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Episode 1046 Scott Adams: #BLM, Strategy, HCQ, Kamala, Fixing Schools and More

2020-07-03 | 🔗

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  • eBikes and a national bike path
  • HCQ helps, say 3 new studies
  • Darrin Bell on single parent black families
  • Whiteboard1: Teacher Unions, Mayoral Corruption
  • Children NEED to be brainwashed
  • A mantra for mothers: Education is the key

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Bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on sulphur microphone and I'll give you my notes, and I will be ready to present to you. Coffee was got items on the thoughts of the day. The news in the beginning of the best day you ve had since yesterday, yeah today is gonna, be here it's gonna, be a doozy really is, and before we get started, you know you need, you need a copper, Mugger Glass a tanker tells us again to injure Georgia Flaska vessel of any kind.
Fill it with very low, but I like coffee, what the hell just imagine this is by coughing and that I didn't forget my coffee cup downstairs. You. You have to use your imagination, okay, but it's the dopamine hit of the day. It's the best part of the day is so simultaneous hemp works with any beverage happens now go that might be the first time I've forgotten to have my coffee cup. With me, Well, that's just because there are so many things happening. How many of you had Elk as the statue that would be destroyed next in these statue dead pool? Did anybody guess Elk? Could somebody studies statue of an hour fire. It was obviously a white supremacist Elk. So
in a way I had a common as things every year, as things can too. You into more and more ridiculous territory. I think we can see that maybe things were not what you thought they were not. I mean. I've decided that if you were to write the summary of the year twenty twenty you can do with one sentence here goes. The one sentences summarizes twenty twenty. We measure We measured everything the wrong way. Is it my imagination? or are something like ninety percent of the problems we face in twenty twenty. All around the same problem that we don't have to compare things. We don't know how to measure things. We don't have the right data. We don't know to study things if feels like a lot of this is self imposed, meaning
a lot of things that are making us unhappy or just cuz. We don't know how to do math and prepare things and and measure things to look for that. One of my favorite things to do is Watch CNN for what I called contempt face now. Those of you listening will miss the magic of this next assignment. But have you noticed? There's a yes. They make and see it in the dossier. On Fox NEWS, let me do an impression of somebody on Fox NEWS, both opinion and newspaper reading news Bob Bob I love above were here's the news. I did you see that Nothing we're going on with my face now watch every CNN host or opinion person talking about President Trump with contempt face, and it goes
this really does even better the topics all make up a topic say. President Trump said that racism is bad. I figure well most people- would agree with that. Even see we see then, but now they can turn anything into a negative with contempt. Face. Watch watch me do it now and the present he is claiming that the race some is bad. I clearly he doesn't mean it, and you see what I mean contempt face now you can
turn no story at all into a CNN feature. Just with contempt face, you just have to add the contemptible paisley, I've so confused and, and I hate it and it works here I see it from another world die just dont know I I I I I can't even former sentence contempt faces taken over my boy. Well enough of that people of question may lately, because I've said two things is sound contradictory and they do sound contradictory. Somebody to clarify I've said that in the corporate setting these strategies, are
and they are in the corporate world. The person at the beating who says what's our strategy is usually just the dumbest person in the meeting companies have largely given up on the whole strategy thing because it just a lot of things. You need to do right. That's it is industry. Energy for Amazon to be in the package: shipping business arabian delivering products. While it turns they just describing what you do doesn't really turn it into a script strategy. Nor does it account if you have a strategy in the corporate world, nor does it accounts for changes and opportunity, Sears strategy, maybe we're going to make the highest quality product and that's your strategy, how long does that last it lasts until somebody else makes a better quality product and you can't compete, then what
Do you say well, what are we have known for us? While we can make a cheap product and we can make a lot of them, so people will change their strategy in the corporate world to whatever is the best opportunity at the time. So strategy doesn't make much sense, but in your personal life, that's worth strategy matters. The things you specifically are doing. You gave a strategy, so strategy would be, for example, college strategy would be stable, jail strategy would be be nice to people and hope that they return the favour. The strategy might be to have systems, and cervical strategy might be to build your talent stack strategy may be contacting people to network on a regular basis. So in your personal life, Whether you call it a strategy or system were whatever words you want, it's really good have in the corporate world. It just devolves into jargon. Ended
hinges on a whim, but will it ever be a bad idea to improve your talent? Stand now, you'll never be a bad idea. Will it ever be a bad idea to increase your network? Nope, no there's nothing that could happen to make that a bad idea, but in the business world there's so much happening they can change what your priorities are, that and you just makes less sense, and in a practical world, if you in a practical sense of people, five people in a room there all agree with the strategy is anyway. So in the corporate world they can agree with the strategies. But if it's you personally, you just pick one and go nobody's gonna. Come argue with you by your stress. Soldiers, other Joe Biden, misgiving, very widely with the people over sixty five,
Look here some anecdotal stuff, it's hard to tell everything from anecdotal, but they they seem to blame the president for the Krona virus. I saw seen an interview, one elderly gentleman, a retired banker who said the here. The only the only good thing, trumps done for the economy is juice, the stock market and even that's low. Now, and I thought to Myself- I don't think he's looked at the start. Working on my leg is looking kind of strong at the moment. So old people do not make decisions based on data, Nobody else does either, but the old people might be a little extra not connected depending NL there. So here's the thing that is not factored into any of the poor.
