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Episode 1058 Scott Adams PART1: Talking With Bjorn Lomborg About His Book False Alarm, Plus Ridiculous News

2020-07-15 | 🔗

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  • Special Guest Bjorn Lomborg on his new book False Alarm
  • Why the Green New Deal is racist
  • Safety suggestions for reopening schools
  • Ivanka Trump’s alternative career paths
  • Professional non-fiction writers with limited talent stacks
  • The data analysis mistake that caused all the protests

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Furthermore, the Bobo bump bump on everybody can gather round. It's gonna be a good one. Oh yeah, I always say that, but isn't it always right here you notice, I always say it's gotta be the best one and that it is so. I guess you gotta go around if everything works out, I'm going to have author Bjorn Luxembourg on here today, but I'm terrible on follow up. So if that doesn't work out, we'll make sure it works out soon. But before I see if I can connect you in a few minutes, if use, if he's up and around too, were to connect and periscope before we do that. What do we do? First, always the same thing, always the same thing
the best thing ever society new separate. All you need is a cover among our glass attacker, trousers, Dinah, canteen, jogger, flask of vessel of any kind Shelly with your favorite. Liquid. I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine the other day. The thing that makes everything better, including corona, virus global warming, climate change, you name, it saw better with the ship joining now. I can feel the earth begin to cool. I can feel people's favours beginning to go down just a little bit now be orders here. Yes, let's make this work. Please technology first tried it
work beyond. If you can hear me, it's not unusual for the first try not to work. So make sure that you are on a mobile device, such as your smartphone. I think you're back strike, aright Bjorn, please work. Ah, the technical, she is now working? I never know what the problem is when it doesn't work on. The first few tries but we'll get this watch this I'm a bump bump to make this work, so I can see him continuing to try to give them a Bjorn either.
I can hear you success, one about the old Luxembourg you're, the author of a false alarm, this excellent book, the time holding up right now, and can I describe to you as the president the Copenhagen consensus Think tank. Without being you certainly again, and only Europe, your twitter profile, at which you say that that involves smart solutions through economic prioritization, which you talk in my language now beyond, and this is your new book.
Also learn. When is this out as the so now. Mrs out me from yesterday Thursday, just fresh off the press and your topic of primary concern, at least in terms of this book is climate change, correct, yes, and before I start ass, he used to questions. I have to tell you that you- and I have a weird thing in common that you don't know about and correct me if this is wrong, but I think I have a pretty good memory of this First time I ever saw, you was on an appearance on Bill Mars show. Do you remember the first time your unusual I
Actually, my second time, I remember that I contacted you afterwards, a catch your eye and that they are remembered was that you, you put bill bar into cognitive dissonance because of course he's a big climate change Duma and hidden normally, the Duma are talking to scientist, not business. People were looking at both the cause and the benefits and know how to protect things into the future. As people like you do. Add you you completely destroyed his world view to the point where a heat, the only thing he could do was act like you didn't. Do you didn't just say something? It was them to think as watching us at what has happened here and then I realized it was just cognitive dissonance. He couldn't he couldn't process how, logically and obviously right you
because I didn't fit anyways worldviews. We just pretend it didn't happen and went on soda enough about me. So it in your book false alarm available everywhere, so I'm sure you can get it everywhere. The books is old, your basically going through the Skype. Would you call it? The sceptical argument on climate change or the other term. You prefer, I would tend to think of it as the rational point of climate at her with a rational climate argument because what I'm trying to say is it's actually a real problem, but the way that weeping percentage, This is it's the end of the world and if you are being this is the end of the world and remember this is not just a fake, levels are claim kids around the world.
Scared, witless. Washington, post survey showed that fifty cents, percent of all american kids now are, Fraid of global warming. People ask adults if you Ask adults around the world. It turns out Almost half of all adults in the world now believed it's likely global warming will lead to the extinction of the human rights. This is just this way justly out there. This, way beyond reasonable concern. This is so I tried to save what that's not what the? U on climate policy. It is a problem in the world and we should fix it.
