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Episode 1066 Scott Adams: I Travel to the Future and Back to Tell You Who Will Win in November

2020-07-22 | 🔗

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  • Kanye still the most interesting person on the planet
  • Audio illusion, “engage” or “lying b****”
  • Tucker versus the NYT
  • Upper case Black, lower case white?
  • “White supremacist” is the n-word slur against white people
  • The Portland illusion, do their residents care?

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The bump bump bump bump of them, but a bump bump bump, hey everybody, commanded. It's time for coffee- was Scott Atoms best part of your day. Yes, it is, in a moment I will be travelling to the future, I haven't tried this before it's alive. But dangerous, but I'll be moving to twenty twenty one and that all quickly come back to the present and tell you what I saw if I don't make it well. I guess I'll see you at my funeral in twenty twenty one, but but before that web,
before that. I think you know, I think you know it's a simultaneous up, and all you need is a copper bugger, a glass Take your trousers, I've, a guaranteed, jogger flask of vessel of any kind and fill it with your favorite liquid, like coffee enjoyably. Now for the dopamine the end of the day, the thing that makes everything better, it's called the simultaneous it happens now. Ah know if you can feel it yet, but there's a temporal shift being formed. If you don't, if you don't mind I'm I'm gonna. Do it now go to the future? This This will be easy soak. Ah,
the technology is not completely tried in so well. We will see what we can do put the safety. Because I don't I don't know- what's gonna happen, honestly this hasn't been tested, so I'm only gonna do one year is. Who knows what happens if I do more than one year but I'm going to try to do one year and If I'd never see you again I'll, miss you and well, I don't know what to say. I love all of you, we'll try to go to the future now and get you some intelligence about what's happening but hold are hitting the switch, hold on hold on
whoa whoa, that was intense, If you won't believe what I saw luck, oh my god thou before we get going I know it was some of you were thinking. You think I don't think he went to the future. Is that what you think or something you thinking? I don't think that was real, No thank you went to the future while I anticipated that so obvious, the eyebrows something with me from the future, you? Don't have one of these? There was you can find one of these in your store. No twenty, twenty one bit right there This gave from the Future That's how you know I was in the future. So, here's what we found out Portland didn't work.
We have high hopes for a borderline, but it didn't go, exactly in the way you hoped, because I know optimist were thinking. Well, maybe it comes down will bear the protests. Up pretty soon it will be a gleaming city in the North west and something we can all be proud of, but it didn't go that way. Sorry to tell you Portland actually was named the value of the property actually client, so much that it was per just by say this, but have you ever heard of the port of party company? They make porter bodies, they purchase, Portland renamed. So now it's portable
the land. So it's just a giant outdoor bathroom for anti far. So that's not that's not as good as you'd hoped. The lawyer you're wondering who is the President right: Those are you just joining. I just did come back from the future. Twenty twenty one, I brought this calendar back, so you know I really was there and, you're, probably wondering whose president right that's. Why you're wondering? Well, That didn't go as well as we hoped either. I know a lot of you thought. Oh, I hope President Trump Guess Reelected didn't go that way. Sorry was economy. No was Joe Biden sort of disorder
You know by election day he had continue to decline, so he was no longer allowed to use pencil raising the other sharp point on it but that it matter because he had a strong vice president and to everybody surprise: one people thought he would take Cobbler Harris. You thought that even predict that I predicted use Google com, Harris, as vice president choice, you didn't go that way, So, if you just one with the deep fake Kamel Harris So there is a real cobble Harris, but she had some cosmetic surgery, it didn't work out so in the the Democratic Party decided to just go with the deep fake, so the country is being led by essentially a digital reproduction of common Harris. Was she used to look like and I think it's powered by I
not sure, because out of our regular politicians, couldn't pass the turing test either. So it's comparable, but let us get through the other news, as I remember it back from twenty twenty, there are some other things. There is a big earthquake in Alaska Louis you heard about it in your local time. There may or may not be a giant tsunami coming toward Alaska, which is maybe this areas thing? I've ever heard my life. If you see the light of cars that are trying to get out of there so we watch you worked with great anticipation, but run. That is my advice for the citizens who were on the coast of Alaska rob and one more reason for me not to move to Alaska, I didn't
a lot more reasons, but that sort of all different did you see that Cartier continues to be the most interesting person on the planet? You can't take that away from home. Does cardio even have the ability to be uninteresting. He can't do it, the years that in common with the president's trump, they think some level they they recognise each other, a complete inability to be uninteresting. You just get. He doesn't know how to be uninteresting. So, Oh, I guess use tweeting about. Is divorce implicating his wife for having potentially an affair with big bills, but maybe not That's not what I meant. We don't know, but there's something. Interesting going there even Chapelle. What do I owe being in we call for a while- and I thought
