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Episode 1084 Scott Adams: Teachers Unions Should Pay Reparations, Churches Finding a Way, Peter Navarro and HCQ

2020-08-07 | 🔗

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  • Payroll and jobs, good news
  • Walmart and casino church services
  • Kanye should join Presidential debates
  • Joe Biden said what?
  • Teachers Unions, political activism, anti-school choice
  • CNN’s Erin Burnett versus Peter Navarro on HCQ

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Bump bump bump bump bump open what a day what a day come on in London there's still time still space, you can get the best seat of hurry up picture. Your coffee is warm or your beverages called depending on your personal preferences Joe Biden. I think everybody is different. I dont lump people by ethnicity now, I believe we are all special, indifferent and unique, and I think that the only thing that could make this morning better well- maybe not the only thing, but the thing that could make it the best. The simultaneous you.
Going to enjoy that now and they all it takes is a copper, mugger, glasses, acreage, elders, dynamic, anti geography, lesson vessel of any kind fill it with a favorite liquid. I like com, And join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the Dope Armenia the day, the thing that makes raising better, including the fake news, it's called the simultaneous happen to have a stout go Well, I would like to share with you something that made me so happy this morning and I tweeted it so that you could be happy there is a general of entertainment, the never seen before that I really like it just completely made my day
I'll call it a general european. I know you say to me: Scots got Scott. We ve known about this forever. Why are you there as to find out. Well, that's probably true. Here's the genre young black men listening to what was colleges for convenience old white music. There is also the first one. Is these two two black teens look look like the most fun to people. You never know listening to a film collins on for the first time, and it was at that Was in the air tonight, I think now here's the thing if, if you ve, never heard Philip Collins M J, I know you're out of your opinions, some so people love em, some people Adam. I personally think that his best sums are amazing and
watching the souls of the video is the two young black kids and, for some reason, the fact that their black helps the story you get there. I just goods are listening to us. That they had not been exposed to before and here's what makes an amazing first of all it just watching them light up and enjoy the music and being maybe a little bit surprised by. It is good so that alone is entertaining, but here's the part that really sorry I got to me music for me, is a sympathetic, a sympathetic thing. And what I mean is this: the music there. I first heard when I was with my college friends- is the music there always reaches me, the most and probably always will and asking
with the fact that I learned very early that I don't know to have much independent musical preferences that another big music guy. But if you put me in the room with people who really like the music there play what I respond to as the other people. So, somebody else's getting like just a massive pleasure and the music. I don't directly from the music, but I gather from the person and then the music seems to me was working, but really is the combination of the persons influence, because Windsor mimics, you put us in a room with everything and we be more likely to mimic it music, probably more than most things is mimic a
So when I watch this video, then there's another one of a policy was his name. He goes by no life Shack as H, H, Q, on Youtube, it's a huge account million followers and say twenty something. I'm guessing black man, whose Leslie to various musics for the first time and Leonard Skinner, Leonard skin It is the one now there's another thing here. That's that's useful. By the way this is this is persuasion is sort of their context, So I'm talking about music, but it's not that music, it's about how the persuasion works and how we are mimics. But I am working on this hypothesis about what music work. It is a really deep kind of complicated hard to understand thing. There's there's something
humans were wired for some kind of a beat, but what I felt What I was watching in the cabin it's important to the story and where I'm going here, that the people in the videos were black so to black use and then they twenty something black guy. And I got to tell you. The as as they were, enjoying the music and then I saw Enjoy them and then through them right, We are remembering how much I like the music we from my youth. It is such a bonding experience. Like I feel like I'm already friends with the people in the meadows. Never better don't they gave Well, but you immediately, I was bound to them like if I met them in the street. I feel like a bureau. Easy to get along with, like I would already be connected somehow and in our big world full of conflict and in protest.
