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Episode 1078 Scott Adams: Defund the Police a Smart Way, Fauci Misdirection, How to do a Convention, HCQ

2020-08-01 | 🔗

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  • Native American cold cases and Othram DNA crime lab
  • Drive-in theaters for convention events
  • Vote-by-mail fraud
  • Teacher Unions are a national security concern
  • Dexamethasone cuts death rate in half for COVID19?
  • Ad in Spanish targets Biden for not considering Hispanic VP

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Bump bump bump bump bump, but I'm not dumping. But while I was ass the other day, Why do I always do this the three times and it's because I do this first. I live stream, lotta people, who said in reply, but those of your lives room will feel a sense of it's almost like on your computer when you're here progress in other little progress, monitor. Don't you. Feel better when you can see progress that your computer programs working? Well, that's what this is. I do this at the same routine, So that, as you get out, you say to yourself I got in about the paper shuffling time or he's taken.
Simultaneous up speaking which, because of special guest in a moment, but first first, the simultaneous and the thing you do before a great day happens and today is gonna, be a great debt you don't know yet and maybe not for everybody, but this can be a great day and all you need to get this day go and copper. Bugger a glass attacker jealous restarted against each other flask of vessel of any kind with your favorite liquid. I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dope Amelia the day, the thing that makes everything better traffic, pandemics, fleas, you name it everything go. Sublime now, if technology.
He serves me we'll have a quick guest here looks like this is gonna work, so very excited, So it's fun when it works David, Oh man are you there from author on now, though, those view of wooden watching my periscopes, you are familiar, I think you ve heard of authorised th are, I am ever. Can you explain what are thrown does for those who have it all, just a quick summary of what to company does it? What we do at optimum is were of forensic laboratory that developed identities for people there are other victims or perpetrators of crimes, and we can analyze crimes. Example, look the dna figure out who is involved in the crime, even if they're, not in NEA Fbi.
Quotas system or the traditional a frantic database, so the basic ideas that irregular police have a database of people who have been arrested were convicted. Generally, you end up in the quota system. Have you been conducted on the very from state to state, sometimes your convicted when he saw it, make it into the database and sometimes wasted database upon arrest so yet of the police. The police have is very small, limited database and if they get lucky, they GSM, Dna the crimes Eve and by chance it somebody you, already committed, a crime already was convicted they had their dna and they got in the database and they jacket, but with your company. You have a broader net and described just as quickly why you can get more dna
apples than the police. What why do you have access to more stuff a week? We use a different process that the police, as you noted, the FBI system, indexes you on a few markers and then tracks of folks, I repeat, Climb- were able to do as were able to get all the genomic information for crises Apple and then use that to do really testing and look even for distant relative by be connected, topless figure out where the unknown person might Philip truth. So you can imagine that even the smallest scrap of information can be sworn finding. Someone that even remotely connected Those relationships can help us essentially triangulate or a verse engineer I daddy, or these two nearest relative. I don't know- maybe Tyler's hit the headlines to make us a relevant all of you The big conversation in the news is defending the police, and that sounds crazy right who wants less police when you have just as much crime, but I think that actually there there is a small
way to do it and the smart way to do it is to create situations which getting away with a crime, is effectively impossible. So, as you drive toward it is impossible to get away with it. In theory, the number of people who try a crime that they know. They'll get caught for should go down and therefore the number of police she did she go down. So this is one of their probably a dozen technologies in private companies. That police did. I have direct access to thing from facial recognition to drone things and and now dna technologies but there are a number of technologies that could drive the ability to get away with a crime really close the zero- and I don't- I don't think you'd- have to get all the way to big brother says his comments, saying that and this is relevant because in the news of vodka trump
Dear adding a, I guess, an effort to try to solve a bunch of cold cases specifically for the data. For me, in community and the Alaskan Alaska natives, because I guess an undeserved community they have all this. These dna and cold cold case samples and that they can solve so how many of these called cases in the sense of it if they some dna from the case whoppers- damage of all these cases that are vodkas targeting to get, Some resolution too, what percentage of those do you think you could solve if you were brought into this, but I think the front side you and you'd probably solve you- know somewhere close to seventy five percent and then we'll converge very close it over ninety percent- and that's that's in contrast to what you would see with like a typical system right now worth sex assault reveals identity through photos
