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Episode 1079 Scott Adams: HollowJoe, Future of Houses, Horses Stop Protestors

2020-08-02 | 🔗

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  • Joe Biden’s rapid cognitive decline
  • Border wall progress and security
  • People trust media less and less
  • Biden not even considering any Hispanics for VP?
  • Evolving protest strategies
  • Experimental home zones

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Bump bump about law is good chocolate at my face them up. Sometimes I used my ipod is a little nearer. Well, there we go now. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking yourself, what a great morning but is even better than you think so And I was slow, but just getting better all day and one of the ways that it's going to get better is to kick it off right. If you get it started right. Everything goes well after that, and what would you need hypothetically to start, your data really really? Well? What would it take? Oh, I don't know, maybe copper, Margaret Glass attack projectiles was not an acute danger, flask of vessel of any kind Fellow with your favorite liquid,
I like coffee. And join me now for the unparalleled pleasures, the dopamine his day. The thing that makes everything better and annex I blame it crime, you name it. It's a simultaneous, join me now Well, I don't know, is it my imagination or does it give better every time I think it does? so story number one. No one cares about athletes, kneeling. Nobody gives a darn Do you remember when Capron ACT has started off the kneeling thing and there was a it was a big national story in the President Wade in, we couldn't stop talking about it. It's real
the different now. Isn't it It's almost like those are completely separate things because one Capron acted. As I said to myself, you know if I'm being objective, I always say good things about president trumps persuasion, talents and also about the other team as well, received very good, for example, and governance. In my opinion, very very effective for what he was trying to get done, which was raised, attention, etc, and the fact that it was inappropriate and offended the sun nowadays of lots of people was what made it a good protest. Nobody got hurt those there's, no physical. Damage, there's no violence, no laws got changed simply did an act which lots of people phone grows
which is why you get attention which is why work, but that was then in She was really really really different about now. What's different is That was the worst thing that was happening at the diver things were so good relative, relatively speaking, compared to twenty twenty. Things were so good there. We at the luxury of arguing and fighting with each other about nothing. Just another. Now not saying that the issue is nothing new was the thing out. It's certainly worthy of attention and the other our resolution. We can get to have the safest, policing situation we can have for everybody, of course, but it was also so just seen big because life a sort of down law awry. We just had the luxury of complaining
spell politics. It was sort of a sport, but now in the middle of a pandemic and economic calamity of some sort, I think we'll get over it. But at the moment When you see everybody kneeling, when you see entire teams, do it does it register a little differently at this point? Is from this cap, her neck, a plus persuasion thing, even if you didn't like two more of a performance, art sort of situation when you say If he is more like a theatre, so see all the people kneeling limp. Let me put it in this frame when Capron kneeled, or knelt, and a few others deadened wasn't that many. It was obvious that this was an insult to the flag. Would you
It was obvious that the intention was to insult the flag to get some attention for, for a good cause, I think, but when everybody does it, it doesn't look like that any more to me, and I think the other people would have the same impression. I don't want to make the universal what I called it. The number one problem with understanding reality, if there's one biggest problem, we all have its imagining that other people think the way we think and then the world It makes sense, but people are really different, so I'm going out on and thinking that most people will have the same impression. And I'm describing than I'm having, which is what
a few people protest. They are insulting year flag and if you take that personally, while less the point, that's the boy you're supposed to take it personally as white works. But when everybody does it that doesn't feel personal anymore to me and it also one hears the key. It doesn't feel aimed at the flag. It doesn't It feels when everybody does it, because they're not activists are just people trying to you get along. Do them do what they think is right and the best thing they can do it. Get along with two maids and not cause trouble you it really is more about solidarity, with the point that there is something that needs to get fixed. So I think when you take it from the few People do everybody doing it. No longer is about the flag. Is no longer really about the country. It's really about the problem and if you don't see that a shift from I hate your flight
egg to all right, we're all on board was just look at the problem. Listless support the Yet the thought of the energy behind it, so I was asked online line, whether whether that would be an impact on the election, and in my opinion it will have no impact on the election, because all of the other things are just so much bigger and this morphed from something edgy into something this or like theater, and not really not important, and anyway the issue is important, but not the weather do, the president is claiming there were have maybe for honey. The border of four hundred miles, a border fence. Built by the end of the year along the border. The border to thousand miles how much of that already had friends how much as replacements, Syracuse
we live in a world in which all data is wrong. So. So now can apply that just do the other. The of the other two all data is wrong. So when you hear that there's four hundred miles of fence built, I was saddened. How much is replacement? How much is new how much is in the places we needed a most. I mean really you just catch us any data in twenty twenty, But it's a big number whatever it is, it's hundreds hundreds of miles and if I had it, if I had to look at the president's performance, toward his really I'd say as key campaign promise, which was security at the end, well, I say by November. What are you going to think about it Here's! Here's my take on.