And such watching the power of music, poor people together makes me s and big questions. Whether questions is about the origin of music and the origin of dancing and I'm not too proud, I'm not too proud to say that what I watched, no Jack. Literally he couldn't, he couldn't help himself the move when he was less little Leonard Skinner. I actually danced I danced with him, in my in my studio office at four thirty in the morning happier than you can ever imagined by just purely happy and the heated that for me. So I would recommend his his youtube is no life as each Q. Quite amazing. I usually other thing. I want to say that music there's something
just sort of working on this. As a hypothesis curiosity is sort of a base impulse for human beings, and I said before that, whatever you can invoke curiosity lesser an author or any kind of entertaining Curiosity will just bind people whether you are giving a presentation at work, whatever you do it. If you can inspire curiosity, people will stay around and though weight because they kind and need to know how things that were just built that way and music. I think, desert because music. Imagine, if you would your music was one bit bomb bomb. Bomb. You know where that was gonna end. At the end of the story I saw it was still the bone bomb. It wouldn't matter how good the b was cause abortion there's no curiosity, but the songs. You know that if they start slow like list,
let's does. If you're familiar the saw, you know it is actually too slow. And watching No shit, no life check here for the first time, What you know as an audience member is oh, the good stuff coming and here's the fund at the slow part. He got really excited and really liked. The Leonard Skinner was freeboard. Actually so was free bird Listen to you really lifeless. Slope are thinking, as you can tell he's, really and then to a genuinely enjoying it, but viewer you're, saying this to yourself. Oh, I know this is go. I have not leaving. I'm not leaving this video until this until the tempo change right.
So the tempo changes, and he just goes nuts, but you can feel it new robotic. Like you, you grew spots and it just goes right through because you feel you with him. This remarkable, and I would go so far as to say that if you are going to invite a new genre of entertainment. Damn you couldn't be thus because it really has just all elements There's that I tweeted both of those so you can enjoy them too. I recommend the watch him alone, watch it alone with headphones, when nobody is watching, you can find use of dance around good NEWS on the payroll and jobs. Jobs are down from eleven point one in June. To ten point two is ten point: two good or bad.
Well, it's bad in normal times, but I have to say: do you know where we think back just a few months just a few months ago? What we're people talking about in terms of unemployment there we're talking about twenty percent. They were talking about depression. Now, if you keeping track of whose you're better predictors, I would like to throw into the mix that I did say now, is not only a depression here. We are getting to know this in this ten percent unemployment as bad as it is certainly among our biggest challenges. Right now,
nearly as bad as it could have been. It's a lot closer to what the optimist we're say. Then the pessimists so keep than mine is what is long as were his lungs were scoring things to maintain. My credibility will as well as Canada way I like to confess. The guest of wrong. So when I guess that's wrong, if I don't say it publicly, hey I got the wrong, then maybe less credibility, the future, so early on when we first we're going to shut down, People said Athos, shutdowns, bad. And we thought it would only be maybe a month or six weeks when I It would be really short because nobody really knew I mean. Maybe that was enough. Maybe it wasn't.
But when we thought we'd be short, I actually said you know, I think, the net death, if you take out the number of people, won't be dying on the highway. You might come out closer, like five thousand people dead if its short, but of course it wasn't short so five thousand dead could not be more wrong, so it's about is wrong as anything you'd be, but the Romans had to do with not knowing along the shore. The shut down would have lasted. Because not not a lot of people are gonna with a end of life would become addicts in four weeks. As you can sort of last that out, maybe you can hold. It would be worse, but not that much worse. But if you extended for months and people lose their jobs and their kids, they can't do any of their social things that they normally do. Yeah, that's that's expensive! That's dangerous people don't get their cancer screenings.
Etc. So so that would be a case of me missing by about a thousand miles, but the party missed that, maybe we almost is how long we will be shut down. That was the key kill him either here's a question that I want to ask with respect which is about the church attendance during the pandemic. You see, the number of people have cleverly tried to get around the rules. I guess who is one charge they did their service inside a Walmart does Walmart could be opened by churches? Cannot, I think, was Ralph reads: Group who use day casino. There was service because casinos, Robin but Georgians, are about, and I asked this question what would Jesus do because it feels like I've always appreciated that question, because it does put you put you into the view of ok if you were doing
How would you play this, and there is- I asked the question- is not a so don't take this as a criticism of religion. I'm pro religion works wonders in many people's lives. I think that's just a jack true, so no matter what you believe about religion is just obvious is good for people. We seem to be wired for the evidence overwhelming either so very, very pro religion, while not being a believer personally, so have complete respect for it. For all the reasons, but I have to ask, is you're a constitutional right to do your religion, which I would say is unquestionable, that is to say those people who say you government, you can't tell us,
do not practice our religion. That's that's baked into the constitution, I'm with you say the same as if they had tried to suppress you're free speech totally with you. The constitution. Sorry, those are the rules, does it is? Could somebody get hurt because of it? Yes, sorry, southern constitution same with free speech, free speeches and free people do get hurt all the time, but do I think we should not have free speech, because somebody might give her by nope. Soon. The constitution, those the rules were playing by until someone comes up with a better set of rules or changes. The rules were just better off saying. This is what we agreed. A limitless stick with so those people who say it's my constitutional right to express my religious preferences.
