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Episode 1065 Scott Adams: The Enemy of the People Trying to Hurt Tucker Carlson’s Family, FOX News Scandals

2020-07-21 | 🔗

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  • Kamala’s face
  • Kanye tweets
  • Will NYT cross the line?
  • Kayleigh McEnany to do COVID19 updates?
  • Mayo clinic and masks with exhale valves
  • Accusations against 4 FOX News people

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. Everybody don't go away, looking for something that you're a good alike. Maybe maybe- and it goes like this- it's my theme song- I'm gonna theme song and- so where I always wanted to have some something like a co host, but if you ever could worse than you, ve gotta worry about your coordinator. With their men. Are they talking when you Wanna talk him and all those things. So, instead of having a coast I just
ordered myself complementing myself so there's like? host and of course, if I say something, that's hilarious, normally the coast would do the fake laugh, I just recorded my own fake laugh. So imagine I say something funny and then. So you don't need an actual person of every place to another human, with a robot?
now. I know why you're here- and I know you want to have the simultaneous before we get to the good stuff and all you need is sick. Upper bugger glass attack, your trousers, dynamic, anti drug reflect a vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee and join me now that doping, the other day. The thing makes everything better skull. The simultaneous up you can enjoy it now go I don't know by you, but I feel that my mouth is because you like in and ninety five mask just from Heaven, simultaneous up. I am, I am that protected from the growth of ours so here is an interesting thing read it were somebody unread. It did a split screen of Kabul heiress
So you can see her a before and after her face, looked different for reasons that we don't have any confirmation. But I have alleged based on my expert advisers. Couple of probably add some cosmetic surgery, not probably I'd, say something in the hundred percent range of probability. I've had some cosmetic surgery, But what was interesting is the rabbit. A split screen where they took the left part of her face from a few weeks ago. And then they put the right side of her face as it looked in the interview. Next to it, a man does not look like the same person really doesn't look like the same person, so people were speculating on rather because this, rather than maybe it was a deep fake
Maybe it's the first time you ve seen a digital reproduction of a politician and it wasn't actually. Her is that possible? No, no, it's not it's not possible. Let me say this: it's possible tactic technically they could have done a digital of deep fake of Kamel errors. There would look a lot more like her prior self, then the one that was actually on camera, which didn't look like it at all, cuz she still a bit of swollen, I think, from the surgery and may have some nerves that need to be to reconstruct themselves overtime. So here is my take the reason that we eliminate the option. Then it was a deep fake. What
the one recently. You know it wasn't a deep fake because it wasn't good enough right. If you do the deed, fake, It were look a whole lot like the real person boat, but because of the surgery she didn't look even close to where she used to look like. So you wouldn't do a deep fake. The poorly. So you can rule out deep fake as one of the options. Somebody said that it was. Body double clear rules that will now You want to rule out body double because is ridiculous: but. I care rule that one out I happen to think is a very low chances that and like I said, percent chance, really that it was just a Rick. Ring from surgery like I said I am definitely not if any
the sounds like I'm making fun of her or that are marking or for thou, not because I am completely in favour of cosmetic surgery, but there are good ones that are bad ones and ways to handle it. There are ways, not the endless, and if I were her I would not have gone on camera that soon, but she did. And, if everything that heals up the way she said, she's probably going to look great in relative to how she look before. And shook about possible. But I think that the fact that she had the surgery this close to the nomination process sordid suggests maybe she's, not the one they picked. Because I just can't see her doing the interview with her post cosmetic surgery face. I assume just an assumption
I can see, the revisers would have let her do that unless they just didn't. I have to say to her Give it a few weeks. You don't look quite right yet, but they should have so is making me wonder if she's still the number one choice for binding, because this would argue against it, but was it. Here's a question: I offer you how close. We as a country to having widely available and widely available important deserves. Widely available doesn't count instant test results for recovered. Ninety. I know I've heard of at least one start up that was trying to get that done fairly quickly and thought they were close to it but near that was over a month ago. So I don't know that's at so here's. Question: how can we get to the other side of this without either vaccines
