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Episode 1049 Scott Adams: Trump’s Bubba Wallace Tweet, Abolitionist Statues, Fake News

2020-07-06 | 🔗

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  • Panic on the left over Kanye
  • How to know if you’re in a bubble
  • The statues chess game
  • Should Bubba apologize?
  • Media propaganda: Coronavirus and race relations
  • Anti-Trump propaganda by FoxNews Sr. Editor, Edmund DeMarche

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody commanded well cavy. Forty four gave be forty. Four is your first periscope? Aren't you lucky? Imagine your first periscope being this one, the psyche, one, the lottery good to see you all. Oh my regulars. For what you're going? What do we need? You know what we need we need the simultaneous up and all you do, for that is a cover. Bugger glass at anchor tells us die. They can't drink a flask of vessel of any kind. Fill it with your favour, liquid. I like coffee and join me down for the unparalleled
the dope the end of the day, the thing that makes everything better, including the pandemic racism, the economy, you name, it's called the simultaneous zeppa that happens now. Go all key indicators improving So another people have contacted me in variety of ways to save at my evening, periscopes had been very beneficial to them during the pandemic, and I appreciate that- and I wish I could keep doing that all the time, but having a morning thing at an evening thing seven days a week is really hard.
I don't know- if I don't know if you realize how hard it is to do to live stream today, but here's my suggestion, I'm trying to get married one of these days soon, so we can get all the details worked out. Everything. In growth of irish times, but I won't be able to add that my schedule anytime soon. However, I would give you this advice. I have you experimented with turning off the news for a day as any end and not watching your twitter for day, as anybody is ably done that just as an experiment, I'm I've done that and it is amazing how differently you feel, because the news and social media is literally designed to make you get all wound up, and it does it really well does. Is so well add if you just turn
off it. What I find is, if I can turn it off. Like five p m, I said of all the knowledge I did, but I don't get all the extra your worry and you just go outside, for example, during the war, so the pandemic and the economy is falling apart and there's protests, and if I look at my screens, the whole world is falling apart. Everything I pick up, it's like pick up my phone. The world is falling apart to another. Look at where the world is falling apart just go for a walk. Walk outside look round really, I think there is really nothing different for most of us for a lot of people. The great disruption, of course, will not minimizing that both further the great majority of us
Things were a kind of normal in our little individual lives. It didn't change that much And luxury of early that other stuff, it's U brewing around the country- will make that much difference. He so so here's some perspective. The of virus, is not going to stop killing people anytime soon, but the number of people who kills is there so small, relative to the population of earth that it doesn't really worth the same kind of worry. I used to know you should still do the the minimum of you medically advisable, behavior, but it doesn't look like it's gonna, be the killer that changes the world. You know in in some permanent way its prey
the obvious now they will get through it. So if you have any questions your will, we get through it. I think that's answered. The answer is yes, we will Wilson, hospitals have impact, probably will people die? You shouldn't have died if we done things differently. Yes, but that's a decision that we have made and I dont think it hurts the independence day fell word it do you think about ever thought about the the psychological importance, not least to the United States. The fact that independence day literally independence, day felling. If we were a dead in terms of our thinking about your being shut down the road of virus and all that, and I think you saw the outcome at least young people just said. Well done. I think the young people just said. I dont believe your site
probably. I should have gone to work the whole time because I'm young, my risk was low. The people just said well how about independence? Not enough. That's the right decision in the wrong decision, but it doesnt matter. It actually doesn't matter. If you have people going out and exposing themselves is right or wrong because it's gonna happen if if there were some choice about maybe people. We'll go back to the masks and you know full protection, but I don't think there's any chance of that. I think it is what it is it is, which is. A lot of people will die, but not a lot
people compared to all the people in the world and we live in a risky world. So, of course, if I'm the one who dies I'll feel pretty bad about it, but not none! The last humans have chosen to freedom over safety. We have explicitly chosen the freedom over safety, at least freedom over complete safety, complete set. So just off the news, you'll feel fine. Believe me: it works really well also make sure that you get exercise every day. Have you experimented with this? Yet when the when the pandemic is got kicked off, first, was we get off. One of the things I told you is to give exercise everyday go for a walk at least do something every day.
