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Episode 1085 Scott Adams: Trump’s Presser, Biden Goes Full Gopher, Antifa Costume Play, CNN Helps

2020-08-08 | 🔗

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  • Powerful moves by President Trump
  • Why is Biden delaying his VP pick?
  • Reasons: 36% Black support for President Trump
  • Kanye’s impressive bible-based platform
  • Police rights when Antifa blinds with lasers
  • Election influence by Russia, China, Iran

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Bump bump bump bump bump on public. Well, although urge all of you don't pasteboard soldiers to its good that we don't faced polish soldiers get all come together and today could be an amazing amazing. Coffee was kind why. Well, no reason is just going to be really good and if you like, to enjoy it to its fullest, when we recommend that what you lead, A government or a glass of backing trousers, dynamic, entering jogger flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid. I, like it
and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dope of either the day that thing that makes everything better, including shadow, been said, go the simultaneous up: does he had better every time? First time I told you that you thought Huska gig better. Every time Sooner or later you can have one that's some bar, but no ever happens one time after another, the simultaneous crashes it Well, the biggest and I dont know how many of you had this on your predicted, but. It seems that the candidate for the Libertarian Party was bitten by possibly rabid, bat.
And why wouldn t be. It's twenty twenty and twenty twenty if the simulation isn't going to serve you up a major candidate for president, who was bit by a maybe rabid bat. Well, then, the simulation is not trying, and I think it's trying this year always try. We ve had more news this year, then well. All the other years put together multiply advisory. Three, the software, some of that news, the headlines on Fox NEWS or all a bunch of fake news, so foxes gun for fake news on the Bill Clinton. In Ireland, stuff and here's what I mean by fake news. Do I know if Bill Clinton was ever on the island? I do not do. I know they wasn't on the island. I do not.
But what I do know is that the person who feel and as far as I can tell the only evidence on new on the island is from what I all an unreliable witness, the same person who accuses reduces Dershowitz being there and It says, pointed out their credibility. Whatever is less than zero. So a few years, my problem with Fox NEWS on their coverage, what their covering is what they're leaving out is almost criminal What they're, leaving now is that the one accuser who saw Bill Clinton on the island as no credibility, none and background for that. Ellen Dershowitz does it. I think the key reason that you should be aware of
but I think she also accused Al Gore being there, and I believe that there is a body of records. Proving that he was not there, then the times that she said he was so you ve caught in one lie. That is identical to the type of lie. Well, the type of accusation. That's a zero credibility situation. That's not how well she got one wrong before, but that doesn't mean is wrong, but everything else. No, it's a zero zero credibility, which doesn't mean it didn't happen Remember we live in a everything's possible world were candidate for president can be bitten by a possibly rapid so now these off the table save. If you run this story without very eminently saying: the only evidence as zero credibility. That's just fake news. So if you can
you're fake news, is only coming to you from the left. There is a prime example of Fox NEWS vacant, not for you. Again, the news is accurate, but leaving out their contacts with stones and fake news. In my opinion,. So here's a story that should worry the hell out of here. My followers, maybe on this periscope right now, D D, Texas, grandma, sixty five grandma small DNA noted that she was following me, but then somehow got on followed so automatically on followed. So this prompted me to circle back to a story that
I've been talking about. Maybe a year ago I can remember in which I had noticed the I had been unfollow from Ambassador Grenelle Richard Grenelle. Now I don't know a title. You would give him ex ambassador. Where do you still call them ambassadors after them or not, answers I don't want. The rule entitles is, but you know what I'm talking about here is acting out of the dna for awhile. But I had then and followed from him. I think twice. And so a year ago I asked, if other people and then on, followed and turns out. There was a matter, as a number of people in the comments and oh yeah, I just checked- I was totally at following him and now not so I decided to reach at that. So a year has gone by just to see if it still happening and sure enough I don't know, I don't know if it's me
a new wave of on follows. Earth is still some trickle from the past, but once again my comments were filled with people who said what I was following, but now I'm mad. To follow back again, and so I thought I would just test one more account. Just to see. If I can guess somebody who is likely to have the same situation, and the criteria used was ok. What Is it about Ambassador Indoor Richard Grenelle? Again, I don't know the titles work ambassador policies always of ambassador, if he ever was one less, let's go without standard so I thought you know, what does he have a common were. One is about him that would make him a target for this and the The answer is that he's a
