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Episode 1053 Scott Adams: Talking With Michael Shellenberger About Apocalypse Never, A Terrific Book

2020-07-10 | 🔗

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  • Special Guest: Environmental activist, Michael Shellenberger
  • De Blasio paints BLM in front of Trump Tower
  • Startup Ground News compares multiple news sources
  • A list of people who have called for boycotts of other companies
  • Joe Biden’s country destroying proposals
  • Unrestricted immigration and the black community

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Bump bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump them. Everybody come on it's time for coffee, Scott, that's the best part of the whole day every single time. Yet you think they'll be a day that goes by and you'll think well. Maybe today will be the day that the simultaneous serpent coffee was got. Elms is not the best part of the day, and then you find out it is right, say my soldiers given to it is the best part today. There is no way around it and today will be no exception, we need for the simultaneous up is a copper bugger glass at anchor jealousies, Diana Canteen, jogger flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite Lippman. I like Bobby and join me now for
in parallel pleasure, the dopamine here the day, the thing that makes it everything, including the environment, corona virus economy, racism all of it a little bit better. Europe goes the simultaneous up, yep. I can feel everything Approving now now I have a special guest which I'm gonna wait for a moment. He gets out here. If, if the technology does work today, will we'll figure something out?
So let me just check Arab trying to talk to Michael Kellenberger when he is available, but you'll be any moment now about his incredible new book that I read and you should be proud of me- it's kind of a big book and I actually read it all. Can you believe it? Yes, I did. I write Michael if Sir, If you are having trouble getting, I will be looking for a message for use. Just so I know I might The first is there, but but Michael you say you there, but when I look at my guest list, you do not appear so there is a I kind of the bottom of your screen. Click the face
I bottom Yeah, once Michael clicks that I will see him and then I will add him on which I think I'd be happening right now. Yes, it is so, let's see if our technology works like I can hear me a it worked. So Lastly, let me I tell the audience link, oh, what we ve got two years, as is Michael Kellenberger, whose amazing new book a parcel apocalypse, never which you can see right here, which is just out its adjust its number seven on Amazon's, most read books of the weak Antonov. All of you know this, but Amazon puts a lot of books. If you can beat numbers southern under most red list, holy cow,
its number one in a bunch of categories that apply to it and I go. Would you would you describe yourself as an environmentalist act? wrists still or is that where you started and you have evolved, how would you describe yourself for the audience? I still consider myself environmentalist environmental activists. I spend a lot of my time making the case for nuclear power. Which I think is the most one of the most important technology he's in the rules on the most important environmental technology so yeah. I guess you can now salmon vessel and offer to which, as you know, the thing that I loved about your book and by the way I don't usually like books. I have to admit Even when I read them, I think. Well, you know. Maybe I shouldn't have rightly loved every party. Your book begin writing is excellent. Keeps me engage the whole time.
Does your personal story was was woven in with with adults. What would you say that, if you, and rather tumblr, wherever in the same room that the matter in the anti matter would make you both exploding disappear. That's it will be a very interesting experiments window. Am. I would want a lot of other people be present. That's for sure it would be quite a shell. I saw your book is certainly a tour through the environmental out. Not only the history and the psychology of it, which I found the actual is most interesting part was this ecology of how we got to where we are in various ways, but blood when you looked into everything from solar to widen to the other Amazon rain for us and all this and you ve done deep dives and in all of these Where were you most surprised and what would be the more
surprising, to the audience in terms of things that people generally believed to be true. That just aren't true, oh man, those so many of them, I mean, I think, one of the one of the most fun the two most fun chapters and away where the chapters that on plastic waste and on meat, because these are two topics that I have recently read about, but I had never really properly research, much less, consider myself an expert on so in one of the most surprising, things was you know I open this chaperone plastic by describe. Venus very famous virus. A youtube: video whereof biologists pools of plastic straw, out of them Isabel Sea Turtle- and I now and more about the history of these sea turtles and one of them things I learned is that they were being over harvested. There are being killed, for their shells to make