And worship the way. I want your within reason. Of course, I say absolutely one hundred percent support for your a constitutional right to avoid two just ignore the government literally just ignore the government. Has the government passed a law tomorrow? The says we're gonna shoot you. If you practice you religion or you have to overthrow the government right, I mean the after overthrow the governments, as they do that. So, legally, constitutionally, absolutely if you want to make the if you want to make the cost benefit decision that we ve looked at all the data. We have decided that this risk is worth the reward. Ok,. Yeah. It's all you ve looked at all the rest of the reward. That's all anybody would ask, but here's the question: how would Jesus plant
would Jesus have said was was made the decision and a new set of luck. We got to get this problem. We can't worshipped the way you want to, but we got a worker, Are we going to use the casino? The only downside, the only downside, is not the risk or taking ourselves because we're adults we can take our own risk. You can tell me what risk I can pick so yeah. What do you think that Jesus Jesus Jesus would probably say? I agree, you are adults and you can take the risk the you want, but others this other pesky problem, which is what happens if you transmit the virus outside of your group? What happens if infection spread because of it, and then that that went to people who are not making any kind of religious decision. They were just cutting your hair whenever they are doing, and now they ve got the virus. Somebody dies.
Jesus say: go do the the ceremony in the casino, because year by adults at your choosing to do it in the benefits, are greater than the costs or would you say, you know the people were going to suffer here or not you? You know that the question of whether you should do it isn't about you know about use not about religions, not about you, God what you? What risk you are willing to put other people now Jesus say: well yeah. Maybe a few people will die or would you say you know its temporary wishes hold off your worship up like crazy when Churches are fully reopen. Man we're gonna, have a party will be the best I ever, but for now, but for now, can you just think of your other humans for a little bit
Now another religious scholar, I will not pretend to speak for Jesus. I simply put their question: is there because I was raised in the credit christian tradition and I find it confusing? The Jesus may have supported something. We was real fun and good for the worshipper, but might kill somebody who was mining road business later. Maybe maybe Jesus would take that view. If that's your view that Jesus would back that, I would say: you're on strong you're on strong ground ran Paul tweeted, a real, clear politics, article by Stacy Rudin, who you need to know living interactive and the grass roots movement to preserve full time in classroom education, says? There's a lawyer who is actually litigating so she's.
I guess it. She is active in the the effort to get kids back to school and rights and article that says that social, distancing and locked the hounds have no scientific support, and I thought to myself. So there is no scientific evidence at all that lockdown work or that even social distancing, which has done the same thing that they work now. The the thought is that if you once one percent of Europe's population is infected, that there's just nothing you can do,
You could be the most cautious people in the world, but basically is gonna. Get you gonna, get you sooner or later. However, I would note that, although the argument is sound and very, is provocative in the sense that what is the argument against hijacks chloroprene the argument against drugs, the clerk we is that there are no studies confirming that works right. There are no studies confirming that at work. So they say, don't use it, but there is also no study confirming that the lockdown working in this kind of situation. So, who is me those sites, if there's no evidence that something works by you know for sure that destroy your economy. Do you do it No scientific evidence that a lockdown works and which I believe to be true only because it would be so hard to do a site
the study and it might be the only reason there is. No scientific studies just be hard to study, but everybody thinks it work. And one of the things I loved was this point that rooted makes in the article that human beings will imagine that their leaders made the difference, and this is a point I have been talking about a lot. You think you can tell which leaders are doing a good job, because you will hear the outcomes it's just another thing it has never been a thing is not even the thing in business most of the time as the Dilber creator have been writing about this river. My observation, in all my business experience is a managers would way for something lucky to happen that nothing to do with them and they then they would claim credit
Based on that thing, they did. They had nothing to do with anything. So most of management is waiting for something good to happen on its own and then figuring out away that you can claim credit for it and that's not even a joke and the anybody whose experience with big companies knows yet in a big organization is really about saying that you are responsible for a coincidental uptake and in sales which might have to do with your nothing. Let me ask you this, so we saw that a number of but he's like Amazon made tons of money because the pandemic do you think there are no managers at Amazon who are going to say look at what a great job I did, because my profits and like my segment or away up yeah they will they had nothing to do with. It was the pandemic the pandemic made.