I don't know how this could get more interesting. It just couldn't be. You ve got everything if you had to say to yourself our aid Scott trying to put together the most interesting story that you can and you can pick from any domains, you can just put them together, just mash up. What's the most interesting story, I'd be like well, presidential election as Guardian however, something with the famous artist cardio. Ok, we we'd love to throw the car dashes of their ok through the conditions of their home. Can we make a salacious gotta, be something with maybe indication of possibly some sexual, something ok, throw that. Are Can we have a feud? Maybe a wrapper few really favours ones, ok, we got that. Can we have a new elbow come out? Can we throw
Some a religion, and there can we have. Children and abortion can we, Can we bring it all in there? We get racism. Was put it all, In Cardiff, we managed to put it all in there. At the same time, these announcing a new album Can we go out on a limb and say that the elbow will sell quite well? I think you will sell quite well. I do not think. That you need to worry about colleagues siphoning off a lot of votes in November. It doesn't look like is heading in that direction. So even to use that maybe twenty twenty four was a better time to run we'll see. See. I thought I'd been tell you for a while that, no matter what happens in twenty twenty, it's kind of genius for him to put his name out there, so he's always in the country.
Patients will be for the next four years. No matter what happens in November, I feel as though I've been watching the news and watching social media, I feel as though the country needs a new cabinet position. It should be a cabinet position that only has one function when there's a big news story chemicals story, the cabinet will decide which side is more like killer, because if you ve noticed pretty, much. All of our political conversations. End up with well, you're Heller! Well now I think you're Hitler no year, Hitler, no, no you're Heller. And sometimes will be a clever. Come back to that, and it goes like this though no you're Heller, and sometimes leaving the another clever come back after that goes like this. No no you're Hitler
So we need to some kind of a cabinet level position. Just to sort out whose Heller, because I can't tell you not look at it we look, for example, at sea eighty four and they look like Hitler today, but they think that the federal officers? Were we're doing of law enforcement of their. They think they look like it learn. How am I supposed to know who's ehler somebody these to solve this? For me, tell me who's Hitler, so I know who to hate here. And potentially good news. There, too, big technical developments in face masks. I don't know if it's good that we're talking about technical developments and face masks, I suppose that's sort of like saying the airliner window, but somebody's pat survived, so it's sort of
too bad we're talking about face, mess that all, but a call company called three biomedical were, I think, so they have some kind of a coating they can put it in the face- mask the deactivate. Ninety nine percent of the virus, subtle, less pretty cool who knows how quickly that could be wrapped up or if it's as good as they say, but at least people are actively looking into. How do you make your face? Masks really really good at the same time, MIT has a prototype of AIDS, Oh God, mask sort of a permanent mask that you could easily you could easily disinfect. And apparently that's gonna, be a whole level above other face mass both and how much it covers and well it filters so These are two developments just today that Euro, who knows, if those
pacific things will ever reach market, but it does show that people are doing a lot of stuff about space, which is good did you all get a chance to listen to that Jani Laurel situation? You don't I'm talking about when things sound you Listen to a tape and one you will hear one word clearly but another personal, listen to the same thing in here, a completely different thing, but clearly- and we see this audio illusion a number of times most famously with yeah the laurel, but yesterday there was just a great one where he was yesterday when Kelly Macadamia was doing her press conference. And one of the reporters. Either said this is what the report claimed you wanted gauge. Oh, you won't engage, but listen to it on the table and open primed to hear this other way, yourselves
Secondly, like you're lying bitch now Those two. Don't even sell the same. Do they you won't engage and you're lying be word, there's only one sound similar, but if you listen to it, you can hear the ball. You can hear the above. Can you believe it So you have to experience it to know that has even the thing in but when I heard it I could hear both. But then I but once I heard the line be part I can hear that more often, but I'm sure that the actual sentence was you won't engage and I think it was but having experienced that. Having experienced hearing the same words? Clearly two different ways: one think about Roger Stone and why
He is alleged to have said on the phone to somebody when he was talking to the discharge. He who believed he had used the word grow. Now, if I understand the rules, somebody help me with this? I believe the rules are this. There's no situation in which I could use the Edward you're, the the real Edward. There's no situation which I can use their forward. Even if I were talking about someone else using it, I think we all agree with that. There's You know, there's no situation in which I can personally use that word, and I agree with that because of such an ugly word, I don't have any problem with that I do think that's a word that these be treated special, that ok, we all agree that wins just way over. The line was taken out of our take it out of her cavalry, but my understanding is that if
use the word negro, referring to somebody. That would be racist and inappropriate, but I can talk about them. Word if somebody else use it. I think there's well, ok, right right, so ok don't be cancelled for that you got it. You gotta, look for all the all the traps, there were other the trap. Doors are so you know I listen to Roger stowed, say what sounded exactly like the word negro, but after you here the Kelly back in any situation where you could hear two completely different sentences based on which everyone you'd been primed to here, is it possible the Roger Stone didn't say the thing you can clearly here clearly.