tortoise shell, glasses, tortoise. Shell losses, the tortoise shell was Miss named sea turtle because see Colonel shells were the original plastic, the original bio plastic, So it turns out that the plastics that we use today made from petroleum products actually help to save sea turtles. They also help to save elephants because they were substitutes for the ivory in elephant tusks. So stories like that, where you discover these things that you are told are super terrible, often a really important role in protecting? environment, Plastic support in part about that is that these sea turtle that had the straw up his nose. I didn't even know sea turtles did cocaine. So that was surprising to me. No startles, don't duke! Ok, legislate, then up right. So what are the worst things I found most powerful
Your book is the people who want to save the world seem to be destroying it and they dont know. Why did they don't know it? Can you walk through what a developing nation needs to do to become a good nation, and can they get? There was solar power. I mean this is a joke died because I wrote this key this book I dedicated spoke to my children during the ages fourteen and twenty one seven wanted people to build or read it who were just fourteen souls. I told a lot of really a terrific as simple as possible with a lot of stories, and I talked about how really the process of economic development unless you're Saudi Arabia is bad Similarly, the same everywhere you go from having a country were almost everybody. Is a small farmer to getting factory, these people working in cities and at the end the way to do that is by moving away from renewables away from wood and dung
water wheels towards fossil fuels? and to some extent, hydroelectric dams are very important. Hydroelectric dams I consider the highest for renewables, because there they provide so much reliable power, but really it's a story of rising energy consumption. Increased energy consumption is actually good for the environment, because energy as a substitute for a matter, which is what we call the natural environment. So yeah me the reason this this trendy. I condemn I criticise here, which is the idea that we should stop funding hydro lecture, dams, roads, electrical grids, modern agri, oh sure, and instead the World Bank, as is giving small farmers a solar panel on a battery insane, a good luck with that we're not gonna work have is. Would it be?
It is fair to say that environment less if they got their way with luck, all of the poor people into poverty, basically forever Does it nobody's figured out how to get out of poverty without doing it? The wages mentioned so Woody Allen Gretta would be destroying the lives of poor people forever. Yeah me, what they would say is what we should help them with some charity, but sure the idea, in fact they succeeded. They basically persuaded the World Bank, the European Development Bank, all the big International VON thanks, whose purpose after World WAR Ii two was to lift everybody out of poverty. They have diverted. Basically, all of that money from energy that can lift people out of poverty, whether it's a hydroelectric damn a coal plant or a nuclear plant So, these little charitable experiments solar panel on a hot knave. They ve actually also denied countries the
money, they need for irrigation fertilizer tractors, which is the basis for because when you have factories in cities, you have tat your farmers. You have fewer farmers and they have to grow more food. Is this really simple? so yeah. It's an agenda that basically by the end of the book, I have three chapters about: can a wise everybody so crazy on this environmental issue, look money, power and religion and power. Definitely there's an effort by rich people in the rich countries. Credit Guttenberg herself, though Mckibben the other, the other characters. The book or actively trying to keep poor nations and poverty, and I think it's unconscionable. So that's the most amazing part about this, and I have always tried to figure out why people have different opinions on things were where science should be the the opinion and the environmental. What is is the most.
Amazing one and I dont know anybody who has looked into it as much as you have who has you're I'll, say: talons staff. The ability to analyze things and communicate them. I don't know anybody who comes down other different side when they did dig into it as much as you have it feels like the environmentalist are in some cases just doing things for money or whatever, but in many cases I think they just don't have as deep a talent stack, in other words the losers, not capable of looking at the field in its entirety. They're just seeing part of the field as a few you like that to you I mean I think I may I would say yes in some ways I mean what striking semi scar is that. Environmental was the people who want to control the energy and food production all the world through the United Nations? This is not some conspiracy, Theory. I document all this in the book is a people that have now spent time in poor countries? These are people
who have really never spent any time in the productive sector. Of their own countries, energy and food economies. I mean I was joke that nobody's more alienated from nature than environmental You know environmentalist for people to live in a city they wanna put huge industrial. We turbines in the our of birds, Batson insects in places where don't live, but if you ever get a wind turbine proposed for the because of California or for the coast of Cape COD, Those of us in the rich cities in the rich cause shut that down immediately. So there's a lot of hypocrisy at work as a lotta. Ignorance is hardly a poem party, exactly known for The benefits of the audience give us your view of climate change here is it is man made, is alarming. Give us give assure overview on where you think I'm a change is heading. So my view is that climate change is real, but it's not the end of the world. It's not
