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Episode 1048 Scott Adams: Kanye Enters the Race, Dark and Divisive Speeches, Magic Mushrooms, Bleaching Rooms

2020-07-05 | 🔗

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  • “Dark” upgraded to “Dark and Divisive”
  • Culture and heritage are election losing words
  • Joe Biden’s Republican 4th of July speech
  • Spiritual unifier Kanye…is running for President
  • 2 questions, asked in this order…would take out Biden
  • Whiteboard: Water and Risk of Drowning

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Bump, bump, bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump happy said the July everybody scooters ear caught in display roof. Yes, one day, we shall also have to talk about my first before we talk about all the stuff. There's something you need to do something you need to do every morning skull. The simultaneous makes everything better. Does it all you need to cover mugger glass, a dagger gels, restyle, again danger flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee,
and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dope being the day. The thing that makes everything better, including fireworks and pandemics, racism, you name it that's all better, with a simultaneous let us bring the country together. Go in, for my intervention of yours will bring the world together a seconds up for inclusive, really, very good, very good. Can you feel the unity. I think he got a little bit. Does you feel that way? You feel exactly like you did a minute ago, but with light more unity. You feel it. I think you do. Well, as you know, of fireworks, were banned in laud last night because of all the dangers
but it was also the fourth of July, sometimes called independence day, at least for a part of the country, and I don't think the citizens of the United States gave a fuck what the governments at last vigour revision is done with the government. It feels, like people said way. Its independence day The government's telling us we can't do shit how about we just do twice as much of that shit today about we just actually have an actual independence day and just say: fuck everything and everybody just send off fireworks mingle to order live our lives. You know I'm I'm, simultaneously
thrilled and appalled by how, by how act, unless the appalled bar, Obviously, people acted in ways that are clearly unsafe and not recommended. Do recommended people act in ways that are unsafe health. Why is your firewall or otherwise no I recommend that. But when they do it, I like better. I can't explain those two shillings are just just going to have to be happy with having two conflicting Felix dislike. No, don't do that well, you did come up to five hundred thousand followers lube more you might call that half a million. There's something. If you didn't see the videos of the
wide shots of all the fireworks go half an hour late last night you ever have to look for their video causes you sort of nowheres take from a high building or about in or something and then Entire LOS Angeles was just exploding ban. The bandy about I thought, I heard more fireworks last night locally. Just by my house. I get a year more explosions isn't like those in the middle of a war zone. By way of half a million followers, as I told you when I reached million followers- I will affect If we be running the world now the reason by that is that influence has two parts. One is how much talent you have for influence, but the How many people are paying attention so far? Get a million people to pay attention the same million followers, then I'm pretty dangerous halfway there,
there was an article in the guardian about magic, mushrooms, psychedelic, mushroom and once again, just there just continues to be hunting, anecdotal and other evidence, the psychedelic, drugs and mushrooms, being one of them help people with, it here stay now, given the enormity of PTSD, especially last night, Many people got trigger last night, who had military experience, probably probably a few and we know that the psychedelic mushrooms almost certainly, I would say at this point the of these being effective medically without much of a downside, its close to one hundred percent.
When we talk about Hydroxyl Chloroprene, I still put the ads that thirty percent that I'm gonna make a big deal, even though some of the study say yes so so that's just so, you can gauge my level of certainly hydrochloric We have lots of evidence and still ledger, say thirty percent chance that there's really something important. But with this Ekdahl motions I think, is closer to a hundred percent, because just so universally true. If, if you gave hydrochloric queen to ten people and nine of them said that just made all the difference, you do proudly stop studying. If it was that, obviously the minute efforts we women studying hydrochloric. When we just say I would just give it everybody. Neither ten people got better, our after they got it and
Psychedelic mushrooms are sort of like that. One trip and people say you know I think, solve that problem, it is so consistent. The fact that the United States keeps that illegal. So there is hard to experiment with even in this country's researchers can do what they need to do because of government regulations. If, if colleagues ran on a platform of getting rid of these weird drug laws, we probably win, but the president should get rid of those anyway, Did you see the article in the New York Times suggesting that offices might need to spray bleach all over their equipment? Have you heard Here the New York Times is reporting that the because the world for saying that the virus stays air.
