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Episode 1075 Scott Adams PART2: So Much News to Talk About! This Will be the Best Periscope EVER!

2020-07-30 | 🔗

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  • President Trump’s NATO/Germany/Russia tweet
  • Google’s manually created blacklist that isn’t suppression
  • Whiteboard: Evaluating Trump’s Coronavirus Performance
  • My HCQ question for Democrats and their pet media
  • Dr. Fauci, NBC and Andrea Mitchell’s lie by omission
  • Teacher unions are root of our biggest national problems

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Chance that the drugs Chloric Queen went administered early and with the existing mice and then think, that's important part that I'd say fifty percent chance that there's something real there and fifty percent chance that confirmation biases overcome us and that there is anything. But will we know that by November, don't now and so I would say that communication why's, he probably should have stayed away from the medical stuff a little bit, but he did listen to the experts. He did listen. The experts I just described a perfectly rational,
approach. We don't know if, in the end is gonna, be better or worse than other countries, as is only half time, and the early infection rates and curves in different countries were not aligned so that, like everybody, started at the same time and did the same things, so you should have some timing. Differences is should be expected. The countries doing well will eventually do less well and the ones that are doing less well will eventually do well, and you can see you could see the curves crossing lot between now and the end of the year. Let us talk about drugs quickly, because we must. Yes, we must- and I issued this challenge on Twitter. I hope some of you saw. It goes like this. I feel like I should just run raises,
have you ever seen a story about a guy who got covert actual is infected, got early treatment with drugs clerk Queen Zinc, Anders its rights in all three and then he died. I ve ever seen Have you heard of one case anywhere in the world in which a person any person anybody in world got the corona virus? and within a few days of getting it, also got the three drugs and then later died because you can show me one of those. Ideally five five would be good. Then I would say to myself: well that's not a cures. It is still worth studying, but since five people- took it in exactly the right way died and we can confirm it lets say,
I would say: well the moves to the skeptical side because remember the claims are. That is nearly a miracle. The claim is that the word cure in quotes goes is not technically cure, but is so close to a cure that you can say: nobody's gonna die. Now. Let me ask you this. I know some of you were afraid that it would be too easy to find such cases. But let me ask you this. If Democrats could find any of those stories, Will they be in the news already? Don't you think that the demographic would run one profile a day in one of their pet media vehicles?
Don't you think the CNN would have a story every other day about the person who took exactly the right amount at exactly the right time and died anyway, because that would be the killer shot. There isn't a single chance. The trump could get elected. If five stories ran about five real human beings who took exactly the hijacks clerk green thing with the three joy combo and died, it would only take five real stories to end the trump present how many of you seem so now. I've tweeted it to half a million people. Now most of them are. Conservatives are not going to try to accomplish the challenge. I would imagine, but there will be enough. Democrats will be enough. Operatives goes lotta people watch my twitter enough people, a lot of Congress, fairly, watches, Maya
by periscopes. I've learned, so there will be enough people on the left to see this. Challenge and they will say to themselves my god. That's true. That is true right. Does anybody disagree with this? That is, the media ran just five profiles and somebody who died on the drugs that Trump seems like thou, didst sort of the end of it, because the krona viruses, the big stories determinedly election. So if you don't see any of those in the next month, that might tell you something doesnt tell your works, because you yet than the lack of evidence, is not proof or something, but it was certainly push me a lot further into the there might be something here category I would raise my fifty percent estimates.