The president, has done maybe better than any present has ever done at saying. This is what I'm gonna do and then actually doing it. You can argue that those things should not be done. That's what the Democrats would argue, but I think, were actually passed Point with this president, where people can legitimately say he promised He would do this, but he didn't do it now. I'll say: Healthcare is still a big looming, whole then he's even done at least without with any pharmaceutical stuff like that, can be huge actually, but I think he's a little short on the healthcare stuff, but did you try to successfully remove the mandate yeah you dead, Did you try ass hard ass? He could to end Obamacare, to turn it into something else, I think ass
So, even one when you maybe didn't get everything that you thought he wanted, such as, Immigration and healthcare look like he's he's taking big swings at it. Looks like the energies. Air does look like the intent. There there there's nothing about any of these things. There was suggest they were false promises. It looks like stuff, he meant, and studies at least trying to do now here and pulled her you're, a bitter critic of his enemies. Stuff because, as an hasn't been completed, hasn't been done well enough and less true, but in November, Who do you trust the get it done? Would you trust get it done. The one doesn't want to do it by then. Would you trust to get a down the one who did some of it and is clearly
instead and engaged and cares about it, etc, I think that's trump. Now I don't know I've ever give my own opinions about immigration, I'm not sure actually ever happened public, but let me give it this way. I tend to look at things as systems and not is a goal, would be stop immigration, stop illegal immigration, and you can see why somebody would want to do that I was here more as a system meaning that the United States does currently have a system that puts. The citizens of the United States and their government in control of their own borders? So I see it only as a question of who gets to make the decision and then secondarily and suffer from that. What should be the right decision? So I think I'm a hundred percent.
That only the citizens of the United States should get to decide who lives in the United States, yet whether government, and to do that, you didn't strong border security. But on top of that I would modified our current situation and, I would say Something like this. I would say instead of us arguing about what's the right level, let's get her economists to tell us how much of what kind of new immigration We need our. Do. We did more high train technical people. Do we need more workers and have the economists through some kind of process in which they say you know the unemployment rate is acts, so maybe we should risk immigration. Allow that if you dont have a good border security, you don't have that option so, rather than personalize it and say we like immigrants or we don't like immigrants, which was the dumb ways to do it.
Nobody likes emigrants did even argue that, that somebody doesn't like immigrants is crazy acres. As is often noted, were a country of immigrants, everybody likes immigrants, one way or another one hour, they define it. So I wouldn t personalized who gets in and make that, moreover, economic health situation because I would argue that all of North America and all of South America can only stay reasonably healthy if the United States is reasonably healthy. So giving the United States Stable, has an entire global benefit and Big part of that is the United States been older control, its economy, and we can't all our economy. If we can control the border, so I would separate questions of who gets in. Let the economist decide that not the politicians
Politicians are the wrong ones to decide who gets ended. Who gets out cassettes, he's gonna, look racist right here. I don't have to tell you that right. Is the politicians decide who gives an issue that we will get there? it just looks racist now I don't think this is In my opinion, that's not the motivation, but obviously some racist motivation, but in general, is not the motivation and I think we do a better job of saying work. Less was turned over to the car If ever, if our unemployment level is this, I just your immigration appropriately and then we can take it as we go. Were you know, we're not geniuses to know the future turns out
for those of you who subscribe locals the the platform on which I will move some of my other more provocative and were self help, a type of content. I just put up a post on their that's for subscribers, only anatomy conversation with a stranger but also at end a conversation with a stranger you ever get trapped in the conversation, Nelson, some tips on Of course, you can see the link to it. My twitter profile Sawyer, an article on Fox NEWS, titled ten signs are relationship, will fail according to a new study, looking
I don't like what this could be good one. Do you like to know the signs of a relationship failing because then he had not what kind and I'm paraphrasing bug here some of the signs that you really ship my fill. One is you're an asshole to your spouse, You don't appreciate your spouse, you treat them poorly, you don't have sex, while those are just a few things as I'm glad I read. I read that article because until I found out those ten signs of a right relationship, going. I didn't know that if you miss treat your partner, it might be a bad sign. But now I know so. I hope I've informed you don't be a jerk and show some appreciation, and maybe You can have a real relationship. Damn bungee know who I would say, is well plus?