Stay open order stuff on Amazon, but there will be managers claiming credit and successfully. They will be compensated for doing such a great well we all the sales, a of money you guys are geniuses, had nothing to do with talent lie. Why wouldn't all the governors and the leaders of countries at the end of this they couldn't be claiming credit for the ones who, coincidentally, get a good result And the ones who, coincidentally get a bad result, will be blaming and on somebody else, because they need to do that, but indeed there may be no connection between giving back. Social distancing between any the leadership decisions and what happens?
here's my problem with the Rudin look, while I accept that there may not be any science for a social, distancing and locked ends, that's probably just because it's hard to study almost nothing. I do during the day has on these science to it. After undone, here I'm going to go downstairs in I'm going to eat a delicious Africa do with soil saws and pepper, despite the fact that there has not been one single scientific study to say that that's gonna, be there. I can do no might be something else is better to do. Maybe I should await it. Maybe I should have something different, but I'm gonna do it anyway, despite no scientific backing whatsoever, because some things,
so it makes sense now. The other thing that Rudin admits is that if obviously indirectly, that that, if you have a vaccine and you and you can install until you get them, the vaccine, actually socially social distancing- makes sense might make sense to stall if he knew your stalling for something. But we. Quite know that the vaccines regular work. I have a good feeling abandonment, and so I think, in the context of You have a real chance of therapeutics, a real chance of keeping the hospitals running and a real chance, get into a vaccine, and I think those are all real that that is the one situation which you don't need that much science to do a shut down. So while the case.
The strong councillor from a lawyer perspective a sort of a good argument, but is a lawyer argument mean What I see as a lawyer argument, I mean it sounds good, but is missing. The biggest part, which is the whole point, was to stall to keep the hospitals open and to make sure that we had time to get this better treatments, soap under those conditions. Actually, I think you don't need to much science to take here to take you shot you to do about this. Why is it that the caddy West can't debate? Is it because he's
now, of course, is not because that is because they have rules of use. Not he doesn't know enough. Doesnt habit of voters there's some threshold that he's not gonna be anywhere near, but still wouldn't you like to seek out? U S debate.
Now, even guardian says he's not running for president these walking, so the he's signalling quite clearly plus the number of states that is actually running in his is limited, but he's signalling quite clearly that he's in it for less say the influence or the positioning or maybe for the message, but not so much to win still. What do you like to see him debate? I mean come on. Can you imagine the ratings for a debate that Cotonou West President job and Joe Biden? It would be the best thing you ve Emerson, on television and with the public benefit from
having a debate, the drew more people in the drew drew in more people, the normally would watch a political event, yeah yeah. I think it would be actually really really good for the republic now. The fact that there are these rules about young women when they debate. I think that, independently of the fact that I can just told the debate could my isn't, it is still a free country. Could not saying I'll. Do this, but can't I just say hey, I invite all three of you to my debate can be such and such a time and if all three they just have to say yes, this they said yes and debated, doesn't matter if there was some threshold.
There's someone else cares about. This is not a party to that decision, and I use that by underweight so there's nothing. There would stop it, except for the three people not wanting to do it now would kindly I want to do it. I don't know it be amazing if he did when President job say us. If colleagues say said. Yes, I think so though you don't you think residential would say. Yes, if Cardiac said, he'll do one and there was an event.
Then allowed it. I think, he's a s other now. Would you buy didn't, say ass? Well, if cognate any trouble said yes, I think he's headlines would try to keep out of it, but it would be fascinating if he said yes anyway. I like to put that in the next was interesting, is that Congo seems to be doing exactly exactly the smartest thing, because you don't need to be president of power just have to find a way that your message and your influence can get the alleged up. So apparently he's he's going to be on the ballot in Wisconsin. Maybe you don't most important of the swing states that it could be, could turn out.
