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Episode 1080 Scott Adams: Hey, Grab Coffee

2020-08-03 | 🔗

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  • Microsoft may acquire TikTok
  • Mental illness and Antifa
  • Biden’s VP
  • Open the schools, accept the casualties
  • COVID19 flare-ups in other countries
  • Teacher Unions kill more Blacks than police

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody commanded hope here, the gray weekend it's time for the kick you after the weak. The thing that's gonna make this just incredible week. One of the best one of the best, and I need. Does anybody know what you need to get this kicked off? I think you do All you need is a cover. A mother, a glass attacker, jealousies, dynamic, anti drug flask of vessel of any kind. Fill it with your favorite, coffee or beverage. And join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dough
for me the day. The thing that makes everything better, that's called the simultaneous happened is happening now. Go. That was especially good. For those of you who have been following me for a long time, I have an update now for something that you you ve been tracking literally for years. Some of you in it is just the freak yes thing in my life is weird in general when you start getting a little bit famous. Everything becomes weird, but on top of that. I have this whole other layer of weirdness, which is this guy I agree that I would call things let go my way there really shouldn't another word by by statistical sense of what is possible and what is not is completely
open and let me give you an example and certainly another story. So years ago I had a neurological condition collar spasmodic dishonor, which rendered me unable to speak. So that if I tried to speak, it would sound like at local level and with chop off all the words. And people couldn't understand it in conversation. I couldn't use the telephone for three years, basically, So Ozma is about three and a half years of having their problem. Where I couldn't speak and during that time, whenever I drove my car by myself, I did affirmations. Affirmations is when you just repeat or write down in this case, while I'm driving, I just repeated Adele out some objective. Some future- you that you wanted. That was preferred over what were you already work and I picked the most ridiculous affirmation. I mean I picked a ridiculous affirmation
and it was this that while I had an incurable at the time the seemed incurable into didn't look like he was gonna change anytime soon. An incurable voice problem and my affirmation, which I would struggle to get out. In a while, I drove was the ice. Scott Adams we'll have a perfect voice. Now. What is crazy about? That is not just that I had an incurable voice problem right I mean the keyword is incurable. There was nothing you can do about it, nothing I mean who do botox shots in your neck but that doesn't give you good voice. You sound like you, run, he'll kill you, but the second part of this impossibility is that I never had a good voice before I had a problem. I have very nicely AMOS characters,
torn uneasily moisten best bad impression in my own voice. But, as you know recently, I just this week. I had a surgery on my side, this area they cleared out some polyps, and I was listening to myself. I was recording something just this morning for the locals subscribers and are recorded it, and I played a back and I listened to it, and I thought I think I have a perfect voice and its blowing my frickin mind, because this wasn't possible. It's not possible that it aged sixty three. I would have the best voice of my life, not even close amount
about levels above the best voice. I ever had at age, twenty five, not even close, and if you told me that any of this was possible in the in the real world. I just I really could not have wrap my head around this, but this isn't even the big part of the The big part of the story is my sense of what is possible is just completely broken and has been for DEC, it's really because when Dilber first took off, I mean the the the odds of Dilber succeeding. You probably know our one in twenty thousand or something the odds of me writing a book without having any prior experience as writer having it,
number one dazzling book, a war where the opposite. That really has a really really love that- and you know I just got married to most beautiful woman in the entire matter verse and none of us seems possible, but here's let me extend this now into the nuisance more about you and less about me. Have you if you noticed that the things I I tend to be persuading toward always seem to happened. Even where things and today is a good day to talk about that. How many of you remember it was probably won't he eighteen that I started saying almost on a regular basis. There we should decouple from China now take take yourself back to you,
and imagine the you heard this cartoon saying we should decouple from China. What did you think about that? Don't you think that was just the craziest thing? If you could, One thing that wasn't gonna happen: it would be decoupled from China, I mean that would be right at the top of anybody's list of things that just couldn't happen, and I were doing it. What was the first? The first person you heard tweet or the tick tock, this enormous platform, this one of the most, if not the most popular thing among kids, the United States and I said it- should be banned in the United States. Did you think that was possible really? Did you think it was possible that Tik Tok would be banned
when you first started? I mean after a while. Maybe it just started sounding a little bit of feasible. Then, when the president started talking about it, you were like yeah, probably probably stopped, but if possible to you, did it if you can, if you're honest with yourself that probably didn't look possible, and I have to admit that in the beginning it looked impossible to me, but I've had so many experiences. Where things that looked impossible eventually fell. If I just kept pushing on long enough in the case of my voice, sixty three years, it took me sixty three, heirs of pushing on the same rock together to the top of the hill, but I don't give up.