into lots of stuff as lots of sources both on the right, obviously, but on the left he treated this now budget is one of those guys were if a random person said to you hearing acts or why say something: wouldn't you You yourself did you did somebody. Really say that You're anonymous friend said that, but I think bungee no is such a notorious. Great shooter there when he says he's hearing something from people that is real people. Than it actually happened. So he says,
in the three today, not a joke and not hyperbolic. I'm hearing from people close to the situation that violence cognitive decline is rapidly worsening and is becoming increasingly difficult to mask, but I think we knew that the democratic will have to make a decision soon there. The interesting part about this, as we have all been curious, what the Democrats themselves are thinking because they're putting up a pretty good front of pretending they don't see it by another, do see it. So the avenue had a great curiosity about how they talk about a privately and Dan bungee knows reporting that they're talking about it privately exactly the way you expect them to David Porthos Kosovo
today the rhetoric is I'll. Anyone honestly doubt journalism has lost its way. First to a new pole, they showed that you're, the the trust in various sectors of society has really Lately so the trust and healthcare as just going through the roof. So what the United States citizens think of our healthcare providers is, is almost, maybe even beyond military, this point. So if you, It was our most trusted institution, I think I say the military probably by healthcare workers, are just looking really good because in the front line in the war. Why wouldn't they so? But at the very bottom of the list of who we trust the the media has gone into deep negative territory to the point where
I don't even know if you, college news anymore. I can't you Is it really? The news doesn't feel like it. Doesnt feel like they're, trying to make news anymore. So I tweeted this today and this will be your persuasion lesson for the day saw tell you what I tweeted, then I'll tell you what the technique is? The Senate I tweeted imagine how historians will judge Democrats for deciding that hashtag hollow gentle, that's my name for it was their best candidate as crazy. Seems now. It will continue bloating an absurdity. Until it is one of the Great American W G of what the ass stories of all time. So here's the technique and there's some signs beyond it
now refer to. One study that I heard a longer, if you ask people to save for their retirement. The only I do ok, but they won't do as well as they should, but if you take a person's current photograph new digitally agent sites. You might look like when you're in you say, seventy years old. And then you show to say: ok, this is your at age. Seventy and then you ask them to saving for the retirement there they have more because they they said picture of themselves in the future. So it is a general persuasion technique that if you can move somebody from the present, what they're looking at and thinking right now to an imaginary future, then you can prime them to head towards that future and what I'm using is attract. Were I'm taking me
out of the present. Where were you invite me to run a virus and we ve got around problems and were locked down and there's an election coming? Others thousand news stories Day and here there's Joe Biden and his running against Trump and so people are saying he's got some cognitive abilities, but there are so many others. What about health care about so at the moment, because the the Joe Biden thing has been at a slow decay of Israel? You can try to get used to anything if its changing slowly so here. We are sitting here in August twenty twenty and Joe Biden has clearly he's just got the is brain, has left the building in terms of we are being anywhere near capable of running the country, and this is it's just that this point now. If he had started this way,
if the way he is in August, twenty twenty was actually the way he was one year ago we wouldn't be here, you know we wouldn't if, if he had already been a year ago where he is right now we we wouldn't be taught, Joe Biden, it would have been nothing in there. Primary isn't we'd be talking about. Somebody else but its order snuck up on us. You know it's like is one percent. Today He hardly knows. Tomorrow is maybe so one percent worse again, but hardly notice, but now fast forward that to twenty years, now and then historians are writing about it. What the hell are they gonna say about this? because if you get some distance from it- and this is another persuasion trick you get out- We people, for example, to to imagine rising above their situation as if they're leaving their body,
And there are getting higher and higher in their looking down at the earth until the earth is just a little, the shrinking ball as they as a back and what it does is to change your perspective from your your small little problems to some kind of a bigger picture, if you're looking at Joe Biden, bigger picture from the future, what the hell am I gonna look like. Because it twenty years people can say unbelievably in twenty Twond one of the candidates was mentally incompetent. And the team that ran him knew it. I knew it and they did it anyway. What's happened, look like in twenty years now I know to be fair, wouldn't you say that the Democrats would have said something exactly like this about Trump before twenty sixteen. They said what are the historian
