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Episode 1068 Scott Adams: Charlamagne Tha Racist, Biden, Schools Reopening, Trump Press Conference

2020-07-24 | 🔗

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  • Louie Gohmert’s resolution to ban the Democrat party
  • Teacher unions and systemic racism
  • Antifa, BLM, Dems are female run organizations
  • Mike Lee Joint Economic Committee conclusions
  • Mike Adams politically incorrect, forced retirement
  • Charlamagne Tha God scolds Joe Biden

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Bump bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on. Well, I don't know about you, but I can't go back to the old ways, nearly always before a growth, a virus. I've got to the point where If I watch tv interview and there's a talking head- and I don't you're, a dog or a kid. In the background, it doesn't feel realistic anymore do you like it? When you hear the dog, in the background of the tv commentators largest, feels a little more, So I know that, I will certainly miss it. If my food, sir reserves food servers stopped wearing face, mask like I would like it if my airlines starts putting people in the center row, all even pay extra. Have anybody in this hetero.
So. There are a lot of things that will be better, will miss them if this virus stuff ever stops or, as president calls it. President John calls it. The China virus we'll talk about that, What do we do? First, it's called the simultaneous up, and all you need is a couple, bugger a glass. A dagger chattels restarted the canteen jogger flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee jointly there, the Dover being dopamine today the thing that makes everything better, including pandemics, racism, unemployment here ever to it's gotta, go what looks like a lot of baseball players are kneeling for the national level I saw the pictures. I know people wanted to say is a victory for blacklist matters, a victory
Mr President job we got it now, do it by really care. Have you noticed? Have you noticed that was it only a year ago that kneeling knows more than a year ago that kneeling for a sporting event was a gigantic big issue? What wasn't this year this year, it was the least poor thing happening this week. It wasn't the big story for Thursday, I ll be. There was a story, but did you find yourself caring in any way whatsoever? I don't think I did I just looked at. It looks like everybody's kneeling. So in summary, says they cared of I'm sure some of you do, but you have the option of turning it.
I haven't watched any of the games with the fake fan noise. Yet is that any good? They probably need to tweak them a little bit Have any of you watched, doktor fetching throw out the first pitch if it could be called that? Now I don't know, I don't want to make fun of Dr Caucci, because after all it is he does that presented himself. Hasn't wait his professional in another way. So there's no reason to think that you should be going to baseball, but I don't think you ever see. Everybody was worse a baseball If you think of exaggerated, you have to watch it
and I will say I will say this doctor found she is support cuz. He seems like a nice guy like in person, he probably fun, but if you're going to throw a bad first pitch, do it the way he did it because his badge wasn't a bad first patch. His will be the one that will be shown forever as the worst first pitch anybody ever threat. I think it went closer to the first pillar. The whole blade and only about half way, their daughter rolled all the way to the play. It was stolen bounds when they stopped ethic, so is by far the worst first, but you ve never seen in real life like I said I would have felt sorry for it if it was just a really bad pitch, but so bad that it will be
like a highlight loop for the rest of his life, and if you, if you do that, I mean that puts into another category. That's just the lesters funny I would bet there fell. Chee privately thinks it's hilarious like after he gets over the additional. The additional shame of its just gloomy hilarious story. You'll probably showed himself parties away. The ethiopian Louie Goober Lovers Gilbert or go nowhere, but if it is given priority at the end of his name like Dilber number, so I like him the introduced, a resolution to bear the Democratic Party. Did you know this is gonna come it was obviously this was brewing. This was gonna. Come so blue cover pulled the trigger on this, and so this is what he introduced quote than ever. Political organization or party
