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Episode 1062 Scott Adams: Portland Fake Kidnappings, Fake News, Fake Studies, Fake Opinions, Fake Ellen, Real Coffee

2020-07-18 | 🔗

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  • “Jobs Not Mobs” retweeted by President Trump
  • Jason Miller’s interview on Smerconish
  • Violent riot at Chicago Columbus statue
  • RBG’s battle with liver cancer
  • Meat packers high rate of COVID…but low death rate
  • Ellen DeGeneres and disgruntled ex-employees

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But then the bump bump bump bump bump bump bump me, everybody, commodity and yeah. You found it was best place in the entire world for right now, and that means it must be time for the simultaneous everything thing that well, you look forward to it all day, really until the next day, and I need for the simultaneous up. You probably know. But I believe is a cupboard, bugger, glasses, staggered staggered, you don't need a staggered Leave your steak order at home? I take her jealous or Styler canteen jug of flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid online
coffee and enjoyed meeting for the unparalleled pleasure of the dopamine to have the day the thing that makes everything better. It's called a simultaneous sip watch. Those statues start to be re erected, even as you sip, unless you don't like statues, in which case they're falling down everything, with coffee, or I will talk about all the things so this morning, I notice that one, my tweets had picked up quite a few retweet sighed over ten thousand reach. We saw the tweet and I thought to myself: let's go around with that, and then I knows that President trumpet retweeted me yet again yet again, but the funny part about it or the interesting part. If you will is not there, you retreated me.
Because I think he's done that several times in the past year, but it's why he retweeted, and this is why he retreated of mine. I tweeted that I'm no political expert, but the Democrats strategy of effectively, legalizing violent crime before. National election seems suboptimal. Hashtag jobs not mobs So here's what you need to know that my hashtag jobs mobs got retreat by the press. So you know there is at least friendly to their framing doesnt mean that there will be any kind of feed, but it does mean that he responded and I will go for there until you, the trumpet campaign, add that will guarantee victory. They ready visualize with me closure.
Is if you must imagine that you watch the Trump Campi that it's a split screen on the left? Are a bunch of images of Democrat run cities, mostly with protests and looting and crime in the streets- and you know it's all so gray and dismal interest, go back. It looks like the end of the world and its each there's a new picture, there's a new Democrat City, so you have to say something like chicken. And then the name of the Mare Democrat. And they do city after city after city, meanwhile, on the right of the screen. He would show real nice things going right here that the Republican Trump maybe you'd show some republican cities, but you don't need you could just you can just show
gleaming capitalism going right, people being happy, and you can just say it's the two visions. The two worlds pick one And the vacuum actually be the the closing scream, as you just got away solid black screen. You just say two worlds, pick one because. If you frame it as those two choices is extremely visual. The split screen gives you contrast is varies, simple right, you don't wanna, be explaining why you're sick Do you want to implement is better and ecosystem Racism is a concept and there's no picture that goes with it. S just doesn't grab your hand barbarity? shall be split screen where one of them is just looks like the end in the world and that's what the Democrats are actually promised
you guys, are saying we want to do more of this. I mean there are literally say give us more of this, and we know what this looks like visually. So this, obviously just only in terms of a campaign campaign, add that's what looks So I think that would be the end of it. I was just watching Jason Miller from the trunk campaign and just moments before I came on talking to use more courage and see that now, smirk Irish is one of the most interesting media characters because I feel as though it is a little bit like Harry Potter, where the wizards have to pretend the wizards they have to serve fitted with the muzzles and look further the wizards hiding among the models
and the way they you can tell the wizards from the muzzles is that the wizards are capable of independent thought. There are capable of having the opinion that maybe doesn't agree with their own team and spoke out issues, one of those so subvert smirk Scottish. This is just might take my personal appeal, I think we're kurdish is a wizard hiding among models as new, then meaning that he is actually open minded person who legitimately listen to arguments on both sides, and we ve seen him do it. He said be an issue several times by he does it artificially. So there he's really just presenting the opinions, and I guess that's good enough to keep him.