For a while they may have to spray. Bleach all over your computers and your electronics every day in the office. Then say that, oh, oh, they didn't say that so this a true. Why rather read the article is said the said from near at hand. Article said that, thinking they might need you re light in offices as disinfected, that's bleachers than that, I'm sure they taught us Because I used to think uv light was just the light spectrum which happened to have the quality that kills viruses and back, the old days, I thought. Oh, it's just a light but once the president mentioned using uv light as a disinfectant I was re educated. To find out that when the president says you ve light could be used as a disinfectant
potentially even than the lungs Gazeta, their testing pulling it. Ventilator, adjust deleting your lungs directly with light- and I mean not ventilating but disinfecting. But the mainstream media has taught me that without really means is bleach, so if you say you re light, where you mean is actually just bleach, so they they want The spray bleach Oliver offices? I think, unless I'm confused by the article So the Washington Post, the New York Times and every dead, brained democratic, has decided the phrase for the summer will be darkened devices, so the prince speech about Rushmore was dark and divisive darkened divisive, that's really good, it's actually better than dark new member. They got some extrovert expert advice
Last election, the Democrats and after the president's camp In speech at his whenever he called the republican convention, they all said. It's a dark speeches, dark dark, dark, but now they ve upgraded to darken, divisive darken. Divisive is better and dark was pretty good so so the Democrats have cranked it up and the, I would say, the quality of their campaign. Now is pretty good, pretty good too, and I'll talk about that in a minute, So it's is really shocking and amazing. If you be aware of your, aware of your environment, which many people are not an. You read the how the press clearly covered. It is obvious that the press has gotten together,
they all got the memo their working for the Democrats. We don't have any question about them anymore. Does they all came up with the same phrases? At the same time, there is no doubt and for them to turn their speech into what they turned it into its just amazing that people can read these publications come away well away from the thinking that, through even trying to prove trying to produce news. The fact that anybody think Caesar NEWS Organization say more, is mind boggling. But anyway, that said I complaints about the president's speech. Because he uses words, culture and heritage in ways that I think either are intended to be divisive in the sense that there are good for the base, but not been for the general election or Or he doesn't know the difference.
And there's nobody on the and the team who can tell him the difference because honest If I heard heritage in culture- and I thought that my background or my my- the my ancestors history was mostly slavery and then the ripple effect from slave. I would not be looking to celebrate heritage and culture. I would feel like a that's why people, errand culture. So I would say that is what the one complaint that, whilst not the only completed they, have a good point and put his one complete. They do him good points and, to the extent that the president continues using words like that then the Republicans do those are losing words innocence, in other words, the word you use if you're not really trying to win honestly and some of us some question about whether the president is really in at this time now
I've heard other people say, I think make services. Is that the president's speech about Rushmore, actually a strong rallying cry from the base. Was no more apologizing news. Moreover, more. Aggressive your statement of how things should be and it was all of those things, but it was also included things like culture Heritage, Now I know what you want to do. You want to say no those words mean ex dont those words mean this other thing, because they don't mean those. We mean these words to mean a way of life. That includes, let's say you know, family unit- things which have nothing to do with race, don't tell me I'm not the one you have to convince us. Let me tell you that if you want to lose an election use those words, I don't care how you define them
I'm just saying that those are election, losing words in my opinion now. Could it be? those are such strong words for the base that it gets more vote out. Imagine with that's the calculation, but I think the it also reads the mood of the country round. Because none of it needed to be said you could get to the same place without using those words. For example, you could say, let us appreciate the the that was not kind. Will you let us understand and study it, but let us take the things which have worked well. I have work and before hundreds of years and have always worked well and try to build a unity around it. And if you send it that way, you can go out and say we think, family family by So we think whatever education, but everyone say you can say
everything you wanted to do was unifying. Sounds perfectly good for Republicans, because you'd still say. Yes, we think your family. You should stay together. Here. We think God helps Republicans was Tell that's exactly what I'm talking about, but if you, rather capture all those concepts which, strong concepts if you try to capture them in words that the others, I'd says mean something else to them, well, we are really trying to win what sort of how not to win Now I realise that there is an argument to be made that other people should not define what your work mean if you don't mean on their way, hey. It that way. So why are you taking it that way. I would say that that a child like a view of the world, meaning there
our words. If we need to persuade people, we should choose our words carefully. If we don't, to persuade people or going to use whatever orgy want, if it's not Our intention to change everybody's mind. Use anywhere you want, it doesn't matter further. People, don't like it you're, not trying to change anyway, but if the whole point- and I think that is the point in an election- is to get people do go for you. Why would he used the words that guarantee they won't? I don't understand, Is there other words that are just as good for your side. Why would he used the words that are only good for your side when their words that are good for your side and the other side seems like a strange choice. Now compare the president's approach, which I think you degrees seems pretty.