Unusually good public spoke spokesperson, supporting press. A chump lopping somebody else who is in that category of an unusually good communicator in favour of president jobs to second tweet this morning, asking people haven't had been followed from back cates, so congressmen gates and turns out a lot a lot keep in mind. The people were answering are just the people. My twitter feed and all oh followed. Bag is handled, I saw that weight and- oh Jack and also thought for the comment about it? So if I can turn up that many people in section, seconds who can say all we ever happened to me. Is it possible
all imagining that I made it is possible by the way it is possible, it is completely within the realm of possibility that were all imagining, but I don't think so. I think so. It will be quite shocking. If that were the case, but actually you care rule without. I'm gonna give you another hypothesis, which I also do not rule out, but I think it could be ruled out pretty quickly if I just asked people on Twitter- and it goes like this At least one person has had the following experience on an android device, and the claim is this that there's something about the app running out an android. Ice. There are none of its every underwrite devise every release. I don't know if it's the app or if they are using the browser today
to it. So there's love I don't know, but the claim is this: you ve had this experience and given the experience where you're in some kind of an app, doesn't have to be twitter and you got to click something and just before you click it. The screen moves and you click the wrong thing. How many times does that happen?. Probably lot right- your figure is moving into precedent. And then the screen squirrels and you press the wrong body like wrong button. I deleted a couple of messages yesterday by wrong thing. So there is a belief or let down loudly a hypothesis there's a hypothesis that there might be one one interface situation where people automatically on following who do not mean to do so?
a likely that another getting that explains to me. It looks like the a I bothers. This has to be that there is some way the somebody is influencing twitter could be. Somebody from the outside doesn't have to be an insider could be somebody from the outside But something happened. Clearly, we don't know if it's third party apps access by other hypothesis, when you sign up for some third party absent, say Tiktok, just pick a random exam, I'll just randomly picked it up? Let's say you add the tick tock and you wanted to sometimes share your tick tax on Twitter. Well, I believe ass. You, if Tik Tok and have control of your twitter account yeah think about that, gives the chinese government control,
I think our leader fact check on this, but if you have Tik Tok in Twitter, both apps on your phone and you ve told Tik Tok, you can manage your twitter, some your twitter, actions could the chinese government through Tik Tok cause you to unfollow? Ambassador grew now. Could it I think he s, but I need some kind of effective yesterday, but her purged, abuts bunch of accounts, is allowed people complaining aim. I mean Followers went down. I don't I gotta worry about any that yet because there is no evidence to suggest that anything but maidens. That's why you're getting.
The boss, probably just the numerically the awesome, dormant account that sort of thing so I lost just in case. You want to know if it was just you I think I lost, hard to know because on adding people at the same time, their subtracting people. But if I were to this line it fewer than a thousand users, maybe and of half a million so, while I wasn't a big percentage and I think. You would be better off if they call the heard once in awhile anyway, as long as you're doing it through so I wouldn't worry about it that yet, did all of you see the press conference that the president did yesterday, which was more
a monologue, a lot less like a press conference. So, of course most I think most of the network's probably didn't cover it, because they, like the question part where they can try to embarrass the president. They don't like the monologue part where he just talks about. Compliments, but I gotta say that was one of the strongest press conferences that I've seen again, I'm not sure if you wanna call the press conference, it was more like a model but the model or part was extraordinarily good and it was extremely good for a number reasons. One was his his tone and presentation. It was. I would call it serious and powerful. You know with with artisan joking at the end, which was extra good
but when he was talking about his accomplishments, you say stuff like here: we ve done acts and I'd say: well, that's pretty good! That's pretty good thing to sticking and then he'd say another accomplishment, nothing that's too, and those balls pretty good, very strong and then to be another one. And there were. They all seem to have a flavour to them of strength right when you talk the Tendency Valley Authority, which frankly most of us may be. None of us really understand what the hell that is, but it's some kind of a quasi public private to government situation. I don't know I was too bored, I can't do it, but when the president said you know, we have some problems with their leadership. I fired the chairman of the board. I thought to myself ass, pretty good.
