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Episode 1088 Scott Adams: Kids and School Openings, Herd Immunity, Biden’s Cadaver Strategy, Teachers Unions

2020-08-11 | 🔗

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  • George Conway’s WaPo article and tweet
  • Green New Deal, a child’s plan
  • Achieving herd immunity at 20%
  • Declining opinion of teachers unions
  • Qanon has gone worldwide
  • Russian vaccine for COVID19

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Bump, bump, bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody volume it's time for coffee was got items. One of you have not the best moments of your entire life, sure you think of yourself or what about the birth of my first child. While that was cool too, I'm not going to minimize at what was no simultaneous up. I think we can agree. And to enjoy the simultaneous buoyantly, copper, mugger, glass at anchor channels or sign again intergroup last, a vessel of any kind, preferably with no hole in it, fill it with your favorite better,
Like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine here the day, the thing that makes everything better scaled, the simultaneous weapons coming up now go oh wait, there's a problem. Usually it makes everything better or hold on hold on. I have to do in other sectors. Something is not working. Dammit, it doesn't make everything better. George Conway, still big pimple. On the president's ass. I guess I guess, there's something even the simultaneous sip, can't fix You have George Conway Way. He wrote a scathing article, scathing article in the Washington Post and if you, if you saw the tweets about them
article? You know that if you are a trump supporter he just trash do. He showed you with his sarcasm. That's right! The Democrats wants, but by the way, once you see this, you can see it The Republicans by and large trade argue with data and reasons some I'm so data is incomplete. Sometimes, reasons are not perfect, but there are at least trying years reasons. Try really hard to use data and they're trying to use science is just really hard because the science is changing. The data is always incomplete and we're not really that good using logic. If, if you talk about the whole world, were not all good at.
But Democrat seem to have completely abandon that fools. Errand. I was trying to be rational and the irrational world. Does it work as well, as you would hope I would, but the Democrats completely abandon the model in favour of replacing it always sarcasm. Once you say that you cannot say it. They literally use sarcasm as a substitute for reasons you'll see that all the time of, and certainly the hold George Conway article was that included in his article he continued his he's trying to dump on the president.
You're being wrong or being silly or been crazy, any spreads the fake news that the president's suggested drinking disinfectant now, if you're going to spread the most obvious fake news as if it's true you don't have any respect for the people really your stuff and I can see why he wouldn't. I want to call out one of president trumps best persuasion plays and I didn't see it live, but I heard about it so so give me effect checker. This is true. The president referred to the green new deal as a as a child's plan that right, so
I recall that the is really really good framing, because first of all, you ve got Gretta, who looks who looks young at LOS, Amber than she says: she's, not quite a child anymore, she's, probably pushing eighteen quitey team, but you know she's. She's approaching, but because she looks young and because, children, are the ones who are protesting, etc. There is very much a young slave, her to the green new deal. Even a yo see his young for a politician. So there is here. In your biased irrational mind, it does biased towards young people who want to get the most active and fixing climate change as they see it now. What's good about this, is that it's what I call?
the high ground maneuver. Once you say something is a child's plan here you can kind of walk away. You don't need to go into the details because once you have so label that is starts, looking like it now here's what a child's plan look like and I'll tell you from my own childs plan. When I was a kid, I was very angry at my father. I'll buy was maybe six I was angry at my father that he would not help build a functional airplane. Fly around my town and I thought how art, is it really to build an airplane? Come on its word, its nails? we got word we got nails play, is an engine. Look what we got lawnmowers. They ve got engines heart the boy dimension.
Were plainly build in the back yard. You ve got lubber another measure things you not an airplane looks like. Come on father build me. A functioning aeroplanes or your worthless to really will convert unsafe, like Father, do I have we can't build me? A function, the airplane, that a would like a loser? That's a child. Well, a child's planned is build me an airplane and of wood, dad right That is a child's play. You don't need to go into the details, Scott Scouts, God I'd be more to this than you I'm not sure your father has all of the lightweight materials and tools necessary to build a functioning airplane, but you don't even need to get into. It is just a child's plan.