percent of the time that, if I remained as like one percent of the time, I doubt not by yourself in the head of a criminal and you ve- got two possibilities. The old way is it. There was a fifteen percent chance, get a clock for, let's say some violent crime. That would leave your dna. But what happens if a ghost? to ninety around two percent: are you in equally as likely to do the cry. Wolf is crime of passion or your crazy or revenge, or something maybe asked, but I gotta think that if there were a steady stream of report of cold cases being solved. What it. What is that, due to your mental, mental understanding of risk, so there Do you imagine that there will be lots of stories coming out of the the kind you're describing were a really cold case that couldn't his suddenly is easy to solve one second undo, the the criminal
mind something like that. Coming yeah I mean there's, there's been a steady flow cases. Are there that are being solved we got. Doesn't that are that are gonna be announced the next month or two, and I think I think what that does. As you know, the people board you do have stricter punishment. Do we have a new war? What what d motivate people to commit crimes? I think severity of punishment has been very effective, but I didn't knowing that you gonna get caught uniting us is a huge deterrent and at this point, if you're going to leave whether on purpose or maximum dna somewhere, that is this. Almost a certainty they'll be caught. If not immediately very soon, the technology continues to develop, and so I think this is going to make people think twice, certainly going to retired. The idea of having a repeat climb cereal crimes will probably converge on extinction
what that's interesting cereal crimes will converge on extinction that that's that's a phrase that you couldn't even imagined before, but that sounds entirely practical to make. I thank you. I just want to give it a quick it on that and try to connect some things have been trying to connect budge just more generally, I think that defending the plea,
If you change that into your mind into how do you make less crime happened in the first place, then you get to defending the police indirectly. Thank you, David David middlemen, from Arthur M, O Th r m. Thank you come right. You can see more of that in the coming months. In the news I think, as court cases gets, all relative us on Twitter had a great idea. Others put this out there, probably at an off its practical, but you decide so Rel Deva, ceo branding expert these on twitter, and he said the any convinced
the smart, would make it a national event. Rentown drive in theaters across the country and projector candidate on the big screen. So think of this idea. You do a bunch of pop up, drive ins, you don't have you don't have to use existing drive ins around that many, but you could do a pop up and I just put up a screen door light projector why Waller something and it would be pretty easy to live stream and project, something that's really common and cheap and easy to do. So you could ever driving theatre situation where you ve got a virtual convention. The happens. Over the country. At the same time, and imagine that you're you're sitting there. You watch the convention on Tv there is no life audience and here the heart, the horns hockey
you, wherever you argue the easier like talking for applause or whether it be fun. If you really fun, when I don't know, if you can, keep it safe enough with bathroom, whatever you need to do, but I believe there are. There are driving theatres. There are open, so I know they figured out the bathroom and whatever else after figure out. So that would be the thing I like about this idea. Almost has nothing to do with politics, and I don't care who doesn't democratic Republicans as more to do with the fact that Americans just want to participate, we just want to get in the car we just wanna go somewhere. We want to be it in his hand. We want to see some other people which is needed? The house some safe, productive way. So this that idea does both. I love that
there's a lot of conversation and I haven't weight into it. Much and all about mail in votes and the reason that I haven't talked about it that I dont quite understand it, meaning that there's something about the argument about why the what are the two categories? There's the absent doubts which we ve had forever and they seem to work fine, but everybody voting by mail is more of a problem, and I think that has to do with the fact that if everybody just gets a ballot weather wanted or not. A lot of people would it'll be built there. On Play Sylvie mailed to a dead person, somebody else will pick up the mail the weather for you, you know. So you can. You can imagine a whole bunch of problems like that and I got to say it's a tough one cuz. I I certainly understand why Stacy
Do it and I completely understand how open fraud it will be for years I should I have is already waited tasks that are healthier and I couldn't think of one, but but you can smell it before you can see it. Sometimes I feel as if there's somebody who would be smart enough to say or why don't we just test a thousand sample votes But I just don't know the Eco design, the tests, so it be good enough, but I hope somebody's smart enough because we have enough time. So, if you could do, let me describe the bad of it. So when you hear this idea- and you said yourself well scott- there is an obvious flaw in your idea. I know that I know that this is the bad version. Just read to inspire somebody else to say. Well, I can fix this problem, and maybe I can make this into something. So the bad version would be this. They do a test of a thousand citizens at an hour there random, or do you have to tell them, learn the test?
