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Episode 1067 Scott Adams: Portland, The Nation’s Ashtray, Teacher Unions Ruining the Planet, Excess Deaths, Trump Reframing

2020-07-23 | 🔗

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  • Joe Biden says nurses were blowing into his nostrils
    • …Meanwhile, President Trump aces a cognitive test
  • Teacher unions have destroyed education
  • The protesters are having FUN
  • Ted Wheeler attends last nights protest
  • COVID19 excess death tally lacks key info

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump. Why do I feel so good this morning? Well I'll tell you started to be a regular morning with just regular stuff, but then I heard a technique for really getting up and and going and sort of a self help technique? I wasn't expecting really. It came from Joe Biden, he talked about how would he was in the hospital with his brain aneurysm that the nurse who's the quote: they were: they breathe air into his nostrils. They got him up and going, and so I thought well, if getting a nurse to breathe air into your nostril, get you up and going and cures you from a brain. Or at least helps I gotta get some of that. So I heard it nurse who will occasionally just
Lowe's, some air into my nostrils, and you wouldn't you'd, be surprised how that just fires. Europe feel great, like thank you for that. Breathing air. Into my nostrils well as have the simultaneous, but it goes like this I believe the cover mugger glass, attacker challengers, Diana, get injured or flask vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee join me now for the dopamine, the unparalleled pleasure you could say those in either order It's called the simultaneous serpent, makes everything better, including the pandemic unemployment, racism. All that stuff. It's getting better now go yes, so Joe Biden continues to entertain with his.
Unusual statements about nurses, blowing breathing air into his nostrils. I saw a tweet on that and the funniest part was reading the comments from actual registered nurses. It turns out that if you, ask registered nurses: hey! Do you ever casually, depending on the patient, you ever breathing air into their nostrils to try to heal them a little bit quicker turns out. They ve never seen that before Sprise. Never seen that before I let's talk about some of the things, did you ll see the clip of President Trump in an interview talking about his cognitive test, you have to have to see that clip. Here's what interests like he describes the the tests, the lumber and one of the examples was there would give you a list of items and you had to repeat them back
but then you would later be asked to repeat them back again after asking a bunch of questions in between Does the president was describing this process? He would uses. Example sounded like it came from the test itself and the list was person woman, man, camera tv. Now I have the opposite of whatever is the ability to remember stuff like this? I cannot remember verb. Anything, not phone numbers, not less. If I really work- and I can so you- I got good grades and his school, because if I study I can do it, but in a casual sense, I don't really trying to remember stuff like that, and I don't so watching the president just tell the story is in the process of telling the story. He repeated the same sequence, maybe five different times. I think that each time you said it as a viewer,
just somebody watching it just made the rest. The by world, go away. You have to watch how mesmerizing it is to watch trouble. Do this the sequence of five things approximately five times, in different times and each time he does it. You think yourself Ogilvy Stock, and we get it right this time as he was doing it in alive interview. Do you know how much guts it takes to do a cognitive test? impromptu to yourself, live in front of it in front of the nation. The fact that he repeated those five an order five different times? sure I could have done it? I don't think I could have, even though the interview much Leslie, the cognitive for now what's funny is, of course, he's setting setting a bite in, for
obviously it would be good for job if the media started asking for by to take the same test now. That would be the the. Elsa right, because one one assumes bite. It would not do well on that dust, so either ass to either asteroid Neither he needs it, which would look weird were or he takes a that looks bad. So is all good for job to bring up this topic, but I would add this caution and it may be time for a pin on this, because there are a lot of old voters and I think the old voters, just don't like it. When somebody when somebody is honest about the fact that at a certain age, you lose your cognitive abilities, I would at least suggest then maybe time
for this or maybe later, but I would I would give him bite in the barn door treatment that Bill Clinton gave above all when he was running against above doll was as much beloved senior politicians, Nude Ben through World war. Two is war hero very popular politician and Clinton is running against and what glinted was instead of going Adam in criticising Emily in the most normal way, you'd expecting a real direct criticism. He, basically said we should respect, we should respect bobbed. All four is war hero stuff, but were planning for the future and, above all, is planning for the past. So, basically, instead of treating him like an equal,