There's, no doubt when you listen to ok, I heard that very clearly. But I also heard lying bitch completely clearly and it didn't happen d there was not part of reality, but I experienced it just like it was right in front of me. So could Roger Stone actually be telling the truth? This one time, I don't think so, you have added bet on it. If you said Scott, you, but your own money on this and you have Tibet was the word. You heard completely clearly on the Roger Stone Thing, exactly what you heard. Or is it one of these Yarly Laurel situations where I was still better the use, the actual work I've just introducing the thought. When you see a story like that, like the Roger Stone Story and its based on your here,
get with your own ears, how much weight? Should you put on that? If you heard it clearly with your own ears? How much certainty should you have all is no longer a hundred percent use today they used to be you be represent your with Roger still thing. I would say, welcome ninety percent sure but can't really ever beheld an essential work. We're just that world anymore. So Let's use of data Tucker and the New York Times so Tucker had claimed that the New York Times was preparing an article about him in which his new hope location would be revealed. There is not, there was not a allegation that the New York Times would give his street address around.
The allegation was that they would describe it with enough clarity that internet sleuths could figure out where he lived in a narrow now, which would end up being about the same thing. So Tucker complained about this publicly much of the public was on his side. Who saying this is where the line that's what's gonna happen at the new came out said no, we told we were never gonna reveal where he lived, but, of course, that was probably Alai was probably they were getting. Give enough hints a lifestyle story. That's what they said it's gonna be Lifestyle story are those that we could be negative. It's more about your lifestyle and, of course, if we're talking that's life, style you gotta described. The situation in which we live is perfectly reasonable, because you know the New York Times likes to do lifestyle,
lifestyle stories about their conservative nemesis nemesis embassies against So the New York Times has zero credibility that our claim that they were planning to do anything of the sort because it looks like they were planning to do exactly that, but maybe Tucker scare them often. We won't see that's so away for details of it now wondering if, though, even being article, because if their small, we'll kill the whole article that you don't you dont worry by looking than article saying, I think I can figure out where he lives. This is
As I said before, a document try to tell you what might happen to the New York Times, but it would not be a free punch. If you know what I mean the the blow back to the New York Times, I think would be something they ve never seen before, and they found alone blow back a lot of things I would think over the years, but They actually targeted, talkers family. The level will blow back. I don't think would be precedent it, I think, thou be just such a nuclear option. That I don't know if the new actually survive as a company if they do that, we will see- The United States has mysteriously, but maybe not mysteriously abruptly ordered a chinese consulate clues in wasn't Houston, show me
leader in Texas away. So they closed, it thirdly, the vague accusation. Is that they were spying in collecting information than stealing intellectual property. All the things we know that they do add. China has complained that the importance of this story is direction. The import of the story is direction. That's not where things are with China, but where their heading- and it looks to me like decoupling- is unstoppable at this point, and we may even stop it was possible that will end political and economic diplomatic situation with China. It could go that far so drop today. Press is press conference that he has done and while the growth of our situation
and it was hilarious to see how his critics treated him doing everything that they wanted him to do. So what they wanted. The president to do was to say it's bad and it looks like it might get worse. So he said it is exactly in those in those terms and they wanted him to be pro face mask, and he was so. We beg you asleep, said use face, masks if you kill socially does so and then he didn't speculate too much medical staff, which is where we get in trouble so on some level you'd, have to say it was gonna, perfect, there's gotta, perfect the the public and mostly his critics, but also, I think, Republicans, we're saying the same thing today: fix your messaging masks. You need to fix you messaging of the sea,
seriousness of the situation, because you're being accused of not pay you seriously. To be mortal leader leaves. So we need to see your face talking about it, so he did all everything that we possess to them. He was lost. Really living. He showed up in front of the public, said what he was: gonna do etc and how is he treated by his critics? Did they say? Thank goodness. This is exactly what we wanted we're on now know they said it took to all this should be done sooner, which is the generic standard, complete everything there's nothing. You can do this right. They couldn't have been done, sir, so they always have that to go to, but now the the big the planes that son see, then because I've run out of their basic complaints so that they have to get a little more. Of about what the complaint is. Does disease