That's pretty good! Why? Why would you love to see more than the present firing? Somebody who had a common according allegedly it's a real strong moves are not that the other details of the situation, but so the press conference leading off with a strong manager move of this guy wasn't doing it right, and so I fired the chairman of the board and I've gotta keep firing on the board members Gazeta guess that was the power that the government has gotta, keep firing board members until they changed the situation fairly. He got what he wanted. Which was also strong, because I think the problem was there were firing. Americans were higher paid to replace them with lower paid employees from other countries
and that asking the Americans were being fired to train their lower cost replacements. Now, if your presidency is unwilling to fire people over that, you need a new president, because if you're the jobs president and the America first president, is a really strong, Blackie, so justly optics of it, and I would say the competence of it because it just looks like oh shoots. That's exactly what you need! You need something is going to fire those guys until this others, and there is a list of other things. I forget the details, but every one of them was wrong when he ended with a joke. At the end, I guess I think this is maybe maybe I don't know why you, if you would agree, but maybe the strongest public appearances ever made. I don't think I ever.
Better than you know, we like the rallies in the fund in the controversial ones, but when he turns off the controversy and and that the press coverage he just turned off the controversy, in my opinion, relative to any trump. Situation, but when he turns it off- and they just goes on doing the job for you, it's really strong, but we do like. The provocation is well now. Here's the funniest thing you did, one of his executive orders was, is going to be just announced. It hasn't done it and the executive order to require that pre existing conditions. Covered by insurance. Now, how did the press cover that now? You are aware that the president is often accused of being the guy who's gonna. Take that right away the right to be covered
you have pre existing conditions? It wasn't that one of the biggest the biggest claims against this president is that that he was the one Who would be behind taking away? You are pre coverage rights. Than the weather the press covered it when it says, although executive order, which is a really public thing. I'm basically you and you would be roasted if you made such a direct. That can have ordered made a public deal about not taking away existing, but I sent the coverage for existing conditions at how did the news coverage the news covered it as it was stupid, because that's already the law under o bombers best work now. Do you feel like that's the right?
context to cover this, to say that it it's an unnecessary executive order, because it's already law now, here's the beauty part, because it was wrong But is that little bit of wrong part? Yes, it is true that you don't need an executive order for something that's already the law of the land, so in that sense it sort of wrong, which is what causes to cover it and then, while their covering it, they have a guarantee that their audience. Here's this message under a Trump administration you're, really really protected on your under up earlier conditions, so Trump manage to do something that didn't make it and the executive order for something that is already in the love land. It doesn't make sense from ASEAN and worldview. I actually think it makes complete sense.
But that little bit of wrongness made them boost his signal perfectly this couldn't I have worked out better for the president. If you are We're gonna be criticized, let's hope, as this way about this uriens repressed. And you say not only- am I in favour of peace, but I'm good pass a resolution saying that peaceful. A new says, you idiot you? Don't in our resolution to say how peaceful your because you're Are they being peaceful? What is that I you wonder for the public is a am the peaceful candidate. That's together so I thought I was a fairly brilliant. By the president to add executive order. That is unnecessary, but absolutely persuasive, because I don't If anybody is gonna walk away from our thinking. Oh he's gonna do an exact,
order and then do exactly the opposite of figures. Reelected doesn't feel like that's, even slightly possible This is clearly why you, what he wants, these conditions to be covered that could not be any more clear according to Rasmussen, I said this before, but following my mind, thirty's Eighty six percent of black likely voters approve of the president's job performance at the moment. Thirty six percent is that number is anywhere close, the true the elections over now. I think the elections over anyway. I don't think but has actually has any real chance, enabling pretending