the ability to get a test result ran away. So you don't go out and reinforce the public for six days, while you're waiting for a test, those vaccines? Never, so some of you think the vaccines will never happen and I don't disagree with that. I would say I am curious, why this one would have a widely effective vaccine when that's no something we ve had in the past, maybe because we're trying harder but I've got a real question in that and there's no reporting that I know of showing start ups were close to having some kind of instant test results. Now, that's different from a quick test. The test itself as quack getting results, is what makes you wait. How interesting is it that the United,
it has put Nelson sanctions on some chinese elites. The Communist Party for their abuse of the weaker muslim minority in China. Why is it that we, the people, wait trumped trump the most well. I guess I'm answering my question, but they don't seem to focus on the fact that the United States is actively in that great risk trying to put pressure on China to treat their muslim minority better. That feels like Counter narrative to everything that people think about job, but why does nobody really talk about? That is just obviously, Oh, do everything those people say about job. What people say about You'll get a, he wants, HIV, he's deal for his own personal political reasons, no matter what rights less! What this
They also say he's a big racist who hates Muslims. But what were watching the news literally today? The news is bring the chinese elites and putting sure on them, because their abusing their muslim minority is exactly opposite of everything that the left thinks about it. But we don't see reported that way. It's just sort of reported. Factually you don't see it reported in terms of it being counter to the narrative, which is the way I would expect it to be reported. So if you miss the company or shall we I yea. Drama last night, I tell you these social media tools are amazing because Kenya was having some personal problems literally with his family,
and he was tweeting in real time and used to use something like a tweet minute there for a while and you'd see. You know five minutes ago, four months ago, three months ago, a freshman would come in so as it was happening, the tweets were appearing, and it was just sort of amazing that you could look. Into his life through his eyes as it was happening, I guess what the problem was that allegedly Kim Kardashian, was upset about something he said about the children, nor is being you're in general is not clear. In May or may not have. This is the accusation that have tried to bring a doctor out to Wyoming to The aim is to get him away from this or whatever, and
It is just so fascinating to watch now we can, they become president, I would say no after yesterday, it looks like a big I want to say that even two days ago, actually too, Years ago I would say: well so wild longshot But I wouldn't rule about, does look at the other things he's done. There were also long shots, so if you're, if your ruling Kanye out of anything, because it's a long shot, I have to look into the context of his whole life long shots as what he does sort of the other thing he does. Since that we, so I wouldn't ruled now until this episode, because I think this episode reveals that there's some turmoil there will be no certainly worth considering when you're trying to figure out
Do you do it? Do you want a president who can keep the country com for? Do you need a bird? You wanna president needs the country to keep him come the so I feel like he took himself having contention yesterday with this. However,. How many times have we been surprised How many times have we been surprised that something we thought it may happen happened so, I guess you could never rule out. But he does have an album. This dropping and I don't think I've ever seen. Anybody promoted an album better than him is the best album promoter of all time. The fact that he's doing this just lose album. I'm so. Somebody's reminded me in the car and the comments,
even the news tweets there there's a level of creativity because he said that Europe calls himself he ate yea. Why, and so, is other Kim tried to bring a calm? You see a l em. Why call me eight due to calm down instead of any kind so I thought that was very funny anyway. So we watch with interest and I think Most of you would join me in wishing the candidate and his family do well. It looks like they ve got some. They ve got some challenges for Europe that works out So we can go I was being ridiculed by the press ridiculed? I say nothing new for me, of course, being ridiculed by the press or my daily
patient, but last week there, the the stories and the tweets sounded like this Gilbert cartoonist, ridiculously claims that Republicans we'll be hunted. Biden in elected ridiculous, one in job Republicans being hunted come Scott, you Dilber, cartoonists, crazy. Little bit hyperbole. Don't you think, I'm crazy that was last week this week, the New York Times is trying to kill Tucker Carlson's family so luck and change in the week. If you not watching that story, So, as you know, Anti found took Carlson's prior home justly
you're a whatever was, and they protested while his wife was inside this family and scared them quite deeply to the point where they moved so talker Karlsson actually moved because they found hours houses and now is revealed, and we have to wait to see the details of this, but he's probably right about this- that the New York Times is preparing the story. Which will reveal where his new homes. What will happen to Turkey Carlson's family? If the New York Times does as Tucker alleges? Reveals where he lives now they might not do with an address. They might do it some so. What indirect way there's still gets in the same place. But if this happens. What would be the news value you of his Tucker doesn't and his family?
