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Episode 1086 Scott Adams: Executive Orders, Coronavirus Comparisons, Arguing With Artists, Antifa Meets MAGA, Congress the Enemy

2020-08-09 | 🔗

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  • Automatically unfollowed from Richard Grenell, Matt Gaetz?
  • Executive orders when Congress fails
  • Ari Fleischer’s 3 things for a decent life
  • We should teach “life strategy” in school
  • A 50% effective COVID19 vaccine
  • Required variables for country comparisons

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Bump bump, bump bump bump bump everybody money. It's time for a coffee was got Adamson best time of the day, every day, no exception. So far. I think we ve got a bad seven thousand of them in a row approximately every, better than the last. It's quite a streak were keeping alive, and today all you need to be part of this great growing thing called the sober You said some of the greatest people in the world. All over the world about Red lives there mug in unison, can't we welcome together. Of course, we can we're going to do right now, we're gonna violet pretty soon, everybody's doing a toast together. That's when you know will all we'll all be
the other and all you need is a cover. Mugger glass, Integra gels was again to injure the flask of vessel of any kind. Fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dope today. The thing that makes everything better not to mention your coffee itself or your beverage. That's got to seventy seven. How does not look up So let me give you a little hypothesis, I like saying I Papa says I might say if you more times because it's a fund word, and so my hypothesis goes like this. The first part I did not make up Ok, so the first part of his own smart. That's because somebody Smart Senate first is not because
even in my mouth, and it goes like this, the origin of dancing. Did you ever wonder about that? Why is it that humans dance it? Then we coordinate dances. So we do group dances like line, saying and things were where the whole group is dancing as one where they come from what don't other animals danced together, eggs is, there are examples of where you can get a parakeet to move to the beat, but there's a you can't get a bunch of parakeets to move together like their dancing but humans. And the explanation I've heard I wish I could attributed, because I don't know what scientists came up with it goes like this. They humans were, relatively less? a relatively weak compared to some types of animals What's a lion or of a predator now, if or a human and you didn't have physical
all these defy the lion. What could you do as a group to seem like? You were big and scary compared to alight well, if you're by yourself, my trial with large, put your hands up and stand up and try to make yourself, bigger than you are, but suppose you were with the rest, your village or hunting what would you do as a group to look like you, were one big animal. That's right! You would move together If you could in unison, move as one so that it. Everybody that the alliances. Moving in the same way. We're all moving left removing right throughout moving lifting the arms at the same time, what would you think if you're a lion? You will say to yourself are not fighting one tiny creature. I don't,
But that is what it looks like it's one, big thing so dancing, and this was the hypothesis which is not my own. Somebody smart came up with this first, the ipod, this is, is the people dance to look like there Together to look as though there one unit and therefore more impressive than whoever the up again you say this also in war. In war you see people see the Gruber dressed together A commonality, so it looks like all other, all their energies. One big thing: it's an army I also notice that music has often been part of the war process. Usually drugs bump, bump, bump bump bump in war drums from the other, the other army, pretty scary right. You're. The war drum uneasy people moving in some kind of unison, like one big thing,.
And so I give you this further hypothesis. There may be one one evolutionary key to bring everybody together. Now you luck and racism, because music is good, but the very act of carrying music with other people would, in theory make you feel more bonded to them. Another other words, if all you did be black, be white view is banned. Or whatever else you want to be your work. I would imagine that a few came together just to dance, to enjoy the same music at the same time to move in the same way as the same time that I'll bet you, kids, you can study and find them balls whatever racial animals that they had would be less about, that you could cause people to work better together
Think better of each other. Similar, the others, simply an extension of yourself through the act of coordinated movement and dancing, which brings me to the social Daimios up. People ask me: is that nothing, but an open? Now, is more than an it is. It is designed to do several things one to tell you how close I am too being done with the introduction, as I've told you but the other is that doing ass. The same thing at the same time, which you do with the simultaneous set or many of you does in fact bind you not just to me but to the rest of the audience, and you become you, you have the feeling of being part of something why the physical coordinated act is similar to when you go to a sporting event, and you do the you all stand up and well maybe some of you kneel. To do the national level, and so
when you see the dealers kneeling when others are standing, really hit. You in the evolutionary got, if feels, and you can tell the impact and so big It's a really basic rejection of the other, because if you're standing together nearly together or moving together or seen together. Here together, soon as your saying, if you move this way, I'm gonna move this way. That's that's as he second insult I'll, say insult, but I'll use in the big sense of an insult to your biology as well as the flag is just an insult to your basic basic, I guess so you can see why that gets people go on, which makes it a very good protest. I've often said are moving on.
