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Episode 1052 Scott Adams: Single Parent Households, Biden and Beethoven Both Decomposing, Ye Systems, Schools, More

2020-07-09 | 🔗

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  • Who caused the current division in our country?
  • A new category of FAKE NEWS
  • BLM acts like 95% of the problem…doesn’t matter
  • Don Lemon talking like a conservative in 2013
  • Examples of President Trump’s impressive leadership
  • Biden’s platform policies…is he a Republican?

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody command. You found me it's time for the best part of the day, a jack good to see you. Yeah we're going to have this. I will tell you said, and I think it will lead off one of the best days of the entire week. Yeah it's gonna, be there good. Then all you need is a copper. Mugger glass integra tells us neither canteen jerk a flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid I like coffee, a joint we now for the unparalleled leisure, the Dope Romania. The day the thing the big
everything better, including single parent households, poverty, pandemics, yeah, all that target to be better above it. I can feel things heading in the right direction. It's almost automatic. It is because of this. It really is: let's talk about some things. So it seems that winter is still either intent. Really or accidently shadow banning people. What I dont know is whether its limited to one side of the political spectrum since the people I tend to hear from the most of the people to follow me. I don't know that, but Michael Malice tweeted, I think last night, that one of his friends reliably said that he follows Michael malice on Twitter, but gets
on followed automatically, so Michael's asked with everybody else noticed this. And they mentioned three names in particular, for people to check. So he said see if you're getting on followed TIM Pool, Michael Tracy, oars, got Arabs. Now. What do you think happened? Worthier thing happened. So we got lots of comments of people who checked and found out that they had been on followed, automatically those southern noticed before, but the number people away. Then said yes, it happened to me I think there is any chance anymore that its confirmation bias. I don't think, there's any chances, it's some kind of a pocket situation. Where is your son out? What a night we doing it because you stuck
in your pocket like a pocket dial these a bug, because it will be such a big bug. There would be easy to notice What it is they I've seen some other people speculate, as I add that it could be through the third party acts that you also have on your phone there. Sometimes they ask you for permission to post on twitter, which I think gives them permission to do other things as well and uttered or if its tik, Tok or other apps, but there does seem to be big problem here. I just don't know what it is and allowed people reported that there will see president trumps tweets, but I don't know. That's an algorithm issue or something else, but if you follow some,
body or like something, and it gets reversed later, especially if it gets reversed months later. You can't really call then a bug I mean, maybe, but Here's the fun bar, I actually don't know of twitter knows what's happening. I don't think they know, which means is coming from some source either within the company or outside, but I don't think he's having for management and by the way it would be insane for management to do this limit. Let me say this is clearly possible, given how obvious it is and how much it is then discussed. If you still think that twitter manage
knows about it, it is authorized in it. That would be a deep misunderstanding of human beings. I think it wouldn't matter who's. Jack were somebody else that you have put into this situation. I dont know that anybody would risk ability dollars to do? a kind of way behaviour that so obvious? In other words, if we they are doing it intentionally, they would all oh, no, that they would be detected easily easily detected. In fact, we just the deck, and so I think that is coming from some source other management, but is certainly come from somewhere. I could be domestic work for him,
We don't know. What am I favour things in the world now it is just getting more and more fun is watching Biden supporters pretend they don't notice a problem of courses, a different breed there's a year. We see. How do we know bindings, loser more has lost it, but it's still better than drop and when people say stuff like that, I always one what are they seeing that seeing? Is it just the fake news difference, because all the things that people were worried about from when trumped was first elected, there were lots of concerns, but now for three and a half years into the term you'd. Have to wonder what he might do. Cause you can play well see what he does as president. It will be
usual to expect that you will be different in a second term, so I think the first term gives your pretty good picture of to expect and what went wrong. If you ask people what was the big disaster of the trumpet, duration. They're all sometimes give you some fake news, such as not quite understanding that there was a surge at the border and that the cages that Obama built were had to use more temporarily. Nobody was happy In other words, they give you a story that I quite understand they don't know that context. So there's one thing: the trumpeted wrong, which not really trump doing wrong. Now the kids in cages is a tragic situation, but the whole point of it was the reasonable responsible people said it's still, there
then the only other alternative which is the leg kids go with traffickers and God knows what so so you have one category things. People say, look how it all went wrong under Trump, but the things Look here are just sort of fake news in another context, things they don't quite understand, but others. Other category that I just laugh out loud. What I hear they talk about, how tromp has ruined our country's ability to deal with other countries once that, based on a view, Donna Study that have you noticed? other countries, won't take a call from the United States is revers situation, where the other you, prime minister of picking country every country just pick any country friend or foe country and secretary, comes in who ever lovers. These
they had lived, calls and says the leader of this other country. The president, the United States, is on the line he wants to talk to you, which country doesn't take the call. I realise that a call from a head of state will be scheduled, so you want just call out of the blue, but my point is: does Nobody really think that there is a country somewhere who's, not taking a call from the United States. I don't think that happened. How about are the very countries that don't wanna do a trade deal or negotiate with the United States. I haven't heard that you well you around is obviously a case where we're trying to put pressure on them. So the things that people imagine have already gone wrong are literally just imagination is just imagination.
