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Episode 1061 Scott Adams: Fake News, Fake Science, Fake Everything

2020-07-17 | 🔗

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  • Has Mary Trump ever met President Trump?
  • Legalizing violent crime before a national election
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s calls out anti-semitism
  • Jake Tapper calls out CNN HOAX
  • HOAX: Unidentified authorities arresting people
  • Hong Kong losing financial center status

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Bump bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump away everybody good to see what it has come to my attention that some people watch these lives dreams later on play back fast forward through the simultaneous. Can you believe it? Ah? Well, just in case you are provision. The introduction in the something you step is for the benefit of the live yours who were screaming and catch the beginning, you want? You then replay fast ward I recommend listen listening to me at one point. Five times speed. I here, that's that's the sweet spot,
but for those of you or your life, the special people, the good people, the the bourgeois people, the people likely get it fresh. To enjoy this experience and the maximum way. You know what you need is called the simultaneous up, and it goes like this. You need a copper bugger glass at anchor challengers, dynamic, amply jungle flask, a vessel of any kind filling with your favorite liquid, like coffee. And join me now for the unbalanced pleasure, the doubling of the day, the thing that makes everything better, including protest, ban, demagogues economics, you name it and some good go Well, here's my favorite story of the day. Apparently these simulation is winking at us again, because
there's a photo and a story about a fox and actual animal, a fox who. Stealing somebody's Washington Post off of porridge your lot. I guess. And so we have a literal story of fox delivering fake news. I don't know what are the odds that these are just coincidences, but it looks like the author of the simulations trying to send this message. Did you get this one? Do you get it I'm sending a fox. To rob the Washington Post you get it right. Does everybody gets us? Well, it just feels, like the author of the simulations trying to send this message to remember the story. Twitter hackers who somehow they got into twitter systems and tourism accounts and twisted some scams about bitcoin
Well, there's some conspiracy theories and allow so sure that I'm not one of those who think that made the whole Bitcoin thing work is a diversion and that the real The purpose of the hack, Wasn't really the Bitcoin Barge, although maybe they need some money too. But rather the were trying to cover up some deeper mischief which we may not yet, no because one somebody has access to winders eaters. What else can they do? What other things can they discuss? Seems like it would be quite a playground there,
possibility is that they have. They had access to the direct messages of lots of famous people, and maybe those famous people will get blackmailed. But let me suggest that if you are leaving messages in a private place, There is no such like, so be careful. What you say in any digital form cause you're down a place where you should assume you should assume that somebody's look at them. Speaking of Mary job of using the latest, I guess trumps knees and does the aid that we have to talk about this because, as yet another verified play some yet another book, so some very drop the knees her latest bombshell claim, which he was
badgered into saying. What's your name show on MSNBC and what Mary Trump said was that the I guess the trumpet family she didn't give a timeframe. But that they may have used the word and that trump himself at some time in the distant past had also used it. They dots missing, goes missing from their story any kind of context, because let me make a statement in case this comes as a surprise to people did. Did you know- and I know this baker, the shock of some you did. You know that when people speak privately quite often there will say it all.
The things you're not supposed to say and public, no, not just some of them, but all of them unless you have different friends than I do Have have not the people that you know personally. At one time or another, maybe not all on the same day, but have not your personal conversations, used every bad? Were there could be used surface to every bad idea? They could be surfaced and base. We talked of every manner of bad thing, often in ways that if somebody arguing public you would be cancelled, Now, the old days you can say private, Things, and maybe there would stay private Khazars, no mere. Nobody is right a book about you, there's no digital record and I would argue that people have two distinct lives. One is the things they say private,
and the others the things that they would be willing for the general public to here, and I have suggested If we were to have a digital bill of rights there, The rules we should at least consider is this- that you should at least consider that if somebody takes a private conversation and moves it into a public sphere, that the person who moved into the other context. Becomes the author of it now this is a hard right, because you don't want the person just reporting what happened to to become the author, but I would suggest this if somebody says something in public and then is reported in public. That's fair right as completely fair, seldom public reported in public but suddenly said so are in private. It is universally true that we speak differently in private to people. We trust off,