I did this. It was yesterday. I tweeted around two were to ask you to see if you had been. Radically on followed from Ambassador Grenelle. So I have noticed that a year ago that I have been on followed from him didn't think it was something I had done so We followed him and that I asked other people year ago. Has this happened to anybody else I was a lot of people, so I asked as a follow up how many people had been unfollow I don't know if it's just a continuation, a year ago, and some people noticed a year ago. Some people didn't notice till now worth there some ongoing issue, but it was. Lotta people, a lot of people said that we follow him and now they're not- and that was just one tweet from one person, now, even even with all the people follow me. I wouldn't
speck that many people who say that they had been automatically and followed it. Doesn't it doesn't pass the sniffed asked for some kind of an accident. So then, I thought to myself Walter some kind of a pattern we should see if it's at least not limited to one kind of account, because you know that could be something about one account that is not common. So I ask people to check if they had followed does SIRI Mac Gates. The theory of the one of the things that makes is Grenelle interesting is that is twitter. Feed is more effective than most really good at weeding good at tweeting, gonna baking good. At making a point and therefore going to support the administration likewise MAC in that higher level of communicators, and I thought well, if there's somebody happily with Gruner,
the count you'd also see it engages account this there's something going on now again, that's not any kind of confirmation. Wreathing is just one expect, and so I did the same tweet with MAC gazes account. What do you think? as a number of people in the comments said what the heck I was follow you, but now I'm not so I dont know what this means. And, as I said before, I might be the only person in the world who is willing to say that this is not some intentional twitter thing. We don't know it's a mystery. I can tell you that twitter doesn't know, or at least with doesn't offer an explanation and they have looked into it. I've looked into a twice that I know of and couldn't find any reason for now,
now you ve, of course, because your own skeptical cynically than say they know exactly what they're doing, but What other there this possibility? there is no reason to assume that is coming from an internal, intentional twitter decision. There's no evidence of that because it could as easily come from the outside, meaning that Somebody on the outside has an insider who does something for them. That's really more like coming from the outside and right that you might have one insider who has access to something, or it could be Direct hack could be that literally nobody works for twitter have anything to do with it, but they are I don't know what it's about as possible could be just could be some kind of apps having control of maybe not necessarily just tiktok
but there are lots of absolute, you give permission dear to control your social media and maybe they're doing those absent turn controlled by some malign influence. So it's a gigantic question, but what s interesting about this one it's so discreet, unlike the algorithm, where maybe a little hard to know if something's happening or not happening, it would be the easiest thing in the world? I would imagine that some kind of a bought or programme There- Monitor the larger broad trump accounts and then just be careful You'd also monitor the largest say Pro Biden accounts to see if they're having the same problem because of its accounts, us accounts? It just doesn't matter who you are or what you're saying any big blue jack loses people and they don't know why. Although I would tell you is one kind of problem more likely something about the system,
but if it only happen for one kind of people, you would not be too surprised to learn that in today's world, I will tell you something else, so I would because somebody should be writing about that. Could just check on whose, following the bigger counts by the choir buying from the account. So you can get that data that would work, but there's gotta be some way to objective. We just graph this thing and find out if is really happening. I dont think you'd have to be a twitter insider in order to track it objective we from the outside That's an assumption: did you see the video who's. My favorite highlight real from from last night's big game. By the big game. I mean everything that is happening in Portland or around their anything anti antivirals. Doing my favorite clip was anti file.