as if this point after certain jack yourself at this point, this is in a real election unless they substitute somebody end who, by average hands. This is gonna, be a stroll to real action. This is not a sprint. The president could stop for a smoke break instilling elected president. The glide pass through the president is pretty clear at this point. Just show up do the kindly work he did at the press coverage yesterday, which was, I was standing message wise and in tone wise and everything else. I think he's there, but here is the question we must ask ourselves: why is there such a delay in the vice president pick Now, obviously, some of the delay might be because it's a weekend and they would wait for something like a Tuesday or Monday to control the weeklies new cycle,
Could I just you know takes while get things done could be took longer than they thought possible, but I think all the smart people are saying It looks like they might be delaying because it a problem knowing who should be at the top of the Tec? If you know what I mean and you don't want to waste your best candidate in the second place. If that's the one, you think should have the first place. So you can see where their Jackie insane to themselves. Well, maybe it's not come. Paris for the VP role and by the way If Biden announces it's not travel Harris, I think you're getting the sourcing camel hair says, maybe the replacement for the top spot. That might be a signal it, but could also be a signal not of course. Go with wet, but I was certainly my untenable in ten. I would go up and say Why are you holding calmly,
sound available for a job. If not the vice presidency,. Why were the? Why would black likely voters such a high approval of Trump thirty six percent being wasted historically high I have some hope. I've often told you one of the keys to persuasion is simplicity and other key is repetition, build a wall build the wall, build the wall. We heard enough and simple I beg you just it just becomes part of you after There is nothing that you can hear that much without being forced to incorporate it into your
we were given a priority that maybe it didn't deserve, but think about this. Have you seen how disciplined tromp has been for the past several years? When he talks about unemployment, he always always leads with what he did for the african american employment rate. If you as president of the first thing that comes out of your mouth everytime, you talk about good employment, is why you done for the black community first few times, you hear this. What do you think you're so well politician politician, pandering little pandering here, of course, he's gonna do a shout out, group that he wants to guess the drugstore. So that's. Why you're that, for the first few tat after you ve heard it fifty times, you start thinking, I guess that's just a
pantry he's gonna do every time after you hear a thousand times. It's just true right. So the truth. You have watched the transformation from a pandering kind thing then the president would say two here said it so many times so consistently. So does the planned and, in my opinion, quite credibly, like it, doesn't look faker artificial in the least he has transformed that impossible thought into you believe it right, Do you believe that the president literally cares the black lives matter in the context of unemployment, especially he cares. He cares, and the thing that people seem to forget is that the presidency is pretty transparent and you can do a good job for the country.
You can't do a good job for yourself unless you have done a good job for the country. The only way this president comes out ahead is if he does the work. That's the only way it so transparent no scenario which trump they he to himself. I think I'll just ride this milk it and see if I can make some money in my side, job is as the the Trump guy. I can't even imagine it there's no way he would be so. Unaware of this environment, I guess that you, Now I understand that the one and only path he has for the rest of his life is other business interests, do well. The one and only path is to do really good job for the public. Sure that it just doesn't work. You can't just leave the jobs they well.
Don't you love me anyway, even though you don't like what I did that sets out of them. He has to do a good job he has to, and he has to do it for your black Americans. For for everybody, So I think the fact that he always highlights it went from our pantry sounding thing to a well he's gotta, be in this boy, that's parading disciplined to say it's often. The other thing that doesn't get enough play is that if you're black voter or just a black sense. Do you want open borders now.
Do you are less choice at school? That's what the Democrats rougher you less choice in school, if you're black, they want that. Now! Now you don't do you want to fewer tops? Why you live near high crime neighborhood in too many cases? No, not most people most people want and good policing there's one to be better. Of course we all do so You tell yourself that this thirty six percent black approval at the Rasmussen gets is an outline. Our I would say to you could be anything is possible. You can have a presidential candidate bitten by a bad might be rabbit. Maybe not anything is possible, but I feel, ike, let for a different way. I'd, never understood. Why wasn't already thirty six percent.