So just be funds. If anybody can rise to the challenge and by the way I wouldn't say it would be just as happy but I would be- I always feel like I had done a service for the country. If those five people do appear does don't you want to know, and this kind of important you kind of old enough, drastic lordly works. I can't want to know the answer. So, even if the answer not the one, I want kind of want to know the answer, even if it changes the election, because it's that important all right Do you know tweeted this little fact if you now following him to watch all the protest action and video you're missing lots as Andy? No energy and tweeted that, according to the law enforcement source there than twenty two homicides in Portland since June, first so that seven weeks twenty two
in all of last year there were only thirty six, so we got twenty two murders and seven weeks compared to a full year, which would typically be thirty. Six. And then he said that the Mayor TED Wheeler dismantle the gun, violence reduction team because he and others said it was unfair to blacks. Now, are you seeing a pattern here? I'm I'm saying in your comments, people saying that Herman Kane died, so I don't know about that story, but will look into it. But people are saying that we cannot see don't say it again. Just said that you don't have to do so. Here is the patent. It looks like if this rate continued of this number homicide. You'd have some you if, if you soon that there's some breakdown family black people are getting killed by murmured white people's outer, if its typical of a big city, hundreds,
black people will be murdered because they are dismantled the gun, violence reduction team because it was unfair to the black people, hundreds of which would be murdered by the stage now, I'm pro gun unprocessed condemning so I dont have. I guess I don't have a philosophical problem with not taking guns away from people, but I'm just not sure The black citizens in this country are getting really getting any favours from the white people in this country who are literally trying to help them, I'm doing all the wrong things the story reminded me so tat. There's a white guy trying to help the black community probably means it probably means well. I have no reason to think he means anything bad so
you think he's doing a good thing and it probably end up in the murder of hundreds murder, murder of hundreds of his citizens that didn't need to give, but he protected the feelings of some people. I guess that's good too, but this reminds me of it my imagination or have white women completely ruined the black lives blacklist, better movement, That is not just my imagination, because I keep seeing more videos of actual real black people yelling at white people who are trying to help them, but there now hoping that all like that, the the white girls who were graffiti black lives matter on a business and the black citizens or back there's a
do, that this is good or bad for us. You know we were black. Why are you ready black lives matter on a building assume? It's us the right. So just over and over again, and if you The arrests correct me: if I'm it's all white people getting arrested right. You see these arrests things. I guess, there's been some some black people arrested but feels like is mostly white people and is just making the whole black lies. Movement is ruining, it is completely rolling and when you see black people complain that We think that they do this good gets ruined by white people. The first time you hear that you say. While that's that's not true, it's not true that everything good the black people do some white persons gotta come steel under rule
That's not true that you look at all the examples of virtue S, not maybe a hundred percent jouberts. It's true wish to discuss some truth. Do it. Tromp had a couple of interesting executive orders, which is one of its advantages, has cause he's an office. We can actually do stuff, whereas biting could talk about stuff, but tromp can do stuff. They did two interesting Things one of them he said he was happy to inform all the people living in their suburban lifestyle dream, which is disagree. Phrase collusion. Present day. You will no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing built your neighborhood, so he signed in second order.
Overturning some little bomber rule that required low income housing in the suburbs. Now here's the important part of that would this up and possible before the protests dear Tromp could have gotten away out of here, get away with it. Please please try Do the he'll get away with an executive order banning low income, housing. In the suburbs today? And the answer is yes? Yes, yes, yes, you can get it. But could he have gotten away with a year ago? Here's why I don't think he could a year ago, if you would see let the President one to strike down low income housing for events. What would you think of that? A year ago, you said well now that you know why can we help the low income people
everybody's got live in the town and the town isn't gonna, be all prosperous people right. If the town has restaurants, you need rescue workers as to live somewhere. You see me citizens. So of course you want some low income housing round years. Urban area is just fair. They can make sense So that's what you would have thought a year ago and you said sensible racist. A little voracious cause, you're, saying low income housing, but maybe you're thinking, people a color. Is that what you're thinking right? So that's what it looked like a year ago? What's it look like today?