At the moment, the only thing that moves old people is fear, if they're not afraid, then they get to make their decisions based on their complete lack of information, which is normal. If they're afraid, then there will do whatever they can to limit their fear. That thing that senior citizens are most afraid of is losing what they have The other, the little less concerned with getting new stuff that at least the ones who vote then they are about losing what they have. So that's the fear that senior citizens have, which is. I can't I can't go back to work, Whatever I have is going have to be good enough. I can't give any that away, so you could scarcely uses
to thinking there will lose their stuff. What would it take to scare senior citizens back to Trump just lots of information about the protesters, just lots of information about what left actually looks like and what they wanted to explain. These scary, you don't have to add anything so will say see if that happens, so remember, I made the suggestion that for these sports that don't have live audience and will see a bunch of them while there is a growing, As I said, they should have some kind of technology where people could hear them watch your home cheering it turns. Exists, it turns out that there's an app were. I think it's a website up, basically
called here row that live an hero is spelled the way you hear h, e r, with an hour in the end, alive. Apparently, there are already doing business. Various beatin and something else is re reason that the NBA, for example, couldn't t just say, hey. Everybody watching this game, if you use the sap you can all these sort of talking to each other by your phone so you would hear the cheering but who can enter your phone or your mobile device? Not other your television It would be a real time because you would be connected to the people who are watching the same event at the same time, so that exists in Sculled. Here. Oh, that live h, E, a r o thou alive- and I know that is
company contacted me. Tell me, I don't have any connection to them. Are here's my the suggestion for improving the economy and making US robot proof. I already goes like this. Here's something you don't know saw give you some information and incomplete the story. Many of you know I bought an electric and electronic bike, meaning as a battery in it, and it assists your peddling. So you still have to tell you can't driver without peddling, but the bike just makes you feel, like you have a superpower. Now, when I try to
blame to people. What that feels like, because the way things feel really determine how things go right is not our common sense is not our data. It's the way things feel, and I gotta tell you the way. An e bike feels converge or regular bike is day and night. You, Yet even compare them the feeling of being on a regular bicycle. Hold that you mind almost at all. You have done on a regular bicycle? It's pretty girl, isn't it kind of like riding a bike. I mean if there are no hills. You just have a nice day in your bike. It's a really good feeling I'm gonna. Give you an analogy to make you understand how much better it feels to be utterly bike cause. If you dont get how much better it feels the rest, the idea will will now hold together. So I gotta transmit to you the feeling.
Goes like this. Imagine. If everything in the world was exactly the way it is the only changes they. You personally have a eighty percent reduction in gravity. Just you everything else in the world is the same gravity above her magic reasons. You personally don't have the same amount of gravity, so you can jump twin, in the air, and when you come down, you don't need. We get her casually way. Twenty percent, as much as you would have in your muscles, are all the same since easy now imagine at work. Which you can run around and interact with the world everybody else's.