In my mind, if you have any appreciation for what black voters want end of life yet again not treated model s a monolith and avoid all Joe Biden on you, but it is true that there While there are many diverse voices in every group, it is true that the black community, one would expect, would see the same benefits that you and I see. Why would it be different And I think the lower of this our disappearing every day? That Biden does another? What a tray gouty call. It appeared on the five yesterday great appearance on the five Have you went through the list of what he called Joe Biden racially curious comments, which is just the friggin best framing
for this because again by things Joe Biden as some kind of racist, but if you make enough quote racially curious comments, then said STAR sounded like a dog Russell doesn't, but because his Byron, people whose lives were on the left must be thinking themselves ok. There are a lot of racially curious statements he made throughout. I do they form this pattern, because if this were a Republican, it would be a patent rights, but because his Biden isn't a pattern or is it a coincidence the confirmation bias, is it just one of those things, but if it were republican? Oh that's was definitely be a dog whistle situation, but now is binding
have to think that every turn Biden makes another racially curious comment there Ex people say maybe is just the way people tat. Maybe it's just the way, people this age, dark and maybe Trump is not sending secret races whistles. Maybe he just talks in a way that less delicate or more offensive, and that's all there is to it or does it might be the Babylon d? If you know following the Babylon be which is like, I guess I call it like. The onion, except with a conservative flavour,
They are really good. So if you like your humour on politics in particular, do a follow on the Babylon be. But here is whether headlines headline friend, the Babylon being a tweet by didn't, tell staffers to pick any black person for VP, since quote they all think the same anyway. Now, if you can't just for context this, alleged to be worked with Joe Biden thinks that the black you re thinks the same. So I'm not laughing at the black community laughing at Joe Biden. Just remove any any doubt about what that means. Collyer has as publishes platform. You could go. Take it
it seems that has platform is highly bible compatible so much so that with each thing in his platform, he shows you, the applicable bible, verse, this I was some of the things he wants. His prayer in school and one of his big planks is fixing the school system, so that works for everybody. Now. I'm not really into the prayer in school debate about a believer and I don't object to it. So yeah work it out among yourselves. I feel like I could be on the sidelines on that one, because I don't need the prayer for myself, but I, but I understand his benefits so
My yourselves, whatever you do is fine with me and by yours, a body like colonies platform is actually the best platform I've ever seen for the black community. And I do not feel arrogant credit for that, but which is the other platform this focusing on schools, as as, like a key lever. Table covers the other stuff. He even says that even Trade America first so Kanye actually says explicitly that he gonna, negotiate, etcetera and treat America first, as the best man move forward. I think you should read it. So just Google, it were, I think, makes image tweeted it. If you want to find it on his twitter feed, I think a retreat and is worth reading its worth reading. You ve ever humanism,
If current EU us think now, I dont know, if he's a talker Carlson's, he did what he boldly call it and my guess a monologue. Tunny West, if you didn't see it, it's some of Tucker's breastwork like really really good work. I'm just talking about the writing, the writing of that peace which he went through the economy situation. It talks about how until colleague said he liked the president. He wasn't crazy. Other words We are trying just creative and provocative.
Until he seemed like he was on the other side and then the headlines are these crazy? Now cardio himself cops to some mental challenges. So I don't think it's? U inaccurate, to agree with the person who as itself assessment, but it was very interesting to see that before it matter now. Another throwing under the bus, so I was a country has the best. Emphasis on schools, so he understands priorities best. If you wanted somebody to champion you, you should pick somebody who, as their priorities right and if cannonade said blacklist, matter, is my primary thing. You should dismiss him as somebody who doesn't know what is important, but instead he talks about education. Hits the nail on the head of what's important and break
Some kind of a spiritual revival to the United States, you could argue, would be a good thing. I know that those of your atheists bristling but so long as is not anti atheists, and it's not it's not it's not even slightly anti atheist, I think you might be able to coexist with that. The funniest thing in the news is that a t, shirt, outfit called T Spring T Spring Band Anti far shirts, while they look into it now there, acting as if their look into it, Maybe it's not permanent, but aunt. If I got all fallen all crazy about it, because hey, but you have t shirts from this or that right, leaning, grouper extremist groups,
