into a tv deal. I don't get to do that now. Is it fair to black people that they have to work hard to get jobs in Hollywood, but Lena done with Oliver whiteness guesses. Walk right into a job doesn't have to try our it actually done some other things and in the end, the business so wasn't. I should never worked in the business yet a little bit of arrest me, but still there point their point is quite clear on that point
very clear there? Why privilege, eight or more likely more likely, not necessarily guarantee the more likely To be related to connect to network to somebody who can help her with a career, and that's just what happened so that's racism right and here's Triggered me, those of you in the comments. Can you let this be a good time to to cover your ears of your kids. If any kids are listening, kids, this would be a time to find something posted? There may be some person, maybe a little better cursing the comes out the next o sixty seconds or so, and it goes like this, as the African American
The folks were criticising Lena Dumb Dunham for succeeding because of her whiteness, which was true. So that this statement is completely true that, as a white person, she was statistically far more likely to have a connection that would help us get something that other people couldn't get totally true. Also, fuck. You fuck you! Every of you flock you. Lena dunams connection, dim here, any one of you did it: how about the people who are not connected to billionaires like me, like most of you above fuck you every one of you who think that some other random wipers solution get a leg up, because Dunham Heather advantage Lee doesn't matter to vanish, that's not a way to fucking advantage accepts statistically. Do you wanna talk, statistically,
because I don't think anybody wants to talk statistically You are talking about an individual in Individual doesn't know. Certainly have a billion there for a fuckin father Individual has a fuckin problem that is our own fucking problem. You got your fucking, problems. Somebody else has problem to your problems are not fucking special. You problems are not a fucking special now it's hard to say that on twitter doesn't love a lot of fucking views on my character, count just with just one fucking, so instead I pull trap there. They ended up with me. Getting that ended up with me. Getting trending early stilted in the tree.
Was this a put in the comments just for context just for context that I personally lasted two jobs in corporate Amerika? Most of you know the story. We're being a white male. They told me directly. My boss told me directly to separate times to different, Companies, I care provider, you because you're, Your mail, in those direct words, the then that I threw him and by the way the trap is that I know people don't believe in my experience has shown that people don't think True, if your black, you just don't think that's a rapid, honestly you'd, no idea that reverse discrimination was pretty much universally true. I don't know how much is true today in corporate of earth, but certainly- I'm degree add two years what I threw in that I knew was gonna, be the red meat, because it was a conversation of
film people and writers? Who am I enemies. As you know, I always joke that when somebody's comes into something rational to me, I just extra profile. Artist is the artist that never hamley good arguments. Satan they're just really worked up and they never end kind of analytical structured anything, they say it just random, unkindness usual so I threw in the fact that the Dilber TV show guy cancelled because it was a white tv show and European had decided to become a an african American centric network. The second season that I was now they thin, and this is the fun for I knew that they will think that wasn't true,
they would say Scott there's no such thing as discrimination against white people. There were just tried to let you down easily by telling you because you race. Now never I always kid listen writers, people in the tv business people in the arts. They don't, even the slightest bit of analytical ability to the point where it just funny to wash them trying to think- and this was what they came up with. They decided that we decided that in three separate times in my life, there's somebody thought, easy way to break me down the easy way to. Let me down- and there Belief is that I'm actually just incompetent and all those things so that I was in carbon at the tv show, incompetent my corporate jobs and that the the way the bosses decides. Let me down easily was by being racists.