Regular gravity but you're at twenty percent gravity. You can jump from things. You could jump up on a ledge if you saw if you saw something you know way about you, you can just jump up like a cat jumps up on the counter. You could run with your like twenty foot loops. Imagine what that would feel if you didn't have gravity just on you in a world where everybody else's gravity, it would feel amazing. That's why only by feels like I've never had a physical activity, this addicting the feeling you have of being axed A strong earlier bicycle. Does the battery assorted just helping out there? That feeling is really addictive and it doesn't feel like a regular by with a little extra it's a whole new experience, so just
in the same way that you, if you're gonna, a distance runner and you really like it feels good. You get the you get all that and that I told you you could run fifty percent faster tomorrow. It would be a really attack when the magic just being around fifty percent faster. So that's what any bike feels like you can compare. It is really addicting. Now here's the idea. The cost of e buck bikes will continue to. Does the big bosses in the battery and battery cost for are dropping fast? Actually, I don't even know if the big causes the battery, but the cost will drop as the popularity increases you try to buy and eat like it's already hard to find most bakeshops have them, but most of them are sold out told some of you the story about when I test drove it at the right place. The guy said. I urge the unjust
In particular, a really big parking lot here just driver, I'll. You think I got me bike and I took it fifty feet And then I turned around and draw back fifty feet. I just saw drove to the end straight ahead, drew back, and he said what do you think and nice, and I said to him: the sickle salesman. Has anybody ever written the new bike and then not bought it and he laughed? He said: there's something called the e bike smile. The after survey does a test run. They come back and I take it. This vile author face because if there are experiencing almost a drug rush, it so cool and they said the other. Basically, if you can afford it and you do a test ride, you leave of the bike. That's it he's a basically, you just leave the bike. I left with the bike. Fifty feet, soul be enough
so here's the thing still way too expensive for normal use for prices will come down fast. Here's what we should do. We should build a national bypath. They guessed to all the good stuff in America. Now, of course, seasons matters. He couldn't use at all year everywhere. But imagine if you will a major effort to build, really good bypass that are a combination of their. Maybe you need a bridge. How do we need to connect some things there already a lot of bike paths, but you want to get them off the road cuz the roads, just a terrible place for a bike is so fun. So even as good as the because if I'm in heavy traffic, even in a bike lanes, is now much fun, sort of your own bike situation now? I wasn't such a good idea because it is the type of job that you can learn to do, which is building a bite bath and on the things. So
that then you suck up a lot of labor. It would be universal. Is there's no place you wouldn't want to do it The government will pay for it. Train you get people working. And then here's the killer part. How are you going to build a country that safe from the age of robots whenever they lose their jobs? And the answer is, I think we have to become a tourist destination country the best one with the United States, where they bypath across the entire country would first of all make it possible for anybody to have a vacation, because you just get on your bike, say I or rent a bike, you probably as much rental as it were. Ownership he's using it is rendered bike going going. Hundred miles already bike is actually trivial.
Go hundred miles only bike any just enjoy the right. You not you, wouldn't even less so, would be tired at the other end, depending on the hills, you do have to peddle a little bit on the hills, but it's easy. So if these are the types of jobs that, if you built in there of bike as you need lots of support all along the network. You need lots of bike, repair places, kind of a job that people can get into young. You lots of food and water and and other resources for bikes all the way and you had been basically a Reese a destination. Anybody from another country could come over to any part of the country and then use their e bikes to get to a huge circle or places without transportation. Problems, hey peoples,
good idea, that's the first time I've seen so many people like that. My wild idea is alright, so think about that for a little bit, So here lucky for you, I ve new, sometimes I plan things years- evidence so sometimes all or set up a situation that can't pay offer five or ten years very typical. In my life, I've done that and what does it do? That was with this book, which meant if you know how to failed, almost everything, and still when big, when I wrote this book, which is full of full of useful framing, shall we say about how to have systems instead of goals. Like your talents and basically organize your life life strategy. If you will-
a whole bunch of things that if you said I shall take these parts and build myself a system that you come on ahead and the thing that I planned an advance on this one. Is that there will be something like a five year lag between the time this. The first people read it because usually A lot of people read, it once knew, but now people read a book afterwards that out for a while, I see you get mostly readers up. Front and I knew that when people read this, that I will get Not a number one best seller, because I'm a cartoonist giving people a book this outside my realm. And generally that's a hard sell and so when I wrote this, I said to myself: it's twenty thirteen, when this is gonna, come out.
And somewhere around five to seven years from now I mean I didn't know the exact time the people who ve read the book first and then employed the suggestions are going to start coming forward. In other words, people are going to say, I use this book and look where my life, I got this promotion. I lost eighty pounds. And this and they all those things were coming through. So I just get this little inside baseball converter, If you're an author, usually get paid up front for a book is called the events and then let's say they give you a dollar per worker. Whenever you have agreed a new deal for each book that salt, you don't get any more money than the initial check unless you sell so many books at a dollar a book just for my math example- that is that, although that would have added up to them first amount, you got one,
earn that by signing a lot of books, then you can get additional checks. I may notable enough author. I use that word that I always get in advance. No, not every authors, gonna get an advance. Sometimes I get a little one. This just a token. Brand new author, don't expect a big advance, but- you're well known and if you ve publish letterbox did well, you get an advance. What is unusual in my case is to sell more books than the advance covered, and I just gotta be all royalty jack for listening. Twenty thirteen- and it just blew through as events is actually it actually doesn't stops
because the people who were ready early are now report again and in recommending and almost every day you see somebody in my feed recommending it with with the story of how we help them. So if you have read this, and- and I say this again, every author writes a book because they want you to buy it and, as part of their jobs, light to get money, so we're all adults right, authors, write, books, delay, money, we know they're right, we'll have to argue about that, but I Do things for one reason anymore: you! My life is now rich enough in LE say all the ways that ETA just don't do things for one reason, so I wrote this really meant for my steps on obviously who tragically died of an overdose before he finished it. He did.