Like the other girl, though, we have a little bit connection problem that allow resolve itself. But workers through my understanding is that even the IP pc, the ultimate international body that tells you what's gonna happen with climate change- that if you actually look what they say, there entered the impact. Only the other gdp in. You sure is trivial that you can't, while perhaps not trivial, but its very small, so to give you Of course, the they ve done. Estimates What is the negative impact on costs change about fifty years. So half a century from now the net impact. Of all climate change. If we do, nothing will be equivalent to each personal planet losing some eighteen, zero point two and two percent of his or her income
but nothing way. Behold a list was at a little bit of context. Do that when you say losing it, that's in that's an economic term right, you don't start with more and then you end up with less. I think what you are saying is that, instead of making a hundred dollars over fifty years, the only made ninety eight dollars were exactly at hand, which means which means you wouldn't even know it There would be nothing in your environment or experience which would tell you you didn't get that extra two percent right, while it would be very hard for Anyone who noticed just give you said you would also expects that by your personal troop, like six three times richer than we are today right, all refuge appointment, he worse, instead of beach rich bites
He walked I've, sick, ass, rich bureaucrats and get a problem. Not me. Beer. If you have some place in year, wherever you are the usual stronger signal, that would be good you're. You signal is coming in and else, but I look for the the viewers. Let me just The point is that you'll be two point: six percent to two point six times richer by then so that little bit you didn't get that, maybe you could have gotten you won't even know. The difference in the big problem with the climate change argument is that there are not enough people like you who were world. He had not just the the science of it, because people get stuck on the science cuz? It's not really a scientist who can tell you what the problem is going to be people don't get that the person who can tell you what the problem is going to be? Is the person who can tell you what's going to
The economy because of the economy is still strong. You can fix almost anything. Would you say that's true, that's absolutely true but I think we also need to recognise its now like this is An unheard of argument, so the only time, an economist who get the Nobel prizes Bill, nor House from Yale University This is exactly what he points out. He says global warming problem, its tasks, judge it get in and by the way. As far as I know, I've never heard a scientist argue with what you say: does your sort of a slightly different domains and science, but I was excited to say you're wrong. Do they were a lot of scientists are not comfortable with this, not being alarmist. So I think a lot of unwell sex battle.
Sounds like you re talking about your world impacts. Well, things are climbing up the one, that's what I use, how you're scared the stories that our group, but often dramatically one example last year, washing up beyond the girl. Bianca's is a little bit a problem with your connection I might break in and just summarize, what? What are you saying so, the audience? Here's a clearly soothsaying there was a hundred and eighty seven million people projected to be the audience. Here's a clearly saying there was a modern eighty, seven million people projected to be victims of flooding is always at.
Yes, sir, I am just trying to move tat part of the house. Does this work better? That's better! Yes, vote gas, eighty, seven million people who gets what it this was how light everywhere on the Black Sea, These were evermore audio problems. I think what you are saying is that the substances that nobody wants, you anything about it, they would know there will be no remediation over eighty years when, in fact, What is it? What's
country- that's already underwater HOLLAND, so yeah? So so we can see that the the ability to remediate against flooding is pretty good. If you have eighty years and you ve got yes, I know: what's what the what the study actually show was. If you allow people to adapt, which of course they will you not see a hundred and eighty seven million people having to move you'll see Three hundred and five thousand. We're having to move so it was six hundred times exaggerated and of course, remember. Every year, more than twice that number move out just of California, so it's it's tat something that the world can adapt and handle worse. We ve been told stories that are very scary but end up.
