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Episode 106: The Children in Cages

2018-06-16 | 🔗


  • Kids in cages, bad…and nobody has a viable alternative?
    • Fraudulent, but deeply effective persuasion
    • Lacks factual accuracy
    • Untrue, misleading
    • Out of context
    • Could be solved tomorrow
    • Why is it so effective?  Cause facts don’t matter
  • Cognitive dissonance example: anti-Trump laundry lists
    • Their initial gigantic fears about President Trump didn’t manifest
    • But they’re the “smart ones” in the conversation
    • So new fears are needed to replace the faded ones
    • If you can’t find a sufficiently big fear, you need lots of little ones
  • George Lakoff’s dilemma
    • Highly qualified cognitive expert
    • He sees and understands that…
    • President Trump is using skill and experience consistently
    • But 99% of his side believe it’s just luck
    • George’s problem?  Facts don’t matter


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uh did did did do do papa bum bump bump bump bum hey everybody it's the weekend unless you're watching this on replay and then might be well anytime at all and those of you who are getting here early you so the advantage of being early yeah it's a simultaneous ip lot of people come late they say to themselves something's missing i like the periscope but i feel an emptiness that's because they were here for the simultaneous ip grab your beverage and get ready because here it comes the simultaneous ip
coffee the whole darn world is blowing up about the children who are being kept in cages now when you hear something as bad as that children being kept in cages you say to yourself this this is a problem and when i talk about the children kept in cages of course i'm talking and not about the illegal immigrants the children in cages are the anti trumpers because have you noticed that the day trippers seeking to be conserva weird mental cage that they can't get out of in the end there little mental gauge there all kinds of stuff happening that isn't really happening anywhere else except in the cage for example
if you're in the democrats little mental cage you i see that the trump administration is putting children coming across the border in this apparently their news is telling them something like that is happening no nobody is delighted that parents when children are separated at the border in some cases if they come through the the normal entry points that doesn't happen but any case it is it is happening and when i say children in cages and when i talk about the democrats who are the anti traverse the reason i call them children is that there
there's a way to children thing it goes like this mom i don't think i need to go to school and the parents being complicated thinkers say no school is unpleasant but you have to do it because your life will be better if you go to school and the child says but i don't like school and the parent says no wait a minute you're only looking at part the equation you're looking at the child part where you don't like school that's just part of it i know you don't like school but the bigger picture is if you go to school your life will be better and the child says but uh
like school so that's child thinking an inability to see the whole picture they just see their little part so when you see people arguing about the chill being ripped from their parents nobody likes that is there any trump supporter who says yeah let's take children from parents i mean there might be but i hope i never miss hope i never meet that person but the trump supporters are saying well there's a bigger picture in children from parents is terrible we all agree on that part but what actually is the alternative do you put both the parents and the adults in some kind of facility well now that's worse 'cause then the kids
abused etcetera do you let them just just let them go well that's worse too because encourage all kinds of families to come up here and hey we just have to bring the kid and we can all just go free so that doesn't work there's the sending them back immediately just pushing them over the border and closing the door again but that doesn't work they'll just come back or or they'll be they'll be subject to other crimes once you push past across the border so that work so you can't let them go you can't put them together in a confinement what exam clears alternative so when you see the anti trumpers talking about the children in cages just be aware that they are children in the cages
they are in a little mental cage like children because they can't suggest an alternative to the thing they're complaining about now the trump administration being in this situation the parents the the the jeff sessions of the trumps etc acting like parents you know what we also hate separating children from parents and the moment we come up with a better plan we're going to that we're going to be all over it we just need that better plan and we've got some yes of immigration in reform stuff that you could tomorrow when it would end this right away so that's if you don't like what they're doing that is the parental approach the anti trumpers at least
on this topic are taking the child approach the child approach is that all you're looking at is the part you care about and you just ignore any other considerations as a child does so but that said this attack on the team is really really good it you know you know that i like to separate the technique of persuasion from the from the ethics of it because at the x don't count sam harris they do get out but they can be looked at individually there's the tools and then you know where the tools use for a good or bad both important but you can separate them for analysis and in this case the anti trumpers who using this children
in cages approach although it is completely fraudulent to and lacking in factual accuracy for the most part especially if they're using the old photographs from twenty fourteen of children in cages so although it's untrue and misleading and out of context and they can solve it tomorrow it's still really effective and what is the key take away in terms of why this completely fraudulent approach is effective this fax no matter to persuasion it just doesn't matter and the the poor trump supporter are left arguing facts it's the losing position people arguing the facts are losing all over the place 'cause the trump supporters say wait a minute that photo you're showing his old or
