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Episode 1059 Scott Adams: Twitter Hackers, Biden Plans, Education Improvements, Shy Trump Supporters, More

2020-07-16 | 🔗

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  • Twitter got hacked
  • The gun debate is over
  • The climate change debate is over
  • Education is evolving quickly now
  • How MSNBC’s Tony Schwartz can test his fear
  • Does CNN’s Kaitlan Collins intentionally analyze incorrectly?

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Bump bump them. I don't know where you're used to What are you usually see when you come here to visit me at this exact time every day, Is you think you're gonna have the best time your day, cassettes? What the simultaneous is really every time, but today it's gonna be better than that. I'm gonna give you. The only thing is better than the simultaneous up ready. The only thing that's better than the simultaneous up from just getting there's. No, The simultaneous up come on get out of here. Let's have it was I have added, I need, is a cover. Bugger glass attack, your trousers dive again to injure flask a vessel of any kind, fill it with your favorite liquid
I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dope meaning today the thing that makes everything better, including auto, correct and pretty much everything go. Somebody was making me laughter in the comments, because yesterday a correct played a little joke at me. So I had an author be or not alarm, Borg, periscope, yes, labels view sought and what I typed in the title into periscope periscope changed it to clamber gaiety. So I carefully. After it's published in periscope, you can change it and you too, with other places in periscope. You can't really go back and change it cause. It's like a tweet, so
absolutely or to promote his book. As I said earlier, we get his name right but correct. That now is the Lambert not Lamborghini's on board You probably are all aware that Twitter got hacked and boil it whether get hacked talk about a good hack, I'm kind of either dear rather feeling when Europe about a really good serial killer. I'm not proud of this, but every now and then Oh you're, a story about some serial killer who built in underground bunker do keep as victims,
the plan the operated for years, and I have two different feelings about it? One. Well, that's awful! That's that's the worst thing you know I've heard today s less one feeling and then the other feeling. I guess that's candid industrious now. If I'd be unfair, you is not lazy. He's here is gonna executing plan, maybe a systems over goals guy, the guy other, though. But I'm always impressed window when people move the leopard into it, and these hackers forever for twitter they had a really good plan. The plan was- and I guess it work days ago- allegedly we don't know if this part is true yet, but there are some suggestion that they may have bribed somebody within Twitter to give them subject.
Ass, they took over some accounts, so penguins ones, like Biden, Elon, musk and then. I tweeted from their accounts as if they had been reading and they treated that is for on behalf of sulphate. Charity. Then, if you would suddenly, two thousand dollars? No one thousand dollar in Bitcoin. You would get back two thousand dollars now I don't know how many people in the world are done enough to fall for that, but it turns out it's at least a hundred serve. You wonder it yourself, Scott, that you said that was a clever play. That's not a clever plan who in the world would be done enough to censor a stranger or a strange chair, a thousand dollars and in the hope that they will send you two thousand dollars back. That doesn't even makes sense,
Well, it turns out if enough people see that offer you gonna get a few hundred. That's what happened and the the brilliance of the plan is that, because the tweeting came from a well established accounts, there would not scam you. You thought well you're basket gotta run some Scalesome Joe Biden, isn't gonna run some scam in the middle of an election, but there was now what s interesting is. You may not know this, but Joe Biden is not actually the only person here, running for President Bashir. There's this other guy, you ve heard of them trump and what does that tell you? The bided was elected by Trump. Wasn't very good day it could, there's a political element to this, but probably not here's. What I think I think they thought binding would be more convincing.