Away so he's finding this little area where, if he can siphon off black votes from Democrats, he pretty much puts president Trump into office, and I think he is largely admitted that that if that happens, that's ok with them. At least ok, maybe better than ok. But here's. The thing he's now putting yourself in a position where
We could ask for something right. Imagine imagine cardio well, say: look I'm on the ballot. I'm gonna change the election. If you'd like that not to happen, I want one thing and then who knows what the one thing is? If it were me, I'd ask for something about the school choice and say: look whoever gives me free competition and conflicts. Education for for everybody was poor, not just black people, because I think colleagues would be the one person who would say about helping all black about helping poor people rather than just black poor people so I think he will be the wonderful message I imagined he would think of it. That way, and although I carry this binding, so I don't wanna put it. I don't want to assume that I can imagine what's in the mind of anybody, much less cunning right, I mean.
If you can imagine what was in his mind, then you would be able to do what he can do but says you and I can do what you can do. Let's assume which we carry. This mindset must get away from that it be fastened it just let him be part of the process and I think to be deeply deeply. Gordon if he wants it to be less my Joe Biden, Joe Biden now, obviously is not a racist. I don't think anybody really can make their case, but you can be insensitive. You can have a blind spot and you could accidently. I think that's where he sat so, as you all know the true he made the statement that there We thought that the Latin American was was named views toward the Latin American
Yet the Liddy no community said was incredibly diverse and then he said quote, unlike the black community, so he's imaginative, Attila Tito Community is diverse, but the black community is not there when he went on work to try to clarify that is, of course, that caused the backlash. He clarified that the latino can be re used, not just Mexico by show the South American CUP country. Is Guatemala etc? That's what he meant to which I say Joe Biden. You go Africa's, not one country ride. In the same way, the South America is now one country which was year point. Mexico is not Guatemala either
There are some differences, but you know Africa was one country so and of course the black community, like every community, is full of unique voices, so his gaze and push back from that, I don't think he meant any harm, but it's a great political political attack and I think yes more to his mental competence and the way I read the story, is that he's not verbally capable, which is different than having some kind of regional animals that over the years that Portland poor little has gone from ILO Scary, the tragic it's always tragic, specially people getting hurt, but is also a kind of are in a horrible way, not proud of it, because
I want to minimize the pain suffering and that the real, the real hurt economically and physically for the police's walls This is so it's a real tragedy, but TED Wheeler gets rid of the feds so that the mayor succeeds in getting the feds which the story was. The mainstream media was trying to tell you that the cause of the protest was the Trump had the feds there guarding just the other federal buildings and once they pulled out, did make a difference in all made no difference. So now you can see that the mainstream story about it was the feds that, where the problem complete faintings but now the president. So if you didn't like it. You get to have whatever is the opposite of that? That's what they have so the mayor who at one point actually joined in with protesters, to show that he felt sympathy. Empathy for there
Does that didn't work out well because protesters we're not kind to him. But now he is he's. He say in this just going to read his quote. So tell Wheeler Mayor of Portland. He goes dont think from comments that you are if you are participating in this activity, meaning the protests, you're not being a well actually the not just the protest but the the more violent part of the protest. You are not being a prop for the re election campaign of Donald Trump, because you absolutely are, you are creating the B roll film that will be used in ads nationally. Yes, John during this campaign. Yes, if you dont want to be part of that, then don't show up. Oh well, oh well, watching the the Portland Protests and turn into a campaign add fur trump, which is exactly what happened, not just approximately
exactly what happened? It literally transformed into a campaign. Add for the other guy you can't thats just to perfect is just too so on one hand, tragic. On the other hand, comedic? Yes, as I need say about that, I tweeted today that I ask people if they thought that the teachers unions should pay reparations because they are the primary cause was say cause of eighty percent. That would be my estimate of systemic racism. Now they're, not the initial cause
the initial cause. You know you could argue back to slavery than the ripple into the future, but the ongoing cause you're, the the current day thing you could change, because we can't go back to the past. You have we can't. We write history in six. Anything slavery, but we can deal with what's today there what's today is that the primary cause of every disparity income disparity in everything else opportunity would be the teachers unions. Now at this point- and I have two very late to this argument, because the first time you hear this, does it just says stupid if you had never heard this argument before and the first time you have been introduced to it was me saying: You know the teachers unions are the cause of systemic racism. You not connecting those dots are those like completely different, things were everywhere, you go on you
anybody who is dug into even the little bed learns that the teachers unions are basically a political organization who do a little bit stuff for teachers which gives them their their power. So they do do good work for teachers in the sense that teachers get good negotiating and Union Union tax strike. That's all good! Don't want change. Dont want to change. The fact The teachers have somebody who can negotiate for them. Let's keep that bar, but why you may not know is it's. A teacher unions have a tremendous amount of money because the teachers pay into that, and I thought The money went to mostly doing stuff for the teachers. What do you think that turns out as political, they literally spend depends on the union Vizir different unions, but they can spend thirty to forty fifty percent of their entire budget,