What, in what world do you lesson? down easily by telling them they're, they're, they're, effortlessly and their gender. As the problem is the one fucking thing IKEA effects, That's the opposite! Letting me down easily. Do no! Let me down easily, you know, Scott, you don't have the training for this job. Or about you, ve made some mistakes. Maybe you would be suited in some other job. Maybe we can move you too. A function where your skills in your interests or are better matched. There are quite a few ways. Let somebody they are easily one of the ways that the list to tell them that under and their ethnicity is the problem, so that's what artists think when they are based The other thing we think is lying. Who would lie about that
I was just curious like can you develop your theory, a little bit better about how I'm lying about it, for example, what would I have to gain did was your theory? Was it you Our theory that my theory was by saying I lost three separate jobs because of my my effortlessly and or gender, Then I was gonna come out. I had other. Does everybody? We live in a world in which saying that in public is in any possible way good for me, no fuckin way, that's good for me. And you can set the reasonable trending is because I'm being attacked by you're. Calling me a liar now did I know that this? Why did it? I literally put the tweet there, because I thought I'd be funny to watch all these artists attacked me for
for lying and making it up- and I thought well that will just draw attention to me and the more attention is drawn to me them or I can say, let's have a full discussion, because I think we should just consider all the elements you watch me long enough to know that I will go deep in listening to taking seriously the claims of black Americans because there are legitimate. They're all based on legitimate stop right. So you know I'm statute, because I listen because I listened and I said, What wisest body? Ok, that's pretty good reason. Sprigged reason I can see why my what the historical advantage will allow inside, but.
You can't side where the people say. Why would you have offensive statues? I've talked about how to do reparations when most of you were just mad at me, so I've gone deep. I've talked to black lives matter tried to work out. I've offered help to call him capital literally and publicly to try to see a you got problems How can I help that is ready to do so? I think that I've done everything I can do to understand as deeply as much that the black situation in America in every sense as theirs. They also need to know open to that too Listenin to all of it and take it seriously. You ve seen using me, put the work and take it seriously and worked on the with a dull pull day. We worked on the blight removal, stuff, Which is primarily for the benefit of the black community as some other projects
how about that are entirely for the benefit of like me, But it is also true that people are widely discriminated against now. Do I think you need to fix it, I'm not even saying that nothing. You need to fix everything, announcing a good approach. I'm not saying that it wasn't even a greater good to have some discrimination in the eighties balancing. So I don't argument about. I'm just saying that that's the context just look at the whole context. A residency and then that apparently there's some a little bit push back again the Indian Americans and the push back is that this is seen ends opinion peace. So this is me so don't watch over the next few weeks. To me, I'm just saying what I read it.
Then at sea and ends up at him one person on CNN that. The so called brown people from India should be citing more with with the black people who were protesting, but the price is that the brown people are being considered the the ethnicity that are succeeding. The book the brown people from India, in particular their demographic group, tends to do really and apparently there not exactly siding with the people whose skin color matches than the most there. I think sightings. The word there not strongly identifying with black lives matter, and thus the criticisms, like your brown, their brand shouldn't you be on the same side, to which I say that is the most lose irish opinion. I've ever heard my life.
Most losers. Opinion in the world is that Indians from it. In America, should these I think, with black lives matter, because they have similar skin color. What what? How could that not be just super racist and that's just like an opinion, peace and see, then the people just radon. That looks really. I think this is literally the Bush races thing. I've seen Ever about ever, those raises they have seen ever is that you should be in somebody side, because their skin color litter literally that's what they're saying once more racism that here's. What I would suggest now said this before and is the sort of thing you can't say until you're, so deep into the argument that you use
give yourself a little space, so part of what I am doing is being provocative intentionally in in this space, where most of you would be cancelled for doing half of what I'm doing, because, if I can make my freedom of speech big enough than I can actually say useful things at the moment, the the the field for for free speech on this topic of blackmail. Better etc is so small that Things you need to talk about to make a better. You can talk about, so this is job. One job one is to expand the ability to have an actual conversation other things that you could say to any black person in person that they not be offended and is always yell. You replied near here. Your intentions were good, etc, but I find that there is you just can't say in public- that you can talk,
They say that anybody individually and start even slightly offensive, which is where the dangerous, because, if you, if you lose that difference and say what I can say this easily You, my coworker or somebody. I know in person the problem at all. It's just when it goes large that the problem happens. And here's here's the thing that needs to be said and I've I've teased little bed but start pushing it harder. Why is it that in the end, Americans are far more successful than black Americans? Is it because of the legacy of slavery? These me That's that's gotta be in there somewhere right, it's not like it's no effect, but the biggest difference among people is not skin. Color its strategy And if we don't recognize it, that's the big difference, then I think we can really fix anything.