I'm not sure which makes sense, and you just see if the process can flow from. Actually receive, you have to get out to mailing it, but I guess you'd have the problem that nobody would be trying to cheat. So if it's a test, there's nobody trying to sort the test, so maybe a possible, but I would put that out there to people smarter than I about anything to see. If there is a way to test. I just wonder I saw the there was a news report of a local, a local corresponded. I think you did a local test of mellings ballots in, and any discovered that there are some problems in the post office. I think three out of a hundred dollars, didn't make the whole process, which is way too many bad imagine an election in which you were pretty sure. Three percent of the votes got lost, that wouldn't be bunch of election? If he given her,
closer elections. So I would say my opinion on all of this is I'm as concerned as other people, but I think we have the weirdest situation in the world here, in which I dont know that we have an opportunity to have a credible vote this time because there's so much going on, and so any accusations on both sides of irregularities and voters, suppression, mail in votes in every other thing that I don't even know if we have the option is a fair election. It just might not even be an option, so What do you do if you can't have a fair election for president? What do you do so? Here's what I think.
We would do in a normal year doesn't make that much difference whose president right yeah. If you looked in the past that that was the thing that punted said all the time, well, it doesn't matter we elect. They just raise your taxes anyway, well, Democratic republic. Him doesn't matter, you still end up in a war, but I don't know that's true and twenty twenty. The difference between Biden Trump might be the biggest difference. We, Conversate received the difference between Hillary Clinton and Trump. You can argue, was well that's pretty big difference, but is not gigantic right that the country would still look like the United States. If Hillary Clinton has been elected
might not like elements of it but still United States. If Biden gets elected, you would be the most progressive candidate and I'm not going to have an opinion on whether that's good or bad. I'm just saying is the most different. From what Trump offers so this time, the result really could change the fate of the country in my opinion, given that it's such a big difference trot, is probably the safest in terms of risk management. Simply because you know at the last four years, look like an, If you didn't like those last four years, you'd have to admit that if you subtracted the pandemic, look pretty good. Look, pretty good women starting started big words. We ended some wars. We wound down that the economy is good. So you're even a little bit objective, and you said yourself, you know
what's going on here Biden could be a big problem and we wouldn't even know who get elected, really and then the progressive stuff is sufficiently big enough changes, young activists, a radical cassettes, politicizing speech is big enough change, that any big change introduces a new set of risks. So there is a different risk profile and I would argue that the Biden risk is far bigger because it's an unknown and also a big change, Trump is closer to a known. If he is re elected you're, going to see some tweets, you don't like they're, going to be so fact checking that doesn't good? Then he there will be world leaders who say some bad things about Trump hear you guaranteed. What that looks like ninety percent right always some surprise.
You gotta know what a trump presents look like. So if you have this much uncertainty about the result, you have basically one way to get a safe outcome that doesnt drive the country part and it's a landslide election for Trump? Now that my happen anyway, but the republic is gonna be a little bit at risk. If we go, the other way is impossible to know exactly risk, but I would say that doing the ear, the what's the saying that year, the evil that you now is better than the evil. You don't now so you if you dont, like Trump as president, you gotta know you're getting less my point. Early Trump said on air force, one that is planning to ban Tiktok and the United States about that? So Tik Tok? As you know, the app that is owned by chinese
poverty and therefore the assumption is and spend determined that the code actually does. This is collecting a lot of information on Americans and kids in particular, and so that will be banned the yet the decoupling of the United States from China, I think it's just this a thing now, meaning that you don't have to wonder if it's happening, and I dont think you This was hard to imagine a year ago. Wasn't it Imagine a year ago there we'll will be sitting here, saying that we are actively decoupling our autonomy from China, to imagine. I was asking for a year ago and I was paid. Pretty early on the ban, Tiktok trained so things are going. The way that I wanted to go. Have you ever noticed there almost nothing in the United States goes away. I wanted to go in the long run.
It is the weirdest coincidence. Is there something I noticed in my twenties? So I was in my twenty is wasn't talking publicly about. Politics are big big events, but I'd have preferences and that I'd watch and I'd say now. A central. The very thing I was hoping would happen. It happened. I haven't so often that this sort of freedom, I mean seriously: a year ago I was lobbying as hard as you possibly could to decouple from China. Yeah and and then the banning the tick Tock but even I didn't think it was necessarily gonna happen. They felt a if, like quite reach here, where what about opening school? I continue to say that education is a national security matter.
