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Episode 1077 Scott Adams: Dismantling Teachers Unions, Epstein Files Via Cernovich, Pandemic Scorecards

2020-07-31 | 🔗

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  • President Trump always keeps his options open
  • Skepticism about COVID19 results
  • Epstein documents unsealed
  • Teacher unions: an extinction risk for America
  • Nuclear energy: imperative that America leads

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Bump bump bump bump them good morning. Everybody. How are you it's good to see you? I hope you brought your beverages because it's gonna be one of the best days ever, They is shaping up to look really good. Let's check the stock market, see what's going on there anything happening in the stock market like Apple Amazon or doing pretty learned, pretty darn good. So I know that many of you here are here for the the laughs, the excitement, the camaraderie,
the news, information, the emotional and intellectual titillation, but many of you are here for the simultaneous zip and all you need like to participate, cover migrants Also tanker tells us time again to inject a flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dope of either Today, the thing that makes everything better colluding, the Pandemic Economics Stock market unemployment, everything is called the simultaneous up and it happens now sublime somebody says that surgery changed you. Let me address that because said
but if you watch me every day, I should address the fact that there is certainly some kind of chemicals. Change going on here so part of it is the surgery on my services, which should change the Mai vocal quality, a bit dont know if its permanent, yet. But I am also still present zone. The producer changes. Both my personality makes me more aggressive. And little more energetic, I think, but also be they had signed the surgery. This will be the first time you ve ever seen me when I'm not using marijuana every day. So for awhile keep them my system. So I was awake for thirty six hours straight or something if you don't kill Anastasia. I was wait for thirty six hours. Because my brain just going crazy just adjusting to the new chemical composition. It's such a difference from normal.
So we don't know how this is going to turn out I'm actually on an experiment calmly, tweeted just now. Well I don't know what that is. But what find out together? I guess let's talk about the news, here's a question, so I guess first NBA game, all the players and coaches knelt. Now the total amount that I care about this issue: zero, zero, really care. Who Nielson for a sporting event. Is it? Was there anything less important? I don't think so. It's probably at least important thing happening in the world, and yet it's a headline news But here's my provocative question. If China did not want the NBA players to kneel, could they have done it? I just tried to cause trouble just think about
If, if China had some real problem, I don't know why they would, but let's say they did. Let's say example that was an insult in China. It isn't, I don't think but imagine it was. Could there players have all knelt and I think the answer is no, which is just a funny thought now funny for them. I think NBA can have some problems. Obviously the big story yesterday was the president wheeled about maybe delay the elections. Just so will have the votes counted, because if there is their voting by mail, there might be some delays. Of course, that causes everybody to say you fascist, you fascist, you.
But it was the president being the President. I dont know how anybody can take this stuff as completely literal anymore and and then comment on it in public, and act as if we don't all know the President Trump is president drop turn style of communicating oil will use a little hyperbole, he'll he'll, bluff, he'll, take the taken I offer hills, shake the box So when you see something like, maybe we should delay the elections. What kind of filter should you put on that I'll tell you the one you shouldn't put on it, there's one it's definitely wrong: they have decided to become a dictator and take over the country, that's the most wrong one. That was pretty ridiculous. Now. Does it mean it doesn't matter?