Wait and see in it. So we're gonna handle Jason Miller and Jason was saying how all the poles showing the Trump his way behind are. The types of poles were once again, they over await Democrats, and they don't ask likely voters. They just ask voters so Jason, nor was any that their internal poles and Eddy Pull that doesn't correctly shows that a toss up this already neck and neck. So all this in your mind, according to Jason Dollar therein turn the poles and also here, Rasmussen, Ur Symbolism, other people there,
that if you do a right which the other poles and not all right, it's actually kind of a toss up or the president is ahead in the key states that he needs to win Sacho. That first well, do you think that's true? Do you think that their internal polling is first of all done more? appropriately, then the public ones you'd have to accept. That is true, then. Secondly, they used correctly and accurately tell you that it looks like a toss up now suppose as true that doesn't even cattle the shy trumps supporters were just literally hiding. So even so, it looks like a toss up current Jason dollar, so you have to put your own credibility on re, anything that comes out of a kind of a cure, Bain weathers your team or the other two
the comes out of the care baby, you're gonna have to put their credibility felt around a little bit. But if it's true looks like a landslide like a landslide today. Another lots of there are lots of things, a good deal change and will change between election, and one of the factors is whether people were frightened and we'll stay home and say at this point I can you imagine the situation help me along with us with the comments I want to see if I'm way off base and want to see, if you agree with me overwhelmingly or are just lost in my own mind in my opinion, There will never have ever ban may never be again a presidential election
more motivating for conservatives more motivating for conservatives, because remember The conservatives are looking at the altar does now is not a concept anymore, where Actually looking at these cities just being destroyed and the conservative mind. That's now the option. It's like. Ok, the way. We worry the little more order or that stuff a lot more that stuff, it's not even close This is no longer it no longer and looks like a political decision not like
I like lower taxes. They were higher. Taxes is nothing like that. At this point, it looks like existential threat that the Republicans will be wiped off the face of the political earth. If not the real one. Now I don't think that the risk of an actual death is very high, but it will feel like it. It's gonna feel like it. So if you count the fact that there is at least one certainly one supreme, What position and play your Ruth Gaitered Ruth, better against road, and you out everything else, that's at risk. I don't think there were ever be a bigger eternal from conservatives. It's gonna be use. Can be wreckers but we'll Joe Biden get the same record turn out. Keep in mind the little even his own side as a rule questionable on that.
Like the Jason Miller said, is that depending on whether you will he Hasn T Rasmussen. The african american support for the president is at a record high. Do you believe that Do you believe that African Americans support for President Trump is at a record high? I do believe it. I do believe that now record I for Republic is still fourteen to twenty percent, so lots room to improve their but yeah completely believe that, because it just looks that way to me, meaning that if I were to look at what is offering an hour to look at here what I know about the world outside feels about. I shall give about the ratio, the kind of passes a sniff test so slaughter meters and I've never said, but of course that will change a lot
Did you all watched the Major World WAR news coverage of the violence and I call it a riot, under the calendar statue at Greer Park in Chicago. Did your what that was all over the tv news last day, and then you turn you you open up to your major new sources and there it is again. It is just videos and pick what you didn't see it Or even said, oh, you had to go to social media to see it, then you probably you may receive a clip. The regular news, but if you to see the real action you probably had to see. Somebody is periscope or live streamer or video that posted on social media and what pretty brutal actually. But it does look like the police me to stay,
and that Colombia statues not come down any time are because the police actually help held the territory so. You will agree with you that that the news both the left and the right are intentionally not showing the new right. Do you back the others are not sure if you do, but it seems like it's just obvious that their intentionally not showing the protests to reduce them by gas right just to reduce them by not showing them. I would think So the Big NEWS, of course, is that Jean Louis Congress.