A pretty sure there's nothing. You can point to this. That is a disaster that is not of the making of the new. So here is the other big point: people make site, they say, look at race relations, to which I say Imagine a world where the it was just reported straight without any opinion. What would it look like? Imagine a trumpet administration, in which the other was still a CNN, there's still a fox news, but all they do I tell you what happened there Give you any any interpretation. Take any story. The president called several countries shit hole. Countries will just take the stories are. Example suppose I had simply been reported as just a fact: how could anybody feel about it? They don't even think about it. It wouldn't even be undermined the problem, But even though it happened even if had been reported because without the opinion stuff
it's not really a story, suppose the also, here's a story, a report of this fact, the president called several countries in all countries, nobody on tv adds a commentary. What would you think of that? You'd probably think he'd swears and meetings, That's probably all you would think because you would even dig in say it well how many of the countries were probably brown or black, of course, courses a fake story in the sense that there is only one person. Fairly. Nobody else heard it. I think. That's the story, but also the context was changed. What it reported. So if you're saying that the country has become more racially divided, our say that's true, but what's the reason? The reason is that the president, now he does play into it, he does things which makes it.
How to do that. But I think you have to put the blame where it where it is primarily. So I thought bided this latest video others. Yet another video him speaking somewhat you coherently And towards the end of that club, you does what I call the dementia cover, so dementia and you realize that you started a sentence or a thought, and you realize you couldn't completed because your brain was working. What would you do. Well, if you or to cover your dementia, you do what Joe Biden does. Let's say you and ask a complicated question,
then I'd be able to answer. If I were all with it, but that's not the case anymore, how would I covered up the way out up is, I would say, I'd rather the time. That's what he does. We will be talking about the these life streams. Aerial Eddie, you can tell you just get lost, he doesn't know what he's saying in the USA. Like? Well, I don't want to take up all the time, I don't want to get the details as totally just a cover. But will what war pretended Tesla happening? I equipped better than if Biden wins. I look forward to his first state of the EU and other thing address. State of the you know. The thing gets very clever he after that
So I told you I'm running this big experiment to see if I get cancelled and what part of it is expanding. My free speech had observed the most provocative things you could possibly but I've seen them with good intentions. Observer politely, the other about really hate anything of doing, and so far I have not cancelled so baby? If you don't show bad intentions and you dont demonstrate hate, you can get away with more free speech, so that would be useful to know and one of the things that in setting its by him to eat, is I talk about losing two jobs, because my bosses Toby that, because I was waiting mail, I couldn't be promoting were so I quit both in both cases I quit
one case, I was kind of encouraged to quit, but it wasn't because last year I care because they told me I couldn't be promoted so that by him to eat that I invite people to give me their similar stories. So, in the comments there are literally hundreds of stories of people telling these similar things here by Basel II, a white male. I can't hear promoted, etc. Sarah! So a few interesting things happen. There are some people who believe none of its true. The funniest one happened just two days ago, I just finished reading the message from somebody who said that their company had just informed them. This is this. Is this week. Rights for this is that each industry- this is this week and I will give you details, but somebody you send it s a year
My company just put the word down that our next, our next person, we add to the organization, can't be can't be white because they want to improve their diversity. So I just have that conversation The next thing I open up is a twitter person. Tell me that they don't think such things happened. I'd, I judged it was literally the immediate conversation before I open up somebody who lives in the country who thinks it doesn't happen. There's not a thing Well, they ve got a lot of surprise come into. It turns out one of the biggest surprises way. People don't complain nearly as much as maybe you and expect so. There's this massive number of white males who, when we're together, we'll all tell the same story.