I think they just figure the bite. It would be more likely to do this and that people would trust by them more than a trump if it look suspicious and they're, probably right. So those are a clever hack plan, probably more clever hacking than it was anything political right. The news stories about the so called refrigerated trucks to put all the bodies from the corona virus des you, ve heard the refrigerated truck story before Navy is true this time. Maybe it was true the other time. But what do I tell you about persuasion? I tell you that if you can't make a visual, it's not nearly
Good, so compare these two versions of a story: one hospitals are impacted, their overloaded people or others lots of pressure on them. Etc. I slept or the generic conceptual description of what is happening in the hospitals compared to our three refrigerated trucks pulled up to hold all the bodies right. Those are not comparable. One of them is a movie. Does you can actually see the trucks pulling up in your head? That's that's persuasive! If you can see it as a movie, you already have persuaded If it's a concept, your brain doesn't hold and it doesn't stick to things as well cuz. You want to activate your visual part of your brain to to get something done. So I
I would ask you: how true is it that these refrigerated truck, Sir really gonna be used and they really exist? I think in today's world users have no doubt that the doesn't mean is untrue if it turns out that there really used that would be terrible, and I was okay. Well, that's that's what they reported. You have to at least put a little bit of scepticism. The story of how much twenty five percent minimum- I would say I would say, dial up your scepticism to at least twenty five percent on the refrigerated herbs trucks which might be totally real. Seventy five percent chance, but
I am amazed at agog. I dont know what a beans exactly, but I think I'm agog Alexa define agog Why does this and curiosity? Yes, ok, I guess that's enough counter with eager curiosity. I look at these stories about that deserve to be settled down such apparently gun purchases are away in the past. When there have been gun purchases does either whatever there's big story in the news about any any kind of upheaval in this country there there always are more gun purchases, both the past, apparently those
purchases were primarily were primarily for people already on guts. This time forty percent of the gun purchases of people would never owned before forty percent. What does that mean? Forty percent. Got owners. Somebody asked a line. Somebody asked how many of the more democrats. I would also ask how many of them they die. Israel, pole, but here's the participating, the the gun debate is just over, but there are no stories about the gun to babying over the kind of embarrassing. Now, if you can think way way way back to a year ago and beyond.
I'm Prozac and Amendment Brogan and although I am left of birdie in general, I describe myself that way. Guttural got ownership is one of those things that is really left or right. A gun is a tool. Would you agree that even thinking of guns, as a political topic doesn't exactly make sense today, because I don't think that my my hammer or my saw are:
Let us all right, I just think of them ass tools and a firearm for self defence. It is just a tool, so I really think that is either left a right, which is why I get myself. The freedom. Did you say? Well, all right isn't a tool I need is a tool I might need is a detour anybody deeds. So that's the only way, I think of guns. I don't think of a politically and one of the biggest arguments was weapons if there the government goes bad and tries to take over the citizens and become a dictatorship, and people would argue well, it's good. They will have guns, because I would make that less likely and other. What would I do now? You can't go up against the government as they have tanks and nuclear weapons and stuff. To which I have always said. That's not what the fight looks like. That's not what I would look like
What are you imagining imagine a line of tanks and soldiers of the right and the left, a bunch of citizens with her hand, guns and some some rifles and stuff? That's now. What's gonna happen if there were any kind of dictatorship gonna take over there would be more house to house. You know I mean. So anybody who was on the side of the government would get a visit by their neighbours. In I'm saying, it would be nothing like some big battle. It would be, was visit, is that your neighbor has that family member who's on the dictator side, that's what it would be, and that would be enough to keep the dictator in control, because the citizens would would have just too much power. One of the things I had not specifically thought of, but now you care and think it is what happens,
If there's a civil war that just comes from the citizens absolves cassettes sort of Thee the feeling that you're getting with these protests, as is its approach, something like a civil war my opinion is is not, and that year feeling abandons way overblown. But it feels like that, and anybody who lived through this period is done with the the gun covered it's just over and I don't even think I would address anybody wanted to talk about it at this point. If feels like it is so off the table that, if somebody says Scott, would you want to come and represent one side and the gun debate here would be my answer. One candidate, one gun to bury you talking about. Are you in the past, the other two a machine where I can go back in the past and have a debate back when there was actually something to debate
There is no longer a debate. This ended it, but the other one that that may have ended recently in a very quiet way is climate change. Have you heard of climate change? climate change. Just got a little got punch by Joe Biden being in favour of nuclear energy. Do you know who else is in favour of nuclear energy? The trumpet minutes creation and the Department of Energy working quite aggressively for nuclear energy, do you know what everybody who can actually do? Math and science? Do you know that you think is really the only way. You're gonna get to some kind of a carbon situation, nuclear, pretty much