May I remind you that his family doesn't have anything to do with any of this. Are not actively participants in anything that anybody is met. It took her curls about. And you know you wonder where the line is right at what point does a line get crossed. Boy. This seems like a lion giving crossed well. Does it seem like a line getting crossed that we don't know yet so cross it, because I think the stakes are very high for the New York Times, certainly for the New York Times. This could extinction event and by and by that I mean you can imagine the New York Times going out of business right, many things have changed. Amazingly quickly in the last few months, such that
is now easy to imagine almost anything happening in two weeks, because things are just changing so quickly. So could the New York Times actually be going out of business? I think if they docks talker Karlsson, that would later views which will make that very low. I don't want it, I dont want to suggest what kinds of things my commanded us. But let's just say that if Turkey Carlson's family is targeted by the New York Times that will change everything. That's love! That's not games anymore! That would change.
Breathing again? I don't want to put into words anything the so's threatening, but I don't need to write. A kind of dont need to half of the country would have exactly the same opinion. Should this happen, so I think it good that the right. As put down a marker. I will simply read you watch Rasmussen quoted so Rasmussen of Rasmussen, poles. There, their twitter account. We did this to their story in raw national region, ability to deliver impressions. Fox news could, if they chose to retaliate talking about. New York Times retaliate in an overwhelming fashioned against every single New York Times Doktor, including its publisher, and perhaps
For that has arrived. Oh, my god. It's the New York Times move next move. So Rasmussen just put it out there. They just laid out there that if this line is crossed, you should reasonably expect an aggressive response. Now what an aggressive response looks like and who is doing with the responding? I know I know but would be a very aggressive response and again, so want to describe what that might look like, but I'm not going to cuz water. I don't wanna be whipping up a frenzy. When we haven't seen yet what the New York Times is actually going to do, but if they actually docks Tucker Carlson's family, there will be an aggressive response.
What can we all agree on that? Would you all agree that there will be an aggressive response, it will not be words when we say that as clearly as possible, the response will not be limited to. Words are now saying that I'm doing anything personally, so I'm not making any kind of threat personally just predicting that this is a line. They cross the line. They have to do and knowingly do with your eyes open. It could be an extinction event for the New York Times, because this is just You cannot ignore this line. Is that something that society can ignore Is it fair to call the Presley, elderly people? Look at this story? what they did to Scott Alexander, who is your mind,
his own business and they dachstein pretty much could have ruined his career? For no reason there was no. You can actually my dog snoring snickers story. Anyway at the same time, we see that the mcclosky is the better. Who were guarding their expensive home with her hand, gun and Rifle apparently there been charged number of charges what so they ve? Actually charged. Now, I'm not lawyers, so I won't way and then with the charges, are reasonable or likely to be successful. If I had to guess, I would say, there's no chance that will be successful and if they were successful, I would if I were them clasp use. I would want to hurry up this trial to get some kind of a presidential pardon working because
if there were, if anybody was ever going to get a presidential pardon, is the middle class keys. I honestly if the mcclosky is got prosecuted and Trump did not part in them and by the way is, can you part of them? Is that federal charges or was it states if a state can do so? Actually I guess it s, looking Did you hear the story about those a judge who is assigned to this Epstein related Deutsche Bank caves, so she was just assigned to the case and then some guy dressed as a Fedex, deliver comes to their house and shoots her husband and son. The husband will survive, the son did not. She was down stairs, so she didn't get shot now. Of course, you might ask yourself what
The odds the someone who is just signed a case Epstein related, would get shot the guy who did the shooting is also dead. I think a suicide So when you first read that you say why here we go again: Gilead Maxwell's gonna be killed in jail and all that, however, once you find out more about the shooter, it turns out the AEGIS tat, a history of entire women problems and he had a problem with this. Judges sounds like in so, for it probably had nothing to do with Epstein. Just two points That's what it looks like so the president apparently taking a cue from pundits, etc decided to photograph himself in tweet a photograph of himself wearing his mask ere. He said this
We are united in our effort to defeat the invisible China virus and many people say that is patriarch. Many people say that this patriotic to wear faced mask when you kids, surely distance. There is nobody more patriotic than me, your favorite president and then his picture of him with his assessment. And I will say it again: it looks good new face Basque. Yeah, you don't you say that about everybody, but the present actually looks good face best matches the suit. If he was worried about it looking silly. I think that that would be there will be a worry. The asian worry about, because it doesn't look silly, not looks, looks it was good and actually was good. There's no other word for it.