Early aimed at the base. Maybe you don't agree, but that's that's my starting point. Compare that to Joe Biden Speech, which he gave sort zone version of a fourth of July speech. And I retweeted it without comment because it was good. I can do that right. In its own right as everybody, ok with me, retweeting Biden, who I've endorse, just for my sake, but I don't agree with its policies on Turkey's necessarily all there. But I'm allowed to reach we him when he does something good right, I thought I thought his forth July message about unity was very good. Republican away in a Republican away, that's right, Joe Biden, dealer Republicans speed
for the fourth of July, and by that I mean he did not say. You're all buncher raises he did I'll say black list battery didn't say they go just in address race at all. He just said you America, America unity, we're all Americans, it was very republican, so, who is he talking too, was Joe Biden talking to his face? He was not which is interesting. So Biden was trying to persuade Republicans, mostly while tribe was trying to persuade Republicans interesting, which one of those is the better strategy. Emotion, We know what is just think that they have chosen those paths cuz. We liked we like to see what turns out.
There is something else. It Joe Biden said the I thought was worthy of tweeting, retreating, said. This statement, which I know you disagree with: okay, so events. I know you disagree with the following things that I say and also Joe Biden said, and I agree with them. He said wearing masks is patriotic. Wearing masks is patriotic. Do you agree? I totally agree. I totally agree, and I will allow the you might. Disagree about wearing mass, you might say to yourself: hey it's a free country, The Mai arguing that you didn't hear me argue that right Did I say that you have to wear a mask? I do that. Did I say that you're you're, a bad person, if you don't wear masks, did not
Do I did not? I don't have any insults for you if you, if you choose independence,. Over wearing Basque. I have no comment, that's a choice you have, but I would say this It is a known understood, medical fact, I'll call him. Their wearing mass, my protect other people now. Would you call their patriotic if you're doing something which is a personal sacrifice something you don't want to do is a personal sacrifice and you do it for the purpose of protecting Other Americans, what would you call that? What call it when somebody personally sacrifices for the better of other Americans patriotic its patriarch. I completely agree with Joe Biden now, if you disagree with that. Let me reiterate.
I'm not saying that you're wrong to go with animals and those in Europe. I'm not saying that you can have a different opinion about the experts. Of weather is good. Absolutely you can I'm not saying the usual curtail your personal freedom, just because other people think you should not tell you that. I'm giving you a personal opinion that if you sacrifice for the benefit of other people and here's the important part, sacrifice for the benefit of other people might not be guaranteed. Meaning that you may say to yourself: I'm not a hundred percent sure this makes any difference at all right, because we can't be one hundred percent sure that it works. The basque works. You just the odds are good. So what would you call it if you were even a hundred percent sure made any difference? It was told why you didn't want to do, is completely a sacrifice.
And the only reason you're doing it is to protect other Americans patriotic you may you may you are welcome. To disagree, Welcome to disagree, and I won't even argue with you. It's just my personal opinion of that. So I thought things were coming down for twenty twenty. No, I didn't really think that, but ass night decides that use in the race. Yea is running now, all we know so far is that he twisted it now we're starting to learn how practical or impractical. That is because people were Martha than I am are doing. Some googling and they're saying things like so he says, wearing burgers is patriotic. The desired analogy, I think I have to respond to your bad analogies,
does analogy, makes sense. You think burka and a medically required face mass than my last few months, those those kind of similar to someone. Control? I said you can now arabesque what control by putting all you know, control somebody says I'll call you stupid you're. Welcome to That's your sign of slavery. Somebody says fine, nor given you have any opinion of it, you want but you must wear west because exe so wrong. Ninety percent of the time perfectly acceptable is perfectly acceptable for you to say the extra, I've been so wrong. I'm not gonna do this, now I would have a different opinion, but I'll tell you that's an unacceptable opinion.