Made a wrong turn into mega territory now if you haven't seen this very ill and I like videos of anti not having a good day. You're gonna have was this one trust me you're gonna wanna watch this one. I dont condone violence unless it's against anti far, in which case I can totally it me. Let me say that if, if you're dealing with domestic who or Asks and threatening year, your property in your way of life have fun now go to jail, but united to see me condemn you. So I just tease and say there were not there, locals bourbon neighborhood, who are not pleased with you. The
arrival of anti far I'm just going to say I didn't go well, let's just leave it at that. You have to watch it to get the full entertainment affect them but nothing would make me happier than watching every single morning when I wake up watching anti, forgetting beaten up by the police and or local local conservatives. I must be a bad person. I don't know, maybe I'm just a bad person as not even going to pretend I don't enjoy that I totally enjoy it. I can't lie. Let's talk about russian Interference. How long will it be before you an example of some russian interference and probably be long after the result of the But you know there's gonna be clean. Russian interference, will they be?
as late as the twenty. Sixteen attempt that look like a child's high school project to make bad names and now show them to anybody. That's what the russian troll form: did they made bad looms, the hardly any base relative to the population, hardly my son and they couldn't possibly made a difference. If you see If you haven't seen them, you say you are well they're, probably KGB made, and there is the highest skill level. You can imagine they. Probably you got psychologists and maybe maybe every kind of science they did. They tested them now these means must be no. No, that's not what happened. It was Secondly, some russian with their prey on. Computer in that they just produce crap stuff without scientific crap
So until you see an example of this alleged russian interference, smart money says its hat but the way we care about because it's gonna be so trivial, let's just stupid. How about the story about the trumpet press conference yesterday. Nepal, a real CBS, kept trying to talk over Yemen and insist on her question, even when she had her a moment and then the president, after several tries to shut her up here. Hence the press conference. Imagine being all the other people who went there to do nothing but ask a question. Their whole day was about the moment they were about to get to ask a question on care. And then Pallavi reaches ruined for everybody by the damaged are now
yeah, but you have to be aggressive asking the president, but if we watch this as theatre, which is really the only way to watch how did the theatre ago were you entertained I was under date. I was doorway retained when the present walked out. I thought how hard I laughed. I thought nice move, I'm totally entertained by that now. The ETA choppers will of course, have I tried to make it look like he's having a on these are big baby Can't handle the pressure, you know all the things that you expect him to say, but I got to say I think I've got level that his walk out work first of all is compatible everything is ever told you about anything ever which is walk out
things are going your way, you don't need to be there here. That would be true in a negotiation. It would be true in a press conference, So you see his present that he has days stepping up there on camera, live. Cameron for the whole world- and for a moment, he thought I dont need to be because of nobody's? Listen to me: what's the boy so he turned and walked away. It was Was one most bawler things you'll see because it was perfectly appropriate we are, you could argue we could be handled differently, but in terms of theater was perfect because it was to be a play, their strong. So, unfortunately, humans are so simple than we do interpret things as either strong or weak. When it's our leaders, because we want strong. Even if we say we don't want strong, we want strong because, as our leader that's was protecting us, you know what a weak one
You want a strong one, even if you're not willing to admit it. There was a strong play, so but there was all all in his favour well played in and to be honest Nothing that could come out of the questions would have been good. Because, although all the things taken out of context, The presence of the all that comes from the questions so soon as a CBS report gave Trump a reason to not take questions boom free money. This rapporteur put pile of free money on the table, because the question and answer period can go wrong. But I can never go right. You know I mean that the president never answers questions. The under that. Oh I raised my ratings. My job approval went up because of the way I answer. Those questions does not even a thing. It can only be bad so there's really
I just gave him this big bag of free money, which was I get out of questions pass. As you can see him standing there thinking? Did she just put a big bag of money in front of me? Would nobody's name on it? I feel like I could just take this big bag of money have no risk. That's cool, go bad still, look like I'm in charge and see later good decision, I would go so far as to say that why you hired him? That's Are you hired him because of that kind of stuff. Have we learned this week there congresses the wrong place for budget authority during a crisis. I think we ve learned there right now. Of course, we do want bud we do want to Congress the Budget Authority in normal times die. That's representative government
You know we we wish it were more more functional. We wish that they could compromise better yadda yadda, but Congress is the right place for that authority, so you put up with the with the pain of it, but maybe not during a crisis, because If timing is more important than getting it right as lawyers full visibility of what our leadership is doing. I'd rather have a benevolent dictator just for a while yeah yeah, don't get excited, know nobody wants a permanent dictator. Nobody wants martial law- because maybe that could turn into a permanent there I get it I get it. Nobody wants a risk that a temporary dictator becomes a permanent one, but was a dictator light. The mildest version of an authoritarian government would be,