The book actually, but we haven't finished and it was really for people who just didn't have a Licey father figure, a role model they just in anything in their life, they would tell them the organizers, successful life strategically. So I thought well, this, albeit This'Ll, be like a virtual dad. You know like that, could be virtual mom to make it less access. Somebody you just give somebody that the guidance that does not common sense, so I hates advertising snuff- is just like previous thing, but if I didn't know that this change is lying, I wouldn't do it and they are really changes, lives and far more than really even I hoped it would. So that's a good news. So here's again hear something interesting.
I think there are three different studies that came out yesterday and today were last few days. I think there are three different one showing hydroxyl chloroprene works. Have you seen them somebody's mentioning atomic habits through a lot of books? They have explicitly mentioned my book. There were to become a huge best sellers, so you see a lot of people who, when they say that they say I got some portion of my book or my ideas from from specifically this book. So it's actually info
A lot of best sellers since and I do not support the internet works now, I'm still waiting for a more evidence, but when the people, when it was tested in a rigorous, the first rigorous study showed a work like pretty well now this was tests. The people were already spittle, my the smartest the smartest thinker. I guess who I always ask for run for advice on this said It looks like a good study, but the way they did it there's a there's, a methodology imperfection that you have to take seriously. So I will still say, even though there are three studies that seem to show Hydroxyl Chloroprene clearly makes a difference in a good
without actually killing people. I will still say we're not quite there not quite there. If I had to put the odds, the odds on it. Now I would raise it quite a bit. I'd say at this point: it looks like seventy five percent. Chance is positive. Maybe not maybe not a game changer, but probably a seventy five percent chance, it's more good than than that. So that's my current update, so how good was the president's day yesterday studies work at me. I was saying: Hydroxychlor works. The news was reporting that he's pro mask and also that solves one problem and add the economy was screaming again the
the call me again be expectations are, I was less review, must review which pundits and experts were right and who is wrong if you, if you took my advice, let's say of the country had taken advice. We would have closed the earth, the travel from China one week sooner than it happened. So I was maybe one of the first few people in public. We set close up clothes travel if you listen to me, you would have known the Basques were, of course obviously affected and that the government was of course, obviously lying to you about that they won. I sat there really loudly from the beginning. So you would have been wearing your masks, sir. I said earlier that we don't know if I dioxin chloroprene works and we can't trust those studies but the risk reward is probably good meeting
given the low downside and the area don't all but unproven potential upside. It just made sense to be using it now that has proven correct some so that I see somebody carbon sink are not very effective that that? Really that question is settled. So If- everyone now and then some little send me something saying: there's some dispute about whether masks work. I dont entertain that anymore. I do not enter teen even the argument. The masks don't work it's its overwhelming labour is overwhelmingly obvious and you wouldn't even data. The data supports it, but it's just overwhelmingly, I'm gonna say
so, and I will add one other thing on their who told you that the recovery would be surprisingly good, surprisingly good me and President Trump, right now, both of us loudly and often said, you're gonna be surprised how quickly they occur It comes back and I gave my reasons, which was then nothing was broken, so young people were already trained, so it just be a little easier to ramp up. Then it would be if he had massive destruction of some time so sure enough. My estimate of how these to the economy would come back with me, the expectations of the experts and the house, and I said that a lot of times I saw the one who would blow passed what the consensus assumption would be. There were there
Other news from area I ran had a mysterious explosions, call a mysterious explosion, one of the key buildings at nuclear sites and ran where I guess they make advance centrifuges. This would not be the first the iranian centrifuge facility, heavy, quote, mysterious problem, you remember, the other one which was there was a famous cyber attack that made their machines, go crazy and ruin other centrifuges. Well, this time, just something exploded. No, what's one of the things that people warned the United States about when the corona virus it? here is what we were warned: hey, watch out United States
Given that you're all distracted by this krona virus stuff United States, it could be that other countries will start to get adventurous because they think your attention is turned somewhere else totally risk. We should take that seriously by there's a flip side to the risk is enter. The flip side is that we can take risks in nationally that we may we couldn't have taken before, because there also distracted. So I'm not going to say that the United States was behind the x, the mysterious explosion, I'm not to say that Israel was behind it. I mean you can make your own assumptions on that, but
Here's what I will say to add to the story if it was either the United States or Israel, the timing was kind, a perfect. The timing was perfect because everyone, distracted by grown of ours. So, in order for a ran to get any any kind, win and of having their facility attacked. There would either have to mount a counter attack which looks impossible at this point or they would to get public opinion on their side, and nobody frickin cares we Just don't care about around. At the moment I mean the world just sort of doesn't care. We do. We just have other things to worry about. So, if you look at the situation in IRAN is in their budget is completely blown up. I think they their taxable income, the income they get by taxes is just a fraction of what their spending now,