even our most important environmental problem. I think it's taken. I think it's taken up way more of our attention. Then, and money and time than it should its lead us to not only neglect, I what I see as most serious environmental problems, which would be things like the losses of habitat and rain forests and fragmentation for us for endangered species, poverty, the overcome- function of wild animals, including fish with bitter They ve forgotten about all those problems than we can really get into the newspapers much anymore and then its lead people to do things that are that are clearly before I mean the first one unemployment motivation for rain. The book is that they have contributed to rising anxiety and depression among adolescents. The sole cause, but it certainly part of it You know when I, when I grew up, we we were taught that There was going to be a nuclear war in our lifetime and we probably all be dead, and that-
We have an effect on my whole mental makeup probably permanently. And I can't imagine that that's not messing up kids, you talk about, there's a fascinating for it towards the end of the book, Rita about, maybe the psychological underpinnings of that the death calls. Can you say something about them? Well, yeah, I'm in the last chapter in the book and you, as you know, I ended up- I'm actually hiring somebody from extinction, rebellion which is crazy, but Basically, the last part of the book, I'm in London, I'm actually advocating for nuclear. I went to ten Downing Street went to parliament met with some are labour. Later german carbon. Make a case for nuclear, but I'm like trying to get through traffic or square, and it's just this crazy extinction, rebellion protests. Thousands of people are arrested. And it's very disturbing I mean they have up signs that saving,
like climate change kills children, which is just vehicle us like pseudoscience, and I so I spent some time traffic outlets went on here, like what is. What is this will obviously, or maybe not obviously- but I think it's very clear when we review the research and I When I think about my own history, This is a religious movements. You could say it's a religious called. I quote somebody one of the best british colonists, I missed the upper middle class, death courts which is not which is not. Accurate, and so What's going on, and I should point out that really these are you know, apocalyptic environment can be people. You don't believe in traditional religion, but they still have the need. To believe in something they stole. Have the need for personal transit for transcendence, for some sense of immortality. There was that
Do you think that a sense of immortality is that through saving the world so that that's their legacy? What add is the need? were immortality or are basing need to feel like we have some. Somebody lasting effect is out where it is and saving the world yeah it's the exaggerated right, I mean it's like a marvel, superheroes story of yourself. You know my eye contact contrasted like if you think about. If I look at my parents, when my kids and I my my brothers and sisters, kids when we're all home for Christmas, my parents are the hat if I ever see them because they see their grand kids, they are immortal right, see that they are living on through their grandkids, that's it. I'll be normal? fantasy or a story of immortality that they have, I think, for the site that I as a person, I'm going to save the planet,
climate change. I mean it's identical in structure to a marvel: superhero story, it's so over the top, it so ridiculous. And what What we find is basically a lot of what these apocalyptic environmental, the story there telling isn't it. Your christian story, you know saving the whole planet from from get in. But they don't even know that their they don't. They think they're just talking science. They think that they are actually describing the world as it is. They don't know that there are in the grip of a religion, What a lot of things for anybody is to know what you don't know and one of the things that I have noticed that the environmental, it is curious young, wouldn't you say that it is a young person's movement was first statement. Yeah me. I think I think, there's, I see a lot of the leaders and the activists in apocalyptic climate change, Movement B. Adolescence?
and middle aged people, which are is a kind of to excess. And shall moments in your life, where you can like who am I you know what by doing here. What is my purpose? You have There's an adolescent you off another mid life crisis, so I think it reflects some insecurity personal insecurity that people have around their own lives and then they be become part of a movement, gives our lives, meaning but but ultimately, if I get sore break it down like us, the difference between an environmentalist active, and what you are, as you know more than they do Amerika comes down to. That is that you, you just looked into it in more detail and so you can see the whole field, and you can see that His apple, solar, isn't isn't it. All our problems.