In very little representative of the real world, because we forget adaptation is to give me an idea was behind all the exaggeration, in the sense that the obvious thing is that the the news mall requires you to get worked up in order to come, gun things for them to get ever does again come so aside from the the media, which has an incentive to exaggerate things for A business model is raising else behind the wrongness, where I think the book the media part, is an incredibly important part of it, and we we tend to forget that media exaggerates and all kinds of things. It's just that global warming turns out to be such an incredibly good generator, really scary stuff. Of course it also because politicians love you set up, look, you can really make a better set up and what you're saying with global warming politics let's get to say in the world, but I,
baby her eye and often we get to say I can save you and the cost will only come so late. I I used to do financial projections was daughter my corporate job long ago, and the perfect situation for any corporate person is that you get spend money today and be a hero for what you're fixing. But nobody will know it will work until you ve already been promoted or left for another job. Where exactly what you want to spend money today, Gazelle you get power and influence of the eight look at all these things. I did and then you ll never be responsible for the outcome. Cassettes an eighty years and absolute The funny thing is to see we ve been doing this for thirty years, so you can actually look back and see how little We have achieved so last, the: U N, actually release of a very support. Singly, honest review of what we have achieved over the last fifteen years,
what they said was we cannot tell the difference after all the work up from bomb and everybody else around the world. All money, I'm not helped if a man a world where nothing since two thousand author that this feels like a subset of a problem that is plaguing. Basically, every big public decision, which is our data, is under then, and the people who were analysed in the data are not qualified feels like it's The thing from corona virus do you name it. It just seems To be the same problem, the data is bad and we don't have to look at it anyway. I wouldn't probably analyze it slightly differently, because I think we can we spent in in the order of what a fit billion dollars on on climate research. Since now,
We don't have a lot of good data. I there is a lot of work associations that want to convince you this is the but the world, because then they can get you to support, really really expensive policies, and I think we as taxpayers, need to fight back and said look, I'm happy to spend money on problem solving real. Problems that will actually have command impact to better world in the future, not just I spend my money to do almost no good and waste most of it, and what do you think of ass? If you had a moment, Likud off, you follow american politics enough, but a job items, two trillion dollar plan, which I had to dig really hard. I had to look through multiple articles to find out if new.
Clear energy was even part of it, so two trillion and and the most of the coverage didn't even mention nuclear energy, but I found one articles as suggested. He wants to go strong at nuclear and especially the new the end. The new designs which you have brought the Trop administration doesn't talk about it, but they're doing all of that stuff. There are pushing for the new tests, facilities, etc. Is that a product Wait it out that this is nuclear on Europe on your good list, nuclear is definitely one of the solutions that we could envision for global warming. I think the big problem that nuclear power is that right now nuclear is much more expensive. Most other power sources. That's why we need a lot more research and development into the fourth generation nuclear power plants, so France and Bill gates, and many other suspending lots of resources to get that next year,
Listen, that's gonna be safer, cheaper and also much more dependable, if we can do that, that be amazing. But again, this is as one of the many ways that we could fix climate innovation fundamentally is going to be the way that we will fix this problem, like basically every other problem exactly and when I look at the nuclear situations too expensive utterly useless Doug into that the details of that enough to answer this question, but that the things that are stopping us is number one. It's hard to reiterate: if you, if you try something, is really expenses to build a second nuclear energy plants and see if the bit the second one is better than the first one was Thou building an Iphone. Where can he stood in the lab until you get a right says one problem: the other problem is that we dont standardize the big one. So we ve got multiple model,
and if you just built the same, damn thing one after another, even using current generation, three technology before even get to the supersaver safer stuff of generation for could we do generation three? Let's call it current technology, which has had zero deaths. Historically a true zero deaths from its very, very, very low tat yeah, I think zero. Actually, if the debating I account it and. They are. Those are two problems. You see integration. I guess government regulation that no longer attacks by adoration and standardization of those two things a little. The academics. My understanding again from from nuclear technology is it that's really what's been lacking weapon building master works each one instead of actually building just allow. On stream of them, and indeed that is one of the points of their time did it with force generation to say if we can