everybody's in favour? I think of doing more research and if you can figure out better batteries or better energy or something sure sure everybody's in favour that, but at the same time, if you're not doing nuclear I'll you're not trying hard. Here, you know really serious. So I think that the climate change argument just sort of disappeared and it got attacked from two different directions. Very important way direction. Number one is: what are you gonna do about it right, so others? So how bad is it? What are you gonna do about? It are the two questions climate change, would you agree how bad is it? What are you gonna do about it? What are you gonna do about? It apparently is roughly this, on the left and the right right, because Biden did not take the extreme green new deal stuff like getting rid of air. Since you just made some aggressive goals that are either
how many years in the future, they you don't even care about. The deadline, doesn't mean anything so far in the future. And this is not that different- the way of feels from what the Republicans already doing now sure there might be some were investments in green stuff, but I don't know, has everything as much cover. Yet I am not sure that the citizens will see. Much of the devil more but yours, the other part. So, that's that's. What do you do about it apart? The other partners the? How bad is it which drives the? What do you do about it and that's where I think these two books would have talked about this the bureau lumbering Spock, here's the important part at the same with Michael shelling, burgers book apocalypse, never which I talked about earlier. Both books are, in the same, let's say family of criticism, which
is yes, humans are warming. The earth suborned start without assumption. This is big deal, They start with the assumption that, yes to humans rewarming the earth, but then they make a far stronger argument, both Bjorn Luxembourg and Michael Sheldon, Burger, both of them with new books, both of them or make a big impact, and it is just a vessel rating the argument that there is a problem as big as they say, I'm just eviscerated visceral as long as these two books are out there and people, like, you are willing to tell people ay check out these books, you're really comes. Eliminating the how big a problem is it part of the equation at the same time, you say it's not that big of a problem if we do everything right and by the way, we're doing everything right, because,
kind of are, which is pursuing every form of energy fairly aggressively, is exactly what you should do: every form of cleaner energy, so I would say that climate change just one from the biggest problem in the world to oh, that looks like as heading in the right direction, so, a lot of it while the energy is just gonna, come right out of it. I think. Education is continuing. To and loving the conversations where people are really starting to was say there try their picking and apart to redesign it a lot. Lot of us are minds butter, but no doubt lots of people working very hard to figure out which part of the education The important part which is really an interesting processes that if you think that the education system just was
and hundreds of years ago and just evolved, a little bed is still basically read and write and uncertain in the classroom and listening to a teacher and the fact that were picking out apart now say: aright, throw away all the asylum Maybe it doesn't need to be a teacher. Maybe they don't need to be in the same place. What about these classes? Do data college education? Vodka says companies will change train. You two were do the specific job so having everything in question about maybe the most important thing Society does, which is educate. Does everything everything good follows from that right? You know once you get your people up to speed, good people create good outcomes. So the fact that our most basic and important- and I would say Alpha are alpha system. Can I call that the lead or the apex
system the system, the banks, all the other systems, work education, Is now going to really probably have a complete overall, I think. Here is my suggestion for how to improve it. Mattered office is high school. This is college or baby does matter, but here that you're the class categories than I would have the sort of evolving overtime she heard a little this one. It would be a class or maybe even a major life strategy. Things that you would see in such as in my book had failed, almost everything and still win back right. Each things like systems are better than goals and skills that are good. So knowing knowing the user interface for alive feels like I just should be a course or even a major. So important is, if you don't get the basics of way out. Is the world work? If, if you do more
this unless it is to get a better result. Yesterday's, if you know what bothers me ass, though you gotta know which buttoned bush I would have, of course, and how to make decisions. I do that little bit of that in my book. Loser think actually, that's mostly what the book is about, but that could be taken further. If you look at most of the problems in the news today from those two green technology to racism. Anything else. They all seem to have a common problem. What is the common problem with you? Everything guns, racism, green technology. The common problem is that the differences in our opinions are differences. Inability to analyze do not actually political
these are fake disagreements. If people knew how to analyze things properly, they just knew how to compare two things you know. Can I compare there's this pen to this pencil? They think is common sense. Well, you know you don't need to take a class to compare a pencil to abandon its just obvious and thus were, but he goes because it's not it's just that you ve got taken to a lot of a lot of things into account to do a proper comparison. You do need to learn. It says something is common sense. I would have a course and persuasion similar to my book wooden Bigley, because if he care persuade you can't you much done kick at a job here, sell something can get a mate persuasions for important and then community communication in general, which persuasion might be some sort of slots for outage and then maybe entrepreneurship. So