And civil rights Legend has died at age eighty, so there will be a big headlines day. I noticed AUS comparing see an end to Fox news coverage, because you know the Fox NEWS has to try harder to not look racist because throws being accused of it. So Fox news of you go to the front pages. Like Jean Louis John Louis, John Louis, I mean they were hard at the job. Louis story, that's also featured on the sea than page, but it's interesting to watch Fox go out even harder as sort of a branding defensive play. I would think successfully. So
actually smartly business. Wiser, smartly, now here's the other thing, that's funny about that: Portland situation, Portland being another city. This got the antivirus. By the way I want to try out a name for anti far right. I want to give them a new name: how about this, the flu flux clan? What do you think because the only reason that everything is getting is much traction as this right now is because the coincidence of black lives matter and the coincidence of the chronic where's the flu so feels like there. The flu clucks clam new Anti finds a way just trial
RO years. Uninteresting to that. Did you know that Anderson's Coopers, family Anderson, Coopers, family, meaning his ancestors one owned. Michelle Obama was great great grandfather as a slave there's valuable slavery. But there's something a little bit funny about the fact that Anderson Cooper could not possibly be more of a Stu Child for ways supremacy that sort of like a perfect Kennedy right now keep in mind The white white supremacy and waste premises have changed and meeting no longer means? And what I say no longer I mean just a few weeks. I will the last thirty days the definition of this raised changed so use.
To be people who thought other other races were inferior doesn't mean I'm because, frankly, nobody thinks that way. Quite the way people dead in the old days, of course, they're everybody's their lots of people in the world. Other people with bad feelings of Albanians, but generally speaking there or not people thinking in that way, there is still plenty erases, but they're, not thinking everybody. My group is better than everybody in those other groups. That's just doesn't exist Twenty twenty, but way supremacy certainly exists in the way that this newly been defined as the situation that their white people in charge, who may We would not be so in charge, except for the history of everything from slavery, odd, which sort of keeps them in power. Would be a better example that the vendor family.
Among other things, the lot of stuff but apparently elite one of the things they owed was a plantation, including Michelle. Obama is great great grandfather and Anderson, Cooper, gotta, great education. Lots of contacts probably help them do now is other major news channel is Anderson Cooper, not the most perfect example of ways of privacy. According to the new definition that doesn't mean the way he's thinking it just means by his position is advantage by his past, which directly was benefited by slavery. Although his ancestors have lots of money,
lots of different places to just an interesting fact that doesn't have any importance use the other Portland thing that was interesting data that the other use the acting head of the Department of Homeland Security. This is actual name if you haven't called Thus you dont know how are the simulation is winking at you with all these coincidental names are just too much. I saw the guy, was the head of the Department of Homeland Security, which at the moment being demonized for being out to stop or, like the left, to say his name. Is Chad, Wolf WAR, of whose last name is Wolf, and these, of the organization which is being demonized as being you, too aggressive, yeah its neighbours. Wolf is ahead of us
and this first name is Chad, come come. I cannot be real. Surrey says I should use the flu flux flan. Instead, the flu Clayton flew flux, land another, that makes sense- but I like it here- is a levy a little conspiracy theory on top of your breakfast this morning. This what I like, what I say I like it, it means is: is a total just screws with your brain and, I think, is more likely. True, the not I wouldn't say that about every conspiracy theory, but there's one for you. A little more true than that. Of course, conspiracy, theory is not exactly what this is, but it's, let's color fake news. So. You may have all seen by now the video of the Department of Homeland Security.
Eyes were in heavy camel, looked very military fully trick down with a military gear, get out of an unmarked regular. So there are actually minivan or something. Go over and arrest summit. Anti far looking guy who was not doing anything wrong users order. Will there, with a few friends, They grab this guy without much without much conversation and they take him back and they put him in the car they leave. That's a video and the people there were left behind were like. What's your name? What's your name so that they can help a little later now? Do you think there actually happened. You saw the video right. Would you ever down your eyes? You saw it. What you saw on video. Obviously it happened.
You didn't see. Anybody say that there was a faint video right, so You watch do with your own eyes. What happened was these, military. Looking people grabbed a peaceful protestors, poor little on Mark car and disappeared, pretty bad. Is that, like a death squad, maybe a desk blood gestapo, possibly are they? He limped a secret torture facilities, Navy or let me give you another another hyper Now, when you hear the other hypothesis, you have to go back, and Slovenia and the obvious, laughing yourself on the side of the head here as the other interpretation of the same video see which one do you like better. They were extract, doing their own source, in other words the guy they arrested.