So how much is the president just responding to public public opinion because it was lot of public opinion that you should be more more assertive and recommending face mess. I don't think this was much of a step in that direction. Buddy it's at least making clear that he's pro face mask so that clarity, It may be useful and at least now nobody can say. Mr President, if you had not, if you after the way you were than maybe your followers and you're supporters would be more likely to arrest? I think there's. I'd go a long way to taking that away but or loosely complaint away. I don't know one way to making people wear masks, but it could be politically smart Apparently job is considering all the corona virus updates a few times a week, but without them
virus taskforce, I don't know if that's real news or fake news. Does this airline fake news that the presidency will hold peronne virus updates, but the task force members won't be right. It doesn't even sound real because what would be if you wanted it if you are reading your tweets smiling at year. Your comment, you know me you're. If, If you are going to advise President Trump to lose the election, what would that look like? Let's say you, you were really a mall and you advising the president, but yours currently advising him in a way that he would lose the election.
Really tried to help your trying to trick him to doing something this bad for him, while without look like well, if it were me. And I wanted the president to lose the election. I would ask To all corona virus updates a few times a week and don't invite the experts I can see, I cannot see any possibility. This could go well for him, so I don't know what's going on, I think you may responding to the fact that he has been criticised for not having leadership around the corona virus, now, if he were really disciplined, he could pull this off, but does he think that he is that disciplined? Does President Trump believe of himself there. You can be so discipline that you would not just opine
medical things and maybe makes some over claims about the virus wearing itself out. Would you be disciplined enough to do that? Does he think that of himself we don't know. But I gotta tell you, there's nothing about this. That looks right like it's. A good idea, but on the other hand he almost has to get out there because of it. If he's just sort of silent and hang back while the country is falling apart with grown a virus that will not look like leadership, so he has to do something, but it looks like he's, been tricked into doing the very worst thing, which is him ripping about krona virus without these experts, if I were to put in a suggestion, maybe clearly machination, if you wanted to do additional edition,
was a leadership stuff around corona virus. It might be tempting to say clearly, MAC and any will do those case she is disciplined. If you want to pick somebody, who's nocturnal leave, message and who's gonna make a dent and who's gonna get that Eliza. You want to get. It will be here, so she is the strongest communicator on the team. But but of course, the presidencies to show leadership himself. So, what's it look like? Does it doesn't make sense for clearly and the president to be of the same event? Guiche uses his replacement substitute if you well, when he is now talking
So, rather than to pull this off, I think it can be done. I think it's just really dangerous, but it can be done and maybe it needs to be. It might be. That is just absolutely necessary. Now, if I were to advise the president- which I guess you could say, everybody in social media is advising the president, because he does watch it. The president does and his staff they do monitor social media, which they showed right too What message is worth what matches messages? Don't work so and get the mood of the room so of course they're watching. So, in the sense that all of us are advising the president, let me let me do mine I would say that if he were, if he's stuck to a very limited palette of messages. He could do a good job
So, in other words, if he came out and said what he said in the tweet look, I know you guys have a different opinion difference of opinion about masks, but I think it is patriotic to at least. Consider your fellow humans consider the whole I would ask you to consider a patriotic thing too. The mask when you can't social distance You say that I think he can get away with that. But again I have to be clean and stick to just the stuff. We know if you wanders, into the science of masks, big mistake. If he wonders in the science of the therapies, big mistake, but I think it would also be very useful for him to present the argument that the economy is life and death
He hasn't made their case as well as he could and if he reinforce that week after week, between now and election day, while we're trying to open up. But we know there will be thus there's no there's no way around that there will be deaths, if you may this case for the economy equals life and death that's worth making, because I don't think that's been made scroll enough. So there are some opportunities he could make this work, but man is a risky proposition, but what When was the last time he was less than Trump ran away from a risky proposition in terms of appearing somewhere. I don't think he does. I probably at this point, has to do this. Did you hear that the major League baseball is going to have an app that less the fans were home cheer into their phone or their mobile device,