which is full force punching gazettes, how you treated equally right. If somebody was you're you're appear, you wouldn't hold back cause your equal. You ve gotta, give everything you can to try to win by a little bit. So you'd put your full force of your, your attack into it. But if somebody is maybe weakened, if your opponent is not quite up to hear your level that it just sort of looks bad. If your beating- and I think that is what Clinton got right by treating doll as a lot, a ball symbol of the past khazar framing is pretty devastating, and I think that there is at least that opportunity here, which is four trump. Maybe not yet here. There's a timely issue,
maybe at two just start treating by them as a respected, but retired politician. Somebody who was you have tried hard to help the country, but I think that no longer needs to say directly, he said Joe Biden CARE put two sentences together He doesn't is he doesn't understand the topics saying it directly feels like a little bit at least two senior citizens, as maybe you're, taken there too far, and he could get the same impact by saying I don't wanna be unkind and especially because the other allotted seniors at, but I think we all see the same thing and I think you need to take that into consideration because of you treated a gentleman
I think everybody would still see it. It's the sea is important, is not what from says about it about Joe Biden. Cognitive to decline is just the everybody Caesar and everybody knows everybody else's it. So I think its powerful to say you know everybody sees it is not even a left a raving, everybody says it. So that's one way to go crazy Rasmussen, Tropez about thirty percent black support, meaning that likely voters. Thirty percent a black waters would vote from tromp if they voted today over by do you believe that gives that's like triple away? You d expect their ears. The interesting part that the rest of the Rasmussen Paul looks about how you d expect,
You know you the Democrats, of course, voting for Democrats and women, women, preferring the Democrat overturn. The men prefer age, I'm so so lotta things you'd expect or just the way it expect them, except this one number, which apparently has been consistent, at least in the rasper simple and spent quite The system is never is never gone way down were present. Fluctuated wildly spend sort of like rather than level baby kind of noble, but and if that holds its looking pretty lads, lady, but we'll see I'm trying to figure out why that would be. Why do you think you be that thirty percent of black likely voters that this country would support tribe when the fake news is calling him a racist, everyday life.
Be I'll. Give you a hypothesis, Harper hypothesis looks like this thirty, percent is probably roughly just guessing probably roughly. The number of people who like things the way they are. Don't you think I would guess that population thirty percent of any group was I I kind of like things the way they are slow change too much, but on top of that, Trop does not in fact lies. The black population is, I was that thirty percent of any population would appreciate not being in federalized not being treated like victims, not being treated like the others. So just something wrong.
But rather treaty get treating everybody like your adults severe and adult you're a kid if you're a kid, but that's the only distinction and I've got a feeling that that's more popular than people realize But I don't have any data to back them up so merrier Williamson. You know you know her from the democratic primaries. She treated that. The trump wanting to search federal law enforcement into Chicago to help out with a crime. She tweeted that if we allow this now every attempt to stop this dictatorial rise will be forever stymied than I thought. Dictatorial rise is, I was avenant. Did you feel dictatorial rise happening because I'll feel any that I feel like whatever would be. The of a dictatorial rises? What we're saying trust
Is literally lovingly states take the lead on a stuff? I don't think you can get more of it. Dictatorial rise then giving the governors in the bears as much leeway as as the constitutional, AUS and troubles, giving them that leeway. Now if he decides the surgeon, federal law enforcement and Chicago does not appreciated it. He said I'll just obeying the law, because the federal the federal for this would only be enforcing federal laws which is supposed to do so anyway. She deleted that tweet. Don't know she deleted it, because I'm market, which I did so out of a baby alot of people market it didn't look like a dictatorial rise to me. How do you think trouble
do if you were to refrain the the protest this way and our resolution couple parts this. What is that. What is that the complaint about the Department of Homeland Security forces being involved in the cities? Is that their squelching freedom of speech? Now I don't think they're doing anything like that, because the pro testers I've got what her well beyond freedom of speech, and some of them are doing Then Lisbon, crime, and certainly nobody in the government even cares about the speech Do they have not even heard anybody complain about? The speech were pretty much all free speech, people in this country. You know if it comes down to especially the law enforcement people, guess drilled into your pretty well. I think if your loan forest
But how does Trump solve the problem? That looks like use clamping down on freedom of speech and looks dictatorial, but same time. Diary really does have an obligation to do what it can to clamp down on private. Part of his job sounded as you get those two things right and I would suggest the following. It could be time to ask for the protesters to organise a little better and maybe encourage the of the media to take up their voice So, in other words, the president to say you know we do what clearly a crime, but here what, when everybody saying about freedom of speech, so here's what I would suggest I'd suggest that your media sources. You see it in german Sunday Fox NEWS that they have on.