fixing elections and other words putting money into especially the local elections where they have so much money. They can change, who gets alike so the teachers unions extort the teachers. Get this. Part of money, maybe half of it. They spend on union these stuff, that's good for teachers, but maybe the other half and we're talking about lots of millions of dollars. Here goes directly into political campaigns, political activism and not even directly related to teaching that damn. You said yourself, Scots s out, of course them, money into political stuff, because every group has an interest in what laws get past, etc. I'm not about any of that, I'm talking about general democrat policies for just unrelated
the school now as long as the teachers unions have money they can affect the political process and as long as their effect in the political process, one of the things that are also doing is guaranteeing that thing that they stay. The way they are and the way they are is no competition for teachers. So you, What the union does not want the people their protecting the teachers to have competition from another school there might be a lower. The bargaining position in the teachers that part actually make sense makes perfect sense, but is also just perfect sense for the teachers. It's not perfect sense for the union is not perfect sense for the republic, it's not a free market situation and we know that competition and freedom
circuits, are really the only solution to anything that doesn't work. If something doesn't work, you gotta be able to offer an alternative, and that's what this teachers unions prevent from happening. A politician who, but who pushed for school choice is gonna, get the full weight of millions of dollars a teaches. You need money pushed against them in the next elections. Married and everything else. So I would say that if you fixed education, you would do the most. That could be done among the things that are actually practical. It's the most. You could do to fix the situation for the black community, because good education gets you good income fixes everything, better healthcare outcomes, fewer people in jail, and even if the police stop here, they're gonna say I've had only going.
Various inside so is basically the alpha problem, and I would in modestly say that eighty percent of ongoing systemic racism comes directly from the school unions, is very direct, there's no indirect or even years a very direct and maybe one percent of the total problem in the black community police abuse. Maybe one percent now honour saying that we are all pleased that we should work on. That seems like a pretty big problem, especially if, if the problem of policing effectual mentally and emotionally it's a big problem like I don't want to take away from our big their problems.
But as big as it is said that one percent of your total problem in the first summit racism that eighty percent school unions is my estimate. Here's one of those faint new situations where the headline is up, others opposite story and by the way I'm gonna get to the part where Peter Navarro named Jack B C. Yesterday and in change my whole day. That's governor next, but there's a story is one of those twitter things where they collect the story, and then they put their line on so yours. The headline that Georgia Chloroprene is not effective according to scientists. So what does not affect as mean? Well, that's pretty clear right, not effective means, don't take it right.
Lately clear. If a drug is not effective, do not take it under any conditions, because there is only a downside, but then you read the actual details that this headline alleges too, rise and that lines are that it is unlikely to be effective unlikely to be effective, is the opposite. Because what would be unlikely to be effective. Forty percent forty percent chance if there was a forty percent, which would be less likely than sixty percent. So is over. The forty percent. Chance would work and is completely safe as nothing's out upset, but a safe, hasn't drug convey an israeli cheap under those specific conditions.
You were taken so say that is unlikely says you should take it as long as long as the safety in the closet urges. Dead, simple well known, not initiate the. So you can see the figures, who's trying as hard as I can to turn well I'd be worth a shot. Talk to your doktor. Obviously talk to your doctors, always gotta, be in there, but not effective as opposite of unlikely to be effective in this situation. Journalists do they how that would a journalist know that
created a headline that was literally opposite of the details of this story. I dont know if they would, I don't know if they went because they don't seem to work in terms of probability. They seem to work in terms of its true restart true. So after I got off periscope yesterday, some of you know this story. If you follow the locals, I gave you the sort of behind the scenes. So, yes MA am I'm just in my studio right right, where you see me and I've been working, doing something else. Few hours had passed and I thought to myself. You know fire up my computer and see what the news is, because you know me I like to follow the news So I think I will see what the news is, and I turned my computer typing away in port. The news the news like I want to watch the news
I don't want to be the news, don't make me the news and the news was So I earn Burnett unseen and was in a test the exchange with Peter Navarro Economics Advisor to the White House. The present and Navarro was trying to make his case in the sort of risk management sort of sense, but Tv is very limiting, especially if the person you wear this talking over. You So neither them could quite say what they wanted to say that there are sort of on top of each other in time was limited, so towards the end Navarro said quote, Sir, imagine we naturally just looking at the news and say this: if you ve never had this experience is just so trippy because you feel like the new should be separate from you, but then when you, on the nose and damage is me, I am the news today, and this is one of our oh said he said,
I reach out to all your viewers, Scott You know Scott got out and right he's going, wrote the Dilber cartoon he did. Abuse. Lieutenant of video on Twitter and the thief? videos on CNN might be killing thousands because of the way they treat them. So I just. A less customs. Video been my defence on this. Now, if you thought that went over well, You have. You haven't done following things closely, so Erin Burnett says with an angry look on her face.