Likewise, the green new deal when you throw in the garret meat and aeroplanes stuff like that. You don't need to argue that stuff and I think, sort of a waste of time to engage it like a serious, simply colleague, a child's plan really because it's not as if we are capable of hashing out the details. It's not like were capable of knowing. If those long range projection models are accurate and or accurate enough, range. We don't know what the economic outcome will be. We don't know what new technologies will come up. What changes will well surprises. It's just a child's plan triggered one of the things that this all covered thing is doing, and I talk about this in terms of persuasion. Everything
That's associated with everything else gets smeared. Anything happens to one of them. Say: you're a twin and your twin causes a horrible murder. Well, even if you had nothing to do with it kind of watches over onto you shouldn't, but people are looking for is just aware. World works that, on that There's any relationship with two things whatever happens to one just bleeds over into the other in our irrational minds and look what's happening as we collectively we citizens try to figure out what is scientific and what is not scientific and this covert situate. And the more we wrestle with this and the more we see science failing and failing and failing, correcting, failing, correcting now, the crackling for his good work and, of course, as we always have
To get now, science is mostly about failing, but you're fail, forward. Well, that didn't work that didn't work k, try this ups, it didn't couldn't reproduce it Try this other ego reproduced it so mostly failing until you, a little negative truth that maybe you can hold onto for a while, but when you're in it looks like mostly failing, if you get to just check out the unresolved, ok, a good job scientists, we figured out gravity what whatever else, but if you, if you're actually in the process of the science creed,
having the answers are not knowing the answers. It just looks like science is completely incompetent. It's not it's. Not. Science is every bit as good as it was last year when you just a bit more, it's just that you're in the fight and you get to see all the ugly stuff because they can't hide it now. What's that do the earth, about climate change, will there should be no effect if we were irrational creatures, we would say you can compare these two things One is the fog of war. It's brand new, its novel krona virus trying to start as we can of course were wrong. More than were right. That's Alcides works until you. Come more rights than you're don't get along epics? Would we have the test a lot of stuff and make sure we can reproduce those tests and everything else? But what about climate change suddenly
Suddenly, whatever bad feelings, you're gonna develop from this about science and you know you are right. I don't care who you are you're watching. This is hard to be just as confident about scientists, as it was a year ago a year ago, but she felt a little bit better about the accuracy of science. Now you gonna take that to the climate change discussion and even if you don't acknowledge that that that baggages coming with you come in with you, it's come in with you and it's healthy, because the problem with the climate argument is that there is a bit of an over a claim about what they can know about the future. Certainly about the economics of the future and how will it just to irish temperatures and center? I am on the case of both new to this. I'm on the team that says temperature.
Are almost certainly going up and they humans are some part of that, but it doesn't mean its end of the world because were really good at adapting. So that's my feet away Here's. What are you a anecdote from my best? There will be useful and understanding. The present we are obsessed with trends. Which of our leaders are brilliant and which of them are idiots right, the sort of our our main occupation? That's Prime Minister, whatever they have king what is or Sweden if they ever president. Prime minister, I have no idea, that's how american I am I'm so american, I dont, even though the form of government of our allies- that's that's his American as you can get.
I am proud of it necessarily here's. My story when I was working at Crocker Bank, Big Bank that was bought by well Spargo later but in San Francisco, is a real big bank and my job was to study the performance of the individual branch managers. On a variety of measures that senior management would provide. They say you have to cross, sell this march in bringing these many deposits. And then I would I was in charge of collecting the data put unit to some kind of summary report, little programming to make reports and to tell management which managers did better but apparently I'm the wrong person for that job, because that's not how it went,
I went into the senior vice president, who is sort of the person I'm mostly reported to for this information, and I said in our from being honest, you really measuring what the manager but you're not really measuring the skill of the managers, because, if you give them a goal and some exceed the goal. Son, don't meet the goal, but the goal is different for each branch right, so We branch out its own goal that was customized for their situation. I said if you find the somebody exceeded their goal, and somebody did not what have you actually measured? Have you measured the quality of the damage? I would say now. What you measured is the quality of the person who set the goal does, however, set that target one if they were wrong,
what if it was unrealistically high, one of whose unrealistically love you haven't measured the quality of the manager All you ve done is measured. The quality of your measuring. And he didn't really do that right. On top of that I said you do realise that the data forget about the fact that Are you against these arbitrary goals? The senior management made forget about the fact that this nonsense, Even the data is wrong and I said my boss, it's my job. I guarantee you that it's coming is not reliable, and I gave reasons the state is not reliable. For this reason, to use an estimated. I had to make an assumption whatever and This is one the senior vice president looked at me and gave me