Our discriminated against in it's, not my imagination. They told me directly indirect terms here, can't do anything for you wait in the mail, so I was wondering how the press will handle it. Does I figured if somebody is parameters me? You know, that's not egotist legal and to say something else: a big big twitter following and is in the public eye when that what I say something which is so contrary to the popular view of things is gonna get picked up. And sure enough, it was but mostly by small, small, obscure things, and there are some local papers. So I looked at one Google alert sets tells me if anything anymore, talking about The only covered from one
was somebody wrote a letter to the editor in which they mentioned by situation, and they said by only complete, as you should say, its alleged. So there's somebody that it who believed then I just made up the stories that I was the eyes told that I couldn't be promoted because I'm way avail
so does. Actually somebody of the country, a real person who lose among us, who think says: that's not even real, or at least that island enough. Why would I make that there will be the strangest story the world to make up? Does not even one story. It's a series of three of them. The other one was a tv show which is a little more complicated, but it comes out and the same thing and the fact that I can put that out there and its be ignored the same whether bided sprain is being ignored. So there seems to be a new category of fake news. It's a category fake news where they simply act like something didn't happen like it didn't exist and is really effective.
Because if you simply act like somebody doesn't exist, the the news silos prevent young people from ever seen. We'll just never seen so I made a most provocative claim, which certainly would be important in all black lives matter, philosophy, theme and protests, and yet it is completely ignored by any significant media and the reason they do. That is because it's a total red Bela would break your just break. The whole thing cardiac continues to be interesting. He's mention systems and design is so use. Users work, assisted in design and, if he's really systems kind of a leader and a goal. Oriented later now would be It's wrong
but suppose I were to run for president and it does. Makes sense from run for president preserves somebody topics that I don't know much about just not an expert on foreign. Anything history Politics are either so I thought I would I do that would say you in my magical mind I got appointed to be president. I wouldn't run but need I would campaign but supposedly appointed to be present. How would I handle things? Not being an expert Will you try to hire the right people right? That's part of the browser, think that having a good system would make sense. For example, I suggested that there should be a system in the country that doesn't exist for helping the citizens sorted through war, data which studies are valid and which are not If you could do that without having that there,
referee, if you will also be corrupted by politics and biased, so maybe you can't do it but I would like to have the least take a try at a system that helps the public understand was true. Viable and was not another system would be continuous testing because we talk about how to solve these. Gigantic problems, how do you solve education How do you all single parents had he's all crime. And we always treat them like you have to have the solution for the whole country fixin all at once.
But when they make more sense to have a whole bunch of small tests and say we know what to do as they. We just don't know what we're going to work in a post of attention into a test in Chicago we'll. Do it test here. Jacksonville will do a couple tests in different places and what is find out we'll just find our work, So that would be good and then I noticed unrelated to Collyer or yea. If you prefer unrelated to his run for president you may know. There was a story where he had built a sub, experimental housing and some neighbours complain pursues to Moscow. Noise and he actually just torn down- did hear that story. It was maybe a year ago, so cardiac I guess got some designers or architecture whatever built these sort.
Don't like structures, I think maybe three and then when the neighbors complained, they just destroy them. I just took away, but it looks. Keys rebuilding in another place, because I saw some pictures that would Miller It looks like he's entering if what cardio is doing Is he starting with the assumption that the first one, won't be it might not be the second one may not be the third one if he's going full Thomas Edison, unless he's one of the most important people in the world. Let me say that again, if what colleagues doing is consciously iterating, these shelters, like Thomas Edison iterated, the light bulb until he found the filament that work. Yes, that's what he's doing and so far we just into innovations. I think I'm gonna low information year, but it looks like that's what's happening. Yes, that's. What he's doing is the most important thing happening in the country.
Because because its integration assistant fuel, they can get you to knowing rebuild inexpensive shelters and if that's, what county is doing his his argument for being present. Just guess pretty strong so will keep an eye. So here is what I am concerned about with black lies. Man among, I guess, there's lots of stuff to be concerned about It seems to me that they don't have a good sense of priorities. I put a little whiteboard graph on twitter which I showed a large bubble diagram
And most of the bubble, ninety five percent of the bubble is labelled. Schools are racist and then little five percent of the bubble. I labelled everything else, every other problem. Basically, so here's what I mean by that, while there are lots of things where you would find systemic graces and if you look for specially outcomes, you'd find it in the judicial system you'd find it an employment you'd find it all over the place. But the way. I would look at this as in terms of where the biggest impact would be. If you could fix it. Fixing things after people are thirty. Five years old is really hard fixing things when they're first born, so that they could a good get a good start in life is going to be much higher impact So if I were black lives matter and I cared about black lives, I would
Ignoring the police shootings, which the studies are really support is even real. Now let me say that again, the studies do support the black people are killed by police as a higher percentage Then their population, but not a higher percentage than the number of people, were stopped. The makes complete sense because high ground areas certain characteristic, so so that's so that the biggest thing the black lives matter is protest against. Isn't even real, but the part that everybody agrees. Israel is that school and baby. The family unit will talk that are the most important things get right, but you don't hear black lives better talking about school and the family unit too much dear. Why is that if ninety five percent of them,