Especially if you doing wrong you doing wrong live the federal government has to fix it because its national security, you can let the states experimental letter states do the thing and let the states take the lead on education in normal times as long as long as we're getting the job done, let the states educate thickets, take the lead, but if the states stop educating the kids, it's a national security problem does educated kids create a good economy. A good economy allows you to have a good military em. Protect yourself in writing. Ways so certainly were reaching a point where the federal government might need to take control in some fashion. I would certainly like to see an executive order that limited the power
of the teachers unions, thou do one thing that might be productive and is of teachers. Unions are apparently are the. I would say there that the basic problem for every problem- the United States right Now- and that's a big claim right- that the teachers unions are the basic problem for every big problem. The United States, but it's true because if you educated children better, if there were more options and teachers unions that limit the option seek, I have competition and a free market for teaching, therefore can't evolve in the way that naturally word to its best form and and kids were bad. School systems are just trapped, don't have an option. So as long as our situation exists,
there is a national security issue there and that this to get result now, at the same time, I'm completely on board with the notion. That teachers did not sign up to be frontline healthcare workers or that the voluntary be on the front line of war. Now. Can we force them to do it just because it's a national, security concern- well maybe sort kind of, but we do have a volunteer military so we should have- and we have a voluntary medical community We should have a voluntary teacher situation if the danger goes is highlighted this whilst not I, but if there is a danger, it just has to be voluntary in my opinion. So how can you best open schools and keep everybody say
Let me give you this suggestion. The kids themselves seem pretty safe if it's the teachers who worried I would offer this option that teachers could have a hand in class physical body who is either a young person or somebody who is recovered from Verona virus and therefore, as presumably some protection and that you could have. You could have the regular teacher on video all the time and they do the class plans and and and the decision making body of a physical human
being in the classroom just to make sure that anything physical gets taken care of Sarah. So that would be one letter not anybody's. Consider that I do also likely pod teaching model where the kids will get together and little groups can do some stuff at home. I do like the pot idea, but, as I have often said, let me put it in this context. I think the pandemic as horrible and tragic as it is and the lines for people in my town, We're lining up just to give food food. That's delivered by that some form of government skin very long, I live. I live in a high and neighbourhood
There was a pretty long line for food yesterday for food, so let's not forget that still top priority, but there said that there is a saying in business that if you dont cannibalize your own products, your kind of competition will serve. You don't make your next version of your products, so good they're. All of your customers dont want the last version. That's why you're competitor will do well to make the version your customers go to, and you need to continually destroy what you have in regular business Build a new thing so for a company like apple destruction and creation, happened at the same time their destroying their old products by creating a new products. School isn't like that School is just sort of ossified and it is what it is hard to change and there's not much competition
if you can change that, so their schools could destroy themselves while their creating something better, in other words, free market free competition best one survives the bad one, doesn't that how much better could scooby how much better, probably a lot? What is your guess of how much better in, of course, is like a conceptual number, but do you think that the free? it would make education ten percent better. Just ten percent would be quite a big impact on the size of the economy. Be quite quite big. A ten percent improvement, but is it more than ten percent and maybe it fifty percent, maybe four hundred percent right, because imagined If you had a better learning experience somehow
You got rid of the bullies, you never had a bad teacher and you learn the right things in the right way. I feel like it's a is a four x benefit. It doesn't feel like a ten percent benefit to me to mere feels like a like a four hundred percent kind of situation, again, we're talking about national security. Yet we're talking about the economy in the future. Is the kids drive the economy in the future? I think this is one of the biggest opportune. It is this country's ever had and This'Ll, be, maybe a contrary and I think it's out of contrary. A lot of people are coming round to this, that the pay Endemic nobody would have asked for it, but it might fixed yeah, and I say this all the time that the schools, or even in my opinion and therefore they,
teachers. Unions are the cause of systemic racism in this country, now I'm playing a little loose with the wording here when I say the cause, I mean the cause of it being a problem. So, systemic grace, and it really is built into the fabric of everything there's a ripple from slavery, that's real, but is it bothering Oprah now, because if we are successful and you have money Your life is working well. The systemic racism isn't hurting you much so if you can simply improve education proves the economics of anybody whose personal color. Isn't that going to change their situation and how they feel about systemic racism. Even if it's the where it will be to become like background noise.
I decided I want to see if I can reclaim some of my hint humanity by being less of a jerk on twitter. If you follow me on Twitter, most of you do, I think you know that I can be a jerk sometimes and allow not proud of it. As reading an article yesterday about how social media sort it takes our humanity into a concern, it will place where, when I'm I'm singing somebody on Twitter, this the station I get is as if as a video game and ass really dangerous. Ass, really dangerous rethink about that, and let me put this context. When I started out on Twitter, I had zero followers and I made a sort of my mission not to cheat too much amused the Dilber thing.