to do some executive orders that the public is begging you to do. Sort of the opposite of being a dictator. Your public is begging you to get this done in this case the emergency relief baggy. You please government, please do your job. Can you please now, under their specific situation,. Do you want your leader to say? Alright, I'm just going to ignore a congress cuz, it's the right place for the decision, but they don't have the timing thing down if they can't do it on time it doesn't matter if their authority, they just don't get to do it all right. If you don't you don't do it
lose their right to do so. In this strange situation, which Jonathan Turley, who use is my go to end, these constitutional things with Dershowitz would be the other voices I listen to the most, and he says this, which is just the perfect when you put it, he says The problem is absurdly unconstitutional the executive orders, but it could be, let's say, could be absurdly constitution, but if nobody challenges it, it's practically constitutional, so practical sense doesn't matter of its unconstitutional every everybody in this situation? Before maybe I mean historically, maybe there's some minor situations that fell into this category, but just think of point so long as the the population of the United States says,
that's unconstitutional, but I'm not gonna complain. And if the Democrats say that's, really unconstitutional, but we're not going to take it to the Supreme Court. It actually doesn't matter it doesn't. If its constitutional, it's gotta mine blowing, is because we're so used to it's gotta be constitutional. That's like the minimum requirement for anything right. You can't be unconstitutional. We can at last. Conversations about whether a good or a bad idea, but that's a lie. You can't cross constitutional and then we just did it looks like we just crossed it running. A constitutional line was run right for this keep going and I think it go work, because, even if you don't like the details of its people,
like giving their check, and they weren't gonna get a check before, even if it's not as much blah blah blah my take on the executive orders is too complicated to really be good, meaning that is delaying things and moving things around and eventually, though Neil you have to pay, however, and pay back alone or move something back into a budget that was wrong to do this, so really feel like, except for the part where you get a check it out I don't have an opinion on whether these are the right things to do with. Lasting, but it does give the impression of a leader in charge again, so what people, I'm gonna take away from this. Is anything think those executive orders, that's good for me and the answer is be ass for most people most people,
five at least one thing on that list. I guess less just good for me: I'm not going to complain He has a little old constitutional. I don't wanna get elected. It does seem a little long, but I like to eat so were seeing almost an entire new form of government. Here, remember told you before that our form of government had evolved, now anybody voting on it. We turned into effectively the the public through social media, especially way more control of things than maybe, as ever been in the past, be difficult for leader to do something that the entire public spontaneously disagreed with violently and I think you ve seen the president
he is in back off and flowed ideas and back off is mostly because the public has now because of the Democrats, because the public, so this might be the cleanest example, because the public basically said. In our minds. You know I'm gonna mind read for all of you: in your mind- wasn't there's some party They said if Congress can't get this done on time, somebody's gotta do it right. Some party of mine said: if Congress The right place to do it somewhat. This is going to do it, you don't have an option of not doing it because then the mass starvation etc. So I think the public change, this form of government in their minds, While you were doing other things,
Why you are paying attention the form of government literally and fundamentally just changed and the constitution came wait for it optional. The constitution just became optional thy good. Is it bad Don't know, I'm not attempt, I'm not tempted to think is necessarily bad, because in a situation like this is clearly better. I'd have to see other situations to know. If there's some kind of slippery slope, as some of you like say, here's a fun factoid that I guess I a tweeted. This issue is a study recently, sure I buy this I'll go further. I dont by this.
So I'm gonna give you a study. Result. As it was summarised by our inflation in his tweet, I don't think it's true, but I'm gonna tell you anyway, it goes like this, that, if you do just three things, you have a two percent chance of being poor. Another other words, if you are already poor, as long as you did, these three things, you'd have ninety eight percent chance of going from poor to at least middle class, and the three things are finish high school, get it full turn job and don't get married and have kids until you, twenty one. If you only do those three things. You have a ninety eight percent chance of having a decent life for an interesting. I put this in the context of what I believe is most missing from school curriculums
strategy for success. Can you imagine telling a teller young black use? I like use black use as my proxy for anybody so could be. Any person of color anyway There's no person is just a poor situation and doesn't think they can do better because, if feel sort of locked into their situation, them at age were told that all they have to do. Is these three things and they will be successful Do you know what I was told when I was that age, I was pretty much told that this would make me success not directly, But I would feel that when I was just a kid I would have said that these three things finish high school. I would have changed that to go to college.