standardized and basically build it like up up up up up up up What do you say? A factory of we're tease or assembly plants are, that was where I was looking for an assembly plant, where we just turn out all of these and you just assemble in like legal lego on on on the spot, and then you run it that will be in. Almost we much cheaper but again it it requires a lot of research and development, because we are not there yet when you the new power plants that nuclear power plants, built around the world, they end up being fantastically expensive and one of the reasons, as you just point out, That's because there's all this regulation- and I just fine- it's gonna- be very hard to imagine that that written
I shall go away yet, and the secondary problem I understand is that if the nuclear power plant is are these one offs, then you don't have something that you can export to other countries and if you're, not the less aid. The big brother of these smaller nuclear programme and the smaller country then somebody else is going to be, and that could be China or China, Russia to you. So simply by not having a robust nuclear energy programme in this country? We are giving up we'll giving up influence over a lot of the planet but worse when you got a space, it's gonna be nuclear power and if don't own space. Mozilla just give up. Gus were ruined space on the planet. That's the end of it. Does this by opening a her young now, but I think the fundamental point here in the insight- is to recognise the unless we get cheap green it which is not going to switch over because you're, not gonna, kill,
its most people around the planet? To say why at the same power, so we less effectively slightly less dependent. We and much much more expensively, still not selling, quite except for a few percentage for people who have very very engaged in climate, and so the reality is we need to invest. A lot more into green energy, research and development to do that actually tourists credit that is part of guidance plan. So here,
At least there is a lot of things and violence by a lot of them. I think I'm gonna be wasted money, but that actually turns out to be a really good. I hear and there's also a weird thing that I can't get over, which is the people who are most concerned about climate change. They tend to be focused on the political left. I dont think that they understand how racist it is because that's their other biggest issue was reduce racism, but if you say to the developing countries, you can't use what we used to get here, because his two polluted then are you basically just telling all the brown people that they can have? What why people have now so I gonna know we got here, this way by using oil and coal, but you can't do that. You're gonna have to your aid. Why don't you just wait and will find something clean for you? We don't know how long it will take, but until then you'll have to starve. Would you mind waiting? Is the most
reckon raises thing: you ve ever heard: there's nothing, there's no black lives matter thing. There's no! I mean this is this is all a level literally with slavery in terms of how prejudicial it is against people of other colors, I mean it is actively destructive and yet at the same group are in favour of both of those things and we basically knowing poor countries, know you can have a power because it is going to make work, which is true, but of course back our much more treacherous. So we worked together, passionate about what would it take extra outlines, true life, polish national interest, Creek.
Problems, but just to give you a sense, of course, for every hundred dollars you produce for Bangladesh, you Craig that's a work gravel set where the little audio problems again. So let me Lydia just do one more topic here and they will let you get to the rescue day, I'm sure, with a new book out, you ve got a lot to do this week. I guess so. I'm really interested in the air the super storm and that the natural disaster story, where every time there's a hurricane somebody on television will tell us the climate changes is what cause that our hurricane tat were once the more reasonable.
National view of the big storms and natural, national or natural disasters. So we ve certainly not seem more storms hitting the. U S actually to look at landfilling hurricanes and strong landfilling hurricanes. They ve slightly decline. Eight hundred and twenty years for the? U S, but in general much more importantly, is that many more people live much closer to. On his way with much more stuff, so phenomena the reason why you see dramatic impacts of hurricanes. Now is because, there are many more people. Look at Florida. Coastal counties. Florid is popular coastal populations, has increased the last hundred and twenty years a sixty seven fold. The? U S, populations are the only increase portal so clearly we also have much more expensive homes. So clearly
gonna, get a lot more damage and again, if you want to help these people the weight. So despite our building and also without irony, yeah I'm changing need. I always look at the situation and I asked myself: who is it that lives on the beach? This is not the poor people right now in the United States, I mean that it must be different in other places, but in the United States it feels like there's a pretty strong correlation.