that has ever held a public position, supported slavery or the confederacy show up till either change his name or be barred from participation at the house. So, of course, that's the Democratic Party who did all of those things and that Republicans never did so. I don't expect us to get past, but it is funny does is more than funny. It's functionally body, because you know we all talk about words. The slippery slope can. I am. Where the slippery slope ends is a mockery when the slippery slope, whatever it is whatever the topic is, begins. The first use eggs at my happen actually could be, deliberately just progress here, it's just ok society. These do move animal that self legacy of progress. But if you keep sliding, you inevitably get to the point where it's more funny that serious and then Louis,
Go bears little funny does serious resolution here. A different kind of tells you were the Lebanese? so we're sort of work. The zone of the limit of how far this slide, because mockery of reality, just verged. You got that right. If you cannot tell the difference between who is serious and who is just make a joke, if you really cannot tell the difference, that's where the slippery, it is a start to attend and the ed, I think, will recover displayed their perfectly because this resolution if it had been the other way around what it had taken seriously right if they had done the Republican party who had ever supported the confederacy or ever supported slavery, but they didn't
if they ever had the Democrats, would they what you you'd? This is not a joke. This is no probably you know they would have asked for them to change them it so the Republicans or just using their own rules and that's what makes it funny somebody's asking. What my surgery is, because you can see, I'm struggling is the twenty life, so I just have to make it to the twenty life has, I apologise for having to put up with me for that war. Did you Are you seeing more and more of what would you call it blame white women It seems that why women are having their turn the barrel. If you know what I mean so there
more aboard asserts that the so called Karen's of the world while meeting well. They do, meanwhile that they might be destroyed the world so there, so that others thought that white women might be the problem. This is. This is not be saying this by the way. This is other people, but it does make. We wonder what is the percentage by ethnicity and the teachers unions causes? said the teachers Union basically are the are the cause of systemic racism. Now you're going to say to me, I don't know, what's got, it was the ripple in time from slavery, the cause is it plus the you're, the powerful elite White Van who want to stay in power? That's what's causing it all and that's true. It is also true
that those same white men who want to hold on to power and everything else they have for decades really since for a long time, let's say decades have opened this big doorway. Said yeah, you probably can't get to where we are in the same way. We did because you ve got the legacy of slavery, global we advantages, but will this other door in which is low? You get a good education Easter still rid of all the traces of racism, but you can make them a boy irrelevant in your personal life, just by succeeding going to school, having a good life, others will raises this back in a body was much because poverty would go down everybody's doing better crime goes There are basically every problem guesses little bit better if people are doing better, whether their occupations, So what happened to the big door that was opened by the
People who were in charge of the white people would already be their buddy had power. What happened to the door where that they open so that everybody can get through, you didn't have to be black, just everybody else. You could just before and you can walk through that doorway and have a good life. What happened to that door, that door got to slam shut by the teachers, unions, the teachers unions by big they force the stopped all competition within the field of education. For the teacher part, you couldn't. The bad teacher. What happens when you can't get rid of the bad teacher, bad schools, bad schools were no competition were and to that doorway, that the rich, powerful white man opened up and said. We can fix all of our stuff. We but to give all or stuff back? But
You're doorways over walk right through it wasn't there, the doorway is blocked by the teachers. You did so the question. I ask, because these social media seems to be dumping on white women. Lately, not me, I'm just saying that social media is doing it. I wonder what does the composition of the teachers? Unions is mostly white women? I don't know the answer that it might not be, but I gotta I gotta think. There are large percentage, if not a majority, so I just put that out there. I would also like to make this provocative stated. This is just observation, I don't off his true, but it seems like both the anti far a black lives matter. Movements have something and you think that they wouldn't have that much in common, but they do what they have in common is that they are both of female run organism.