Representatives of the protesters, so that their freedom of speech is not just preserve but amplified. Simplified. What, then, so, is there any reason that the president could not be in favour of your regular established media entities amplifying amplifying the protesters to make sure that they had the freedom of speech? At the same time that the citizen were protected from crime. Now, what would see it as an msnbc at all them say about that, because your first instinct, I think, is hold on all love you dont want. See that Universal BC promoting all this marxist, a staff in the systemic racism stuff that requires you destroying the whole system to fix it. Isn't that just gonna make your work But let me ask you this.
If see, abandoned their belts and busy wanted to have those voices amplified already be doing it. I think that the established people, people have jobs and all that people were proceeded then once the protesters to win, because the protesters, what a change everything Let me ask you this: if you're done Levin and you ve got one of the best most prestigious jobs in the country, I would say: Amelia personnel, the other major news network in prime time, psychic seriously gray job if you are done levin- and I won't- I will read his mind- saw just say: if you are done Levin, would you want the system to be radically overhauled? I don't think so. Because he's he's sitting on top of this system is the big winner If you are area the your well from see them, nor the management of the ownership. Would you want
the entire system of the United States to be re made. I don't think so. I don't think you would add. I don't think it's a coincidence that the major new organizations even on the left are not fully embracing what the protesters are protesting for. So I don't think it's a risk, because I think that even yet even the sea, then staff, even DNS Nbc staff would push back. I think they would push back the other document push back. If somebody comes out and says, there's institutional racism, systemic racism, they probably agree, but if they go further and say, therefore we have to dismantle the whole system. I think
When the CNN staff Jose well give you some details on that, because that point on board with dismantling the whole system, because its workin for me, so maybe there's a different model instead of encouraging the the press to do it may be the president to say I was put together a national listening committee or something will give us of attention, but the general idea is that the president could promote free speech. At the same time, these clamping down on crime but he'd have to separate what is crime in what is free speech, and I think you'd have to put the burden of the media and ask asked: why is it? Let me ask you this Why do protesters feel they have to protests? The reason you do that discuss your voice is not being heard. What up your? Why is that? Why are the voices of the left not being heard because they have most of the media
if you, if you're on the same side as most of the media and your voice, is not being heard. Sounds like a problem on the left, the network that more fun stuff. Happily, so the present gave his he's giving is press conferences now about quota virus. He's getting high marks for being realistic about it, probably get worse before it gets better in high marks for being pro Basque. So those so it looks like you solve a couple of its problems just by being compatible with the? U, the general mood of the country, there are released the general mood of his critics. But now always been criticised for not having the experts as part of the event There one asked why you did not have the experts. The president said that the experts are briefing him.