been about. How would you started business if you want to do and what we do need to do if you started a business What's a corporation, what's a partnership, she has some basics. These would be my at least the beginning of a core platform that obviously you need to reading and writing in science background etc. So you need you need some basic. But this is where I am here's the thing that you don't learn in school, but look just consider if you will I'm gonna give you a little tip. I one topic that is not covered in school yet it could be one of the most basic important skills a person can have an most of you are not good at it, but you can t. With maybe half an hour of love of instruction, and that is sleep. Sleep should be considered a skill,
the default condition of your body, whereas night and you're tired, we kind of thinkers of sleep as just the thing, the sort of happens a night and how art is that you know. There's no skill involved and sleeping butter is now, there may not have been skill involved in sleeping in the past cuz. It was a simpler world and things were complicated. Maybe was different. I don't know, maybe people didn't drink as much coffee. The cave mandates, but in the modern days sleep is so important to your performance. Then really your whole quality of life. Then, Don't it right. It makes a big difference and you shouldn't know I've, given you sleep tips before, but here's a new one at this won't work for everyone. This is asleep tip that worked for. I would be interested if any of you want to try it out with the open mindedness of well. If this doesn't work,
the last week of trying something didn't an army. So I'd like you to just try it, but you know that some of you, this won't work. You'll know if you'll know if you wanted to people that works, for it goes like this. If I go to bed- and I can't sleep because unjust to wound up here's what I tell myself, you probably tell yourself work, the average person would say darn it. I can't sleep, I can't sleep, what happens when you tell yourself over and over again ghastly doesn't help help, so that would be a bad mindset. Let me tell you what I do when I can't sleep
because, because my body is just wound up and I'm not ready to sleep- I tell my body than I didn't work hard enough that day now, your immediate reaction should be wise at work, the needle of or explanation right. It goes like this. It helps me not a bit that night so that night, I'm just gonna struggled falsely so that Tipp doesn't help me one that the day that I said to myself, I didn't work hard enough, but the next day it's LISA. The clock, and I said myself. I have not exercise today. I got busy and wanted to, but I did so you say I would never exercises seven o clock at night, but I'm not going to be that again tonight. Until myself, it didn't work hard enough, so
Work, employers on hit the road walk run right. Your bike with the boys got the gems back when people had gems and they could go to a man, they didn't die from going to the gym so that mindset, if you start programming given to yourself, will cause your day to be more productive because, instead of It was the easiest way I can get through things. You'll start managing your energy in a way that, by the time he had the bad at whatever you bet, tugging at ten o clock you're only we're gonna want to sleep. I I I Push myself to the point where I know I'll sleep. Well, that's one of the ways I manage energy. Before a lot of people of town? This is very useful that you should not manage your time. You should manage your energy. Of course you have to manage your time to show up to a point
But think in terms of managing your energy too, to create the best energy from the task and then make sure that you use your energy up by the end of the day when it's time to go to bed and there you haven't used it up at noon. There's gonna be a tough day, use it all up early value, ensure that you do a physical, physical work and mental work. There we'll get you in these sleeping point of view. So that's the advice. Sleep is a skill and their skill starts when you wake up right, so your skill of sleeping a night starts. When you wake up, and you manage your energy in your day to get yourself in the right conditions to sleep. It's a small they process.
Survey by tries Elam enough works for you. I think it's, the kind of framing. There will appeal to some kind of mindsets that are already operating in place. It will work for me buddy right, Tony Schwartz, whose some guy, little poll commentator, I think, he's on them. As somebody see he said, the illicit trade in my sound like a familiar sounding tweets. Who, who is ever said, something vaguely is similar to this before safer rings and bells, he said in a tweet Tony Short If somehow some way is reelected, I won't considers say to continue to live in the United States. That will be true, I believe, for many of those who have publicly opposed trump. Sound familiar
It is kind of what I said if Biden won, the election now must compare the two assertions, so I said that tromp supporters would be. Unsafe in a world in which Byron, president endless at the left, became emboldened. Antonia short is making the exact same claim except say that it would be unsafe to be vocal Democrat in a world workshop is reelected, which are those claims seems more true would be more dangerous to be on the left or more dangers on the right. If you're, not the one who's preferred candidate is in power. Well, how can we figure out where. Those seems more reasonable is really kind of task to you could do before the election see
The mood is in the country, Well, I would suggest to test how Bout Tony Schwartz puts a mega hat and goes to a public place, and then I will do the I'll. Do the opposite, aware, Biden bided for present here, and I will visit the same public place or any other place. In fact, I'll go further. I will put on the Joe Biden HAT and I will attend a Trump rally in a Joe Biden for President HAT and I will be completely safe.