So they're there on a fast track to complete destruction. Slave got runaway inflation there, but their government budget is toast. Their oil revenue is nothing. The sanctions are cutting Lothar. There are other ways to make money and they ve got a big corona virus problem and there is still trying to keep their proxies alive and whatever their trying to do in in Syria is probably not working. It's getting expensive. So I ran is really on the ropes right now and if if Israel or the U S are getting adventurous in terms of trying to push them over the edge, it is the perfect time it's a perfect time to do it. I have often said that the most important things a government does things you never find out about.
So it could be that were deeply involved in whatever this. Whatever this mysterious stuff is going on, but you never gonna, know or maybe you're scenario. Here's a interesting factoid there will blow your mind is already one of the reasons that you listen to this periscope. There pillars anyway, as you like to hear something that you hadn't heard before, or have some. Framed away. The just may she go at its especially delicious if it's something that your positive is true, you ve always been positive. It's true and then find a different kind of funds,
it's kind of fun to find out something you thought was true. Your whole life just isn't true. I got one for you now you have to u artifact check me on this, but I'm going to give you a claim. They sounded plausible to me, but I, like you, check it out for me. Ok, so here's the claim that I believe every conservative believes about. What's what needs to be fixed in the black community to get us so close to racial parity is possible, correct, correct, If I'm wrong. Conservatives overwhelmingly believe that the first, the unit staying together, in other words, not being divorced now having to parents, Tereza cared especially fathers right, specially fathers that that's critical and that there's a gigantic difference in the black community with seventy percent. These seventy percent of black babies are
into a single parent. Now, that's why you know right: you're, conservative. You believe that the black babies and twenty twenty seventy percent of them are being born to a single parent, and you believe that- here too success for any baby like a really really the most important thing is to have a solid family unit that can kind of guide your upper right. Those things, you believe are true here's a little factoid from therein Bell, who is a african american cartoonist who I've known I've, known of and I've noticed, work for years, we got involved in one of the twitter threads and he dropped this little red pillar me
drop the Red Pillon, you therein Bell dropped on me, but you have to fact check. This ok goes like this. It is true that seventy percent of black babies in twenty twenty will be born to single parents. Blot. Remember what I told you at the very beginning of this package When I said that the biggest problem, twenty twenty is at work measuring the wrong things, apparently a huge percentage of that seventy percent were single, are just living together like they're married and the and the Father is completely involved And then, if you were actually to look at father involvement in a two parents situation is pretty. Clothes is
close, so your most major assumption that these fatherless black is are disadvantaged by the father or looseness according to daring bell, and this is what you need to check. It's just not true, there are technically not married, but they operate. As a married unit, and so the father is completely involved. In fact, if you dig down to feeding and bathing the child? The black fathers married or not or in some of those categories actually more involved on average than than white fathers now lay the comments watch the common good. I don't think so. Nope they don't double bars somebody's summaries. Having cognitive dissonance
somebody is excited by at having a guy in the house. Doesn't equate to a father? Remember the second part of the survey and Darren Bell sent the information, so I can look at it myself. The second part went down to the details. Until they see you, then basic care. Do they watch the kid and the answer is Yes, so well, that's a father, father or the new boyfriend, statistically that kid still getting Father now therefore me look how many of you are having real trouble with that a lot of you, a lot of you know like in this at all, because it it just blew up your most basic assumption now. Is it true? I would like you to check that, because, if it turns out that therein balanced one is wrong or less find that so, let's put it put attack in that
Tomorrow's tomorrow somebody will of tweeted at neared or told me the truth, watching the comments, complete disbelief, hard to believe somebody says it does passes sniffed ass, big ass old, you're saying a few people saying oh shoot. Could we be that wrong and the answers you could be? You could be that wrong now before I talk about some we helpful things for the black community like to update you on my of free speech, access So, as you know, I've been seeing her close. I can get to the line of cancellation, not just for fun, but to see. If I can get to avoid of useful
productive communication on a really sensitive topic race in America, in order to be useful I told you in advance: I'm gonna have to walk right up to the line of cancellation, because if I dont get right up the line a market to be. It will not be honest. If it can be honest, well, I'm no useful, ignore my that's my dog, whose sleep working. If you hear that road runner background when she's sleep, she runs embarks in her sleep anyway, so as part of an experiment to expand my free speech to I can get to the point of being actually useful. I too either this and by the way, I don't think I could tweeted this one month ago, but today, nobler back so far could come later. So this is a tweet that noble back. If you can imagine this, this is for me this morning.