Told you the story before by I have a limitless, say: an operating system within my brain. That's always running that, regardless of what apps running, there's always also an operating system below that and the operating system you all get. Program yourself to some extent some of your born with, but you can reprogram yourself you're through wage and experience and education etc, and things that I programmed myself for, and I've told you that his prisoner island and it's a scam that's not a real story, but I hold it in my head as my operating system, and it goes like this. He was You heard this that if I were to say convicted for some crime- and I were taken to the Isle of prisoners where there's no law? Just the point rule on this island and they can get off.
Drop me on the island and they won t be me yearly to death and they too, they beat me up again nearly two death day three day for for several months: slipping bad for Scott Beaten, up almost a death every single day. But if you come back in a year, maybe three I'll be running the island and everybody you touch me will be dead and that's that's our that's my operating system. So when I see a problem like an incurable voice problem, I dont say to myself well, Looks like the prisoners beat me up. I guess I'm done that. Wake up the next day in the prisoners beat me up again and the next day they beat me up again and everyday. The operating system is running like I'm going to get you, I am going to get you enjoy today, cuz, it's coming back.
I'm gonna get you, and today is just a special day for me, because I tasteless thing sixty three if reckon years, and never once did I give up not even once not once did. I think I don't you that I really can't do it. I mean I, I certainly at it a conscious understanding. What's your, possible, when statistically likely in the real world, but I never gave up and that's because the operating system- and I think that some of them might be just born with it. I don't know, but I certainly spend a lot of time trying to enhance it. So maybe, if you have a little bit of something that you're bored with you, can you can beef it up a little bit, but I would suggest that you find your own operating systems that work for you sort of it. The story and it's good to put into the story to stories, are so powerful. That's,
You can actually programme your brain with stories. That's why they're so powerful anecdotes or so powerful in the news. You you don't want the George Floyd. Tori to dominate your understanding of the big complicated the situation, because it just one situation, tragic as it was, but it does because because stories are what program your brain, so you can pull your one story in there and the beauty is, you can just make it up A prisoner island is completely made up, but because I see it so clearly, I've held it in my operating system for my entire life, At its is real to me as if I had experienced ITALY's mentally
so. The president's looking at banning Tik Tok, which looks like what that might be, is that Microsoft would acquire it very interests. Which, I think is also a a fairly brilliant work around, so that they can still get their their tiktok and you're probably would be an election problem if Tik Tok old. Before election Khazars, somebody kids would be mad and complaining to their parents about Trump and might actually make a difference. So it's good that Microsoft is looking at least stating that over and I think facebooks we chat is also on the table, maybe for banning and when you think about the fact that face book,
banned in China. I dont know if I'd ever really paid much attention to this this area, but the fact that China bans Facebook, but we had not banned their version of Facebook what's up with that to tee to use the presents raise. What's up with that, that's, Obviously, something had to be fixed you're either either jiving needs to loosen up on Facebook or which has just gotta go you, you can't live in a world where a country will ban your stuff and you're not banning their stuff. No, you can't live in that work, less just not of a well balanced world. It's gotta be both or none, so we chats which asked ago there's just no, I would say that's not on the table for serious discussion has to go there. That's that's, no brain might be difficult, but it has to go there really.