Girl. My twitter account. I wanted to see if I can grow it by doing things that you do on Twitter and I wanted to talk about politics, and I want to see if I could grow users- followers, not users, but followers, because I was doing the right things and giving them something they wanted so a sort of aid, point of it to grow organically answered. I've got over half a million half a million followers, and the thing that I'm cautioning myself about is that the thing I'm cautioning myself about is that when I had a hundred fall Worse. If I waited on twitter thread and insulted somebody or said something about them, no impact right hundred followers, no impact but I lost sight of the fact that my impact is fairly enormous now because it happened gradually here you can just lose sight of
and I realized a few times that I've. I saw something I didn't like on Twitter from Somebody somebody, I don't know, and I I'll just throw out through a little slap out there like little twitter slap, and I realize I had much bigger impact. And I wanted, because a lot of followers were pylon, then suddenly there, some poor person, I've never even met whose only offence is that they said something I did like another being dumped on by half a million people or now, thousands of I'm gonna pull back a little bit now. I'm gonna go just as hard against the professionals, so the professionals still get the full treatment, and I would expect that I would also receive the full d
humanizing treatment, because I'm a professional I'm doing this professional sense. So I'm not asking anybody to lighten up on me because the people who go into battle, knowing that that's what they're doing with you, you know it you get it, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna make an effort, and I don't think this is gonna. Be a hundred per cent successful. I don't think so, but you can try To be a little kinder to civilians right, Sir little kinder to civilians will see if that works out, and let me tell you that the the reason that during this is as much I'll tell you the insight I handed others not justly inside that were dehumanizing ourselves on social media, but the insight is that I get a continuous flow of messages from people who tell me that I have changed their law
and some positive gives you a lot of my books or about how to live your life better? I think better, how to be more, persuade how to get what you want, and so Why do people read my books and actually got what they want? A tweeted one this morning of somebody you whose life was completely changed just by briefly on my periscope and when I see how much I can change people's lives in the positive, with the smallest amount of effort, smallest amount of ever changes people's lives completely. I say to myself: what have I accidently that actually damage somebody's life, because our just wasn't thinking. I was careless,
Some will be less careless about that. That's my intention will see if I can do it. This morning, I sent off a very angry tweet that I later deleted. Mandatory made me angry and I'll. Tell you what made me angry about it and then why it was wrong and was a video clip about doktor fancy. He was responding to a member of Congress. Who's asking about the the Henry Ford Study than who, for whatever medical facility, study about your clock, hijacks, Leclerc, Queen and think, and the Congress men, said that the study showed that it was effective and therefore the implication is: why don't we use it add doktor found she said that that that was not a valid study for a few reasons, number one. It was not a was where they called a
and devise placebo trial. It did not have a control group with a placebo It was now studied in the year The way that you would get a gold standard result: sulphur, Then he said was it did not meet our standard. Now, I'm gonna tell you in a moment. Why that's what I think. That's what triggered me, because it turns out that the study actually is garbage. So you're. The first thing and the reason I deleted the tweet that as soon as I look what he said. He is right, so I did the scathing insulting tweet devoutly, because of the first thing I read that I like that, his claim, I thought, okay. This is all the more that I thought so. The recently said that the that Thea,
The three gave two reasons do not believe the study. One of them is that it wasn't the gold standard type, a study, which I'm gonna argue in a minute. He is misleading you, but the other is that it was. It was combined with a another drug that we know works. So if you combine Hydroxyl clear a queen with a drug that we already know works and you get a good result. You have literally found out. Nothing. Because it was the other drug made related work now I didn't know that and I feel a little bit stupid you. I feel like a little bit my fault, but a little bit. The media fault cassettes The really big point so apparently the other drugs what was it some kind of?
some kind of steroid. I guess that they give you if you're specialized some gonna die, inflammatory steroids figure with the name of it is, but here's what triggered me so far. She says that you dont know if the hydrochloric queen worked in that study, because it was, even in combination with a drug that you do that works and end the result. The outcome of thank you in the comments I'm being reminded that the drug that was with thy Juxta clerk Queen was Dexter Methods zone. And apparently that is as learning already a common treatment so as a common treatment, and it works
so, if you know it works and he get effectively the same result with Hydroxyl clerk queen added to it as you would have gotten without it, and I think that's actually will happen. Then there is no evidence that the drugs o clock we worked so that doctors, algae I'll, get you in this this round. This round goes too far reaching but there's raises some questions Were you aware that there was a drug that were cut death rates and have because that's what we learned that this deck? Ass. His own is widely in use and cuts the death rate in half how come I didn't know that. Did you know that? Because we ve heard about run desert here,
What about everything else? But did you know that if you get this particular drug which is widely available standard kind of a drug that cause your death rate and half so some of your saying saying you heard of it some of you not the fact that the fact that, as much as I have studied the stuff you as it is, person. That is a scientist, but as much as I have looked into this wise today, the first time I'm hearing about this, which we should be a wake up, call about how uninformed we are about all of it. This is such a big missing piece and what I knew about the whole situation that it is.