Jim, was just try to what was to make it more fun. Let's say that tourists words as to where a make American read again had to a binding event. If there ever is one that Stalin televised others, not just digital and so he'll, take it Maggie had to a democratic event and our Joe Biden had to mega Trump event will just doing so. And see who gets the Shepherd Animal. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I would guess mocking, allow I guess and looks from going to a Trump rally, but also also you that the people who were marking- and maybe looking at me at the trouble way for it.
Smiling right. If you went to a Trump rally wearing a Biden hat the first thing, people would do when they saw you as they would smile cuz. They would think it was funny they would think it was money and they may say what are you doing here, you're wrong rally and give me a hard time Would I ever feel physically threatened at a Trump rally? Not even a little bit wearing Abiden had not even a little bit wouldn't feel the slightest bit physically dangerous, but of course they give me a hard time, but I guarantee they would be smiling when they did it. Do you think it would work in the same way? The other way now thinks I see. I have you
a interview. Live video with trumps niece Mary Trump, who were who's, got a book that is critical of her uncle We'll trump, how many of you have seen her and video. I don't wanna be unkind, just gonna say this you should see her. I think she talk to your stuff novelists, others, some clubs I'm just gonna say this. You should spend ten seconds looking at clip of her talking.
And again I won't be unkind. I'm just suggesting it's worth ten seconds of your time and I'm not even get to give you my opinion of her book because in ten seconds of listening to her talk, you will have the same opinion I do so. I don't need to talk and having just spend ten seconds see if you can get the via above, what's going on here, see if he could just get a feel for the person then you're gonna have the same I do not even get a stated Brad Pascal apparently has been replaced, as that, the campaign for a job? We don't know what is behind that, but if you believe rumors twitter. There might be some personal relations
situation around the earth, not between Trump Impart scale, but there might be something personal donor and one wonders how That especially wonder when there is a suggestion- and I dont know who put this idea into the pond ex might. Can somebody tell me where did this idea come from like? Why are you people even thank you? This. There's some kind of a widespread thought that there are these secret trump supporters, There are lying to pollsters. Where does the public get ideas like this? It's crazy away. I might have been part of that,
This is how this is our CNN Rice, a headline for a story about the the belief buys belief by voters that their shy transporters, it's called twenty twenties latest buggy ban secret trumps voters. Twenty twenties latest buggy men. So I guess that means that if your Democrat, the Republicans or trying to scare you by telling you that there is this boy, you man in the form of these hidden from voters and are gonna get you are getting at you you're hiding and there was a man was my mouth pole, maybe heard of it in which they gave Joe Biden, a thirteen point, lead in Pennsylvania, say, say: while he's really doing great in these comparative studies, and
and then they also has pennsylvanians whether they thought there was a secret from voter out there, you're a lot of them and fifty seven percent believe there's there are hidden from voters. Fifty seven percent of Pennsylvania's pennsylvanians thank their neighbours are lying to bolster fifty seven percent, but then say then, after giving it a headline, calling you the bogeyman, which justice now real further down in the story on their website. They said- The idea of quote secret voters is not entirely far fetched in the aftermath of trumps. Twenty. Sixteen, when one study suggested quote the people get their vote. A secret overwhelmingly voted for. Did you need to see a survey to tell you
the people who wouldn't tell you they are voting for voted for job. Look at all the lowly undecided voters how many undecided, either or less say in them since its independence are really fake, undecided, there really decided, they just pretend there now services forty three percent of Pennsylvania voters. Poorly informed us of anyway, I will see how big that buggy man is because here I can't get past us see, if I'm on the wrong page with this, that the reason that I think the the hidden Trump vote, is bigger than it wasn't. Twenty sixteen and pretend. I really really big. Two one is more and more obvious that it could be physically dangerous and economically dangerous to admit you're a chump.