But the person who hasn't done the work is going to say. Well, you learn musk, says soldiers gonna work without realising that you learn. Musk is a competitor to other forms of energy, which is one of the things you talk about critically say something about that about how how what isn't it. Cause people to think the solar could solve their problems when it so obvious that a camp Let's ride me when you, when you see people, incredible love for renewables and their anger that people have you when you point out all of the obvious problems with it, You know like the wind turbines are spinning blades that kill a lot of endangered species or that, though, the solar panels require covering a hundred times more land, then naturally ass or nuclear plant require when you just went out. Those problems advocates
Knoebels Apocalypse environment laws. They get really angry in the same way that, like a true believer, gets at mad when you suggest that their God isn't real. So you know, I think it's clear. You see it in all of the literature you seed in the in the in the advertising renewal, I have always been viewed as a way to harmonise human society with nature, so nature playing the role of God and where we used to try to get right by God and by gods laws. There is now by supposedly secular people an effort to get right by nature tom and science becomes kind of a new religion I've always known people always have. This need to be part of something is bigger than themselves and maybe get approval from something bigger than themselves. So in as you're talking about it's like you, try to get gods approval if you're believer, but if you're not a believer, maybe
need natures approval, maybe we're just wires, so he knew that approval from the bigger power its. I gotta get to ask you about nuclear. Is our country going in the right direction? Finally, I know the president does not say much, about nuclear, but the Department of Energy does seem to be doing. Some things are moving in the right direction in European. Not really, unfortunately, I'm I'm afraid the nuclear industry itself is committed to manage decline. They are now It's a lot aren projects, but Lastly, there you know that there is no effort to maintain our existing nuclear. Ants or building new ones so but we ve got is a lot of demonstration projects. I think that that are attempted Can it make us feel better about a basically bad situation? Now? Is that at least in part, because there are some desire to get too so dull generation? For that we don't do yet.
Exactly so others. There is an innovation in testing and arrogant there they bills. Go to the tests facility to do that, didn't they or their building it yeah That's the idea. I mean the problem. Is I've just done such a ray? I just know so much about the history of this that we see this repeatedly, where It? Is all these demonstration efforts? There has been so many prototypes in them. The reactors made, and they don't ever go anywhere, I mean what would really gets nuclear plants built as well. Utilities, decide to build plants and they usually in the building the same kind of plan or a very similar kind of plan to one that's been operating, so My concern is not that I have no problem with the demonstration efforts. My problem is that we are not doing the things that the Russians and the Chinese. And the French and the people that are serious about having a nuclear expansion are are doing, which is to build full size. The water reactors at once, so obsessed with Britain right now, Britain's can
They are in building six full size, light water reactors, has got to and reconstruction that's what it looks like one country, you're, going serious than nuclear and and when, firstly, when I do it at a dead end for our audience is not up to date, the types of nuclear that other countries are looking at building would all be type three. What would he thought, yeah, a third generation which has We had a meltdown that killed anybody opposite. You owe you Of course I mean I mean really we haven't had me eat, you know. Even Fukushima radiation didn't kill anybody, I was just too so yeah Jen three these in some ways honestly they're just over engineered in the book. I talk the fear of nuclear and deeper tenacity and ideological nature of the fears, but my He has always been on nuclear that we make. We too often make the perfect enemy of the good and really what works is to just build
Good practice building have the same guys, building the same reactors over time. That's how costs come down. It is So if you are to say you're there, the United States and Delay and you're gonna say I fixed nuclear energy in this country? Would you look at worst standardization. Would you just? the way and reboot regulations, if some of them, or unnecessary uttered. You know if they are but were where's the lever. What would you what we do? You focus on the change first to fix it, I mean the most important thing is to have a national consensus on a long term plan for taking nuclear from twenty percent to fifty percent of our electricity by twenty four the anything, a pretty reasonable goal. You would then work with them tilities and the states, because we do have a fragment utility system. You know most countries its.
Single utility or a couple of them? We have so many utilities does big country the most important thing is to have a goal and and work towards it and yeah. I think centralisation would be the obvious way, but I thought The real problem is that the economics don't work because it just takes so long to get it approved it. If you don't fix, add it doesn't matter how much leadership How does it if you do in those if you're doing unapproved designs sure, but we have a perfectly great- I mean it's really great advanced pressurize water cooled reactor called the ape he won't thou. Their building two of them and in Georgia, those workers, or are literally a national ass. Suddenly I go those construction workers just they know how to poor cement and make rebar and weld at nuclear. Great standards. After their done, they should move up the road thus Carolina and build two more nuclear reactors there? They would, then you would basically, if even national, build
the programme which has spread because the key is that the workers them valves, there's so much specialised skills involved. Speaking of skill stacking that that they are these workers, I mean this is tragic. If we don't more nuclear plants have those tradesmen, thousands we're gonna lose so much valuable asset in those workers. It's it's scary to me is it? Is this the same Henry skill I know pouring concrete is not the same skill. You need to make a nuclear Engine for ill, for a submarine or for later first space force, but that we have the same problem. Rikers space will be nuclear powered. That's a guarantee that oh yeah, I mean you're serious. So so, if we don't have a big nuclear energy capability, robust full industry in the United States, we're not gonna own space and whoever own space owns the earth. That's pretty much again.