What's the contacts probably doesn't matter now, here's my take. This is from a Jason, tweeted him a trained hypnotist who had this taken under that by president. Putting out the thought that the election could be delayed. He is actually trapped. The Democrats, do you see it It's not exactly obvious play with it in my mind, a little bit to see if this made sense, And out of office intentional or is just the way it turns out but Imagine that the Democrats spend the next two months, arguing that the election result must be determined on election day or or some you know some period around then. If there's some some ajar
specifically not passed. You know, January Twentieth, inauguration. If they spend their whole time, arguing that the election should be accepted. On whatever day they think it should be done election day, let's say there. Also gotta be priming themselves to accept whatever the result is so if they commit themselves Publicly to saying that, whatever we see on election day is the result. They have also been themselves to accept it and they might not want to know what President Trump has done, and I just shake my head when it when I see Do this because there are sometimes when he's the only small. Person in the country is, it seems, at least in public so when he was asked if he would accept the outcome of the election, both the One in this upcoming one he said so version of will have to say exactly the right answer, every
the answer is just dumb bitch. If you say I will accept it. Limiting your options? Why You do that who would limit their own options before they are forced to do it You see this consistently. Trump will always say how about I'll keep all of my options open Now, don't tell us what you're gonna do know how about I keep all of my options open. Do you think you'll use nuclear weapons I've got an idea. Why did I? Why don't I keep all of my options open? He'll do this or that were China. I've got an idea. Why don't? I keep all of my options. Open he does it all. The time so when he doesn't with the election, is a big she's a fascist dictator is gonna take over. Well that's what the lesson But is also exactly what he does all the time and everything he always keeps us options open now. Could you guarantee That the result of our election will look fair
Annabelle, and it will be real action. Can you guarantee that? Because I can guarantee that I think it will happen, optimistic, but I don't know if you dont know, keep your options open. I don't think we're gonna have anything coup or violent insurrection. I think I'm not worried about it, but May I ask you this who's, your results were in the. Say you're within one or two percent and the final outcome. So the final presidential race, no matter which side wins close likely usually are how many influences, or we can look at after the fact to say what changed the election we're going, together with the other Russians. Doing some lame thing that a second greater could do you like it China's influence will look at.
The news how they had how they handle things and almost all of it, maybe not of a matter, because I've got a feeling that the voters have made up their minds I recommended on Twitter this morning that you all follow this account by andreasen back house. At Andreas shrugged. You can see my tweet if you want to follow him. There is usually follow him. Is he lives in Germany? Is a german citizen speaks perfectly English Phd in Economics and he's my go to for looking at all the pundits and experts claims to see if the consistent, the data That's right: they looked at all right. I've told you in my book loser think their people who have the right talent stack.
Are much better suited for explaining the world appeared. Economics is a really good place to start if you're gonna look at other, those data and see how they ve, how they ve compare things So if you want to know, if somebody is compared things correctly, you want eventually in economics and addresses the best I've seen. So an almost all of the issues in America. You ways in on the big twitter debates and consistently has probably the best takes I've. I've seen on almost all the topics. Today. He humorously corrected Chris Cuomo, This is why so much fun so Chris Cuomo, saying on CNN last night that Germany was doing much better with its economy than the United States.
So the Germany have handled the pandemic and they also done better than us in terms of not losing as much economically as maybe they could it, but it That you just let the throng numbers that Chris Cuomo, whose background in training is talent stack, is he's an attorney. That's good, but that's not really quite the right field. For this conversation Chris covers very smart. He may disagree, but I think its objective later they smart and. You see a journalist and does his job. His talents stack is pretty strong. But he does have maybe a blind spot for the economics which would not be unusual. That would be the common situation. But what he did is you just? Apparently he just confuse some GDP growth. Growth rates bury the United States so basic,
they could bear an apple to an orange if you those Andres pointed out. If you compare the apple to the apple, the United States did a little better so it actually completely reversed the story from Europe. These kicking our bots to Actually we were a little bit better little bitter, and so I provocatively put this challenge on Twitter. You plan to criticise President Trump later, and you know you do you know what I'm talking about the left and the right right. The one thing we can guarantee. Is both the left and the right will criticise President Trump, When it's all over now to write everybody's got their complaints, I would ask you this and I like to keep room
people. If you try, if you're evaluating president trumps performance with the pandemic and worthy the economy, you can't do it in a vacuum. It's gotta be compared to something, relevant. Otherwise, you don't know if it's better or worse than some standard, and I would just challenge people if they plan to criticized the present later, and you know you do so. This is most of you pick your champions now pick the other countries And the other leaders and state them in public and say I'm going to compare present trump in the future to Germany that I think they'll be one comparison. Maybe Maybe you pick a couple european countries, but whatever you think is fair, but just name your champion. Once you have your somebody, hopefully, is putting Andres backers, name the spelling and the comments you can see there. So picking
the and the reason I say this is. If you can't pick your choice, we are now. I'm not sure you can tell who is doing a better job later, because you get to cherry pick your comparison after the fact. I would say: let's put him against the other kind is that are as comparable as you can get, maybe as a group that might even be them. But I have this prediction- and it goes like this. Some countries will be better than the United States at handling the pandemic. That's guaranteed Sancho, This will do better than the United States, maybe a handling the economy in their own country. Maybe but I think many countries are going do better a ball and that's gonna gate be interesting because the economy and the
Virus are almost exchangeable there there almost like a currency that one can pay for the other. In other words, if the virus goes up, it's bad for the economy and your people die from the virus, but they also die from the economy, so their sort of linked right- and I don't think, you're going to find the situation when this is all done where there are many countries that If the United States, on both both measures, handling the pandemic and deaths and also keeping the economy alive, which also keeps people alive so let's wait for that. That's I challenge the world if, if you, criticise them later. Now who you're gonna Sure him against that's fair.