Was actually just one other guys. He was just rest as anti for fully fully me. Absolutely no issues eyes, black block, elfin on sort of backed up with his hands up. He just tried to back up with his hands up your life like you, wasn't tried to run away and it wasn't resisting, but other people watching, so he couldn't just like run into their arms, and these two guys walk up to web. They gently. Taken by each arm. He turned And willingly walks as fast as they do completely cooperative, no handcuffs. The smallest, a labour force their literally just holding but in by the arm on both sides, and they walk him directly to the car and they put in it. Now, wasn't you didn't seem to be resisting too much? I think he might have been yelling. I didn't do anything or something which would be part of the shell though,
If you were going to remove one of your sources, isn't that the way you do it? The way you do it is to live like your arresting, it scares you get too for innovation. Look tough, They should look scary and you get your ass off the street. So now I can't tell you that it was an extract, so I don't know that but go watch go watch the video watch again just hold the two hypotheses knew at sea which what it looks exactly like this is what it looks exactly now like and what it looks exactly like. You decide. We can now is video lies. This just be another example of video like this fund to think about it. So Ruth Better Ginsburg is had this liver cancer.
Apparently she's says she's battling someone's successfully, but here is a real question. If the worst were to happen, Let's say she did not survive to election day. Whirlwind mitzvah car will do if there were an opening on the Supreme Court and Republicans knew that if they rushed it and they could get democratic live with it, that they could push through another Supreme Court person before the elections even happens. But given the image Mcconnell held the last seen open
so until tromp was elected, how can we not do the same thing now so close to the election to be? I think that if, if the worst happened, Lucy Ruth better Ginsburg did not survive until election day. I think what Mcconnell should do is keep the seed opened. I think you should keep the seed open, because that is consistent, but also my God, what what an election it will be, I say, keep it up and let the voters, let the voters, decide, Because that's what the council said last election nothing's changed, I've been the dynamic of that decision is the same so I would suggest that you leave it open to should that become a possibility, but I would say, he's going to survive at this point. Given the last update, it looks like she'll be with us through the election.
I was really let there be packers in the United States have a very high rate of infection which you would expect as are sort of working indoors and close quarters and stuff, but that they have a low death rate. So this was given this sort of a mystery. Why is it that there is a low death rate among these be packers when there are so many were infected ed? I don't know the answer that but I would suggest the story. The says we dont know why a certain group of people is is surviving better. I would suggest The third storey should always include: are they taking drugs clerk leader or not, There are now saying that it works again. I've I've up by estimate of Hydroxyl clerk we being important and working for about thirty percent to about fifty percent. Based on you,
besides having things are that I'm hearing lately, but if you just silent on that question it just or leaves knelt there hanging. If you were, let's say you are the government of the United States and you knew that keeping the meat packing industry working was essential to the food, the food security of the United States. So we're talking about something this equally as important, maybe more than even healthcare as important as healthcare as a pandemic is still gonna food. She gonna keep the food supply governed mean you bandy, doesn't get help you if you starve to death. So
given the importance of me Packers to the food security, the United States, would you assume that their drugs clerk Queen prophylactically, because I would I would assume that group is the be after healthcare workers? and first responders? I would think that there would be the number one group that the doctors, if it wasn't a rule? I would think that the doctors were saying you now. You know healthcare workers are taking us. Prophylactically you buy think is the same. Now again, we would see the difference if I Jack's clerk, we doesn't work, but the fact that there could be a story about a group with low infections, not mention whether or not their own hijacks clerk we. Missing. Here's one by funds stories the day,
This is a category of everything you think you know is wrong. Just all the time, so, you know Ellen of the Ellen show. Apparently there are some stories now about ex staffers talking about what a hell escape. It was to work for Ellen. Their element appears to be one of the nicest human beings in the world, and I would like to continue believing that is true, and I like to use this one example from what these staff were vision about, to make my case number one. How typical is it that is somebody who is used to work for some place that left talks trash about their boss. It's kind of you
reversal right. You see that the Ex employees, President shrub write books about how terribly Hizbollah and one of the things I always say, as you realize. That's just every boss, every boss, whose head Lhasa, employs church through Every boss could have one of those employees write a book about what a monster that boss was every boss, so you can always find disgruntled ex employs it. If you treat them like they ve told you something useful you're doing wrong because they are yet you you do you do you're wrong begin. You're not learn something useful there so that we know even Ellen here the you probably most open by dead. Seemingly from our point of view, I am nor personally, but from the outside was like the nicest person in the world and the state
says it's like a health group, but here is one of the objectives for why it was a pleasant place to work. So people I've been told that if they see Ellen walking round here before the Show- or after I guess I have this year, just walking around the set somewhere, they are not to engage her and talk to her. They are not to talk to her So that's prove a pleasant place right, so Susie here that you, oh Ellen, she's, actually she's, just not very friendly. She doesn't even what the common people tv talk to her she walks by are. This was the look away that make eye contact one a monster. I never. Let me put this in context, for your cause is all this is all fake news. That same story can be and has been told about me. So what do you see it from the other side? You know what's happening here.