Between being wretch and being able to have a house on the beach, and if I were to ask if I were to say what would be the best thing for the economy of the United States, I'm just joking year, but just to make a boy. The best thing for the economy of the United States would be for a big storm to come by about every three years, knocked down all the rich houses and gives the poor people not poor people, but the middle class people who do construction more work because does the rich people have. Insurance insurance is price to pay for itself. The rich people live in their other house over the other beach house has been repaired, are you. You could imagine that it will be a plus the wipeout rich people's houses every few years. Just so, people have enough to do to rebuild them. I'm just getting on that, but it would certainly teach them to be better. Producing their houses, wealth and one of the big problems of courses that we're subsidizing, rich people because
we're subsidizing much of their insurance, so we should definitely not be going back. That, of course, would get fewer people to build close to arms, right here, subsidizing people to build that that was crazy right. So what is it that I shall give you the question that every other hates, but since you're toward the beginning of your book tour, I guess you're ready for it? Okay, so this just be practice the worst question: everybody was the year as an author. What is it I forgot to ask you, in other words, is just a chance to mention Sadly, the baby's wanted to mention that the life. I think that the rest of the book really is about two things: its first mall talking about. Other things haven't worked so here we we promised the Paris agreement, it's going, ass one to two trillion dollars a year and ill do almost nothing to actually fixing.
Climate change will tell you I've got, I wrote him. It will lose realise that they will lose the audio a little bit. I think we got the gist of that now. Would you mind if we, if we are now discuss the audio scan of sketchy Heine each other? I do not think that that is certainly not a perfectly out. Ok, are you? Are you carrying a little bit in now I'll make sure everybody knows your book and holding it up or tweet about you, and I thank you very, very much fairer for coming under your exactly the kind of author that my audience like steer from. So thank you very much and good luck with the book. Hey. Thank you very much got take everyone.
I'd be, or it is one of my favorite public figures has been for years, because he he is one of the few people who look at the costs and benefits and know how to do it. It, sir, is refreshing. I feel the things he s to day. I was trying to change a light bulb and I ended up tweeting about it because it was so hard is what those compact fluorescent end in an inferior, just pull it out straight and push it didn't straight, but it didn't work inside spent over a month trying to change one light bulb I'd order, different bulbs, leaky Navy had the wrong one. I tried everything and the funniest part about. It was listening to the other people's comments, because when I tweeted at a few people waited with their covered, but the phone. For it was how many people have thrown away perfectly good labs,
and life pictures to change the life, I sure does I couldn't figure out how to change the light bulb. Now, if you ve ever tried to change a compact fluorescent light bulb, you dont know how hard it is again. This levy. Let me explain this is the entire process. Here's a whole! Here's the labelled pushes straight it. If you want to take it out, pull a straight out and I spent a month not being able to do it even trying that exact thing and apparently other people have just thrown away their laps change. Their fixtures hired a handy man to just change the entire life picture because they can change the light bulb. And here is the point of this. This was not just to complain.
