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Episode 1076 Scott Adams: Trump is Medically Correct and CNN Might Be Killing Tens-of-Thousands

2020-07-30 | 🔗

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  • HCQ is a risk management decision
  • Whiteboard1: HCQ + Zinc + Azithromycin
  • Whiteboard2: CNN HCQ Fake News


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Bump bump bump bump bump are. This is a special periscope on one topic, I'm gonna be talking about president trumps opinion on drugs, security forces, the mainstream media. Now you see an end is my stand in for the mainstream media, and I want to show you the trick that is being played on the public. So there's a persuasion trick that CNN and the the antitrust. Folks are doing. I just wanna unreal unravel the trick, so you can watch it in real time and shares the setup. So the the idea that a doctor, Blanco, I think, was the first to come up with- is that the treatment of these with these three medicines in combination might work for proto virus
now. The first thing you need to know is that the whole point of it is that the drugs, the clerk queen, is delivering the zinc and if you don't have the zinc nothing's giving delivered. So maybe nothing happens is that through mice- and maybe we are important or not- it's not clear, but let's look at what the doctors think versus. What Trump thinks compared to what CNN thinks? I would guess that maybe fifty thousand doctors around the world are actually using it on themselves or their prescribing it
would first all. Would you agree that that's probably somewhere in the neighborhood fifty thousand dollars? If you, if you look at the entire world now, based on the fact that I have personally talk to several doctors who say that ninety five percent of all the that other doctors they know are using it prophylactically or or prescribing so would you agree that there is some tens of thousands of just gonna use? Fifty thousand just to make the case may be a hundred thousand. Maybe ten thousand reward change it too. Much to the point is a whole bunch of doctors who say some version of this might work They don't say it does work, this aid might work, is very safe and cheap, and who does that sound? Like the sounds like tromp? That's exactly what she says. Trump says might work.
I dont think chop has ever said this works correctly and that if you can find something that looks like you said, it does work, but I think the tribe is exactly compatible with ten thousand. Fifty, though,
A hundred thousand doctors. Now, what does CNN say about this? They say it's dangerous, it doesnt work and the trials prove it is ineffective and then they tell you the Trump is being unscientific and not listening to the experts. That's the exact opposite of what happened at the experts are the doctors, the experts, the sea then looks do or virologists and scientists and researchers and people do studies a different kind of expert. Now it is true that there is much less.
Happy about drugs. Chloroprene, that's true and we'll get it that in the minutes, but it is completely true. The trumps opinion on high drugs, a clerk wean matches exactly most of the doctors in the United States. Let me ask you this: have you ever personally talk to a doctor who wouldn't prescribed this right? Every one of you just said those that time I talked to a doctor. No, he said he would prescribe it and then those that other doktor. Yet he said he would do it too. I would be surprised if you could find one doktor in the United States.
It's who wouldn't give this a try if it was available and there was a re condemnation, but so I don't know if it's a hundred percent- and I won't make that claim- but it's probably ninety percent- how many doctors are there in the United States and a lot of doctors in the United States? How many them would say the same thing so Keyser want. So if you have an organization as opposed to a private practice, I can see that the organization wouldn't do it, but I don't see that the doctor wouldn't do it and if you can find a doctor who would not,
Scribes us be interested in hearing their argument, but the point is there whether the doctors are right or wrong? There are probably at least fifty thousand in the world who have exactly the same opinion as dropped is here? Is the trick or tricks the CNN users? So when they talk about it to try to make it sounds like Trump is an idiot and is giving the wrong advice. The first thing they do is misdirection, so they say there were studies, but they were the wrong kind. There are studies of people were already. Your death and they overdose them with a dose that's no way out of the normal range and sure enough. Some of them were worse off and none of them got any benefits if they could measure. So this is the fur.
Rick. If you say hey, I think my work might work. Don't know they'll miss direct you to the studies they show. That is dangerous, but though the wrong studies, the whole point of this is to get it early, not to get it near because the disease has two stages. One is the infection part which which thy Jackson Clerk Queen with zinc might help with and then the second part is when you are immune system goes crazy and I dont know if anybody thinks it would help on that second strictly uses weasel words. I just saw this one today.