Here's how it works right. Here's how this works. I often get speaking requests and I used to do a lot of them. Fast, and I will go to an event that be backstage, maybe I'll be back stage for an hour or more, in whatever their little green room situation is. So I have an hour before I was. Firstly, are now the secret of being a good presenter, which would be true on television, as as it would for life. Is energy. You wanna have your highest energy. You real you what you want to make sure that your best? Isn't that moment when everybody's watching and if your energy gets siphoned off before you go live, you can tell it's actually a pretty big difference. You can feel it.
Self the audience can feel it too, and so I have often told my the people book me that if they didn't mind I'd sure like to stay to myself for the hour before the show I mean. Of course I talked to the promoters of the year. The organizers and I talk to the people- were picking me up and everything. So it's not like I'm not talking to people, but I have directly said to the people who were sort of managing it would be all right. I'd like to do so would be to myself to get my energy together there. What happens when the person? I tell tell somebody on the staff. Does a compelled to say when, when the person I told, and I told them politely and they talked completely understood, but when they tell us Somebody else wants to sound like yourselves. I don't talk to this guy. Don't talk to Scott. Does
like it or that it turns into he hates it. When you talk to him, and it turns into a jerk, because I don't want to talk to the little people then something maybe as a book they want to sign. And and somebody else will stop them say that he doesn't doesn't want to be bothered and then turns into a big jerk turns into other big jerk, and all I wanted to do was do the best. By could for the people hired me? That's all. I learned do a good job so that all those people who were matinee would have a good experience to their business would do well. I no bad exemptions, all wanna do is protect like energy for one. I need it so much,
guess, is that alone. Has that times ten imagine if you're Ellen you're you're trying to keep your thoughts together. You thinking about what jokes my may say, how you gonna talk, you guess he and have five different guess you ve got fifteen different topics. You ve got put em all in your head for the show and then, walking from place to place and the the lighting person stop. She says Ellen Ellen. I just gotta tell you the story about my cousin who loves you. My cousin loves you so my cousin right. So my cousin, she went to the store and the agenda and she saw from the very real or log out Betty indentures talking and then she said to Betty Well you're of it's a long story and by the way you know can I get? Can I get your autograph ok
What what would you like me? I? Well, I don't have anything really have anything? Could it couldn't wait at all or go get something I go find set aside? So now imagine that encounter Malta slide by everybody on the staff who or what to talk to Then all water, so I guarantee you that, as a boy somebody said: don't talk to Ellen if you see here, but they didn't give the full explanation. So that's the point Here is another great story from the simulation I like these coincidences, except it's a terrible story so there was some shooting at a cemetery I forget where yesterday, I guess and Somebody with a gun was chasing to other people shot. One of them try, I think, maybe shouting
and I know what the situation was. The call somebody to be running after people and shooting them, but one of the stray bullets hit a car that was waiting at a stoplight. I think the car happened to be owned by somebody who is a firearms trainer. So the guy, with the crazy, go to the girl, who was trying to show people accidents One of his bullets, his car and, by all coincidence, it's a person who has a gun with him and he's a fire arms exports Grabs is gonna, get out of the car and takes a guy. What are they? They are one spray bullet that hits a car it's a firearms expert who is sitting next to his loaded gun. There was a was on Fox news.