It turns out that we're getting some reports that I dont yet trust about countries completely getting on top of the virus, maybe to the point of being passed it which, over optimistic to me so here, if you, the stories, Jake Novak reports or tweeted today, that Israel says that it may have been it. So Israel is looking like it, got on top of the virus, wiped it out. Maybe maybe a non problem very soon in Israel,. I don't know. There's that can last depend so depends how much you can control their borders and stuff cause, there's gotta be new virus. Come here and how they could not be the case so, I am. I would say that I am appropriately skeptical of any country that claims that they were beaten were there near beating, because I dont know that that is a thing
So both so Israel is reported, I've seen reports again You think I say here should be considered not credible. Because we live in a world in which a hundred per cent of our information is untrustworthy. Well, I don't know if you can say that about information, I would say that the data cannot be trusted for basically anything right now Some of it has to do with the pandemic. Some vast do with the fact that data is never good. We just think it is sometimes but we're getting smarter. Now. So that the more we get red killed about the real way that the world works, the less you should believe any data Because all data is just politics ultimately here, if you public data that has some kind of public purpose. You should just see. It is almost an opinion because somebody made that data somebody collected it and
didn't agree with their point of view. You probably never would have seen it so there isn't much difference in twenty twenty between Our data, we're gonna, use our hard data to make decisions, and I think I'll just use my opinion. You think there's a difference. You want there to be a difference. Maybe they used to be a difference, but there is definitely not a difference now now data is just opinion packaged up with numbers. It's all fraudulent people. Pick whatever starting points and ending points make their case no measure. What they want to measure will ignore what they don't want to include. So I would say we're in a world where all data should be considered wrong. That should be your first. Your first judgement is that they should be almost certainly wrong somewhere. It would be right, but so rarely that you should almost counter like it's not a thing. That's down, we might vice
so there's something reports on Twitter, which means no credibility and all that. Sweden has basically been the virus that they got to something I heard immunity didn't completely closed economy, although there are coming, take a hit just cause. People did socially distance voluntarily Sacho. I don't know that's true again, Sweden, my flare up again, but somebody saying so another tweet that Haiti, which it was being used as an example because they have the worst. Healthcare situation, so the question is what would happen to a country that, basically just didn't, have good healthcare and just got ravaged by the krona virus? What would happen. If Haiti is that example, and if the data is right, which again, what are the odds,
It will show that Haiti just basically built up heard of unity and are already passed without too much death, enough- that's true, but you can hear less stories about this country that country you have got past. I got her immunity. I would say you should be very cautious about believing any that, but here's what I would like to see give how hard it is to actually know anything for sure. There are only these little opportunities where ideal, a pick out some data. You can actually trust it might tell you something: it's rare I would suggest this would be open to comments whether this is dumb or brilliant. But it goes like that I'd like to see a list of the countries where Hydroxyl Chloric Queen is available over the counter without a prescription and has been for the last several months. So I don't care what happened before the pandemic, but
The pandemic was which countries had Hydroxyl clear agreement over the counter. Now here's the beauty of what I'm going to, just if you look at any one country, I dont believe those. Numbers at all? I completely don't believe. Many members from any one country, United States or anywhere else, but. If you were to some together- let's say let's say they were two dozen countries that you could find that definitely had over the counter. I chloroprene. If that total group, on average was way better getting past Lee pandemic. The group there was only by proscription or other limitations would that be meaningful may a, but it also might not be because there could be other correlations. It could be something about temperature, something about density, for example,