Get a full time job. I will change that to get a good job, wait to get married until after twenty one. I'm pretty sure that was part of my upbringing, because my my mother started. Having gives it a team, and I think she it seems to me that that was bay my childhood, the earlier away the and get things up and running I don't know if that was something she directly told me where I was just obvious. But somehow I knew it. I would be really curious how many people who could say who can say as an adult, oh yeah, this is exact life strategy, the learned, what I was a kid, how many people can say that I don't know and so I think there will be worth testing here. You should just pick up a class
through or something and say we're going to teach you life strategy. I would give them my book had failed. Almost everything is still when big cassettes written for it was a fourteen years old and up and its life strategies that have a system for something not a goal. That sort of thing, so I think you will be transformative. How much more would you study if you knew that it was a difference between success and failure and I feel like it would make a big difference. All right, let's talk about Jerry Fall, juniors is photo so there. Some stories that I stay away from until they age a little bit and sometimes they're just icky yours just about one person's personal problems just stay away from
So I've been staying away from this Jerry for embarrassing photograph where the woman story, because I thought it was system another and other religious person, maybe did something bad. But then I looked into the story is complete, be ass. The whole story is complete, be ass. He basically did nothing wrong and obvious. What once he tells you his version of the story, you look at it, you got. There was nothing, there was actually just a joke and the joke was. This is his or his wife's assistant. Traveled with them. In other words, and his wife- and this is world in the same place, the wife might have taken the picture. He paused with the assistance, because what was funny was his system was pregnant and she couldn't she couldn't button the top of reports since she was leaving it open,
Jerry Fall Junior in an act of self deprecation, was noting that he was the little weight and so use pretending like. Is he a gain? He couldn't button the top of his pants, so they took a picture together. He had his shirt off by the use and vacation, so big deal and his top it. His pants run. Buttoned hers were unbuttoned. If you dont notices, she's pregnant elusive something's up, it was nothing, but a gag picture to me fun the fact that he thought he had gained some pounds. That's head, it was. It was so opposite every over sexual everything. It was it was literally as far as you can go from a sexual thing and any aid to take leave of absence and others. Of course, the judgment part is, I guess again in social media, so you know the word.
Part about this- is that you didn't understand that other people would see it differently as it does that. That's all thing that this guy had to lay changes. Careers situation is his reputation. Everything over african joke. Don't make me defend Jerry Firewall Junior, I mean I have nothing against them, but it's my job to defend them both Do I don't want to live in a world where somebody does a joke photo that nobody is offended It wasn't anybody's expense. It was a anybody's expense except himself. He was making fun of himself if you can't make fun of your for itself. And you lose your job for making funny yourself seriously. That's crazy. Here's a little Matthew Nothin like so
the Fox NEWS, some kind of survey this or that one third of people- the population- would not take the krona virus vaccine. Now, that's not to surprising right. Third will not take it, but you say yourself well that that might be ok you're supposed to third states. If two thirds took it and then you had these heard immunity that happened whatever small amount, that is to say other. We are Third stake: a little natural newly boom you're at seventy percent immunity. Viruses gone that should get it done right so no problem, if one third don't wanna, take it so free country, if two thirds take it bone problem that x x. Accordingly,
after forty, a vaccine might only be fifty percent effective out, because then you ve got two thirds willing to take it, but only half of them back to one third are actually gonna, Take it in an effective, so you would have only one third of the country vaccinated in an effective way as the other half of them. And then you have a little bit ahead of unity, so you like thirty three percent plus ten percent, maybe ten percent natural her immunity what happens if you can only get to the forty percentage range with a vaccine plus natural heard immunity. I you know now it's possible that the vaccine would be better than fifty percent could be. Seventy five percent could be better.