Does so MSNBC Pandit. Can I call in that alley velvety? He might not calling self abundance. Why won't label and other say MSNBC person host? Would you gonna hosts and we show another if he has a shower, is a regular guessed but he's Hasn t imagine being president and knowing that discussions are actively under way about whether is going to fall to the Marines by the secret service agents who surround you to remove you from office. If you refused to leave after losing the election is hard to believe that Curious public figure would send us tweet. I suppose we're in a world where nothing is. Nothing is off the table, but I tweeted back. That sounds like a mental health problem now not specifically about Ellie Velvety but
he's talk about other people talking about it. Whoever is talking about President Trump, not leaving office willingly, doesn't understand anything that is such a basic Misunderstanding of the world we live in now know. Certainly there's there is the question of who will say the election is genuinely just messed up, so I can imagine the scenario in which the election is just unambiguously is just messed up and nobody even doubts it you're. The left is sure. It was rigged, the writers is who foreign countries or foreign countries, or she was wrecked, a scenario in which the doesn't just doesn't work so yeah. I can imagine some scenario where the president would have to,
They are for six months until we have another election see. If we can do all right. I don't know what that would look like, but even that would be temporary, be there's no scenario where the presence gonna just steady uninstall avant causes is air. Odin juniors up is likely to happen. Let me tell you why that's not gonna happen, cuz there's this thing called conservatives have you heard of them have you heard of conservatives. They like this thing, called the constitution and the constitution's pretty pretty clear about this election business, and if you think, like that conservatives, as the other crazy people everywhere, but as a whole, if you think conservatives would be ok with oppressed, even their own president. Losing an election and staying in office. I don't think
You understand what a conservative is. That's that's the opposite of his party. Now, of course they be sad. They might you put up an argument for why you should stay there, but I'll tell you was not going to happen We're not going to happen as somebody having the militarily reboot the present from the wires there's. No there's no adult scenario in which that can happen anyway. That does feel to be, this literally the anyone who is thinking seriously along those lines. May have a mental health issue that they need to deal with. Let me explain that point expand the point. We were dealing with the anti fire like it's a sum. I political movement. Pattern of anarchists are considered political
A gas in their own way or anti political will, you get the black lives, better movement etc, and I would I would argue this then, especially among the violent protestors. You seen a lot of pictures of the bug. Shots are the ones that are causing the trouble mother up. Not the peaceful people deserve lots of protesters. Who just really want a better world. They genuinely do, and so they should be respected for their freedom of speech, as well as their intentions but when you see the people who got caught, is it my imagination that they all look like they have mental illness? I don't think it's drugs in there might be some drugs too, but it looks like they were. Treating a mental illness problem
as some kind of a political movement anti far is about eighty percent mental illness. In my opinion, the black lives matter is not black lives matter, in my opinion, shows not even a trace of mental illness. Would you read it? Oh, you can say their priorities are different to what they want is reasonable or unreasonable. Those are all fair questions, but I've never seen anything commander black lives matter from an actual black citizen of the United States. That look even but crazy right. It just seems like different priorities, different understanding, maybe than you have about whatever what needs to be done, but none of it looks crazy, looks completely reasonable for their point of view, Andy far doesn't register. That way to me.
First of all, what the hell is anarchy what, what is energy exactly if you were to sit down and I dont recommended pursuant to sit down with one of the new Anti, far will say a leader or even a member and say I get where you Yet what you're trying to do, but can you describe how that works out for you in the long run, Dr your life after you get what you want. What's it look like because I think the government is gone right, that's the whole point
and I think law and order are gone, which means the food supply is gone, which means the advocacy dies, so the the anarchists in Anti far in my opinion, are have mental illness and their suicidal, but they're, not very brave or they're, not brave enough or they don't have whatever it takes to non linear, withdraw brave, because I don't want anybody listening to this. To think that this would be brave to end their own life. That's that's! the message and rather to tell you that the anti five people look like they want to end themselves, but the way their doing it is by playing out like their ending
the United States. There is nothing on the end of that process that they would want. The other now saying when we get this it'll be a good world it really is just let break everything and maybe I'll get killed in process. That looks like that to me so, I think maybe would help us to imagine that anti far more than mental health issue mixed in with some domestic terrorists and some people have actual plans for power. I suppose what do you think of the year a hollow Joe as icon hashtag hollow Joe? What do you think about him debate
and I tweeted yesterday that I think Democrats are slowly waking up to this realization that there are two things that violent could do, debate why's. He could actually have a debate, in which case I think most people think that would be the end right, because Biden seems pretty good when he stays on script and he as friendly people asking these questions and he's got his no there's no bad, but why if you put him in a debate with Trump and Trump, throws them off the path and how long will that take? It would take one second for Trump to push him off his game.
Because this game is very narrow. Now eagerly talk about the things you sort are ready for prepared for, if you give him anything, he didn't prepare for it's gonna be a disaster, and Trop is just a sharp and stage and give him nothing but things he didn't prepare for. This is gonna, be the most unpredictable situation in the world. So your bindings advisers and backers? Do you want to see a hollow joe with his very narrow game? This narrowing every day get on stage with the the person in the world was the biggest game probably the biggest game we ve ever seen with the most variety, the most provocation first maddening, just just everything the most energy there. But he's never brought to this job is trump.
This is literally the worst match up. I could even imagine forbidden by the actually could do well against the standard Republican yeah. You just put a boring Republican up there and have him talk in the bar, Republican says: predictable things Joe is ready because its predictable things might look. Ok, you're the audience by not know others anything wrong with it, but you put trumped up there and the first thing you can do is thrown off his game. Make him angry, get em, flustered brain just down it's! It's not gonna, be pretty But what if he doesn't suppose Joe Biden doesn't debate? What happens then then he loses the other way, because if you dont debate Yuki, I think that's that's essentially at bending you can't do the job.