one of the biggest red pills I've ever choke down, you're ready for it. You can live this experience vicariously. This is one of the biggest red pills you'll every big corporation, I'm in aren't you figure out which branches are doing well and which are not. I tell my boss that my own data is worthless, worthless, completely worthless and worse than worthless, probably harmful, because it so bad you gonna, be you're gonna, be Firing people who did a great job I'm unless as bad as data could be right. My senior vice president. Who is one of these? I honestly think he was one of these enlightened people, it wasn't like a regular boss, there was something different about this guy bill. Riley was his name I'll, be still life. He was a six foot, then he was six. Would eight bearded
a guy, and there was just something a little bit more aware about him. You you could tell it. Wasn't me He was smart, he was just so things a little more. Clearly, I told them that my data was completely worthless for the intended task of managing his managers. He looked at me and he gave me this red pill that I give to you. I don't care. I am only going to use one agrees with what I was gonna do anyway. How's that taste. He wasn't kidding it's exactly what he did when there was a manager that he felt for his own reasons was not the job you check my numbers- yes, they, coincidentally that danger did not meet their numbers. He'd say: well, ok, good hey? You? Don't be your numbers rather here because of numbers. Does fire many way and if,
of these. I was doing a good job, but their numbers were bad. Looking, we say then we'd, better we'd, better, a gesture gulls. It looks like we're messed up. If you think that data is real. You're, not quite ever, the children stable data is almost always now real. I know I was. I was in charge of inventing unreal data. It was my professional job. Data that wasn't accurate. We still used for decisions, so You don't understand. That's the normal way. The world works. That's not the exception, not the exception, because when I changed the pacific values just more of the same as similar kinds jobs, so And, of course, the Dilber cartoon was born out of that experience, specifically the experience that the UN's.
Energy. That experienced at one company wasn't limited to that company. The moment. I change jobs and I realized What my first thought was: a free free getting away from their company? That makes an irrational decisions. Finally, about that governing down now? It's all gonna be rational nope, that's how the Dover Carton was born are recycled or some other things. You all know: sarcasm doctors. If you are going to invent a fictional character who was going to appear at this point in history, maybe they existed but there. Appear on the scene as a hero. What would be a good name to give somebody who is going to be really smart but also really strong and take them. Take the whole world on their shoulders.
I give them the name. Doktor Scott ATLAS sounds pretty smart and pretty strong right. I mean the Skype or tells you that's their smart, the doktor perhaps, but the scoreboard that tells you lose their smart and then the ATLAS part literally based on mythological creature, could hold the entire. Earth and Evans on its shoulder. What a great character name for the simulation It turns out that that's a new White House, medical adviser on the throne of wires now understanding is that he is RO going back to school but more pro less open things up. I don't know too much about him something to look into a little and get back to you, but speaking to doctors, one of your favorite doctors doktor tomorrow,
and you know, of hidden from the jars of Flora queen. Videos. You know that he is here. In favour of the least giving it a chance and loving people, letting people prescribe it. Every way than recently on those heard, immunity question which you ve been saying about, and the question is this: for this specific virus: do we need to get the sixty or seventy percent? In fact, and before we have enough heard immunity and there lots of smart people were saying, it doesn't seem to be the case that it's not confirm thing. I would say, for their strong indication, that some people have some kind of natural t sell immunity. That's not the kind of immunity you pick up on a test because it's not specific to this virus Then that there may be somebody people, they have it there, heard immunity comes at lower than twenty percent.
If real hard immunity comes, lower than twenty percent of people infected How would we know that's true? What would that look like well it would look a little like Sweden, because Sweden, I think, is under twenty percent. Acted and they seem to have driven their infections down to nothing. Nothing so thou be, but that's not a confirmation right. That does have one piece of data that is compatible with policies right being compatible with Ipod. This is doesnt, prove anything. That's why you have the high quality studies, because these things can be so misleading can be. Confirmation by us can easily be coincidence, but was like some others,
about the diamond princess cruise ship got a bunch of people on a cruise ship in the worst possible circumstances. So, in the end, how many of the people on the cruise ship got the krona virus? Nineteen percent nineteen percent? Now that doesn't mean that they reach heard immunity. It doesn't mean that that proves that twenty percent or so Your limit is just a fact that is compatible with hypothesis in the same way that Sweden is compatible with a hypothesis, but not proving it about jails. Do we know of any jails in which more than twenty percent of the prisoners got the krona virus? I don't know, but I don't think so,
that's true that even in jails, twenty percent was sort of the pig again that wouldn't prove anything. It wouldn't even come close to prove anything, but it would be compatible with the hypothesis, and so I ask you this Can you give me a counterfactual? Can you find a group of people who were as was say, the same place and an extended period of time with massive infections. I don't know what kind of group that will be but they also never exceeded twenty percent now, I have to be more than a family of family, doesn't count, because you can imagine that there's so close that they just everybody, gets it, but one up a family. Would be also family. One tell you anything: doesnt every families can be a special case.