say things that are the worst possible thing you can say, because that's what makes it funny that's what makes a funny that you're, not suppose the so people will say things in public that are, outrageously, appropriate because they again they liked him. Starting everybody, nobody's gonna, hear it in May be a reflection of their sole. They just like to use an appropriate words private, because it's more fun is robot, but he doesn't use inappropriate words or talk about inappropriate things, or at least you wouldn't want other people to know in public in private doubted its pretty universal. So I would say- and of course this rule does not exist, but if it did I would say that Mary Trump is the only person responsible for making us think of the inward more than we need to
one of the things that have said this before, but this bears repeating. You know the third country doesn't have a sense of humor like actually literally, doesn't have a sense of humour in the same way that maybe about the same amount of the country doesn't have musical talent. I wouldn't be in that latter category. So it's not an insult. Just people have different skills are distributed all over the place, lots of people literally don't have a sense of humor the things that they might not appreciate from people who do have a sensible is, but they don't appreciate, is that sometimes the thing that is folly is
the inappropriate use of it. So why are you laughing at? Isn't that the subject of the joke was mocks? Some group were personally whatever. If you laugh privately, with an emphasis on the privately somebody privately tells you would deeply and approach a joke- and you laugh- you know laughing at the targeted the Joe if you have actual, if you're a leisure sociopath or that prisoners locally, but in general you're laughing at the fact that anybody would say that they are allowed to me. That's all areas when anybody does something completely. Appropriate, I always laugh is automatic, but here's the deeper. Question no also suggested that a digital
A digital bill of rights will include that if you did something more than twenty years ago, it just doesn't count. It just doesn't count taking things from the past, moving them to the present, as if as if our current sensibilities existed at the same time as the statement just illegitimate me today, so we should just ignore anything from twenty years ago, but here's a more interesting question, has Mary drop, ever met the president there's this is actually the hilarious part. Apparently, there's a question about
whether they ve never been in the same room, so we haven't seen a picture of them in the same room and that's funny now. What's funny areas the these physicality of the universe and I'm gonna have to go there and they say: don't go there, I'm gonna go there. I'm gonna go there. Now, when you watch Mary Trump, give the interview. She's, not what you call a sympathetic character, meaning that when you look at her she doesn't look emotionally stable, which is different from saying that she is emotionally unstable. The only thing I know I'm not a psychiatrist right, so not medically, diagnose eager, but I have
as a viewer, an impression. So I just tell you my viewer impression, because in the world of politics the viewer impression matters, not a medical diagnosis. I wouldn't do that and what she looks like he's. Somebody was severe mental problems, emotional, mental problems. Now I'm not say she does happen essay. She looks exactly like somebody was severe emotional mental problems so that I think works a little bit against her request. For years, here's the funniest thing that works against our credibility, ready for this, and if you have a father, that's yet you get a laugh. What I tell you
Let me know if you thought of this, but here's the thought when you're assessing her credibility, consider that she looks like Trump with a wig. She looks like a tribe suggests, a phase that looks like She looks like President Trump years there's something about the remind you of them. There's something recognizable. And so you need. They think I feel like I'm listening to female trump talking about the other job, and this is weird disconcerting feeling that I think works against your credibility for the very part of the statement that he would like to believe. It. I think that partial funny other north that really has an effect and then, as make certain events, pointed out in a tweet. I would agree that if you are,
say. If you're just objective elite, looking at here is a stranger and you didn't know anything about, Lucy was when she was talking about and the only thing you were doing as you turned off the sound and you are body language as she answered the question, what it was like, she was telling the truth or would it look like she was concocting ally and I would agree with. Sort of riches view on that again we're not lighted actors. We can't see inside our brain, but if I were to judge from her mannerisms it looks exactly like somebody who's making something up. I don't know she is making something up carried her mind again, it looks exists.
Like. Somebody is not credible. So I'm fascinated to see is the story. Is any legs and all you think you would play into the hole. You know the fake news view that the president's giant raised, but I just don't know how much attention the stories gonna get because Mary Trump is Darn none credible and it was a long time ago- and I think everybody probably something tells me that even the black people watching this are saying to himself everybody in the Sixtys and Seventys in private conversations. Including all black people, including all every other kind of person, including all people, said things that you wish. Here's your niece wouldn't tell me.