Because we're we're not dealing with a a true enough picture of the world to know where the buttons are here. You deal with artificial. The picture of the world and here's what I mean if you were to take the people, who had the same strategy as the people came from India and, as a demographic group has been reported there unusually successful compared to say other groups in the same situation. What strategy do they use? Do they have a how'd. You know I don't like to use. The word. Work ethic cause that now feels a low racist honestly. Do you hear to when you say? Oh there's, a difference in work ethic into my brain, that's just racist! I think disaster strikes
As soon as you get into oh, it's your nature to be a certain way for US law that doesn't applied any individual, because the individual differences are all over the place. But I just don't think that's where you should focus. It just feels like that's. There's nothing, productive if you start to think like that, if you said yourself, the Indian Americans came had the simple strategy stay jail stay off drugs focus on school work and that a few other things were basically that your strategy, no drugs, no crime? work hard in school. Now I think the EU should only compare the people have the same strategy to each other, because if you compare strategy the strategy and then there's still a big Hence, I would say: oh, I think you found some raises look like
we ve narrative down. Now. Obviously there is racism. I say racism is universal, is not limited to anybody, its universal. Does your brains? Are your brains? Are pattern, recognition machines? He carefully turn that off their just bad at it. Confirmation by us and and in reality looks the same to us. So I feel like where the conversation needs to go is to stop talking about statistical differences between people with something in common with her skin and say how about the difference between people who used a strategy. We know to succeed. Verses, if we use the strategy, we know never works well we comparing strategies that don't work, two strategies do work and concluding that racism is the problem. What's up with that, so I think the fact that were focusing
So much race tells you that nobody wants a solution. Now what I say: nobody, I dont mean people, because individuals, of course was solutions. You're just a citizen mind your own business, You want a solution, you want a solution, We're saying strong families I would say that that is untested. I think that there needs to be two models and we only have One, the one bottle that conservatives sort of approach, if you will, is going be a nuclear family. A good, strong mother and father, and then everything goes well. I say yeah, that's great! If you're lucky enough to have two good parents love you and they can give you a good strategy life, that's great! That is the best that nothing will be better than that in my opinion, but it's
so realistic. What what's the point of having a strategy that you know care work? Do you think you Take all the people in the world and they are we ve solved it. You just need to find a great made. What is there aren't any? How often do people get a great mate? How often does divorce happens a lot, because we're not good at picking somebody who is good for us this last as other needs to be some kind of other model where a kid can thrive. Despite having one parent, which of these three things? Can you not do? If you only have one parent do? Can you not study casually? Have one parent you could study, you can pay attention? Did you have no choice but to get into crime because only have one pair of no use to have a choice to have a choice by doing drugs in high school,
because only have one parent, you don't have a choice, gather together Johns area, one per still choice so there suddenly the tells me that wall while I completely accept everything's easier, if you to loving qualified parents. This is the real issues that real this is not going to happen for everyone. So is a fairy tale to imagine that some kind of a solution- It's a good idea. If you want to push it as more of this. That makes sense because it does seem to be a model that works. I. Speaking. I so just to follow up on the Dilber TV shows story. So then the The artists who are bad and analyzing things when we'll see about me and when I say that when all CNN
found some information. There was not a complete story and they made some fake news. That's how I got trending and the same news is that the discovered that when the show was cancelled, the ratings were really really love, so they say Scott. Your line is not because European decided to become a an african American focused network which, by the way that part nobody questions, does that's in the record. You could find it saying it is obvious they say no, even though it is true that European was becoming an african American focused network at the time you were cancelled, the reason you cancel it rings were low and you live inside that true, true true, the ratings were low and I dare say that's why I was cancelled. I also didn't tell the truth about any of this stuff for a long time.