say when you elected, Tv The Lisbon kind of a guy barely was taken seriously What are they gonna say, but of course they were wrong, because job actually got a whole bunch of stuff done. Judges in the progress of the border and fighting racism of d. Doubling with China, which is where it needed to end up- and it looked like he. U, we, I think, he's gonna end up as one the most the most solid presence of all time. I think, especially if he gets a second term, I think you'll be in it. He can be in the top five You know, but it's gonna take twenty years before,
for anybody here is objective enough to say anything like that and of course you have to have a great next for years, but I think you might so that's your persuasion trick. Take take people into the imaginary future. So that they can get some kind of a change in frame in perspective and then ask them to look back at it. And what's it look like from the future, she could take think I've noticed this morning that President Trump retweeted, something that I tweeted yesterday and it's always. There's something so you can actually get used to, and one of them is that you wake up and presently United States. Just reach me to do. Cabin another times now, but you never really get used to it I think I want to say is so just shocking. To see how technology has made this does big ol planet so small that you know
I can say here in my room: California, just tap and away with my thumbs on this little device, and next thing you know, The present in the United States in the White House or AIR force, where exactly vacuous is looking at it, and then he stipend is just so wild. See how big the world is and how small it is at the same time, the least young in my experience away, Sears a tweet, they retreated. It was the one made by some outside Group and it was a seem to be some kind of approach. Hispanic american group that was pro trump or maybe I just made the commercial in nature.
But it was the one in which they talk about Biden being essentially racist for not considering it and the spanish vice president. Now technically, technically Biden has never said that he would only pick. A black vice president? He has said he would pick a woman, and I think he is talked about the preference for a personal taller or something like that, but he has not. I don't think he's ever specified. I'm gonna pick obviously is not specified. He would take a black vice president, but don't you think he candid cornered himself into it, because imagine if you will in the end best of black lives matter and by being pretty solidly on the team. Imagine if he didn't what the heck without like I'm in Syria, is there any chance. The binding
not take a black vice president and that that would be ok with his bays. I don't think so. I think that, although he is not specifically said he's gonna do that. I dont know that he has an option so who every backs and where the smart money still says, come where's but appraisers. Gonna be a woman, I'm pretty sure that women will be black. I dont know He has an option at this point you sort of observe, but I believe that the tweet is devastating up the campaign at about building The racist against Hispanics is not. The ad itself is gonna. Make that much difference. It was the idea, and here the key president tromp would be on shaky ground if he had said just now
in his own, hey Joe Biden, you're being kind a racist for excluding YO, banks or anybody else from your possible vice president picks. Imagine how that would come if it would just been tried. And of his own mind, just say: hey. I've got an idea. I don't I say Joe, is a racist because of how is constrained be choices it one. Really work does is coming from the wrong source and people were just Back Adams, while your racist why'd, you pick my parents, raw and also I couldn't do it. Be something that I could just say hey. I think I'll try to make this a thing we'll talk about it. Save reason people were just say. Well, you were a white guy about you stay animals, but if a group that at least allegedly looks like in a Tamara,
group is talking about themselves as pretty power, because the is speaks to feelings and these gotta deepens, if you feel the year excluded from any kind of consideration, ass, pretty powerful, and that is the sort of thing we move to the vote. You athletes kneeling before again. That's not gonna move about we're just so over that in its like his anxious theater but when he tells you there's something about you that you can't change, will say or ethnicity and we're going to limit your access. Because of it. I can tell you. From experience that doesn't make you feel good and it would definitely change vote. Why is it that I was so anti Hillary Clinton? Was it because I was so pro trump now? It was because
Hillary Clinton said specifically that women were better than men leadership. She said it directly. She also yet the deplorable thing. So the way I felt about her was intense. Dislike, which I dont have four by not even a little bit. I have. I have only concern for binding honestly. I have just concern for him so yet, when you insult a group about by something they can't, you I don't expect them to get over that. I'm fascinated by the protest strategies, both as other the protesters themselves, are organizing and adjusting the brain, bringing do the leaf flowers and if they ve got a whole bunch of umbrella, coordinated things.