problem is that early life experience. Why is black lives matter acting like, ninety five percent of the problem for their own people, don't matter There are literally treating ninety five percent of the problem like it doesn't matter. They ve. Terrified. The only thing that doesn't show up in statistics, which is that police are targeting black people, forget it's the only thing you can find a list statistics and they ve targeted that I think that tells you that they're not about helping black people. Now I must say they: I want to help black people, but it's over. Whatever their motive is it's not it's not private, really about helping black people. There's there seems to be a political motive because going after the place-
yet you to move closer to a revolution, if you know what I mean, if you're, if your objective was to change the nature of the country going after the place, might be a good way to do it. If your objective is to make life better for black citizens in this country, you'd go after the school, and you are just forget about everything Because if you fix the stools and I'm going to say that the family situation in the school, a kind of blended cuz, it's hard to separate those two things. But if you fix that stuff, would you have as much trouble in twenty so we say where's with anything, you wouldn't affects everything that you still get out. Racism? As I like to say, every ten minutes can go away is like rain, but an umbrella right, but the umbrella, in this case by analogy, would be an education or training,
staying out of jail or not being on drugs. Don't join again their simple things you can do to stay out of the rain, but get you can't rainbow happen less than large economic rain stop and he can't make human brains no longer I asked you a whole variety ways raises just one of the infinite. Is that your brain is biased. You can't remove bias, you can teach yourself over covered, you can have laws. As you can do, a lot of things to reduce it or to make it less important, Kagan rid of it and so even trying to get rid of that shows that maybe there's another motive because it doesn't make sense. Let's talk about the biggest question concerns. Especially, and even think that eleven would agree with this at least the download them five years ago, evolves
there's a video of darlin, you thousands whatever, but I think seven years ago he was essentially talking like a conservative, but he was doing it on CNN. So just you look at it. You like one who is it? so you is criticising the black community from the perspective of being a black man, and here we have criticisms, were really close to what any conservative would say, which is the shocking point, is things that I think he couldn't say, and twenty twenty without being cancelled But I would like to question this slit. Let me tell you what we do know we do, that there's a really strong correlation between kids, who grew up in a single parent homes and then the future propensity for a crime scene.
The correlation really strong. If you have one parent, your eyes are going to jail. Really I compared to other people. And we know the live and affects economics- your grades, drugs, basically so having one parent is correlated with, basically everything bad so. What do you do that knowledge? What do you do with it so that now you found something that looks like it's important. What do you do? How do you fix this Does anyone have any idea how to fix that? What the way there want to fix. It is simply by talking about a lot. Maybe if we talk about a lot black people work collectively say: that's the problem, you sure They told us before. Why didn't you tell us earlier, we now. Let's all, are you kidding me? We can fix most of our problems.
Just by doing that simple thing. Thank you. Why people, finally giving us the secret information, helps us fix everything. I'll think that's gonna happen. Because whatever it is this causing your greater, a single parroting in some communities. Obviously isn't something that they simply choose to do or choose not to do, because it is thinking about the future of their children etc? Theirs bunch of stuff go on and I think that we can sort out I don't think we can sort out what it is about having their second parent. Usually the studies focus on the parent is missing. Being the Father, the dad and Let me ask you this: why does the presence of a father make a difference.
What? What is your assumptions about? Why having the father you so highly correlated with better success, looking while the things that are obvious, would be disciplined with. Father be more effective disciplinary and especially to young boys. Maybe there's a reasonable thing to about role model is at that there's a good role model. In the father of the kid picks up, here's what I would like to add to the conversation. We have been watching in twenty twenty every study and every being wrong about everything, can you agree with that? So far, would You agree so far. Every expert, every study, is either a highly question because there are other experts with other studies or other critics of those them.
It's either dead wrong or early, since highly question by other experts? What do you do? Take the general statement that in twenty twenty we have all collectively learned that everything we thought was true, because the science and the data told us it was doesn't mean anything So so, if you're, a conservative, you say Scott, we haven't figured out there are all these studies, the shutters stronghold. Patients with the father, not being there being the big problem, so we ve identified the problem. Have you. Because if you have And I'm not saying you haven't, I'm just give you some projects. If it's true, It would be the only thing the experts got right this year is, that is your belief, Is it your believe All the other stuff you watched from probably from
I'm a change to. God knows what The all of that seems wrong to you and the police shootings numbers. They were looking at the wrong Ratios mass worker, they don't hydroxyl chloroprene works, does and the death rate the viruses either higher low. All of it you saw just about everything else be wrong, but. Your belief that others Boyd sides is pretty solid Zella, you believe now you we'll be right. I'm not tell you wrong, I'm just tell you that you would have to factor let em. Why is it you think this is the only thing they
All right, let me suggest there are some reasons why it might be wrong without claiming is wrong Ian. So this is not a claim that the that was a sin is wrong. Simply a question just putting it out there. Number one: are there other countries with other other situations, which these single parent does fine? No, that is to say some other. Country where everything just works out, fine, if you're single parent- probably not because being a single pyramid. Parent almost guarantees they have less money. We know that poverty is highly correlated with being a single parent.