and you have as much density in the warmer areas where there's also malaria, where they also had I jocks clerk. We so you ve got the temperature environment season density. You might have some kind of union attic thing that the mixes things up. Somebody says: don't forget the zinc. Well, yes, let's not forget the sick, but the point is. It question is important, so super opinion that, but if you found that the over the counter hydrochloric when people were all doing better. Even without losing goes problem? They people would be smart enough to pick up a little. Thank our Can you get it over? The counter to I mean I know
rising over the counter, obviously the, but is it the medical grades zinc that is meant to be working in concert with high drugs clerk? We miss Rennie difference if I just by some Walmart zinc, is in It is good to answer the first thing I did was grown bisons zinc, so I mean I have some in my cabin. Wanna tell us anything if those groups are different, because you know the the online doctors better than lose lately. Had been talking about making Hydroxyl clerk queen over the counter in the United States and I'd like to know if anybody have a good result with that, if nobody, if the average of them didn't get any good results, will be less inclined to think that the most important thing we should do, but maybe who knows
Here is an interesting thing. I didn't know this when it happened, but present trumpet tweeted this. He use talking about how we're gonna be building back. This was on the twenty seventh a few days ago, We yesterday you talk about if sleepy Joe Biden, the puppet of the left, everyone markets with crash in cities would burn, which I think is actually literally true. The markets would crash in cities would burn it's funny. You just automatically think that's hyperbole, but I don't know I made a good. This is definitely in the realm of completely believable future scenarios and cities would burn focus, but it is on the side that wants to defend the place. So it doesn't take many doubts to be connected to personally to be unfair, that is we goes onto goes. Our country would suffer like never before.
Tromp says we will be the virus soon and go on to the golden age better than ever before hashtag golden age. Now I'm the one who said hashtag alternates, that's not only the twin, but like a lot the president's view, because I am a hundred percent on board with it. Have you noticed that the levy, not minimize, how bad things are right. Now, you're people dying there, people entered and work. There's, there's big hunger problem. Is this growing in the United States that might be are not might be in it should be. Our top priority is the hunger problem, so we get really serious problem. But, as the president indicates, there is something about this virus and the pandemic. That is renewing. You can the old hour, I am not the only one. I don't think
There are so many things they get changed and our perspective on just every part of life, age so substantially that I think it opens up a whole bunch of possibilities that weren't there before education devil, change commuting will change our relationship with China. Will change will bring in our supply chains? We ve learned, Annabel virology were probably safer from future pandemics. I mean right down to just the most basic things limit. Let me give you the smallest example. I still had somebody in my business life, my book publisher, who is still mailing the physical check now, I don't know about you, but do you get mad when somebody gives you a physical check where I get mad,
Every time I go on or at the beef ban refer to write one because I feel like what is this the sixteen hundreds? riding on a piece of paper with a feather quill or something to exchange monetary value and because of the pandemic, My publishers said well: we can't do these physical checks anymore, so we'll do direct deposit just fill out this forum, to which I said. Thank you. Thank you you just saved. One of my problem is that this is the smallest problem in the world, but multiple. By seven billion people changing and correcting all the ways are doing everything, and in its like a million things that are small improvements. Somebody says in the car Handshakes handshakes might go where I had a doubt it, but that might would there be an improvement.