When you say absolutely Eddie you make idle. I think I haven't done enough that this question and very interested in space, some very interested in and dashes, the implications of space. I mean I, And you're right I mean really nuclear. The innovation on nuclear, has really come from the military, that's how we got this isn't my water designs and the left has the pro nuclear laughed has often can and our existing lenoir technology. By saying it came from the military, but that's the strength of it I mean that's where microchips came from. That's where personal computers came from us, where the internet came from right. Why are we embarrassed about the military routes of these technologies? That's why they're so great right That's it that's a weird thing to be angry at I'm, so well, Michael's rating, you wanna, leave us with you go on to some other topics here and is there anything that we
wait! Another I did ask. I just want to say that, first of all, thank you Scott for plugging the book. I hope people get it. You should know that I've been now censored twice. I was censured by Forbes who took down my original com announcing, book, and then I was censored by Facebook after an absolutely outrageous unscientific attack on my book by these I sort of STAR Chamber of Climate apocalyptic Shirk Sue, who basically got my article censored on Facebook, so Please sign up at environmental progress, to get updates directly from me pleased by the book. I would love to hear from readers. It's really exciting to have a conversation it's a park? Ellipse, never Michael Sheldon Berger said best seller written all over it and is already by seller, and congratulate the bug is really is really. This is this is a really good book. I mean really, as you did a great job on this, so thank you. Michael thanks got bigger picture.
All right. That was very interesting. Let's talk about some other things, for example, trumps, taxes. So let me summarize the entire situation about trumps taxes, blob ass, illegal stuff blah blah lawyers disagree, while blah blah court blah blah blah will be appealed. Blah blah blah will take a long time. Blah blah blah may not make any difference for the election because it may be delayed until after that, blah blah blah precedent. Dago, that's everything you need to know about trumps taxes. I am loving the story about Mare de Palacio and The protesters painting this giant black lives matter utterly to call it a sign or a message on the road directly in front of trumpet
our here's. What I love about it. I was put myself in the story and say well one if I were trump. If I were true and I knew that the sea was mocking me by putting black lives matter on my You're right in front of my, building. What would I think about that, and I add the following feeling when it when I first saw the workers doing their thing their painting, you can see what they're doing get you to see how the people are due in southern by first I was gonna, be an ice or you know wish we were waste our time on such things and then did you see the aerial view of it. I'm thinking to myself their prey pretty good at making stuff,
Whoever it, whoever mapped out the letters and black lives matter and picked, the color and the font did a really good job. So I'm looking at this, they gonna taken a kind of like it just artistically because it Let me give some context, I also like tattoos and scars, because they Are you a story about a moment in time and the black? closed matter thing now only looks good in the same sense that now Rushmore. It just looks good. If now Rushmore we're done poorly What are you going to say it just because his big and they were presidents heads on it it if they didn't quite look like the presidents? Would you be
going say it now. It matters is done. Well, that's what makes me Rushmore so impressive. It's done well, plazas back, so this black lives better thing, I'm looking at unthinking like it. If I were the press and I'd say, thank you, I would you say you know, I didn't love it. The idea, but when I you did a good job on it. I think it. I think I like it imagine if the president said without a catalyst good there. Let's keep it maintained, Let us make sure that nobody ruins it. What what would that due to people's heads? Were they explode? Now, of course, I don't think the president can do that, because black lies refers to not only the idea but also the organization, and he is, he is now so pro the organization, but of course, like everybody in the world would agree with the concept.
But if I were you I'd just say I would call it a concept, not an organization that say skeptical was leave it there. That's how I treat it does actually like it. This was interesting so yesterday I gotta direct message from a small, but I guess you call them start up to get a new called ground news ground like the ground. You stand down news and what they do is they take the all the news stories on the topic and they see if the left, leaning, new sites or the middle or the right leaning new sites are folk. On a more and then you can see how its cover differently by the left and the right. So there was a really good idea to give you more of a landscape of the by us in the news industry, but they sleep suddenly, one that they thought I might be interested in yesterday, which was
story about from signed executive order, expanding educational and economic opportunities to his annex, and it's funny because the you look at the ground, a news chart and issues. The people on the left, the media on the left just ignored the story like it didn't exist, but but the on the right in the middle, like whilst the story the President's doing it is national story. Course we're gonna write about it, but the left crickets think about that think how important the the spanish american vote will be at hears Trump signing I don't know the details are about is expanding educational economic opportunity for Hispanics, and you think that that would be a big deal now. Here's the fund part.