Are you by yourself, Scott Scott got that's true. There is basically there's not much organization at all. I wouldn't say it's organised. But you you watch the street protests of the dynamic and that you look at Who is often has the microphone who's. The person talking. Seems like is usually web. The what the founders of black lives matter is woman had Anti five, you look at whose up the street you see the the mobs or taking the lead there. The bombs or part of it and it looks like weren't, you look, whose yelling, whose yelling organizational things feels like is largely women, run organisations now also the democratic parties, a woman they wouldn't run organ donation and other putting a plus or minus on this? So if you're looking for it you're not going to find it,
is more of an observation that baby gender differences are a bigger component of the whole understanding what's going on, then perhaps we recognize because all the intifada and be allowed stuff, sort of looks like racial right. Racial. It looks like your. Maybe socialism verses capitalism, so those are the frames with about it. But there is a real big variable about women and empowering women. The sort of a little less lesson noticeable in the whole thing Does he like women are rubbing the Democratic party? I don't think you disagree with that. Right. Democratic party has largely become a party run either on by livid or for the primary interest of women. It again- and I say this bad because in our society, women
have or value USA. Women have more value that man again that's London sold to them is really just a biological statement that you don't need that many men to perpetuate. Species compared to web. So just started biological level. Women are more valuable, so we should we be surprised that they want to take their take as much power in society as they could get. I wouldn't be surprised, so, of course, they should the there's a report that you gonna hate by bodily, whose republican bodily think so is, firstly, rule but Lee anyway, it he's Republicans. So this is the important keep that bind before you here. That export he's republican. Now you baby,
It may be that the republic of that you you wanted to be, but he's a Republican, that's important and that you, I guess he had up this study, so is a report by congress- is joint. Economic committee now is a joint academic community. So these are experts on economics. Absurd likely, as is the answer not bodily bodily, is a guy used to be a an executive and a place. I work is needed when is likely to be so. Thank you for that correction. Isn't this better than this is life, and I thought about doing these periscopes recorded, so you get that you get the better quality if everything, but I make so many mistakes that you guys, you guys correct that it would be terrible if I recall,
this. All those errors will be on it. Every time span enough that you have to wait for the correction. I saw this joint economic committee came up with this they said the demise of the happy to bear a fairly to bear a home. So you know where this going right he's The problem of Republican he's doing a study on what happens when you take the fathers out of the hole seed growers gathered up. Don't you. Don't doesn't everybody do a study that just goes away. Their party says it's gonna. Go oh, you know, he's a republican likely. He does a study. It's about the two families versus the one pair of home. You know where it's gotta adopt accepted in them. It was supposed to show the
is leaving a one. Parent situation is where your poverty is come from a big. Probably the assumption was a lot of people said this is the primary cause of black Americans having a bad economic situation. So that would be the Republic in point of view, except that the study did not show that now it did not show the opposite. It was a big you us meeting that if you think it's, obvious there when you peer to all these many variables, everything from the legacy of slavery, systemic racism, you ve got population, you ve, your where you are what you situation is what the policing is when, throw all those variables in there with these single parent household. You can't isolate the single parent thing, as the problem
now, some of it might be they're getting rid of a bad father, maybe doesn't hurry to budge if the father was not going that beneficial the first place. So I don't know what I actually dont know what to make of this accept all view who said- and you ve been telling us this forever, and I think I ll the one hold out on this point. And almost all of you said it is a dead fact that the single parent household is the core problem for Black America. What about just about every single person whose watching this believes that to be not just true but obviously true, just obviously through with that characterize most of your think here the issue. Now you still could be right, because this study does.
Do not conclusive either direction, but what s interesting is definitely care find that affect you all think is obvious and very large carefully, Well, so he says is laughable this level, here's what I say. I think we should be able to isolate whatever it is, that it makes the two period homes more successful. If, in fact, that is the very so I'm still open. So don't hear me wrong. I'm not saying that this study claims that it doesn't make any difference if you have one or two parents studied did not say that he just couldn't find this being effect from having a one parent household. If you control for all the other stuff, you just get sorted out and either that's exactly where I was so.
Without seeing any studies I said for Bob I won. I don't know how many studies you could show me cause. I don't think you'll be able to define that problem. I think, could be hidden in the in the rebels? That's why? So? I would give myself the only path, the back in the entire United States, because I believe I believe, There was one other person in the country who is expected to not find that very be standing together doesn't mean it isn't. The bait variable just couldn't find but if it isn't the invariable an absurdly open to believing that it is one like more more evidence of it, but I'm open to believing it. I think we can find what is the? What does the key thing or two things or whatever the makes, having a second parents so important, because it might be another way to get it. I've talked,
example about imagined this imagine creating a substitute for the the household structure The understanding that you'd love to have to family homes. But you just know it's not gonna happen. We just don't live in a world where you can want people to stay varied and they will you just can't wanted into existence is just not going to happen. So if it's not gonna happen that you'll have at least two pair homes. What do you do? What is the second best thing you can do? Is we're not even really trying the second best thing Willoughby we just throw out an idea to suppose you had so bad housing situations LE says: lower income issue It's your maybe department situation or a car. Bounder whatever's everybody's physically clubs,
And then you have a rule that says you have to add in single, primarily sing or maybe they will have to be, but adult nails. Who have certain professions? So maybe you say you are you have to have living there a policeman at least you have to have learned their one doktor was black lawyer will list to say as a black community, and you have to have an engineer I've just making this up. So you have to have some good role bottle. Adult males, maybe one observe occur. Coach. You have just just people who have the mindset of success and the biased. Stay out of trouble and the mindset of to follow the rules. You get what you want you put up with it. Did he say? Ok, these are everybody's that so that
the everybody has a new dad actually have several up. Now you get a doctor dad a cop dad coverage. Your dad lawyer that these all your dad's the deal would be that they would act like it. They would actually get to know the kids that there would be sort of a force for good you're, the single mom and can't get your fourteen year old kid to do what you want cuz your fourteen year old kid is bigger than you thought. You were single bulb your fourteen year old, Elsa won't do what you want. What do you do, while less, when you call cop dad Doktor dad psychologist dad lawyer dad you haven't come over them talk here, for you know some cause they're bigger than your kid. Sometimes. And you know this- is your mail right at every mail noses. Sometimes men need to be put in place because- then just the way were organised are either. Those are bad.