the criticized for about wearing mask like it's simple, you ve got a photograph, the pie like thinks about it- there wearing mask that's easy one. He doesn't like Basques. Or he won't where Basque, but if he's we're getting that right is appears that these he's getting handle and that they have to go to more exotic criticisms and here's what that stuff in college is using see them, and I was raises article four: the laughs is frictional areas how he can turn something into nothing or nothing. You do something by by just talking about the president with bad words is really sort of a genius and turning it into an egg.
So he has retreated to the following complaint about the President and I dont even understand. It goes like this that the president is not being leave early enough in pushing for better testing and especially contact tracing, because those are the things that other countries did to get past. The krona virus were getting on top of it. Here's. My question: do you really understand that the EU, because, if our tests can give us result for six days or whatever and their terror, the inaccurate other not widely available under man. Just because you want one, I don't think works. Capable of the stuff and what the matter if the president said try harder? Is there somewhere in the country this summer?
We should be trying harder to invent a test that works quickly or to do something I'd like to hear a little bit more from the experts on this question of of wet, whether that's even the thing, my personal bias is that you can't test your way out of it in a big country like this. If you are an island,
I think maybe you could serve Europe Island and you had a small problem. I think. Maybe you could you could test and contact trace your way out of it and even if the tests were perfect, etc. Maybe that would be a big part of the solution, but if you have the United States with the thousands and thousands of new cases, unfortunately, where we are, I just don't know that contact tracing is even a thing, because I think it's just too big. Am I wrong about that? So I'm looking for some fact checking it very biased, linked Sunday later on Twitter. To tell me if that's real, because I did just don't know if that criticism is hitting the right, scientific and practical notes, we would be great if you could do it. If you were magic and you can just do it then be great. I just don't know if we have the capability
to make testing in contact tracing actually work. I don't bull, I'm sceptical about that, but I could be convinced the the Associated Press has announced I guess we'll see you again that they will. Going forward, they will capitalize the word black when talking about black citizens, this country, I think in particular, but then decided that the word white will not receive the same treatment. So if your weight you'll be a lower case of you, if you're black, you can be a capital, be like to be among the first to know about the first to say: this is blatantly races because is blatantly racists, but I'm going to extend that little bit to this the phrase white supremacist is justly Edward from white people in anybody
there's a way person a white supremacist. Less and less that person is labouring themselves. I suppose, if, if you were a group, they call yourself away supremacist. Somebody said you were one. That would be fair because you would be self labeling case, although I've never met anybody with that. But if your colleague just ordinary people learn twitter or ordinary politicians. Ordinary way, people ways of premises. I would say that is lately and completely racist, it is a way to do otherwise way. People is way to love them altogether in the most grotesquely racist here learn, Larry and way. I can ever imagine so. My personal approach going forward is it if anybody uses the word white supremacist, the Edward Craven sense, as just insult to oil person that I will treat them as a racist.
And I also think that anybody who is used the insult white supremacist against a specific person And give you some exceptions, The anybody use beta tweet calling somebody white supremacist. I think they should lose their job. Because if you did a tweet using the Edward, you lose your job. You know I'm ok with you, If somebody does it a social media tweet, they usually Edward if employers is that they should fire you they should are you because you don't want to hire and by using their language, even they're doing another time, I'd be perfectly ok with firing somebody for using the onward in public. Absolutely no no hesitation. But I think we should apply the same rules, anybody who is used, the word white supremacist against a specific person,
now. Here is gonna, be by exception. Waiters supremacy Supremacy or ways supremacist system still, ok still ok possess raises if you have somebody, says our system, the way is organised is worrying in a way that the way people mostly who are the elites somewhere. They are, I would say, ok, I wouldn't use those words to describe it, but if somebody was to say that the system that keeps mostly way people in power is by definition a system of waves supremacy, I would say I can see where you're, just as objective description of the situation. Now that's different from should have you.