This little start up. I think I think colleague, MR is correct. Ground new sends me this think, as I think I'll be interested, and I was it was pretty interesting now by the way, there are also stories which show up like a big crickets on the right. So the story about trumps southern sir, their district of New York legal stuff that was covered mostly by the left and Fox NEWS knows about it. So so works both ways. But I will note the Fox NEWS is a little bit more likely to cover all the stories. Then EL at least does what it looked like, there's a fun for so I tweeted the little story about the executive or order- and I woke up this morning and Trump President trumpet
retweeted it so this little laugh the sole start up ground news woke up to something like sixty times the amount of traffic they nor lick, decisive blown up. So that was fun error. I say you did I tweeted this as it production see what you think. So I predicted us the Sunday somebody's gonna compile a list of companies that employ people who have publicly called for boycotts and other companies. So wouldn't you like to know when you see somebody on twitter calling for a boycott? Wouldn't you like to know where they were, because that's that's just fair right, the whole point,
the boycott the point of this cancellation culture? Is that the chancellor's or safe, because you don't know much about them, but they found out something about whatever their target is whoever they're gonna boycott or a castle. They know something extra about that person, their causes and trouble. Is it not affair that we just have a little more transparency? Wouldn't you like to know who accuse issue and the legal system you ever right. To know who you're accuser is what kind of work What would it be? If you didn't know who you're accuser was but I think you should also know where they work it was was job. Because if somebody goes after somebody else's job, I think that person has a right to know. What are your or do you were right. So if you are calling for a boycott on this company, Goya G
Oh, why I guess her food company, the see. Has a nice things about President Trump, and now the left was to cancel. Wouldn't you no we're all those councillors work. Or were the work in the future, because I think that it needs to be mutually assured. Destruction. We need to properly in order to have free speech in this country in a way that the are safe market, allows as well as the constitution right now the cause National says yes, but the free market This has now. Well, maybe you can say those things without losing their job. So that was some sense of mutually assured destruction that somewhat media and personal. I don't see any than ever changing because, in my opinion, is completely fair to complain about somebody's opinion, completely fair of
course as freedom of speech, but when you go after somebody's job because their opinion Your own job should be a risk that feels like the minimal right. If you punch somebody in public. Excuse me if you punch somebody in public there. The reason you don't do that you think you'll get punched back, even more so than you're worried about going to jail. You'll immediately, be punched back. So there's reason people or punch people in power. Like the right now, there's no reason you can try to cancel somebody in public in my case, since I'm a public figure and everybody knows by job you if I say something negative about somebody, they re usually say Boycott Gilbert. We'll get boycott, we're gonna, call your newspapers and cancel you do it I say: isn't that fair isn't fair than before?
I were to criticise somebody else, social media. They know who I am and where I work. I think that is there. I would also like to know who they are and where they work just so we have full transparency. I don't think you can. You can solve this. Otherwise. So. Hey here's! Some for news! Cartoonists Gary Larsson, has decided to command of retirement and draw some new comics, so you Google Jerry Larsson, the fireside you'll see his sight little pop up. So I was just announced. I knew about this for a while, as we have the seams indication company but its exciting and is actually get some new comics. There was about this is their Gary Larsson when he retired he had still been drawing on with paper and pan, and that was part of his frustrate
Is it just really hard and up that fun to draw was pencil and paper and pen, and so for his new stuff is teaching himself to use a digital, something like what I use imagine is using the same thing This is my drawing surface, is just a computer screen that you can also drawn with the stylus from Welcome W C M, O Debbie ratio, and so you see some of his new digital art. Some of you will be very interested in. That Biden has coming out with some specific proposals that look like they would destroy the country completely, and I've never had that feeling before I've never actually had the feeling of you in the past. When there then president's