and the amount of cheering that they're doing at home will be Translated into some kind of software at the event like baseball game and then the the speakers at the lie vase will game will, I believe what they will do is ill reproduce artificial cheering, but it will be gauged to match. What is that we happening so you won't hear the voices of the people at home. If you're the player iraqi here any individual voices, your cheering, but it will be gauged to be the same, level and timing as the people cheering home. It's pretty good now you remember at the very beginning of the of the shut down that that was exactly what I suggested, although I think they ve improved, because when I suggested is that you actually hear the people home you just
Up into one thing, but I think the way their doing it and probably makes more sense just technically it'll end up about the same, so good good for them and look how quickly this happened in just a few once an app was built, the entire idea of outdoor outdoor, entertainment, big event of changed. I mean this is very impressive timing. This they get that work you don't have you seen any photos of downtown Portland that the media is at least the mainstream media is largely blocking the stories this, because all trump would have to do to get elected is just show. Parliament like you, could just stop every here the president could say you know what you normally, by recommending this budget to make a point the the present,
Could say you don't normally I talk about lots of different things colony economy in dealing with China and everything. But this election is much simpler. It's me versus Portland. Parliament is what you get if you like Biden, that's what you get and then show lots of pictures of Portland being basically closed down and and fully graffiti and say: that's that's choice? And you don't even have to talk about anything else? You don't have to talk about taxes Just say: look at these pictures! This is what you are voting for. You are guaranteed to get this and a lot more of it all promise you that our work against this, probably enough see before I get myself cancelled, because I've gotta cancellation topic coming up here.
I get closer and closer to the room, there's a article by the release, the tweet by the Mayo Clinic Health systems. Now it's the male clinic. So there are some trusted medical experts so the Mayo clinic, and they say that the ninety five masks are not as safe as you might think, because the heirs filtered as it is coming into the mask, that's what they do. They filled the air coming in.
But the person is wearing Basque when they exhale there's a valve built into it. The just lets the exhaling at the valve, so male clinic, is reminding people that that's the case or telling them and saying that that is unfiltered air coming out of the mouth. So if that person is wearing the mask is infected, their unfiltered breath is going through the valve and therefore not as safe as you think. So it's pretty good information right. Aren't you. Loud that they gave you that information cuz. You feel smart or now savour far more informed. Now you really understand what to do about the masks no that's the mayo. I don't wanna swear, but I think I'll try to hold off it's the Mayo clinic So here's what they should have said. Yes,
at the end only five best are primarily for healthcare professionals and primarily to filter things that are coming into the healthcare professionals that aren't. We all agree on the stock. The exhaling, the exhaling. We also agree. There's a velvet involved. So when you inhaling the valve is closed, but when you exhale and opens and lets the unfiltered air and of the mask. But here's the question that the mail, the Mayo clinic, doesn't answer, As the one that matters so the king, the matter is the most by far there's one big question the matters. They don't mention that a mention. Here's, what matters that filter air. The goes of that little valve. Where does ago, because I've looked at the valve into me. It looks like There's a valve and then there's a barrier,
and then the air would come out from around the barrier. So in other words, it doesn't go straight out the valve and shoot at the person you're talking to it goes to the left and the right up. Isn't that exactly? Why are you wearing a and ninety five mask you're, not trying to filter out all of the virus, go stuffs coming out the side if it's a regular, mescaline you're trying to just keep it local? The whole point of the person who may or may not have corona virus and not know about it, is to keep that person and their viruses local to them and not projected as far so my project, so the ninety five would probably do that if it doesn't do that, because this is some kind of a miracle valve which projects things out. Even though there is a barrier there, a plastic barrier which should projected, I think I think it protects it down.