they can get in at the approved border places or it's only six weeks and we're putting them in facilities you know they're not in danger we don't really have any alternatives fact fact fact fact fact fact total value in terms of total value of all those facts zero no persuasive power it just persuades we're already persuaded the people on the other side are saying the writing to me and here's what i was getting yesterday follow scott you remember you said in your tweet two years ago that if trump ever did anything slightly hitler ash you would switch sides and be cancel so what do you call putting
children in cages it worse right have you switch sides at and there's absolutely nothing i can do to that attack because it's not it's not based on facts and so if i present facts i i don't have any defense facts are useless in this case is not just this case is and is really every case you know the facts are just not persuade anywhere anytime now you could argue that people who are doing this persuasion which is deeply effective a the fraudulent but deeply effective are doing it for a higher good they're trying to create a situation it's better for the children etc but it doesn't all that way oh yeah i do believe people want what's right for the children
but it feels like it's more about trump than the children doesn't it yeah i don't want to be a mind reader and say that i could tell what's in their mind but i'll just put that out there does it look to you like the driving forces to say the children 'cause it's the same situation it's better for for a while it doesn't feel like that is is the driving the driving thing was to save the children when they have alternative suggestions such as hey let me take some of those children i'll take them into my house or let's start a let's start a go fund me to create some more nice facility for the children there maybe if the parents nearby or can't we
s and legislation tomorrow to put more funding into these facilities so the parents of the children can be you know at least close to each other those would look like caring about the children but when you take the child's view which is there's only one variable children in cages not really trying to solve the problem not really caring about the children your it's just an attack using on the president again another mind reader so people could be only caring about the children but if they were it feels like they would act differently um did it do the intern
in camps yeah i suppose they are in the internment camps i mean you know sort of word thinking what you call them there either do detention centers or processing centers or or jail or cages but those words don't change what it is problem it's child abuse probably is is child abuse it is child abuse by the parents who brought them here and put them in that situation which is sort of the point of what jeff sessions to say i'm not a big jeff sessions fan by the way case you're wondering but
given that no one is presenting him with uh functional options i have to ask what people's motives are well we don't really have to ask do we alright it's against international law where did be against international law to just push them back across the border that would be legal right would there be the law violated if somebody comes across their detained as a family and you just open the open the fence back up and just push him back and say nope we're done thus legal right so i think you're right that it might be some kind of violation of international law as far as i know it's because
we'll have a better option for the children that also protects the border which is something that they're not going to sacrifice alright what else we have going on i felt exhausted last week from all the news you know we're watching the ig report break the world to their two movies again some of them say there's nothing there some i'm say there's everything there and of course there's enough in there for everybody to draw their own conclusions uh now the one thing that i've told you consistently is that whenever a situation is complicated that's those the ones that are easy to break into two movies because the simpler the situation
the more easy it is to see that it's just a different difference of opinion but when you have complicated situations people can just craft that complicated situation into they want to see see see that with anything from you know trade agreements to yeah to immigration the thing is there a complicated enough that people can see whatever they will i've been tweeting for the last day or so examples of what i call the laundry list tell for cognitive dissonance have some of you seen that so i think i'm up to four or five we did and what that is is the the anti trump pers who will list quite often five things for some reason they they think five is about the right number
people have asked me for a little bit more explanation of why that's a tell for cognitive dissonance and the first thing i should say is i'm relying on science for this so as far as i know there is no scientific study that would support what i'm going to tell you right now so this is experiential its observation ull and the reason i'm showing you examples of so you can look for yourself you reach your own read your own opinions but i'll tell you my thinking ed you can bounce up against whatever whatever other thinking you think is the real so i think is that the people who have decided they dislike the president started with big reasons in the beginning the big reason was my god he's going to blow up the world in a nuclear fireball or he's going to destroy the let me or he's going to round up gay people and put them in camps that
the initial complaints about the president were just these enormous gigantic complaints but it's now been five hundred and twenty days or whatever it spend the presidency and he's made nuclear war far less likely in north korea certainly he's you he's been great for the salami or at least he hasn't broken it but even if you're a critic he hasn't broken it you know isis is being bad feedback etc so all of the big stuff that people had in our heads as these are the reasons we hate trump there were big things but they just don't work anymore so the big things don't work they've been falsified by experienced by observation but they haven't changed in their opposition they've defined themselves as part of the the resistance