It could be that none of them had those t cells, because also they never goals could be there's something genetic could be through african american four times more likely to have problems so seek elegant affair So give me a group of non family people, the military, the military. Somebody says the Mumbai slums. There are closer to fifty percent. I have heard that there are over twenty percent. And then the confounded invariable there is lack of nutrition in a jet. Low health, so gonna be that there are other factors old, folks zones. There's a good. Are there any senior homes in which over twenty percent of them got it? Can somebody get back to me on that.
The: U S S Teddy Roosevelt, don't what that is Somebody says the homeless community another outdoors. And they also hear that The thing about the homeless community is that they are probably so exposed to, so many things that are bad for them. I wonder if the corona virus, even as a chance give your homeless person in the corona virus shows up your like you. Others, like grown virus, Eric grown viruses here, you're gonna have to get back in line. Do you see tuberculosis get behind that? So I am not sure that the hopeless population can tell us anything about those of us who do not have a persistently challenged immune system as they do
Let's get to the question of kids spreading. Here's what I believe, if you a definite opinion about whether kids will spread to Doubts you are not being rational, it definitely have a statistical opinion As you know, I've looked at it and I feel, like all things considered, it's a good risk. Allow be reasonable. It is reasonable to say I don't know but feels like ninety percent sure phobia I'm not sure the data would support a ninety percent, certainly, but you wouldn't be crazy. But if you say, kids do not give it to adults, you're not qualified. For the rest, the conversation does you dont know that you don't know that, and science doesn't know that such respect.
Nation only so please remove your certainty about what kids do or do not do, and if you're talking about the this going back to school question which, by the way, I am in favour of that we back to school. Don't tell me that you know that that won't effect that that won't take the viruses de grandma give it to you and these terms, would you. All agree that there are tens of thousands of children infected in this country. That fact you can agree on right. You can look it up, and would you agree that worldwide there are hundreds of thousands of children that are infected. Do do agree that so far the hundreds of thousands of children. Secondly, do agree. I think we know that the number of them that are a symptom Eric and will never have a problem
nearly all of them. It's not a hundred percent, but its clubs do agree on that. Hundreds of thousands of kids have it and it was never did they get sick, they do. There are cases where they do, but very soon, that support. We agree on here's the question how they get it you're very flat that how did the kids get it Did they all get it from adults? Don't how do you do you think just just use your experience. Think about the kids, you know who have ever gotten a cold. Did kids get the cold at home? Sometimes sometimes did the court? Did the kids get the cold from other kids, pretty much? Every time I mean not every time but
I would even put it more than fifty percent, but I think you will have the experience if you ve, had kids in the house that if something is going around in school, not talking about the current virus but other things, That's a little bit more of an incubator than even at home, but at home you can guess of too. Of course,. Here is my challenge to figure out how kids got it if kids only get it from parents, but kids can give at other kids and kids can give it to adults. I would be very, very surprised, wouldn't you did That's what it looks like do you think that all those kids gather from adults but weirdly they can give it to adults.