Sort of mine blowing and also very humbling. It also reminds me that I'm a jerk, because I went after Sochi in public on twitter being wrong. I tried to correct it, but I was wrong now ears, but I do have some fetching criticisms and I think what actually triggered me is that it was obvious he was lying, but it wasn't about this. So what You said about the decks mouth around, I think is completely right, but it also tells you that they, Henry Ford Study was with hospitalized patience, which again is not the point right it wouldn't matter. If the study he said was debunked, a good study or not, because I want to believe that anyway, because the whole point,
it is to use an early and Henry Ford Study was hospitalized people and hospitalized people that other drugs we know, works and have you seen any national reporting? I'm who doesn't use the drug does what I was wondering who was the control group? Who was the control group? if we know that this drug, that was in combination of drugs clerk win cuts the day, three and a half. Who was the group that didn't get it right? Can you? How do we know that this drug, costly, deathrays half unless there's somebody not getting it and if we know it works? Why would anybody get it? So maybe we have a history of people who didn't get it before. But I would be really suspicious of any day
before we are really looking into it. Did it come from another country, my guess, is that in this country people are probably getting from day one was there a point where the death rate, when from Europe a high to have as much when that drug started used, it wasn't always widely used. I lots of here's. My fancy criticism, you do what, as Two faccia continuously reminds us. If you really want to be certain. With a certain as you can be about a drug you have to do the the r p trial, the you're, the one with a placebo and randomized, so does that apply in every case, here's the problem. If you had a drug that was brand new, let's say a vaccine, something that had never existed before. You need to know.
Three things about it, you need to know the cost. Does that makes it there You need to know for hurts people in the short run in the long run, and you know it now if it was a beneficial at all to the thing you're trying to treat. Under those conditions? What are you trying to learn all three things? What's: gonna cost, which is separate from the trial but as part of a decision you're trying to find out harm and benefit under those conditions? You absolutely need what south she says you need, you need the double blind. You need the gold standard or don't put that in anybody's body. Is just a bad idea if you haven't tested, but that's not our situation is it. Our situation is that I drugs a clergyman in low doses, which is the only thing that recommended for the the early.
Early symptoms, people that that actually doesn't have a risk, because, let me not speaking absolutes rather is one of the safest drugs of all time has been around sixty five years, as you all know has been tested to death. So good let the drug exists and has been tested. Fifty percent of what you're trying to learn In one of these gold standard trials is unnecessary, so you don't need the gold standard to find out half of what you're trying to find out. You already know under those conditions when the hydrochloric queen is very cheap, I mean so cheap, it's like candy and you know it safe enough right, nothing's under percent, but better than agile. If you know it's a safe and that cheap and you know it might work, Khazars lots of indication, little work short of pay.