that were candidates that maybe I liked more than the other. I never really thought that the other candidate would destroy the world when, when Gore and Bush were running, didn't you think well snuck that different, no matter who gets it turns out. It was quite different because we got a couple of wars and a bush, but I did, I didn't think in advance. It was the end of the world if one got elected versus the other and, generally speaking, yeah. That's what I think I don't think. You're gonna be the end of the world. If Hillary Clinton had elected. This is sort of moderate right. You may not like it, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. But when I look at the Biden Situation- and I see the first values, not the guy in Control- that's obvious see you don't know who's in control, which is pretty scary. Wouldn't you like to know who the president is? We have it This is a situation where you will actually knows and control if, if binding its elected,
but he's got some ideas. They could actually destroy the whole civilization. Let me give you an example: I'd like to see somebody who's in favour of relaxing borders? Describe what it looks like in their mind? Why? What does the world? look like in a year or two years will ever if, if they, if they get, exactly what they want. What happens how's? It look now, if you say, if the president says I wanna closed borders, he can draw a picture. What that looks like pretty well, there's still integration, but we're trying to fit the employees to the jobs without burdening employment in this country. You can't you know what that looks like right. It looks a lot like now, but with better. Better border control, maybe a little less crime come in. But who knows if you'd, even those
But what does it look like if you dont have border control and you ve got? we're sanctuary cities that bind is suggesting Is there any world in which that would not attracted the cartels? For example, Is there any world in which the United States would not eventually be run by mexican cartels? It for all practical purposes, I can't imagine anyway, that wouldn't happen if, if we have enough people come across the border so as it is a question of numbers, so I'd like to see people s that question Of what tat looks like it's the same question with the green new deal, which seems to be pushed into the background. But as I started with Michael Schoenberg, what people think it looks like for poor countries. If the green new deal happens like fast forward, that way with your solar panels in your windmills.
In some african countries are trying to develop and that just doesn't work it worked. Where are they in twenty years are still where they were right? They haven't gone anywhere, so buttons new campaign slogan slogan is built back, better fell back, better Biden says build back better when you that bill back better, I wanted hand is sort of catchy because you You are encouraged courage to repeated in your head bill back better, it's gonna, be the backbone, supports it I will find it easy to remember build back better. I feel as if it will be a point where you already remember his own slogan, whereas make Amerika great again You tried to hear that once you remember forever right here, so
let me give you a writing. A writing. Tipp! Listen to the precaution of these two things make Amerika great again. Just listen to the precaution! Imagine that it was an instrument like Amerika great again now listen to build back better. One of them, is more musical right. If you had to listen to something forever, only one slogan, images, are you for ever. Would you rather year built back better, go back better. Would rather here make Amerika great again the subject difference, so I would say that build back, better was probably designed by a political operative and not an expert on persuasion, so that so that
If this had been designed by will say you kill Dini or somebody with that kind of level of knowledge of persuasion, it wouldn't look like this. This is sort of a tell for a political slogan as opposed to that President tromp. Who is the brander himself Susie got a whole different level of Goodness slogan, because he knows how to do that, I didn't hear anything about nuclear energy from Biden, so that would be interesting to hear him hear him answered. And I guess I Biden says he's taking or at least leases reported. You took a firm tone, they say towards China and he was aggressive trade enforcement actions. That sort of sounds like nothing. Those lip,
come down to this, it seems that the Republicans are rooted in the suggested. A relative thing. Relatively open. To working with Russia, but tough on China. The bite in proposition seems to be. Now open to working with Russia, but very friendly to China. So It's almost as if our election has become diabetic, China or Russian yeah. You can ignore the candidates We ignore the candidates inside her, which well do you want to live in. The one. Where were nice to China and China abuses us as they are or the one in which were nice to russia- and maybe they try to abuses that it so you get two choices. Are that don't feel domestic,
was to put a bunch money into building in investing in buying etc bring ordinary stuff. I am at this point is inside the bite in the back, campaign is getting more complicated, there's more be done the bones, but also should doom Biden, because one advantage that Biden has had a pretty big it. Is it until he said why his own policies are with some detail as as is coming out now. Until that happened, he didn't have to talk about anything complicated. Let me ask you this. So part of his campaign- is putting money into five g article.