Asia will just grow like like a gold fish in a bigger and bigger bowl like there. If nothing stops us we'll do some bad stuff, not every person right, you're, ear, awesome. I know you won't but in general, if you don't control on them, we have. Bad imposes on general, not all of you, so you could Finding the thing that works and re engineering, the situation but nobody's work. Another I am amazed that, even today we cannot agree on whether the swedish model for kroner virus was the right one or the wrong. One key believe that that, even today there is still a debate this we didn't, do it right or did they do a wrong meaning that they closed down as aggressively, but they did have higher than normal DAS
so I ll just watching what the swedish experts say. Well, you know there's no proofs. This was it the right way because is not over yet is now over. Yet I believe that you cannot figure out what was the right thing to do and what was the role that he said? If you save yourself we're all these governors and the president. Were they all wrong about opening up when we did, or at least try to partially reopen? Because the infections again picked up. So could you say? Well we have the choice of opening opening the most most of the people. Who chose to open door a lot. A lot of governors lot of mayors, alot of people, chose to try reopen it that we see these actions are going up and I'd say it didn't quite work right that that if we had the magical abilities to see the future
Maybe we will say lockdown, Luba, logger, fair, so did all of our politicians. Did president job by being promoted for opening up? Did they make a mistake? Do we say all those governors etc, all the southern governors, especially did they all make a mistake. I would say no, because you did, I have a situation in which it was known. What the right answer was. If you don't know what the right answer is, you have to test it pull back. It was the only plan we had. We only had one blab we'll try something will test it. It will give ourselves the optional pulling back? If that doesn't work, that's exactly what happened We got to the point where lots of smart people so well, let's try it, actually, like we said we would let's try it if it does
Work will pull back, we tried it, it didn't work, nobody, surprise. Nobody surprised, because this was the plan. Try it back now. What I'd like to see This has a lot of people who got their flare ups like to see them pull back in different ways, because maybe that'll tell us, for example, do you think that a lot of people were giving corroded virus by eating in restaurants with their own family indoors. Do you think so, it's possible? Would you like to know that,
Would you like to do that as the flare up c of the extra corroded virus? That happened because we re opened? When do you like to know the percentage they came from care, salons personal stuff, like getting your nails that which your gigantic industries that employ a lot of people? Would you like to, though, that nobody ever got covered from their pedicure cause? I don't know if we know that making this up. I don't know if that's true, but I have a feeling that a bar without masks people getting drunk and talking to each other too loud overviews I could be like for percent of all of it. Could it be that it is nothing except letting the children out? Maybe that's. All I ask is the children who have been able to socialize for awhile with each other? Maybe that's all was what is it? What if opening and closing restaurants has nothing to do with,
everything I think we'd like to do that. So maybe the only way will ever know. That is, if the ones who end up ray closing stuff do it intelligently In other words, they say themselves. I don't think it was this business life, because this business, so maybe gems, I can easily see a gym, bigger virus stew so I like to see them reopen intelligently. Their baby will learn something here's a chilling story for you, a guy named MIKE Hams, Now it has my last name. Interestingly, he has the firstly of MIKE now I have to tell you we're think about the simulation people named bike. Her voice had a weird impact of my life, and this is something I have said for years.