Right. If you dont Ebay and you're running for president, you have admitted they you captain. The job of president, I don't think, there's any way around that. And it's hilarious, to watch Joe Lacquered, who used to be the spokesperson for, was a bush and he's writing opinion these son, probably CNN. I think opinion was that Joe Biden should not debate, but here's the reason, oh not because Joe Biden is incapable of debating, but rather because President Trump lies so much. Why would you give attention to alight I'm thinking to myself. Well, that's trying a little too hard Joe. The sounds like the site sounds like the other Democrats were just death,
read for some kind of a narrative where it makes sense that the binding doesn't debate, because, if you just doesn't do it s really the end of his that's the end of it, answers, but if he, if he could find some bs candor reason why he wouldn't do it. That has nothing to do with not being good at it and that's what lock arduous trying to present, if that was their best play, was at their best play. What locker said that. Why would you debate somebody who doesn't past the fact checking? I'm thinking the sort of exactly what you wanted debate it. If I told you hey, you gonna go into a debate and your opponent is known for not passing the fact Do you say hahaha, I'm bringing the I'm bringing the facts, or do you say? I can't do that? I'd better! Quit I to debate somebody who says things that,
true and can be proven to be not true and the next day the new, This will only cover all the lies that he told. I don't want that. Of course you want that. That's exactly the personally wanted debate, so thousand was transparently ridiculous excuse for getting a weak candidates and the debate, because it was kind of funny because it was a week. Here's my prediction: I believe that the Poles will tighten before the election day and not because of we think the candidates are doing so. That's my prediction: the Poles will. The poles will narrow right before election day, maybe sooner But it wont have much to do with what the candidates are actually doing
He'll have more to do with the fact that the poles were rigged in the first place, and it looks like it just repeated twice. Instead, where that the primary poles are showing a gigantic gap and that's the message they want to set, and apparently so, but they also still want to be, business as legitimate pollsters, so they can have to get rid of the rigging toward election day so that like well, we all, MR by two percent, so that some like that. So that's the prediction. I saw the door at least two poles. They seem like they're already turning in the president's favour, but there were the lesser known, poles and documents, unlike an invention and I'll, just say that there are at least two poles just unless twenty four hours there would indicate a dramatic shift torrent trump, but it could be just the difference in the way they measure it does the the
whether or not there are so called shy, trumps supporters that there is now getting ridiculously obvious that we are now in twenty? Sixteen. You could be forgiven if you're a Democrat, and you did not believe there was such a thing as a shy transport. But now they you saw tremble win beyond unexpectedly is only because the poles were not exactly as precise as they could have been, especially in the MID West, the only reason we were surprised or or where there are some hidden in trumps supporters. So here are the conditions to create a massive amount of Trump hidden supporters that the poles are not catching the moment? The first condition is that everybody has as a model in their head, in other words, if you're trumps,
You have to have it in your head that there is an option. The option is to be it the hidden Trump supporter so you're saying something is an option and talking about it makes it more likely to happen. Just the way were wired were. We are mimics and if anybody is doing anything, it will cause probably more people to do that thing. Just cuz we we imitate, so you should expect that all things being equal there would be more shy supporters this time, just because two thousand and sixteen proved it's a thing and if it It's an option and it has not option and is in the front in your mind when the pollster calls It's a little more likely that you'll say I'll. A lot of people are doing this. I think I too will be a little cagey when I answer the phone questions, so then add to that three and a half or more years of the
the supporters of the president being beaten up on camera. How do you videos do you have a mega hat wearing person being slapped around and abused error. You see little lot now. Maybe the left has not seen it, but that's not relevant to this question, because the shy Trump supporters have all seen it. But he was a Trump supporter has seen plenty of Elio. If there are social media. When a video of transport is getting abused and physically. Does that make you and we all know the stories of people being fired, fired from the Wall Street Journal or acquitting. In that case, we end we seen how much social pressure is. So if there are not. It is if the if it turns out, I don't, have lower measure it, but if it turned out in the future,
We learned that there were no such thing as shy transporters for this election or that it was minimal. I would be amazed because every condition to create a lot of them is in place and strongly in place and has been in place for, it's it's dangerous to your career, it's dangerous to your health. You know it's a thing. You know you can easily do it by lying to the pollsters. It's a thing. Trust me The thing I don't know the third- they still might believe the Poles, but you know that worry, are slowly, Worrying that is a thing I don't know that they're convinced they still might believe the poles but you know the worrying about it. It's a scam
don't get in their head and I'll bet. You ll see a lot more about this from the from people trying to deny enter or whatever, but definitely in your head, and they also know that by didn't can survive either the debate or the skipping other debate. So they have they basically ever dead men, candidate, walking now, let's get to the vice president back the Mai, certainty that it would be a Harris has been challenged recently but not for the reason you think now. I do know that there is not a buzz about New Susan Rice, etc. I have trouble thinking. It's gonna be Susan Rice, as vice president, and the problem is that she's got the worst case of RPF any politician ever had- and you know I mean right- look you can google RPF