So the first thing is that the day you're has gone up. Would you agree the danger? has increased. Forbidding your transport. So if nothing had changed, but that there should more hidden jobs, the borders this year, the twice extent, but that's not the only thing that happened. Another thing that needs to happen for persuasion is to think about it. You have to actually think of it. So if nobody had ever suggested hey, maybe you could just lie to the pollster. If nobody had ever suggested that, then people would to think about themselves. Some of them would some of the more just say, I'm not comfortable with us, and they were just naturally lighted, the pollsters. But what happens when you suggested? What happens when you put it out? There is
national story. You know last time there were a lot of people hiding and how that turnout for the people were hiding. How did it turn out for the people who were hiding data? The secret trump supporters into sixteen, the way it turned out was better than anything that I've ever seen in their lives politically, the the unexpected wind of Trump and the nightly. You learned it in the way that you felt if you are jobs, border and especially if you were a hidden trump supporter? What something that I would describe as really really good you would feel really really good, like your whole body would feel good. You would be exploding with You don't know me
in the game Poseidon publicly predicted for so long, but feeling of that you got without surprise victory. It lasted months now all of the people who live in twenty five fifteen- and sixteen do you think they're lying. A game. Cuz I've been publicly predicting it for so long, but the feeling is that you got with a surprise victory it lasted months. Now All of the people who live in twenty five fifteen- and sixteen do you think they're lying again, of course,
Course why, when they, because our reasons to lie are better than ever and it worked out and if the prank works again, because the first time I think it was just people hiding, but this time there's another motivation, the prank right, the prank is really attractive and the prank is the surprise, because as much fun as you had when it looked like, Hillary Clinton had a three percent chance of winning towards the end and ops. There you go. I guess ninety percent wasn't good enough we're heading toward the place where the polls are so wide that I like Sunday in might be a ninety nine point. Ninety nine percent. Predicted resolve the buyer, will win how old Democrats feel if there's Ninety nine point: ninety nine percent prediction from the experts
the violent will win and trump wins again again: Howard, our health and our three hour. They gonna take it. The Democrats. Well, you're everybody remercie screaming voters the democratic last year that there's this famous iconic picture of the the woman going in there being upset. You can't tell me if you're a trump supporter you haven't looked at that picture a hundred times since twenty sixteen at last every time every time, so the situation is sort of picture perfect for the biggest prank ever played and political history. If this is what it looks like definitely looks like it to me. I think it's hard to say: that's! Definitely what it is. You we'd all live in a world of certainty,
but if I were going to have to put money on it, I would say that the hidden terms the border is far and away bigger this time than it was last time it may be bigger than any election ever because there's a jet one fear is in people's minds, is a bigger fear than it was before, and the prank the prank of it just a surprise that could becoming just could be the funniest thing if ever experienced in your whole life honestly and that's so attractive. Said so, here's how CNN handled and any view that President trumpeted in which he was asked to doubt was it there. It was Catherine Heritage or somebody asked in this question. So here's a headline from CNN Trump gets upset when
asked about police killing black Americans. What what would you think the stories gonna say if they headliners Trump gets upset when asked about police killing, black Americans does ITALY. They headline suggest that the president doesn't care about police killing black Americans. That does it feel like there. They don't say that but the always phrase sort of suggesting that they can tell his attitude and that he doesn't really care about black people being killed by police. But, as our happened well, listen about what actually happened? Surgery you, this is from CNN. Cbs news present. Our trump responded to a question about why black Americans are still dying at the as low forcibly by saying quote: more white people are killed by police and calling the question terrible. Now, of course, they took Amanda
text so that you wouldn't know exactly what he was saying. The question was terrible, yet is little unclear, so they ve mocked up the Their descriptions, you don't know what he was really getting it right. They just took the meaning of it and put their own meaning at it. Now, if you saw alive what he was getting at is that the terrible part is that you would focus on only the death of one group of people when the larger group of people were white. Is that an unfair thing for a president to say? Maybe we should focus the largest group of people were getting killed, not the smaller group, or maybe we should at least include the larger group. In the conversation you didn't say, should focus on the larger group. He said it should be in the conversation which is completely fair.