I said black lives matter is a violent racist organization. That includes lots of people with good intentions, who don't fully understand what their signing onto support now. Don't you think I want to get cancelled for that about a month ago, but today I can say it is partly because the conversation is getting richer. Is partly because people are a little bit more desperate for something. Cells like is useful, something that's true. Let me say this as clearly as possible and if there are any african american people watching this there always are. It turns out. I've got a fast growing. Part of my audience is african american men and women more men and women. Can I get more men on here the women, but it's a fast growing portion of whether watching and hears why? The next thing I am going to say, I think, is why that is
It's just my ipod. This is a key approve this. I think the reason I'm getting a fast growing increase in black audience, for what I do is that I'm not gonna be condescending knocked in a tree. You like you, can't handle the truth right. A newbie doesnt appreciate that an end is black people say this directly, all the time you hear this all the time. I'd, rather you just told me the truth. I dont know pretend you're blown spoke on my ass and then gobio racist, privately. Just frickin. Tell me the truth, because I can deal with the truth can deal with this does bs stuff. I don't want to do with that.
Perfectly reasonable, so here's some truth: black people, I'm sorry, here's untruth! White people almost routinely lie to black people because they feel after white people almost universally lie to black people about race because they feel they have been. So if you would like to have an actual covers asian about raise, you're gonna have to get to the point where you can convince and white people to stop lying to you. Because if you can't get him to stop lying intentionally other help significantly any difference in Irving. So well, I I believe
Black lives matter is more of a political, violent, racist organization that doesn't change the fact that there are lots of things that need to be fixed, whether you're, black or anybody else- and here are here's my current thinking on this we're going to the White House No that he says no, I'm speculated so I tell you when I think I know something, and I tell you what I'm speculative, so that was speculation which you're free to disagree with or fetching are yours. I here's how I see the world Democrats support teachers, unions tee there's unions are the reason that you don't have school choice and reason. You are bad teachers
teachers. Unions are the entire problem, because if you get a bad school, you got a bad life. Where are the bad teachers there in the inner cities disproportionately teaching black students? So basically the teachers unions are the source of most racism. Right, institutional racism is primarily you know the thing that I would agree that black people say there is definitely a ripple all the way from slavery. There is definitely something about the system that tries to maintain itself, which is which makes it harder for people to have the mobility that they need. There was way more more mobility when I was a kid when I was young those way more mobility for everybody, so I think there's there is much to be said about systemic racism. Everybody's got thrown definition of it
but this is a good example in my, in my opinion, this would be systemic racism. We The primarily primary system, the teachers unions and you can't fix that as long as Democrats have control, because the teachers unions favour the Democrats. Therefore, the Democrats give the teachers unions what they want. The republic I would like to break this model by saying how about instead of a bad school about you have a choice. I little competition in there. You know maybe some charter schools, if you can get em, but at least competition and less the Republican, way to fix it now, which are those two groups. The Democrats and Republicans are trying to fix systemic racism in the place that matters the most. In other words, if you get this right and by the way the the black Americans watching this
your job him, and I guess why this bother me jump in and agree with this. If you a solid education, endlessly. A useful thing use he'll have racism to deal with? But you ve been a slice race wrote it doesn't make it go away, but you can make it less important and everybody's got their thing right. I'm short! I'm old nuclear you're here ugly, you ve got away problem everybody's got something, but if you had a strong training and background and education, you can probably slice through your problem to just different problems. Then there's the city's, because you kid it's hard to fix everything, including the school. If you are living in a place, that's so depressed, economically and of course, the mayor's tend to be democratic in the big urban areas, and
Nothing can get fixed in urban area if there's money involved, because the people who want to sell their services to the city hinges bribe people easily. Now this has nothing to do with race. A race in this car rotation. As long as you have this model for cities where the people running the city can take bribes by your big contractors, etc, to do things, how can anything ever get fixed? It doesn't, even though there is no system here, the conflicts that the system as it exists is one super racist. Two unfeasible is completely: I'm fixable cause you're gonna be living in the middle of just garbage. If you