what else EU another shirts and. It would be my answer to that. I think as far as the only one they mention this literally domestic terrorist group. I think give your tea spring. You can get rid of a domestic terrorist group from you. Your shirts doesn't feel like a reached me, so I would like to suggest that if they stick with this and they don't bend to the pressure that no doubt coming to their way might consider doing all shopping a teaspoon send a little money there a way. I suggested that as they make a shirt called we cancelled anti far than myself. You copies. Myself, you would not were cancelled anti fascists in public. Does it be like wearing a magazine Maggie you get your ass be, but it might by one
might buy it and put it in the closet just to support these bring if they stick with us, if they don't stick with it. Well, who cares. As I tweeted this morning, I have the I've developed this habit that I'm not sure I'm proud of every morning. The first thing I do is I get my coffee. I said that my computer, and literally the first thing I do after that is I look at the news. Usually, twitter is filled with a video from the night before the highlight clips from the became in Portland now called the big game, because I don't think it looks like politics anymore. I don't think it looks like a social movement. Even in the lead. The whatever anti far is, is closer to some kind of a role playing costumes port and I went to a new level last night, maybe recently, where the apparently
before us develop developed their own shield like apply, would shield like, like old, timey, costume role. Players would have if they were playing night. Knights of old, and they got the anti far on there and they got their little crew of she'll people with their plywood pushing against police and a dog, and this is not even slightly not even slightly exaggeration when I watch the clips, usually Andy, no clip. For example, when I, when I look at the clips, I look at them like I'm, watching sport highlight clips and watching the police beat up anti far, and it looks like lastly like watching a football game with tackles, and you see the highlight real of knowledge, this spectacular tackle
the same sport except as police, also wearing protective gear, just like football, also trying to control territory in space. Just like football you'd have fowls just like football. You ve got announcers Loudspeakers just like football you get play by plague highlight clips, it's a spark. Now, if you tell me, that's not a sport watching the two teams strategy and costumes and meeting at the same field every night. If you tell me that's not a sport, you don't have to define sport a little bit more clearly. Does not politics
politics and that its not crime, exactly because, if it were, they would all be arrested instead of just the bad apples that are doing something specifically. So if it's not exactly crime, it certainly nothing like a social protest in any way that we can understand it.
It's a sport and I'm not gonna, see it any other way. Now, of course, those of you who are jerks just said to yourself Scott, how can you treat this as a sports people are getting killed and the police to be injured. Why do you call this a sport? Scott? How can you not take this seriously? Well, you're, just a jerk, because I'm complicated enough that I can hold in my mind it is a super tragedy and a really makes me mad when the police are injured in particular, especially with these lasers. I think the police should be able to shoot to kill anybody who has a laser even if they're just brandishing it. Even if you don't see it be used. I think the police should build a shoot to kill. Now you might disagree.
And it might be a terrible strategy because it would make the police looked like a police state. It would not be good for the country, but it would be good for the police and I'm gonna say that sometimes sometimes the citizens need to support the place. It's not just always the other way around you know you can so you can be sending your troops out there in the form of the the police. You get me some of your troops out there unsupported and if you can't let them shoot approach, whose gather a laser in their hand, just as if it were a handgun. If they can't shoot that guy, they all have the right so the best I can do is to say, if you put me on trial on a jury, I will, I will say
with a deadly weapon. I don't need to hear any more evidence if you'd like to present the evidence. Sure if you need to, but I'm not going to listen to it, because if police shoot somebody with one of those lasers at a protest. Estimated protest not ever going to listen to the evidence at all innocent boom. I'll go right to the verdict, in fact, will stand up in the jury box. Now guilty and then they'll say sir. The trial hasn't started again I'll, say just trying to save time. Anybody here doesn't want to save some time, because there's no fuckin way, I'm going to vote against a cop who takes out one of these kids with the laser blowing. Take his head right off and fund.
Now would be bad for your career about life might even be bad for the country, but I still back you still back if it happens, and I have often said that one of the big complaints from protesters which I think has merit is that the police, my treat different ethnic, these differently Only the death rate is not treated differently near the number of people killed. Doesnt seem to matter based on your race, but probably there are some, maybe a little lecture abuse, not maybe there. Certainly extra abuse in black communities obviously is because our high crime- neighborhoods, that's a big part of the story, but let's say you just thought there was a problem and we want to reduce the gap.