You said that doesn't mean. Is that only those things and others certainly evidence to suggest that a din and it's not credible, but those are all the factors that would take into consideration. Here is a question for you. If you like, I tweeted the other day that the closer society gets. To being able to programme a simulation of its own, in other words, a software, a world where the characterising the world believes that there are conscious and real people. The closer we get to being able to do that. The closer you get to understanding that that's what you are now. Of course. I talk about the simulation because it's fun, but I
I view this following thought to chew on, and it goes like this. Why would anybody who could create a simulation create one? What would be the purpose of creating a software simulation a world full of people who thought they were real, but we're not. Why would you do it because the the theory of the simulation? Is that once you couldn't do it, you would do it and maybe you do it lots of times. While I would suggest that the creators of the simulation might do it for the same reason that we will do it, in other words, the closer we get to being able to do it. The more we all realise there is a reason to do it, and then reason is able testing their own choices and other words, if you have the same problem, you're working through in your life. And you're wondering how to deal with that. You can creators. Relation of yourself
official world testing a lot of different things in seeing how it turns out that you'd have to have a really good simulation to think that the things that were tested in the simulation within translate into your so called real world. But if you had simulations and he ran the simulation enough times. You might get closer to saying. Ok, every time. I do something like this. I get a better I hope everyone. I do something like this, so I would suggest you to keep this in mind that if we gave got to the point where we can create an hour or so station a simulation there were test. What what happen. If we personally act in different ways, we do it so just think about. We probably do it.
Somebody says it would be cruel. I wonder if it would be, would it be cruel to trade software that felt pain? What do you think? That's a really interesting ethical and moral question. Isn't it would it be ethical to create software that thought it was a real creature with real feelings and she'll pain. Maybe that way, I put them out there in the other party that is. Have you noticed that in your life and maybe people, you know, people have this I'm kind of problem over and over again- and we know that. In your life, your entire life. Even though your situation, your relationships where you live the job. All these things are changing But have you noticed that you will have just the same sort of problem over over and over again, whereas all the people,
round. You will have that problems zero times, and you say yourself: how can I always have the same problem where other people don't have problem, but other people also have a theme problem. They have the same sort of problem over and over again, but I never have down what's up with that And that again would suggest that we are simulations testing things for our creators, meaning that the challenges that I get seem to be very soon more and nature? I won't go into it, but the similar I've noticed forever, like really the moment I solve them, album a new thing jumped up to give me the same problem back in a different way. How could that be and makes me think that that that's how you know which problem you were stimulated to work through cuz you, building on the same problem in different. I have suggested a lot of people have also that the
The best slogan for chums campaign would be jobs, not mobs. Now that that was the slogan that came up in the last campaigning, but I think, is more appropriate now, because we are seeing more mobs, so that contrast between jobs and mobs is now so big. That is just the perfect campaign slogan. So I'd be interested to see if the campaign tries tries to find out what is if they like it, the what why you should expect to see somebody, not the president trying it out. First discourtesy, our does. That would be a normal way to do it, although Trump, as you have treated it before, so that in that case, you could assume. Maybe it's already tested now I tweeted this. I am no political expert. I don't pretend to be an expert in politics, but it seems to me that the Democrats strategy.
Of effectively legalizing violent crime rate before a national election is not the best strategy. Because what it looks like to me- and it looks exactly like this destiny is- Democrats or removing the controls on crime going into a major election, because that's really the whole story about New York City right? They, the there's no bail, so you commit a crime you can just be released, covers more crimes, get picked up can released. Yet if you have a court date, I guess you can just leave weapons. So couldn't you do that forever? Is there any limit to how many times you can just say? Well, thanks for us and I'll see you later and just walk away, and I don't know the details, but it sounds like you could
So I cannot see any world in which the Democrats even have a chance in November, in terms of the presidency. Because if you running on a platform of increasing crime and the news is showing nonstop images of increased crime. I just don't know how that gets. You elected, I just don't see how that could possibly work. I've heard people say that the president is basically has no chance of re election to the poles are so slanted. But how many people have you heard who have cheap? Their minds from Trump Biden. In your life, there are a lot of people doing that, because I I think I have encountered zero people that I personally know, although enough they mentioned to me, but it doesn't feel,
doesn't feel like you're. What I'm observing makes sense new topic cream Abdul Jabbar, if you're young, you dont, know use one of the great basketball players of all time is kind of politically active and he has written a few up adds. One of them was a bow systemic racism. I think I may have criticized him for that. I forget what but there's something I quit with, but he wrote another bad just recently. And this one really got my attention and I want to give a shout out a compliment to Karim Abdul Jabbar because he wrote, if you didn't know he's he's black Which is important to the story and he wrote it up ad in which he called