Today, it looks like the best idea you ever because the protests are making is seen and again it's how you feel it's it's. What you think is true is not what's to the matters that just what you think is true and when you watch the protests, what you think is I need to get as far away from that group of people, as I can. Young people without much money was scholar that youngish people without much money because they look dangerous their protests to lighten stuff on fire. The purple hair, my god purple hair like purple hair but somebody's gonna, say something like that. So trumpet is so good, a picking of free money. That's I always say that about
and because of the protests. This low income, housing executive order became free money. It was like a pile of money just sitting on the table, and only have to do is what, by and say this is money is blog to anybody, know my money just pick it up, and they did. I think this was in terms of timing. This was the best time you ve ever seen for an executive order. I mean I mean I just laughed when I saw us like. Oh my god, that's just perfect independent of what you think about the idea. The politics of it is perfect. There after this says, the ceos of the tech companies did their their hearing. He does another executive order directives. It S. Easy to implement.
Something online censorship to limit section: two: thirty silent on the details of that yeah. I'm not sure there are details, but the president just said about. I use my executive, Just tell them they have to stop discriminating, who exactly can argue against Is there anybody on the other side of that it is going to force the Democrats who say? No, we don't want freedom of speech, there's nothing. You can do about it now. I don't know if this executive order will have any impact, but it does put pressure on the tech companies and a lot of trumps base had been screaming for months. They wasn't doing enough to protect the base year there, their voices and keep them on the platforms etc. And I don't know this is enough, but it's a lot
I am executive order from the president to prevent online censorship. That's a lot. I don't know how to play out, but it does not nothing. It's a lot. What are you trying to figure out who the liars are in this world? It seems I is getting easier and easier. Now, NBC News used to be something like a news business, but now I think everybody agrees. Is it something else? I don't know what it is: it's either a CIA front, or I don't know, but whatever it is, that they don't seem to try to hard to get the news right. It looks a little more like the national inquirer.
It was at this point, so embassies, Andrea Mitchell was interviewing doktor fortune and, of course, as asked about Hydroxyl Chloroprene and fetch, you gave this answer, which is that all of the gold standard clinical trials, the only ones that really can tell you something works, a map have shown it has no effect and it might even be harmful. Now is that a lie? No, that's completely one hundred percent. True the only your high end, your with that controls in place we know that the only high and studies did show that it didn't work. But what did Andrea Mitchell an embassy and active algae,
leave out, because there is a lie by omission here. Here's what's left out the trials that didn't work were when they tested the wrong thing. They tested hospitalized patients who are near death. Who already have these psyche tone the storm or whenever it is, our immune system had gone wild, which is not what the hydroxyl clerk we is supposed orca, because the the affection has two phases when the infection grows, and then the dangerous part is if it causes european system to go crazy. Nobody thinks, that the high just the clerk witness for that second part, but that's what they studied. So if the only thing you studied was the wrong thing, should you go on tv and say the studies show it doesn't work for the thing that didn't get studied, because when they study the other stuff, these are
as high quality studies. So, even though there are a lot of them, you don't have to you, don't have to tweet, be yet another study about hydroxyl chloroprene working. If you get an early, I've seen a lot, but they all have the same quality there. Not a gold standard double start a test, so doesn't matter how many there are, they don't add up to credibility right there could be hundreds of them. They still wouldn't mean anything cuz. That's why you have the gold standard study the whole point of the gold standard. Kind of study clinical trial is that all of the other things don't work. If they did, then that's all you need to do you never have to do the other can now
Is it true that the more studies you have that look at it from different angles? Even if they're, not a hundred percent quality studies, if you have less and less than does that eventually tell you that you should use it, here's my dick! Then it becomes a risk management decision. Then you say to yourself: well, there's a good chance of good work. And there is almost no chisel hurry, so it doesn't cost much or you might work less trial. So you end up in the same place of trying it without without that. Certainly So here is my point. I dont believe. There's anyway, the doktor felt she doesn't know what I just said right. You you'd agree that. He knows everything I know a lot more so there
be nothing. I know this this basic that he doesn't already now, and he knows that when he says it's been tested and didn't work, he knows he's talking about the wrong thing. In the beginning, you could say: well you now he chose to focus on business or he likes to talk about the high quality. I was, but he uses those as an example of how the completely other thing won't work and that has not been tested in those same trials and when they do test it looks like it works in the in the lesser trials So I would say the yesterday I saw this was my departure point for Doktor felt she. So I give everybody maximum benefit of the doubt. I don't like to do the mind really angry, say: well, I think you're lying ass. He gathered.