which is basically a arresting face that looks unpleasant now when she smile she was very pleasant, and apparently I saw a report this year smiling more may because she's jockeying for living people, but she has a unfriendly look. There's frankly scary, I saw a current Karen Bass recently under review and I think the Cuba stuff is pretty bad and I don't think she can get past them, so my guess would be well. We will use the big picture. There are two things happening ones. We think that the vice president take for binding will be import. Because Biden may not be a two term. President well actually said he would not be a two term president, and that puts that person in the first spot to be considered. As you know, the run for president next time,
but here was different. I think Biden is failing faster. Then maybe we we know and that his advisers maybe calculating this. They may want to pick a vice that is not common Harris wait for it. So that when Biden is replaced before election day, they can bring in a top tier candidate. Who is more like the presidential candidate, because the thing about Kamala Harris is she always look like she could be the president, which is what makes you a strong candidate for vice president, when you think of Karen Bass. Do you think of, he's already ready to be present. You don't think that you're not familiar whether enough about Susan Rice. Do you say to yourself you ready to be present. I don't think she's been elected
anything before. We don't know much about her. I haven't seen her a campaign, so it seems to me that there is at least a small possibility and our operators in the in the it anything is possible category. This is not a protection, in the anything possible category, one of the reasons that the binding VP choice might be delayed, which is what we heard it's gonna be delayed again. It could be that they want to pick. They were put in a strong vice president, but not one whose two strong because they might want to save their strongest candidate, which, in my opinion, is Harris to replace Biden himself at the top of the ticket before the election. Nobody also told you that other which would really blow your mind would and Harris is. That is still an predicted as a possible top the ticket. I don't suggest betting on the basis of what you just
but I've spent another. She still unprotected. I did you see the new trumpet campaign add is really good. It's really really good. One of the things that people are complaining about is that is one thing to say bad things about Joe Biden, but what's your positive image, positive message for the country and the Trump campaign just turn down a really inspirational feeling pro optimism, Pro America, everything's everything's gonna get better and better and I think they nailed it. Just in terms of the the skill that went into the the ad essay plus one of the better adds I've seen. You actually feel something when you, when you watch the ad and does this kind of hard to hear
right and not every political, had naturally feel something that had literally. Am you you just feel it in a field good, which is the point spear of optimism and feeling good? So when you see the add you see, a varying of trumpets is best self. From my opinion, optimistic trump is the best trump, which is also my explanation for why he did not get the messaging as perfectly as he could as during the crowd of hours, because the growth of our situation, the pin,
absolutely requires something closer to pessimism here- that the pessimism or little bed, just a slight pessimism, was exactly the right note: the sound for leadership in a pandemic psych, I gotta tell you gonna, be bad, but I will go through it, but I gotta tell ya gotta be bad, so that's the message. People were they. I guess they wanted to hear. A lot of people said that an president dropped is not really the one he's just not optimized for bad news he's up,
my eyes for what this campaign I chose, which it has hey, let's get on board and rebuild issing cylindrical. Let me put it in a larger context. I dont believe there's no such thing as a good precedent or a bad press. I believe that what you need is a president whose talents are the right man for the times and that's why I was more pro Obama than probably just about anybody was watching this right now, because I thought he was a good match for the times and I think tromp is a better match for these times, with the exception of the pandemic, he was not a good match to that. So few saying president is good or bad. I think you're missing the larger picture that they're all good me by the time you become president,
states you you're a high functioning person, you're smart, you care about the country that they're all in that category of smart, capable, successful care about the country. I think that's all about equal, but There are differences in how they fit. So, in my opinion, President Trump was not the best messenger and I'm talking only about the message bar. He was not the best messenger for the krona virus stuff, but as were getting closer to the other side of it. I don't know when that's going come, but were certainly getting closer to the end of it. Who would you rather have as president to rebuild the economy? I mean think about it seriously. If you can pick any president of all the President's from the beginning of time, yell you'd have to adjust,
modern thinking can you think of a better present to rebuild us from a pandemic which basically kept dollar assets in place largely, but we had to think our way through it yeah you you had to try harder. You had to be adopted, That's what drives you come up to me some day, you couldn't come up with a better president for this moment. Oh no, not this moment that the next moment so that the next moment we're getting into That's trample here, you're entering trunkful you're, not in it does the pandemic is just not his strong part, but man, you don't walk Joe Biden to be running the next phase. If you ask me what Joe Biden have been a good pick for the current pandemic, I'll fix.