Asia. What do you do about it? You know? Is it really a problem or is it just the way things turned out? Those are all different conversations, but as a description of the system and say that this that feels objective. True, what do you do about? It is a different conversation like I said, but if you calling a prayer, a white supremacist, their industriously inward for way people, and I think you should be treated the same. That is my opinion because, as Charles BAR why wisely said you kid? Racism with racism right, he can't and racism with hate and more racism does it work whither play by the same rules or without now I've got a question about Portland that I don't understand.
And I think this has to do with the fact that people are not like me Sometimes you assume that in fact I was thinking about writing a book in which the Could we are the biggest illusions of life so just put together the things that whole people back the most here, the biggest illusions, You know one of the list West would be be yourself like the worst advice, but I've read about them before I forget what boat it was our parliament, so the biggest illusion in life, I think, is that people think the way you do theirs probably no single illusion, about your reality is more universal and more damage The imagination, the other people, think the way you do they just out. People are all over the board, zoos. You say they think the way you do, then you become that bind river
then you say I don't you think it. If our that situation is what I'd be think that never works? People are just two different. I never works. You could get lucky. But here is why I dont understand Portland and its because if, our let's say, let's say our retail business owner in downtown Portland, where I lived in Portland and my life had been largely destroyed by anti far and black lives matter. While the mayor just watched, what would you do if you were not with anti far and you're? it sympathetic to black lives better, but not to the protests. You watch, your Bayer, allow your entire life to be destroyed and do nothing. What would you Do I just a regular citizens see this is where I go wrong.
Because I know what I would do not recommending this: Let me say the sun from. I don't recommend this. This is a very bad idea and one of you to say next, you should not do this. Just tell you what I would do every single night, I would give my friends together, we will address all black. We would pretend to be empty far. We would put graffiti on the mayor's house every night till there was nothing left of the barriers house but graffiti now. Would you get arrested for that, apparently not, apparently, that nobody gets arrested for graffiti? right, the in fact there were some anti far who marched the mayor of opened, I think last night and they graffiti the mayor of Orphans house.
Did any of them get arrested. No now nobody gonna arrest them and if they did the disposal in New York, for example, if they didn't get arrested, they would just be released. That's so the thing I don't understand about Portland is the regular citizens. Are they in favour the protesters because they act like they? Are? They act like they're in favour the protesters? If this were my retail business, they got destroyed by the mayor in the mayor's driveway every night, dressed in black, with the mask pretending to be anti far, and I will just take your house every day, I'll be back there every night and she would be very frightened. She would be very frightened.
I wonder, is a dangerous about violent, but I would make sure that her house represented something very much like the business that just been destroyed. I would make sure that the protesters, the impact on the bare that was equivalent to what was happening to the businesses that have so our support. Instead, Why are the regular citizens of Portland not doing most obvious things that you do assists the most obvious thing that doesn't take me figure that out right so This is giving me pause about whether tribe and the federal, the federal agents. Lesser, the Department of Homeland Security whether they should get involved or not, because it doesn't seem to be that the irregular citizens of Portland care they don't seem to care, guess,
Eric looks different. They would be having their own protests there. Organised you'd see them on tv. It would look very different as far as I can tell the citizens of Portland even care. So why should I care What why should I ask a federal agent to go into harm's way to fix? something that nobody is asking to be fixed, the mayor's not asking for it, the citizen The Portland apparently are not asking for it and anti fastened on asking for it. So I just consider that confusing. I don't know what the deal is he hears my prediction thesis is safe. The poles will narrow before November that safe prediction that the difference between bided Trump is good start shrinking abided by November, is gonna, be
Maybe no difference can be very close to you than by November. I think that's a fair, at least in some poles and will be available, but examples are gonna, have a debt even by November, and other pools will narrow, so they all will narrow. No, why will the narrow? What do you think would be the reason for that? Well, some of the poles. I believe our illegitimate meeting there not trying to be accurate, they're trying to show by the head. I think they have to They have, to, let's say, modify their approach so that, when it gets to election day, they can say well by election day, we're pretty accurate. We just barely mister.