Well one way would be to have less abuse against black citizens. That would be ideal as long as you everything else works out this. Of course, what you want But the other way to reduce the gap would be for the police in Poland to just beat the shit out of these protesters with lasers like once a day just to get the numbers Because the higher we get with the police beating up white anti far protesters with lasers, they have to be done bad. The more of those we get the closer the gap will be so Maybe two problems: one is to marry black people getting beaten up by the police, say the protesters I dont know one way or the other, but the other is not enough. Why people getting beaten up so we can close
from both sides if we work at it. So let's get a doorway. People get beaten up by the police if their anti for people with lasers I'll be fine. For me, I asked Twitter. A little unscientific Paul, I said, would you a job candidate who social media supported anti fa. Ninety four percent of you said now that you would not consider a job candidate who had pro anti fun stuff on their website. Now, if I were to ask the same question of people on the left is most my followers would be transporters. I would imagine, and but if you ask the same question left here, would you hire a trump supporter?
you probably at the same answer, you get a pretty good answer. So if we have come to the point where your politics plus years social media, make you on higher able by half of the public, but here's what I was thinking all overtake is one major company with some serious gonads to announce in public, just sort of preemptively. This brainstorming here but preemptively announced in public that they would not consider hiring anybody who was associated Antiphon. Can you imagine a measure of fortune five hundred company, where their leadership has enough balls to say the office, which is we just have to tell you it's hard enough getting employees and if your supporting anti far you cannot be a list, because we just cannot support that while with that do just one just one fortune
If a company make an announcement, we're just put it out there if you support anti far we're never gonna hire you it's this its absolutely off the table now. The first thing that could happen is owed making safer other companies, but the other. The other thing that even bigger is that the parents of anti, when you know or supporting them right. You know that parents are sort of on board a little bit, even if it's only by lack of action is going to activate the parents, disappearance or go to say. Did I just found out that my child can never be gainfully employed by a big company were where the pay is good and the benefits are good and therefore you will never lose leave basement. I think you could lose the needle just take one big company to make that statement and suddenly Parents everywhere would say
hello Jennifer, We really like you ve ever jobs some day, so maybe you should rethink This'Ll them could make a difference. Here is the it on the member painted Navarro name check me on CNN and told them they should watch my video on the risk management, partisan decision about drugs, a clerk we obviously I dont make medical recommendations, but I can break down the argument based on what the experts are telling. We naive citizens based on the information we have, which is less than what the experts have, what you do so that that's what I did the decision making part the medical or just now just listen to the medical and certain of our own points to that CNN
Ask me daily beast marks me. The hill marks me, but nobody that I've seen you. If you can tell me, if there's any different sir. Nobody that I've seen has criticised the video and what I said in it. Nobody, as far as I can tell nobody do you know how infrequent it is for me to put something that visible and have nobody criticise it, no matter what could be a comic book. Anything you always get lower views on southern there's, always somebody who's. Gonna say this is no good right, but nothing And I don't know if it's because I dont know if it's because nobody looked at it because it wasn't linked in some of the articles or if everybody agrees or maybe I just
any criticism as possible to so another day goes by where they're just sits there as the truth, and the truth is the least important thing in the world. So nobody cares loving corrected for many of you, a big misconception that you have and watching some people on twitter who are making this analytic mistake is based on a lack of knowledge
about something in particular. So I'm going to fill in a knowledge gap for many of you, so many people would say: do not take a medicine unless it has gone through the gold standard type of double blind placebo test. In fact, I had a conversation with my most Trump hating Democrat friend last night by text in which he could he said with no uncertain terms. No doctor ever should recommend a medicine there's not going through the highest standard of tests. Now my friend is really well read highly educated, more educated than I. Very, very deeply involved in reading the news and following the news. So this is a really smart.
Really well informed of person who use smartness and well informed status? To tell me that is crazy for a Trump Peter Navarro or even the doktor, to recommend using? Can you believe it the horror, a drug that has not gone through the clinical testing for the purpose it was? It was described to which I said: have you heard of off label off label prescriptions? He said he hadn't in a private room prior conversation. He said he had never heard of it. And then last night I said, do you know that twenty percent of all prescriptions are off label, which means that twenty percent of all the prescriptions one in five in this country have not known through their standard?
that my friend and a lot of people on Twitter say is the only way you should ever prescribe something because their blind spot is that if a drug has been proven safe for anything and the cost is reasonable that your doktor working with you can make a risk management decision. They goes like this. I've got this drug. There was all that was only gold standard tested for another thing, but we find out the side effects are nothing to worry about. So, given that the side effects are trivially dangerous, barely enough, there's nothing worth mentioning. And it might work and there's some reports that it works, but they're, not the gold standard. Let's give it a try and how often
what happened? What turns out that some of you most popular drugs that are commonly proscribed did not go through any gold standard testing, except for other purposes, so I drank security, has been tested in the best for its own use, Lupus, etc. I soon, I think, that's true, and if anybody claiming that it should not be prescribed because it has not passed, the gold standard tests, which is true, has not.