And weirdly they can't give it to each other. You think it's time to me. If I had to place a better, this I'd say that kids, together from other kids, mostly is symptomatic and that the kids who probably have a cause replaying with her friends. You know when they're not in school, But there are playing with as many of them and there are more likely to be outdoors. I would think especially since, or keeping away from the adults a little bit. So if you can answer me how the kids get it I'd be open to the argument that thing that there unlikely to give it to parents But to me the most reasonable expectation is that kid's give it to other kids: that's how they probably half of them, got it and then, of course, they would give it to adults course they. What are there any cases where teachers,
Yes, in Sweden in Sweden, there news stories of a bunch of teachers someplace who got it, but they didn't study it so well. In other words, they didn't do. Tracing. So we don't know if one teacher got it and gave it to the other teachers or of some stood and gave it to one teacher. He went up, but the question of whether working teachers will get- virus and they'll spread it in a school environment. I think has answered the answer is yes, how often don't know could be not often We'll all with all that said, how does it work still, don't know if you ve heard of energy is a thing and at what? What of what happens. How is at least
I don't know if kids spread to adults and if you think you know, you really need to talk yourself that you don't know you a little of hopeful. Let it doesn't happen, I saw I just saw an article that said there is no evidence of kids spreading to teachers. There's no evidence of it do not. There is also no evidence of that. If we disbanded the military in this country We would be in trouble or or taken over by another country. Never happened, never happened. So, let's get rid of our military cause. There's not a single example of the United States being taken over by another country. So no military did it. I mean the fact that there is no evidence of a kid giving it to a teacher. You should
you sure the discount the value of that information to zero, because you know what else we don't know everything what else we don't know about. The corona virus now express how to treat it. Everything everything he's up. We don't know that mass work or not. I mean they're still debate on that. We don't know. If I jocks chloroprene works, we don't know her The earliest common, sooner or later we know now so soon as you feel you certain about any of this, I think you're, uncertain territory. Well, look at this look at the time it looks I can tell you that there are some theirs loophole out. On the question of teachers, unions, comparing what people think of teachers, unions now comparative
They thought last year, this is from Rasmussen Erasmus and asked people their opinions on teachers, unions up up up and what do you think you think that came out This is branded right, I think is breaking is probably getting published right now is I'm talking thirty. Nine percent of american dulls still think it's a good thing that most teachers belong to a public employees union, So at the moment, thirty nine percent think it good that teachers have a union that's down from forty five percent last year, so they ve gone from forty five to thirty nine one. Here, it's kind of a big drop, but he's back levels measured several years ago and
Thirty three percent now say it's a bad thing that teachers are unionized, So, do you know what I say to the to the popularity of teachers? Unions from people were not teachers.
Looking out from the outset. Do you not? I say about the declining approval of the teachers, unions, here's what I say hold my beer, because I'm gonna drive that I want to swear, but I'm not going to I put myself back from the edge. Please insert a mental swear were whereas needed. I leave you a space for it again. You can put the need to put the F word in their then you'll you'll feel the space it's going like this hold, my ok, you folded and beer. I'm dr that.
Fill in the boat statistic into the Black Sea and the black teens, I'm gonna blow their number into the teens and then we'll go to dismantle the teachers, unions and we're gonna, give the black citizens of this country the first break that they ve had in a long time, which is maybe a chance at a good education for the majority. I think we can do this. Watch for that have I ever mentioned. I always get my way in the long run we ll see. If that's true others, video of illegal the sheriffs, pointing their their weapons, after allegedly three
like teens, who are allegedly victims of a homeless person. The ledge What are you talkin them, so lots of allegedly is- and this story. So the video is of the police work. Aiming there their rifles. I guess at somebody who is not in the end, the scene and is either aiming those rifles at the three black teens, even though there were the victims, so how to explain that at all the spectators: will ya know? No there, the victims, don't aim your guns at them. If you think that you learn something from that story, you're so wrong. Video lies a hundred percent of the time. Video can't tell the truth. I can't because video can't give you can't Video gives you wanna gives you in that context. So
does video lie a hundred percent of the time? It lies. It's only a question of how much as lie So if you say I saw the video it's true. Well, you don't know anything works as ours you saw the video why you should say: yes: I saw the really I misled. That's why you should yeah, I saw the videos. I know what didn't happen. What didn't happen is what are we thought you saw with their video? So will it come out that there was a reason what they had. They had to worry. A reason that they were pointing their weapons. Yes, yes since gotta come out there was a reason for Paypal Their weapons now made they didn't have all the information does. There's some suggestion that they did know what they were coming upon. So Since that look dangerous and they didn't know it was dangerous in what particular way they just point:
The guns that everybody, until they can sort it out now they can pointing their guns for what seemed like too long. Do you imagine if he had seen the rest of the scene, whatever was off camera? Do you think that the three black you we're saying. Oh ok, I love here. Thank you. Officers. I'm glad you're here Let us make sure that year you see, we don't have any weapons since this homeless, guy I've gotta will cut year. Can you gimme some medical do think it went like that? Do you think this is a song that they they immediately broke off? from what the trouble was and said. Ah, thank God you're here. Can you arrest this guy I'll think so. Think that there was something happening that may their situation little ambiguous. Learn that.