And even though it's all evil and unproductive, I'm still kind of impressed by anybody who's working on it, a system that works better. By analogy, whenever I hear a story about a serial killer, who built an elaborate underground bunker, Andrea operated for years before getting caught. I always have to thoughts number one, my god, that's horrible for the victims and to think about victims in the family, but then the second thought I have very quickly is Well, the guys really industrious guy God knows how to do. Is serial killer.
Let me say almost picture that bunker oil seems pretty well designed and are not proud of. This does just that. I can not look at technique, so I look at it with the protesters were being less effective in terms of the evil they are trying to perpetuate, but I also impressed when the law enforcement adjust their tactics, what I saw today was really interesting, which is the video of in Austin. There are some protests, I don't think you got a violent and Austin, but their protesters needed to be moved or disbanded. And the police used horses, so they used it mounted. Police officers on horses now, Your first thought maybe we'll antiviral just hours The horses are used. The horses and then you ve got one
The trouble is that causes and wise a horse gonna work when a person doesn't work, and then I realized anti. Probably really likes animals, think about it you think that a whole lot of anti far and allow the protesters in general. Don't you think there are a lot of animal rights people in their group just as a normal overlap with their politics, and I've got a feeling that the things protesters would be willing to do to, let's say federal agents which might be a lot worse. Will it be willing to do with the uniformed police officers, my a party brutal and not by it is we witnessed me all the damage, but would they heard a horse and what I watched I watch how easily the horses yunkers it came as a group when I watch how easily they move the protests.
Just back. I had to ask myself: is this one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen in my life? so smart that the protesters, if they turned on the horses, You know if any one of them tried to hurt a horse. What were the other protesters due to that protest? I feel, I think in a way that they wouldn't necessarily stop somebody from drawing to a police officer. I think they would try to stop simply from hurting horse. I don't know and I also don't know how well trained those horses are a so they lot of dream. But I'll just I can't say that it's the best idea could be expanded and used other places that's to be determined, but I love, I love the thought of it and I love the changing shifting wait another in pepper spray. It works,
I tweeted yesterday that those This enormous enormous economic opportunity for the United States is completely unexploited and I ve been pushing on this for a while, but I like the way I finally came up with a witness raven and goes like this, the core to build a home and then to live in it cuz, they were ongoing cost of living in the home those costs are crazy in a world in which half of the country can't afford it. I'm thinking half of the country is probably bigger. Number either has trouble, affording a a single family home or that or they can't one of the biggest problems in the country, which could also be one of the biggest economic opportunities so. The economic opportunity will be to figure out how to make homes that are affordable and way better.
And the way better part it is at the top right. The affordable is necessary, but I wouldn't stop with was making any homes or let's make the same homes were making but use cheaper materials. Nothing like that. I'm talking about a change. This is fundamental as moving from a landline phone to a smartphone, just skipping the slip flown flipped phone phase entirely sore our entire building industry residential buildings, sort of evolved, and I think it was mostly contractors, engineers and craftsmen, that sort of people in any sort of evolved, be versions of what has always been with just small improvements and, of course, I just gets more complicated, more more building codes, more more materials, more design and justice, crazy, expensive stuff
but imagine if you will some company like Amazon, regrettable or an apple were Webber's. Really good design. Spending a lot of time, just designing designing testing testing testing the way they were tested, consumer price You don't really do that with the house. Nobody builds a house. The family in it we wait to see what works and what did work, how happy they are now they sleep our production They are all the other things that make you happy person. There's nobody doing that. With a consumer item like a foreigner. A lot of other items there's plenty of testing while think that in the housing industry I think it's zero and it shows so his big poorly made. Poorly made in terms of how well it could be done. Twenty twenty compared out. Well, it is being done so we do an excellent job of building an old text.