And we hope it's better, but there's a pretty high chance that the vaccine won't gay there. So just keep that in mind when, when you're looking at what is the right strategy, to be doing today. You have to put your odds on the vaccine, getting a sort of unity, along those lines? Yes, I found myself in a debate was but the online who did not have a profile profile detail so off. People will tell you in their profile what kind of occupation they have either directly or indirectly. And this one was sort of silent on the occupation and insisted that the in that trunk was doing a bad job compared to other countries. The of ours. Now I said I got into it and well you too, too many variables too early in the game. You can't really tell
he pushed back is that all you could tell compare him to these countries as a knight errant, comparing apples and oranges and explained a few examples why laser what? What about this country- and I said, That's just another apple compared to another orange I think I just said just change the country and then it came back and said what about Canada and I started to think what is wrong with this guy like you, stand, that there are two other variables unique disagree with it, but how why? Why get even understand what I'm saying I finally after Several iterations, I said what kind of art do you see where I'm going They waited while said I
various things, and then I said what kind of artistic things do you do turns out. He does various artistic thinks he's an artist artist of in various fields, but an artist Now. How many times have I made the same mistake of trying to debate an artist is so it is a waste time, because artists could be brilliant in their field, but if that's their entire domain of experience, they dont know how to analyze things. But worse, they don't know they don't know how so a sort of like talking to a five year old about physics. You can't tell the five year old that they don't understand physics, I suppose maybe you couldn't. But he'd there's no place you could go. You can't win the argument, because that would require them follow the argument and they can't as
consistent that the people who only have experience and that domain can't followed argument because it would, it was flagged so clearly in the recession that I could just say, what kind of art do you do, and I can get it almost every time because I've done this number of times guessing people's occupation by how poorly they argue, If this is done, an economist a doctor. The engineer, I would have picked them up right away. Because even their disagreements would be in a category. I'd say: ok, this I disagree, but is a good point I'll tell you why you got an assumption for your for your benefit, I compiled the tweets. Play before I got.
About all the variables you would have to look at in order to compare any two countries. So here, if you think you can compare two countries, I would like you to show me how you factored in the following things for any two countries and the corona virus population density percentage of black population. Does ever higher mortality. So, for example, if you compare the United States to Canada, are you gonna factor and the fact that Canada has three point? Five percent black population, the United States has over thirteen percent black population, and the black population unfortunately has a far higher deathrays only four times. So who calculates that when you compare in Canada, the United States in terms of the death rate anyway, have you ever factor, though, about the average age. Italy,
very old, Africa's very big difference about the Isle status or near island status. If I here, one more idiot compare. The United States or any other regular country? This, not an island. To an island. I'm gonna lose my frock in mind because it really helps to be an island, New Zealand, doing Great Thailand doing great. About South Korea kind of an island, because it's only connected by North Korea. The DMZ not get much through their so. South Korea kind of an island about my Mongolia is doing well no water around Mongolia, no Mongolia,
kind of an island. It just happens to be a land island, the others, the physical separation. I may be wrong about that. But the point is the larger point is don't compare non hence the eyelids. You could compare the islands all to themselves. That would make maybe you'd be closer there, but don't prepare an island to the United States with poorest borders. How about the cultural norms of conformity. Do you think that the United States norm of much were willing to repel verses at much? Will you were willing to conform? Do you think that matches up to other countries? It is your repression of Germany that are a bunch of rebels you're impression of South Korea. That's all rebels. Now it probably isn't to make sweeping generalizations about entire countries and cultures, but I think there
references in the United States. If you said don't yourself, with a hammer. Fifty million people, we'll go to the toolbox. Pick up. I ever hit themselves in the head and say you can't tell me what to do with a hammer. You do not tell me what to do with a hammer. I decide what to do with a hammer. If you not only has it myself and they had good luck with that watch this band Mmmmm in it. Like making fun of Americans nope nope, If that's what you heard, you heard the wrong Am I saying Americans are stupid because they'll just have themselves in there, they ever know that's what makes us reckon country great our greatness as a country and I'm definitely on board with the United States, be a great country. Our greatness has,
everything to do with rebellion? We were born of rebellion. We have we. What is civil war weave? We got suffrage we, we a bell we're a country of rebels and that's also accused us together. The fact that the fact that we're all rebels sort of the sort of a thing right. Now now rebels in terms of the confederate flag rebels in terms of we just don't like to be told what to do and. If, if there's something we're not supposed to do we're gonna do a three times we're going to experiment and we're gonna die. We will die for freedom like it's taken and as long as the United States as a kind of character