Because I don't think you were closed China soon, I think you would have done well things wrong, but it went to bed disaster, probably except for the closing China part. Maybe But you don't want him rebuilding America, let's just wrong guy from the job. I breeding unseen and the Trump has no plan for the pandemic, and I keep asking myself was wrong with me that I think he does. Let me tell you what I think is the plan for the pandemic, which seems crystal clear to me, and I dont know. I start Crystal clear to everyone because we're all watching the same news. I didn't, I didn't, go research it. I just watch the news completely clear plan of how the United States is handling the pandemic. Now, if you do, you think is clear: I'm gonna go through it. What I think is the plan.
But is there anybody here? Who would say they don't understand the plan? I want to see the your comments when they they catch up the real time So here is what I think the plan is. There were always very clear from day one they're keeping our health care system intact was gonna, be in keeping people fed What are the top priorities everybody's on board right? It was very clear we're going to make sure we see everybody and we're going to make sure that the healthcare doesn't collapse and then we executed that plan did it work. Yeah yeah it not only did it work when things were far more uncertain but looks like is: can we continue working? So that's the first part of the plan, hospitals and food within nailed it out out give our country as a whole.
You don't need more credit to the healthcare workers, of course, but the country has a hole for that part of the plan, a plus plus for all of you, not just the president. Trump is very clear about wanting to open the school. How much clearer could the president be that he wants to schools open? How is that not completely clear. Now, at the stage of course, have individual powers that they can do what they need to do It is also clear that the president has has acknowledged that the states are the ones to make those individual decisions, but he's giving very clear guidance about the federal priorities, and I believe that that is correct, because states have a slightly different mission, then the federal government, the states are not responsible for national defence president
is responsible for national defence. In addition to everything else, states don't have a national defence motive. There are other more about making food and medicine stuff, and I would argue that trumpet from the national defence phase trying to keep schools open, keeping they come, as open as we can here with some pull back as needed. Those things go right to national Defence and the president's completely clear about him got to get kids in school, got to keep the economy humming, which helps to have kids in school and said that the economy is sort of the lifeblood that makes- The thing is possible: if you dont, if you, if you break the economy,.
More than is. Then nothing works, nothing works! So for me, you keeping the whole country intact. It makes complete sense that the president's preference for opening the economy open the schools with casualties, With casualties, nobody is getting themselves, their will the casualties, but also casualties, no matter what you do so as it is thus clear, and it also makes it, as I said, perfect sense that the federal government, as different view of it Then the states- and they have exactly the views- you'd want that you want the states focusing on the people. You want the president to focus on the people, but also national defence, so there
there's your difference. The president said forever, as have the experts there we're gonna rapidly adjust we're gonna, try it just try it just have you seen that happen? Yeah yeah, we ve tried things and we ve adjusted, tried things and adjusted still doing it. Is that smart? Is that a good plan yeah? That's not just a good plan. Thus, like the best plan you could get. You come up with a better plan in the face of completely unknown, to come up with a better plan than try things and quickly, adjusting there isn't one That's a plan. It's the best plan zeal we plan and then, but there's this bigger question about sort of an end point where you were. How does this get resolved is any of what I ve talked about. Getting us do something they can be described as an end point we're trying to get
Does I think, that's where the disconnected and here's my take, although this may not have been said explicitly, it seems obvious to me that the priority is to keep the economy alive as long as it takes to get to any combination of heard immunity, therapeutics that really cake, but or a vaccine that really works, but the therapeutics and the vaccine are optional. You get that right. So the plan is to get all three of those things in a good place. Get yours! some herd immunity, some therapeutics, some some vaccines. We don't know what that next will be exactly the timing, but is very clear that the younger this warp speed process that the present put together That's it crystal clear that were rushing was rushing, were speeding,
the vaccine thing trying everything therapy funding everything will promising just throwing the kitchen sink at anything that could work but if none of it works any better than what we already have. If we never get a better therapeutic than we have? If we we'll get a vaccine. It still is plan, we just there's who heard immunity. We gather the hardware way, so I don't see how this could be any more clear. It is any Part of this that isn't number one exactly what you want your government to be doing a number two working in the sense that is being executed just the way it the described and number three as an end point a very specific and point. We don't know day