we'll have anyway for the mayor to do a real job when their being bribed to do whatever the contract is. The only way I could think of to fix the problem of cities being poorly managed is by the way, all the government in a box. Now I think somebody needs to create the government in a box option. The voters can at least have an option. Imagine if you would, I don't know, don't California, you can put anything on the ballot called the proposition if you get enough signatures. I dont know how widespread that is, So somebody backtrack me on this, but suppose, the? U N urban area that was just a national state, Baltimore, so Baltimores, just a mass right
and we know that the the governance is probably part of the problem. Historically suppose somebody started a petition and said: look if we get enough signatures here. Enough votes will replace the mayor and the administration for. What say one year could be three years wherever this, but limited time with this government in a box which might be who knows maybe its people from Switzerland who just want to come in and then all care about your country either to strive to do their jobs and they get recommended to be government in the box and another city. So they want to do the job just as a business, a guy then, doesn't need to do a good job if it can also get elected. If your mayor knows he or she is gonna, get reelected they don't really have to do a good job, but if you gotta go, in the box, which was a private company, would say, consultants
come in for a year, three just straighten things out, get things on the right track and then and then at the end of that you say I stay for these guys, the move on six another silly, but until that exists in total, until you have a government in the box option to somebody offers it, you just stop with the old system, which is racist in a systemic way. Now let me offer you my most provocative fought for ending racism, no, would end racism, income clubs. So let's say any racism is too big. Worry, no human searches were unfeasible when it comes to recognising patterns, especially fake betters, so he can get in the people's bias believed and certainly find systems that overcome them, so so
Well, that they don't matter is much our ears. The most provocative thing, I will ever say, you're, ready. And I can only say this because you ve those of you who followed by lessons on persuasion- and you know the facts- don't matter, etc, you have to brainwash children. Children need to be brainwashed, they need it because if you don't, wash them. Somebody else will either television will or their friends will lower or though, work it out on their own, which is the worst case. If you don't, wash kids and I'm using that term very thoughtfully. Children are not influenced their brain. What and you gotta do it right or you don't get a good kid. So how could block
America brainwash its own kids easily easily and fix an entire generation the moment their born
right. So here's an idea that won't fix people have already been born and have already reached a certain age. I'm talking about something that would stop it cold from this point on, so that the next baby born would be born into a better world, and here goes, you convince some outlook, as this would require persuasion as well, so the black immunity would have to embraces wildly for work. You embrace this that education is the key to success now, education, including any kind of profession. So I'm talking about a skill stack, I'm talking about the kinds of things you learn in this book, etc, and so this is all education, but also practical education. So imagine if you will, the Black America says: hey, let's, let's end racism and everybody will say thus
possible thus to her. Oh yeah watch this watch, this we're gonna get every mother, you don't even know the fathers Soulis and I'll. Tell you why it only the fathers limit, but you don't need the fathers to be part of this. Just the moms keep assemble. The fathers can help, but there. Required and the mother from the first time the baby can hear, says you're going to college or education is the thing. Education is the thing. Education is the thing, and you just brainwash those kids into thinking. Education is the thing I've I've gone further and said you can make a checklist and say:
You dont, if you check any these boxes, you're not going to succeed, one of them to the trouble with the law. Did you get involved with drugs or again so that sort of an easy checklist aid just give them checklist to every new mom in urban areas and again this would work. This works for everybody. The fact that I am talking about the black experience doesn't mean is limited this. This would work for everyone in you to say here's the checklist skid, oh you're, only two years old, you don't quite understand this. Well look out! for this, I know you don't understand it and you three years old, still don't understand that may arise as a checklist. These things you need to do stay off. Drugs. Education is the key to the kids. Well, five at around five
Then they will understand the world works, but the brainwashing becomes permanent education. Is your waited success? Education is you waited success, education and again, practical education, I'm not talking about an english degree. They could be mechanics or programming or any practical thing, and what would it eighteen years from them, or, let's say twenty years from twenty one years from them. Twenty one years from then, let's say that every black mother just started drilling that into their kids.