and they define themselves as the smart ones and in the conversation so they can't change that that's their identity so need to change what it is they're saying about the president because it now looks ridiculous to say he's going to start a nuclear war with n korea he's bad for the economy etc it just doesn't work anymore so important trapped to say why they resist they go with whatever they have left so they say you're supporting a con man so that's the first thing in their list you're supporting the con man now if that was enough they'd be done so for example if they said you're supporting somebody it's going to kill us all a nuclear war well that's such a big point if it were true and convincing and the facts seem to support it you'd be done one and done i'm good he's gonna
destroy the world i don't even need to tell you anything else but if all you have left is he is a con man as soon as you write it in your tweet little bit of self realization well that's not very big and some i can easily say that con man is similar to leadership it's about convincing people to do and we haven't them doing anything terrible yet blowing up the world ruining the economy and carving he's doing seems to be good for the economy and good for world peace but he's a con man so as soon as they say it they realize it's not enough so they say hm is a man and he's a liar
as soon as they say the liar thing they realize all petitions are liars wow well you might lie more than other politicians well we're not see exactly where the lies are hurting anything goes again north korea economy isis but i know he's lying and i don't like that all so now i've got con man and i've got lying those two don't seem to be enough but i can compensate by adding some more so i'm going to add he's a it's personality yeah yeah con man liar and a cult of personality and as soon as they say it they think to themselves well that's kind of true of obama two it certainly would have been true of hillary but he's slightly more of that i think a bit more but that's not
very persuasive it just says that people like him it's almost a compliment i wanted to be worse so i've got con man that didn't mean much i got a liar that doesn't seem to make any difference i've got personality that's practically a compliment three things is enough so i'd better add uh russian collusion russian collusion economy and a liar cult personality and russian collusion but muller hasn't really given us much on the russian collusion in people are starting to not talk about it anymore and it seems me that the rush conclusion if there was something big it probably would have leaked because everything big leaks so so not enough all right would do i have so far i got four things lawyer calls a personally russia thing man
all four of them don't seem to mean much i mean compared to the card to be peace with north korea i don't have much need a fifth thing the thing for her let's see what else can i throw in there children in cages children in cages suck on that what the children in cages were a photograph from the obama era doesn't sure sure maybe the children in cages thing is as big as it should be because i don't really have a better way to handle it myself when you so all the other things my god man are you blind look at all the things you got your lying you got chicken man you got your cult of personality you got your russia you got your children cages bam hitler so
that's why the laundry list is a telephone cognitive dissonance you could almost see the thought process in the tweet it's like and he is this well that wasn't much hey this is still not much and you know you get to the fifth one by the time each five it becomes obvious to the writing the tweet that there's nothing there it's not going to get better with six or seven 'cause if you keep going it just starts looking ridiculous i saw somebody somebody did the the laundry list that i think had maybe fifteen items on it but if you look at it like yeah i think there were several items that were just duplicates because they ran out of reasons so they had they had to do something about taxes twice because because alisa wasn't long enough i already said taxes but
how can i reword the taxes thing again yeah something else about taxes at the end they end up criticizing low taxes as as one of their their worst attacks the human rights council issue at the u n i don't know that gas prices yeah maybe that'll be that'll be next all right i'm just leave your comments now our cognitive dissonance to wealthy
so here's the difference when trump does a list of his accomplishments he says stuff like you know academy economy is good in north korean isis and cutting regulations and stuff look at that you say ok those are actually big things and those are the things that his supporters wanted him to do so a list of accomplishments is fair game right look at the difference in the list trump's list are enormous war changing things that he at least on the way his supporters wanted him to do right the entire laundry list of the critics is stuff
even they'd all think is convincing so if they thought their list was convincing they can stop at one or two i'm sure terra fairness and not sure what that question or comment was about but it's i think here is probably something good does george lakoff have cognitive dissonance so you saw maybe some of you saw that article in a tweet from george lack off user use uc berkeley professor linguistics expert so he's one of the few people who are actually qualified to have an opinion on trump it is fight in the sense that he understands persuasion he understands the cognitive element he understands the third dimension and what's funny is the
lakoff is trying to warn his own side you know the anti trumpers he's yellow as loudly as you can hey it's not luck stop saying us luck it's not luck it's evil you know in lack of civilian but its skill and here's the here's what he's doing is the here's the here the skill a mix i'm describing the skills you can see m consistently using them you can see that these are real persuasive skills of course lack of would words like propaganda and you know you would use words to to make it sound as bad as possible but the reason that this is the phone