About my personal and ability to do things. The law. The larger point is this, and I'm gonna hit this a lot who tested that this is a gigantic national standard who tested that, how many times that they have an average person come in and say a can. You see if you can change this Bob and they watched them now? If you try to remove a compact fluorescent you'll find that it breaks in your head, though half of the time it breaks, the glass barges breaks off in your hand when you try to just changed the bob, nobody tested it, and so I submit to you that we have a gigantic problem in this
in the world of products that were never tested and he uttered no standard in all of our homes, never tested every her love about Mary trumps book. No, you know Mary trumpet the niece of trumpets, Rhoda, Anti Anti Donald Trump Book, and apparently the worst thing that they came. On the desk, as is the one that they pulled from the book is that she alleges that Donald Trump paid someone to take his essay tease, that's the first law. I doubt it's true, I mean anything is possible. It wouldn't change my opinion of anything, because I have that twenty year rule I just don't there were people did when they were eighteen. Do you care what anybody did when there are? Eighteen? Would you
would you say we ve got impeach this president does when he was eighteen. He did something clever that worked out. Well, Oh sure, it wasn't your if it happened and by the way I would say the odds of being true or not really that high, but even if it is true, that's it that's the best you have here an insider. You ve got all this access to the family and the best you have is it when he was a tea. They did something that the eighteen, you're old. What data like you'd, gotten away with that? That's pretty empty
but the economy is out he's out of the race, but here's was interesting. He actually did try to get on the ballots, so there is a documented evidence that he put real money into trying to get on the ballot. So he was areas. Some of you wondered if he was serious, but I think that's been answered. He was serious now. What do you make of the fact that he was in the race for me a lesson to us, Do you say to yourself? Well that proves he's flacon. He was never really that serious and what kind of app so. The would it be if he didn't even plan d, the getting nominated and all that's the way it should be here is my answer to that. He played it perfectly. I think canyon
laid it perfectly because here's what I always say, there's nothing better for improving your odds of becoming president than having run in the past. Right Trump had sort of flirted with running in the past, and therefore because every time there was an election for There were elections before the time you actually get elected trumps name was always in the top ten because he put it. There trouble put his name in the top ten for every future election by simply making noise, but not going very far in initial attempt, sore initial
flirtations. With running initial talking about running, etc, caddies using the same play, people move lost elections than without when were you don't feel right, Dixon Reagan, Trump himself is fairly common. Bided is has run before and ass a lot to do with. Why he's? Whereas, although being vice president was more of it, and I would say that Conyers play of reminding us of candidate for president letting us wrestle with the idea for a little while and then waiting until twenty twenty four was exactly exactly the right place, exactly the right place,
Does he didn't really haven't a chance of winning and everybody? Would it be mad at him ass? He if he changed the election result which he would have it probably would have caused trumped win. Sorry, my cats in the way, so I don't think he can play their better. I recently they get in and get out in twenty twenty. If I could have advised him if I didn't buy way, but if I could have advised him on the best way to play this, I would say this: I was sad flirt with it get in. There exists a noise but really you're getting ready for twenty. Twenty four perfect. I am entering a voluntary code of irish quarantine, starting today
belief which is not because I have grown a virus. Far as I know, I do have a test scheduled, but is not because I may or may not have grown viruses, because I have some minor surgeries scheduled. So the current process, in case you did know forgetting a surgery in this environment and by the way I expect the surgery to get cancelled in two weeks, and I expect that the gig kids, because of capacity but at the moment scheduled- and that means that I have to quarantine for two weeks and that means no Christina right, I mean I'm talking about the serious kind accorded so that starts today. I like it'll squarely- and I might do some evening- podcast just because I'll be here all alone for.
Weeks now. The process is they'd, like you, the currently in yourself for two weeks before a surgery but one week before surgery or have the actual test the takes about two days to get a result. So something like you know five days before surgery I'll have presumably a negative test, and then I will go into my surgery. I think they test again just before you go into surgery, but I'm not sure I there's a lot else going out today. I also promotes Deafen Collinson, whose opinion person, firstly and in the end he started Give him as a triumph the insult dog so triumph. The insult dog was was a steamer.
All red? Headed guy? You know, you know the euro. The thing I gotta just turned into Joe Biden. You know the thing,
ah tall Redhead lays show Gimme the name. What the hell am I Blakey others. You notice any rights that this is a president who is tremendously failed to be back. The virus is long since stop trying to lead the country out of the darkness. You say that the president has failed to be back the virus and he stopped trying to lead the country out of the darkness. Now here's my question for CNN: could they have a lot of lotta commentary about the president doing everything wrong? Here's. My question I, according o Brien, thank you. Ok, don't feel bad. Then I can't remember personally, coded does not exactly Bob.