This is a no brainer doktor faulty right. So what I saw a doctor of algae insist on the year, the gold standard, the gold standard to test it looked like lying lying by omission, and what I mean by that is, if he wasn't willing to express the view that I just gave and either debunking or embrace it. I feel like this lying. Feeling that if he can give this to the public, the same way that I told it to you or to tell you why? The way I told her to you is clearly wrong, which could be the case he's lying, because every one of you listened to him talking and says, what is really cheap. We know it's safe
I hear you saying that it might not work just as in the past. All these high levels of standards that we'd all like to see but there's a whole lot of suggestive evidence. So the risk management. Clearly we has waited in one direction. I mean overwhelmingly so doktor algae. Unless you can tell me why the risk management as I described it, is wrong I don't want to hear you say that you need the gold standard test cause that feels to me like a lie. It's a lie by omission and what I heard him do that triggered me in the night I over tweeted. So I apologise to duck
Your foul g for the that the tweet that I think was ah was over the line. In my case I am, I think the election is largely over and I think the Biden is a dead man walking and I say that, because a political lad I saw yesterday now. You may say to yourself Scots Gasket political as don't really move the ball that much. You know that that much, but is not so much the ad, which was actually very good, but the idea. So the item, the ad, carried an idea that I haven't seen exactly expressed and what I saw I said I think it's over and the ad was in it was in Spanish, so it was a campaign. Add for the United States,
Spanish, in which showed a number of hispanic famous people, like a city and also Some people on the left, some people on the right, so basically famous successful hispanic Americans And then I said Joe Biden, why? Why did you say that you are going to pick a black vice president and they said they say, lit Benefits are eighteen more than eighty percent of the country, the black population is thirteen fish, and so they Hispanics are saying in the ad strong with us. Why would you not consider Letty latino ability is let Latin what's was
work with it. You know never figured out by the way, the difference between Hispanic and let you know the Tina, let necks. I always think I've got another different, so I guess I spent an hour not insulting anybody today, but so forget about the fact that it was in Spanish, forget about the factors campaign. Had people don't get to influence by them in my opinion, but that idea that Joe Biden is rather racist, is really strong, because it can you think of any time the trump as ever made a government decision based on entirely race. I suppose you could say helping the funding of the of the truth what does it historically black colleges by Europe? Either
Laura mostly on board. With that the spray popular I would guess but bite in saying that he would. He would definitely pick a black vice president, when eighteen percent of the country is hispanic, we just add not not just but not too recently. We had two terms of Obama and you're, not even going to consider for a vice president, somebody who is an eighteen percent of the population and here's the thing blew my head off and I think I think you're you might have the same impression if you're a white person in America,
you ve sort of come to accept. Maybe you don't like it, but you ve come to accept that it can't be racist against white people now, of course, in your private thought. You're thinking. Of course, it can be racist against white veal and anything that discriminates against anybody by raise races by definition, but we also understand that, if you're sure wipers in America you're part of a traditional class that had some advantages. Not all of you, of course, but many had advantages, and so you, you sort of understand the thinking, if you dont like a try, you like, I think I think racism should be about everybody, but I get that if you're, if you at the lower end of the economic Paul. It's different right, This is not really the same to say that to use my my very own example, I've lost
the several jobs for being a white male. And if you know my stories about that, but it's not the end of the world for me, because I had plenty of opportunities. Things went fine so when, when people say that anybody is being racist against white people, I have some thoughts about it, but it's not the end of the world, but I am also not hispanic. Imagine if you're hispanic- and you are not traditionally the the dominant ethnic group or the United States in terms of economics And the vice president just said the president, the candidate for President Joe Biden, your president of your country,
a year, a citizen of the United States, just like everybody else, and that the guy was run for president of your country, just told you that you're not good enough to be vice president and that's what the ad said. That's, where they phrase that why why why are we not good enough to be a vice president, because we have the numbers we have the numbers and we'd. We are not an historically advantaged population. Now the they did not comes through. The other pathway of slavery is less a whole story, but yet so you can make the argument, but here's the only thing I'm going to add. If that point you have, that point gives it emphasised. I think it will Ass, a really strong and I would be curious to hear from anybody who is it, American who saw the add or
here's the argument: how do you feel about it? because maybe you don't care, it could be that the people made the ad hoped other people will care, and they just don't hear, hear something else to blow your model that I feel as though the esoteric Americans have been the quietest about systemic raises. It feels that way to me right. It feels like the lead is being taken by both black and white activists. That's what I see anyway, I'm not sure if that's true, but that's what I see in somebody said to me yesterday that the reason is that the spanish community just just cares less, that sort of not invested as much in the whole racism racism, racism thing they're not siding with anybody there just trying to get the work done at their life.
Just stay out of the way and not get into a fight. That's not their fight, don't have as much investment in it for some reason. So the thing I dont know and be real curious to learn this next week or so If anybody wants the boy wants a tweet at me or send me a message. If you are hispanic American, how it make you feel oh that you anybody, like you, can't be vice president under Joe Biden as it makes you feel gas as a white person. I say: well, you know it binds there and then plenty away President's anchor.
Fine with me, but I wouldn't feel the same. If I were a spanish, I think I just don't know. Doktor felt she says that the reason that Europe has been able to contain the virus better than United States is that they closed down. Ninety five percent of their economies, while the? U S, only shut down fifty percent so who who's the area there so Trump closed the economy, only fifty percent and then had more deaths per capita, but it but a Europe, those more Europeans they went. Always a ninety five percent shut down and get a better death rate. So there, the smart ones right yeah Europe they want I'll, think so. Here's by take on this from the beginning, Trump described the
as a war in wars. You take casualties in battle with the hope that you'll live. The wind, the larger war trumps approach and he said frankly- and he said a lot of times- is that it's a war. At the end of the war who one let's say, let's say that both Europe and the United States get to the end of the pandemic whenever that is, and our death rate is higher butter economy, This better, I saw death rate is higher, but our economy is better who won the war? the wars with China. The pandemic is just sort of your part of the war but the long term war, is with China, and whoever has the strongest economy is gonna have the strongest defence.