Ology the old kind of house. What would happen if you said- and this was the nature of the treaty it was, it was supposed to government said were. To make it a lot easier to rapidly prototype and rapidly test. And so, if, if somebody, was to propose an area that they want to make, and I called it an expert, don't homes own, let's call it that that in those zone, the all the building, codes and regulations would be temporarily suspended and any company that applied could then build a home and but there's still have to get a signed off by real engineers, So you don't want anybody. You know some entrepreneur Bildad I was at a heavy oils and the family I was moved eminent smothers We need real engineers to say. As far as we can tell, this looks pretty safe. If you keep it to single family dwellings and especially of his one story,
there's not really much risk of anybody moving out and getting hurt, and if its entrepreneurs who wanted to try new building, techniques etc. There is a little more risk, but that's how anything move forward with risk, So the idea so here's the idea. This is why we talk about European Movement to Texas. That's all story, so here's the idea, I'm not pitching as specific kind of house, I'm not pitching there You should design it or it with certain materials to any certain covers debtors. So I'm not talking about what the house looks like when it's done. Although this funding needs to be done about the system. At the moment we don't have a system to rapidly iterate and test house designs. And and one of the reasons we don't have- that that local
building codes and local politicians would make that almost impossible now an impossible, so So imagine if you well there, a bunch of experimental dwelling zones and entrepreneurs can say alright I'll. Take this acre. I'll make sure engineer sign off on it, but I'm gonna build my little. Type few other people build some prototype, she put some people in it. Is a live here for six months. We're gonna yeah. We won't charge you rent, but you have to tell us your experience. If you want to get a broom where you angry, because he had walked down stairs possess where the brooms clause was when you try to do your homework, could you find a place? There was quiet that the rest of the family, we wouldn't bother you and you can also celebrate and had some space really basic stuff? You break down one of the tasks and how does the house handles tests, then what is it? What is your happiness? Your health? Have you
Let us have regained weight loss. Wait, I mean really basic health related things, because your house is programs you and by the way, one of the reasons that I am obsessed by house design design in general is that persuasion and design are really deeply overlapping fields so by it. Kristen Persuasion overlaps with my interested architecture and building because persuasion is largely ignored in that field and as the single biggest thing they should take care of other than safety and cost. Maybe Is that you want to build it with the right light? How important is light? You know if you ve got A little vitamin d coming in and you ve got some brightness. What does that do your mood? I'm is completely transfer trends transformational and problem
Philly doesn't add a lot to your house. You just have to orient Right make sure that the sun is part of your solution. What about the funds shway that the size of the rooms, the shape of the rooms, furniture arrangement yet We are asking of one to ten we're at about it too, in design. We can get that tat. You are if you say that an apple smartphone, for example, is a ten in design were at about it too, with houses and the opportunity is enormous, especially if you're building where there had not been houses before so you can actually just you ve gone. So I'd like to see some kind of government action to make it possible for the entrepreneurs in the home. Building business to entering so that the golden ratio somebody there who knows there were their design
The golden ratio is in your kitchen. If your designing. Kitchen, no matter how you design it, you need to make the golden ratio The golden ratio is, if you can imagine it as a triangle and which, if I This right is refrigerator. Your sank and I think you're you're oven your oven and put up, and I think those three things have to be a well well designed space in terms of since from each other and if get the golden ratio write them. A lot of the other occasion is more a static, so those of the types of things that are just insanely, insanely important. In my opinion, you could get the cost of a single family house down to twenty thousand dollars, and it will be better
then a house that would cost was same three hundred thousand dollars, in a standard economy so that that's the size of the opportunity. I think There are twenty thousand dollar house design correctly. Would be way better. Way better than a standard. Three hundred thousand dollars in the same way. Well, we forget the analogy. Likewise, I think that the the ongoing expense of living could be read, from an was an ever. What is an average family spend every month for electricity and gas and she knew that stuff. France. Imagine if your insurance, your house, insurance, your lectures that you gas, your wife? I know that stuff workers hundred Ozma. Could you get.