Somebody says they were left to protect themselves. Ok, okay, enough! all right, so none of you had the good comments, but there if there were lots of them, I'm sure I just saw I probably missile the good ones did not say he'd run in twenty twenty well he's tweeted because he said Johnny, twenty twenty. I saw guardian says he's running: does he mean it? Let's get to the questions Does he mean? I doubt it. I doubt you means, in the sense that he's gonna do anything about it. I doubt it, the campaign? I doubt he's gonna, do the paperwork I doubt, but just for fun what if he did, what if they did when it looks like there are enough states, they can't win in that you probably couldn't just wind in a straight up way, but
If you are right in let's say. Can you write em anybody you want. I have some questions about that. I think you are right in anybody right. Law against right and so is a technically possible now if you won in the voting booth. Apparently there is another problem, this little more technical you're supposed to have electoral college. People who are basically backing up your vote, I'll give it to you in the non technical way. So if you for office, and you don't have electors already set up an EU state. Even if you win the state there's no to catch your vote because just winning, The popular vote were willing. The state doesn't get you like it. It's the electoral college, So if you don't have your own electoral college set up, there is no humans who have their job for you to cast their vote. For.
Then maybe there's no way to do it, because the system requires, as those electoral college people to exist, Could all that be put in place, probably mean nothing's impossible. Now. The big question is: if candidate actually read. Who would you take votes away from? I think you will take them away from the Democrats. Would you, Would you agree that Cotonou we're just completely wiped out billions vote, not completely by you, would take enough of it, so it would. It would make the difference but what s this more interesting question: why, if Biden, just sorted dropped out what, if on the eight took so many votes away from Biden, the buyer and looked at them all's. Anyone from Mandy lead over Trump.
To twenty voice behind. Let's say that happened, and then the poor those poll showed their future RO the kindly didn't have a majority. Yet solid chug, but it took Biden down to say twenty points below Trump a few months before the election, what would Biden do ask yourself? What would binding do? Well, of course everybody would say Candia. Can you get out of the race he Biden Win but woody I don't think you would have announced if you wanted Biden when Woody, You don't really now so you can run for president, if you think the other guy that's already in it, is the guy and again My guess is that Canada is not completely serious about running. Maybe you see what's gonna happen and then maybe I'll decide after issues what the reaction is anything
It's possible that the thing we love of alchymy among other things, is age, not predictable. If you are predictable, what do you like him is much now no he's an artist. All the time part of being an artist all the time you not just you're, making a solar you're, making some fashion or something he's urges all the time. So he's always interesting, he's always surprising, and it's always fresh. You like ends you that before so predicting. What can you do is always the three tricky business, but imagine if Violence are about because, under these conditions I do, however, have a chance to win. Good luck. Colleagues, do you can just imagine that happened? It's not possible if Biden, were twenty points down a month before the election.
And the only way you could get rid of job was currently being elected right. You see an answer if you think he doesn't have a play, he kindly does Canada. Does Which is brilliant because if he doesn't, when nobody's really gonna hold that against the right, nobody because a kindly he ran for president and you didn't make it? You loser now, because the way is doing it. If he's doing in LA, doesn't look like a regular campaign, it wouldn't Ruby held against them to not be elected president and twenty twenty, but suppose it work could is it impossible not really it's not really impossible.
If you saw a straight up election between canadian Trump, I actually don't know who, when I should I take it, that country would win. I think gun you went straight up. I think you would. Now here's the other thing that may come of this. I've said before that. I didn't think you would run for president in a serious way. We still Our services, but I said I didn't, think it because it would be a demotion there's nobody else who could run for president wind, and look out and sailors kind, but emotion and I dont. Because candidate is this famous yeah. I don't mean and emotion and lessons I mean the way he's been doing for the last couple years. If you haven't been paying attention, as he's been doing sort of her again, a christian revival, or rather annoy you call it, but he's
He's got very heavily into a spiritual direction. In my opinion, the country needs that more than they need a new president right, because that's the sort of it spiritual voice or or something I'm, not a religious person. But even I can feel that people are drifting, they need some kind of a connection to something bigger than themselves is just useful so good. Can you be something more than a president? you ve already is could running. President or even teasing that he's running for president help, is real job as a spiritual unify air, which is what I think is greater purpose could be. I think it's all good anything that drives attention to create good for me. In the sense that the scope for the country. Of course, I add to announce.