The most ability to survive in the future. So we don't know how Europe and the? U S will come out of this, but I would argue that if the EU its economy if the? U S a colony, goes up like a whole level, something that really obvious and measurable and sustain if it goes up a level and Europe must say, goes down or doesn't go up and it causes like a a permanent situation of more american economic. Power relative to Europe who, who is smarter even if we had a pretty grotesquely higher death rate, must say we lost fifty thousand people we didn't need to lose if we done at the european way. How long would it take for us to recoup the fifty thousand dead people? Obviously they don't pull back to life, but a strong economy can keep other people live. Who would have other
eyes perished and keep the country safe from external threats. In a way that you can't, if you dont, have money, so I feel as if. Tromp told us it was a war told us there would be casualties cap kept the economy, you now open issue and basically went to war anew and as commander in chief, he knew He would take casualties in the short term, but the point of it it is to win the war, not the individual battles, every time and I feel as though when this is all said and done and we're looking back at it in five years, if the? U S, economy, got a permanent, sustained bump from relative relative to Europe.
I'm going to say Trump One and I'm just say, you're at the lost the war, but we don't know if that will happen. That's just I'm just setting it up right now. So of course, Republicans and Democrats or arguing about the coronavirus, coronavirus relief bill, the Czechs are going out, which means that people will be unable to eat and pay the rent and here's what I would suggest, given that The total amount of printed money, a new debt- if you will the
you ve already done. Don't we owe something like twenty eight trillion dollars at this point, the national debt, the the difference between the smaller number or or even the difference, and how they want to spend it. I would recommend that you just give both the Democrats and Republicans everything live. Ass war does not economic and this to sketch backing to make much difference, so in other words, Democrats Republicans they they have different ideas of how much to spend on each category of thing, I would say, take the biggest number that either one of them have for every category and pick it just pick. The biggest number that the Republicans want for was a
experts and the biggest number that be the Democrats want for social services, just take the biggest number and just frock and get it done. So you can see some people because that difference to our total national debt. At this point. At this point, sort of lost in the rounding. Unfortunately, so he says a hundred, surely it What was twenty eight trillion, was twenty eight trillion not this year right that now
two big eyes, why do you have any my numbers right, but that the basic idea is the way to solve this difference in Congress is to give both sides everything, give both size everything and just feel the people, because otherwise people die from starvation and stuff. I you unlock argue about another three percent on leaving the national debt if people are starving so that the agony to check by numbers- I don't know enough about national debt.
Twenty trillion, I'm see people destroyed some numbers out and the comments somebody says you do. Twenty trillion is the current total debt current total? That's so, let's not any of us how much we ve worked up over time. So, if you're going to add to your twenty eight trillion dollar total that one more trillion, then you wanna do. I think if this is the time to do it, to throw it in their throw it in there and see if that helps, I I think I've talked about everything that matters today. Somebody says people should be able to see their employers as they get sick
now, maybe I'll, have to think about our cassettes, discuss unreal traders. Somebody says not hearing or seeing hunger reported other than here. Yeah. So far is my understanding that nobody starve to death and I think we have to pat ourselves at the back a little bit for that as as a miracle because member early on when we first we first work. Presented with the pandemic, and I was trying to calm the fears of my audience and I said we're not gonna run out of food, so I said that as hard as I possibly could that we're not going to run out of food, and so far. Not so I think that's really a credit to us here. You you see everything we do wrong, but you don't see the things we did right
so let us give a standing ovation to the food supply chain and the United States. Now just a tremendous number of people, taking risks the other than be packers. I mean that the food industry in this country basically went to war. You now, if you think about it, the food workers especially that need packers settlers, were exposed. They the war, want to ensure that wasn't there first choice, but the alternative was that their fellow citizens starve to death. So it's le different than teachers. You can you got a little bit more little bit more flexibility with education, but the the food
Workers of America Heroes, absolutely heroes because I kept us said so. I certainly ask about the Dershowitz. I understand there is an interesting interview with him than I am seeing it. So you look at that and a bit and I will talk you tomorrow.
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