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Episode 108: What the Pundits Get Wrong About North Korea Pre-Deal

2018-06-17 | 🔗


  • President Trump took away the reasons for North Korea to have nukes



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but a boom boom yes it's me again because i'll tell you why because you can't get enough of me and because i have another top but i've already had my coffee for today so i'm moving on to something i like to call the tears of my critics you might call it water looks and tastes like water but it's not it's the tears of my critics good tears so i've been watching with puzzlement the reporting about north korea and where we're out with them
today's news is that the president has made an official that we're gonna be at least temporarily discontinue these the quota war games on the border of north korea and his critics or saying my god you're giving them everything and we're getting nothing the president of course what do you mean i'm giving them everything all i'm doing is showing good faith and saving some beyond these organisms exactly what i should be doing in his critics but you ve got nothing in return we have we have no validation etc what is missing in the pundits and the news coverage there's something that president from dead in singapore that's the only thing that matters it is also the only thing that
lobbying being reported i so the here's your your challenge i'll tell in a moment but i will see your answers what's the only thing that mattered the only thing he had to do in singapore which he did he accomplish the only thing that matters and the only thing that isn't being reported i'll see you saying trust dialogue close mutual respect klaus you're in the ballpark yeah so somebody gotta there let me put a word to it he took away north korea's
reason he took away the reason the reason that they have nuclear weapons was to do things like go world respect done they haven't they just adding maybe they had nuclear weapons to protect themselves from the united states does happen anymore no reason was taken away is it important that we get to the stage of validating that they are doing what we wanted cetera yes still important but can you get there unless you first done the most important thing which is you ve taken away their reason
they no longer have a reason for nuclear weapons because i have all the things they want no risk of us attacking because the president i believe has successfully sold that reality and it is reality we don't have any reason it is genuinely true the last thing we want is to attack north korea so last thing we want and i think for the first time north korea believes that's true we took away not we the president took away the reason it's the biggest story in a hundred years well maybe not but it's a big story
have you ever seen this happen before were somebody goes into a gigantic you know potentially nuclear problem and simply i only while everybody was looking in the wrong place took away the reason the reasons gone now part of the problem that people are missing the most important point that the reason this go on is that we we tend to equate every problem with every other problem you know there are problems conflate her head is the same thing so if we were to do something similar well let's say or iran iran has we believe some ambitions about destroying israel and maybe growing islam or whatever i am not entirely sure they really believe any that stuff but let's say that's our current thinking if we were to reach some kind of a similar
pre deal with iran in which some day they'll do something to to give up all of their nuclear potential and to stop messing the area etc in that case you couldn't take away the reason in that case you would absolutely have to have ironclad inspection rights etc because the reason that iran was problem hasn't changed all you ve done is putting pressure on them that maybe or maybe not they'll let you inspector the point where you can become
then they don't have those weapons but the reason that they might want those things to destroy israel etc it's not changing north korea had very specific reasons that were not based on a religious doctrine or anything like that and the president of the united states by accepting the deal went in and changed the most important part here the way the reason now if north korea still wants to have nuclear weapons without having a reason it's gonna cost them everything they felt they got i saw a hundred per cent of the things that they have allegedly given to us you know blowing up some things etc are things i can take back
and the hundreds of other things that we offer them are things we could take back so at this stage basically nobody's given anybody anything the the one exception is that a meeting happened but that meeting in which give genuine becomes more credible in the world and and gets gets you some procedure that didn't hurt what did that cost us not them that was just something we did while we wanted which was to take away the reason the reason is gone it's the biggest or a wise nobody talking about that the north korea just doesn't it
our reason anymore for these things now course a million things could happen for this to go wrong i'm not saying that there will be no hiccups i'm not saying that north korea might get hanky whatever but man if you're missing if you're missing the biggest part of the story by far by far the biggest part of the story is that president trumbo went to singapore and took away their reason everything else will follow from that it might be that it takes them a long time to do what we need them to do in terms of verification and cetera but during that time will have
our sanctions on them they just don't need to be there those sanctions dont need to be there we don't want them right we don't have any reason to keep sanctions on them should they do what they say they want to do which is deeply rise we ve completely
eliminated the reasons for being enemies if good things happen after that i think that shouldn't be a surprise that's what happens when you get rid of the reasons and oddly i dont see fox news reporting that animals eu cnn reporting map and it's the big story enemy yeah so we're getting some remains back from soldiers etc and what is what is cnn report about the remains coming back oh he said parents want their children back in the math doesn't work out because those parents would be dead by now ok i guess that's important
explosive cates here so i worry about really just say that one thing because is just it's driving me crazy i have said this before and periscope but i want to make it a singular periscope about it because maybe that'll be all the more effective that's all i can say on this topic and you said isn't cubans to worry about u s russia having nukes him well do you think russia is going to take over north korea right on the doorstep of china i don't see that happening i don't see south korea letting it happen china letting it happen so the eu s letting a happen and by the way why the hell would russia want to own north korea you know why i'm not worried about it because they
i have a reason russia has no reason to north korea no reason at all that's all i wanted to say thanks for joining me a second time today
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