Poverty alone would poverty alone cause less discipline in the child. I think so because if you play any kids, a poverty community, they're gonna start acting like the other kids, because the peer pressure overwhelms the parental influence. Let me more about that. Those of you who have raised the children. Let me ask you this: you, you got to witness how much worse, genetic and the kid Because there are things that the kid is doing wonder three years old, that tend to be their permanent personality, and you can see it Elliot, so you ve got some kind of a sense. If you raise kids this this, amount of the personality was gonna baked in that
I also see it are- we taught them these behaviors and then you get to see if they stick so, for example, that parents may have taught them good habits, brushing their teeth, etc, and you can see if those stick is it ok, that was my parents, and I gave them that have stuck to say you do caused them to be too I think my mother was a big cause of me being obsessed about bidding on time for stuff, so I think that feels to be like something that came directly from apparent became permanent. Likewise, I would say that my father and my mother's example, of hard work and heavy multiple jobs and stuff. Probably additives was only, I feel it, but that could also be genetic as well so but then the kid goes to school. So here's the parliament. So then your kid goes
the school he other eight years old in TAT Levin by the time you can't say, fourteen years old, for those of you have had this experience, what percentage of their personality came from the parent and what percentage of the personality came from their peers, I'm just putting that out their causes and observation, not a scientific study. So here you should. You should, adjusted you had? How certainly should be about my observation is that the peers are ninety percent of the influence after they become a certainty. Once once they become friend centric, which ten years old before that, before age, tat, your kind of parents centric and there a little bit more. Maybe civil
subject, but when they hit around forty and is just friends, friends, friends, friends, friends and they just become the friends ass, the less influence. So if you say to me, these kids with single parents are being that the problem is because there's no father I say if there's no father there in poverty, if there are in poverty there living in the poor place in all likelihood, is their living in a poor place, All of the other peers. Neither the situation, and I would think it might be the peers. That are a bigger influence than the parents, but obviously the parent seven and influences well. Let me ask you this.
Does risky behaviour get transmitted genetically? What do you think I'm just limited to this? Does risk taking the the desire to take a risk? Do you think that s genetic up? It is really taken has a genetic component that, let me ask you, this is a risky to get divorced. It is. Is it risky to have sex without protection? It is. Would it be reasonable to assume that people who were risk averse would use protection if they had sex? It would be less likely to get divorced because they don't want the risk. Could it be.
The people who stay together have in common, among other things, that they don't like rest The neither the more to take the risk of being signal, because This is a really big risk. Sometimes you have to because the risk of state married is worse if there's abuse, but could it be The people who remain single have I tolerance for risk people they married and have a look tolerance for risk and that Tolerance risk is a good indicator of somebody. Who's gonna stay in school and do all the low risk things. Now did you hear me say anything racial, because you should because that that risk gene is not limited to one s listening, so it is true that poor, the poor white kids born to single parents also.
Higher crime rates say back. So what do? What does every ethnicity there's a single parent. Likely haven't carbon you're on average, each situation is different, but on average average is people who have made choices, conscious choices which fall into the category of riskier behaviour. So is that how much of that is learn by beginning Ireland, where everybody is doing the same thing how much of that is because you're just a person who can take a little bit more risk. I now say that that explains it all. What I'm saying is that there may be some simplicity to the Unita fathers situation, and I would ask you this: if you could find out what it is about, the father that are the key variables, could you reproduce those good effects without the father? Let me give you an example
Say you designed a living or simplify this say an apartment building comes up with this concept of his legal, but let let's assume its legal just to work through the the thought process, so somebody takes an apartment building, they say here are the rules eighty per cent of the apartments we'll be rent it single mothers again? So this is a partner that legal, but just think through. Eighty percent will be to single mothers twice percent of the others will be men who are good role models, so maybe you might be a police officer, but you single. So you get to be in their building. You might be a he might be. A teacher, but you're single out of you have to be single year that maybe that
matters much, but you need to be available as a role model to the others. In other words, if you if you re living situation in which you have. Role models they actually could even discipline, whose let's say that the agreement, if you live here, is there any of the adults? Can discipline any the kids and that's just the agreement in advance? so you want to live in this apartment. You don't know. Apartment is your parent a lot of them are adult males their cops, their educators there might be a lawyer- might be a doctor, but their people were substantial through people. You would look too as role models, its people. That would be you. Who you weren't today, don't let me give you an example from my life, my father had a lot of good qualities.