But it is also because they haven't tested it and the right application. So if you see anybody say that it has gone through the rigorous trials, they are ignorant of her medicine works and you can fill the men with that twenty percent over the counter prescriptions that did not go through that process and it is so safe, so routine, so rational that twenty percent of prescriptions are in that category. If you didn't ask yourself if this were a problem with twenty percent of prescriptions be in this category? No, no, How about this so do the others problem where you want to make a joke about bad
but you happening, but you don't nor the line. Is you don't want to be cancelled because you don't wanna be that person, but sometimes it so funny you can help it. Well, when I heard about, as you know, the Libertarian party candidate being bitten by a possibly rabid that I looked at the comments and I saw that Matt Schwartz asked how's the bat now I didn't feel proud that after that, has the bat and I felt even less proud. When I responded to it with the answer to house the bad, I said I had an appalling I'll feel good about it, but if you laughed at it well, that's something big news course is so it s a big fake news about
Russia, China and IRAN, and the thought is that they are all trying to influence the election and but the problematic one seems to be Russia, because, according to the fake news, the Russians are trying to support President Trump President drums response to that is he's the bend. The toughest Russia gives a number of examples. That's not really the answer to whether Russia is trying to help you, because it could be true that the president is there toughest tougher sanctions, toughest opponent, tough as president on them. That can be true and then there's really good argument for it. It can be true at this: in time. They prefer because remember rush as too bad choices. They either keep the the
the devil they know, which is tromp. At least they can talk to him at least they can deal with them, even though he is being a pain in the ass to burden at least they can deal with them is predictable. You know where he stand see. You know we'll make a deal Compared to bind because Biden would just go after him, because, apparently that's that's their technique in favour of China by would be pro China, no doubt Russia's biggest risk, and so it could be true. The Russia wants Trump. At the same time, it is true that Trump doesn't want that and is sanctioning the hell out of whom, for whatever the
by here's my prediction, you will never see a compelling example of this alleged russian interference, because, if you did, you would see that is trivial. The same way, if you had seen- and almost nobody did, the means that these so called russian troll form put out in twenty sixteen those names look like a sixth grade project that was underfunded. They didn't even look like adults. There were that bad. They certainly have no impact. I definitely never saw them until it all came out and I got to see a bunch of them all at once and they weren't even in the same direction. Some of them are anti Hilary. Some of them were aunt. I trump I mean it was. You could argue that the troll formed was trying to influence the election because they made? U S. Campaign topic means
but you can't argue it mattered, not one. You see them and if you ve never seen them even say well yeah, it seems entirely possible that a sophisticated KGB operation with the top of mines in the world and great hackers could come up with means are just so powerful, so good they can influence our election. I mean in in in the abstract. That seems like totally a thing And then you see what they actually produced, and you say this is a little sad and maybe it's not Putin. During this. Maybe it, somebody who thought they could please put by doing it on their own, which is what it looks like it's common, apparently, is common for everybody to jockey for favour with burden by just trying to do something that they think you would like, and then a little
so don't expect. You will ever see some examples of russian interference and if you do it's gonna be so trivial you're going to say this is what you're talking about. So that's my as my prediction about IRAN's. We may be seen some more exploding stuff as Jake Novak Pointed out a months ago, there seems to be at least a suggestion that either Israel or the United States are both have some extra knowledge about, whereas keeping their bad stuff another bomb, making stuff their weapons, etc.
So somehow we know more than we used to now, and it looks like maybe were we or Israel is acting upon it. So that's an interesting story right. I think that I've, everything I like to cover other Sturgis Motorcycle rally. Well, ass, a funny story: yesterday Do you know all the motor the bikers come to Sturgis at the same time and have a big event. There's some fun talk the anti FARC and show up but anti fastened to the shop. I would not expect a defined the shop and sturges, but that's a funny thought. That's all for now. Dwyer man I'll talk to you later.
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