Just getting really handshakes could lower healthcare costs, five percent or something on a five percent. So a software about that the golden age my becoming through my be really good. And the online stuff the delivery stuff it's just going to Gretel, but we have to get past this bad patch biggest story? Maybe today is the Epstein files being unsealed credit to MIKE's earn a bitch. That happened so everything you see in the news for next. However, long about these Epstein files that come out, you should think yourself that would not have happened without like Servage,
I gotta say this adventure him almost too much, but here he makes such a perfect example of things that I like to talk about, that it just has to be mentioned in. It goes like this. Those of you follow likes her image on twitter. You know that most of the time, These hang out with his two young daughters, taken care of them tweeting and stuff and hit by his bill. A talent stack their inclusion legal. You gave your social media. It just keeps YO growing. This power, just one His ability to influence the entire african planet from here house with his phone. There's like the coolest thing. If you ve been watching at the whole time. So one from young guy was trying to get
Mindset book go fringy character and then there is, the pizza gave their help. People have their opinion about that and then Hoechst came out is probably also one of the best documentaries. I've ever seen little bit biogas, but I do think it was one of the best produced pieces of quality work and for several years and but then he got kind of ignored. The Amazon pulled it and did get much attention about it, but his power just keeps growing is just so every day is a little bit more a little bit more, and today you put on the news and the news. Basically the news he created. He actually created the news, so Epstein trending certain which may happen there's just glorious watching so, but what? What is interesting about the story?
for several things. One of them is how the news is covering it. I recommended that you all follow a new start up and news start up called the ground. It news so ground like the ground that you stand. News and what they do is they monitor all the left and right and centre new sources, and they give you a graph the zoo whose covering one stories and use A story like this every where most of the news entities that are right, leaning have covered it because Bill Clinton is named in the Epstein files. So the right completely covered it, and then you see their grasp that I tweeted you can look at yourself that the left is just empty. It's empty! It's a big story, that's embarrassing to Bill Clinton and the entire left media bubble.
Ignored it? It's completely anti add what do you see the so so stark you how to stay the bubble situation, there's nobody I know on the left, who even really be aware of this. Maybe they just sort of won't even know it exists. What do we make of the new information. We have well, though, be more stuff dropping out by here. Some of the highlights number one. Apparently the FBI and I haven't done into the details, but I'm just reading twitter summaries of this, apparently the FBI I was aware of more victims of Epstein and did not interview them all before they bade. Whenever deal they were making. Which indicates that the FBI maybe did not want to prosecute him so much which.
No matter what you thought about the FBI before, as in, are they trying to overthrow the United States? get rid of the legally elected president, whether with Russia collusion. No matter what you thought about that before this is maybe a little worse, because it does look like the FBI again, you can't. You can't make a definitive claim about anybody at the FBI. Doing anything specific, but the way it looks is that the US yeah. I was complicit. Allowing a serial pedophile to operate, released Give him an easier way out They got a lot of explaining to do a lot of explaining. I don't know where that's gonna go keep an eye on that. Now the big claim, the big shoppers are the names of people. That one is the.
One of the young woman who is in the EP steam circle, there was naming social naming famous people who visited the her name's included Bill Clinton she says was others the island which he claims he was We're on the island, so that's a big big claim to say that he was on the island that were directly contradict everything he's ever set if trip. And said that there were two young women there, also as well as MAC Gleam, and now: there's no reporting on you those two young girls are women. I hope they were there's no reporting that they had specific any kind of contact with those other people, just as they were there at the same time. That's the report. The report also says that Tipperary,
or we're on the island of here's, the funniest one that greening the creator of the substance. Now, here's what you need to know Dershowitz, who also has been dragged into these allegations of various types whose tweeting, today that he wants to make sure that even more stuff is unread acted because his claim is this, that the the woman, woman or a girl- who is making the claims about who was on the island, the famous people there. Already been proven, to be a liar, if that one of the examples is that there are some proof that AL and Tipp Regard we're never on the island and that's a very specific claim. She's made the Al Gore His wife were on the island. I believe in fact check on this, but I believe that Dershowitz claim is that that can be
Definitively ruled out as untrue. Now, if that's true that its Andrew That also means that anything else, this witness says. About who is on the island has no credit. All of you know if you can take somebody is important, as Ellador claim they were on the island and approve it didn't happen. A kind of ex all the rest of them go away, or at least in a legal sense. It would if not, if not a common sense way so Dershowitz is the he looks pretty confident. That? I think there are other documents that have already proven that the doors were not there, so he's pretty confident that, if its fully disclosed you're gonna find out that that wasn't true If it's not true that the Gore's we're on the island, would you believe that Bill Clinton was on the island? You should now. Let me give a full.