Notice this forty years ago that whatever somebody named bike entered my life, the subway was gonna happen, sometimes good Sundays, bad. But I have this weird theme in my simulated reality in words. As soon as a bike comes into the picture, I gotta pay attention. I don't know I just that one name, nobody else, and so this guy MIKE Arabs feels like the simulations Winkie happy now. What would it be about this? Mike atoms? I don't know no relation. There would be winkie me from the this simulation. Here's the story. He is a Lee retired professor, when I say recently meeting just last month, so we retire and he was the subject of controversy for his tweets- he had written a book about political
incorrectness so use what are these intentional political incorrect guys? That was, is I was sort of this thing. Is it was known for use an author for he was out of a bill bar just that limited sense of being politically incorrect intentionally as part of his deal. So let me tell you the two tweets for which he was forced to retire early, that there's a punch. Coming from the stories away to lead, he had two tweets that were considered vile and inexcusable by the faculty of the place that the? U S seat of you, add here, hurries tweets. He said we are talking about the shadows,
Twenty Eightth e g tweeted don't shut down the universities shut out the essential majors, like women's studies. Now do you get fired for humorously, but not humorously meeting he actually visas for having the pity that women's studies is a quote essential. Major now, of course, he's just opening he does. It actually mean us, but he is making. It is making a distinction between women's study major verses. Let's say that generic degree is that unfair, really that unfair to say the sum majors or more valuable than there's here's yellow they will get in trouble. For, let me ask you if the cells racist to you or just politically incorrect, he said
quote either this evening a pizza dragged beer with six guys succeeded tabletop, I all I like a free, then who is not living in the slave state of North Carolina Massa Cooper, always using any funny name in his period before the the governor of his state Roy Cooper. He goes Bassa Cooper. Let my. People go so there is a very himself to a slave, because he's the North Carolina? They had slavery. Does it sound like he was in favour of slavery? No, no he's not in favour of slavery is making from of black people. Now, though, is that there is nothing it here, which is a form of slavery. Is that bit is doing anything he's baby. A politically incorrect joke that your speech
to go. Oh and enough. We can say that, but then you look at it. You go. Ok, there's no, there's, no actual content. That is you there wouldn't be worrisome. Is that raises cut he's just making a joke. That makes you a little uncomfortable clean us was the joke about stuff, so those two were considered vile. I would point out that either them seem to have bad intentions. There were just about justice, opinions. Add you got retired for so a month after he was the most politically incorrect guy? He was found dead, so how many people died actually a month after their forced to retire with lots and lots of these yeah. Now we don't know the cause of death knock. It suggests that there was fell plagues. I think the police would have suggested that,
so I dont. Rather there is any evidence of foul play feels like we would have heard it if there were, but Why is the guy with the dignity simulation uses, to wake me with my last name like Adams, Why is he the situation exactly like me, which is he's had good intentions, but occasionally says says things which are politically incorrect makes other people bad, though they should be, and then he was found dead in his hope. I feel like the simulation is giving be worn. Don't you think he's gay the awarding here's a little story, those of their lives by fellow you, ve heard of Charlemagne, the racist you ve ever heard him he's he's a radio personality african American. He used to be called charlemagne- the God, but every day in this morning, based on his comments,
reading him Charlemagne racist, so here's the racist thing he said he was talking about Joe Biden, Joe Biden covered. That's the trouble was the first racist president will have your Joe Biden enshrining the black wrote. What they you probably should not say is that the job is the first races Whereas Charlemagne, the races points out that there were twelve presidents for him alone. Slaves now await a loud laugh because the topic of slavery- so I guess, is still too soon
but you laugh anyway saw Befell Dell in my house and a month, I'm sure, just like MIKE Adams, so we're there twelve with twelve presence once they lessons I too many or maybe their families did or something twelve says I too very, but it was a big number, certainly noteworthy so point does the same, even if the Twelveth slightly off, but here's what Charlemagne the racist said in L, a poem. He said old white male leadership has failed America. So right there you're racist, throw utterly through the residents. Let's just a flat played bald faced racist statement, and so now his ease This is, and he goes only says, there's nothing worse than an old white male. This isn't getting better.