So. How did the Caitlin, whatever of ASEAN and report on that? She summed up the peace? Kazoo is part of a video packaging, Jake Tapir Shell and she sums it up by saying that police kill. Black Americans at a rate of three point, five times more than whites. That true now is fake because she does the same data analysis mistake that caused all the protests. It's the same mistake. Do you think it's a really a mistake, or do you think this is an intentional lie? Well, why? She says is technically correct, but is used to mislead obvious
I'll. Tell you why, so that what she's doing or saying that, if you would just look at the percentage of the population, black citizens are killed in three point five times more higher rate than whites. That's true! It's also the wrong thing to measure, because the only They're, not stopping people for no reason and killing them they're. Only the only time anyone gets killed as they have a police encounter So the only thing you should count is the number of police encounters. If you do, that turns out white and black desert recoverable as a percentage So she simply making a data analysis error that you have to ask yourself. Is she really so dumb, though she doesn't know she's doing this? I don't know. Do you,
I forget Caitlin, lessening Caitlin, something that corresponded in the way our correspondent foreseen in killing Collins, Caitlin Collins. I can't tell if she is actually not granted analyze were, or he's intentionally ignoring the useful number in favour of the one that just causes riots and is not useful donor, and so the question I asked for you is this year were: were begun, free speech and should be, but doesn't this get really close to shouting fire in a crowded movie theater him. You know the older the old saying that we have freedom of speech, but you still get yell fire in a crowded theatre, because that kind of speech would certainly cause
people to be hurt yet as they try to get out of the theatre and their depend ammonium him. So if we take as a standard that you have complete freedom of speech unless unless it's gonna immediately cause people Earth themselves, that sort of that, where we draw the line that I get, you can't do something that people can get killed. That's that's another free speech were talking about, but here CNN is spreading a obviously fake or your misleading data that is driving pro ass looting and death all over the country. Why is it legal think about? Why is why is it legal foreseeable report, data that clearly drives protests and violence all over the country while we're having is not even a hypothetical theoretical question is happening right now. And they put this on the air as a respectable, allegedly news organization.
Is really close to yelling fire in a crowded theatre is because imagine if they had said this. I know it's hard to imagine, but imagine if they had said this. If you look at the number of police stops is fairly comparable and we haven't ask anybody in black lives matter to respond to that, but I would like to give a view on that. Now. How different would the world be if CNN were reporting the data analyzed correctly pretty different, yet it seems that CNN has blood on their hands. The trouble is that you can take this argument pretty far close down news business, because it would be easy to say well what about? What about
family saying something, medical that people believed to which I'd say. Goodbye Right, that's the trouble is that if you made it actually illegal to do that, what it is doing that is clearly killing people you'd have to extend that To the news saying anything that gets people killed and unfortunately is so common both on the left They have the right that you're not knocker sooner silly doing unintentionally, although I think seen as do this intentionally. That would be my guest It's hard to know what feels intentional, because I hate to think that is done. What do you think you think Kalen Collins actually doesn't know that she is analyzing wrong.
She doesn't know in the comments. Tell me your opinion, because we can read or my that I am trying to catch myself from doing the thing I most criticized another people which has no you're not a mind reader? You don't know what a stranger is thinking. So I'm gonna pull back my statement that it seems obvious, is intentional because I'm sure it is obvious, I dont know that it is up. I'm sorry, I'm comments. Yes, no, You know of Firstly, no, yes, they know dumb swore well, secretly loves Goya beans, it kind of funny she doesn't know she doesn't know. Others saying is intentional clueless fifty fifty she knows she knows, I think they know she's, not trained yeah so she may not have the type of analytical background necessary, but I wonder if she's everything hurriedly
arguments, because even wonder that no you it makes sense. That people who only watch the and endo see the arguments on Fox, but do the commentators and the professionals who actually work there did they also not see the argument on the other side They somebody says she has a boss, that's true No one calls has a boss and see it in. You is coordinated enough. If anybody on CNN knew it was wrong, she would hear about it right, If anybody CNN knew that number was wrong, they tell some else's ay ay- I heard you say that ere. You should correct that so does. Nobody has seen and no that's wrong, that that would be a bigger reach would mean. That is what I have to say for today.