I've experimental happens. What I doubt if I get you something happens at events overtake me, and I can exercise on the day that I plan to, and then I test that I constantly say. Ok today, I do not exercise. How do I feel tonight? You can really tell you, can really tell I don't sleep. Well, my boo isn't the same. It's completely different! So if you're feeling that your mood is not good and you didn't exercise today, while you have something to try, that probably has an eighty five percent chance of improving your mood. I have loving seeing the courier panic that is being caused on left, because people assume that, if Kennedy, rather some kind of a third party or independent,
He would take more votes from the left and the right and guarantee jobs a victory, so it is funny to watch their their panic at that and at the same time, they don't want to go to hurt a cardiac, but they don't want him in there and I love The fact that we don't know yet if he serious how serious this carrier or even more to the point, does it need to be serious because coffee, I could just put the thought out there and see what happens and baby decide to be serious, as other people are serious. Here's what I'm expecting. I think the next presidential Paul has to include it doesn't it do. You think Rasmussen could do a pole without adding colleagues to it. I think I'll have to do both ways for awhile, while but
What do you like to see a day one, how many votes cardio would get in the three way raise? Would you like to see that I like to see it because I think it puts trump solemnly on top So essentially, cardio is the only what you would get to decide. Who is president? Let me say that again we live in a democratic republic. In theory, everybody's got one vote, but you know we got a representatives and representatives try to represent us as representatives as well as possible. Thus the system we think we're right as the system you think Europe but it's down to one person. If cardio runs travellers president is again. If he doesn't run according to the polls is bind the iter
Our democratic system came down to one guy at all. I had to do was tweet cardio West RO one tweed and took over the country, meaning that he gets to pick the president. If you think you get to pick the president well you're all doubt only kindly, I guess depict the president if he bows out probably Biden. If you stay said, probably job is just out of one person there could everything more absurd, guess funnier. What is the biggest issue with the news? This not the pandemic. The biggest issue in the news is that we live in white supremacist society.
That's right: we live in a white supremacist society in which the only person who gets to decide who our president is is cardiac arrest, I'm not making this You know that what I just said is absolutely true, statistically anything can happen right, but as a basic, fact today, worst is the only path I guess about this vacuum here. I know that, even though the happy about it are you nuts. That's a worse system. If you said to me Scott there to potential systems, one in which the voters can be massively misinformed by the press and then they'll take their massive missive
patient to the polls and that the vote and what will be largely randomize process, because nobody had good information and then will add russian interference and chinese interference and vote rigging and we'll get some kind of it completely non credible result that half of the country thinks they have to have a revolution in order to overthrow it. That's our current system. The current system is one I just described a completely non credit. System in which people are brainwashed for the wrong information, don't believe they are vote anyway. You guess I'm completely random ridiculous result. Compare that system to let's let cardiac fingernail figure it.
Can you earnestly tell me you get a better result from the current system that saying about we just try. Like my colleague, I figured out. I don't know which one is better if you say you know which one of those two systems gives you a better outcome. I think your lion, I think, you're lying you don't know that Now would be a bad system is de of one person complete power right that you have a dictator, loud Bob LAW, etc. But if you just sort of happened just The facts are that we happened that the only person who gets to make a decision as Claudia row that might be ok, Let me blow your life for awhile. Here's those by blowing thought you ve ever had. Well, I guess I oversold it taken.