we will always be a dominant culture, culture, meaning that the country will do well, because that kind of risk taking and thinking outside the box is. Why were the most innovative country an oral it's all connected? So you don't want to take that away from us. You want to see that as our strength. It. Just doesn't work too well in a pandemic, if we're being honest, is not the best match for a pandemic, but you gotta factor that stuff in there above vitamin d exposure to look at that across countries, we know that as a factor about strong states rights versus the federal government. What is the situation in New Zealand. Are there, governors really strong appeared to the federal government labour. Compare this, how about whether they use I dress chloroprene early and often
Well, that's a little hard because the other factors how good as their data. The first thing I heard about Germany in the in the very first days of the pandemic. What I heard through just my own channels is that Germany was widely prescribing hydroxyl clerk. Glean from the start because bear a big german company makes it so that one of their major companies makes Hydroxyl chloroprene the doctors were handing out like candy. That's what I heard later. I heard conflicting information about their their use of it. So can you trust the data? Do you know, a country's used drugs, chloroprene witch doctors proscribed it how early they prescribe it. You don't see you dont know about I drugs, the clerk win, because in general- and this is another category, how credible is the data from that country? Donna.
What about when they got there first infection and how big it was. Is your first infection came to you from different coasts and by the time you were onto already spread layer in bad shape, the sponsors, down there? New Zealand and you see what's happening to the other countries. Do you have an advantage? You do if it has yet, and you know exactly what common a little bit of vanished and prepare how about if you're international hub for travel, that's gonna matter about how you're seniors are cared for. Do you do the same way? The US in your homes, or do you care for them do keep gram at home? Is that your culture that matters about this one is new and throw into the mix another of sex partners? You have on average, do you know how much sex they have
Brazil, Brazil's not doing to all right. Do you know about sex? They Evan Brazil a lot more than Japan. Look it up. Brazil is near the top of the number of partners and amount of sex. You can have they have a lot of section, Brazil, Japan now so much now. If you get this from close personal tat is not exactly a sexually transmitted diseases, but a candy is because if you have close physical contact well so can you compare countries with high six rates, the low? I don't think so about the fake news effect. We don't know exactly what what that influence, but it certainly influence the rate of high drugs for equality use in this country. It definitely influenced the the debate on masks.
If you dont have much fake news in your country. Isn't that a big advantage does New Zealand have as much fake news? Is we do? I doubt it? I doubt it So that's got out how about your privacy limits in China no limit on privacy that they No limit of lack of privacy, they, the government, can take all a privacy they want. How about the United States opposite opposite, we'll die to survive will die to keep our private In China they might die too, but the government would kill them so that wouldn't be a problem for chinese government Then, how about the lying about contact tracing? If you will?
lived in the real world as it and adult who worked for a big organization, you would probably think this and be completely wrong. Hey, there's some countries were doing a good job of contact tracing and some like the United States who are not, if you think, that's true, some countries are doing good contact, tracing and others are not you, ve, never lived in the real world. Here is what is are more likely to be true, nobody's gonna contact tracing unless you're super small country- and you just said a few infections and then a neck is it might be a thing, but if you take out the the smallest of the cases where, I'd actually work. Anybody else who got a hold on this virus is going to claim. That is because of what they did. That's what led do. If the leader had said I am going to talk of my head
in a bowl of water world by around and see if that makes the corona virus go away and other things that country did actually did make the virus Go away, what were the lead replaying? Will the leader claim her? I did this thing I put my head in a bowl of water, shook my head after I took it out and I guess that didn't make any difference to the corona virus. No leaders don't do that. They tell you they tell the news and then the news tells you it's a good thing. I stuck my
in a bucket of water look of the trouble we'd have leaders try to connect what they did to any good outcome. If you don't know that that that's a universal truth, then you might be mistaken and think some countries did contact raising really well, it's not a thing. It's not a thing. No largish country is doing contact tracing well, you're, not now the exception may be in no privacy country like China, they could just looking your phone and they could just say, hey you're within a mile of somebody, you and the corona virus. Sober though we're gonna board, you open your house for three weeks. Are you can't do that? The United States, so comparing China to the United States is just stupid because, as their solely differences? How about this about?