part of the reason the lack of is both an expert on persuasion yeah yeah the least you know his version of it the linguistic part and you know so i i think it's probably fair to say he's a an expert in the cognitive elements of persuasion maybe not the same same exact overlap with chill deanie but you know from his lynn lynn with sticks field and in the expansion of it i would say lack office it is a genuine expert and of course you want to uc berkeley because are we as a professor there so that makes a brilliant as well what here's his problem he still thinks for text matt are knows it doesn't matter to persuade because he observed that
he's calling it out but he can't leave he can't leave the field of facts matter and if he doesn't he can't convince anybody of anything so so you sort of trapped in his own little is only as a little child cage that as long as he is wed to the fact that that the the fax manner he's in trouble let me complete the thought because the facts matter and because he knows what he's talking about he can see the trump is not an idiot he that he can see that just clearly because he sees amusing technique which are the high end most effective techniques of uses them consistently enough that it's you know not a chance
so lack of knows something a fact that one hundred percent of the people not really one hundred percent let's say ninety nine percent of the people who are anti trump don't believe is true 'cause they believe that trump is an idiot and that nothing is doing has any intelligence to it support george lakoff who act as at a far higher level of understanding of what's going on here except that his fear i think is turning his during the the obvious good things are happening you know the economy north korea's center he this being distorted in his mind to into the world and society is falling apart even though the opposite of that is happening right in front of him but at least
way ahead of the people on his side because he understands the tools that trump is using and he just can't sell that to his own side is is completely handicapped by the fact that his side has bought into the movie in which try it is only lucky do you know the chauncey gardner reference from the movie being there very old movie in which the main character is literally a moron on because this is the united states because people can't tell the difference between the moron and somebody who's a genius yeah they just confuse the two it's like i understand what he's doing but it turned out it worked out so he must be a genius once i decided he's a genius
he does looks genesee to the people who have been fooled so you you see a number of people i saw him sam harris and some other people making that specific reference to chauncey gardner and that he is the chauncey gardner president and the fun part about that is that that point of view has sort of a fuse on it yeah you can start with that point of view you say well he got this far outta luck but the hypothesis once you leave the movie script world where anything is possible
if you leave the movie script world into the real world where you know the the odds matter the longer trump goes getting things done that at least his supporters want him to do even if the other side doesn't the harder it is to attribute it to lock who is like a flock of say an expert on linguistics and has been a problem professor at uc berkeley author prominent i'm an invoice in the in those sort of cognitive field democrats are picking an anti asian bent
somebody says i have not noticed that but i'd be open to examples left michael pollan said the ego is a controlled substance there you go what show many people started coming to that realization so there there's a natural enlightenment that comes once you realize the two movie alex once you realize that people are just literally observing and interpreting their world in completely different ways then you're to start realizing that your ego not who you are it's just sort of a tool that you can use and that is the humility of knowing that you could be in the wrong movie right you understand that you could be in the wrong movie or your
we might not be the one that predicts the best then you can say oh my ego is not helping me out here 'cause my ego kept telling me i'm right but then i observe that i'm wrong so once you see that your ego is not helping you and it's only hurting you at least hurting you when it's telling you incorrect stuff then you can use it as a tool that you can ramp it up when you need some confidence you can ramp it down when you think it's just fooling you how much of this boils down to fashion probably alot fashion in the sense that people like to be on the fashionable side of history but the fashionable side
it's actually a good analogy i tell you and allergies or are dangerous fashion is something usually a tribute a tribute to the young tell you as soon as you hear the word fashion your mind goes to young models and teens and people care about fashion you're not thinking about the forty five year old day at he was wearing is is khakis and sandals you're you're thinking about young people so fashion is a good way to talk about because the the left have become the chilled then the argument they their opinions of the world are best described as young because what i was saying before is that if your
is that something is bad but you don't have any concept of what the alternatives are that's a child's freedom of the world and you see that i'm pretty much everything there they take sort of the child's friend the the all trade is this is going to be hard for all of us it's not gonna be fun it's going to hurt but i guess as to a better place so yes we're going to do something tough but is because in the long run that's an adult frame and it's the it's what the the the if you look at the use the videos recently of president trump from however many years ago he was doing interview before he was president before he was even a candidate and saying we don't do something about north korea now it's going to be harder and worse in the future so we got to go hard now that's an adult of