So why were they? Why were the ratings low? This is the part that the geniuses who doing their their little introduce nuisance Don't get the reason the ratings were level is that I lost my time slot from the season before we're ratings were good ratings, we're good enough to get renewed now in the tv business. That's this the binary you're, either good enough to get renewed or you're, not if you can get renew than you can build an audience because even Seinfeld small audience in the first stage
did you know that the Seinfeld audience was actually very small and forces, but because they got renewed, they found they found their feet and their voice, and they became big Dilber too, had actually better, probably better than Seinfeld in terms of the first season, because it was, you did well in its time slot on European well enough to be renewed, then it lost its time slot and I think it was too Where do melbury young Teen Black STAR named Mandy? She was on the network in a man, this wrong. I think she was one who that time slot break. Because her show did well about that time. Elsa disobey, let's build something around this and make it the African American, our sir, losing the time slots to Africa
product which turned their focus to Nailless. Do more of this seems to work and that they dilbert no longer self? So, while the problem, the proximate problem was losing the time slot to another property, the than the killer shot is that it no longer makes sense to try to move it or promoted or or make it work, because it wasn't gonna, be there next year, no matter what in the support that the genius is, who got Dilber today. I don't know it's a little bit too complicated enough about me this way too much, but me we all see the video of these saint Louis Gun, toting homeowners. It's man and wife was standing firm. Some high end home and looks like black lives matter, may be anti five were starting to gather and before the crash
big, you see the guy out there with Withers Big S gun and what is what was its? What kind of gun was it go next This can tell me and and waste got a pistol and she's got her finger on the trigger which, which is not exactly ideal, guns safety situation, because we probably have the best she had safely off and she had her hand on the trigger. And she was pointing it out, and apparently it was enough to make them decide that this wasn't there ass. They were going to analyze. Somebody says lawyers, I don't know if they were, lawyers have poured poor trigger discipline. This was somebody called it so as they are fifteen. Somebody says that this would look like. I want to make sure she came in she gave without taking. So
she was here. Was my taken that number one word it worked so the fact that anything works. What does that tell you about it when something works, people do more of it right when something works. People do more of it. So he says is a are style. That's what. Wondering if it's definitely they are or are there are there. Other things and look like it enough of a gun guide, you know so so here's the thing is, This is gonna, stop before some homeowner guns down somebody from black lives matter or anti fa.
Cause. I'm thinking it won't. I feel, like there's. Gonna have to be some pretty serious gunfire before it's over now, just to be clear up promoting that. I am not in favour of guns it's a prediction is operation that, if you We worry about the slippery slope. Why think the slippery slope will slip until the suburbs and the suburbs going to shut this? because the suburbs are well armed in the ways the cities or not and there's no homeowner under that situation, who won't take on a gun. So you should black lives matter and anti far meeting armed resistance
And it won't always be the roadhouse, sometimes it'll be the neighbors. You know if your neighbor is being threatened. You've got a gun, you might, you might go out with your gun, so I think guns are going to be the solution to our thing and I won't be. It looks like it's not going to be government guns, because the government has been neutered by Twond psychological warfare, the psychological warfare, meaning that, if a government gun kills a black person during any this, then than the violence will increase. Instead, a decrease, if a black, if they say a black lives, better person or anti. Gets killed by a homeowner end. In the in the act of some kind of vandalism, America, America's gonna become a happy about that. When I say America, I don't mean
Likewise manner I mean that all the people who have homes- I don't want them, vandalized all the people who want the protesters too random are going to be pretty happy the first time some of them get gun down on somebody's long now looks like there's nothing. There would stop that from happening at this point, the story of the sailors, people were well armed. They had good control. They had relatively good self control, I think I might have fired off at least a warning shot. That situation, although I think I will what a couple around into my own law on just to tell them, it was loaded, and I think that would have a hasty in their retreat, but they're probably would have been illegal, so there smart the way they handle that I dont know I could have had that much control. But here's the thing I like that.