Can I just say somethin. I find that to be offensive because he's a comic strip writer said Burnett. I just said that because I want to be clear, I just said the doktor fouch e than she she said she wanted to hear from the experts now. Of course, it took about five minutes for the daily beast: to create a story. This is Navarro refers, do Dilber cartoonist for I jocks clerk. We think it thinking that headline that the White House refers to the Dilber cartoonist for their argument about drugs. The clerk Queen Naso good right, but it's ok, because obviously an article about a video would have
a link to the video why saucer today, but I think it was very usefully- maybe I missed it in the hill they treated the similar way and didn't linked to the video. So not only did a story about my video, not talk about the video at all, but it didn't linked to it in most of the most to the hip pieces. They came out immediately after what does that mean? Can you imagine? Can you even imagine that if I had said something in that ten minute, video that was crazy.
Is there any chance that wouldn't be headline? No, because once the White House says look at this historic ties them to my presentation, you don't think that they wouldn't that CNN and the others came out to Marcus. You don't think that they would like the Magua was another video. Don't you think that they like to say and then he said like crazy saying, and here it is here's the clip. Of atoms, be stupid. Now they are treated as if I was giving medical advice. Do you think I gave medical advice while I would say that I gave risk management advised and that I broke down the arguments for and against. I drops of Flora Queen with respect to experts on both sides, so I would say that what I did is what Errand Burnett does
I'm not a doctor, I'm simply letting the public know what doctors are saying that Remember that was due. She and I were doing the same job. The only differences did it way way better if you saw the video now Navarro. His background is economics, and this is job. My background is also economics. Navy. I've got it I wish to green and be a and I did financial analysis and production models and stuff for sixteen years, at least at sixteen year career, much of it was that stuff. So I'm now we completely educated in the right way to look at this stuff, but I have the vast experience and I mean a lot of experience that looking at stuff like this and breaking down to what the arguments
and then just looking at the risk management. So what I presented of course, was not medical, just framing the argument and showing it as a cost benefit in which you should look at all the costs and benefits and do a risk analysis, risk management analysis, but was anybody who cover the story? Who said the White House economist, wanted you to see something written by somebody who s a background in exactly this stuff? There breaks down the argument. There's no medical recommendation. It just breaks down the argument in a way that you can see what the point is than anybody report that no
but, and I looked at by traffic impressions and you really look like they were simply happily they're, not gonna make that accusation yet, but it did look like there was a lot of suppression. Now, here's what here's, what Navarro did completely right? I've told you this so many times the one of the keys. Well, fifty percent of persuasion, I like to say, is getting your attention. You can't persuade somebody if their pay attention to something else. I mean exposure could cleverly was not much of a thing now and I've told you
The way president Trump gets attention is what I call a little bit wrong, sir, if you say something that you want people to focus on that you in sir into it something that is unambiguously gonna make people say. I was wrong. I gotta question about that part. Then that's a home run trump does it over and over and over again, which is why you can't turn away everything. He says you say I know what you're trying to make me think about, but why is that one that you bother me so much? It just feels non state when I go look into this and you see and other people we're gonna persuading do the same thing, you see me do it, but he saw you just watched it today. We with the black lives matter question about the teachers
if you take the teachers, unions and just say other good about job people by pay attention or might not- but if I add to that they should pay reparations was due to your brain. The reparation sport is the part you're supposed to say that doesn't sell right and that's. Binds you to the topic. The thing is the thing that I added that doesn't fit. That makes a perfect. Now, that's intentional. In my case, I design my message to add the little bit a wrong right into it and use at this very intentional redesigned you see might soon, which do this dear routinely. People who know how to persuade put a little bill, a provocation to lock your attention. When Navarro pointed to my video.
