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Episode 105: Immigrant Kids, OIG Report, Being Friends With Chairman Kim

2018-06-15 | 🔗


  • Separating parents from children…bad, yes, everyone agrees
    • What’s your alternative?
    • Why aren’t critics offering an alternative they would prefer?
  • OIG report, clear example of two movies on one screen
    • 500 page report guarantees everyone can see what they want to see
    • My prediction that Comey was being “a patriot” with his Clinton email actions
    • Alan Dershowitz opinion on Comey’s actions contains an element of mind reading
    • Should Lynch have made the decision (proper protocol) rather than Comey?
    • Would there have been worse repercussions if Comey had followed proper protocols?
    • OIG report exonerates Comey, although he broke the rules
  • President Trump’s impromptu meeting with reporters outside White House this morning
    • “Biscuit on nose” analogy for the MSM
  • POTUS handling of the kneelers
  • Trump Foundation investigation
  • Crimea…reasonable questions
    • Why do we care if Russia has Crimea?
    • What do the Crimean people want?
    • If we don’t know…shouldn’t we ask?
  • California split-up,  should they?


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