That the way is doing is a concise way of doing it. But, of course it does a quite issue. The presses question, which is why can't we do follow up questions and Sarah with the way the experts, here's. What I would do, I would say, look we're trying to inform the country. We know what this big we'll do thing than nobody's gonna watch? We don't want to impose upon the news here: the Life news networks that there to carry this for an hour, we have an obligation to Baker. Our message compact and something that the news organisations will carry so shorter is but I think it a half hour. Half an hour of the president is kind of exactly the right about Yoke is it isn't really. A of more is better, but the the critics do have a point, which is what,
They want to follow up with the experts. They ve got a question that maybe the rather year from books or fancy, and I think the president should make them available, but me, not at that event, though I soon they are available, I don't know the details. Howard is for somebody to get a question to one of them, but perhaps they could even say why? Don't you follow up with the experts in writing? If you give us a written questions The experts we'll get you back. A written response. Is that fair, is it fair to say I, as president underscored, keep it simple, keep my message clean. Do that leave everything that the country needs. But if you want to follow up on technical details is much better. If you do it in writing, so that there's no miscommunication so give us a written question will give it to Burke's Infatuate or whatever experts you. What it will get. A written answer. What what I'll keep it in writing
We all know that the press conferences are about these show boating of the the press. So he can say- I can get you all the information you are in a better form than you are asking for it. Virtually until this misinterpretation problem, but doing it right. It still could be misinterpreted by much lower risk. So I think you could say look experts can get misinterpreted. So why? Don't you give them the questions in writing and I'll? Give you that picture, and then you can follow up on any details are fully available. So does your questions will send you some answers? Who complains about that? Am I right, or am I wrong, that the biggest problem in the country is all one problem? It just looks like lots of different problems, but it's all one problem, which is the teachers unions have destroyed edge,
creation and imagine if you will that there were no teachers unions and that there could be a charter schools, there could be compatible in schools and basically education became a competitive business right now, a candy because teachers unions don't want that cause. It's not good for the teachers, incomes in the short run at source. To me that everything from crime to racism to poverty. Basically, all your biggest problems in the world are being caused by the citizens who have not been well trained. They don't even know their biggest problems from the smallest take, for example, All the people were protest and do they seem well educated to you really because
as well. By well educated. I dont mean that they did or did not go through some years of school in college, and not talking about four education, because a lot of the eighty five people actually do have good formal education, love black lives matter. Leaders have good formal education, but were, they well served, because I would think that one of the basics of education is to know your priorities, and to know that you're working on what's important and the EU the strategy that makes sense. These will be very important as passengers reading writing, which have their own value, but don't get you don't get you to a life strategy. So seems to me that if you could fix the teacher union problem you could have good education and then you will produce citizens, who, when they saw this, these questions about black lives, better and systemic risk?
Terrorism? There would be better, better equipped. Because what they're doing now is complaining about their lowest priority the lowest priority, and this is be looking from the outside but do you disagree with what you say so arise. I'm not the one who should be saying this, but I don't know Nobody would disagree with it, which is that the highest priority is education. If you add a whole generation of well educated black kids, what does the future look like this lot? Better was lover Because you can have less poverty that gives you less crime that gives you better. Health outcomes gives you more of a voice in society. You oughta to you fix institutional racism or value
in good shape? To do that, because you everything else is working you you, you ve got the right base the basic education and knowledge. So if you don't fix teachers, unions, you no fixed education, philosophical education, everything else is unimportant. Because it all flows from there and these protests being mostly about the police. I will, I would say, is the smallest wonder too. If, if Trump said, that directly, would you burned alive or would peoples oh yeah, that's kind, the true Imagine if you will- and I think maybe the atmosphere is just to toxic say this, but imagine if you will the presidency luck. I hear what a year when all the protesters who sang and nobody wants anybody killed by police, they don't need to be killed