Hollywood and sports world for their anti semitic, stuff. There's an then really push back on enough according to dream I will consider this one of the great acts of leadership that we ve seen lately so keep in mind now another big cream, Abdul Jabbar fan? In fact, I thought he ruined basketball for years, because he was so good and so tall they're watching you play other teams just unseen fund. Does it just in sea, like you could be the guy that big and their good, so me, sort of ruin. The basketball for awhile does not like the fan is one of the great players vol time. That's just a fact, but he wasn't fun to watch in my opinion- and I disagreed with the months and political stuff, but I'm going to give him a plus, plus plus leadership
For taking what might have been the worst- and I know, I'm not sure if you got any blowback it, but he came out strongly against Anti Semitism. In the middle of the black lives matter movement. He said hey, let's, I don't want to say that he said all lives matter does hidden, but in effect Karim Abdul Jabbar saying: let's not over focus on this one problem, this anti Semitism things pretty big. If Europe. This you're, not really credible. That does my paraphrasing of it, and I appreciate that. I appreciated the fact that you start for another group, and I think the more that you see the healthier the country a thank you to cream. I people he asked me why Trump is
that promoting the wearing of masks. Why is Trump not saying- and this would be- this is not my opinion. This is you're talking to me. They say you know these masks. Save lives will talk about the controversy about whether they do or do not. But people said anything they save lives is obvious, say some people: why doesn't tromp say: wear masks doesn't have to say that you have to does have to make it mandatory. But if you just promote More people would say I we like peace and where mass will will wear masks. So why doesn't he do that you know that people would pick up. I think that safe to say, if you provided at more to wear, masks and the republican side
I think that's where. Why doesn't he do? It is a mistake of leadership that he's not pushing masks. Here's my taken next to think about it for awhile. Imagine if he did. Let's say he pushed masks. What would happen if the President promoted the use of mass It would be like hydroxyl chloroprene if the president said president's a mask CNN. M S. Nbc wouldn't be running nonstop pieces about how they don't work and is making everything worse. Now, if you don't think that's true, you have not been paying attention. If you say they yourself, Scots, Guy's got the fake news, media, fake news, but they're not gonna, run YO stories that would destroy the country with bad medical advice
just because the president had the opposite opinion: they're not gonna, go up. Is it just because he said it, they would that's exactly what they were there there's no chance if, if the president was promoting masks and if it was very persuasive, let's say Republicans just all messed up from day one you wouldn't say: Democrats worry masks, they would say was fake. These anti science innovation where a mask, but here's the other part that I haven't seen a single person say. I have not seen a single person say this is the most important thing trump has been painted by the opposition and the fake news as an authoritarian. As a dictator. If Trump is being presented as an authoritarian, authoritarian dictator, how would he be treated if you told everybody they had to wear masks from?
the federal level you would be treated as an authoritarian dictator and even the Republicans would think so right, so it will be the first time that the Democrats, whatever winner point, because mostly the two sides year, they send messages, but they don't get through But one of the messages the Democrats have been trying to send is hey. You Republicans, here? You see he's an authoritarian dictator. Why can't you see it? Why is Our message not penetrating your bubble, get your Fox news bubble, he's a dictator is an authoritarian, if Trump told people that, where mass from the federal level, that message would completely penetrate the right and the right would say you know actually point there. Thank you get a point. We don't want to hear this from the president. Now is the president does not do it will happen
Well, the states to it and and these cities do it now they're all make the same decision but, you feel about the credible worthy of those decisions if their made at the local level versus the federal level feels different. Doesn't it does not feel different if your city has decided that you should wear masks Even if you don't like it, doesn't that feel moral legitimate. Then the president, this is not a precedent decision. The fact that the president step back from a little bit. I wish you would say directly by the way The best thing president could do is say you know, I'm not your dictator, let you local. Let your local community work it out with you. You see what the professionals
you see that I wear a mask when I visit Walter Reed, I'm not envy the dictator work it out locally, but I hope you follow the medical advice. That would be a good message. I don't think that he is done well, but when you say is not doing it right, you gotta ask yourself what would it look like if he did if he did it right? According to the people whose a mask work, He wouldn't be were made the Democrats masks, they would have question it and they would have called it an authoritarian dictator and they just want to work so sort of the trap. So here's the other thing. How do we judge all of the conflicting science.
About masks and whether they work. So I asked on Twitter. Can somebody suddenly a good thread that the talks about them and here's? What I find you and people will suddenly to an article that looks good. Scholarly. There's a phd or medical doctor involved, he'll be in order who says, here's all the proof that masks do not work every every studies as they don't work, and you say to yourself: well, that's pretty convincing its looks like some publication, that's respectable the person who wrote it looks respectable shows all of his sources. Every one of them show that face nice, don't work So that's right, good source, credible person, every single, every single cited study, same direction, mass, don't work so or downright except you can
six inches down your twitter feed and find a credible person in a credible publication pointing to studies showing they work. That and so here's my greater point, the all the people you should not believe in any conversation are the ones were sure. Those in the ones you should not be eve in any conversation, release deserts complexity in science involved. You would I dont know how to sort of the science you. Do not know how to read those various studies. And say you know this is a good one. This is a bad one. I trust this. Will I don't trust. We don't have those skills we do not.