type of grown a virus. You got early now we heard a little about this in the beginning remit I haven't heard much about lately, so it could be that this doesn't matter, but didn't we hear that there might be a different, reform of the virus on the West Coast of the United States than we got a New York City, one might have a different characteristic in terms of spread and lethality. I dont know if that still true, so I feel, like my knowledge, is still on that. But it could be a factor and then about come more Billy's. Does your country this is related to age, but does your country have a lot of other health problems Sarah, so if you don't know all those things could barely two countries is crazy about this Lebanon blast? I get back to that. I drew out the number of go to people for different topics and my go to person for
The Middle EAST, especially when Israel is any part of the conversation, is Jake Novak Jake, if you watching Jake, so we should follow Jake Novak as one of your clearest voices now only a lot of business stuff but of Israel and as Jake has noted, and where he's going is information, but you generally as good information. So I trust it He said almost all the people. Lebanon are rightfully blaming Hezbollah for the blast and their array and complain: government, not Israel or the United States.
And Jake says I wonder how many young people realise how stork and encouraging this is- and I didn't know this, that you didn't you just assume that the residents of Beirut would say it's gotta, be some israeli thing or some american thing: death to America, but you're. Not seeing that. Are you you're not saying that at all? This is a big deal Jake says this is a big big deal like this is one of the biggest deals. Of all the deal's, this might be the biggest one, and you know since the dog that didn't bar So is harder to see the dog didn't bark, so in Jake is good at that. So yet the fact that their not protesting Israel in United States after something big blew up,
there are country blaming around that's Jake Gigantic, Yes, it's a story that Simon Carol was testing his new bike and fell often is driveway and brokers. I know I know I've been promoting these EU bikes as the future of transportation and they really are you gonna get one of these nice. If you have any chance, you financially, that you could pull it off any like bicycles, They are dangerous? Bicycles, are crazy, dangerous. It was the reason I almost didn't get one, and I gotta tell you that if if I had only had regular bicycles,
I believe I would have said at my age, especially maybe a little too dangerous, but when he hasn t by trees feature it's just so much fun there you're willing to take a lot of danger, so no break your back on your e bike, southerners report that Twitter is Molly. Over the conversation, a buying tiktok. What do you think that my taken, that is there? That's probably a just a polite meeting. My guess is that too, that the twitter is not serious about buying Tik Tok, but if you're, a big social media platform, you probably feel like you have to be, the list of participants in the conversation you would have to at least here the details before you said no so,
My guess is that winter is just being a good good citizens, basically and saying well we're in the United States, where an american company there are only a few countries in the world who could take overtake that, so we should at least take a meeting, I'm guessing its, not that serious. That often give fits well because twitter skews more adult tiktok, obviously skews way to the young sides doesn't like if its Snapchat probably doesn't need to buy them, because they're gonna knock them, often just reproduce that function. I think instruments gonna do the same thing. Why wouldn't they say you should have the Facebook Instagram people?
and the Snapchat people just basically knocking knock it off, and they have enough of a platform that they have enough network effect that they can get going, but about Microsoft. I would think that Microsoft would be the most natural buyer, because that would get them into some kind of social media platform at a bigger way to the ebony does Microsoft I am. I am I blacking on something that Microsoft is doing in terms of social networks and she likes to doing something that I'm just blanket. Well, if they don't have a big social media platform, maybe this is way to get it, but I don't know you're buying when you buy Tiktok exactly are you buying just the customers? You just? The customer list has added a Lincoln yeah, I'm sorry! Yes, that's, whereas blinking hundreds at Microsoft now owns linked in
that's a different kind of social. No, I wouldn't call scraper social network that thank you for calling me, and I knew there was something there by just couldn't produce. It was linkedin but irrelevant. The conversation is not the right kind of,
from a network. That is everything I want to talk about. I hope you enjoyed this episode of coffee was got out and I hope they learn something, and I hope that when somebody tells you to compare to countries with the growth of ours, you find my tweet, maybe save it and just presented. So people can understand, especially the artists that they can understand of seventy seven expiry. Xbox live two yeah. That's right, Microsoft has Xbox LIVE even called antisocial. Now I can see that the snuff out of you tomorrow.
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