Sooner or later, there's gonna be a whole motor who technically breaks law by exacting some violence on some protestors. You know that's coming right. There will be a homeowner who kills or wounds protester hundred percent chance. That's coming. I would like to say following? Should I ever be chosen for a journey in which Homeowner is being charged with over reacting and would be the overreacting that would make an illegal so something that is not clearly self defence. But it's it's charge as something more like murder, because the person. Threatening them, but was on their long with the big crowd of people behind them. Shouting we're going to kill you, So something this a little more grey area you know was like it wasn't, immediate harm
but on the other hand it was an angry crowd. They have killed other people and be another people that than there on your law and and you ve got children, inside, and so you shall see shall somebody. On your long, for whatever reason you thought it was these up. Even there choice. Now, let's say that is technically completely illegal and that homeowner under no circumstances should go to jail? This is what I'm declaring in public. If you put me on the jury, I'm not going to convict them period, I'm not going to convict any property owner for any violence against any protester. Regardless of the specifics, let me say that again, While this situation is ongoing, that this is not a permanent thing, because the things come down,
you want. You want the letter of the law to be followed, but at the moment I'm just I'm just declaring that for the benefit of the United States and as a patriot, I would not be involved in any jury in which I would even consider a guilty guilty verdict for anybody who defended their property with violence. During the situation. Now I don't recommend violence. Let me be as clear as I can be about that: don't kill it don't hurt anybody elicits yourself to fancy. Just have no choice. Don't hurt anybody, I'm just saying that's the way it's going to go somebody's going to get hurt. Unfortunately, we hope it's the fewest number of people, but should it happened and I assume it will anybody who is on that jury is willing to inflict a property owner
for being a little over zealous in protecting their property, not going to happen with me and the jury not going to happen in, and I don't care what the details are. I don't care if this person opened up and just started spring, the crowd innocent, that's it. I will not conceal. Anybody for protecting their property and by the way it doesn't matter what Russia, what nationality there? I'm not a little way people off. Your? What your nationality is, if you're protecting your property. If you put me on the jury, it's at least a hum jury. Actually, if you put me on the jury, it's gonna be whenever I wanted to be cautious relation put a hypnotist on a jury. Do you know one of the questions that lawyers should ask, but never do? Are you a train tables
if you're are trained impetus. You shouldn't be a jury, because the rest. The jury is going just agree with you. You might as well just have one person on the jury. I know you don't believe that, but trust me I saw on Twitter today, the twitter has suspended the account of Sydney Powell, the attorney for General Michael Flynn. Does anybody know what that's about? Because when he hears you first hear this suspension? You know it takes a while to find out what the reason ones was it somebody says, come on man, their lawyers. Somebody says the same words. People were lawyers, I don't know if that matters.
So, if you ve a cool, is in your driveway, that's no party, your home no out. I would also say that, if that's your property, I don't care where you're probably does, even if it's just your car, if, if somebody in the car runs over a protester while other protesters are threatening the car, put me on the jury innocence and then we can listen to the details here. So I wonder why Sidney Power that which is we're, because if an attorney is getting kicked off, a twitter Don't you think the attorney would know why she was too. What was risky and what the rules are. Something weird about the story, and I can't wait to find out what it is barely be used, decide to do a hit peace, I'm Van Jones is nowhere
Why would you do a hit peace and Van Jones and here's the reason apparently Hugh? He helped with Jared cushioning. He helped advise the executive order about that, the presidency and about police, and you think yourself or whitman- isn't that a good thing Van Jones, working with the administration already has a track record of successfully working with them on prison reform, something very popular at both the left and the right, and it got past so. Van Jones, a rare free thinking, a rare non partisan. Will, I will say, nonpartisan everybody's partisan, say I extremist most use. Full guy in the country like actually somebody you can make something
happen that matters that helps people thus Van Jones right, so they do hippies. Here's why? Here's, why they don't like vengeance, or at least the daily beast attacks on its behalf. As he helped advise that we don't know how much of the final output was from Van Jones and how much wasn't but when he went on CNN, he said that the deal was he a step in the right direction, essential, He did not say it's all good and we got everything that's worth getting. He said that it's a good preliminary, solid step that people on both sides should like, basically paraphrasing he did not say when he was you'd better publicly. While he was saying it was good, he did not say that he was one of the people would visor on it, and so, and so daily beasts thinks that this is worth it
peace to ruin his reputation in public or attempting to their failing, but attempting to because here I've done something very important, vital to the country tearing the country part one of the few people who is both credible, are useful and just once based on everything I've seen just was good results right, one of the most helpful selves. Facing people and the entire African United States and they go after him and they attack him talk about the enemy of the people. Now, let's talk about the specific complaints, so here not only did not fully disclose that the executive What are you saying? Has good parts wish it could be bore, but as some good parts he did not closer? He was one of many people that Jerry Kirshner got advice from Zephyr. Let me ask you this:
do you think everybody who advises the White House brags about it in public. Do you think everybody who advises away house once? You didn't know that in public. For whatever the reasons are. I say it is completely fair, not disclose. Do? You know anybody who is advised the White House and did not disclose it here. You do. Probably quite a few of them It is very routine to advise as the White House and not disclose it. Why well. What do you another deck? How about that because disclosing hey? I advise. The White House yesterday is just sort of a deck thing cause. You know why you should let the White House present their case anyway. They want to. If you wanna, help, if
I helped the White House about you, keep your own fucking face out of it. You don't take credit for some to the present is doing because you you gave in vice for ten minutes and a meeting. You don't do that now that the White House in the administration of you, if you consider the entire ministration they are continuously sampling For advice, I have been asked for advice. A lot of the blue check. Conservatives who have something to say, have been asked for advice on different different topics at different times. They all talk about it now. I know you do that Now it works, you don't advice. Somebody in the way our logo talk about it on tv, it doesn't that way. Now, if you have the floor, It was a you're invited to the White House, the oval office. They took a picture.