Interest or something rather give everybody the benefit of the doubt. That's right, but I can't anymore. I can't anymore this is just so obviously a lie in this really important. One is that this is in some. This isn't some small thing. This is important and he lied about it, and then we see the two, so don't trust them here's. The interesting thing I tweeted just before I got on similar retreats again that the root of all of our problems I say this as many times as many days as it takes until it becomes a thing. That the root of all of our current national problems are the teachers unions. Now Isn't immediately obvious to you. Let me give you some examples: fifty not retreat, so people are agreed.
So this is my two years at most of our national problems and then it less than unemployment, poverty, systemic racism, the schools, clothes, the uptake and suicide crime, drugs and even Trump derangement syndrome are all caused by the teachers unions, because the teachers unions restrict competition for schools, so they there the force that stops you from having more charter schools and more private schools and all that, and because they restrict school choice. That means less competition and it means that people get bad. It
patients, and if you live in a poorer part of town, you definitely gonna get about education, so does giving the poor people about education? Does that increase unemployment? Yes, yes, does does giving poor people about education increase poverty? Yes, yes, it does. Does giving poor people about education, increase systemic racism in a sense the here's. The way I like to say, a systemic racism exists, but it's not going away. It is certain just baked into everything and everybody is sort of like the air, but if you had a good education and a good job, does racism bother you as much is still there still bothers you, but it's not stop in your life from.
Feeling so ass. The teachers unions could allow poor kids and black kids in this. In this context, the black is to get well actually any personal collar. I supposed to get a better education. There was still me systemic racism, but you will notice that as much just wouldn't be a reason to complain about it's like a people or jerks people, jerks.
I gotta go job. That's about the closed schools, this totally the teachers, unions and all the problems of the closed schools cause, including an uptake and suicide teen suicide going through the roof teachers, unions, crime, drugs, all of those are caused by poverty, bad education. So basically, we have essentially one problem in this country: the teachers unions, if you can, if you could thwart then fixed, then get them out of the picture whatever and fix education for kids. All of those other problems start biggest solved within a generation.
If you focus on the exact wrong thing, such as the death of George Floyd, as tragic as it was. If you focus on the entirely wrong thing, literally, the smallest problem in the black community feels like the biggest one, maybe but is definitely the smallest ones, because if you fixed than George Floyd problem will say, let's say the police officers give him guilty in going to jail. I guess here, if you fixed, you're structural racism right now, when fix everything, it would be the smallest thing. If you talk about the entire EU community of the country, the black community, in particular the smallest thing. But what if you fixed education? What if
Every black kid was just guaranteed if they wanted one, there were good education, even if they didn't have to parents, even if they were rich, no matter where they live. They definitely get a good education. What's ethics, ethics as everything, basically so teachers unions, the double might be saying that a little more the ape he reports that there is a russian disinformation. Camping going on and that there are spreading stories on their websites that are a conspiracy type theories to best things up and United. But here's the thing I read some of these animals never heard that before,
Currently, there are these russian made conspiracy theories on these obscure websites. None of these got Antony Name brand website. They like no traffic websites with these ridiculous conspiracy theories that I've never heard of, and they look ridiculous on the surface. I do not remember them they're, so so nothing and I realise that the russian disinformation kept Pierce all of our domestic disinformation. There is so much disinformation from our own media That you need a lot of russian disinformation even to get noticed, because you know you when you think about this information from a from a foreign adversary.