A single family how's that hundred dollars a month, of ongoing expense for everything, from maintenance, wifi. Heating and cooling insurance, I think actually good. I think you got so. I think that the future demands that the the people who want to be go garrison. You get three college degrees, become engineers and and build products while those people can live in them normal regular world and pay full price further, their mansions and cars and stuff You want. You want people to be able to do that, cause. That's our economies get built, but I think we have to realise that were having into a future in which also have just to pick a number for argument. Half of the population, especially when the robots take over but half of the population,
is gonna have to figure out how how to have a quality life with a relatively low paying job. Now that low pay job is still going to be important. Will your dignity or meaning it just don't be: you're half a million dollar Your job, and We want everybody. Who is the willingness to work? The willingness big to contribute in any way to the country, to have a good life. So I deef and obesity. I'm am also gonna put on locals, set my subscription based service, I'm also you'll. Do many lesson on We need your self offers. Sugar. I'm workin on that right now, so you gotta go on out. Some is mentally. Three deeper
person could build their own house with real Lego like blocks them. Maybe it hundred other models. But I think the three the printed word Don't know how you change them, either new candidate. It wants that other guy. I would be much more interested in some gonna building system. That even one person can build their own house with LEO Lego like blocks There may be a hundred other models, but I think this through he D printed one. I don't. I just don't know unless there is also an industry for modifying them after the done, so it could be that maybe you just have to knock down to three deep rooted wall, bring in your three day pressure and build a new room. For their net. Maybe we can get there
I would also wondering here's a question, for you is the treaty printers that big attire houses was? Is this giant arm? Then they put a device in the middle of what the house will be as this giant arm the swings around in a circle and prince the walls. Now, when I say print, I mean it basically is- is dropping the glue. Of some kind of your concrete, like substance, the hardens into the wall, as it builds up over time- and I ask myself: is it? Will there ever be a time when these three deep, haunted home could use as its ink. If you will, instead of a a concrete substance, could use plastic is recycled, I mean, could you could you take all the wasted plastic grinded up at two
Your granules turn it into some kind of cement like thing run it through the three do printer industrial size that bills houses just make walls out of or used plastic, probably not just sort of wondering somebody says they can help me get off vegetables. You probably could Somebody says graph in support of it: plastic, ceramics, YAP. Somebody says no plastic. Were the gases the plastic might off gas, so in I would worry about along it lasted, etc. Somebody the comments or rubber. I was also thinking about tyres somebody says it's not scalable then I don't know
Let me put linear. Let me give you a little architectural to appear, so what I'm writing my bike round. My town, I like to look at the architecture of all the homes, and I especially like the smaller homes, the lower costs homes that look good because or another of homes where I live. Where, though, be two homes right next to each other, they look about this home value. Your pride pay about the same, but then, has figured out how to put listen through the earth on the further all so leave added something. It's like a rock Iraq accident or abuse in some cases like her redwood stained accent on some part of it those little accents could easily be attached to the outside of any structure. So you can, Use was a base structure, make your walls, whether the three d printed or somewhere else, but they make
easy to just stick do without without a craftsman. He's just plugging play and and just takes a red bricks, not not a Fulbright but like I just a veneer of a red brick and you could just attached to the outside your house and make a little accident wall or some kind of her. Basically accident, so in theory, and all of the basic rooms of some new future arm could be standardized as whatever the dust design for you. Living, but they would all look different from out the outdoors and maybe the indoors too because the all would have the option of just checking them out with it. Side of things that snapped the front. So yours would look for my years might look the way better. And it would just be really easy because you're just changing the outside snapping alone so those are the source of somebody says they
many have brick rock panels that has crept. If you ve ever tried to install any of those, break rock panels. You know it takes a craftsman and we have to know how to do it. You look at the you do that you gotta prep the wall and you get a those all budget stuffy any due to stick those to the wall, but want to see what is the largest had two holes in it. There were made for that walk up to window. Just stick the Brca. Today we have to fix it in some way. That can be honest, but what, if you can change it, what it? What is in the fall you could walk outside, remove all your brick accents from here was a Iraq's at war and put a rocks. I think I want Roxanne one up services.
The brick rock panels are now much easier yeah, but they're not as easy as snap on Snapple off, but I think they could be. That is so. This is not waterproof. It couldn't be waterproof if the whole they yours taking it into does penetrate the inside is her career like like a bowling ball hole where it doesn't go all the way through the bowling ball. You stick it in all, now, suddenly saying Frank, Lloyd, right, yeah, I thought I just thought you did the other day that Frank Lloyd Right also tried to build some. Standardized designs. So I think you bill some some standardized designs that were meant for very low cost homes. So that there definitely lotta people looked into?