Then, of course, you say that you are there and you talk to the present and when they say what did you say that the president? What do you say your business, nothing business- that's that's I was supposed to, so here is Van Jones, not trying to new claim credit for anything, not, working at a school about who you may have advised exactly like you'd want into Exactly the way you'd wish you would act. Right of fucking here, peace on the a guy who's. Trying to fucking do something useful now, made it very clear that the least developed these doesn't want a solution. I mean you, don't have to read too hard. Between the lines to realise that they didn't. They wanted the fight more and they wanted any kind of movement forward, a spray of is.
There's a story about a company named, perform path. Lake marries Florida company, and they introducing ultra violet light. I guess you can just replace you're late fixtures or your bulbs uttered of its a ball, but the life might be people, but you can simply put in aligning with ultra violet, there there aiming at tea men venues, places worry of teams, foursome and spectators. And they're looking to basically uses uv light to disinfect the entire area? All the time does it work well, hard to know is expensive. But understand you that's out there and it could be that Ultra violet light, I'm just gonna, give you the most positive potential. Imagine it works. We think they need a little more science,
for sure they do know that the ve yet has an effect on a virus, so that party is love what they dont know is, if you put it in a lot of sealing lights and a lot of places, do you get a different result, but probably in common sense tells you was worth trying, let's say works. Could it be that we will develop technology that makes us safer against all viruses forever? Yet this is a specific type of uv light, not generic uv light. Thank you. This could be The biggest things in human development just think about all the then viruses from the regular cold to every other kind of flu virus is. If the uv light
kill those things without hurting people again, basically flush. It then of indoor spaces. If you can get rid of viruses indoors with just light bulbs, just make sure you have a couple of those lights and he drew. If that does it. This is one of the greatest I mean this would be as big as when humanity learn to wash its hands with soap. This would be that big. I mean it's pretty big. Who knows it for the work will see anyway here says, there's a serious thought of the day we ve talked about. The Jani and Laurel what so there the audio illusions in which you can imagine you hear something one way and then you can just imagine it another way, and here is the other way, so good
the audio allusions are established as a thing. We know we can make people here different things, even setting the same sound and it to do without their prime, now imagine a bad bad character. A bad was a country. The wants to start a revolution or a riot in another country, and they they want to do with misinformation. One of the technologies that apparently, is available is to send a message that half the people Listen to and will say I don't hear anything wrong with that. And the other half will say my god. Are you listening to the same thing? I am. What I hear is that their there that's nazis wanna take over the world or whatever it is. What it was worse than you can imagine so if somebody created an inn. Additional audio illusion, Let's say I had somebody somebody
You thought, was a good politician. But the audio allusion made a sound like they re using the inward now. I think it s, because there's a video of Joe by using the inward. The I heard it unless an ugly that didn't happen. So soon I heard those like the ok, that's a picture of Joe Biden. His lips are moving clearly here that inward coming out of his mouth? but associating up now that in Heaven knows it's some kind of a fake. Now it turns out that the the nature of the factory is. It was just an account and use quoting someone else, while condemning them so you know he's quoting someone else and condemning them that changes the context now should he have used the word in its natural form, walk condemning them. Well, remember it was pretty far back in time but it wasn't. It is obvious that that would be the worst thing in the world should have done. It
No, it's a small problem. He was obviously his intentions were right and the times were there. So I will make a big deal out of it, but it reminded me that how easy it would be to have a piece of misinformation in which people could clearly half of it. It would say now it's not on the video tromp is saying those words and then it would have would say it's right there We listen to it open your ears, must be lying to us, because we here those bad words clearly, so there is a potential. Really bad mistress, the kind that would actually destroy a country? If you use that technology. What are the odds than a pandemic would make masks mandatory at the same time that the protests-