Because a story about a what they call a black professor I don't want to live in a world where you have to say somebody's race, no identity before you tell the story? That's how you know do you know you live in a better world when you don't have to say a black professor, like just the fact, even specify everybody's race. Before you tell african story, just tells you where we're out but a Colombia associate professor they miss MC worker and use complaining The book weight of fragility which tells white people have to be better people. I guess in terms of racism- and he said this quote in my life, racism is affected to be now than at the margins, very occasional social ways, but has no effect on my access to societal resources.
Everything is made the more available to me that they would have been otherwise. So as a black professor say there being black, helped him more than her him, except her. Annoying social things were not of great consequence now here's my question: if you ll see you by the entire black lives matter, narrative haven't they explain the existence of this guy because if its clear and obvious to all people that the racism is holding people Why is there a black professor in the United States, who hasn't seen it happen to be such a gigantic problem, and this goes
with his whole life- and he says why see- lay trivial stuff we annoying stuff, but it's actually help to be more than is hurt me. How can you be alive How can you exist in the same world and not see what the other people see? So this is a question. Yeah, they can all be right. How can he exists? His argument is that the black lives matter movement is infantilism black people, because it's sort of the wave fragility book, especially trading trading, way people how to be. Let's see more gentle with blood,
people is enchanted lesson psych over. You don't have to worry about the Filipino Americans. You don't have to worry about the Asian Americans, the spanish miracles there there there look in five, there, no special problems there, but when you talk the black people, you ve gotta, talk a whole different way so that you're, not array system an end, so Mcwhirter makes the point that he feels is enchanted lies in black people. That's exactly how I feel I feel like it Listen, I'm surprised about history, surprised that its popular, but I would agree with him that is unfair. Lies in UK get to equality. That way, so you need some better serve them. I always feel like the council culture as scheduled,
Jerry, feel that that year, the it's the mob that comes after you line or otherwise, if you're about to get cancelled, but before the mob comes their scouts that just probing defenses, so I've got a few scouts were probing my defences today and will add I'd. Ask the question: how many, how many people, whether at least a b average in school, have ever been killed by cops, though how are you supposed to interpret that so forget about, has nothing to do with raise just how many people, who had at least a b average wherever killed by cuts in the the implication which I was hoping people will see, is that the way you act is probably a big
determinant of the outcome. In other words, the what I I applied, but I guess people didn't get it is that kids, who would do well in school, are likely the same kids who would know to stay out of trouble with a cap that push back too hard, therefore not killed. But I was an interpreted that was interpreted by one of the castle: cultures scouts as me, being in favour of genocide based. I like you. So it's kind of close to what I said, not so the cancer culture and tried to dig me for promoting genocide, which is pretty close to the opposite of what improvements, there's somebody said that those Portland kidnappings where the d d agents people are taking people off the streets?
they're, probably not all extraction, some of them might be just people. They need to the question, which is what they say by suddenly tweeted that that how can that? How can people libertarians especially watch this happen? and watch the rights be taken away there watching the rights be taken away by these armed people to which I said glad. I don't live in this objective reality in which law enforcement is gripping away rights instead of reclaiming them for the residents, such as one set of rights in IRAN than her peacefully coexist in the United States with violence and threats. They have rights too. So I don't see that world which rights are being taken away. I do see a world in which there
they have rights too, so I don't see that world to which rights are being taken away. I just see a world in which they're being given back. That's what I say all right, yes, where did the Violet Bob's, get the rights to destroy everything, guess is the right of free speech and as the providers of free speech often say, sometimes it gets a little out of control and I sure that I have a big problem with freedom of speech getting under control now than Bob's do that he can approve it. Obviously, but you know it does come with some of that. You ve been watching my scope since the very beginning. Thank you.
Those are those are peaceful protesters, not Bob's, well towards icy. Look like the the bad people are mixing in with the Good People Street Medium term everyone else, sir. I obviously I recovered, and I think I will talk to you tomorrow.
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