But he was not what you would call a role model. I think my siblings both watching this and I know you're both laughing greater. And when I say that I mean I didn't want to grow up to be like him. I wanted to grow up to be very much like him now. Fortunately, I got a lot of his qualities here, but I couldn't do that, but Let's say he was not the most ambitious person in the world and I was born to sort of naturally ambitious, so I wanted it. Upbringing. I found that I just looked at other people. As my Robles, I just decided well. Ok, I'm not gonna, be exactly like my father. I think I'd like to be the lawyer and Do you know what I use new year's lawyer says? I
We like that guy is that that guy's ambitious knows how to make money and stuff so I also fully raise the question and it goes like this But if you believe- and I think this is a good chance- that this is true- that the lack of a adult male in the upbringing of a child has bad consequences. Unwilling to accept this, but you might be able to find out what it is about that that makes it work and just reproduce it and they parental way. I think the worst approach is to say this is the problem and all you do is you guys just decide deck act like us. Just just go act like us. And then everybody. I think everything will be fine. I don't see that working does working you can sort of wish it happens, but that's the end of it there's no process. There is no system issues with
A wishing, I sure, wish people in poor communities would get married and stay together. I sure wish it would happen. That's not anything, that's nothing! You get wish it happen. I wrote a piece I didn't know. Controversy will be controversial, twitter threat, which I said, the President Trump is showing the strongest, maybe basque leadership that I've ever seen in my adult life. Now, of course, I make it and make it a big claims or gets more attention that way, but here's here's my claim leadership is: From following the experts advice, if the only you doing this following the experts advice Will you not really leader you're more like a manager, your manager, listen listlessly experts and then
that's a manager is different word from a leader in to be a leader. In my opinion, you have to do something with the experts not recommending or you're, not leaving if Are you doing you stay here, expert advice? Did we need you really I mean? Do you even need a president, because the experts come to a consensus. Other people implemented? So if you get experts and you ve got implementers and the only thing is there is at present the number with a rubber stamp thing. Ok goop send you ideal recently implemented? If that's all that's happening. What kind leadership is that there's nothing? So You look for cases where the
leader has done something that is opposed to the experts here are some examples, show trumpet closed travel from China before the expert said it was a good idea. In fact they said: don't do it. He didn't anyway. He has been proved correct. That is clean, clear leadership, very unusual. It stands out because. He'll. Think of other examples run thinking you think of quickly. Think of an example where Obama did something the.
First, all said: don't do like just universally said: no do it and it turned out to be right. There might be examples, but I can't think of one. So you can help me out. If you can think of one tribe is nelse pushing to reopen schools. He also push to reopen the economy before the experts were comfortable with it. I think that's gonna work out, because we don't we don't doubt that they will be. Yo Deston infections, everybody. Everybody is clear right about that. The reopening the economy guarantees more people get in fact, were we all aware of it, but the x so saying, don't open the schools, the opening me, too soon be more cautious and rob saying very clearly and unambiguously got openly economy got open the school
now. The first thing I like about it leadership wise is that he's totally unambiguous about you don't wonder where he stands: open the schools openly economy now a president asked to see the entire field. So, while the experts are the medical experts in their saying, if you open up, we medical experts will see medical problems. That's only part of the question does are also these social problems, which it's late into medical problems in ways that nobody can quite understand. But we all know is a big problem. So the leader as the look of the entire field and he did and he's going against the experts again. Is he right? I dont know we don't know my guy That is right. If I were in his position, I think I would be doing about the same thing, maybe not as aggressively, which is what makes it more impressive.