but you gotta take some pain now because it'll be better later the child frame is that you take the pleasure now you you know you let the children do what they want you give everybody money you don't worry about what happens after that so it's sort of the long run versus short run thinking that is typified by children verses adults all right so in nineteen ninety nine is one truck said that in an interview i think somebody's prompting what happened with the global warming lawsuit good question
don't we remember there was a lawsuit in which the judge had asked the climate change and proponents and an anti to make their cases and it feels like we just stopped hearing about that uh i'd love to that worked out they might be in some kind of a delay or break or something it's hard for most people to delay a great suffocation it is but wouldn't you agree that it's something that you get better at as you get older your the five year old can't delay any graphic teenager can do it sometimes a twenty something can do it once in awhile you know
but by the time you're my age well by the time with my age there's no point in delaying it 'cause you don't have much time left right so i may be moving to the other side of the curve pretty quickly so there's some let me just switch topics so let me tease you that there's some interesting happen things happening in the urban development world and i'm going to update you on that maybe in the next few weeks relative to bill days urban blight project worries tearing down homes and getting rid of the crime and bad influences that those abandoned buildings have but now the next part is what do you do with it and that's where the fun is going to happen so
i'll just give you a teaser for it this is not nothing you bigger better stuff is coming but just a teaser that you probably saw that elon musk's boring company b o r i n g boring which creates tunnels has agreed or got the contract i guess like a tunnel from i guess the suburbs the airport or something in chicago and she lego has i believe bill pulte said something like seven thousand buildings that are candidates for being removed with the blight the blight authority method just
down quickly and it turns out that one of the big problems when you remove a bunch of buildings is it that they have basins that are just holes in the ground and you need to fill in with her so build we yesterday hey what are you going to do with all that dirt um elon musk when you build those tunnels now we've already talked about the fact that you lawn has developed a technology or company has to build turn that dirt into and that might be one of the great uses for it from the chicago durk but the other use is just to pair up with the blight authority and start showing in the basements that need to be
well then they'll if you're gonna rebuild i don't know if you always want to fill in the basement but i'm assuming that people know more than i do about this stuff so there's there's a really good example of where you've got to private citizens who are doing something for chicago this really substantial and and it's the basis for what can you know reduce crime make it easier to get a job make it easier to go to school once you get rid of the blight and the crime everything gets easier so we may be in the world and i've said this before but i want to run this by him so fact check me on this and fact checking being not exactly the right term i want your opinion on this he
my opinion and you can weigh in with yours that having a president who is a famous entrepreneur you what you didn't do just one kind of business you did golf courses in every projects and every project even every business is a new thing he did licensing he did tv he did that was a present so he's a very entrepreneurial figure even if you say oh his casinos didn't work he had bankruptcy etc that's very typical of the entrepreneurial ark it's not unusual for entrepreneurs to lose it all before they get it back yeah or at least lose a lot before they they make a big so do you think that having an entrepreneurial president is causing the citizens to be more entrepreneurial and specifically
entrepreneurial in a way that has a public good you know because that's that's what you see in the blight authority it's what you're seeing with elon musk doing some of the things he's doing at some of the things you see at at sos sam opens why commentator you see why commentator working on projects which are clearly for the public good you know they're also trying to make money but there the the the the head space is very much good yeah and i'm saying a number of you say yes i find myself drawn to help in a way that i never have before and it feels like there's something permissive about the trump
and see permissive in an entrepreneurial way that if you've got a good idea and you've got the energy to do something you might be able to do it and take for an example is just a small example kim kardashian who i would argue that's not much of an argument is probably one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our age right if you at what kim kardashian is done variety of fields including making new fortune and a video games or video games etcetera hugely entrepreneurial the whole family seems to be pretty entrepreneurial in so she takes this idea into the president and says hey i have this idea about you letting alice johnson is it a prison and pardon the kerr takes it to the so the you know one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world takes an idea to
what of the other most famous entrepreneurs in the world president trump and what does he say sounds good to me yeah what do you expect one to entrepreneurs at that level have a conversation something good something good might happen so that's the sort of thing where you see somebody just have an idea they bring it to the president and the president says i like i could work with that and i feel like we've seen that a number of times having we have you see the number of times the president said idea do you remember in healthcare he said all sign it just bring me some that works that's sort of the entrepreneurial kind of approaches like bring me good ideas and i'll help you make him work likewise he said to the nfl kneelers if you've got