I know that the the building stuff is not of interest to all of you? Some of you like the politics better, but I would argue that the building industry is such a. Big part or could be in the bigger part of our economy, then Sir, all politics and then it will require politics to clear out the codes of the building codes etc, so that something like this can be done, and that is why Idea for the day, anybody else, every anything to say, thankless water heaters year. One boy I did a project called the Dilber Ultimate House. This was years ago before I built my own house, listen to the public, to tell me ideas for inclusion. The house and then The number of those ideas into my house, for example,
I built my house because I got to design it myself. I built a special closet for my cat. Laundry room. So if you know you can have pants build a house, this optimized for a pet, so I've gotta, I've got an automatic dog door that goes out to the fence area with artificial tour so my dog and let herself out any time she wants do our business is an artificial turf. Place that I don't have to look out too much and I go play looked at my leisure and if my cat wants to use the cat box? She has her own special closet. The cat box itself is on a raised platform so that when I changed the the litter I'm standing, I don't have to bend where to do it and in there I've got all my cat supplies and stuff
and is also offer the laundry room. So I've got inventing and everything else so That's a very very small example, but if you imagine how much people's lives are enhanced by pets, Why? Wouldn't you build your house to accommodate your parents, such a big part of your experience? It's just obvious. I told the house once they had a dog washing station, some upscale house. And offer offer one of the rooms near the there was an outside. The garage was like a sort of especial shower area, just to wash dog and I thought well. I don't know if I knew that, but imagine if you did have some cut about washing area in your garage, wouldn't have to be at the garage, but just a little little think or washing your health. How our basically useful that day.
Maybe I'll, do a special periscope, adjusted home stuff. I'm actually think going around my home with my video camera and just photographing things that worked and things that didn't work to get people. Thinking about that stuff. At a snickers have around smoking lounge not yet, as always has crazy white folks you're not wrong. Yeah we're not acknowledge that were addressed when today, when is Christina going to take you up for a flight, so my wife, restated, is taking acrobatic flying lessons so last several days and dash we observe today There should be there in two hours as useless is literally your barrow roles and cigarettes of the house here, so
she's out when a great time learning to us the flier the small planes? For now Let's talk about why you won't have can't happen, lively or why I wouldn't have Shiva. Yes, let me talk about that. So I've developed a rule. And it goes like this. I don't wanna have ever ever anybody on my periscopes, who is an expert without the counter expert, unless there's only one exception, the exception is, I think, I know enough ask the right questions what you dont want and what would serve you really really poorly I would be a great disservice is for me to put candy. Lively on just by himself Now that has nothing to do with what he says. Right has nothing to do with whether is right.
Nothing to do with whether is wrong has only to do with the fact that if you wanted to mislead people, that's the way, Do it you would bring on one expert, let them talk and that there is nothing that could be less hell. For understanding and educating and saying Big picture, the neighboring on one expert, whose expertise I can't penetrate enough to ask the right questions. So Doktor Shiva is one of those. Is he right? Is he wrong? How would I know I don't have any What is that? What would guide me in that area? We do not want me or anybody else, to have one expert on unless you can also ask the right questions, I get so that I can lively stuff suppose he came on suppose. He said a bunch of things they sounded true to you and true to me is that good?
now? That would be very, very bad You wouldn't know if there is another argument, a counterpoint? Without that I'm not gonna. Do that and I'm gonna try be really really spread about that because, as one of the biggest problems in the world- and I don't wanna- be perpetuating it every time you turn on the television. You're saying that one expert give you a budget be ass if it's on CNN their spinning at one way the Sun Fox, there's Yet the other way, but you we'll see both you, don't see the two of them with enough time to, you have them work it out, so I'm just gonna, be God or Somebody just seven: the comments have doctors alone, gold honor listen to me please
does it not make sense- and am I not clear that I'm not going to have one expert on that? I dont know enough. Right questions are you could argue that maybe with I chloroprene, I could ask the right questions but I already know where she said and are diverting I've tried the things I ve got a million times so. So, while I believe that she would be a compelling guest, I will not have her on without the camera points all right. The last thing I'm going to leave you with is. I cannot tell you how happy I am
about my reason: surgery on my sinuses, completely life altering improvement, and I just wake up happy you're, just feeling about the world. I've never felt that's good actual? Could I have a great Gulf held on? Well, you know I do want to have him on Anita schedule that I need to have him on to talk about his book. The plus which apparently wishes screaming up the letter, the best tell her charts appeared number five or something just just crazy The present tromp retweeted so try to get a grip on whenever it is available. Based on his schedule of by the way, Gregg is working on for his book to her since we cannot do the young person thing that you normally would do.
I believe, his actually working on a an outdoor driving in event where people drive up he'll be up on some stage. Presented on screen as well. I guess and that is really fun idea. So maybe we'll get pictures are so that's for me and I will talk to you later.
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