but that's that's the real world right, you don't know what is good and what it has to have an end heard. Immunity we'll get there s the vaccines and the therapeutics. And everything else does not now here's a prediction that I made that you're already seeing come true in a small sense. What there is a trend I break. Their will be, in one world can some other country get this under control and keep it there There is no world. There is no rational, logical way, there's some other country from the United States, let's say Australia. Is gonna, get the virus under control and keep it that way under current conditions. This, not even the thing
So every time I hear the news talk about with some country who did well. I just shake my head and I say they didn't do well. They did not do well because they're going to have a flare up, all they did is tamp it down and hurt their economy more than they need to do,
we did the opposite. We kept her economy a little more open. We could have tempted down further, but that was a rational choice because all the countries that hurt the recurrent me and close down to get rid of the flare ups. It's all come back. Everybody who could you closed the reconvene completely to try to get something like zero infections in their country was a complete waste of time causes come back until you have until you have some technological breakthroughs. Something about these could happen quickly enough. So you can see flare up. Another country is that by election day, will make the president's performance look better by comparison because men,
the curves are not timed with each other, so at the moment was, is having a pretty bad flare up and they are somewhat draconian measures. Apparently only one of one of your members of your household can leave the house once a day what somebody says Apologists you must be new here miles, Cardy societies calling me an apologist. I you block that, but I decided that the lowest level of political understanding
calling somebody an apologist. Well, calling me with an apologist would be the lowest level of understand. So did you ever you? Are you following the a I stuff, there's a artificial intelligence programme? I guess you could call Jpg dash three as it is, is ill and mosques and other peoples and it's available to some people, were playing with it and you get to see the results in the results of a number of experiments, and the idea is that, the ai is now so smart that you can. You can ask it a lot of asking to do a lot of different things and you don't know exactly what's going to come out of it, which is the the freaky part that you,
point no one's gonna, do does a sort of making up its own mind how to deal with your request, and they could do some amazing things. One of the things hit was demonstrated. Is it was writing its own add copy for a product to which I say to it I say: that's pretty freaky. Isnt writing. Advertising copy with hey. I know what I did was is I guess they seated it with one statement about their product and then the a I gave a variety of different options. They say the same meaning, but they use different words and different emphasis and there's a second part of them, which is that the air I can then rapidly tested in the public. So now that you know
that I can give you different advertisements, get you can arrange them on the page differently could change the words. It can go test that with a thousand people, why you're sitting in front of it so you can be sitting there saying all right a I fix my advertising and you'd watch the screaming. Change until there's theirs. Several different options and baby photos arrangements and stuff you could say are ready. I go a be test until we have the best one and it will take five minutes for it to have tested all of its messengers around the world by running adds just as you people click on, and it will tell you the best one. There were just absolutely rewire people's brains. I would do in five minutes and you will have to do any work. You just said:
say: gimme the advertisements protest it s, scary stuff. Now, if you think that the robots are gonna, take the manual jobs will, of course they will, but there are also good. The copyright and jobs, the advertising jobs. I think the advertising industries Guzman challenges gun do you know where Bernard cleric burning Eric? Was he the police, Chief, New York City at one point- and he said this, which is really interesting, he said, must begin good. Looking at who is bailing out these people, maniac. The protesters. I strongly believe it you're going to be able to connect the dots back to their organizers and funders. Making this a federal crime now don't quite know
the legal details of that, but I think he say that if it's more of a conspiracy looking what what what what is it that they use for the mafia what is the rule of there there's a law that use for the mafia, where, if it's more of an enterprise, the fence can go after it, then, if it's just one person acting alone, so I thought to myself I thought to myself that is really interesting, because what if this is a thing suppose we do find that whoever is paying for the the bail for these are connected and organised. Does that mean the feds can take down antifoam somebody tweeted that will clip from Marshall Mcluhan and nineteen sixty eight and now, if you're so needs you you've heard that name, Marshall Mcluhan,
in the sixties. He was super famous as being sort of the young. The intellectual go and talk about how the media, how the media was programming us basically and Marshall Mcluhan said this, which I'm gonna disagree with. He said when humans face too much information, they resort they resort to patent. Recognition and then went on to say that. The world is getting more complicated. So therefore people can sort out the complication, so they just default to pattern. Recognition. And when I first rather, I thought I feel like this is half right. She, like his hat rigour,