Doesn't mean they all do it, but their drilling it in, and you start developing a generation which twenty one years from now you're an employer way for this. Here's, the good part its twenty one years in the future and you're an employer, a black applicant, comes in fresh out of college. What do you say to yourself because you racist, because everybody's by us right. This is just now some you can turn off. So what do you say to yourself twenty one years after that all started hypothetically, you say to yourself: oh good, I got a super baby. I got a super baby hired because all you want to hear if you're an employer is a you got a kid who came up through system
from the moment they were born, educate, educate, educate, educate, educated educate. It's your way out. You tell me that he doesn't get the job, no, that kid gets the job and what happens when that kid well educated does well, while people started noticing it. You could in one generation turn racism upside down and you can say to yourself: black black it comes in for an interview is twenty one and he was born from the from the moment. He was born, use drilled with education. Why kid comes in looks. Sort of those similar background, but you don't know what kind of programming that you had. No, I think you take the one. They got brainwashed the most productive way, education. Why do I mention this? Because this is what my mother did to me. My mother was not educated, nor was
father. Both my mother and my father had to repeat a grade in school now, my mother, because she had some some family problems, my father, because you just don't have a low iq, so he just failed a grazing in the way that people so neither my parents had any college, but from the moment I could understand language. My mother said to me you're, going to college security, your success, you can do anything you what you're going to college and six You yourself, ass, you go to college now. She didn't have any money I didn't even know anybody. I ve been to college, but this simple little mantra. If I can call it that programme to be programmed me
There was not one moment of my life that I didn't think I was going to college. We couldn't even afford it. We couldn't even come close to affording it, especially with three kids. We figured it out and I guess we scholarships and my brother and sister went to less expensive colleges, etc. We figured it out, but we never doubted that. That was the path. Now that's my suggestion is something that a hundred percent people could do. There's no mother who couldn't programme, look kid. You just have to say it over and over and over again it that's all it is. Kids can be programmed just by repetition, consistency and repetition. Solid is in one generation. You could turn a black applicant into a super baby
In other words, the employer says yeah. I want somebody, you came up with that kind of programming. They're probably was just about all I wanted to oh yeah there's another interesting thing. Isla Musk is having a line debate with some other smart people in it. An airline is pointing out that the corona viruses test case can be is inaccurate. As fifty percent false positive, it could be as high as fifty percent false past and he's saying. That's the reason. The the number of infection seems still going up its accommodation and more testing, plus the fact that the testing so The accurate plus the fact, as other people point piled in and said that the hospitals are now open for other business. I have
urge rescheduled, minor surgery scheduled, and I can tell you for sure that the process is. I have to get a cronan virus test and that I have to self quarantine. For two weeks before I before I go and for my surgeon now this is the lack of, but suppose you win you just went in and you didn't even have. A surgery plays women to the emergency room while the first thing they do is they touch you for growth of ours? So if there are simply more people are going to last little for unrelated reasons, you gonna pick up a lot more, a crowd of ours for some of them allowed, so So you learn is arguing the point now. I'm not sure that I agree with you learns point, because these are complicated situations in theirs
probably a lot of stuff- I don't know, but it would explain the unexplained the most unexplained thing in this phenomenon. Correct me. If I'm wrong, the both unexplained thing is why infections are going up death rates are going down. I know what you're going to say is the time lag when I don't think the time lag is gonna change it. That's my prediction that there might be some change was like and changed the major trend. The major transit infections are going up and desolate down. I think that's gonna continue and I dont know how you would explain that other than your detecting more cases that are the mild kind, and that would be part of the explanation. The other part could be they're doing better, with measures that are doing better than the ventilators is interesting, smarter in general as possible
That is what I wanted to cover today. So I believe I've said Leslie one of we fix today we fix the long term economy to make us protected against robots by building in a national network of bicycle, pass entering us into a bicycle tourist destination, with mostly banks in the future we ve set. We fixed racism by, I told you a mantra. Three words know how many words education,
is the key education is lucky forwards. Five words when everyone, but something like that, a little mantra for mothers would transform children. Now you start to keep them in jail and in all, that's that's similar problem and of course, if you voted Republicans in you could get maybe some school choice and that would fix your school situation. Yeah, I think we fix just about everything today is raising. I haven't fixed it. I don't think so. I fixed your personal lives, so you will have better lives because this yeah, I think almost everything is fixed. Do you have any other problems like.
To get to a right? Well, listen to that, because I think this is good news and things are looking up stock markets good. This country is going to be fine, and so will you talking.
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