Let me give you another way that can aid could be the kingmaker, yes or no. Whichever way the black vote goes, that will determine the next spring. We're all on the same page of that right. If the black vote moved en masse to Republicans, which is now doesn't like, what's gonna happen but follow the logic of this is the black vote, when in mass let's say, sixty percent of them vote republican, it would guarantee trunk unelected were on board right, let's just math. Likewise, if ninety five percent vote Democrat pretty much guarantees the Democrats So I would say that black voters have complete control of the next president. Am I right I dont know if the black lives matter. Protesters are quite understanding.
That they already run the country because they do. In the sense that they get to decide who is president but, as others have said, they have, abrogated or they free money on the table, meaning As long as you can depend on them voting Democrat, nobody has to offer anything that they ve, given away all their power by being predictable democratic voters Imagine if you will permeate enters the conversation could canyon and racism in the United States. Yes, here's how All right not saying he's gonna do this, I'm just this is just a mental experiment and racism without becoming president. Yes, here's how again, as I have described before
If everybody out a good education, there would still be racism in the world, but you can't get rid of the way brains are organised. And let me start with an analogy to soften up. Let me ask you this. The same problem: there is a risk of drowning. What do you do about a problem? There is a risk of dying and if you live on the planet, earth, there's water all over the place. You get your swimming pools. You get your late. She gets your streams, you got bathtubs, you ve got oceans, there's all kinds of places all over the United States. The EU can drown. So that's a problem What are you gonna do? What one solution would be to remove all the water from earth, but not very practical, isn't you might even call it impossible?
The other way to go is to learn to swim or to build a boat or to have some life preservers on you now. This feels very unfair. Doesn't it because if you are, person who may or may not drown is a their fault that water everywhere? It's not your fault. It's really not anybody's fault, just the way it is so if we can remove all the water from earth, the only thing you can do this sort of learn to deal with it. This is much like racism. In my opinion, Racism is everywhere in the world that there are people, because by as is built into the way any normal brain is organised, is sees patterns and that acts on the patent.
But the trouble is were really bad. Recognising patterns. We can't tell confirmation by us, in other words, a fake pattern, from one this actual power. We cannot tell the difference and using this a thousand times and twenty twenty alone people will look at the same news will say: well here's the pattern and somebody else will look Mackenzie. No, this other pattern is the lonely. Matters were terrible, a pattern recognition, so I place Matter- would like to reduce or eliminate Racism in this country. Can it be done now now, it can even be reduced. It's not possible the you can do is learned to swim. You can learn to swim. You can read the water, you can learn to swim, and so imagine a. Imagine cardio with this proposition again and predicting things will happen, but you can imagine
Virgil Cornice says something like this: here's the deal, if you get education right in and you can make sure that every poor person, but black peoples who are talking but every poor person can ever real good education then the perceived racism, generation will look a lot less because every but is that an employer talks do will be, somebody is well educated you're, not to say well These are anything like that. Those who say, hey well educated against the rugged, if you then the educated everybody. Equally you eliminate any racism, but it would be such a better world because you could slice through the racism like it didn't exist,
So, have you been slice through it like it doesn't exist? Is the racism will. Let me ask you: this does cornea experience much racism in his personal life, things that he is discriminated against because he's black, I don't know maybe things that he feels or offensive by all think racism bothers courier? Why is it because Race some doesn't exist now blessings actually the same everywhere in the world, but Conway Tis not bothered by it. It just doesn't this active life in any way, at least in the big stuff right, I'm sure there offensive little things and things you imagined and things that are true that are in the year in the noise. Now we can all become clear if you can become company or Michael Jordan, there were Oprah the latter
then you worry about in your own personal light is the racism that people are applying to you. It could be annoying. That's not going to change your income, you get a slice through lifelike, didn't exist. If everybody out a good education, they could do the same thing. So imagine Cotonou, saying neither Republican Nora Democratic, but if we don't get education right for everybody, for everybody being the secrets, ass We're never gonna have a better world. Here's. What I propose that whoever makes the best offer and education will get my endorsement. So imagine- naturally curly develops enough of us support base these actually polling, we're like twenty percent of vote, so that suggests, mental experiment? He stays in the race conceptually the next other comes out says: yes, twenty percent support