Down to its one, is by blowing thoughts, they, u buy, have over the course of a year. It goes like this. If colleagues, you seriously say stays of the race here's my club, he will be the first president, we ever had the. U wooded doubt his motives right. About. We ve never had a president where you didn't doubt their motives, the entire time Now you might not doubt their bones sort of general, but rather you doubt the month. Specific decisions like well feels a little friendly to the big military industrial complex or
it is a little bit raises like here tell or did you just do that because your base needs to hear it, but you know it's not true, think about it. We ve never had any kind of president who at least the other team said. I think they really mean what they're saying we ve never had that he would be the first president who, when he said something could be brilliant. It could be that really it, but the What are you would doubt is did indeed it is it. Is it exactly what he was thinking, yeah yeah would be the first idea rather president, will you wouldn't wonder if you have tried to do the right thing? You wouldn't even wonder he would definitely be tried to do the right thing. Why why they already do an otherwise would make any sense. So what would be the courtiers?
interests like, even if you send our eyes, God you're being a little too too generous here, everybody selfish so tat he is a person, is a human being. So, of course, allow some selfish motives due to which I ask you: what what would they be to make money now to improve his reputation? Politics isn't gonna. Do that, to what feels ego cardio is exactly who is, who you see right the as he has a big ego which he earned by doing big things. Our problem doesn't look like a problem, so anyway, you'd be interesting, and if I had to guess I'd say fifty fifty, whether he is serious about the site and luxuries decided yet so we'll find out
Here's awaited, though, if you're the bubble, I started the other day to make a list of people. I thought were independent thinkers. I was pretty sure list people you can depend on to look at the information and just come up with an independent opinion. That is not the same as what the media is inciting people so easily. Maybe I can think of maybe twenty people you know some of them are obvious. You could pretty much depended bite sort of edge to have an opinion. This a well thought out of pity that doesn't bash anybody else's independent thought. You can expect that of maybe a Joe rogue door
Erica White, Steve respected here you think of a dozen people, Michael Malice, not Tybee. Tucker is a little. I think the people work on tv news. I have a little bit of a constraint on what they can do so, but Tucker would be a free thinker within that environment. Here he had. No Laval would be an obvious one that gates sprightly for someone who is a professional politician, maggots does seem to be able to take a period that don't match up with his party's average. So I would say that
Yes, so gas, we see a number of other names or so years I'll tell him you're one of those independent thinkers or if Europeans have been assigned to think about who your favorite news source is, it could be the network or it could be, and individuals You could say you might be setting out talker or its d lovely wherever it is, I think about women. New sources- and that asked- solve? Which of Europeans disagree with that source? If the answer is none yes, blood Red Walled is another one bill Mars. Another one Garfield is another one Gregg baffled yeah. The other. What's funny is that you are come up with the same names like. I didn't have to see that list the list
look the same if you and you made it yourself, ran before I like yeah, ok, I'll, say red ball, the I think we could added list as a independent thinker, it's hard. If your job is senator in other there's a limit, how much independence you can have as a senator you doubt you definitely have to be in a team but he's more independent than other people. Yes, so ask yourself that question and in the carbon stubby covets, if you just did that exercise Yad, did you just discover the European that Europeans are exactly the ones that are being assigned? Do you, love busk would be another one. So, let's,
monopoly that statue chess. So the President Wade in about this Frederick Douglass statue of he is an abolitionist, was ripped from its base and Rochester the organ dumps over offence or something No, nobody saw done now. Do you think if somebody took down an abolitionist statue and there's no video that happening and nobody took credit possess out like the protesters, the orders like a revenge, I'm pretty sure that's a revenge statue situation yourselves, I somebody on the other side who said well, if we're playing chess with statues, I'm gonna take what are your pieces Now I watch this with abuse does not very invested in statues. So really let me explain that if you make a statue in somebody rips Adele,
I can see why you be bad. I could see baby whether the person to be bad whatever your statue stood for when I really care I walked. I suppose I guess I. What do you care. Because of the news, but I can't think of anything less important. Think about the fact that you will say your parents and grandparents drew up with problems like world war. Two. Now that's a problem. How about that women can vote as a problem about slavery? That's a problem about the great depression, ass, a problem. These are big problems. First forward today, pay somebody wrote a statue, the mighty blacks.