I would like to give you a little laugh encouragement. Ask yourself who have done your most reliable public figure. One of the things I told you earlier on was when the when the pandemic first started, closing things down. One of the things I told you, is that nobody in the United States would starve right. I told you that directly said no, no risk nobody's gonna start in this country. Nobody did now it's it's hard, but everybody's. Even I told you that we will probably be able to borrow, were put not borrowed necessarily but print money massively, because we're in this unique situation where demand is so low that inflation can happen and that's the main reason you don't wanna print money.
Sure enough. We printed gazillion of dollars and nobody's nobody's sounding the warning about inflation, because I had accurately deduced that we could Sprint money in print our way out of it in this weird unique situation, that's exactly what happened, who told you away before we started getting serious about China. China was an enemy knowledge, a trading partner. I did, I told you that two years before it became obvious, basically the entire United States, who told you There, when the recovery started the economic recovery, that it would be faster than the experts predicted the president to, but I told you clearly and often when the recovery starts, it's gonna be impressive and away you
never seen before. It'll be it'll, be jawdropping, and it is right So when you are following me in the in my what I was doing my evening periscopes a lot of what I was doing is trying to try to talk. You asked allege that things are as as I look in the recent pointed this out is not just to brag. Other brings good. I'm never never opposed to bragging. If you ever see, if you ever hear me say like that I'll do lines. I do think that issues of functional and useful for people to especially in the public, to tell you what they got right as I get things wrong, I'll tell you that to are priced by less time You wanna go wrong. Why wouldn't I but but but think about that
now the other thing that I said I didn't say that often, but those of your regulars will back me up. I also said you better, not waive for action yeah vaccinations you better, not wait for medical science because I don't think you're gonna have a vaccination, you're in time to save the economy and center and then we're just going to have to live with the virus, and it looks like it, it looks like the situation is we're simply going to have to. Adapt to living with the virus. Until who knows maybe it's a year and a half from now on, we ve got something so yeah the stock markets at an all time high and here's the other. Thing, which I predicted we'll take a little bit longer for those on wine, which is the total
shaking of the Box of the economy and the rethinking of everything from education to the food supply, to really everything the rethinking of all that will actually be an economic study. Us, because it creates on all kinds of new businesses to wind up at seven. So I think the economy is gonna, be a good spot. I think that the really isn't much option, except to live with a grin. Task amount of grown environed ass. It we're just gonna deal with because we're a war we're a war with a virus and that's the weirdest kind of war, because civilians were all and in the end, they
most vulnerable among us we're on the front lines in a sense because they are the muslin revolt. So so he says it's too soon to tell about inflation. That is correct. You, you always have their risk of future inflation. But out, let me say this is clearly is possible. If we get to the point where inflation is a problem, we have really done well. Yeah now more modern as a vaccine that they think we'll work looks promising needle election protesting, we'll see other goes fingers crossed and the election will be in the end, the news hours in you mean if a democratically elected yeah. So let me update the slaughter meter. The slaughter meter is at one hundred percent
nothing changed between now and election slaughter. Beater says: there's one hundred percent chance of dropping reelected. Of course lots of things will change. So it's not a prediction is just a funny little point in time the says unless something changes, but it will change, we need at the last time I mean I started doing leaves I repeat meter always with the the caviar that, until something changes and it will before the corona Vires, really it was so obvious that there will be big things between. Now in November, but I didn't think you'd do that big. Why should we have to live with the DES? Other countries are managing a much better. Let me answer this way: those other countries that have gotten it under
sure that's not gonna stay that way. There is no scenario that anybody can think of in which the countries they again under control dont lose control of a pretty soon. You get that right. If any country got their infections down to zero, they would also have to close. All travel is the only way it stay stated: zero and the first Are you doing here you're when you get there? zero? As you said yourself in things up if there are any international travel, the odds of all the countries getting the inspections under control as zero there's no time there there's no plan. There's nobody has a way to do that. Nothing, there's nothing! You can do all right, so slaughter meter at one hundred percent until something changes. But you know it well and that's all in Africa and I'll talk to you later.
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