Intelligence, electric vehicles and five g into research. Research must lead us now. If Biden were to take a question on five g, how that go? If Biden were to take a question on nuclear energy and his plan for that or the climate? How would I go just consider? The now Biden has a whole new bunch of new information. He asked to speak to if anybody ever gets to ask a question so his complexity is just going through the roof. While his capability continues to plunge, as we say so, I think he is getting in increasingly dangerous territory and will see if that works, Now the president said recently that he had taken a cognitive test and everybody was surprised he did so well what
What's up with that? But what was missing in the story is the timing of it. I think the present was talking about when he took the test a while ago, but the way it was reported lay because he didn't talk about the timing of whether happened here. They reported, as happened recently at enough that it happened recently. I dont know if it did so. These facts, secular, let's build bigger based on somebody, says yeah basement Biden is gonna, build back better. The word back is not exactly a good word having your slogan, because back literally suggest going backwards side. I think everybody likes it back, but was interesting. Think other things
slowed him slogan, build back better does your brain see the word black? Instead a back, build back. So you in the middle of this black lives matter. Your protests, so your brain has been primed for black lives matter. Black black black black black black the price for that now that you're the slogan build back better. That back ends up in your brain, turning the black of that I don't that works in their favour against them. Actually, I'm just pointing it out, the your brain will make that translation. So if it was Who was intentional gotta clever, if, if it sir, if they somehow calculated that there will be applause but here's something that it feels to news true, I believe that by
is very clearly say that his future lies with the hispanic community. It feels like to Democrats have shown this panic community as being higher priority to them politically, then, the black economy, Do you know why that is the area of the black will therefore have to do anything for the black. You really, nothing in fact did violent, even suggest anything from the black Emily adult. Maybe and I remember seeing, as you probably know, just remember, seeing it wasn't featured. Obviously, so you see President Trump talking about black employment when it was You want to know what it was good, any cm doing the opposite, It is only a jail prison reform is era.
Are you so you see you see that the Trump is literally doing things for them community, then you see Cartier saying that he would run as republic and there she ran now. If he doesn't run, he still sorted lose votes. A little back just goes his influence, move things. So I started to look like, and I said this at five years ago. I think I said the first time that the black today is the most natural ally with Republicans, because Republicans have a the same system in a way of thinking of things. That the black energy, which is fooled into easily here's? What I mean the black community is religious. A conservative community, also religious, so they start
but there's a religious base, there's a lot more conservative, black citizens and then hear about us, You got that going for you, but, more importantly, it looks like the Democrat plan is too gives citizenship to Biden, says eleven million people in this country? Now I don't I'm not giving you my opinion whether this is good or bad, I'm not sure I even have complete opinions at all immigration stuff. I'm just describing It seems that the Democrats have decided that the primary focus is gonna, be the hispanic community. If you were, if you were a Democrat and your black, how would you feel about being demoted in your own part Because this could feel like that It feels like the area. The black community problems are important, but what,
bringing eleven million hispanic voters, eleven million hispanic voters can evolve more things for black people. Or maybe more things for themselves. For example, whatever president was signing others. Executive order was for this ban a community. If you add eleven million more hispanic, voters are likely to get more good things for the black public or more good things for this spending public can obvious right, so others there seems to be a power shift and the Democrats side towards the spending power base, the the black Democrats or a little bit abandoned. EL, the Republicans were saying now we got a lot in common, were pretty proud of bringing down the employment rate.
And by the way Republicans thank you should have good schools about that Republicans or for school choice. Biden wants to get rid of that. I didn't want to get rid of school choice, Let me tell you two things that black lives matter are not in favour of it, really what I say black lives matter. I dont mean the the few organised, I mean the people who work sooner themselves. Members were also black hair. Things are not super enthusiastic about and you can even find this out yourself. Just talked anybody in black lives matter and asked who is? Also black, don't talk to a white person who is supporting black lives matter, talk to a black citizen who is in black lives matter?
And privately asked these two questions: what do you think of unrestricted immigration while all the black lives matter, person whose just a member black matter say about unrestricted immigration, don't love it, not big fans right. They may not come out against. But you're, not big fans does a sort of works against their interests. That creates more competition. What about charter schools and just school choice. What do you think they say about that kind of like it, because if you don't fix schools, you're, basically doomed, there's, nothing else, there's nothing! You can do after that. It makes a big difference. He got to fix school, that's where all the big improvements could be, and the Democrats want to reduce those options.
So I feel like the sort of a trend, building worthy, yellow Republicans, just have a better package will say we Elsie, I'm going to predict that the President Trump will get more of the black vote than the experts. Assume. That, I think is, because those two issues are pretty big ones, and I dont think that the black community will completely trust their own team, when they see a different power base emerging, so so I got for you today and I will talk to you tomorrow.
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