really require masks to be successful. Is that the weirdest coincidence in the world? Or is it a coincidence that the conspiracy theories would say that everything from the krona virus through the statue stuff is all planned by some cabal of marks? Is somewhere in the sky? Now I don't think that's a case, I think, is an actual coincidence. I think it is an actual. Just look I'm a coincidence, but a really bad one because of people couldn't wear masks. How large, with the protests me now has many people said the looters we're married wearing, masks. A lot of those people worry masks, to which I say they only could do with we're doing because there were so many people there were only so many people, because so many of them could wear masks. If you tell if you took the math away from the non looters
they know looters. Because it wouldn't be many people there and then the police would have numbers, they were just stop the polluters it's the number of people that gives them their power, and the only way they can get the number of people, even if it, furthermore, not worry, masks. The only way you can get that big number is with masks and I would say that you cannot solve this problem as long as you're wearing asks. You can solve it as long as it's mandatory to where mass, but here's what I would suggest. And I don't know you could test this and see if it makes things worse or better. This easily could make things worse but just tested. I suppose the police could very calmly just detail a member of Anti far, not even necessarily somebody is breaking the law
I must say: there's an anti mask law, which is the anthem s love course would be overridden by the need to wear masks for the Pandemic Sea, have to conflict laws, but the pandemic. One is sort of a particular one for a particular purpose. Could the police stop somebody and say just for the purposes of identification we haven't mask law, but since I don't want to be in danger, will will stand six feet away. I like it, drop your mask. It will just take a picture, that's all mass back on and you're free to go what would happen now? Of course they might resist right. The obvious thing is a day they would resist But it does seem to me that, if the rumour started catching on that the police work. They were asking people to pull their mass down to take a picture.
And if they refuse they would be arrested because, there's, let's say, there's no time ask law which not everybody has this seems to me that you could at least have a shot. I take it a lot of the energy out of the protest by allowing the police to take a photo of somebody with their mass town, just temporarily in the safe as possible, so that you're not putting them at risk The growth of ours is put that out there. There might be something to work with their, but also could just be a reason for a fight and cause problems depends says, issued the looters legs then remove their masks. He had going inside a bag with mask is gotta scary. So I used to be a bank teller whose by first adult job
and let me tell you if I were a bank teller and all of my customers were wearing masks. I would not be a happy camper because I got rub twice when I was a teller. Somebody says they work in to bank bar said all fourteen terrorist task forces have been activated meeting. That's going after the organizers as terrorists, somebody said. It's a brilliant idea will reveal that the politicians are in the tank with protesters. So I don't think I'm hearing from smart people is this- that the reason there doesn't seem to be as much focus on solutions is that the organizers don't want them. What solutions? I think, that's closer to true the natural. While it is definitely true that there are plenty
protestors who want a solution to police violence is certainly not true that that's what's driving the protests, just isn't what striving the protest is: the organizers, the tv, the social media and it's a small group of people who are manipulating the larger to do what they do, but the smaller doesn't want a solution they need. They need infinite conflict. To take this, to you too, as broader conclusion, which is power, of course,. And I think the as I said earlier, the only really where that's gonna stop. Somebody says in the in the comments, a new Rasmussen and says nearly forty percent of voters believe Biden has dementia. Forty percent of voters thing Biden has dimension.
You don't have to look at the details to know the does divided by largely alone party lines so Firstly, there are more republicans: Soothing Biden is: has dementia than there are Democrats? How much of that is just political and how much of that is confirmation by us? How much of that is cognitive, dissonance
Well, I think you can see the numbers somewhere in the twenty percent range of of Democrats, who think that Biden has dementia, whether it is in the comments, so they say that twenty percent of Democrats think Biden should be checked for dementia. I think technically is probably more about. He should be checked for it as opposed to he hasn't we're. Not doctors is more about. Maybe we should check this out. I think that's always the underlying assumption. Now twenty percent of Democrats think Biden has dimension and a hundred percent of the people watching this. Scope probably think it what's up with the other eighty percent of Democrats. This is an interesting question, so the eighty percent of Democrats, who can look at Biden and according to them.