I'm not positive about that so leaving out. Where does the air go and is it important if it stays near the person who excelled? It is just criminally criminally bad information. I mean this is just so bad, That this is actually the news, and why does a cartoonist after explain that to you, because by the way nobody's disagreeing with what I said right. I don't know there is anybody, disagree that that little valve does change the direction of the of the actual there And if it doesn't change it in a positive way, while they should tell us that they should tell us if it does change it by keeping closer to your body, should tell us that. Why? Because, as the most important question left out of the whole story, boys hard not to swear when it
stuff like this is just hard. Alright, meanwhile Oviraptor, let's get me let's get me cancelled. I don't think I've done enough to cancel myself yet so, let's listen if I can get that. So over the Fox NEWS, they ve got some drama there. Two separate women who are accusing for or at least four, male celebrities over at Fox is now you have to separate. The two accusers goes to the very dear. Situations. One of their users has accused, I think, for different people including at Henry Hannity Tucker pearls in and Howard Kurtz. Now, if you look at, the nature of the accusations yours
yourself. Well, I guess all women have to be trusted old enough to be believed. Accept that you look at the accusations and they just don't look believable. I do believe this house completely believable there. If you created a situation with rich man alpha good looking guys and then you populated with attractive younger women who dressed in a certain way with retired skirts and heels. Who are guaranteed problems. So if you are in
dependent of these accusations which actually sound pretty pretty thin red deportees. Then let me just come round say I doubt them. We don't know, but the accusations from one of the women look completely not credible. The one who accused all four of them of bad behavior. So I don't know where that will go, but Fox NEWS looked into it and said: there's nothing here and apparently they looked into a pretty hard and found nothing there, but People are people and you you have to assume that there is a little bit of flirtatious nervously. You can't get out of the system. You maybe you'd like to get other system, but if you create a situation with that, many young good, looking healthy people, s very hard to get rid of
all the bad behaviour. Then there is the other one, so the other one has accused believe only add Henry of rape, but When you read the accusation, it really doesn't sound that way. Now I gather that believe all women you have to treat all this thing seriously end, and so we shall so well treated seriously because ass to be treated seriously, But I can tell you my opinion right because there will be a jury involved in presumably they'll, be some more probable cause involved, etc. And if I were on the jury- and I heard this story the way it's been reported. I would just shake by Adam vote. Not guilty. Now, of course, will be lots more evidence. Camille
but let me give you just one report from it, so there are at least two or three occasions where The accuser willingly went and had drinks with that Henry and willingly went to his hotel room according to her those things she did, willingly now willingly of course gets into what about the power difference is, Really any such thing is willing when there is a power differential. Those those are good. Questions deal with our right now, but One specific part of the allegations they say they went back to his room and tat. He quote ripped her clothes off now when you hear that phrase ripped her clothes off. What does that sound like to you
This is how like it actually ripped. In other words, does she have a blouse, this sort ripped? Does she have any ripped clothes, because if, if you're accusation Could be described with normal words such as you know, we undressed, or something like that. You have to ask yourself and they just put in provocative words where, if you had gotten rid of the provocative words, you wouldn't like anything. Yeah the way it's written so I would say that neither of these accusations appear credible on the surface, with the exception of, if the argument
has to do with the power and balance and the assumptions made by the by the young woman that, I would say, that's that's different than rape. Very different now, that would be a question that would be appropriate for your employer if your employer felt that power imbalance was creating this bad situation and they have to fire the person whose maybe taking advantage of the power and that's an employer employee this situation. I dont know that that's illegal is it where, where Where is the line that which you can say? Ok, now that's a crime I don't know that light is actually if it's just if you're talking about the internal faults of people and their internally thinking that there is pressure, but nobody is actually said it, and there is actually some attraction
the two people worse. Where do you draw the line? I don't know where that is. I have no idea. Yes, I e. The question is whether consent is real in the case where there's a power about Or is consent always coercion just by the nature of the situation, less different question, but I Wouldn'T- that I dont believe at Henry's. Accuser is making that kind of accusation there's some hint of it, but it looks like the accusation is really about forceful rape and I would say that the way the story is told suggests that's not the case. Now. If later somebody tries to cancel me by saying Scott said it didn't happen, he doesn't believe women. That didn't just happen. You did not win
me saying that that I know what happened because out of it all happened, You don't know what happened. They ve sure at knows what happened, and I mean the dough Ed Henry is sitting home thinking something like this. You know it didn't feel That was happening when I was there, I got I was there. There was no better. Listen to me. I was in the room every single time and it didn't feel like any of these things to me, I feel, like that's probably what's happened. I think he's probably saying so. He says Scott, do you believe Biden? I would say that the by an accusation is similarly sketchy, meaning that if you were to just look at the surface, you'd probably say that doesn't sound like something that happened. So, yes, I will treat them. Similarly now I will say that
Terror reared appeared interviews, she looked completely convincing. Meaning that you can have a situation where the accuser is completely credible and terrorists, Now we haven't seen these two accusers talk in public, yet it's completely possible, if not probable, that if you heard them, you would say. Ok that sounds pretty credible.