Can't recognise the false and flaws of other old. Why males? So there are two ways to be bad old way may one is to just be bad old, white male and the other is to be old white male, who does recognise how the other old way bills are which makes you and even worse, bad white male, pretty racist prairies a scale of one to ten. Where would you put this as a racist statement? It's a telegram right. This is a dive. This is slightly, not raises this. Isn't it's a matter of opinion. This isn't. What are you can look at this differently? This isn't anything but complete, unambiguous racism goes up, racism is the american way unless you, so that's a fair, stable
Donald Trump, I say it's a fair stable because we have pattern, recognition, brains. Racism is something you could ever completely get rid of, because we're not good at pattern. Recognition, it's our normal operating system, so what he says is the american way. I don't think he says it's endorsed by America exactly, but it certainly universe. You said. Donald job is not the first and sadly will be the last right he's just moreover, with his racism that most president's in recent times. I would argue that that is code. That is confirmation by us, but that's not the argument for today. Here's my point, Charlemagne, the races. Do you think that Bill Clinton was an old? Is an old white man whose terrible? Because I think he was concerned, the first black President Bill Clinton,
about chucks uber, see an old? Why bans doing nothing for you he's on your team? How about all the other old white men of the Democratic Party? Are they they're all races to their all that do the job About Bernie Sanders is Bernie said an old white man who who's the worst of the worse, because he does know how bad the other will old white? or is it just a regular battled white bed, not the ones whose extra worse, because he doesn't is so it'll be amazing, because Charlemagne, the racist will completely get away with this, meaning that there will be no blow back whatsoever. Doesn't there nobody cares what I say, but it's kind of cited
Times and Charlotte means that you, the violence basically just blow and he's not gonna, get any black people to vote. For that there will be banning us. I think, he's right about that. So he's a racist, but he is correct in these points I will say I think it's funny or inform that the chinese Consulate in Houston was closed. For being, I guess, a den of spies. The question was asked: why you? Why houston- and I guess there were the worst so, but what makes me asked this question if they closed the Houston consulate, because there were the worst of the places that China was using a sir. I guess there spies centre where their stealing intellectual property Does that mean that you also know the other chinese consulates,
were also involved in the same thing, but they were quite as bad. What should they Argo? are we just starting with the first one to see if it changes Eddie behaviour there what's happening with that. Recent asses and used it in that way be. Why could be, although I don't know if you need to be persons are still stuff, but these days could be at the same point when tromp was do use press thing he said this and use little bit cryptic so again after interpret this, he said that he was less interested in the China deal now. Apparently, they ve bought a lot of our accord. Recently, that's good, but court doesn't tell you the whole story just one product utter of their feeding their core do, but they boiler cord search so trot lesson
just as it China deal now any sort of just look at the public and said you understand that right. Now you understand means you're supposed to fill the blacks. Why he's less than just did that China deal? Why is he less interested in the China Deal or the estimated that he's decided to decouple that doing business with China, doesn't appear like it's an option, because China has apparently made it so clear that no matter how good your intentions were for how long you can no longer ignore the fact that they were not looking for a win win situation, they were not into the whole capitalism thing. Where are you with? I waited? We both get richer. We both by small stuff, hey, look at us. We're both do a good they. They don't have that system in mind
the system of Chinese Dublin's, which they apparently want to get too through about things, stealing our intellectual property, because for reasons that are unclear, they can't do it themselves. Now some of it by be there's just always good to steal the other people's stuff. If you're, if a spy situation, maybe everything that they learned from the other countries good, but What is it that makes China unable to innovate as quickly as us? Why is it because Japan does right, and I think China has tons of and so is there something stops China from just making the road IP could be. Their system serve. Here's some things there.