I place, but is also your Lois priority, because the fewest people are affected by that in terms of killed even as bad as it is this your smallest problem, your biggest problem is education and maybe crime. So if you don't fix crime, The Kyrgyz education right and if you don't get education right, nothing else works so. What would happen if the president just said? I hear you and that's a real problem and we should work on it. But do you agree issue? Smallest problem. We also propose a be burned alive, burned alive, I don't know, I think, a lot of people in the middle, the veal, the few people, might be able to go left or right. Depending on the argument. I think on another, would say as long as you acknowledge that the police thing is a problem, I have to agree with you
If you re call your problems in the black community, it would probably be the lowest it would be, it would be dead bottom if you read it based on anything based on a number of DAS based on long term, back as bad as it is. Of course somebody will watch this and say cartoonist says: there's no problem with police, of course are not saying that I have just read you Have you noticed that burden problem of not knowing what our priorities. What the priorities are is its effects, everything take climate, for example, The the people who get educated for the past twenty years by the teachers unions, the teachers that they support believe
if that climate change is the biggest risk to the world climate change. Now, Maybe some of you even agree with that cause. What could be a bigger problem than the planet itself becoming you unlivable one hears what an educated public would have said. They would have said something closer to what Michael Shell improve your says in his book apocalypse. Never, which is that poverty is the problem if you fix proud, if you fix poverty or put indented it that you are also going to be fixing the climate and the environment, because poor countries don't make better environments rich countries, do you? The United States has gone to the point where we can substitute in greener energy, and we can build a nuclear power plant, but you're not gonna, build that in a third world country where there's no
you don't have the support, structure etc. So, to imagine that the biggest problem is the environment and not the economics and poverty is just not understanding the problem. Education problem and again you see the same problem is focused. The wrong thing fairly consistently. Had he decided. What's the right thing, while the right thing you'd have to. A little bit about economics a little bit about comparing things a little bit about life strategies of the things that are not typically taught in school. But surely.
And I do think the teachers are brainwashing kids to give them a victim mentality and win lose sort of mindset instead of an abundance and talent stacking strategy, Canada mindset, so probably teachers are destroying the country's Billy as we're watching all these protests. I dont think you should lose sight of the fact that I doubt the protests as aggressive as they are. If they were no fun, do the protesters look like their enjoying themselves? They right? If you see the protesters, they are totally enjoy themselves. Add a lot of us. You don't really protests fifty nights in a row unless it sort of a lifestyle thing so the protesters, because their protest thing the lowest priority, though apparently that doesnt seem to matter
It's become sword like a year, whereas in the protests they look like civil war reenactments, where the people are more like actors is like people. People decided to participate in the protest, but they don't just show up. Themselves, they actually take our role, so the the black black people who dress all in black They literally adopted a role just like a civil we're reenactment be ok, you're, the you guys. The infantry you're the killing guys? So, where a slightly different Elvis, you you're the general And then you see the now we ve got the of the bombs, so the bombs are addressing as bombs, I guess, and putting on yellow shirts and and Bicycle Helen, Now now the bombs are a new set of actors in this massive roleplaying thing.
But imagine if everybody had jobs. Imagine if they had entertainment alternatives. If you have a job, and he had another date of an alternative. Do you be out on the street? Maybe because it looks like it's fun, But if you have some other alternatives that are also useful, referred, take some of the energy under that and what about them? The protesters you're, probably not having sex you're, one of the things that we probably won't talk about this country is that the one effects of the shadows, the quarantines and all that is think people are having less sex in this country than any time in our history. What sad? Due to you? It's, not good snugly law. So that's the problem, speedier Portland, who I've does did the Ashtray foundation
TED Wheeler their Bare went down to listen to the protesters and interact with them? He ended up getting tier aghast accidentally, we think, add here's what this made me wonder so tat we were goes any was the listen to the protesters so far so good. I like it when our politicians actively show that they want to listen to protest first amendment protests so that parts good bye here is the Parthenon, conspicuously missing.
Conspicuously missing, whereas the pool of what the non protesting citizens of Portland. What do you know? Well? What about the other people, because I think I know what the protesters want their pretty vocal about it. But do you know what the non protesters want where's, my pole of these citizens of Poland, who are not part of the protests physically in the streets and do they support continued protests or do they support the federal government? taking care of it. Why don't you know that? Ask yourselves that question. It is such an accessible thing, meaning that the pole pulling groups etc. Then we would thus facilitate appalling group. You could have you know.