I think he's gonna be right on closing travel. I think he's gonna be right about opening schools by reopening the economy. I think history Lucia right. Those are amazing, amazing examples of leadership and here's. The thing supposes wrong suppose is wrong, and- and it turns out that opening things too early and going back to school, killed fifty thousand people that didn't need to begin. What would you say about that? I think you would still say it's amazing leadership, because nobody really knows what's going to happen. If, if the thing you're saying is, how often does he get it right? I don't know if that's right the racing because the whole point of the leader, know what the right answers, but somebody's gonna make the decision. You dont know, and you still have to make a decision,
so you do Ding the leader for getting a wrong in the real world. You do, but you have to ask yourself, whilst not really leadership, if you know what the right answer is so not knowing that makes an impressive likewise when Trump was leading on negotiating with China, all the experts said: don't start a trade war. There are basically I saw one expert who agreed with them: do you remember that? basically all alone, except for people he hired would boost the signal, but basically, people are saying. No traders are bad, China is good about money, goodbye, what you know for sure. We know first
for the China will not do its part, it might make agreements but not keep em. We know is going to continue sending sentinel. We know school continue. Steely ip widow, thither, Apsley, Tik Tok, are built as spy equipment Thirdly, tromp proved by being a leader and buying pushing them hard. He proved that you can't deal with them. So or two possibilities and strong leadership it was the only way to get to them. One was maybe use may be. China wanted to make a deal, and then you get a good trade deal and that would be a good outcome. The other is leave. You prove that you can't work with it, which is what happened. So China proved that there is a credible
Partner for anything, and once you know that than even start decoupling, which is happening so we will get the, we're we're being bring our supply chains home, which is one of the best things that ever happened to this country, and we only could get to that. Because Trump defied every expert and push through on a very critical issue. Our relationship with China is one of the biggest things in the world and again it seems like it worked. Take north how many experts told him to meet with him when he didn't have a deal already? None, maybe not maybe there were no experts who said I was a good they are the new german government, because the experts sent these not gonna, make a deal and sure enough Kim Jong NAM did not make a deal, but don't you feel safer
does give jug and see the United States as a military threat and therefore is preparing to strike back now. Trump took the threat of North Korea, basically right off the table, and he did it by defining all the experts. He just created a personal relationship, and I thank you think that plus other activities have proven to be a genuine and especially getting rid of John Morton. Recently, I think I'll kill. Looking at the United States and saying you know, sort. It doesn't look like that big, a thread at the moment. So are you safer guaranteed? I would say it is guaranteed that your safer because he violated what the experts wanted him to do.
So my theory and I've had this through. While is that historians once you get it, you don't say a generation away, twenty or thirty years away when the people who lived through the Trump administration are all dead or released the older ones. I think history is going to be very kind to trump because all of the little personality stuff that dominates the news coverage in social media, will sort of melt away with history. History is going to look at the big things he did and it's going to forget about the personality stuff. She can forget about the tweets and these little fights and it's going to forget about the
checking discussion get all that. Those who remember about China and Scan remember corroded virus scan. Remember that Iceland used or old territory. You know it doesn't, so I believe that Trump will be viewed by history, as maybe one of the top five for sure leaders we ve ever had cause. You have to throw your Washington and Lincoln and true men and the others. People made really big decisions, so they were the leaders as well by think you'll be in the top five presence easily
the second, you wonder: Rushmore TOP five. Can they make another nother space, we're still confused about why fatalities or dropping despite infections, going up now? The obvious explanation is that its young people were getting infected, but the second explanation is we're getting better, treating it and maybe a third explanation. Is, it might be mutating or is already infected the people most likely to be infected or are there some. Kind of heard immunity from other other people viruses that has an impact factors. We don't know, we just don't know. We just don't know exactly why the death rate is falling while the fate. Other infection written skyrocketing, probably most less to do with young people. That's my guess because they get infected, but they don't. I.
You may be aware that there are two complete worlds that are formed around face: masks, in one world. You can see lots of references to studies that show that face mask, don't work, meaning that they don't have any effect than you better off without them, and then there's another world. Where does is obvious? They work and all the science proves it and use it. As we can show you right here, those are existing simultaneously and they're both route, referring to sign. What good is science if we. Level, people and I'm talking about educating people, dockers, people who know there's stuff. What good is the science if its opposite, you can pick your science and find out that has no impact, and then you can pick your science and find out
totally totally hasn't back now. I think the way the reason that is allowed to exist, in other words, reason these two worlds can exist. It is because the world the says Mason Face Mask, don't work, they inject a little clause in there that if you know look closely, you don't find it, and it looks like this. It has not been proven. Their face, mess, work in terms of grown virus and maybe other things now is that the same They face Mass, don't work is not because nobody is really done a test of face now soon different ones used for the growth of errors in the specific situation, etc, hasn't been test, but does it make sense that no barrier that slows down how far the droplets go? Assuming that
the airborne or, at the very least, is getting on services. Dusk, incense tell you. It's gotta work a little bit. Yes,. But what good is science, if you ve, got science and smart people still take opposite sides and they're both looking insights. What's that valuable science, There's a professor and stony broke. You ve heard of him before helmet, nor cloth. Apparently has been the most accurate predictor he's got a model that products which could be present and is correctly predicted. Five out of the past six elections. And in every single election, but too and the last hundred eight years and the text he uses his is, ignores the poles and he looks at primary results and his theory goes roughly.