You have to listen to a right, because if it is to endorse somebody. It's gonna matter. So now, you say it was a cunning. Is a twenty percent. The pony says: look I don't who's, gonna win, but here's my deal for you, America, Republicans Gimme. Your best offer for was school, would look like for everybody to make sure that you Will we get a good education, no matter who you are or were you born? What's your proposal, Looking say something like school choice, still say something like charter schools and guess what those things are very popular in the black community. The Republicans have a proposal for education. Which, as far as I can tell, is far more popular among black voters because would they like more than a choice of words, go to school, I mean that's, that's
ready pretty high on the list of things, they can fix everything right it get you score So imagine Galdeazun, look, either Republican nor Democrat I've got twenty percent of the vote behind me and asked for one thing:. Tell me what you guys has a proposal. Democrats. Your proposal is that these that the school yo the union's own you you're, not gonna, do a fucking thing is that is that your proposal? It is ok, death, Republicans. What's your proposal and I'm not talking about college, because any black haired who's got good grades is we'll find a way to get the college who get the training man eaters skip college, because maybe it's not important anymore, learn to code whatever but you gotta get the early school right. Yes, a burning is talking about free college. Well, that's great but you gotta get the early stuff right. So I've got
You could say years my deal, I'm gonna go with whoever could fix racism and the only do it is to fix schools and fix it for everybody. You you give me the best proposal for that and you have my endorsement and then Conway is not technically the president, but he's fixes racism in one generation fixes it. I mean If the proposals are good and when I say fix it, I do not mean reduce it, gives you can't you just make it less important. That's fixing. Here's my campaign slogan. I've also announced that under run for president, I have a few requirements, so Do any paperwork servant Don't worry I'm running for president, but without the paperwork I also need to work from home, not about computing. And another big requirement is this is my only
we'll proposal, all foreign dignitaries have to wear name tags. I'm not going to memorize all of these names of foreign dignitaries, one just not so my one proposal, just where named tax. Just just do me a solid. Only when you are visiting, I also, I have a care being slogan that I think I think is quite good. Goes like this black lives matter more than others. Now you may say, use are always got because that he gives a any group matters more. And others to which I say. Well, I do not need your loser philosophies. I know how to negotiate. Everything's a negotiation in politics. Even if you not calling it a negotiation, is kind of a negotiation. Why would you if you are selling the product? Why would here
first offer be the lowest price will into seller, for why would you first of her be the lowest price you'd start high. Then let them negotiate down to a fair price right, so all good negotiations starts with a big first ask start with a campaign slogan of black lives matter more than others, and then, when people try to negotiate me down, I haven't have room to go down when they get outside a have we just say. That's all the same. I'd say I'm willing to listen to that offer. But my first, there is a black, lousy mural worth a little, but extra little bit extra. Then peoples we can live with that feels like a violation of the constitution. But can we talk down to two? Even can we get you down to equal, be like
I don't know you sound a little bit racist when you talk like that. Here's what you do soon in Lhasa deals that there could be thing A trade off, for example, you have to people more to work in a dangerous job, yet Paypal, more work on a holiday or, as you can see, that discover and money can be substance right Hey you more if you take a little more discovered, so the lesson This is where money is a substitute, so I'll say I am willing to entertain your offer of brain no first offer down to roughly equal, but you didn't have to kick in a little extra abc better schooling, someone so so, I would just be a better negotiator and get all the black wrote that way. So I might be your next president. If continuity isn't,
there is a new fake video see and apparently ran some others seem to indicate that president trouble. No. That operation desert storm was not in Vietnam. Now, of course, is a deceptive edit, which they finally had to admit wasn't true, but can we learn. Can we learn from now that video lies. Can we all agree, the video lies and that it wise almost every time kind. The lies almost every time so you think I saw with my own eyes is a thing: it's like you miss all of twenty twenty, Anybody who says you I know it's true Scot. I saw the video If everybody says that your best answers shoe, it looks like you skipped olive
when you twenty than those that if it's on the video is probably a lie, that's why it's a viral video. Did you see there are less talk about little more on Biden, so I offer day in between today. I offered a way to take him out of the race and it would look like This assumes a reporter can ever talk to them and ask questions one thousand one hundred, but there are two questions. If asked in this order would take by the end of the race. Two questions in this order, and it's the order that matters is it going to be in this order, takes them out of the race number one: do black lives matter We assume you'll see us never to here is the key question: do white lies matter what would you buy and say if, after you said, do black lives matter, and he said yes, of course,.