Skills. We only have experts telling us what they ve seen, because maybe they do have the skills, but here's the problem which experts are you gonna, listen to because they don't agree. If the experts don't agree, how can you tell which is the good expert, because it just takes your problem of not being able to look at the science and come up with a good opinion. All it does is transferred to. While I care also figure out which experts are credible, it's all just stuff that you don't have any ability to determine what you think you do. The thank you in part is the part that nation stupid. If you can look at all these studies and say well, looks like there's some people in some
That is the go. One way looks like there's some people in some studies they go the other way. If your opinion is anything, but I guess is unclear, that's the only opinion I think you can have on, but you saw like a decision right, you don't get to say well, it's unclear so I'll just avoid the situation. They're gonna, where a mask were now our mask, so you ve got a pack. So what do you do?
you can evaluate the science and you don't know who, which experts are credible. You are left with some kind of a low information risk management decision. Here's how I've made mine here the mistakes that people make when they're looking for work into it here, the mistakes that the lay people are making when looking at the studies and even the question first one is that they misunderstand the purposes and ask the the masks for the public are not about protecting the where it's about protecting other people. I stress the first thing, so you see a lot of people were very certain about things no say no mass will not will not
tat you from getting the virus, but that's not really the question. So those people don't understand the question does or analyzing the wrong thing. The other thing is some people say the total quantity of air. The comes out from around the masks is still the same because if you act sale, it's going somewhere so, if it doesn't go straight out, is going down the side of the masks and might even be going out and little jets because you're force in the same amount of stuff and smaller openings, and so some people Well, is the same in other areas is going in all the same. This too is bad analysis, because the point is not to reduce the quantity of air in the room. Nobody said: that's the point. The point is to keep it local. The point is that you're exhalations are more likely to say state
Our goal, even if it's coming out of the edges to me that sounds reasonable and one of experts say that it is reasonable to is also not about the masks blocking viruses, because people will point you to a lot of sites. As you know, at the microscopic level, the halls of the master, this big and particles, the viruses and this big and even the smaller water drops from this big and they fit through they fit through. So if they fit through the mask, the mass do nothing right wrong, because the air is what is mostly carrying the virus, so you can imagine.
We get ripped off some little would be on smaller droplets, etc. But there really is no situation I can imagine in which, if you can't blow at a candle lets, you know the couple feet away from you, but you could, if you had the mask off its doing, something is, is blocking some of the most here, that's carried in the air and much of that most you must have a virus attached the worst. When I heard somebody emailed me and said Noah happens. Scott is its carried only water chocolates until it reaches you, man, And then the water is stripped off and then the free viruses go forward into the universe now unburden by the water droplets, I feel like that's not what's happening. Again or not, experts we don't know, but if virus travels on water droplets and water
problems are in any way impeded or slow down or kept more local. I don't know any situation in which that isn't gonna be good in terms of transmission, and then there is the question about there's the question about touching your face and a lot of people said that, if it, if it makes you would just your mask, alot, well, that's just as bad as having no mask might be worse. Does your face your hands? Always gonna be up around your face, but I don't know about you, but if I ever face mask, I do touch my face. A lot firms, touching my cheek with my finger on doing this year. Maybe my chin wants of under this. Isn't that like really different than touching the Moist party, your mouth, because I was think it's sort of your your mouth and Europe,
who's in your eyes, yo you're, you're, moist parts that are the problem since you cover this big moist mouth and you do touch your cheek a little bit with your finger. Is that just as dangerous as all the times you touch your mouth because people do touch their mouth? what were you ask mask if you ve watched so anyway, if you're totally certain about mass, maybe you shouldn't be, but you have to make a decision anyway and I'm gonna go with the piss european small, the piss european small. It's like this, if you're standing next to somebody and they take a piss in their pants, do you get as well as if they were not wearing bands and there were aiming at Now it's a bad analogy, because the virus there's no virus in the urine in that bag analogy, but it's sort of our thinking about it. It must be stopping some of the virus.
Today, as he then did report and the number of grown a virus does not an maki them because they ve been talking about the number of infections, but they leave out of that same story. The number of deaths, which is clearly the more important part, both important but deaths, will always be more important, but today the actually reported an prominently. Why do you suppose I did that because it was a record so as soon as the deaths were bad news, it became part of the article when deaths were good news, meaning that the number of deaths were low.