And by a big you ass, I dont mean that the black views were guilty of anything. I just be that this situation may been hard to sort out which, when you first showed up, that's all you see. We also get how about the sober. We q work. You're non has gone worldwide. Did you know that so, instead of being a silly american thing, Q, his approach, the gun worldwide and its becoming I would argue a bit of a religion now, not quite yet, but it's moving in that, direction, and you might say to yourself, I don't care understand why that spreading? Isn't that so obviously not true that it couldn't? the boy spread, I mean: how do we not have heard of unity against Q economy? They should be should be.
People in your family or your social circle to say you bother. I know you're interested in this stuff, but I gotta tell you look to credible to me. Well, let me suggest this for a context. This brings science into it. Does science say that you will be more addicted to something if it, if it gives, you reward every single time. For this science say that you'll be more addicted to something if it pays off sometimes, but you can't tell when sir, you will be more addictive, more addicted. Is the payoffs are unpredictable? meetings, sometimes you gotta pay off. Sometimes you don't, and you really can't tell an advance when that's gonna be that one causes addiction. What is Q Q is a bunch of predictions. Often
with enough vagueness that you could fit them two different situations, but does Q get big things wrong, such as, I think arresting Hillary Clinton was one of them? Yes, does it matter that they get things wrong? because you said yourself, if you see them getting things wrong, doesn't that disprove the whole We have insider information thing. I mean they never be wrong if it was inside a river information or rarely wrong, but that's not how the brain works. If you're you bought into q- and you see them, get one thing right and three things wrong: will you be more attractive to or less You wanna say less: don't you say what about three or four things wrong? Any reasonable persons, gonna walk away. Nope nope
if it gets one out of right, you make people addicted, it becomes a religion one. How often do hear prayers get answered, one for if you pray for promotion, one four times fewer long enough, you might go on. Wasn't the prayer. Well, that's for you did that. But what I am saying is that the nature of religion, which gives you predictable, pay off for your pray, near religiosity and the rest of the time well. You know, God is not an atm. I know I don't just like put a prayer in and take money out. He works in mysterious ways. That's part of the process. If I get if I got one for prayers, I'm addicted likewise Q figures, one in four year addicted.
The other thing that it has in common with religion and again, I'm not gonna. If sounds like me religion than your hearing it wrong Just tell you that there are things which bind things to a movement in their fairly common and universal, and it works religion and works with you, which is, which is not to say that other them or false is just the way people think so that the vein of the predictions is very powerful because when you, when you are vague predictions people do the work for you and so you listen you you had four predictions, one of them. Clearly right, but could have been right. By coincidence you could have been a good guess,
Let's say two of them are a little bit ambiguous. What's gonna, look like a lead to a believers. Could look like three out of four were right, because I can say this one, Definitely right and these other too? Well, you know. If I didn't have this one, there was right. Maybe I wouldn't believe that their those vague things are true But since I got one right. And you say these other two were close enough. The way they were worded allows for me to say that this thing that happened fits and now suddenly you're three under for three or four, so vague works in favour of belief because it lets you fill in the brain this is by the way, a standard hypnosis trick. I use it all the time I use it when I create my colleague the reason that
over doesn't have a last name: company doesn't have a name. Dubious boss doesn't have a name, not a first name, not elastic, it's all intentional, because it allows the reader to read into it and fill in those those open spots, and it makes you more addicted to the property Here's the here's, the other thing that religion and q gets right if you spend time working on something you'll be more addicted to it. It just natural. Just the things you focus on become more important. You over time, the nature of Q is it they say. Do your own. So you take, the cure, is your starting boy and then you go off into a bunch of work. You invest your time once you ve invested your time and something you're done. You married yourselves to the movement, because once you put time into it, you can explain it to yourself.
Except that you believe it and as part of what you do so religion like Q S, the people who believers do the work groundwork, Rhythmus Bible can be interpreted in many ways, go listen to our different religious people are interpreted. It find your own connections figured out yourself and I think, there's something normally delicious about to unwind these mysteries, be they religious or be they q? So I think the the operative things are that you get unpredictable, rewards, there's vagueness and that Leslie, so so, there's a reason. I q is growing, he's on action,
Let me ask you this remember twenty. Sixteen, I think you remember it The taken tromp was a user mentally unstable russian agent will destroy the economy and leave us to nuclear war right. So number, twenty, sixty those whether things mental unstable russian agent, destroy the account we have nuclear all racist, of course, racist and there. So I was twenty sixteen. What is the big problem with Trump after we ve observed him for three and a half years. Here's the big complained about lately. We can't tell if he's joking about Mount Rushmore So since we can't all these joking about Mount Rushmore by the way that the biggest problem at the moment.