So the terrorist situation is different, because if you only heard the accusation need saving, doesn't sound rail, but if you're talking about it, she does sound credible, which doesn't mean it's true just mean she sounds criminal whereas in similarly, if you hear the story about the ad Henry accuser, it doesn't really sound credible. But maybe, if you tell it and personally would be that's separate.
Do they cover grossly Mary trump? Mary Trump did not come across as credible, and I believe they marry Trump story is largely just goin away. Does anybody remember Mary Trump pieces about a million books on the first day, so she did ok did occur, believe she was providing a service for promotion or that's the accuser. So yes did this. Did the accuser think that she was doing something for promotion? No, but she did. She did suggest that being nice to somebody, you add some some weight, at least at the network.
Good for her career, but that crosses into the territory of, but wasn't she is sure to be using her attractiveness to further her career, and then you don't know because that would be an internal thought. Nobody has nobody knows what over these people are thinking surf here if you're convicting somebody based on what you think they're thinking, so is it so he sketchy. Did the left docks me, not I'm kind of hard to docks. How would you do that when I care people came to my home. I guess it's a different situation from me, because some homes are or better armed than others, and some people like attention more than a fifth honestly- and this is no joke. I often fantasize about an angry mob.
Protesting my house and when I imagined it, I'm never afraid I'm just sort of excited thinking. I can agree morbid from my house. This is so cool. I dont know. If I could be, dogs, because an angry mob and from my house would just sort of amuse me and I think I would just get more twitter followers. I would definitely life's treatment. So I guess it would be bad for me, allegedly alone.
I don't want to be docks, but I also care. Imagine it turning of bad for me and then maybe that's a flaw with my personality is like attention more than I worry about with more than a worry about risk and by the way ass if they like to find out what would happen, to find out to let's find out together and by the way, I know exactly what I would do if an angry mob came to my house, the firstly I do is work directly into it So the first thing I do is I would leave my house walk right into the middle of the of the mob. Now you should not do that I will do that and then and then, once I walked into the middle of the mob, and they will be trying to push me around or whatever
I would look at one of them and say who's in charge,. And that I wouldn't yeah, I just say Aquila to whoever it was near me, pushing me or whatever they doing so, which one of you guys is in charge who's in charge. Her can I talk to her. And watch what would happen to the group when you asked who's in charge. There were no Evelyn because nobody is in charge or or if somebody is in charge, you say I can. I can I talk to you what's your issue just talking through, so others is the the technique here by the way, and again I do not recommend do not recommend any of you do when I just suggested, probably better just to state in your home. That's what I would recommend
call authorities if you need to, but I wouldn't do it I'll do. The reason would work in my case is that I know how to change people's frame. So if the frame is their protest in my house there will act like their protesting. My else. If you walk into the middle of the crowd and ask them who's in charge, what is it? What is it It's not really a protest anymore, because the guy your processing just walked into the middle of a crowd and ask if you could talk to a kind of ruins it like all the fun gone and then when they start talking to me, find out, I'm not nearly as crazy as they thought. Maybe I don't even disagree with them on a lot of stuff. And I would just sort of ruin the fun, so don't do that. But there are some few people who would be sufficiently trained to do. That
when I give you one other good example, MIKE Servage could do that makes her. I don't it all recommended, because new guinea, could be dangerous, but if you actually knew how to handle this situation, you can actually just walk into it and use it, but there are too many people would have those skills. So I get it I gotta admit would be a little bit excited bite in again. Probably a personality, flawed stuffing, can be proud of. Somebody says someone will soccer punch you they might they might. That would be the risk wooden. But if somebody did soccer punch me, I would chased them to the ends of the earth
as one difference between me and other people, that I would definitely find it was, I would chase them to the ends of the earth. It would be my life's mission to make that right away. That's for me I'll talk to you later.
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