See that does these little love, not town halls, but it will have a group of twelve people who are just simple citizens this daughter say. I? U simple citizens. There are twelve you? How do you feel about the protests former against them, but Why are we not saying anything like that? Why is it Why is it that you and I don't have any idea- no idea, I don't even have a good guess of what the citizens of Portland were not protest. They want. I dont know what they want and their silence makes me wonder if they care And why do I care if the citizens don't care? Why? Why should I walked by federal tax money to go to sending people who are just making people mad? They don't want them. What's the point so think about how badly even failed
By or media that you don't know what the citizens of Portland actually want, I gotta tell you. I want to feel sorry for Portland. I just can't. I don't have any input, empathy for poor little at all and the reason is not because of a monster who has But you don't really want to show empathy for someone who's, not asking for it and doesn't need it does what it is not part of their mindset if they think they're getting what they want. Why am I either one to tell them they're not getting what they? What sort of up to them? So I just can't get to invested in Portland unless there are invested in themselves,
That's enough about broad do think the president will have an electoral advantage or disadvantage in getting tough with pride in the cities, so it looks like he's gonna surge, some troops into Chicago, which is unpopular with the mayor of Chicago but what about these citizens of Chicago who are not criminals? What do they want? Do you know now? I know you do that, though you don't know what the citizens of Chicago, what the ones were, not protest,
Isn't that the single most important question, because it is the citizens? Actually, cargo are okay with crime rate, meaning that they prefer that over the alternative of stronger law enforcement, if they prefer it again, I just won't travel there. I just don't have to go there. I just don't know that is a problem, but I do think that president. His instincts are probably right that as long as he doesn't get to dictatorial, looking and as long as he makes it clear that this is only for the benefit of the citizens and to reduce crime, etc. I think it's a plus but the democratic and tries hard as they can to turn those Department of Homeland Security law enforcement. People who really are just trying to do a good job and help the country turn them into some kind of gestapo.
Which is pretty bad. What does in one of the problems? The diva has the same problem the ices had prior, ISIS being completely destroyed on the battlefield and losing all of their territory, but not obviously not their ideology in recruiting, but before they before they happened. I had said publicly number times the ISIS Firstly, they can do is whole territory because, as soon as ISIS holds territory, there's something to bob- you. Ok, that's that's where ices is there, that's their police force boom gone. So, if you're, a group that does not have much power as the group? Your protest me, you don't want a whole territory and that's what they're trying to do with the chairs and chop and leave the various times that the barricades treason
try to hold territory it just certain doesn't work cuz, that's the point where the the larger authority We can say or you're all here, you're all standing this block and you ve done some crime, so we can round you up there. So Anti far has sorted natural limit to how far they can go, because as soon as they try to hold terror, or they lose their, don't know that they can win election, so maybe naturally gaiety. There is also a new report that the Excess DAS, in the period that the krona virus started raging in the United States, where about two hundred and eighty two hundred ninety thousand, so that somebody People have died above expectations for a normal year now, given that its hard to know who died of crowd of hours, this is useful
but what it doesn't sort out is how many fewer automobile accidents, though, are while we're locked down heavily fewer accidents have occurred, but also doesn't count. How many people died because of lockdown? How many people minute: suicide, whereat drug overdoses or were victims of crime because of the lock them so that we don't know what the data that is, but if it looks like The corona virus lockdown plus the corona virus, killed it looks like we're. Definitely you'd be over two hundred thousand. Now two thousand is kind of a magic number. Does I've told you live? I've asked people who said Scott Scouts. God is just a regular, flew it's a little bad, but it's a regular, flew and I've asked how many people would have to die from this regular flew before you would say. Ok, I changed my mind. This was a big deal I didn't realize is: can we be this big?