it's the Rico laws, I'm wondering if that's what Bernie Kara was referring to with wrapping up the ante up people as an organization Rico thinking so Marshall Mcluhan says that, would we have too much information. We resort to pattern. Recognition, pattern, recognition of courses confirmation by us if you do a wrong feed your right than yours, being smart feeder, rugs confirmation by us and I would like to modify Marshall Mcluhan spending because I think it's David. He said this: a nineteen sixty eight and ascended brilliant and probably quite provocative back in those days, but here's what I think it is wrong as nothing to do with how much information people have has nothing to do with it without confused you are or how much information you have. We always use faulty pattern. Recognition
and then we- and then we explain it to ourselves as if we had made the decision logically the only time that we use logic is when the situation is really simple. No emotional, no emotional input to a lot, so I think he was close to the truth, but everything has to do with how much information you're dealing with. I think we're just always always looking for the pattern recognition, nor not necessarily good, then so I tweeted something that I thought I would get more pushed back from ended. I don't think I got any imagine what am I to say right now that I got no pushed back from the sea and tonsure retreats. So this is very popular with nobody pushing back yet
It is time for all Americans to join together in fighting our common enemy, the teachers, unions and then I provocatively went if you think they haven't indirectly killed more black Americans than the police, You haven't been paying attention because education, economics and safety are linked. So my contention is that if the school unions have been doing their job for last few DEC, It's! The education of Black America would be far better because it's not it's nothin to teachers, don't do a good job individually. Is the teachers unions prevent a cop vision, which means that there is a limit? How good anybody can be. There's no competition, so I figured if they had not existed and there was competition and education had improved in the way you would expect in a competitive environment. Imagine how much better off the black community would be, and everybody
was in the low income situation, we don't need to limit this tiny group, but because we talk about black lives better. I just I just say that the black lives matter people, have been duped into pursuing their lowest priority. They have been duped. Now. Imagine imagine even I dont even a month or two ago, that I can say this without being cancelled and the only reason I can say it now without being cancelled. As everyone knows, it's true, all right, until everybody knew it was true. I kind of couldn't say it as us. If you think that, if you think that the police killing of black people is a high priority or even should be less a should be a high priority for the black community,
you dont know have account, because the total number of people that will ever be killed by the place will be a pinprick. Compared to how many people s lives, are destroyed by the school unions, the teachers unions, restricting the ability for teaching to become good better than this and they're, not even clubs in terms of death. Count we're talking about education being, alpha problem for everyone, basically for everyone, not just the black humidity, but if you don't get that right, the education part. You don't get your economics right, you don't hear good quality life, you don't get your national defence, the country's done as bad as the tragedies are in these police.
That's very much. We should work on it right. There's, u dont interpret anything. I say, as we should not try to make that the best situation. We can make it an experimental over there we shut, but let us not confuse it for the top priority for anybody. It's not like it. If you think black lives matter, that's not. The priority if you think black lives matter, you would you say. Well, I hope we do better on this. Please stuff. Let's not talk about the teachers unions, that's when black lives matter. So I don't think I could have even said that directly a month ago, but I feel like you, and I know that the temperature is changing a little bit and were seen that
teachers. Unions are basically holding our children hostage. Think about think about the fact that the teachers unions are basically holding our children hostage crazy. Speaking of competition, if you wondering how much better good education be, if you had free markets and competition I would I would point you towards you: learn mosques rocket, which his astronauts just return safely yesterday, and I may have the numbers wrongly something like this: the mission that he's there. He accomplished for less than a billion dollars was something that NASA said would cost twenty six billion. So we're nasa- did not have competition. There are proposing to spend twenty six billion dollars to do a thing there. Once competition wasn't thing, coastal one billion
That's the size of the potential gain in education, and I think he did it years earlier than ass was going to was in close those. Those are my points from today. Yeah, just looking at your comments, she had thrive without addressing the teachers unions. Yet so let me take this back to the very first part of the Paris club. If those view were there and which I said, have you been surprised that some of the things I advocate for happen as unlikely assessing and I don't think I've been ever
getting anything harder than the teachers unions need to get fixture moved out of the way, or at least stop us from having free market and competition, and ah I would protect their. You gonna see a lot more pressure on the teachers, unions and maybe some old. It is popping up for education, so I'm gonna keep pushing on that. I appreciate it when you put me on Twitter. If it's some topic, you think, is good for the. Good for the country and join me on the locals platform. If you want to see my special extra provocative stuff, its locals with an ass doktor, and I will talk to you tomorrow.
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