Well, will rule your statue, that's it. Have we become such ridiculous whiners that we think the world is ending because we're having a chess game was statues. Do you now these statues? I care about non. None. There's another signal statue I care about. Well, exception, for was say the Lincoln Monument. You know that the ones there that are actually so famous here that now Rushmore those are those special cases, but just a statue statute, apart than I never heard of it. If you're getting worked up over statues, your visit, the bigger picture, that, if all this happened, a user statues coming, doesn't feel like a big problem. Now I understand the argument, let me make the argument for you
it's part of a larger marxist plan to first remove? There are symbolism, to your carve away at our national identity, carve away at the psychology of patriotism until it's a softened up environment to make their big push to turn this into a marxist country. Maybe Maybe I don't know how many of the protesters have that thought process, and let me ask you this: if we had something like a news organization, Would you does the news one of these marxists being interviewed? Now they buy lie and say: oh no, that's not our plan. We just don't like these statues bullshit have some of the other. The yearly Ellis believe has that view, so they could be interviewed. Let me ask you this. If you believe
the whole statue thing is part of the larger marxist revolution. Ask yourself why the news that you watch doesn't have any representative of that opinion of their show are going to take this opinion. Till until a fax, changing right. So I give you a temporary ban. It goes like this. If you don't see it interview of somebody who has that opinion at any time, There's no network there, somebody else. Ok, what you really want to do is introduced margins of. Can you explain it? you tell us why you want then Sarah where's, that person, really you clarify one person
Usually so this is not true or that you lose your news. Business is no longer the news business and they don't want to show too, because if it were to at least Fox NEWS would be interviewing person right at the very least, you'd see the right leading publications have set down in interviews with somebody. You just try to tell you why you their view of the future of the country is the right. One of you don't see that which makes me believe that the whole marxist story,
just completely hallucination now. What would it take to change my mind here is a good question. You should ask yourself all the time it s you solve this. This is my opinion. Whatever the topic, what would it take to change by here's what it will take for me? It would take an interview with somebody who represents an opinion and I could be convinced that they represent other people's opinion because the they say their part of a larger group is now. If you save see, that is clearly not something that's well represented, they don't label them. Looks like Scott these two further interview himself, so he says I don't think the personal exists. Likewise, when it was last time you saw a white supremacist interviewed anywhere. The reason is because they sort of don't exist.
There are now, of course. The word way supremacy is now morphed into a whole different meaning by its absolutely old tyre, but people who thought that everybody in their group was superior to everybody in some other group that, just as the existing or because it just to obvious that the very variety abundant people is so great that even if you define statistically deal averages that hold up when you do the math, it wouldn't tell you anything about it. Individual there's too much individual variation, so the older supremacist assorted don't exist. If they do they just toothless people haven't seen the Deuce twenty years, I should have been funded the toothless.
So a trump tweeted. Today, have the rift between you said has bubble Wallace apologized, all those made NASCAR drivers that officials who gave to his aid- stood by his side and were willing to sacrifice everything for him only to find out that the whole thing was just another hopes that in flight decision is cause lowers ratings ever now. The first question is: what was the flag decision these talking, because people are interpreted in it to be the decision to get rid of the Confederate flag Racecourse, but there is also a decision to allow people to deal for the national anthem, Sweden, which what he's talking about will see if he clarifies that, if he's talking about the confederate lag levies obviously decided not to be present.
But will simply clarifies that if he is talking about the regular fly them, that's just and talk in the way he talks. But the second question is s Eve bother to apologize for. Hopefully we know wasn't his fault because though he never saw it, he was told by somebody you trusted the President s car, it told the bill happened, he believes a very credible source and then, acted upon. Then we found that it wasn't real. He he said he released a stable that I raised as being really well written, which said well I'd rather look silly that they have this be real thanks for all the support. Isn't it great war for all the support one of the best recovery, your response statements by a celebrity I've ever seen.