and they never I've heard his round two hundred thousand and it looks like we're gonna blow past it. So do the people who said it's just that whew. Do they revise their opinion when it blows passed, two thousand or do they say this because I'm not good at analyzing, they say Scots gas got your counting on forty five thousand and maybe more died because of them though it was the lot the only killed forty via the people, that's what they would argue. I would argue that was forty five thousand people who died tried to save a billion. So I think that the forty five thousand new died because lockdown, if you were to ask medical professionals, they say yeah, that's terrible. Nobody wanted those people to die, but is fewer,
and would have died. Otherwise, then nobody will be able to approve it. So you you're always get to this point. Where they'll be this question that you just can't prove I what would have happened if you do the other thing you never know, because you didn't do it, So I guess we'll never actually answer, but I would say that the question of whether the corona virus is irregular. Flew basically is answered. It is not, but I know that it will be disagreement with that. Have you or the the biggest trump criticisms and how generic there he's creating chaos. There's no strategy he's a racist. Have you noticed that I say this before, but once you start seeing it becomes funnier that they'll? Never they don't blame him for things. You can vision. They only blame them
four things that are impossible to measure, because that's the only way they can be credible if they said you ruined Ex wires II. We can just look at the numbers and say your excellency look pretty good. Doesn't look like you ruin so they have to go with these vague there's. Chaos in the administration and he's he's not passing the fact checking, and none of it ties back to a real thing that matters to you. And I remind you again that there are some good everything said about every leader, letters, chaos and nobody's making decision than there's no strategy in disorder. Generic stuff, you say about every leader,
Tesla is moving its production for cyber truck to Texas. I think California is pretty much done because of California was one of the potential places to put that is just not even option the fact that Tesla would say you know California, thanks ravenous will will keep our production facilities that are there for a while, but the state does really workforce anymore. It's a big deal probably bigger deal the future. Have you noticed that the issue of sports teams and kneeling for the national anthem, when from being this big national story, to no relevance whatsoever? Yes,
people still going to complain about it? But is there anything in your entire life? That's a smaller problem, then and entertainment, three there's some of the, because they want to use this to protest the flag that the flag, but protest, police brutality. Is there a smaller problem in your life than that is literally you're? Smallest problem, not even a probably just makes more interesting, actually. So to me than dealers adsum interest to a few the entertainment that can always use all the more interest and also those probable you heard about the chinese Consulate in Houston was closed because I guess was a debt of spies indebted spies. Wouldn't you loved, though, was really happening between the United States and China? Do you think that the
the public has any clue what China is doing to us every day and why, we are doing in response or doing to them. First, who knows there there's up, there's a whole war raging with China, but because we don't have the kind of casualties that you can easily count like other set. This guy got a bullet and now he's dead and will carry him as one dead. But if sentinel comes from, China goes through. Mexico gets mixed with some other drugs and somebody has an overdose death. We just say well, that's the here, the attics problem. So this is a gigantic deadly war. That's! U Sefton! Cybercrime! China put in setting a probed Mars, that's pretty scary, because whoever controls spaces they control Earth
so I would just doubt that you are in the middle of a hot war that is a modern form of a hot or it's all, this cyber information, economic. Getting ready for this lying about this spying gathering data, artificial intelligence, and all that so you're here in the middle of world war? Three is not even in the news, because it's all so distributed a million ways. Regarding the aim is about to break yeah. Do we have enough data that I know that they started releasing waters there intentionally flooding sutherlands? I would think that China would be able to get out of the way because they have enough warning horses on the roof, and you know that means
Scott, what state will you be? Moving too? We know not. Everybody has the option of moving, because if you have family connections etc, businesses is prepared to move. So I might be a whole, though, because I don't live in San Francisco. If I lived in San Francisco, I will already be gone. I left San Francisco cause aided living there thirty years ago. Is this not better, do other Gore Anti violence. Yet if China gets flooded, could get only for the supply chain, I carry their slugger, you covered ed. I think that's all I have to say for today. I believe and we'll talk to you tomorrow.
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