It was not only a good sum nation of his argument so that that part is just good sense, but because I'm the Dilber cartoonist, you can't look away. He can't look like cars that are still wrong, Excuse me why. Why is a comic writer? I guess that's what airborne Burnett told wiser? Why writer talk about? U S, policy, US policy! makes it so that bit of wrongness, which guarantee that would be a story on multiple France, but the faint news forted both in us. It was an actual excellent play, because what should have happened, they should have join it. Attention to the video people will go in with all the wrong impressions about maybe I said something medical there Look at all. This is actually just temporary clean breakdown of risk management. That's all laws
And it should have been this perfect moment where everybody came in mad and found out. I was mad at the wrong thing. This is. This is just an argument. But instead the fake news suppressed it gave headlines and were completely misleading. I've talked before about the the gale man effect. The gale man effect is used This assisted noticed that when stories about physics where there he knew the wrong, but if there was a story and some topic, he was not already an expert on he thought was probably right, which of course does make sense. Statistically, probably the news in general,
Wrong, which would make more sense now I experiences daily right cause, there's always some story or report about me, and I know if it's true or false, but you don't you don't so what other people are watching the story? They probably believe that headlines. They probably believed that there was a crazy cartoonist was making medical advice, probably medical advice. So anyway, If I had the ability to be embarrassed, maybe I would be, but I just don't, have it and then here's the ears the best part, so it's been a full day. Now or close to a full day, and not one critic who watched the video had a complaint with the air that nobody who watched the video nobody so was Peter.
Of our own, pointing to my video and while his arguments were the other attacking like crazy and he says well, we look at this video s like submission of the argument. Nobody criticized it not a single point, not a sweeping generalization, nothin cause, there's nothing in it to criticise. It doesn't really take a stand which is much to disagree with you. Just it just clarifies existing risk management decision and then in the article in the figures, the deal and they were talking about Navarro when he and they're the court again. If this is an actual sentence about a US official in this country and this at the end, they're quoting it when they say quote, The spirit of our, let me tell you why I got involved with this. He barked he bark
we're gonna write? It is that I'm pretty sure he talked. Let me say what shut up, and let me tell you I got involved with this. He said how about he said because that's what happened I watched it It was a was, there were words: they came out of his mouth, he talked, he said it did he market, it is so words like barked and botched and stuff. Or how the faint news takes no news at all and turn it into something. So I might have doing a parody, fake news, article in which you just use insults instead a news because if you think about it the fit the fake news mostly replaces the actual news with personal
think about it. What once you see that filter the news has been replaced with insults is hard to unseat, because that's basically what happened, insults gay clicks news, maybe somebody says as repellent botched civilization, yeah botched and bark cut a similar they're they're. Just such powerful words. Our need to do a robot reason, news again. I gotta get back to that. He mansplain the man's played this another one. You can make a little dumb just by saying, instead of he explained it, while he mansplain that's like that, guy right.
Slaughter beaters at a hundred percent. At the current time, it is hard to imagine any outcome except Trump winning I mean I have two bit in other elections. I could imagine the future with the president's president from other, but either party, which are But I don't even have a like a vision of what President Biden would look like it's just like this empty space. I literally can't even imagine so that might be influencing my opinion, but I saw teaser from Rasmussen this morning that the presence approval was up. I think the presence approval is going to continue improving, I think the economy will prove will improve. I think people just sorting acclimated to whenever the virus situation is, and I think that by then will continue to decline. I heard theirs
That Biden has selected his vice president, but will wait to hear about that now if its calmly Harris probably get periscopes indecisive the announcement, if it's not now await until the regular periscope and I'll say well got that went wrong, but if it's gobble Harris you're gonna have to give it up for me, you're gonna have to give it up, because I called her as they have to take it as the nominee in twenty eighteen and stuck with it if she becomes a vice president with Abiden administration, the candidate she's effectively there the top candidate, and that would be my best prediction ever
People are still saying, is Michelle Obama and still saying, is guilty? Hillary Clinton, low levies, lonely bet everything. I have this, not Michelle Obama. I will I'll bet my entire network and I'll borrow our borrow money. Just the bet he's not gonna, be Michel issues and was popular woman in the world. I understand, but I believe she has zero intentions for for that kind of life. That's all I need to do tomorrow.
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