According to those eighty percent of Democrats, don't see problem. Do you believe that what would explain the gigantic difference in in people seeing the problem? Obviously people say no answer Well well, some of them are of course, lie when you assume Don't you think some of them were lying because I just hate trump more than they care about having a president who has dimension that's got to be some of them right. I don't know if it's most of them are just a few of them, but some of us line, but I like to suggest that this is the ideal set up for a cognitive dissonance. Now, You ve never had trouble understanding what cognitive dissonance is just one like a really clean example. This is it. This is the cleanest example. Others of a set up that is guaranteed to create
cognitive dissonance. Let me say that again this up there, you're saying with Biden getting this far but yet clearly having signs of dementia is a perfect sat up to generate cognitive dissonance. In fact, you could run an experiment with just if you could find some way to do next remember the sample of people and give them the set up. You would see cod dissonance half of the time at least at least have maybe honourable I mean it's a really strong effect and here's the Ceta people wanted to be Trump and, number number one most important thing right, most important thing: the Democrats they ve gone This entire primary process, in which the Democrats we're looking for the finest most effective leader that they could pick and of all Democrats, they came up.
Violence and now in order to get this thing, they won't mostly at the back Biden as their champion, what would happen to your brain if you found yourself in a situation in which you had to back a guy who obviously had done because to do otherwise violates everything you think about yourself, which is pretty good at pickin picking pollen. Visions and voting and I'm a member of the democratic group and were the reason one so obviously we're gonna pick. Somebody you understand science and and very importantly, doesn't lie because a big problem we have is that from guy keeps lying and say the things that are wrong in some facts wrong and we care that. So we need a person whose famous for telling the truth that's the problem. Could what are all these clips about? Biden lying and
lying lying about his own resonate, I mean just crazy things like he's on tape, saying in three degrees when he has one- and he said oh, I forgot. I forgot. I only have one college degree that three or majors I think it was was a degree. Majors, I forget, but everyone knows some wild lie so you're, a democratic caught in the trap, The only way you can get a trump is too to accept. Somehow the binding is a functional person. It's a perfect South Africa, cognitive dissonance. So I guess it is based on my experience that most of those people- who say? No, I don't see it are telling the truth are telling the truth, that most of the people- I don't know if it's fifty one percent or ninety percent, but my my experiences that by far most of the people,
actually are perceiving a world in which, by than is perfectly fine, is thus, while does that's while to know that that the perceptions can be modified real time I mean you you and they let you could stand right next or they can standing right next to you and watching one of those compilation, clips of binding just mentally falling part. And you can say, are lazy and now right ray you watch the club. Yours right next to be watching this clip. Now you see, I don't you right and you know it. They would say those. I know Now I see somebody like everybody else: they sometimes fumbled. He's a certain age, of a certain age. Maybe will reach forward a little bit. Longer means nothing and they'll. Just frank you out and you'll be like. Are you kidding me?
are you kidding we're looking at the same video. At the same time, he's not, all the air and the other person just won't see it. And you won't know us through lying. That's the weird thing you just won't know if they're lying in USA, I don't know if you're telling you the truth. Is that just what you want me to think is true, because you see it, don't you don't you see it now? This is very different than when the the anti trappers say to any Trump supporter. But you see he's he's not passing the fact checking right. Don't you see that we say the same thing here is it is. I personally use is directly true. Doesn't care too much further details has an affected anything, yet we still prefer em over near the altered.
So when you talk to me, when you talk to Trump supporters, they seem to be completely aware of what they voted for and what they got, which is not time to distance but you don't see it also to many Democrats. If any say you know here Biden is mentally incompetent, but I'd like a mentally incompetent president, because I think it's a step up, that's larger, to say: that's all. I got frightened today and let's go forth and have a terrific day, and I will talk to you tomorrow,.
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