I am and here's my question for sea. Then why is it that the president should have done differently? Whoever ass that question? If the president is doing everything wrong and as triumph the insult dog stuff and colors and says that he is he's is stopped trying to lead us out of the darkness and he's failed to be back the virus? What exactly should he have done differently because all the decisions about closing in opening our local right? The president, I think, did all the thing: the president could do he closed international travel from China and Europe. So those are things the president can do. He ensure that we all love ventilators, something a president.
Do Eddie you dead, I think a good job or the country data or somebody did and getting the tv and the protective stuff. Although we may be running Elsie, because the new stuff? What exactly is it that the president should have been doing? Should he have followed the experts advice will if he followed the experts advice, he wouldn't have done the things that were right right. He wouldn't have taken the virus seriously. He wanted close travel from China. He wouldn't have done. Those
if you listen to the experts and then what about the mask situation? Well, that was complicated because there was a year. There was an effort to save the masks for the healthcare professionals, which I agree. Will I dont know if that was the best way to do it, but I'm not gonna criticized I'm not gonna criticized salary or others for lying about masks. If the per was it was just the only way to protect them for their healthcare people, and I dont know another way. If you certainly know Scott the obvious way to do. That would be tell the public the truth and just ask them not to hoard.
These supplies, while in the real world that doesn't work in a pandemic, people are gonna org. You can ask them not to hoard. Oh, but people are gonna hoard. So if you can tell them they don't need to hoard there's no purpose to it may be us about her play so did fatty end at other experts, the surgeon general, for example, did they intentionally lie to us about the value of masks? I dont know if all of them did, some of them might have believed the other experts and just parity them, but if they did lied to us, but the purpose of it was for our own good. I'm actually ok with it. If you are, but I do not mind by leaders lying to me
under the very unique circumstances. That is my best interest. Now, usually, that's not the case, so you don't want lying to be approved. I just don't know that there are too many cases like this one Unfortunately, lying was baby, the only only good play for the benefit of the country I hated you could be. You can hate it, but if you don't have a better idea, just keep that in mind
and it was there. Some experts who knew all the right answers and didn't tell the president was her. Was there some smart thing? This more experts knew that if they had only told the president, then he would have baby implemented. I haven't heard of any of you, so wouldn't they say the president is failing. Don't you have to ask yourself at what are not other countries also having problems and is the president to blame for what happened with nursing homes? Not really now, where you could have room for this agreement would be the the president's advocating go
back to school. At the same time, that others would say that's bad idea, because all increase infections. I am solidly on the president's cited going back to school Here's the thing we live in a world where you're not allowed to tell the truth in public, but I can watch this. I'm gonna tell the truth and public asked me and ask yourself if you ve ever heard this going back to school will kill teachers and it
he'll kill kids, I am in favour of it. We'll get that's the first honest opinion you ve ever heard in public. Going back to school, we'll kill teachers, some of them will kill us some students, probably not too many, as a percentage will spread the infection, we'll kill grandma when the kid comes home. All of us could happen, and it's almost certainly better than the alternatives, because we don't have a better. Third it if we just out so I think our best play is to do the best we can of protecting the teachers etc. Here's my suggestion, I understand the teachers are far less enthusiastic about opening schools that parents are big, surprise right. Who is surprised that the teachers?
many of them older beneath them susceptible. Who is surprised that they wouldn't want to go to work in a crowd yo, even with some social dismissing its kids back. Could it be that disciplined who would be surprised? The teacher doesn't want to go back to their environment? You shouldn't be too surprised, and I don't think that we should abuse one professional class teachers who did not sign up for danger duty, people who decided to be teachers did not wake up. One day is, I think, I'd like to be on the front line of a dangerous situation, though I have a different opinion about the military and about health care professionals, because they did sign up for that. They did say I M going.
Potentially put myself into infectious and or dangerous situations, this is the career. I choose, there's a bigger benefit. I take the risk. If that's what we're talking about I'd say, I will said the kids back to school you ve signed up for it, but teachers did not sign up for that risk. It is completely unreasonable, completely unfair for the rest of the public to try to force them back to work into a situation that at least half of them. They consume
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