As somebody who dominated the primaries shows that there is a lot of base, enthusiasm and that's that's good predictor of who wins. If somebody limps through the primaries it manages to get nominated, they're gonna lose. So that's basically that the ideas it if you limped through the primaries- that's not strong enough show of grass roots support, so you're almost certainly lose. How accurate is the small was. I it's been wrong twice, but look of the two, It was wrong. One of them was the Emily election. If you know your history. What was unusual about the Kennedy election. We carry. The election was rigged. The Senior literally got the mafia to rigged elections in some of the places that made the difference. So the Kennedy election, the model didn't get right, but it wouldn't,
got the right if it hadn't been had not been a rigged elections. Think about that the other one that got wrong is it said that that Gore would beat Bush, and you remember what happened the Gore versus Bush. It went to the Supreme Court and it still looks like all right, so the two times is modeled and work. It kind of did. Work is just that the there was something there was a little suspicious about the election process itself so his model is close to one hundred percent effective. Any says you can call it completely ignore the poles. Even this close to election is here, Fourthly, the poles, this close to election, urge random at the rational, just random. So that's It was interesting is that we are three people running for president. If you can't can't west, and
Three of them are running as Republicans. What what's got? What you? What are you talking about? Violence and a Republican obviously doll or is he, as of today, Barely able committees set up to negotiate with a progressive in his party to see if they can come up with something that the less progressive people and progressive Behind some of that has been done in here's, what's happened by is no, it is not in favour of medical care for all. By then is not in favour of. Probably, in my opinion, the single most important thing that the left, one, which was health care for everybody and Biden, is not on board. And that's the best they can negotiate with them. So whoever is is doing. Negotiating
we decided on something that apparently is better for winning elections, because if Biden had come out with full health care for everybody, pretty much human been. Yet he had to come up with something a little more closer to a republican thing, so it doesn't become a negative for him when he's running. Here's one this origin, Remember the green new deal was good and transform the economy. Well, apparently, that's off the table now so And then we will not be putting in the platform so that the democratic platform and the presidential candidate at this point become one and the same for the most part. Add at this point it doesn't look like the green new deal is even better,
democratic platform. Now what I say the green new deal, I mean the one where aeroplanes are, grounded and and and fossil fuels are phased out really soon and all the other stuff that would the most dangerous so thus does not end up in the plan more now he's going first, thing that is better described, as me progressive goals to get to net zero carbon emissions. What does that tell you read between the lines will say so: it's not the green new deal, which is tell you to get rid of fossil fuels. Less just not that, but he wants to go for a more aggressive net zero carbon emissions. What would be the only way you can do that effectively. Is it by
lots of solar panels by windmills. Is it by nuclear energy. I think that is silent on nuclear energy, but I think binding just became a Republican, because is looking to me. Like violence. Healthcare plan is indistinguishable from the republican Plan let's keep things the way they are trying to improve it. Basically, a republican plan. If he's trying to get the net zero carbon emissions? at a more and more aggressive rate, sort of only one way to do. It was just one way the republican way So I think buttons just becoming a Republican weirdly,
that would mean colonies republican. He says you would run as republican if Trump were not already trumps. Republican sort of we gets re Republicans running for President Zeller happened. I don't think so are thus is best years. Well, you know by needs to be a little more moderate. That's all I got for now, but he wants to defend the police know it doesn't. Biden does not want to defend them. You may want to improve them in some some. But these are even even republicans would be in favour of improving policing. Just show them a proposal. This worth testing again I have to be in favour of any this defined the police stuff. You could be in favour of testing to say: let us try it if you ve got it
the ever taking some of that budget and moving into some other kind of thing that you might get a better result striving in Cleveland to Athens, so he says why is trouble not pushing nuclear? I was sent us just mistake, so you don't have that you don't need a reason for a mistake right, so I would say that trunk not pushing nuclear, probably he's not fully informed on it is, my guess, probably doesn't have the best information, but is also possible. That is one of those single issue. Topics thick inquired lose an election year. There might be people who don't care about anything except they don't want nuclear energy. Maybe it can be that many people who would be
the issue of borders. On that basis, there might be a political motive, another row of, but it looks like it's a politically losing position in its scientifically losing its planet losing sir. If you ask me, why would why would probably not be promoting nuclear energy? It seems to be good and every way that anything can be good literally. Every way, something can be good. Just looks like a mistake, Now the energy Department under Trump is actually very aggressive. So if you look what the administration is doing, its looks like the right stuff- I mean it's really looks like they are going energetically after figuring out how to test the newer device. And stuff like that, but why he doesn't personally talk about it. I don't know it looks like just a mistake to me. So maybe you will, as of now I'll talk to you tomorrow,.
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