And then you say, do white lives matter? What would he s now? Here's the beauty of it If you would ask them do all lives matter, he would know that that trap is coming and, of course he would be prepared for it right. I mean you'd be prepared for need, say all this be divisive, we all want to live in a better world blow of law. So almost certainly would have a response ready. But if, U S and specific, Please do white lives matter. What's the answer to that is that it's not obvious right. You would fumble and the answer and the fumbling of the answer. You would create the video clip which would pretty much and his campaign. So here's my supposition there, because by Indians, mental acuity is in question and I think it looks like it's obviously less than they used to be
you're. Looking old videos of Joe Biden talking really obvious or something different going? So if you ask them questions which are of the type he's answered before during his career, not talking about answered before as in yesterday, I'm talking about things which he has thought about for a long time. He probably has right kind memory, capacity to dredge up some general answer right, Egypt, we generally answer so he says: stop shaming him for stuttering. Well, I've never done that casino machine people for studying, but Any question that he has never seen before a novel question should throw his brain into a reboot, so it.
So think of it. This way I gave you one specific example of a non standard way. They asked the question standard way, would do all lives matter and, of course, as originally divisive, but the dew white lives matter really just haven't seen nobody's asked a specific question. So as the uniqueness of that that were throw him off his game, weathers this topic or any other. I have some self defense recommendation, for you goes like this. If you accident we gonna protester with your car in under normal circumstances. You should stop right, because if there is an accident, especially he's hurt. You don't want to leave the scene of the crime. That would be another cries. You wanna work it out, but in the spring a situation where you hit a protester with your car and there are other protesters which clearly would surround your car. And
Can you leave the scene of the crime in that situation? I would say yes, I would say that, even if you hear somebody with your car use, get out of there as soon as you can you wanna leave as soon as you can now to protect yourself assumes you're safe. You wanna call the authorities and tell me what happened. I think That will be good enough to protect you, I'm not a lawyer, but I can tell you you're, better off dealing with the legal consequences than you are with the mob. There will certainly kill you if you stay round, even if it was an accident, Most of you saw the horrific accident yesterday, there's one fatal. And it was confusing the video job
look at this interesting twist unto ideas he put them together? I guess it is his wife. He reports says this. This is sweet my wife's forth a joy idea to put the proposed national garden of heroes, along the national bicycle path. That's carouse proposed now. I should remind you that the somebody else before I had, I thought I had this great idea of a nationwide bicycle path: route with losses, lots of support structures that we could lots of jobs around the way, and then it will be a sort of a robot proof business. Does you need lots of humans to maintain it? No matter what at least for the foreseeable future, and then there is the idea of putting all the statues international garden. But what, if you let you have the statues near the bicycle path or the bicycle path goes
Where are they already are? so that you would have a continuous history lesson at each stop. So you'll be on the surface year, bicycling across the country or just some part of the country, you don't have to go away. But every time you stopped, there's a statue, maybe Martin Luther king George Washington with some context, he was a slave owner. We don't like that power whatever you do, but basically make sure the everything's in context. If you want to make sure that you ve got the more modern and here slave owner statues than do that too? Columbus and thereby give the full context. Why now and then course it would be torn down and ours wouldn't work,
I think it's always fun to noodle these kinds of ideas, as it might give you. I d, is for better better ideas. In the movie business. That's called the bad idea, so somebody with a bad idea, and you know why is bad, but that makes you think more credit. New and apples away when, if you change that little bit, it would work, that's that's what would be the good? I talked about everything I talked about everything, so how would you make it flat excellent question- and I mentioned that before your bike path would not need to be flat everywhere. It could be latin parts based on just the local topography, but because the electronic by
are now they ve gone from maybe a novelty to iron one now and it's completely changes transportation. I won't go into my long sales pitch on that, but with the Elect electric bikes they given assist dear battling the hills door, Better, so even at my age there's, no in my neighborhood I live in a really hilly. Really your lips: were there really steep hills where I live? They just disappear with an electric and electronic. Like so they'll, be more of those, and you could probably rent them. You wouldn't you wouldn't have to bring it with you. You just rent it on site, just like any rental car, etc, The there in the range of yes, they could be forty, eight or twelve thousand dollars mine, my post four thousand dollars. My guess is that it will be a thousand in a few years, probably
three years old in a thousand dollars, and then you still might not want to own one, but it's a very economical thing to rent. You know, if your a thousand dollar item probably doesn't push that much per day. That's awful now and I'll talk to you tomorrow.
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