It really was one of the the bottle responses to somebody you messed up was really is fault, so he acknowledges he look. Silly says was glad it wasn't the bad thing. Fakes everybody for having the right intentions is supporting me. I don't think it could have been better really so the president reading the Rube wrong, or as we read in the room correctly makes a statement in which he bears. Likely. Roblee accuses the black man, and public now if you can ever read the room more wrong than that. I would say that accusing a black man of a private did not commit because, like you said he was acting early. Nation, the caves and somebody else at the way he acted was completely appropriate with the information he had as it can.
So there wasn't anything that leads to apologise for my opinion, so falsely blazing a black man in public. Today I love your instincts could be much worse than that. I can see why your riles up the base you'd like to think it's not because of racism, but rather we just represents somebody or the other but this is look like such an own goal, that the editor the this winter is the the slaughter meter back. I think that there is a back to zero coarsely. The car do, you think, is anything the matter, so it doesn't matter. What trouble doesn't this point and it doesn't matter what by does probably probably doesn't matter, probably only betters what Kennedy he does.
From this point on those colleagues to pick the present formula, one drivers were different from NASCAR Futile, follow the sport For me, what drier drivers in a separate story, the sub there were standing in. Some of them are dealing. I guess for those herbaceous mayor something ad. Fewer than dont want to wear black lives matter shirts, but they instead wore a black sure this as racism. They didn't want to deal the muscle, bender the nationalism, but they were willing to stand. With their shirts, so now we're getting some new ones from people. I don't think that's gonna get well. Eventually those people have to fight against. So the two biggest news stories in the country, I think you'd agree or the quota virus and race relations will, you agree
the economy is always a story, but that's probably always story, but in terms of really the most current of events will be grown. A virus and race relations Your new sources do not report useful data either of those stories, the two biggest stories and you do sources, don't even try report useful data. Let me tell you what we'll be useful data, the desk out every day from the crowd of hers. Instead, they show sleep. Actions. There was very obvious that if they show you the infections instead of the deaf go near, you can't deny this intentional. At this point, both left and right, rather than will show you the useful data, sorry after global meadows, prison Lucy of aid. At this
quickly for the coronavirus. If they don't show you, the death count. They're just giving you propaganda in relation is because that's an important number. You need to know it and they're not telling you. It is very obvious. It's it's Secondly, for race relations, as they really wanted to give us data instead of just where I was up there was shows all the deaf counts, overtime apparently there would show you how many cops are killing black people. Why people different different colors showed over time. They would show by city, baby state. Maybe show you by whether democratic AIR or Republican may now be useful right Because you want to know if a democratic republic and approach makes a difference you would also to see the number of people or just murmured. Haven't black people kill black people this this week and overtime, ebony wipe it will kill black people only black people,
go why people, if it I'll see that you're just seem propaganda when you re it's just propaganda. If you don't see, the basic death counts, your being just a friend a story I need to go. Then I guess over on Fox NEWS. There till you get stroke was also, there say opinion these writ by Edmund, demolish and ever seen him before buddies and Fox NEWS, at least a penny piece of their website, and he said that this is his interpretation of Trump. So, on a fox lose sight, this repeated exist, trumpets praise the quote, beauty, for heritage of the confederacy that happen? Did you ever see tribe praise the quote beautiful heritage of the confederacy, though now that ever happened he praised our beautiful heritage
and the confederacy in all manner of bad things and all better of good things are part of our heritage, but now he never praised the beautiful heritage of the confederacy, and this is on fox lips, which means they ve turned against them, with the subway and then also calls elderly. You called the protesters quote thugs. Now, that's called out to call him a racist by implication. That's on Fox NEWS, so even Fox news rotting in antitrust peace back, that's all I ever now I gotta go take her some stuff, and I will talk to you later.
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