my ideas of people who need pardons bring him to me alright so permissive entrepreneurial world were cutting regulations were you know were were just setting an example yes exactly thank you when when the president talked to kim jong moon and showed him the video it was advertorial pitch it was hey you can them condos on the beach your economy can be zyban so i feel that's one of the most underrated elements of this presidency is that his example and you watching him sort of jazz improvise a lot of things entrepreneurial approach instead of the lawyerly approaches like well we gotta get this taken care of before we can move to this
and then we'll have to do this in order number things out of order make sure you covered all the bases here though the their approach that we've had so many times you just wades into the situation shakes the box says how about this let me throw this out little ab testing while we're working i'll tweet this see what happens fix it tweet it fix it tweet it fix it so he's he's he's carving the turkey right in front of us you know based on what's happening in feedback and you know the variables that are that are immediately in the vicinity it's
it's a sort of approach that some day the historians are gonna say why can't we get more of that okay servers shake the box all right i'm just looking at your come consider didn't have much to say today so i think i'm going to sign off is there any other topic that i haven't covered that you'd like me to before i go i'll just look at your comments for moment see if anything else comes up reprime summer of love yeah so have anybody noticed the summer of love hi weasels
so somebody asked me where can you buy a bong weasel right now there's not a webpage to that but if there is all that you know anything was hawk newsome not since last time i have to lose you best reply to people freaking out about the viii children well the best reply is that you agree with them so first you pay some hold chilled being separated from their parents and in children in prison is the worst it's the worst so first you agree because i agree there's nobody here who says oh i'd like to put children in prison so
firstly gray and then say so why should we do and if they say don't put them in prison you say yeah yeah i'm with you but what should we do instead and then walk them through the options send both backed immediately the families in the adults and children in the same place or catch and release i guess that's what it's called and they just melt into the landscape which is the same as just not having a border does anybody could come with a child and then just melt into the meltons of the landscape so agree on the emotional part here's the mistake here's what you can't do and it would not be effective if somebody comes at you and says the president you like it
in children in cages what doesn't work is challenging them on the fax you could you certainly could point out that the pictures i saw the cages was from twenty fourteen that's fair but generally speaking the facts are going to win you the thing on this conversation you want to first degree with them emotionally yeah children taken away from parents that's very bad let's not do that and then guide them toward describe bring their solution and you find that they run out of words and change the subject and then you have one declare victory and somebody said i've been trying this they don't respond at all all right before i the comment i just told you that what that's what would happen you're gonna you're you're gonna make them actually just silent
i will just sit there or they will find a reason to leave or change the subject or tell you something else bad about president trump but that is your victory right once they change the subject you've done what you can do victory is sometimes silent yes is the cognitive brain freeze once you ask them to describe the alternative and they realize they don't have one yeah but but you can't tell them don't tell them they don't have an alternative help them walk through them and there's hopefully as you can and they will come to the conclusion themselves you can help people talk themselves out of their opinion but it's very rare that in a single conversation you're going to change somebody's mind even
even with my considerable persuasive experience that's rare almost never see it by the way speaking atrion so i started the patriot account you can find it at my same name as twitter and periscope scott adams says and when people or donate and there are one dollar usually and i'm using that to pay to pay for the translation of my periscopes into podcasts you can see them on my web on thedilbert dot com site just go to the go to the blog page and there's a little menu for the podcasts but i'm also having them translated into youtube form which is a bit of work as you get it download and then translate them and it takes about an hour
but there are putting him on youtube by request not because it's another big platform which is cool too but because you can play youtube in the background of your of your device apparently the periscopes only play in the foreground so you can't use your phone at the same time for other stuff but the podcasts and the you tubes will play in the background so that's what i'm using the patris on donations for and the reason i'm taking donations when in fact i'm as you know quite rich is because i don't get paid for this so if people want to expand this knowing that i don't get paid for it they can contribute to patris on and then patriotic will expand it in ways that
people like to consume it in putting on a you tube also gives me a platform that might protect the content in case periscope ever goes away somebody said you can get my entire library onto youtube in two days well you have to do the same thing you have to download and convert each file add a description you know it's not that easy was almost as it'll be done in a day or two you can background the periscope so on the ios now i don't think that's the case broadcast that there might be something you can do that
or some people are saying yes you can you can others say nope well i'll test it it could be something that a new new operating system allows somebody said they just did oh just updated well that's great ok well having it on youtube will just give people better options and for finding it and interacting with it so it's a new update on periscope oh that's so good to know ok thank you alright that's it for me for today and i will talk to you later
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