Full disclosure, I'm never liked. Hillary Clinton and I didn't think she would be good for the country I've always going like Bill Clinton and- While I will never excuse everything he has done in his will say My private life. I also don't tend to judge my leaders by that standard, because I see them as employees If my employer gets my job done his personal problems or between him and the legal system and everybody else, I just don't like to make everybody's problems all of my problems. You know if you can, if you get gonna be open, things are going to apply the same standards Bill Clinton when he was being impeached that I did with Trop, which is, are now supporting any that whatever you say, you did that's between you and him and your conscience laud just out. That's just not ideal
So I m not Anti Bill Clinton, so they just disclosures. You know where my via, where I come from I would say the odds are that there is not a credible information. The bill Clinton was on the island because the only person claiming it appears to be have no credibility it all based on. Al Gore wrong. If it's wrong now her other players at night, greening the creator the Simpsons was on the island Now, if our Gore was not on the island, it's that there is a pretty good chance that the mat greening part is completely made up to. We don't know yet what we find out could be never now, but I was magic bad green day. Imagine if it were true. I think it's sketchy to think that this is true but imaginative. Upgrading knew all along that he had been to the island
and he was just waiting for somebody to find out. Oh my god, my god. Oh let me give a clarification. The there is confirmation that Bill Clinton was on Epstein plane, so that part nobody's arguing about. So the flights are definite. The only question was: was he ever physically on the island which he claims? Specifically, he never was, and I think he claims he was never any the Epstein. Properties just to clarify. Thank you, but I was imagining back raining. Waking up this morning's like. Get a coffee. I see today's looks gonna setting out today day is his good I'll check lose Oh that's, how brings they probably went today so I dont know
migrating personally, he did suddenly what's a nice note when the Dilber TV shows on he sent by producer. Nice note compliment you so I have a good feeling about migrating, and I hope that none of this is true, and I hope that the open, the hope he does well but It is hard to imagine that a scene of waking up to the news What's going on, I been allegedly Epstein Island, RO. Ok, so less more! On that congratulations, like sort for for all women. Are you saying more and more a push back to the teachers unions, or is that my imagination? I don't think it's my imagination
so I've declared war on the teachers, unions and here's the logic to it. The most important thing in the country's national defence. Would you agree- and it is something that we can eat? National defence is probably another. What gives you gotta get that right before you can get anything else right now? National defence is somewhat interchangeable with economics, meaning that, if you have enough money, you can actually you don't even needed me. If you have enough money, you can bride people who make deals with them. You can make them happier to do business with you that to conquer you, some money, And economics, absorbing economics and the military are kind of substitutes, lots of money. They have a really strong military.
So, if you say well, will concentrate on the military, but not the economy. Will you doing wrong? Does that's not a thing? You have to have a strong economy connected the other things connected. Education system. There is no such thing as a strong economy with a weak education system. That's not a thing cap. So if you don't have your education system right, you don't have your copyright and then you can't have national security right. So I would argue that we should strongly consider using some kind of national security. Executive order or national. Security imperative,
overruled some powers that the teachers unions have, because apparently there are one of the biggest obstacles to really everything, because at the moment, through the biggest obstacle to reopening the schools, which is a challenge to the economy, which is a challenge to national security it, our entire standing in the world, is now at risk to some radicals and teachers. Unions word who are demanding things like defending the police before they go back to teach. This is crazy stuff, but beyond that is much much deeper, because the teachers
other the force they keep schools from having as much competition as they could from firing bad teachers to get better ones, and there really all forms of change are limited by the by the teachers, unions, and that is a critical, a problem for the country. The teachers unions are like stinking risk to the United States. Is that bad? That's not. I probably the teachers unions are extinction, risk to the republic, the other. The physical land will still be here, but the republic can't stay.