Said there is their press conference largest, everybody wants to know how you doing with these precipices. So I'll give you my rundown, I thought is press coverage was silent. Solid meeting. There were no you, no mistakes that become headlines. He just play to play down the middle. Mostly read it didn't get into speculations about Medical's he did say something about Sunday. The virus will just add people that drives people crazy, because we know have evidence of when it if that will happen, but or why really so the other was the one tidy eager you get a little. Adam in terms of what you should say of public, if you're not a doctor but trivial
I would say the whole that the press conferences if he keeps them this model. I would say that there are positive, quite positive. That How about have other here's some things you do it right. Take the side of going back to school a little faster than normal. I think that's a good vote, because I Parents really really really what kids go back to go back to school and because we live in the sexes world as a general saving It could be true that the Balkans are a little bit more interested, so tribe is weak with suburban bombs, but I gotta think that this is good and help them, because trumps one push to get the kids back to school, pretty sure the bulbs what that
to solve level. But here's here's. What have you to add to the system? The most important vote, kids going back to school, we have an urgent. Have we Do you know who is the most important voice and really the only one who's gonna battered. Then it's the kids. The kids are still not really engaged in the question of thick Khazars sort of thinking. Well, if we neglect the schools at work, like summer vacation us about anyway? At this point they could see their friends most of it. So kids, I don't think I've waited if you ve ever been in American Assembly of the past ten or twenty years. Let me tell you what parents can do they can't put up with their kids being unhappy for too long if the key
and started organizing and are beginning to wonder if it might happen. If kids started organizing too bad, suddenly like regular school instead, a home school, I think they would because I don't think parents can ignore their kids if their kids want something badly enough, they have an argument, for they would have the same. Are you the presence. So that's a wild card that may the may stay dormant. It may be that the kids never organise, but they have social media, the kids have social media. It would take one kid to simply put together. Some
Wireless card to say I was with the retreat this oral or like my message: if you think kids should go back to school and not do remote learning what would happen if you got forty million kids, I think there are fifty billion of them at risk here. What happens? If you give forty billion kids to lobby their parents to go back to school, they go back to school, they would go back to school. You dont know how powerful children are. The only thing that keeps pet children from running the whole african countries that they don't they can. If they do they could they probably do it. They just don't know they can now I'm exaggerating a little bit, but other questions is directly about children. The cites, the sciences pretty much on the side of the channel It would be a lot like climate change because they would be taken decide who science, if the kid-
or will it take the side of science with climate change and there's a whole debate about whether the science is right, but ignoring that for the moment, if they take the side of the consensus of cites, the kids are gonna say: take us back to school. I think that's it I'll court are ever think tribe is doing a good job of balancing the the risks. The one thing I like him to say more about is protecting the teachers. He does say will do what we need to do to protect us measures by the you could put a little bore a little more caring into the fact that teachers will die. Teachers will will die webcam. Go back to school. We don't want, of course, but no, that it would be more teachers dying that they would from regular flew if you put it in that perspective
so I'll give the president for his press conference. I thought it was solid. Did producer the negative news of note, in fact, when I looked it seated just to have my morning laugh and serious about this by boarding laugh, is to look and see them and see what the most ridiculous of there the treaty says, because it's always good and I thought okay, I watch this press conference. Trump did a good, solid job and he hit every know that its critics asked him to know to hit. You is seriously, take he was taking a serious, which is what the press conference gives. You. He was saying, I think reasonable thing. This use compatible science. Here He had all the doubts. He said where a mask he sent to school get worse he's, not a hundred playing it. All the things is critics. What do we do.
Then? What did they say about it will is not just about the told in the message- and I could even read the article Khazars Funny just not is not going to read. Whatever whatever we're criticism naked and concoct from a guy that they had met, just did exactly what they wanted to do so that was pretty weak, so I would say if things go, the way they are there's a big there Have a bigger variable with if we don't keep things up, What's he do run flavoured Edward November, looks like things are getting worse, not better, so now is in order to tell my prediction remains the same, and the economy should be improving markedly, be good for job
I think that the protesters will continue, making the no police defined the police. They look ridiculous. I think that the going back to school get problem the sub Bob's, and I think that at the hearings I can't even get even talk anymore by Hansel, stuff them and, if Rasmussen Pole, is, is the one that's getting it right about black support. Trump already has historical black support that he's just going to start picking you off of the week or segments. I think between now and now that I dont know why he doesn't just legalise marijuana by the way, low hanging fruit. Avoidable surprised about that. That's just leaving free body on the table. Democrats you gotta pick up their free Bonnie slaughtered eaters around two percent. Talk you tomorrow,.
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