Compared to the number of people infected that actually look kind like good news, because it made it look like no matter whether you get infected or not. We ve got something going on. I don't know what may be the way we treat it. Maybe hydrochloric we who knows maybe he's vitamin d- I don't know, but it looked like death was good news, while infections were bad news, death rate following being the Good NEWS, not the desk and as soon as the death count became bad news, because its record, it's obviously bad news. It became a headline disgusting hundred eight hundred thirty thousand people did so far. Credit virus. Allegedly some Princeton professors very cleverly wrote an article in which they said. Maybe we should change why in August changed the months
because July and August are named after Julius Augustus Caesar and if Julius Caesar was a slave owner, which he was, do you have to change? the name of those two months now it was a little bit of a more of a challenging thought. They were actually in favour of changing them, and then they went on to say that you really have to change the name of the Democratic Party, because a democratic party up to the ninety six is when I was alive. My actual lifetime was, was the party of Yo Segregation and complex clan and and all the other stuff. So is an argument that Democrats must change their name from Democrats. I would say yes I mean why would you be a member of a party with the same name as the party that was in favour of all these racial?
bad things, one by other favours stories and news is Jake Tapir having to call call bullshit unseen ends own pundits for spreading fake news So clearly, machination was misinterpreted why she was talking about school openings. She said that the science should not stand in the way, Going back to school, and then she went on to say that the science than she referred to a study of credible study, saying that the risks for children were low and therefore the science would not stop us from going to school, because the science supports it, of course, Jim CASTOR and some other people, s decided to interpret that as we're going to ignore the science and go to school, exactly the opposite of what she said: Jake Tapir to his credit, called bullshit nodded and even tweeted
So even he was not willing to accept the narrative, which is our network, had immediately adopted that the the fake news they kill him back in any was in favour of ignoring science and putting children back in school. So they will die because Orange man that- and so I will give props to Jake. Four fact checking his own network, which is an easy there's. No there's no way of any no way any bathing says easy to do. I will give him a second shout out by saying he's the only one who said about the Charlottesville find people hoax, he's the only person who said that the context should include the president explicitly disavowed the people that the rest of scene was saying.
He was talking about as fine people. So Jake is the only person I know who was called Bullshit zone network for misinterpreting quotes in a fairly obvious way, their misinterpreted. So granted him, there is a story about Portland, because these uniformed scary, looking people in camouflage. We are showing up in rented minivans and stuff and grabbing protesters off the street and taking the boy now the rumour or the way has been true. Then social media, as that these are unmarked. Unnamed unannounced, we don't know who these camouflaged military looking people are. They have masks they're just grabbing people off the street is like the gestapo it's it's like.
Words Gestapo, so that's out of the left is framing it, but they also, of course, have no access to news from the right. So they don't reels see real news. If they did, they would be following Jack, Pacific Twitter. Who will tell you de I just patches on their uniforms now it's hard to say as a night, but I think he reaches better as spotting the stuff from experience and, we know that the Department of Homeland Security said they were going to be operating there. They said they would be operating there and people with the ages, Yo identification on their uniforms did show up there. There shouldn't be too much mystery about who they were added should not surprise you that they were in non military vehicles.
Because you don't want to bring in tanks and on and stuff like that, it just makes it look to military, But here is a barrier loved about it is gearing the living shit. Another protesters which to me is hilarious. Let me read this: one could see this other This protester, who was frightened and he said to use one of the ones that they they they nabbed and they took him somewhere within them. They let him go now use like. Oh, you said this: he didn't this is wrong. In his report. He did not know whether the men were police or far right, extremists who frequently don military like outfits and arrests, left, leaning protestors. In Portland and the twenty nine Euro resident said he made, about half a blocked before we realized there would be no escape. Does you try to run from home and give up
Then he said to his knees: hands in the air and he said quote: I was terrified better bone told the Washington Post, it seems like it was reserve of a horror. I fight like a fillip Kate, Dick novel. It was like being preyed upon, to which I say. Excellent excellent because I think is useful for the protesters to feel how the citizens of the city that their abusing, She'll about them, how happy argue that a protest was afraid of somebody in a mask kind, a perfect right, the fact that the Department of Homeland Security, where masks so you can see their faces really body, because we ve been saying that one of the things that the US feel these protests is the fact that people can, where mass
if you can wear a mask, because the corona virus is recommended that You can get away with stuff goes. You figure well nobody's, got a picture of a worrying mask, so the masks have so far been only to the benefit of the protesters. Well looks like Department of Homeland Security just took their advantage away, as if the Department of Homeland Security who do not live in the city for the most part, they don't live in this, It is a worry masks. You're not gonna, be able to find out who they were probably don't have named tags as they do. The ATA get rid of all they need to get rid of named tax. So is reminding me somewhat of the untouchables. Do you remember the untouchables? They were
people who did not live, and I think of Chicago who were brought in from the outside and people didn't, I think people than other identities, because then they can work on organised crime and they would not get bribed cause it's hard to bribe somebody if he can find a mean another name at and their from out of town. But it's easy to bribe was a police officer who lives in your town, especially if you're threatening their family if they don't take your bride. So it looks like the Department of Homeland Security. Are the untouchables.