We'd, better nominated cadaver to run against them, thus actually happening. I mean Joe Biden is quite cadaver, but I don't think I'm getting too far ahead of myself. This is a very big change and I ask myself why by using all the things areas and before well things are using before many cases where debunked such as the russian inclusion thing. But what about the other stuff? The other stuff seems like they would just be evergreens. You can always go with mentally unstable, and here you can always go with the average user razor he lives, you all the basic stuff. Why are using as much of that? Well, let me suggest hears arisen, Joe Biden campaign is making a really difficult to criticise Trump here's why, by them lies in every add everyone, and usually like a real, blatant obvious lie.
Through the kind lies that even the Democrat fact checkers would say: ok, I grudgingly agree, that's a complete fabrication. How do you run against the guy? Your biggest complaint is that he's a liar. Everyone in your campaign. Ads and lots of stuff. You say and public are clearly demonstrably obvious easy to. Google lies a kind of take that away from you a little bit because you know right back how about the idea that President Trump is mentally unstable? Well, If you have any other candidate rubbing against drop, you probably trot that will now and say, look at my completely reasonable, completely mentally healthy candidate. A pair of had to throb look at it. What are you saying about Mirage Bore? That's crazy right! You hear that.
Now the candidate who was demonstrably and they you know arguably mentally healthy by didn't not just now I mean medley of unhealthy. Old person way not specifically crazy way, but It takes out approach away, so they can accuse the president I'm too spiders lying in every at hard to say, residents crazy, because I just brings up mental health
You don't want to go there. How about the argument? The trump doesn't take his job seriously like he doesn't care about. It is easiest. Golfing well sure he still golfing the lot and he's still trump. But if you look at the other guy who doesn't leave as basement sends his wife out to talk for once in awhile. Does he look like he's taking this job seriously? Know, though, by didn't, doesn't look like he's taking seriously that looks like he's hiding in the basement, waiting for whatever it is to be over just feels like he's waiting it out about the charge that Trump would be a puppet.
Some other power- let's say russia- well, that's a little difficult, because because Biden is literally a puppet for another power which is levers controlling among Democrats, Eyed and he's pro China The whole purpose of a foreign power thing doesn't really work when the person you're running against Trump. Is literally a hollow down puppet how's, our work, so that's not good attack anymore used to be, and then I'm going to quote tray gouty pattern of he made this up
A perfect term, you said that Biden keeps committing were saying. Bunch of us quote racially curious comments. Racially curious. Now, isn't that just the dog whistle? What's the difference between the abbots, its erases dog, whistle, verses, racially incurious, state or racial curious statements? They gather sound. The same thing so Biden by his own inability and terrible campaign has removed from the attack list lying because he lies acting mentally unwell because he acts that way not taking his job seriously. It doesn't leave the basement much a puppet for other powers, That's use even running as a puppet I mean the man matter, saying I'm not even make it for years. Barely don't count me for that. Second term.
I'd better bring in a whole cabinet to support me yeah. Look at my vice president he's running as a puppet and then, of course he says racially curious language which partly takes that off the table as well. So I think the the candidate himself has just absolutely torpedoing the campaign and the campaign is torpedoing itself. I guess. Here's a question for you. Russia, apparently, is claiming that it has the first vaccine, but of course, as not going through the the longer more rigorous trials that you do. If you really really want to be careful and apparently already been given to prudence, daughter Her daughters and. This is really going to challenge what it means to be anti. Science is because
this is gonna, believe over into the of acts or anti backs thing. Now, if you think you here, in my opinion, on vaccinations. It's not gonna be here, so I dont want even a hint my opinion on this topic. While I'm talking about it today, some day and night, I'm not sure I have fully formed opinion there, but this is not. It gets. I'm just gonna talk about the story. Don't don't make some assumptions about my opinion that the big knocked against vaccinations has been that are not fully tested. The vaccinations are not tested when there are put in combination with other vaccinations they ve been tested individually
But not in combo sets one of the big problems. It's not. Russia comes out with this vaccine that all the people were in favor of vaccines against eight hundred know, you don't want that one cuz, it hasn't been tested sufficiently. And by the way line up for your vaccinations, they haven't been tested sufficiently. So it's going to cause the pro science. Shall we say you argue whether their pro signs, the pro science pro vaccination crowd, Are going to have to explain why you can have the russian vaccination, because it's just another vaccination hasn't been fully tested that looks good, hasn't been fully tested, so. I don't have an opinion on this and you say that this completely messes up the whole year. What does it mean to be anti science? Because now everybody can be anticipated.