So that they have to in order to cover up their malfeasance. They have to get closer by election day. I think that's what happened last year. Actually that's what happened last election actually now, as some sort of the pollsters such as Rasmussen will get their sooner because I think there actually in real polling, so so they're probably be their sooner, because I think the public is gonna. Have this conversation with em? It looks like this by of ever the thing that you can reasonably safely predict based on current trends, They'll be stole away. More surprises. Soap. Probably the election will be determined by a whatever surprises happened between them that the US so so the straight line prediction is always dangerous, but if you straight, let it if you did you see,
that the economy will probably be surging back. It won't be back to where it was, but probably in November, it's gonna be stronger than it is today, so less good for Trump. I think that vat, seems will be either already rolling out or all most rolling out so that our, optimism about this will be higher than it has ever been science. Will you eventually have some solutions by November
so Cove and he's gonna look less scary because it looks like we'll be other on the verge of having some vaccines, even if they don't work is going to look like this look like a solution is coming and then the other tread that I think we can predict is invited will continue to decline. You have more gaffes, he will avoid more press conferences. Fuel he will have begged out of any any kind of any kind of a debate now what's interesting is that even the supporters of Biden have finally come to accept these. Not all there have you see that, I feel like there's some kind of capitulation of the left in which they they used to be saying now binds find nothing wrong with bided now just a few months ago. Now, how did they talk? How do bided supporters talk about their own candidate
now they say things like well, you know the vice presidential choice will be especially important. This time right, they say things like Well, maybe he's lost a step. Right is not as simple as that. Used to be also even the left has now at least fully embraced. This is there something happening here with binding, but because the election is still relatively far away in our minds, not nor calendars. In our minds are still little before away you, the Democrats still have the option of thinking tribe or no trump, so the frame that most of the people have is not Biden versus Shrub. Although that as growing in importance it still sort of truck or no trump abided is just the he's just stand in for no Trump
people are not really saying give me Bited, it's still trouble going to jump in November. It's going to be Biden or Trump, because you know your mind will can just continue to get a focus. Were focused and more focused and on election day it would just be violent, verses, Trump Abiden war even be all there. So I think there will be a number of people who say you know if we had any heard of a coherent candidate. I would vote for that Democrat, but we didn't get that we just didn't so maybe I'll- take a chance on the other guy, Sir, what an things you can see is loaded with Eric. Don't you see them already about? There was that post,
who is never chopper who decided to vote for a trump. There was a Democrat who'd been voting Democrat fur twenty elections at row, but this time my neighbour says he is looking for job, but you know the saving like those are happily in the other direction right that the law just tell you all their other votes? All these people, they voted Trump, they realize. It was a big mistake in their vote for by this time, so you should ignore all of those all. Of those Eric? Those have no useful purpose. First of all, most of them will be untrue. Second of all is happening in both directions, but nobody can count. It doubles actually get any cabin, accurate pole to know if there,
where people crossing this way recrossing that way. So you should ignore all of those stories. They have no meaning whatsoever. Yet both sides do then overtime orange bed. Versus hologram. So here's a little extra mystery, so we talking about. Cobbler harris- and she appeared talking about- I guess was by Jean Louis- is death recently- and it looks like I said then Laplace she had plastic surgery. Awesome and then I saw
I think I saw her appearing after that as of yesterday, and she didn't look like the same person. Another word. She didn't look like the person who had the surgery just she just look different that I don't know. If I hurt, if I saw an old interview or a new one, and somebody confirm weather cam, errors has bed televised interview, since the one we saw than her face had some changes now, if her face was actually just a cosmetic surgery situation which looks like by November School, a terrific, in fact, in a few weeks and look terrific, so she yo. She may just look amazing in a few weeks. Somebody says they didn't do the knack, that's what I was going to say.
Because the the current video I saw. I thought I was current. I think maybe I'm wrong about that. Didn't look like eurozone surgery. Somebody says a chemical appeal. I don't know that that will cause the structure of the face two different summer. I don't think it was a chemical appeal. I were still talking about whether binding was to defend the police or simply take their money in removing somewhere else totally different totally different. Oh now is not. The funding is just taking the money and Jim. What are you so worlds? That's all I got for you today and I'll talk to you tomorrow. If one of the council, today
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