Your imagination goes to our aid, there's all our good information. This is big body of clean, credible, good information and then to him. Those Russians they're. Putting this this little bit of wrong information into our good clean information has ruining everything, nothing like that's what's happening? Is you ve got a giant turd. And Russia's flying over in pooping on it like a bird, so you ve added a little bit of bird turd to an eight for a pile of manure
I guess that's foreign interference, but that bird is not going to penetrate eight feet of disinformation from our own media. I mean it's good luck, Russia, Russia, if you could come up with better just information than CNN and MSNBC, go ahead, Microsoft! Here's an interesting fact: toys to throw in the mix so Doktor James tomorrow he's one of. From line doctors, who was a pro hijack security by he's, I find him to be the most credible, the bunch and especially he's the most credible on the on the topic of Hydraulics clerk Queen being suppressed. So there's two questions. One is: does
work which he thinks it does and then the other question is is somebody trying to suppress it? I would say is argument that its being suppressed is really strong. His argument that it works, I could be convinced, but are not quite there yet so here's where he too, Today, you said, after four months of appeals, since it was taken down Google. Finally, uncensored, our initial paper on hijacks cooler, queen in treatment of covert nineteen, and then he said strange? Google reverse this decision immediately before appearing in front of Congress today to discuss censorship. So Google uncensored their paper that they ve been trying to get uncensored forever the day that there are calls for the Congress to answer for their sins. Maybe a coincidence, even at here's, the worst story, the rail and others so,
You remember my children, burger, who wrote Apocalypse never item on here and he is an expert on environmental stuff, so Congress asked him to come in for a hearing so that they can learn what he had to say compared to everything else alone, make better decisions, Salzburg, Outright Congress advice of expert in export. Guess some information- maybe they agree with their. Maybe they doubt talk to some other experts. It's all good stuff right. Well, what happens is that they gave him the bill bar treatment. The Democrats basically just use their time to malign his character. And just leave it there. That's all I did was just trash and the Democrats anyway. So imagine being invited to Congress of years that the key part of this he's not elected representative.
He's not the ceo of Attack company that's effectively running the world is not the ceo of tobacco company he's a guy who's trying to help the earth he's trying to help the earth like this is job like he lives in breeze and has been. Do you ever I guess most or all this adult life learning everything you can about new green technology, every bit of conservation, everything and he's just going to tell him. Tell them what he knows and they trashed him the Democrats that is so wrong. I don't even know how to express it, because it's one thing to trash the Leah, apologies and results
it was in the ring and you ve gotta rivalry. But when you ask a citizen, a private citizen who just happens to be an expert on something you ask him in and then you use the power of Congress to ruin his reputation or try to or try to squash him like a bug. Fuck, you sorry, the Medes swear slip them, but that was the most grotesque thing. I think I've seen from any government, because that's just ledges crosses life right here. You can do anything to the professionals and obviously Michael shown, groups of professional. Please, a private citizen like we didn't elect him.
Yet we might elected Sunday but haven't elect him. Yet there's just inappropriate we'll go check on Herman Cave guess. There's some story: there did you enjoy today's periscope. I told you you would be the best whenever I think it was. What do you say the left as being surprised by the rights tenacity. Somebody says thoughts on election day, deeming the day itself or the result. On the day itself, that's all up the air sort sorted now now did you see the there's? Some local local anew
program. I think it was. They did a test of male imbalance and I think the test was just a male, a bunch of balance and to see if they arrived and something like three out of a hundred didn't arrive, and I thought to myself three out of a hundred is too much it if it three out of a hundred just got lost in the mail, its problem, it's a pretty big problem because our elections decided by less than three percent. Oh, you agree with the best ever and happy birthday to movement or Mostyn muslin. Thank you think it here. I don't take days off like sleep, so I ve been up twenty four hours and I'm not even a little bit tired what's up with this, but I will talk to you tomorrow.
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