Yeah you, you don't have to be on the pro science team, because parliament there is now there's no precise team. The vaccination question doesn't have a pro science team. It only has a well. We feel good about Cost benefit were fairly sure. We like the yards but a most are those pro science to many that makes Europe first here. He inspired me to ask this question by one of his tweets yesterday. Would the protests have started without all the fake fake news, if you imagine a world in his heart. Imagine a world where the news was just accurate and that's it no agenda. No no team just news. Would we be having these protests and this
area answer is now. These protests are one hundred percent created by faintly and what I mean by that is that the, Even the initial George Floyd Stuffily, Michael Brown, stuff. It's all fake news in the sense that while a tragedy did happen, that parts real the interpretation of what it's all been faked. We know that the in the Michael Brown situation would spark riots in the creation of was at the creation of black lives matter. After that, but now we know that there are two sets of officials these state, another federal. Look then. Suddenly it looks like a justified to the whole thing was fake news and then the George Floyd thing comes the skies. Full of Fenton always gonna die, no matter what I'm not saying the police did the right thing, because it looks to me like the police s and explaining to do about
where they handle things, but clearly we're not out demurred room, there's nothing that would suggest those racial component to it and Yes, the news told the news accurately as soon as the issue of systemic racism became a national, a national phrase. They should have said so. Where do we find it and how we dismantle it and national led them straight to wait for it? The teacher The teachers unions I have estimated are eighty percent of systemic racism, because if the teachers unions did not prevent a competition in school, competent and free market work always improves things. We ve We are simply opposite. You always get a better product with free markets, but the teachers unions prevent that if they didn't we'd have more free markets, we ve had better schools
and then why you can't get rid of racism if, if your black candy comes in for a job and you look at the racism as a good college, solid college performance and you you'd like the GSM diversity in your business anyway, you say: oh hell, yes, hell! Yes like this. This is a good good educated, person, that's what we're asking for so racism will always exist because our brains are just wired for pattern, recognition, but we're not good at it. So we see patterns that are not really patterns We acted so you're always gonna have that, but you can make. Oh, I was born another words as I like to say. Michael Jordan, doesn't worry about racism much during. Stay you my might worry about it for other people's benefit. Now I guess he does what I do
he thinks about it in his personal experience today, maybe this past, but not today and the point is you cannot be Michael Jordan, but if you are financially success and successful in you're doing well, racism isn't gonna, hurt him, So you can, you can take away eighty percent of the pain of system, systemic racism by getting rid of the teachers, unions and I'm gonna drive their popularity into the teams of is the last thing I do So yeah, it is literally true in my opinion, that the fake news is causing all of these protests now, the fake news is trying to stop it. As they realise that they have created a monster that we'll get Trump reelected and it will, let's be honest, the protests will get tromp reelected. If that doesn't happen, I'm gonna have real questions about the accuracy of those ports or the accuracy of the vote.
If it's at this point is kind of a lay up for the present I don't even know if the challenges still in it, because the public is really done. The public is done with lawlessness and there's only one candidate promising an end to it. With a specific solution, I've got the National guard there waiting now. What's the other thing that everybody said about this present a month ago, but this up, saying he's a dictator. Would your dictator have already sent troops into Chicago yeah course you it? Would you dictator of already send troops into Portland to calm the situation there yeah, probably on day to it wouldn't be day? Fifty five. I've any dictator with taking care that stuff right away, but he's not.
Not so obvious that use not because the very thing that he just won't send the troops until the requested. I think that our union has gone to southern much left. See if I covered everything and well it looks like I did. It looks like I did. Enjoy your last months of relevancy cartoon boy says this guy in all gaps I hate to block the all caps shouting trolls, but they will be missed. Yeah, I think everybody saying what I'm saying now I dont believe
If there is anybody who thinks that the looting is gonna, do anything except get Trump elected its pre Annie, it's pretty direct line at this point. Happy birthday to sue happy birthday that's all I got for now and I will talk to you later.
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