As long as the teachers unions remain in their current form, just cab, and so we have to start being smarter, have tougher about what we think about protecting the country. If you want to protect the country, you're gonna have to defeat the teachers. Unions, you're gonna need to do a quickly. I think these steps, before the end of the year so before the end of the year, if we ever dismantle the teachers unions were not getting off to a good start and China's could have a big advantage there. So I'd like to see some kind of executive order too, exactly what it would take either to limit their power there's. There is at least one movement that I dont know too much about
I'm gonna look into it. There there's some legal presence. There would allow union members to stop paying dues, but to still be in the Union of Europe. So, apparently that's a thing, but I don't know the details yet so, there are some teachers unions in which the teachers themselves are organizing to discontinue paying dues, but still remain in the union. Because if you take the money at the union level, leaders no really have a reason to be there. They don't have a reason to to do whatever they do it. If you strip the money out of them, is gonna reduce their power, so that effort is going ongoing so that you'll see grass roots movements to defend the teachers unions, but I think we need something from the top, because to me this is a commander in chief decision, literally a commander in chief decision that there are two areas where I think the commander
This decision has to be a central. What is this because, if you're looking at national defence yet look at it as a as a one to five years situation, if you like a national defence, yet look at this as a hundred year plan I mean, if you don't have a hundred year plan fear you know you're a country, you not doing it right, you should be looking at all the things you need to get going to be as safe as possible in the future, so the school system, it's gotta, be number one right, maybe not actually the other one might be number one. The second one is nuclear energy, and the argument is not just about powering yoke. Stuff on earth. The argument is that nuclear power is what all, what will power space exploration, space, ships, space colonies? Whoever owns space will on the so it We're not building,
robust best in class do We're energy industry on this country to handle all of the nuclear energy issues, both domestic military at space, which is also military. In part. If we're not doing all of that and we're not the number one country, let her ever is: will own space and whoever owns space always at all because of the high the high ground is gonna, be incredibly important for any military and also resources, because the apparently The rare resources from asteroids etc are just insanely valuable, so commander in chief needs to work against school unions and education in general just make that as powerful as possible. I think the entire education system needs to be rethought from the ground up
make it something that works in the modern world, because I don't think there's any body would disagree that the things that are taught in school are not things at a modern stood needs, learn some are but a lot of others. You really, you would probably change forty percent of what the kids learn take to get to work needs to be for the modern world. So that's a teacher. The union's gotta go, others are decision in this Michael Brown death from six years ago. Ferguson and the officer during Wilson will not be prosecuted because the more they looked into it. I guess I ve been looking into it for a long time, and I think it's worth noting that the prosecutor, who is dropping,
is is black because that's the world we live and where we have to mention that as part of the story, and they can't find evidence sufficient. There would say that this was a crime as opposed to a tree incident. Now, if you dont know this already, the same thing is going to happen with George Floyd. The longer that case goes the better we are as a country with it would be good to the George Lloyd thing. If we could threats that allow for five years. That would help a lot, because if tomorrow we find that the police were arrested in his in his death. If we find out tomorrow that that case gets dropped, I got the whole countries gonna burn. And I think it will in this weird situation where these police officers, who I'm not going to say they did the best job they could do. I don't know
I just don't have the skills to evaluate it. I don't think I have enough information about really what was happening on the ground. But if it's true as one one report that the George Whitehead in three times the amount of fatal sentinel that you would basically three times more than an overdose about at the claim not confirmed, but the claim is that George Lloyd was a dead man walking before the police even touch them. In other words, there was nothing they could have done to save his life and nothing. They did the changed whether he lived there died because he was a dead man and he was gonna die in the next few minutes from the sentinel and his body. I'm a bit of an expert on this, my steps Sunday
the same way and if that's true, yes of some other stuff on there too. But if that's true, I just can't see any scenario in which the police officers are charged with the worst of the crimes they buy. Charged with not doing enough to save them or something, but I don't think there's any chance that they're gonna be charged with killing. So you should get ready for that, might be a little more blood coming into my nose for their due Bali Hemingway had this comment about the Washington Post. She says that the fascinating that the Washington Post threats that the truth- about the Russia collusion hoax against Trump, would impact and election where