There is no evidence, it works. It was Saturday, there's no evidence, it works. What did the fifty thousand doctors look at to decide? It might be worth trying? Did they look at no evidence and then they said? Well, there's no evidence, so I think I'll give it a try, probably not because they have access to the internet, they probably at least Google, that don't you think you think, there's a doctor who didn't Google list when this became a they. They probably googled. It probably popped up a whole bunch of study. They are not the gold standard kind. The indicated that there is a mechanism that makes sense, in other words, there's a cellular biological reason that they should work or could work I'll say could not should so that's evidence. And there are lots of studies as seemed indicate, but they're not quite as solid as they could be scanned of evidently.
But they say: there's no evidence, but what they're doing as the misdirection they're saying that these these studies, that are the wrong studies, provided no evidence, The other thing to do is the missing zinc, they'll, say: well, here's some studies of people who got too early for prevention didn't help a bit and they leave out the zinc the active ingredient. So here's the the part is blowing my mind if we go back to
the first point board- and we see that the president is making sort of a judgment that similar to doctors, which is a risk management decision, not a medical decision and when CNN tries to catch it as a medical decision there just lying to you, because it's not that it's a medical realm, but it's a risk management decision and tromp being a businessperson, sees risk management apparently similar to doctors, who have to manage risk of this type all the time it's their main job. So these guys were completely compatible and CNN isn't. But here's the thing suppose it works.
Suppose it works or listless go the other way. I say suppose it doesn't work. If it doesn't work, then nobody is really harmed. People paid twenty dollars for these cheap pills. It didn't work new unit, you haven't lost much, so Trump has picked a risk management decision similar to doctors. That says we're case narrow you're out. Twenty bucks best case scenario is saved. Your life is praising decision right. If I said you might die, but if you spend twenty dollars, you have a much better chance. Eleven spending twenty dollars. You feel bad about it. Now nobody gets hurt, but what about the other way? What if it works? What, if the graphs that I don't trust to be accurate, are showing that the countries using hydrochloric green the most?
presumably was encounter now seems to show that there are getting better result. What does the right now? I don't trust any that data, so I'm not on the team that says I drugs a clerk queen and work on the team. The says that might might, and if it does work, see it and would be and will say the mainstream media, but see them more than most of my thing would have directly caused the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. Tens of thousands of people will die if CNN is wrong. If the right it's about the same as if tromp was wrong, so they have chosen the risk management there would,
kill tens of thousands of innocent Americans justice screw Trump think about that. They they eventually chosen consciously a disease, that their selling as trumpet be incompatible with the science. When, in fact, is a hundred percent compatible with doctors most of them, They ve sold. That is the opposite. When fact, CNN is one opposite of the doctors completely opposite
and they have made a decision that, if the right nobody benefits, but if the wrong they ve killed tens of thousands of Americans. Think about that and that's a choice that they may consciously that's now something that I made up at nothing. That's a conscious decision. So when trumpet calls see an end in the faint news, the enemy of the people, the enemy of the people may have just killed. Ten thousand Americans maybe just depends if it works, and so the point is not that they did or did not kill thousands of Americans. The point is they made a decision. Which could only have that impact or none at all, only two choices: no impact or kills tens of thousands of people trumpet the doctors chose the opposite: either nothing happens or we save tens of that.
This applies to imagine that these are somehow similar opinions of of equal was a credibility and of equal philosophical value. If you will is crazy, so crazy, so the watching Watching the fake news sell a version of reality that a lot of people are buying into basically everybody. I know who watches CNN, they kindly believe this Version of reality and is really really dangerous, so I just want to do a single topic periscope on that. That's all.
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