The people coming in who don't have an obvious identity and you can't go back and other scary super super scary right. So I can't think of a better solution than to bring in masked super scary people with unknown identities, to clear things out of Portland, and you have to appreciate that as a strategy. But of course there are counter strategies you're here Gustavo people worry about. We might enter World WAR three with any of our international foes, China or Russia, etc. But I dont think you realize were already in world WAR three World WAR: three, if you count war with Russia and China simultaneously as a world war were in it,
not all of it. When we give you a shocking statistic, if you added together the number of overdose deaths from Sentinel and the United States and the sentinel we know comes from China chinese ventral has killed x number people. If you had that number. To the number killed by the corona virus. Those two numbers together both both caused by China, have killed more american citizens than died in world war. Two, that's right! So if you believe that chinese Sentinel is intentional, meaning they could stop if they wanted to, but they don't- and I believe that is essential and if you believe that they didn't tell the rest of the world about the krona virus intentionally.
Then we have already lost more people to China's aggression. Then we lost in all of world war. Two. Think about it. Now, if you're telling me there were not enough, the war? I would say you don't know what our cyber security people are doing. You don't know how much China is doing. Espionage and cyber attacks against us. You don't know how much we're doing to them, because I'm pretty sure it's a lot so at the moment, we're in a full scale war, just a weird war that is, is being fought in ways that you don't see, bodies you just see. In some cases you may see some protesters, something there were caused by these this mischief, but the war is on. The war is completely on and we read maneuver, it's just a warlike. None. We ve seen before.
Palmdale told the Congress then he says Hong Kong is no longer to be considered autonomous. Now that doesnt covers a big surprise right the day that Great Britain decided. Ok here, the leases up and home. I will be returned to some kind of chinese situation with autonomous rule pretty much everybody smart set up, so it'll just be China, because, eventually, just because of geography and because China would walk control over it. It was obvious that Hong Kong will lose its independence. Probably nothing that can be done about that, but apparently there's a hidden reason for Pompeo to tell Congress. The Hong Kong is no longer its own autonomous thing and has to do with the fact that Hong Kong is a major worldwide financial centre and
The implication is this that if Hong Kong is not what time is you can use it as a financial centre in the home country loses its role as one of the world's big financial centres, and it looks like that's guaranteed now, because we're not the the the free, the free markets of the world and the free yeah guess. Marcus's rang world they're, not gonna, use China as a financial centre, it just wouldn't feel safe. So if Hong Kong is no longer autonomous as Pompiers says, then Hong Kong is gonna lose their status as a financial centre. That's really big! That's big, big, big, big big, So that's a big deal, so that's part of world war, three.
Somebody asked me to rank Trump's visual persuasion. I guess he had a White House event with a red truck in a blue truck and they put these fake weights on them to represent all of the regulations he was going to at the gray and pool the way that one of the trucks etc and I didn't even see that the news, I always thought when I was sent to be- and social media so Say it was a real good visual presentation, but I don't know if it worked because it was sort of standard. So I don't know if I got the attention that they wanted to get designs it, but maybe it is, and that is what I want to die if you missed my especial bud gas last night
live stream last night sort of spontaneously on how to have a socialist system within the confines of our capitalize capitalist system so that everybody can live the way they want and they would not interfere with each other. So you don't have to have one system for everybody. So is not a good idea is just an interesting idea. You might want to check that video went on replay everywhere that my videos are found sees you, then you two percent, but if you really like to have some fun, you wanna go to locals where my content. In addition to this, I do a lot of other,
content locals local start come as an app is walls website and done. Junior has moved on to locals, which is a big deal. Oh by the way, I should tell you that I am a very small stockholder investor- I guess not suddenly, but investor in local so full disclosure I'm on locals, I have a small investment in it and done junior coming over. It's probably going to get a lot of attention. So Somebody wants me to talk about the double counting and the bad counting of the corona virus. Stuff, I'm not too interested. Actually because we know stuff is being counted wrong, but I think the direction of stuff is all that really matters.