as she points out the Russia Collision hopes that the Washington Post perpetuated dramatically helped Democrats of the twenty eight in bitter election. Now I don't know if you can, if you can directly say that one issue caused are you d result, but it was a big one, owes baby the biggest one. So this is just money that The Washington Post, having completely new, been involved in basically a coup against the United States, in effect, because their reporting supported a hoax that wasn't a coup against the United States and, in my opinion and other complaining that the truth coming out about the hawks if it comes out before the election might affect the election and I'm thinking to myself. I think I'd want to a fact that election
Isn't that a whole point, the whole point of knowledge and information and data and finding out was real and what is? It is the whole point of that to affect the election I mean, even if that's not the intention, you hope that it does. That is, I think what I wanted to talk about today. Knowledge is power. You are right. Somebody says somebody else's reporting that drugs clerk queen is effective. Well, we shall find out. I was watching that one of the doctors, the frontline doctors, the the woman who was not the nigerian doktor she got fired for appearing and talking about my jocks clerk, we
So that's not good, but I did listen to her arguments and I gotta say it up still fifty fifty I've still fifty percent the weather hijacks clerk wine is a game. Changer we're not seeing and other tweet economy is dropping summer. Some good tweets are good change that yes, Simone Gold, Doktor Simone Gold is our right. Please Dreamer,. Youtube to somebody says well why I posted on Youtube an hour later, so you can see there an hour later, but Youtube democratizes me. So I'm not pro Youtube. So you tube monetize is two different ways. One is subscription people people,
subscription to Nazi adds so I'll get a small percentage of their based on how many people watch the views, they usually democratize me for advertising, which would be tempted to believe Youtube for that, but their business model is that advertisers themselves specify who they want to. The associated with and if they, if they don't want to be associated with a certain kind of content, is really not up to Youtube. They cut after certainly serve their customers. You have heard, the Herman came, a bucket covered Herman, came or job Louis in part, because I didn't know much about either one of them and I have nothing, nothing. Bad were good to say of any value. So is it something that happened? It's just not my beat.
Somebody says get locals, I'm a locals. I think you may be talking to the person ass. The questioner, my content, also goes the locals platforms subscription service, and if you want to support what I do and see more of it, that would be the place. And so locals is my locals What allows me to say the things in public that you wish you could say, but you can't So this is the way. I look at the reasons I'm on these free public services. So you can get this content for free. But also on a subscription service lay who who would pay for things they could get for free Well, what for one thing I have maybe twice as much content locals, you don't get to see the half of it. So if it's more provocative or keep it there, some things a little more personal in some cases, but
but basically its everything you see publicly, plus some good stuff. The real reason that anybody should be a subscriber to that is because that allows me to say in the Non subscription services anything I want. That is a reasonable one and not trying to powerful. So my freedom of speech is entirely dependent on the fact that I have a safe space to go to locals that. If I get completely cancel off the main platforms, I'm still gonna be ok like a little bit of a fall back there, so that gives me the freedom to to push. It is far too the line of cancellation, as I can always trying to be good intentions, always trying to be good intentions. If, if you're new to me, let me tell you that the part of my life, where I was just
selfish and trying to get what was good for me, and I think every young person should think that way. They should be building their own, their own wealth and family in taking care of their personal business. But when you reach a certain age and if you ve had some good lock in life, you they're sort of an unnatural transformation to be more elderly focused after I get divorced from my first wife, I felt myself sort of disconnected from my personal, my personal life really add. I I made a promise scissahs years ago and I pray that from that day, on that I belong to the world. So when you're married your first year, you belong here you little family situation. Christiana is an extraordinary woman and she,
Being very toys is, is wonderful foresaw, so, if you didn't know, I just got married and so with her I can maintain. Your for marriage, but also be externally focused because she came to me when I all ready was so she knows exactly who I am so she's not trying to change me when she met me. I was already completely externally focused, so my mission from now until my organic body leaves the surface. Maybe after who knows is to this debate the world better, specifically the United States, then I think the house- world, and I am involved in a whole bunch of different ways to do that, and I look for areas in which my special blend of skills and can make a difference. But I dont have any bad intentions.
If I tell you, I want to decouple from China is not because I hate China, even though I do it's, because it's good for us and it's gonna be good for the world and log in the locker, so if you're wondering what I mean. What's my secret detention, what's my what's my game, my scare was my drift. It's all the same. The last ten years I belong to the world. That's it that's my message for today.
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