And if the you know overtime, all these irregularities get worked out. The other legal scrubbed system in time, as we know, the general direction as probably good enough all right, how many cases with the? U S have to get a majority of people to say. Ok, let's all tried ass well, the problem is that people have convince themselves that there is strong science. Saying masked. Don't work so in theory, as long as I believe that mass definitely don't work and we use in the science announcing that, but people say that, as long as they think they don't work or that it makes things worse. It wouldn't matter how many people died
when policies are being implemented based on wrong numbers? We should all care. Yes, we should, but I don't think the wrongness that were talking about is directly wrong. I don't think the numbers are changing the direction of things and if they did, they would only do temporarily should CDC go to the White House, though what that means Leir come and see for misleading somebody says local. Stage to move to a single free for all access miles. Don't like subscribing to individuals yeah. I think that's actually on the board right now, so their actively. Looking at that, that model has some implications for creators, for example, if the
The main reason that you joined locals was for one creator sort of unfair because your money would be distributed to the other creators were not the recently over there. So it's hard to work that out and make it fair who one Navarro or fancy you know I'm not too interested in the palace intrigue stuff. That's just sworn somewhat predict.
Born doesnt really change any talk about New Zealand and how well they ve done with it. Well, let's talk about countries in general that have done well. Are you amazed that we don't yet now why some countries are successful and summer night? Oh, you think you know you think you know gives you saw. The chart said the ones they use hydroxyl Chloroprene early, that they all have good results right. So that said, the man he saw the chart, all all the countries with hijack squirrel poor queen early good result, other ones, don't so that's right. That's all they well, except. You may have also seen the chart. The shows that Vitamin am pretty much explains everything. So could vitamin d explain everything were seen in the other countries when in fact, Hydroxyl clerk we use explains everything. We say
the country, but also the graphs, show that vitamin d does so. Those are two different theories, except that oh wait. There also graphs. They show that the degree of mask use is the main variable and very clearly shows that the ones use mass got better results, so what the hell is going on so my take on this is that we don't know exactly how much is masks. How much is better treatment and much is a drug supplier queen? How much is vitamin d? That's in the atmosphere, but Might be part of the treatment we really don't know, and on top of that, you really yet and also some is merely we don't know about immunity. We
don't even know exactly the nature of the virus in terms of how it spread there's so much. We don't know that yeah correlation is not causation. Let me years here's a year rain test. I was going to give you so those of you feel you are good at it in aligning the stuff you see in social media, so you feel, like you, have a pre strong decision masks or I, Cora green or violent, do whatever it is. You ve got a strong opinion. Let me ask you this. This is a thought. Experiment. If I told you there's a city that has the most strong locks the doors they have the most bars on the windows. There is the most locks on the doors of the strongest defence Does the house- and they even have a lot of firearms
We also have the highest brutally rate. What does that tell you? They do the most to protect their house, but they have the highest brutally rate. So that proves that protecting your house doesn't work when it is at the conclusion. If you have tons of law, accidents, the most locked up, definitely lock your doors bars in the window and still the highest broadly rate. Will that proves that locks, door improves and bars and the window door right now it doesn't prove that
It proves that if you have a lot of crime people who can improve their locks, the fact the dumbest thing that people say about Chicago Gun Control is that well has the tightest gun control in the worst murders. So obviously, gun control doesn't work. Now they have the tightest gun control because they have the most murders causes. This backwards now did help. How do you know how many murders would there have been if things were different? So if you don't know how things would have been in the alternative situation, you don't know anything and we think we do that. So we think that well, there's a correlation there. I guess
I guess locks on doors, don't work there still burglaries, and that actually is ridiculous. That sounded that's most. The way people are analyzing snuff, most of it, is reversing cause and effect most of it. Who are we talking about? I know no one who has that situation? I don't know what you're talking about some says proves you don't understand. Burglars very well proves you can't think, because what you accusing me of is to say the burglars would not prefer to burglarize the less protected house. Of course they would so. We assume that those locks did decrease some amount about burglaries for the ones with the best
defences, there's nobody questioning the friction. Works friction works, but correlation causation is still backers. Do people get murdered with legal or illegal guns? Well, if you look at the the kinds of murders, you would find that gun control wouldn't have as big an impact on those murders as you'd like, for example, gun control, probably would not make any difference to gang. Violence probably will make any difference. What about the workings utterly? You talk about right, but the gun control is ineffective and only stops the more binding. Maybe if we vote actually study that I set for now and I'll talk to you later.
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